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Perfected in Persecution

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 16, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Our message is the Sabbath is entitled perfected in persecution Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study you are asked now the Lord that you make me just a nail upon a rusty sorry Neal. But upon that nail or to ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ Father God let Eric was not be seen or heard instead let us hear word from the throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen Matthew 14 in verse 3 The Bible says Herod lead Hold on John and bound him put him in prison for her odious the sake of his brother Philip's wife but for John said unto him it is not lawful for the to have her and when he would have put him to death he feared the multitude because they counted him as a prophet John the Baptist was put in prison because he called sin by its right name John the Baptist said King Herod the woman you have is your wife cannot be your wife she was your brother's wife the story is told that when when Heritage gone and to his brother Philip's house and he saw Philip's wife here its head started to spin he began to look at his brother's wife like he's not supposed to amen but it wasn't just that she looked at him but I'm not so sure when you read the story that that she was all that impressed with him initially but I get a funny feeling when she realized he would be king she got out her shovel and started digging for gold. She wanted to be with the man who would have the power so eventually they both divorced their spouses and came together John the Baptist called here it out when Harry to stop by and said hold out his sin and Herod in this silly wanted to put. John the Baptist to death so he sent you had him arrested in fact the place and put him as Macarius was a combination of a fortress and a dungeon or a castle in a dungeon parent of a stop here while marching on his former father in law King a Raiders he had divorced for sailors after they met in Philip's house and I say in the last bullet there that it fell in last in a horse that married each other now John the Baptist was underneath that palace in a dungeon The Bible says and Mark 6 in verse 19 that her audience had a quarrel against them against John and would have killed them but she could not now watch this I want you to watch the verse here carefully Herod the Bible says fear John knowing that he was a just man and a holy and observed him and when he heard him he did many things and heard him gladly I want you to know the in the 2 verses I just last 2 sets of Ursa read something changed in this silly here and wanted to kill John the Baptist as the 1st verse says when he goes into the dungeon we are told that in fact what happens is that Herod begins to visit with John the Baptist I don't want you to miss this as he visited with John the Baptist he began to listen to him and he began to hear him and as you heard him he began to respect him and he realized that John the Baptist was a man of God So his whole countenance changed so much so that when his wife said killing me said I can't kill him there's a man I can't put to death the Bible says for you observed him and he heard him gladly if you are a Christian even when you are being persecuted you know why and your life will still leave others to Christ. Just because you're going to different you know I was or some will be going through difficulty we spent all our time telling people how God let us down how to church let us down how everything is so bad and terrible and instead of leading people to Christ we turned people away from him and the wife says that the life of John had been one of active labor in the Houman inaction of his prison life weighed heavily upon him as week after week passed bringing no change the spontaneity and doubt crept over him his the Sipos did not for a 2nd day they were allowed access to the prison and they brought him tidings of the work of Jesus and told other people were flocking to him but they question look at this his disciple John the Baptist disciples question why if this new teacher Jesus was the Messiah Why would Jesus not affect John's release how could he permit is faithful here to be bereft deprived of liberty and perhaps life for it was very obvious when John the Baptist disciples went and saw John in the inn in the fortress they said John we seeing this guy you said is the Messiah Jesus is not revealing he Tomorrow is great but we don't understand if he is the Messiah Why are you still in prison. If he is who you say 90 years and who we for you was why has he broken you free let me tell you some of the reason this comes up is because they had a mis understanding at the 1st advent that is a kin to a mis understanding many of us have before the 2nd coming of Jesus and that isn't the 1st i haven't they believed that Jesus was coming to be a military power that he was going to raise up an army overthrow to Romans and reestablish Israel like it was during the times of David and Solomon. That's what they were waiting for that's what I say how could he let you a language in prison and so they thought that that was Jesus' mission his own disciples Jesus's own disciples don't understand his mission until the very end but let me face them there some of us today still don't understand Jesus as mission Jesus mission is not to make us rich it's not to make us comfortable it is not to make us famous Jesus this mission is to humble us and prepare us for his soon coming. And I said that these questions were with not without effect doubts which otherwise would never have arisen were suggested to John Satan rejoiced to hear the words of these disciples and to see how they bruised the soul of the Lord's messenger look at this oh how often those who think themselves the friends of a good men and who are eager to show their fidelity to him proved to be his most dangerous enemies how often instead of strengthening his faith their words have just depress and this heart I mean to something sometimes your friends are your worst enemies sometimes when you get in trouble like Job's 3 friends you would be better off sitting by yourself sometimes as your friends let me just a matter of place at once and she was she was going through some marital problems and she was sitting there with me and she came in and she asked me for some for some of them she's a doctor I need out of him and my husband is stressing me out and and my friends are telling me all the reasons I need to leave him out as well as I need some at what is out of him don't do to help your problem out of it as a benzodiazepine as a like a tranquilizer really. She's that leader and you know I didn't come out of them my friends are telling me to leave my house and I said let me ask you some how many your friends have a husband. Let me talk like I used to in Miami not name one of them had a husband. Of course they don't want you to like your husband they want you to go bowling with them on Saturday night I want you or brunch on Sunday morning and she said that but you know and of and I sort of them I give you a prescription I said and I wrote on a prescription pad I wrote 1st a 2nd 2nd Timothy one verse 7 and I handed it to her she said What is this I said is the medicine that will make you feel better it says when you read it for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind she said what I want out of it I said take this medicine so that this is the message which is a how many times a day said I take it as a take it 3 times a day. That you really start messing with me she said Should I take it with food I said no words very few fasting. Sometimes when you're in trouble the last person you want to listen to is your friends. My Jamaican grandmother used to tell me misery loves company. It goes on in verse 2 of Matthew 11 now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ he sent 2 of his disciples and said unto him are you He that should come or do we look for another so John was so perplexed I remember this is the same John who we talked about Sunday night baptized Jesus and I heard God's voice say this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased this is John the Baptist who came in a spirit of the lighter I want you to get this is my liberate somebody who is now doubting Jesus. This week as we were having the annoying service and we were taking a prayer request you know one person said to me pray for me because I'm having doubt that's what the message was about Monday night let me tell you something as a Christian sometimes you will have doubt let me test of the doubt is not a reason to give up on God that we as I preach Monday night take your doubt to Christ. And that's what John the Baptist the Cybil do they take it to Christ do we look for somebody else verse for John answered and said And Jesus answered and said unto them go and show John again those things which you do see and hear what he said the blind receive their sight verse 5 in the lame walk the lepers are cleanse the deaf ear the dead are raised up and a poor have the gospel preached to them and blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me so they went and they looked at when a song or Jesus did that day this month a day with Jesus' death people came and Jesus touched them and they went away screaming because they never heard a voice before blind people came Jesus touched them and their sight was restored dead came people brought their dead and the Bible says that Jesus was able to raise them from the dead John the Baptist saw as the cycles saw all of this the last things that the poor have the gospel preached to them then he says something peculiar Jesus says to his John's disciples 1st 6 and blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me Blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended me look at what this means the Greek word for that is scandal least that it is the word from which we get the word scandal and I am talking about a t.v. show. It means a look at how can be translated to 3 different versions of the translation lesson is he who does not take offense that means Blessed is He Who Shall Not Be Offended me and the last translation says Blessed is He who is not shall fall away from me here's the challenge for the Christian Jesus is speaking to John the Baptist but he's speaking to us not to be scandalous stay in other words don't be offended by Jesus you see sometimes it's subtle we will come to church every will will pray and will sing praises and work and work over come up front and preach but in our quiet private lives when we're around our friends and they are tempting us into things God would not have us be and we find offense in Jesus you have that drink smoke that spliff touch that girl away you're not supposed to touch or touch that man or where you're not supposed to touch him all of that is you being offended in Christ Jesus blessed is he not offended with me and why says I like this he says the same his words bless it as he whosoever shall for another occasion of stumbling in me were it was a gentle reproof to John to get that gentle reproof it was not lost upon John understanding more clearly now the nature of the price mission he yielded himself to God for life or for death as should be best serve the interests as the cause he love one is the cycles came back and told him what Jesus said John the battle that this was convicted Don't miss this in the basement of a fortress you know dungeon and know who are all conditions all the preaching Jumblatt after stood at the river all the people he practiced it was now in his persecution. Shun the Baptist is perfect. In other words it took all of that for him to be in the basement to get reports out about as you know what if I live I live for Christ if I die I die for Christ. Somebody'll And tonight you've got to come back tonight tonight I'm a give the testimony of what I went through when other Tories were written about me in the Los Angeles Times and they said listen this man does not should not hold a scientific position in the United States of America and the editor of The Los Angeles Times wrote because he believes that Jesus because he believes that God created the world I was on a nightly news I was persecuted and let me tell you don't you can't miss the testimony tonight I went to trial c.n.n. talked about me and I was on Fox News actually on Fox and Friends One morning I went through it all I went to trial because I believe in the Bible. Because I am a follower of Jesus Christ in fact when I was going through as you hear more about it tonight when I was going through this some folk old me and said listen if you will come down to this liberal church and if you'll just kind of bring the media and all we need to do is to just recant on some of what you believe just backed up on some of the stuff you believe and I said I'd never do that. Said I'd rather shovel dung in the streets of Los Angeles than the night my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's in persecution church it's trial that allows us to be perfected that's why some of us we you know we can play with God but we keep worshipping God we play with God and worship and play with God or words of God and you know what he does eventually he sends something into your life to set you straight. The story switches Now John the Baptist made up his mind that he's going to follow Jesus all the way no matter what happens and he'll die for Christ to live across whatever happens happens and then out on the what happened was a convenient day was come our $621.00 says it was Harrod's birthday he made dinner for the Lords as captains as chiefs everybody was there and the daughter of her own ears is now watch this who is probably his niece and now his step daughter Yeah the Bible got some twisted crazy stories and it is one of them she came in and the Bible says in verse $22.00 she danced this girl could dance she must be able to say today is that of a dance at a place called Return in Jamaica she must be able to dance like them girls in return she came in and when she saw me I don't get that that's all right I don't know nothing about retiring to make us all right. And so she came in and she began to dance and whine and do almost anything but had a few drinks in him and over get out of Hong and he was trying to impress his friends and she began to dance and they all got messed up in the head that a mobile cartoon and a man talk about rule the captain ruled out I want to see the girl. They couldn't control it he had to be a man a testosterone start recent through their it's veins ask whatever you want and I'll give it to you and he swore under her Bible says whatsoever that's all I ask of me I'll give it to you unto the half of my king This meant that this girl could dance. She clearly could dance was when he would she would done dance in this mass and listen I'll give you half mocking them. Be careful. Poison and she went forth and said unto her mother What shall I ask the mother why the mother was the see the smart one in the story the mother back then just like a like like a property or the pulling strings she sends her in when it just drunk enough when the right white room gets them just right. Where we are No but that white room leave that stuff alone and white rubber but you can put it in your car tank you drive your car don't leave us alone she know right when the liquor got them right she sent in the daughter to dance in the right clothes under the right lighting with the right music and when it was all over the daughter comes back mama what should I ask for a daughter promises hope of a good house of nice cars you probably want to get the mother said I want the head of John the Baptist let me tell you something happens when people are caught in sin they will often want to destroy those who call sin ours and one of the reasons Christianity in America is going to continue to receive persecution and torture the reason they're going to come after us for being Christians is because as long as we hold that the truths of the Bible are truth they're instantaneously automatically convicted of sin and as long as they're convicted of sin anger is going to swell up in him and are going to come to wipe out those who are pointing out sin this woman is now Queen you think that have been good enough he was already in the dungeon you think that was good enough it was never good enough because as long as he was alive she would be reminded that she was a sinner and of course Satan was whispering in her ear the whole time verse $25.00 and she came in the daughter comes in now. Straightway with haste she ran into the King I will that you give me by and bye at some point I want John the Baptist head on a charger on a plate what kind of crazy request is that you going to have half the kingdom and you want a man's head on a plate verse 26 look over to this is the relationship Don't miss this this is the relationship Herod now has with John the Baptist after hearing the Gospel preached to John after hearing this steadfast conviction verse 26 says the king was exceeding sorry yet for his own sake and for his pride and for the sake of those who sat with him he would not reject and immediately the king sent an executioner immediately and that's a to show what a giant x. probably and commanded his head to be brought and executioner Can you imagine as he stops down the stairs some big burly dude probably has the door open to John's cell I would imagine John is at 06 yes doesn't put up a fight let's pick John up and walk him out to where to execute him then take off his. Bible says in verse 28 and he brought his head in a charge and gave it to the little girl the girl gave it to her mother that is how John the Baptist. In a dungeon alone with no one around and why says as a prophet John has to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord in from tearing away for Christ 1st and then he was a representative Don't miss this John the Baptist was a representative of those who are to prepare our people for our Lord's 2nd coming what does that mean let me tell you something it means if you are not ready you will not be ready for the trial of the church of about to go through there is a persecution coming to the people of God and when it is let me tell you why it's relevant because many of us don't take God serious now the Sabbath comes and we don't even respect the Sabbath many of us are watching things that we know God would not want us to watch consuming things we ought not consume we are not living as God would have us to live and let me tell you something if when there is no persecution you can't live up to God's standard how do you think when persecution comes you're going to live up to that standard what do you think is going to be said one day use was not a finger and all of us are pretty Now you going to serve God when you lose your job or lose your life if the prophet says it like this if you can't keep up with the footman How are you going to run with the horses Church of the Living God if right now you can serve God in times of peace or you will serve God and trouble comes. Trouble church is coming when you hear my testimonies and I'll give you an example of how it's already here. So you tell me the 312 years and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall do what so I'll suffer persecution 1st Peter for beloved think it not strange concerning a fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened on to you but rejoice in as much as you are partakers of Christ sufferings that when his glory shall be revealed you may be glad also with exceeding joy I want you to know the trial has already begun in my news feed today this is one of the things that you were talking about the New York Times now has the papers from behind the communist government was I can even add as of a sermon I just got it and they have pages that show the Chinese government has instituted policies to basically annihilate or did religious people in China particularly Muslim group against that the 2nd but 1st they've been kicking in Christian churches doors and taken Christians captive they have decided to to civilize or to to make more Chinese make them more in line with the communist government stance many Christians so if you're Christian and you fall in line with the government you're Ok but in China if you don't they would take down your church and they've done it to many Protestant churches so here's one China prosecution in terms of China's Communist Party is intensifying religious persecution as Christianity's popularity grows a new state translation of the Bible will establish a correct understanding of the text I want you to get this how many people live in China anyway and how many people over a 1000000000 people in fact the 2 most populated nations in the world are what China and India and I'm going to show you that already in the 2 most populated countries in the world persecution has begun in full. Here's one example they're going to allow this is the devil's plan he doesn't mind if you read the Bible he just doesn't want you to come to the truths of the Bible so he will give them his own translation I could also mean and I got to watch when even the translations of the Bible that you read but it's not just the Christians like I said it's the Muslims and I found it in those documents that came out today you could check on the news later they're doing all kinds of things that he's Muslims now let me let me read some of the things they're doing one of the things that I've done is that the they've fitted the police in China with special glasses which with their are intelligent glasses and the glasses can read the face of people and they can tell who is a Muslim and who is not based on a database they've set up do you know what I just said they put on glasses and then I have they put g.p.s. tracking devices on their mobile pads and on their cars so they can follow them and if they don't change they have set up detention centers concentration camps where they will now convert them to the official religion of the communist government or religion is that atheism that's right they were literally housed them now here's what has led to the Chinese government we have a 1000000 reasons why they do this here's why that should be of interest to the 7 they have been as Christians because the days will come when you're going to be the one they're chasing Could it be that the devil is perfecting the technology right now in China for later on when he comes after us but what's interesting and I will get into all of these flower trying to get in on him is that when on one product when Protestantism has been getting shut down the Vatican cut the deal with aging they cut a deal with the Chinese government so that the pope can be established as the head of the church in China but the Chinese government picks the bishops so our Protestant churches are fighting pushing back the Vatican you know the Scripture says and all the world. Wonder after the beast I hope you've been studying your revelation and interesting book you've got to read an interesting book you got to read is this one is called The Heavenly Man it's a story of triumph out of China this man was a. Christian pastor in China and he was persecutors the big book I read his book I read it twice actually and they did all kinds of God work miracles you got to read this book he would strengthen your Christianity one of the things that's interesting is that this man says that when he came to North America from brother Hugh and came to North America and was giving his testimony all of the candidate in the United States a Christian right out of California wrote an article saying that he was a lying and it is what he was saying wasn't true rather human rights in his book that all of the physical torture and imprisonment he received in China was nowhere near as terrible a persecution as the attack on his character and his reputation in North America I want you to get some church you see we live in a time where they don't have to persecute you with chains they can persecute you on social media in the 24 hour news cycle you live in a time where if you are and they view you as evil and they set you up as bad you're finished that is the day we live and well in Russia this man was jailed for praying what a banjo hope was witness in this one province and this man a Danish Jovis witness he was found guilty of organizing and banned an extremist group in Russia and it's interesting America trades with China and Russia dont we. In India persecution has welled up India reelected in May of 2 this year reelected the prime minister Narendra Modi a sauce a staunch supporter of Hindu Vata a pervasive Hindu nationalist idiology that caused India to be a completely into nation and because of this now churches are being attacked in India and they're coming after them and if you see the signs stop the violence against Christians that's in India the other one stop the killing of Christians in Egypt I'm here to tell you that if you think that the time of trouble and persecution of Bible believing Christians is in the future you're wrong what about in America The 1st Amendment of the Constitution of these great United States says The Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances what a reason America is great let me get this clear for us for many of us America is great because America guaranteed freedoms the rest of the world didn't when America started breaking away from Europe Europe and the tyranny of real religious intolerance in all of Europe one of the things that was established here is the freedom of religion it was the 1st freedom given in the Amendments of the Constitution and because of that I believe God chose America as the place to raise up his remnant church because here the church will be safe to grow and prosper that's one reason this land of the blessed but let me say some church as America turns its back on God as America turns its back on religious freedom America is going to slide into a time of terrible persecution and tribulation less than what country in the world has as many random mass shootings as this. What happened to America these kids are poor kids many of these children come from wealthy middle class families and yet they would walk into a school and shoot up or into a model so many walk into a movie theater I mean this is a this is the crazy world we live in can't you see the signs of the time can't you see that Jesus was about to retire. In California our church we had we had special. Training in church then the conference mandated that we have touring the church so during divine service the police came in and we had to have an active shooter drill inside the church so a man of this should not be where you are hide behind a pew that's the world you live in church and if you can't see the writing on the wall when the hurricane I think it was hurricane I want to hear the want to hear what it was that hit Texas Donald Trump was quick to sign a National Day of Prayer what day of the week do you think that National Day of Prayer was Sunday a National Day of Prayer everybody glorify what they don't realize that in the rest of the world there are movements now to make Sunday sacred taking Sundays seriously polling leads the way the European nations new law sharply restricting Sunday shopping provides an opportunity to take a closer look at America's American habits in other words they say listen if Poland can do it we can do this in America and if you read the comments under this article online what you find is that there are people who their whole life. Is the past Sunday along and what you you do realize America really has them but the time is going to come when it's going to happen and when America passed the law by by economic and military might she will force the rest of the world to do so. In other words Jamaica won't get relief money won't be able to trade with America unless he falls in line with what America is doing he won't get any money or you get what I'm saying and unless you do what America says do your good and you see what's happening right now with this whole impeachment hearing I don't know where to go but that's exactly what the claim is that what Trump was doing is saying listen unless you do what I say I'm going to withhold this from you I will withhold that from you that is that the lamp that beast with tool is like a lamp that did what spoke like a dragon in Revelation 13 that's the time you're living in when time is over a church in fact a Supreme Court if you look at the Supreme Court the Supreme Court traditionally was over 80 percent Protestant today it is majority Catholic a 3rd Jewish and one Protestant 11 percent the one Protestant was raised by a was raised by just Which as well you can so in our country if the Pope says listen this is what I believe I need a Sunday law and it was fought all the way to the Supreme Court when you get to the Supreme Court who are all the people on the Supreme Court loyalty but the majority in fact the pope has a great approach to doing this he says here Pope Francis I urgently appeal for a new dialogue about how we are shaped shaping the future of our planet and what he's saying is listen if you want to save the planet Sunday needs to be a sacred day no shopping less traveling more family time if we do that we will save the planet is through the environment that they'll probably come if you want to do that give you a picture of a poor polar bear floating on ice and you sit in your warm kitchen but our poor polar bear a polar bear going to run off and I want to go back to the land like the fish and that's what he's doing. But this is what they want you to see and then they're going to then when we don't do it and I want you to get this when we as Christians an advantage Christian Bible believing Christians do not fall in line and continue to keep the 7 day sabbath what's going to happen is the calamities the earthquakes the fires are going to continue the hurricanes tornadoes are going to continue the horrible winter storms and they're going to say God is not pleased because everyone's not keeping Sunday and I want to see who's responsible for all this destruction so Sabbath keepers. It's those Sabbath keepers they're the ones Ellen White says I like this she says those who are of the law of God have been accused of bringing judgments upon the world and they will be regarded as the cause of the fearful convulsions of nature and the strife and bloodshed among men that are fulfilling the earth with woe that are filling the earth with Whoa the power attending the last warning has enraged of the wicked of their anger is kindled against all who have received the message and Satan will excite the still greater intensity the spirit of hatred and persecution but one thing that happens is that the church persecuted becomes the church purified. Sea one person sees a wife as prosperity multiplies a mass of professors of persecution purges them out of the church the church is going to be sure of 5 Revelation $714.00 and I said unto him serve the know it and he said to me these are they which came out of great tribulation and washed their rooms and made them white in the blood of the Lamb and we persecution in difficulty when I give my testimony tonight to get that but it's going to be through trial that many of us are Finally the same that Razz wrapped up some of us have secret sin. And it's got us bound we can't shake it persecutors don't come in you have to make a decision that that sin that you hold dear that no one might know about you you've got tucked away in persecution comes one day you're going away rise up and you'll have to make up your mind to Jesus I surrender you have to give it up because if you ever decide to follow God or you have to decide to follow the enemy and a wise man is to many minds a deep mystery surrounds the fate of John the Baptist the question why he should have been left to languish and die in prison the mystery of this dark Providence our human vision cannot penetrate but it can never shake our confidence in God when we remember the John was about to share in the sufferings of Christ she says all who follow Christ will wear the crown of sacrifice they will surely be misunderstood by selfish men and we made a mark for the fierce assaults of Satan it is this it is this principle of self-sacrifice that His Kingdom is a stab is to destroy and Satan will war against it wherever it is manifested as he says something else this powerful star for the wrong size that she says God never leads his children otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and discern a brewery of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with him not even a coup was translated to heaven not a lie to ascend in a chariot of fire was greater or of more honor than John the Baptist who perished alone in the dungeon he says unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him but also to suffer forsake Philippians 121 look at the last last sentence and all and of all the gifts of heaven that heaven can bestow upon men fellowship with Christ in his sufferings is the most weighty trust and the highest honor. This is a time of terrible trouble and persecution coming and you can see already how divided America has become politicized is becoming is changing this is not the way America was historically we're moving into new territory and if you're a Christian you've got to hold on to what God says and you got a commit before the storm to follow God in the storm some people think they don't get it right later on let me say something is going to be too late to get it right when the storm comes as a great story from the 3rd from the 32320 years after Christ 328 days the eastern half of the Roman Empire had not the emperor it had not fallen in line like Constantine did on the western side Constantine accepted Christianity but the Emperor on an eastern side did not and so he was trying to force all Christians to worship the Roman gods and even to worship him and so it was this great searching out and they were making everyone do it and finally they got to what he really wanted all of his soldiers so he got to one legion they were called the sons of funder powerful legion and they were up in the mountains of Armenia when they were found and they came and he said You all must now plow and worship the gods of Rome and a Roman emperor of the 100 men in the in the Legion 40 of them said no we will not bow the commander said I'm going to strip you and beach you they began to be beaten it began to be flogged and they would not give up their belief in Jesus Christ they would not worship idols or any other gods they would not worship the emperor of Rome they were beaten their blood ran into the snow the Commander Marks them outside of a nearly frozen lake and said if you do not do what I tell you to do if you don't bow down and worship the Roman gods. We're going to throw you make it into that frozen lake true story the Christian 40 men stripped off their own clothes and ran into the lake and as they shiver in a group they began to cry here stands 40 men for Christ here stands for the man for Christ they began to shiver and it got cold the commander went and got hot baths and set up dug them up in and had hot glasses and listen if you come out now you can get into the warm bath and he cried again he stands 40 men for Christ they started cooking food and as the smell of the food drifted on to the water they succumb you can eat you can get warm here still. 49 for Christ one of the 40 began to waver he couldn't take it anymore saw a hot food in a warm bath he ran out of ice water jumped into the warm bath but one of the guards that were watching one of the men that had decided to say boiled the room saw as the other $39.00 stood firm in fact the tradition says that they began to pray that the 40 would stay together one of the guards watching this ripped off his clothes decided to give his life to Christ and ran into the icy water and joined them and they cried out again yes yes for any man who cries. In fact the tradition tells us that when a one man hit the hot water the one who ran from the other 40 ran and got the food and ran into the warm bath when he dropped into the warm bath he was killed instantly. You know what God wants the very. Men and women. Will say. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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