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Preparing and Passing Through the Time of Trouble

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 29, 2020
    1:00 PM
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Let's pray. Lord we are gathered together in your house to receive direction and encouragement from you. I'm not assuming the Lord that everyone here is giving you perfect permission to be the absolute. Leader of their life so I'm praying or at the beginning of this message may that be where we're all that we're done thank you Lord for this fellowship we have thank you for our system of Christian education and all the dedicated people. Bless the parents that are sacrificing the churches that are partnering the staff and the teachers that are disciples and now Lord help us all to determine again we want to go home and not to love what's here in Jesus name I pray Amen. I've just finished 21 hours of listening to a book called appeasement. It is a history of what became of official policy as well as mentality in the British government leading up to World War 2. If there's one thing that is clear in the journey to World War 2 is that fear destroys confidence and this morning my message isn't titled going a whole preparing for and passing through the time of trouble. Whenever Chamberlain was prime minister of England he had it inflated sense of his own ability to make good decisions and to negotiate unfortunately his real experience had been. Fostered and developed in the business world and he made a fatal mistake of thinking that all the people he was dealing with were just like him. The colossal mistake which became official British policy in the form of continuing to give away to Hitler things that Hitler never should have had which destroyed in effect the League of Nations to look our no treaty 1st it was the taking of Austria the Anschluss later it was the rearmament of the Rhineland later it was the Germans in Czechoslovakia the student loan later it was Poland all along the way fear had immobilized the British government at one point in time when a British envoy was surveying the amount of planes in the German look Wafa they did not realize that as they were viewing the planes on the ground in one spot in Germany and then boarding the train the lift off it was flying those very same planes to the next airfield and landing in there to be counted again by the Britons. I'm going to tell you the point of the message before I go farther into the message and it is this there is a time of trouble coming on the face of this planet and you don't need to be afraid if you have recognized the Lord's call to release your hands from the things of this world that have tried to wrap themselves around you. And if you're willing to put your heart and soul into a life of daily surrender that leads you to the great colossal work that is before us which is announcing to the world that the hour of judgment has an end and the invitation of mercy is to be heard. Years ago one of the 1st sermons I preached was called The Red Badge of Courage it probably wasn't the best sermon in the sense of its exegetical all had theological underpinnings but it was a message relative and I didn't know how formative it would be it was a message built off the book by Stephen Crane with the same title of a young man in the northern army who went into battle and was so terrified he was the standard Well I don't know if he was the standard bearer but he went into a battle in the Civil War He was so terrified that part way through the battle he threw down all of his accoutrements of war and he ran he did not just run back to where the army had Marshall to sell he ran farther away and farther away but something got a hold of this young man and he realized that while he was now freed from the sound of pieces of lead whizzing by his head he was not free in his own person. And what the new resolve in a new sense of what he was about he comes back to the same army I don't know that it's the same battle it's been probably 30 years since I preached that sermon and he throws himself with a passion into a cause minus the fear and he is an unstoppable force Now why does this sermon matter so much. I want to say right from the very canny that Ellen White states that we shall have to stand before magistrates to answer for our allegiance to the law of God to make known the reasons of our faith and the youth should understand these things well it's almost become the method of understanding the culture of our church that some of these things shouldn't be thought about by the youth or anybody because all it does is make us afraid. Time of trouble this morning I'm here to tell you that if one is willing to be of Jesus Christ lordship of his life and understate the great understand the great privilege of pulling together in announcing to the world that he is coming soon we can lose the things that make us afraid on the inside and gain the courage of moving from one victory to another in the actual engagements that will actually make the future something we're preparing for in the now and it has nothing to do with saving of food or money or anything else it has nothing to do with continually examining ourselves to make sure we're Ok by the way friends there's a lot of 7 they have an astute conscientiously do want to be right with God and they examine and examine and examine themselves when the real call is the Abrahamic call to move out of an examination of our own readiness and be concerned about somebody else's readiness. I want to tell you there's 3 phases you can be in you can be in the self-centered phase and I'm sure there are some people there listen to me this morning who are in the self-centered phase of Livy everything is about them. If it doesn't suit them that it in going to suit anybody don't anybody put any pressure on them don't anybody call them to a higher standard Don't anybody do anything that gets in their way I don't suspect most of the individuals here today are in that category but it's possible themes that we have the sinking pulpit of village here. Let's change it around. 3 So my hope and prayer this morning is that if you've been living like that you'll see a new vision of the love of God for you and have a new heart to love God in return but then there's a very subtle dangerous place for 7th they have this they're not self-centered they're just self focused and you say what's the difference. Well the difference is is that we read these narratives in the scripture and sometimes these segments in the spirit of prophecy and we realize that our heart is to be cleansed from sin. But somehow we think looking at what's bad and not wanting to be it is going to turn us into what's good but I'm here to tell you you will not become what's right by China not to be what's wrong. When you focus on yourself you could be a very conscientious self focused 7th Day Adventist and it will ruin you. You see what Agnes are to be what true Christians are to be if they are to be self aware and self honest so that when the Lord God of the universe says you you don't you didn't get that right that was wrong you didn't show respect to your parents you didn't talk right to your spouse you shouldn't be gossiping about your boss and you shouldn't be stealing time by being lazy on the job whatever he wants to say. That is the kind of honesty that allows for a true intimate relationship but the devil he says he's slick so he's going to come along and take some sentiment that has a measure certainly a value but he somehow going to twist it around so that it actually ruins the journey immobilizes the Christian makes them afraid and knows how unfit they are and it's that and fitness that is potentially driving in the deeper cycles of self focus faints. We do need Jesus we are unfit it's a good thing that he's more than everything for us to make us fit but our focus on Christ and our daily ordinary lordship letting him be Lord of our life focusing on what he's calling us to do and who he is is what's going to take us from being self locust and to being savior focused and self-aware so at the beginning of this message I'm here to tell you every person who is of. An Age of Reason can listen to this message and understand what it's about. And every person that desires to go home. For everyone who has a home should take just a moment to think about what it would feel like. To the ones who want you at home for you either to be an interested or afraid of what stands between you and our. Friends I'm here to tell you today when you came to Christ the Holy Spirit put a seal on your heart that distinguishes you from all those of yet to recognize the Lordship of Christ that seal will be sealed again farther down the road as we come to the nearest of Christ's return there will be a special sealing upon us relative to the apocalyptic or the end time issues that still will be over the living presence of God in our lives and evidence by the Sabbath and you know what while there will be turbulence between here and home I'm here to assure you this morning the god will carry us with those everlasting arms underneath us and we are not to face the future with fear. So the coronavirus is here and there and it might be everywhere. So we've lost 2 trillion dollars out of the stock market in 5 days. You do know there's a time coming when the only people will have what they need will be the ones who are receiving it from God Money won't do you very much good. All right so let's go somewhere going home preparing for and passing through a time of trouble I love your story our love listening as a little boy my aunt got us the stories back when they were on these big pieces of black vinyl and they rotated $33.00 and a 3rd time's a minute and you'd set the needle now and it be a little scratchy and sometimes it stick and repeat itself but you know there was a message I heard as a boy which I want in your head as we go into this. It was the 3 empty sacks you know sir Hildebrand's Sir James and I can't remember the last or but it was time for a new king in the King had no air and so he called his 3 nights together and he said he was looking to have someone that was revealed by the journey with the sax what what he should do. One of the servants went out one of the nights as it were went out and immediately did amazing things with his sack one became rich one became powerful but one of those nights saw the degradation in the poverty and the suffering of humanity and he used his sack and he filled it over and over again and when he came back he had nothing to offer the king he was the last person. And when he presented his sack it was full of holes. But interestingly enough the use of his sack in the right way became the preparation to receive the kingdom. You see friends this great calling there's a world out there who doesn't know God They only have little sound bites and the sound bites are twisted in terrible. It's our use of the sack it's our use of the privilege of the message our networking our unity our corporate prop proclamation our individual witness it is our focus on God in an understanding of the gift shared over and over again that actually is our preparation. For the time of the end. And to try to prepare for the time of the end in any other way is to make sure your little life of self focus gets tighter and tighter until finally it moves from cell focus where it's trending anyway over into self centered. All right. Devil have never wanted us to go home he's always hated our home he sought to ruin God's will then he sought to ruin our Eden home he wasn't allowed to rule in our even home but he was allowed to move us out of it when we think about how he related within not too many chapters in the Bible about 10 chapters we find how that has corrupted this earth to where it has to be cleansed by a flood in chapter 12 God intersects with Abraham he doesn't want Abraham making his way into Canaan and Canaan is actually accosted with a famine and Abraham's children find themselves down in Egypt and there they are and slaves anything but a letting God's people go home finally after a conquest in the the great kings of David and Solomon we find the nation slowly site sliding into apostasy and its exile anything but God's people fulfilling their destiny at home when the exiles over strange thing is most of the people that went off to babble and don't want to go home I'm talking to several of you right now. Whether it's your video games or your sports or your money or your school or your your occupation or whatever it is there's there are people listening to me who if they were really honest they'd have to say I'm not really that interested in going home represented by a large swath of of the remnant who weren't quite as much the remnant as they thought they were when they actually got a group to go home. They were intimidated and scared if it weren't for the message in Man of of Nehemiah and as you are not only with the wall not be rebuilt but the temple would have forever only had a foundation that Temple sat there for probably 15 years with only a foundation in the ground because the people even after they came back to Israel started enjoying their nice homes so the prophet would write how is it that you're comfortable with your panel houses but you don't have any interest in my house. When we think about the fact that the next great thing breaking on the scene is the actual appearance of Jesus the devil had so twisted the expectations of the people. That they didn't want the Messiah God sent to send somebody else and after Jesus was raised this new unique group were persecuted for 3 centuries by the Romans and then they were co-opted by the Roman government and thus began a 1000 plus years of of spiritual night we call it the Dark Ages anything but letting us have a beautiful home the devil is out to destroy everything we have that resembles the goodness of God And finally the 1500s with the breaking of a new dawn to the Bible in our language now say it realizes that he's losing his hold and what does he do to destroy our chance to find this earth moving back towards its heavenly destiny he starts disjoin people who who believe their consciences are captive to the Word of God and then we find ourselves where we are right now where are we because we watch corruption and persecution swing back to blessings and apathy and easement here we are in the 21st century in the age of indulgence and opportunity. And while I would like to take every motive come of fear out of every person listening to me today I should like to extract from you everything that would make you afraid of seen Jesus coming in the clouds that's my goal. There are decisions you have to make that stand in the way of what I want to do because unfortunately if you live in this country and you're sitting in one of these pews today you are the cream Dela creme of opportunity. You may be fighting to exist you may surpass it that's everybody but me even on the lower end of our spectrum we have more civility more security more opportunity more distractions look the devil's really smart he's made all the things. That are designed to take away our relish for home he's made most of them free all you have to do is give up a little bit of information about yourself so they can track you better. I want you to think about it this is where we're at There's 2 types of things that will keep you from being bold holy bold one is being in love with this world and the other is not being engaged in the battle between right and wrong these 2 things together if we were to release under God in a moment of true selves surrender and say Lord it's my talent it's my treasure it's my time it's all yours I'm afraid of what you might ask me to do but I'm giving it to you anyway and then the other thing is to move away from those cell focus lives I know lots of self focus families all the focus is on the family. And we're going to make sure the kids aren't drug out of this and aren't drug out there that makes me think of that old adage that guys that I had a drug problem when I was a kid my momma drug me here my mama drug me there and most of the places my mama drug me were for my good. We don't have that kind of drug problem anymore we have a different one. Our young people must be given a sword must be given work gloves must be given a chance for a heart to expand to be in the game they are to know about these things because they are the generation by God's grace some of them especially under the age of 80. Who won't be easily quieted. But their holy boldness and their preparation will be a final and forceful witness. When I think about Satan in the family he's tried to destroy it for years polygamy adultery grinding poverty where people have to work constantly abounding leisure and perpetual immaturity I'm thinking especially of men and I'm thinking of especially now keep your games in your leisure and your fun going like you're still 13 again it's time for men to become men especially when we understand storm clouds are gathering How about discontented licentiousness with one flick of the thumb you can be looking like you're reading your e-mails but you're not and should anybody get to where they can see your screen you can be respectable again even though what was on there was filthy and dirty. Then we deconstruct what makes up a marriage we have to make everybody equal in the say there's no such thing as male and female I want to tell you I'm glad I grew up in a home with a mom and a dad. And that balance was beautiful for me in spite of my parents' struggles and my parents stuck together in spite of their struggles and I want to tell you that 56 years of age I still enjoy talking to a mom who is married to my dad. And a dad is married to my mom. When I lose my parents I will have lost a lot and for all those that represent that generation in this church I still get to feel a little bit like a boy in your presence especially if you're a gray head found in the way of righteousness then there's the overreach of opportunity I've got to fulfill my cell what's left behind or the the a priori or the obligations that came 1st to the children you want that advanced degree that's fine maybe you'll get it someday but remember the children need the basic degrees that get them to graduate into adulthood and they get in primarily from you. And then there is the dissension in the home and divorce. Marriage is hard the devil hates family. I'm here to tell you friends no matter whether or not your marriage your life your family has been good or bad when Jesus comes into the mix there's a beauty and Jesus offered that beauty to us when he told us there's a mansion in Heaven and inside that mansion is a room with your name on it. 3 types of chubby. Take your Bibles if you would. An open to the Book of Daniel Chapter 12. There is a time of trouble coming upon this world such as never bed. Daniel Chapter 12. Says Now at that time verse one Michael the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people don't read by it without noticing. My call the great prince the leader of the armies of Evan who stands guard over the sons of your people that you and me will arise. There will be time of trouble such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time and at that time your people everyone who has found written in the book will be white delivered rescued whatever your version says. Now I'm going to skip sticking to my basic premises if you've got your hands on the world in Babylon is in you then we need Jesus to let Babylon be taken out of us it's not easy and it's not able on our own to do our love of the world. Unrelated wish to Jesus will relinquish our love for Jesus. And the other thing we need is we need to be completely in the Great Commission the final 3 angels messages. But I'm here to tell you this time of trouble is a time of trouble after the people of God are sealed probation is closed and what is going to happen is like the 7 plagues that fell on the nation of Egypt God is going to show this world that you can't treat his people like this and that the end is near. This time of trouble is one and like our scripture read this morning I enjoyed listening to that and typically read where God has is and over his people and around his people and nothing will touches people during this time of trouble. This time of trouble is not your trouble. You need to know this this time of trouble is the trouble for all those who rejected the final invitation a mercy this time of trouble is what comes when the Holy Spirit is finally taken away and Satan can do what he wants on this earth this time of trouble is not your trouble and everybody listening to me here today or on the Internet or wherever this message goes needs to understand God never intended that you should be troubled by the future trouble Jesus said sufficient today is the trouble thereof if you ever read their Jesus will have marked his own and his own will be covered by his own protecting presence this is not your trouble. What you ought to be troubled about is that there's tons of people out there who are just wandering through life with myriad blessings that are turning into curses as our wealth is weaponized against us and they are falling more in love with this world and less in love with mercy justice and truth and they are walking straight into the arms of a lovely user and a love of luxury. It's so great that when justice is what's on the scales so Kristallnacht back in Germany. When they killed and pillage Jews by the thousands and the rest of the nations did nothing. The sense of justice was paralyzed by self interest and self focus and they could run over Locarno in the League of Nations and the Jewish people nobody did anything what we are to be troubled about is that there are millions of people who don't understand that's where their lives are headed in tragedy and there will be a fear so deeply leveraged by Lucifer during this point in time who has lured them and tied them up bound them down and stepping on them and nobody cares do we care before that moment arrives there's a 7th Day Adventist Church intrusted with the greatest message ever given to mortal men do they care or will we plod on through our lives making sure our futures are padded and we've got our homes Nestled amongst the rocks. This time of trouble is not yours don't be afraid of it. Now there are 2 times of trouble where you will be afraid. Let's talk about the one that precedes this moment. The Spirit of Prophecy is referred to as the little time a trouble. There is a period of time from when the Sunday law is given. Until the seal of God in the Mark of the beef is given during which the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out on God's people and they are going to go forward with a fresh vigor that exceeds the apast Aleko awakening in Acts chapter 2 and the earth is going to be enlightened with their glory God going to give the world one more chance to wake up and he's going to use you and me if we're willing. He's calling us into a preparation for the Holy Spirit he's calling us together to the prayer meetings in the small groups he's calling us gather to the missionary meetings in the Vespers he's calling us a gather to the evangelist efforts he's calling us to prayer for a lost world who doesn't know and doesn't care unless the stock market loses 13 percent in 5 days. His god is good he's not letting the parade to perdition to March on without a few clouds hovering over it. But before the seal of God is placed on the sea on the forehead and before the mark of the beast is given there is a little time of trouble because the battle superchargers again and God's people have regained the outpouring of the spirit the presence of God in their midst the surrender of their lives folks were not supposed to be waiting for or to be anticipating it with showers of refreshing before but there's a last battle over the souls of men and this is the moment when God's people are going to find themselves under great duress and physical persecution. But I want to tell you something I'd sure rather be the man that's moving into the battle with a sense that God is by my side and as our scripture said all my days are written down folks and I'm not die one day or earlier than God has in mind for me to die do you notice the understand your days are marked out and you're not dying one day earlier than God wants you to lay down and rest either if you don't know this then you have to walk through every day in fear of what's going to get you. God's actually calling us into a life of daily surrender this is the preparation it's a life in which Christ is Lord of today. Yes During this little time of Jacob's trouble there will be some who go to prison and some will lay down their lives but I'll tell you what they're going to be rejoicing like Peter in the dungeon and Paul and Silas in the jail that they were considered worthy to be used but you don't get there without sensing a great sacrifice was made for you and how the Heart of Heaven has been poured out what a great privilege it is to be called an associated with the living God. It's that little time of trouble in which many are going to peel off. It's that shaky moment in which you have to decide am I going this way or going that way it's all the little decisions self focused and self centered that had me kind of bending this way where I was self self-aware and Savior focused I keep moving and leaning this way and when that moment breaks in the spirit's poured out I don't want my heart to have sat crusty for years thinking that somehow the water's going to permeate and so can you see friends God is looking to refresh us with little forays that build faith engaging the enemy right now he's stretching us out of our comfort zones he's teaching us how to hear the voice like Abraham Abraham didn't know where he was going and you don't know how every day's going to end up either we're all on Abraham the journey says some of us are constantly stressed about it and some of the learn that wherever so every leads me is the right place to be. Listen. When Churchill finally sat in the pm position the prime minister position. Nothing could have been more unsettling to Hitler than to realise the age of appeasement was over and there was a. Man who would rally with rhetoric and resolve an entire nation in defense of freedom. It makes the difference you can stand for 40 days like Sol and his soldiers did at the valley and Isla and you can listen to the giant come out and touch you this is what lots of administers doing our schools are closing our churches are getting smaller our resources are shrinking is there not a movement of God upon the hearts of men and women to run to the cause and say Who does this Phyllis turn think is to defy the causes of the Living God The problem is is that without any previous chapters of fighting bears and lions and without a full surrender of our heart to God we're just one of the quaking shaking. That's exactly where the devil wants us. The world to warn and to win and here we are shivering in our boots it's got to go that's why preachers need to speak up and say it's sin to be in love with the world it's sin to let its tentacles bind about you while you fail to cut them by acknowledging the call of Christ that this is wrong and this is right by our me. It's see and it's an act of great sinful omission to watch a World slide off into the abyss without throwing them a lifeline it's still in. Our schools our holds our churches are to all be focused on 2 things Jesus his presence whether it's in private communion or whether it's in training to reach someone who's lost. This is where the devil wants us afraid. During that little time of Jacob's trouble. We are going to see the likes of the outpouring the Holy Spirit in gifts and presents we're going to see a harvest in like never has been seen in the entire world what would it be like to be left out. I was once at a meeting where they were fasting and praying I didn't want to stay for the rest of the meeting so I left. I stopped in town on the way out. And I thought to myself What if the Holy Spirits poured out and I'm not there. I don't really like fasting. I got in my car and push the buttons and drove it back to the place where the meeting was and there was no noticeable outpouring of the Holy Spirit but for whatever small reorienting of my life that needed to take place there. I thought to myself if you weren't one of the $500.00 or the $121.00 The room was shaken or the Spirit was poured out that's too bad if you would have been there you could have been part of it. Yes I'm going to shake the ground underneath you just a little bit so you're not shaking when the ground shakes in the future yes I'm here to I'm here to shake up your family habits I'm here to shake up your self focus and make you self aware and save your focused because the last thing we need and the main thing we do need the last thing we need is a bunch of self focused fearful 7 day Avonex what we must have is savior focused unafraid because they're facing the fellow with Jesus by their side and their faith is growing in the future's not fearful because not one of your days is determined by you just like one of your hearers can't follow that is notice. All right let's go the last of the 3 take your Bible Journal or The Book of Jeremiah Chapter 30. Go back to Jeremiah Chapter 30. This is going to be the most intense one. And it will have nothing to do with food or water. Jeremiah Chapter 30. It's in the context of God's promise to restore and I need you to know that so much of what's in the Bible is God constantly coming up with a new plan because what he wanted to do didn't happen. God brought the exiles back after the days of Babel and God wanted to restore the kingdom in such a way with a new Fidelity but it didn't happen. God never intended that they should destroy kill his son Jesus could have died just with the weight of the world on him not with the hand of Rome and the motivation of Jerusalem. But they refused over and over again so this your rect of to restore will be ultimately fulfilled in the lives of the last generation when we cross that spiritual Jordan and we actually inherit the New Jerusalem. Verse 3 Jeremiah 34 behold the days are coming declares the Lord when I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel Jew and Judah the Lord says I will also bring them back to the land that I gave to their forefathers and they shall possess it. Now these are the words which the Lord spoke concerning Israel and concerning Judah for the says the Lord I have heard a sound of terror of dread and there is no peace. Now folks this is going to become the time of Jacob's trouble. As now and see if a man can give birth. Why then do I see every man with his hands on his loins as a woman in childbirth and why have all faces turned pale. Alas for that day is great there is none like it and it is the time of Jacob's trouble. Comma. But he will be saved from it now take your Bibles and go back to the Book of Genesis and let's figure out what this is Genesis Chapter 31. The time of Jacob's trouble. I'm going to explain it to you. And I'm going to dissect it briefly here. The time of Jacob's trouble is the most intense moment of crisis for the remaining faithful people have gone. There is a time of little a little time of trouble after the Sunday laws during which the Holy Spirit is poured out and there is this glorious renewing of the battle in this harvesting of the last. There is the close of probation after the seal of God and the mark of the beast during which there are 7 last legs that's not your trouble it's not that you're going to be sitting in luxury anywhere you might be suffering some hardship but the world being ravaged by the removal of the Holy Spirit and God's hand is on you that's not your job abut this trouble if you get to live is your trouble. Now I already told you. That the seal of the Living God has been poured out at the time. The Jacob's trouble comes upon the faithful remnant. What does that mean. That means Jesus has left the most holy place and the pronouncement has been made he was holy let him be holy still and he who is unjust let him be unjust ill. That means your fate is determined you are saved can I hear the word Amen. But the devil so hates God and so hates his people that even though the seal of God rest upon these remnant these 144000 Satan is allowed to come and ravage their personal spiritual experience and remind him of every black and dirty thing they've ever done. For what purpose. Does he not know the mark is been given does he not know the seal is being given. Of course he does. But Saint is so vitriolically hateful to God and to his people that if he could get one to give up in despair during this moment he would laugh in the face of God. Genesis 31 The imagery the type ology What's it all about for Jacob has lived for 20 years in exile why because he stole the birthright from his brother lied to his father and ran away for fear of his life after those 20 years he's been lied and cheated to as well by as Uncle Laban his mama's brother remember when Jacob came out of the womb it was hanging onto the heel of his brother and remember also before he was born God told his mom and dad the younger will have the birth right not the older Unfortunately mom and dad went different ways spiritually and their marriage did not stay close and so when they came to the Middle Ages of their lives. Mama her daddy telling older son Esau go get me some game because I'm going to give it to you right now mama said the younger boy you go get a go and we're going to put the skins on you and I'm gonna make it like he likes to make it and I know how he likes to make it and you're going to go in there and and the younger son said what if it looks like listen to the language what it looks like I'm deceiving him. I'm telling you friends the voice of the Holy Spirit led Abraham out of her the cow these was speaking to Jacob his grandson saying don't do this. But he wanted it bad is a break brother didn't really care except for the money m. Mama knew it should have it so we're going to do God's thing our way this is the great temptation I mean I don't want to be bad I'm going to do God's thing my way unfortunately set in place 2 decades of self-imposed exile and there was Jacob after 20 years of being lied and cheated on by his father in law in which God finally came along so it's time for you to go on the problem was Jacob and learn these bad habits he was the deceiver the supplanted the sneak and so he decided to sneak away. So he calls his 2 wives out and says we're leaving and they said we need to leave even we can see how rotten our dad is and so they sneak away while Laban is sharing the sheep and they get a 3 day jump start but with as many cattle and children as Jacob than 3 days Head Start is in enough within 7 days they meet up in the hill country of Gilliatt the night before Laban meets up to show him who's boss God comes and gives him a dream and he says you better not say anything that I don't give you permission to say to Jessica. Finally after they had their encounter and Laban says You stole my gods and and Jacob says we didn't course Rachael did have them. Finally Jacob gets a moment to tell Laban what he really thinks. Personally 631 chapter 31 verse 36 of Genesis Laban became angry he contended with Laban. And Jacob said to laymen what is my transgression what is my sin that you hotly pursued me. He tells about how Islam wages were changed 10 times and that God blessed him anyway friends don't let that pass you by if you're in business you're in partnership with God for a purpose to advance God's cause and blessed suffering humanity you can't be done wrong unless the Lord knows being done wrong is how to get your character right and along the way God bless Jacob anyway verse 42 if the God of my Father the God of Abraham and the fear and the fear of Isaac had not been for me. Surely now you would have sent me away empty handed God has seen my affliction and the toil of my hands so he rendered judgment last night what was that judgment was a dream God came down to lay. Be fantastic to do a series of sermons on dreams in the Bible. Jacob moves on. He makes a covenant with Laban come to verse chapter 32 verse one now as Jacob went on his way the angels of God met him. Did you catch that. The angels of God met him he's been told to go back he didn't need to sneak away what he needed was the courage and the love to have an accountability moment with his father in law how many listening to me here today are too afraid to have the right god ordained moment not the Nagin nothing nipping little dog moment with a family member but the actual God prompted let's sit down and talk moment. Jacob should have told naman he was leaving not snuck away there's angels right now in camping with Jacob on his way Jake adverse to when he saw them said this is God's can so he named the place Mahaney m That means 2 camps there was a group of angels literal visible camping in front of this troop and a group of angels literal visible camping on the backside of his troop tell me what you have to be afraid of when you've got Angels and camping around you doesn't it sound like David save the angel the Lord in camps around those who fears him and does what delivers them every night you go to bed you better not go to bed thinking the police are your salvation you better go to bed knowing there's an angel the Lord camping around your house every single night there's a great God we server. Jacob carries on he thinks it's time to send word that I'm coming home he sends word to Esau. And each of sends no word back he doesn't say a thing the messenger come back and says he's coming and there's $400.00 fighting men coming with him and Jacob goes into panic mode absolute panic mode Listen friends if you can identify with some of these people you're not slowing down enough to read the Bible and think about what it would feel like this is the Wild West of the ancient Near East. And if Esau wants to kill him there will be no one to intervene except my hand I am group of angels here group of angels here but it's as if Jacob forgets Jacob as other plants he decides that he is not only 6 scripted when everything supposed to be said My lord this I'm your servant that but finally comes to a place where he says are right I'm going to divide into 2 companies I want you to get a sense there's nothing wrong with good ideas I believe in them I get so many from you but I'm going to tell you something when God says to do something and you start acting like God isn't going to go with you as you're doing especially when you have the presence of angels before and behind or the promises of God very presence with you you are headed towards an unnecessary type of trouble and that's where Jacob was going but the devil knows how to take advantage of our weaknesses so he tells them tell Esau I'm unworthy of all your loving kindness verse 10. And of all the faking this actually is praying here showing your server for only what my staff of I crossed the store and now I've become 2 companies deliver me I pray he spent the night there verse 13 and then he started sending gifts female goats and male goats and camels and donkeys and they're supposed to be a delay between all of them he's trying to show Esau I don't need your money I don't need your birthright I don't need the property. Tell him that your servant Jacob thing and finally we come down to verse 20 and you shall say Behold your servant Jacob also is behind us for he said I will this version says appease him with the president that goes before me. So he took his wives sent him across the Jabot river and he knelt down to pray and this as Ellen White describes it in patriarchs and prophets is a wild west part of the world and he knows there's murderers and thieves out there and of course he doesn't know where Esau is and as he kneels down to pray for him but he grabs him and he spins around and grabs back. And there at the dark hour of midnight. Jacob and Jesus are locked in a wrestling match and Jacob doesn't know that in answer to his prayer the prince of the Covenant Christ Himself has come down to give the answer and the answer is I am right here I will be with you. They wrestle all night long Jacob thinking with his adrenaline pumping in his muscles quivering almost superhuman strength patriarchs and process and finally as the slight light of day is in the eastern horizon. His adversary which is really his savior takes a finger and touches the strongest joint on the human body and separates it without a blow and all of a sudden Jacob upon whom the Holy Spirit's been wrestling through the night realizes he's in the arms of God. And all of a sudden he goes from trying to push away I don't know if he grabs him around the waist or he's just gotten by the arms I don't know what it is but Jesus says it's time for me to go and Jacob says you can't go yet I need a blessing. Now all through the night while Jacob was trying to get away Lucifer was saying to have your bad your unworthy actually Lucifer was pleading our petitioning God to lead Jacob be destroyed because of the heinous of his sin especially against the backdrop of the faithful progeny that he was of Abraham or faith lusts in the shadow of faithfulness. God tells Lucifer no. Jacob realizes he's not worthy of being saved but then a strange thing happens as the sun is coming up and his hip is out adjoins in great pain but he won't let go he asked God for this blessing now God talks to him about his sin. There is no peace in any relationship without reconciliation with God. And while God will not bring up your sin to separate you from Him God will see if you come to a position of humiliation repentance and self surrender and he says what is uni. Listen you can't come down an answer to a prayer and you can't wrestle all night with your identity slightly hidden You can't be there without knowing that man's name are already but he says the Jacob now who have you been. There is an honest coming the moment with God in which one realizes he is so unworthy of the presence of God and the provision of forgiveness. Jacob it already confessed his sin and yet God says to him. Do you know who you've been Jacob. And Jacob. He'll grab or blast scene stealer father liar. Not any more. You are now Israel. For you have wrestled with a gun. And overcome. He releases his grasp his muscles shivering from the exertion and he lays there on the ground until he can gather his clothing properly about him and he stands up on a staff and comes lean leaning on it towards the river jab he crosses that river and everyone knows something terrible has happened to their daddy there has been the only truth of the matter is it was not terrible in the wrong way it was glorious in the chance for transformation that very same night God sent an angel to Esau. And he saw is confronted with his own self and with his brothers repentance and humiliation. And when they meet the next day 400 men were swords hanging by their sides are touched as the tears flowed down the face of Esau who had anything but sympathy and love in his heart for this brother just a few hours before. That night of wrestling when our faith has already been sealed that moment. When God's people who have been sealed for salvation are accosted by the devil himself the Holy Spirit is God and as if God lets them be buffeted and in those moments they see how unfit and how and where they are what they don't know is that Jesus who no longer needs to reside in the sanctuary listen this is because so many people so much consternation do you know that you will live without an intercessor But do you know that you will have been sealed in the salvation experience of what you have God will be certain and secure you will not need him in the exact same way but will you still need him Oh you will still need him when Satan is buffeting us with and the Holy Spirit now were drawn from us but were drawn from the world when that moment comes and we think there is no way we could be saved we will be hanging on or I should say let's keep the symbology in the type ology in place when it looks like there is no way we can be saved God will be hanging on to us and tell we figure out we are in the hands of a Savior. What did Jesus say to Peter after Peter argued with him oh no I don't love position and power I don't have these problems in my heart. Of course he didn't say all that but that was behind I'm not going to run away from you because you're not what I thought you were oh yes you will. But prayed for you. Sane wants to see if you but I want you to remember some Peter I've got a hold of you and I'm not linger around Listen friends. Spirit of Prophecy tells us that heaven and earth could pass away before the mercy of our God would give way in regards to our need I want you to think about the whole universe imploding into a black hole that is more likely to happen then Jesus letting go of you in any hour of trouble and there's to be no 7 them as Christians afraid except the one thing the perfidy the falshood the tendency to lie about the things that have woven their way into our hearts that's the only thing you should be worried about but please don't go into sell focus mode just bow before Jesus and self-awareness and say Lord lose me. Perfect love. Kicks out fear. The Greek word is ECB Allah I mean it's like grabbed by the shirt collar like a bouncer in a bar and throw him out. I'm here to tell you there's not one of us listeners today who don't need to know that's what perfect love can do but nothing else can do it you sell focus all you want about not wanting to be that thing that chasing you you run a race like this on the tell you're going to run all over the place you run a race like this you're going with Jesus. We don't need any more self focused Christians we need a church that's focused on the world and a love relationship with Christ that won't let anything get in between this is where we're supposed to be. When Hitler finally had to go on the b.b.c. and say we will fight them on the beaches we will fight them in the air. The resolve of a nation was turned no longer he was Time's Man of the century appeasement was over cell focus was done it was time to stand up for the law the nation in that case in the our case for the glory of the one who's already paid the price for the redemption of the legions of this earth who know not your sins can be forgiven by faith and that the assurance of salvation is a gap. France. May God help us may he shake us and awaken us. It is the atoning blood of Jesus. It is the provision of this presence. It is the promise of his deliverance how many dreams will be given in the future how many divine interventions will transpire for the sake of his if the ones I don't know but if we don't give him permission to be in charge today. You save up as bazillion dollars and as many pounds as food if you want it will never give you the heaven to go into heaven with because the heaven I'm supposed to have and the heaven he wants to give to you is the heaven of being a little child with a daddy has gotten under control and I don't need to be afraid listen I fight this battle regularly how far should I push this organization to stretch that's a God thing how far should I stretch in my own family. But I do know this I've raised 4 children. And I would never in all of my life or a 1000000 lifetimes after I would never put them in a situation. Where they knew I had the power to set it up right and they were so terrified that I had set it up wrong I would never put them in a situation where they could not rise up with the sense of what I gave them and be what they were called to be I would never do the and if they were afraid of me and didn't want me to come and didn't want to come to my own I'd be devastated in. What have we done to God. This mighty $77.00 is church not mighty in size but we are to be the Gideons in the Davids we are to be the Nehemias and the Abrahams we are to be the Peter's in the Pauls in the Debra's. Would be all these things. Which is time for us to quit worrying about what's out there and start deciding that God can be lord of this day my time some of you need your schedules are rearranged because you're digging you're digging the ground up so you can put deeper roots down and for life on this earth with a glorious future Well it's not there. Some of you need your treasure rearranged because if 2 trillion can come off the books in 5 days another 2 Chilean might be alive in another 5 days. I had someone come to me just a week or 2 ago and say I've got a relative they want to give some money for something they've made some good investments. And they realize that we ought to do something with it now. Well I'll tell you now today is not as good is now a week ago. It's not for me to tell you what to do but the essentials journey of every day is the Abrahamic one with God can talk in we will miss. That's what I'm calling you to today. That's what God's calling you today. Years ago there was a group of Butner from the Highlands of Scotland. And they were along those clips and they saw a specimen they wanted but there was no way they were going to go get it but they thought maybe one of the Nationals might have the courage to do it so they summoned a young shepherd boy and they said would you be willing to go over this cliff and get us that specimen will tie this rope to you and hold on to you while you go over the side and they offered a large sum of money and he said yes I'll do it. The rope was gotten and he said no you have to wait a minute. He went off. To get the person to hold the rope. Who just happened to be his dad. You know that vision of the narrow way that in the basement of the General Conference and all I had were the road keeps getting narrower and narrower I think a lot of us have rejected that vision. I think a lot of us think for our lives with our good educations our incomes and rode out to get wider. Eventually there's a rope hanging down nobody knows what it's tied to and nobody knows what it goes over but eventually the only thing we have is the only thing we need. I'm telling you I was given to fear as any of the rest of you. But God has forced me out on a limb so many times that the same limb that made me afraid 30 years ago doesn't make me afraid anymore. And that's what his plan is for all of us. I think we all have to decide is. Can he be God. And Will God for the day be enough. That's what I'm appealing to you. Can he be God. And Will God for today be practical and enough. If there's anything that kills me. Is the idea that God's church could keep backing up. Hunkering down. And giving up letting go. When like Jacob and Caleb said Joshua Caleb said if God is with us. What do we have to be afraid of. There are people listening to me today right now upon whom the Spirit of God is moving on your heart. I'm appealing to you to move. All right while our pianist plays quietly there are people listening here today the spirits will die in your heart fear has been directing your actions you are living under the cloud in the shackles of anxiety all the time. God wants to take that away from you. He's calling you to an actual belief that if he says it's time to go home he'll go there with you. That he's going to take care of your kids need journey your occupational me. And so I'm appealing to that group of people right now whether you're watching online or in the balcony or on the main floor. I'm appealing to you to step out of the pews and come to the front and say I will live out from underneath the dictates of fear and I will let perfect love casts this fear out there's a 2nd group I'm inviting the 2nd group mamma vi there are those for which the Lordship of Christ needs to be. Jesus who paid the price to redeem us is to be given the Lordship of our lives and inviting that group as well to come forward in this last stanza May God help each one of so know the liberty and the freedoms that we might be bold and Satan might decide this these administers somebody to be afraid of because they're not moving by fear they're living by faith and they're taking it a step at a time with Jesus that's my invitation during this last verse Let's sing it together we have a post Lou that's going to be done by our Great Lakes Adventist musicians. If you came forward in this appeal especially because you needed to recommit to Christ or commit to Christ. I'd like to invite you when everything is done. To just come up here after the sanctuary is empty and I'll be waiting for you if you're just fighting the fight of fear and you want to proclaim I'm giving Jesus permission to be more to be Lord. Then pray with somebody and give courage and get courage. But if you're here this morning to for this church because you need to make that Newcomen I'm not talking about I'm talking about you really need to make it I'm not talking about I've been afraid and I don't want to be I fight that fear you fight that fear Christ will come down and hold onto you when you don't think you can hold on to him and sometimes when you don't want him holding on to. So after I pray. I'm a Vita to go back to your seats and let the Post lead play we appreciate a musician if you came for because you need to declare. To Christ and seal it by announcing it. And myself and the other pastors of the staff would be here to have that moment with you let's pray. Lord. We fight fear all the time. It never looks like it's going to work out right. And we've had many times Lord when it didn't look like it worked out right so we now have the apparent proof. How much Jacob without It's not working out right my brother shouldn't be coming to kill me. And yet in the midst of that journey something bigger and better was being worked out. An abandonment of self-sufficiency. And a new level of trust. We all need this learn some of us have come from circumstances that make us more afraid than the average person somebody abandon us or rejected us when we were little somebody pulled the rug out from underneath our security when we were in the formative stages give us the power to Forgive them Lord and to embrace you. And then we all be patient with each other as we're on a different part of the spectrum. Of confidence and trust. And pain especially for those learned on whom you're calling back to your fold you're calling back to hold the sword and lead the charge or at least be part of the movement that announces to a world there's a good guy who'd like to save you from the real trouble that's coming. Last This is a church nervous with love. And commitment and devotion now bless the rest of this precious Sabbath day I ask in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen more sermon leave it to w.w.w. audio verse or.


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