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The Gospel in Five Words

Allen Lloyd



  • March 6, 2010
    10:00 AM
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we would knew that that was the music that actually enhances the frontal lobe brain and no message behind it than actually reading on the music cells I appreciate you being here I like to try to come down and hope whenever I'm in town which is all that often but certainly glad to be with you that I am today it will be giving a message that's an old message but actually it's a new message in the light the community giving it to you today and that is the message of the gospel father in heaven we know this message is the power of God on the salvation to everyone who believes any as we discuss your simple yet profound gospel we pray your blessing we pray that your spirit would incline HR needs mine and that the words I speak will be from your throne Jesus the first Angels message one of the three primary messages we those of us are Seventh-day Adventists this is the message that we are to give to the world is mentioned in verse six I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven the fly gives an indication of what the speed at which the gospel is going and is located where that message in the midst of heaven giving an indication that it is visible in something that is known and is being looked at and analyzed flying in the midst of and having no I have been ever lasting gospel in fact of the chapter before this revelation we learned that the land was slain the foundation of the world the everlasting gospel to preach under them that dwell on the earth to every nation kindred time in people this is the gospel that needs to go that the gospel that needs to be spread but it's also a gospel that needs to be understood and I submit to you this morning the reason why it really hasn't reached the full potential of what is talked about here revelation fourteen verse six is because we have been truly understood as simple as that as yet it is highly misunderstood but yet it's essential that we understand it in order for the rest of our denominated name Adventist the second Advent happened Christ 's cold is very clearly this Gospel meeting the true gospel of the kingdom shall be preached and how much of the world all the world as a witness unto all nations and then Chilean and we know that we the world 's population is expanding far greater than what we're really spreading it at this point in time we have a daunting difficult problem worlds population is growing far greater than the growth of the true gospel but yet this is something that needs to take place Galatians tells us in chapter one that there is another gospel I bet airfares of the true gospel Galatians lines as I marvel that ye are so soon removed from ham that called you into the grace of Christ unto life another gospel in fact the amplified version who gets that tries to get to the root meaning of each of the Greek words calls it another opposition gospel is a gospel that actually opposes the true gospel is not another midair based on the trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ so there is only one gospel the other one isn't really the gospel but yet it looks as though evidence that though we're an angel from heaven preach any other gospel and you than that which we have preached and you let him be accursed pretty strong words from the apostle Paul who understood the true gospel he goes on to say as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel in the you that ye have received let him be accursed for do I now persuade men are gone or do I speak to please men for if I yet pleased men I should not be the servant of Christ in other words the other opposition gospel locally zero it will please methanol have some pleasing aspects to it but I certify Paul is certifying to the people in this medical institution many of you are here so that you can get certified someday but Paul is certifying to the certifying the brethren that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man he didn't get it for mankind where to get it from there is a man man man neither was I taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ he was taunted directly from Christ himself this gospel so let's get into what the true gospel as what is a true gospel let's learn from the one who got it directly from Christ first Corinthians chapter fifteen moreover brethren I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you which also ye have received and wherein ye stand Paul is stating clearly that he breached the true gospel and they received the true gospel and their standing in the true gospel in other words are standing and salvation verse two reset by which also ye are one say the gospel is about salvation and notice the term their year saying that there is a condition if he was key in memory what I preached and you otherwise ye have believed in vain so in other words we might even have understood the true gospel at some point in time and received it in your heart but it only does is good if we want if we have in our mind and that requires a continual presence a continual contemplating a continual thinking about the gospel so in this also would help us understand why one of the teachings once saved always saved is not true right here in the forerunner the gospel he says if you keep in memory what I preach and you otherwise you believe in Brian Bryant delivered under you first of all that which I also received so Paul is making it clear he received it from where Christ not himself he engaged himself he wasn't taught by anyone else he was taught by Christ this gospel and now he's taking that same Gospel that he received from Christ and passing it along to them I deliver to you first of all that which I also received how that and here is the five word gospel Christ died for our sins five words they're all simple they're all one syllable I think everyone in this audience I don't see anyone under the age of two here if you're too you can learn the five word gospel you can actually even memorize and you can teach it Christ died for our sins and Paul doesn't just say just trust me that I received from Christ he says this is the true gospel because it's also what according to Scriptures is right there in the Scriptures and the Scriptures back it up entirely Christ died for our sins why is it that that gospel gets perverted when it so simple I think one of the reasons it was because we understand the meaning of those five words in order to understand the gospel in those five words we have to understand the meaning of those five words and so let's break it down let's see what those five words actually mean for the first port of the gospel is what Christ the gospel is about Christ and Christ according to the Bible has a lot of new in fact we could go we can spend the whole week discussing what Christ means and still gain new glimpses of truth and studying about Christ the Bible tells us he is the Messiah he's wonderful by the way the gospel also it is interpreted in some simpler translations as they what the good news is wonderful it is wonderful and is wonderful because it's about Christ counselor the mighty God the everlasting father the Prince of peace Christ is known as the word the advocate the image of God these are all direct quotes from Scripture also known as the amen also known both the Old Testament and New Testament he calls himself in the New Testament the IM the bread of life the light of the world the good Shepherd the creator the New Testament also calls them the creator the Son of Man omnipotent omniscient King of King 's Lord our righteousness now you can week ago and a lot more that's just a few will get to a few more here when we study the other words of the gospel but to understand the gospel we need to first understand who we need to understand Christ's and I submit that many people live understand the opposition gospel have fallen for the opposition gospel don't understand who Christ really is the second word of the gospel Christ what die I submit to you that even the majority of people in Christianity today so-called Christianity today don't understand what that simple word means death what is that the dictionary describes it as the cessation of life but yet there are many people who understand that there's just entering into another phase of existence another life in order to understand the gospel fully and understand what Christ did for us fully we need to understand what death really the Bible describes death is an unconsciously and you can't fully understand the gospel without understanding when you understand what death is you become very pro-life I've noticed and not just pro-life like we think about it today but truly pro-life and if you are truly pro-life and by the way Christ said he came to give us what give his life in order to understand what death is we also need to understand what life really is that's the opposite of the became to give us not only life but to give it out more abundantly and so we need to understand what a more abundant life it and understand the gospel and if you are drilling or alive you become truly pro- help health is not separated from the gospel is part of the gospel factor in some studies done on that this is Ken Ferraro Journal for the scientific study of religion quoted a few years ago in the Chicago Tribune about health and religion as you know there is a relationship they bring out that there is actually a strong relationship and when you study one religion versus another you can understand some things about their religions simply about how they treat their body and also how long that they were one of the example one of the the evidences that the gospel has been prevalent in Loma Linda is the fact that this is a blue zone because those who understand the gospel understand how in their longevity is a greater light your help is actually dependent on two things what you put in your body and what you do with your body they say whilst also dependent on your father and mother none of us had the opportunity of choosing our father and mother that's an independent variable is not a dependent variable but if we're taking a look at what our health is dependent on that's what it's dependent on an Corinthians tells us the same book of the Bible that has the five word gospel Corinthian says whether therefore ye eat or what or drank or whatsoever you are a Verizon hour they sang anything you put in your body or anything you do to your body do all I will do the warrior of God and in fact that the glory of God is a crucial aspect of the gospel as well we'll find out in that glory of God has to do with how we are living our life what can Ferraro shout well amuses leave readers last sentence God is interested in what you are eating and what you are drinking what you are doing many gospel he teaches and teaches otherwise is teaching opposition gospel is not part of the true gospel what can Ferraro found out was that how long people in certain religions live has a lot to do with their teaching for instance the shortest living Christian religion in the United States no evidence he brings it out it's the Baptists but also have the highest obesity rates any of your ties in directly to their view of what happens when you die you are just immediately entering heaven and you're entering another phase of existence and so why would you want to stay down here longer and sell in fact anything that you can do try to hasten this thing might actually be a good idea now even the Catholics that are shortly behind the Baptist as far as longevity is concerned there right up there with him I am a little better longevity and he ties it to their teaching that although they don't believe that the staff they believe that it's very likely that they're going to enter purgatory for a while sellers allow higher motivation in regards to health and trying to live here a little bit longer but yet he ties the Adventist longevity simply due to what we believe about that you're entering an unconscious state and that of course relates to many things that are not discussed in things like the advanced health study so help is very much part of the gospel because it has a lot to do with life and in order to understand that we need to understand what life is but the definition of death goes on one of the synonyms actually work Christ in the Bible is the wife author of life and the amazing thing about the author of life is that the author of life according to the gospel did what you die the author of life the one who is the life giver the creator the sustainer die and that tells us there's something more important than life if the one is the most important part of the gospel which is Christ died and he has the keys of death and life that tells us although life is critically important to Christ there something more important otherwise he wouldn't have died the third word of the gospel for another simple word and when we start tying some of these things together we can understand what before it as the gospel is for perp the fact that Christ died when Christ died John eighteen thirty seven this is when Christ had the crown of thorns upon them he was going through the valley of the shadow of death authorities were not just upon him they were dug into him and he was being asked some questions my pilot one of the questions is why did you come in often we tend to look at it more from a selfish perspective but Christ looked at it from an overarching perspective in his answer pilot he said for this cause I was born that make it pretty clear for this cause I was born for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness to the one to the truth and then he said everyone who is of the truth hears my voice so Christ the reason why AK primary reason of the gospel the reason why Christ died and came into this world the reason why he said he was born was for truth and that means there's something that the one thing were already getting a glimpse of what is more important than life at least to Christ what was more important it was was life more important or was truth more importantly Christ truth was clearly more important and when we start putting truth under other important principles were actually teaching and opposition gospel in living in opposition gospel because truth is the primary reason that he came they all talk about alternate authority in their workplace when decisions need to be made the question is who are the ultimate authority in your school Carson may be the head of your department or the head of your school but then if there's really a controversy that it finally goes to the head of the entire school and that's when President Deckard has to get involved in the workplace there's a boss those people have losses and then there's finally the loss in the family when I was growing up I was taught that the one who was making the final decision the ultimate authority the term that was used was that was the one who wore the pants family and often that wasn't the male gender in the family the ultimate authority in the church often we view the pastor is that ultimate authority who is the ultimate authority in the state of California Governor Schwarzenegger at least for a while in the United States of America we haven't ultimate authority the executive person I never thought about this is the ultimate authority in the universe God and which member of the Godhead is the ultimate authority some say God the father some of said all three a few years ago I was in London England in giving a talk there on Monday afternoon and I had to speak Monday night in Geneva Switzerland it was a very tight connection I was actually an afternoon meeting in London and so they asked the taxi driver to come thirty minutes ahead of time to make sure there was no delay whatsoever which I was grateful for but this taxi driver had the opportunity to listen to me during the last thirty minutes of this talk and have my talk and when we got into the taxi he said no that was very interesting you're obviously a scientist but how can a scientist like you believe in creation and so I thought well let's is a good opportunity to talk about the science of creation one of the interesting topics that I like to discuss I started talking about it but they quickly change the subject he didn't really want to talk about the science of creation versus evolution and he got to the crux of the matter he said the reason why I have a problem with creation is because I'm a problem what about them being he says do what I say or I eventually will kill or even worse according to some even torture you is that you might have the power to do that he might have the knowledge to do that he might have the ultimate control in any talked about how us as human beings when we both people in the office we tried about people and who agree with us and will persecute others who don't agree with us and that's basically the corrupt society that we are part of and so he said he had a problem with God often when I'm dealing with an agnostic as he said he was I ask him tell me about the God you don't believe in because often their top things about God that are true and I don't believe that about thought either but he was already telling me some things about the God he didn't believe in but when I told him as he didn't really understand on because he didn't understand the ultimate authority in the universe we get a clue from the words of Christ you know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them and their great ones exercise life authority upon them this is exactly what he was talking about with the next words of Christ in Sally Fallon while not being among you cry system of government is not based on an authoritarian system such as we are used to and that's why many people not understand the Trinity they'll asked me things like this how can two genes reunited at all times those of us in marriage relationships recognizers times when two of us are not united hundred percent of the time but whenever there is a third there's always disunity it seems and we think in order for government to be organized and effective someone needs to be the ultimate authority but I submit to you this morning when we truly understand the gospel part of that understanding is understand that the ultimate authority is not a person or being the ultimate authority has to do with what that word for was talking about God of truth God the father is called the God of truth Jesus Eminem I am the way the lack the truth and the life another synonym for Christ is the truth and the Holy Spirit the comforter first comes before he comforts he first comes as the spirit of what spirit of truth when I was in the third grade I was asked a question I was raised in the church I was right asked the question is there anything that God cannot do as a third grader I said no God is all-powerful he can do everything but I have read all the Bible yet as you know the Bible tells us there's something going to both the old and New Testament tell us God cannot lie now is a free moral agent he could if he wanted to but he put something among some and that is truth and that's why the trinity always gets along because when they come discuss that they discuss what is the truth where is the true and that's when I go and by the way that's the way were supposed to be making our decisions even when we get into a court of law in this country it was based on gone system of decision-making we remains entirely on what the truth whole truth and nothing but the truth but our system of decision-making gets corrupted when we start putting other things above the truth the gospel tells us that God can die but he can't tell a lie something far more important than life itself he was willing to be wiped out rather than truth to be sacrifice the ultimate authority in the universe is not a being the ultimate authority is actually true and I am happy that I serve a God who has that is his ultimate authority we can't fully understand the gospel until we put truth in its proper place last night as I was preparing knowing that I was going to talk I had a banner day and get my e-mail earlier this week and so I was supposed to submit the title my Tuesday and I agree that the last night and I was preparing for the talk and actually was going to give a talk on emotional intelligence one of the things I like to talk about it prepare it completely and went to bed and then when I woke up this morning I thought you know what there's some things I'm saying about this that is on audio verse out there somewhere about that anything that in this five word gospel the whole wide words is out there and so I shifted my presentation into this but now true have a lot to do with emotional intelligence this is a quality from a secular researcher on emotional intelligence telling us that researchers documented the negative thoughts which cause emotional turmoil nearly always contain what gross distortions the thoughts on the service appear valid but you'll learn that they are irrational are just plain wrong and that twisted thinking is a major cause of suffering so even emotional problems have at their root twisted thinking I was going to go into the nurse there is ten different ways of distorted thoughts ten different categories of distorted thoughts that we can think I was going to give you biblical examples of three of them today as part of my first message will Rogers he was also a secular individual he came from Oklahoma as I have come and he said something about IQ that I don't teach anymore maybe you probably wonder what it was that what he said is when all the Okies Oklahoma natives migrated to California the average IQ went up in both states have him in the act understand alone about I you have to have a woman like you to understand what he was saying there but he also stated that sits not what we don't know that hurts us so much it's what we know for sure that just ain't so in other words things that we firmly believe that Iran and that what hurts us and it hurts us terribly emotionally as well as behaviorally one of the cognitive distortions will talk about in a minute but Psalm sixty six says something quite interesting if I regard iniquity in my heart the root word for iniquity is bent or crooked so if I have covered loss is what the Bible assigned the Lord will not hear me not because Lord doesn't want to hear us is your word I find out from the next word of the gospel God loves us but remember there's one thing the Lord can do the candy or lies or deceptions are at and so if he's going to influence us we first have to be willing to straighten out our thoughts and what's true and then he can powerfully influence us one of the well let me just abroad was a little bit more Christ himself said ye shall know the truth now the Bible says no it's not just the knowledge of prisons the Bible says Adam knew Eve and they shook hands that limits us Adam knew even what happened even conceived it was an intimate knowledge and intimate association and what our thoughts moment by moment are habitually true non- distorted we are in that pathway of knowing the truth and what will be the result the truth shall make you free that's where true freedom is found isn't habitually thinking true thoughts and I just realized I was going to share with you one of those things that's very common today called magnification before we get to the fourth word of the gospel let me bring that forward well it must be a little further I I can't find it in their but it might be coming under one of the other words but it still has to do with truth before a court of the gospel is what our the gospel is also about what it's about us we are in the gospel it's not just about Christ which tells us something else about the character of God God puts truth is the ultimate authority but God is also what law now the Bible could say that God loves how would that be different really could say that about a cat about a dog about even the most despicable human being but instead of saying God love us the Bible says God what is love it's part of his character part of his very being love another foundational principle of the gospel as it turns out in psychological studies the greatest change agent after the revealing of truths it is self-sacrificing agape love truth is a very important change agent don't underestimate it but it's not just through the loan that will bring change its truth combined with love and not just not a romantic love not filial love but the self-sacrificing agape love the scientific literature calls it altruism and in order to understand what Christ fully dead we need understandable bit about ourselves here's what LOI says about all you must all estimate when you know it's worth going to Gethsemane and their watch with Christ through those hours of language twenty sweat as it were great drops of blood how much are we worth to him the value of the salt we can understand by looking at Gethsemane look upon the Savior uplifted on the cross here that despairing cry my God my God why has thou forsaken me look upon the wounded had been pierced side the market being remember that Christ did what he risked all and by the way if you don't understand what death is you don't think Chrysler's fall it's only when you understand all five words of the gospel that you understand that Christ truly good risk all she goes on to say this or our redemption heaven itself was imperiled at the foot of the cross remembering that for one sinner Christ would lay down his life you may estimate the value whistle if your communion with Christ you will place his estimate upon every human in you will feel for others the same deep love that Christ has felt for you and so I submit one of the reasons why the gospel is not going around the world fast enough with the exponential power that the Lord knows it well is because we don't understand also the love of God as if we don't understand the love of God were not really be able to experience the love of God if we don't experience a love of God when I can understand the worth wildness of every soul if you come in contact with and by the way the world teaches something far different than the self-worth it teaches something called self-esteem what's the opposite of agape the arthritis some people say the opposite of love is hate now not of agape love the opposite of agape love is pride and that's why the Bible tells us that there is once in the Lord hates above another the sin of pride is a book called what your counselor never told you the seven sins that lead to mental illness and it talks about the first sin the sin of pride to see whether you have it or not first of all since this is California through this in self-esteem factor or fiction sensation fact or fiction many of the most commonly held beliefs about low self-esteem are mass without reliable evidence to support them this comes from a number looking at a number of studies low self-esteem the most frequently cited explanations for social and personal problems ranging from young people 's involvement in violent crimes adult failures in business in the US state of California has gone so far as to invest a significant button and that's significant public funds in trying to raise the self-esteem of it says one of the reasons why California is bankrupt today is a work nickel assembler a social psychologist who conducted the study said his research showed that people with a high opinion of themselves could cause a far greater threat to others than those with a low sense of self-worth those with high self-esteem tend to damage other people either because they are reckless and dangerous or because they're unpleasant people with very high self-esteem are more likely than others to hold racist attitudes reject social pressures from adults and peers engage in physically risky pursuits such as drinking and driving or driving too fast the study found solace there is a risk factor for depression teenage pregnancy eating disorders being victimized by bullies widespread belief in raising self-esteem is all purpose care for social problems created a huge market for self-help manuals and educational programs that is threatening to become the psychotherapeutic equivalent of snake oil and of course self-esteem has two problems one of the problems as it's not true called magnification your magnifying cell your distorting cell and although Christ would've died for once all which means every soul is of what how much value infinite value infinity is not greater than infinity and so you are not greater than anyone sitting next to you but self-esteem teaches that you are in the year your more work and so not only is it not true but it's also not loving it's the opposite of agape love well here's the book what your counselor never told you see where you might have symptoms of it trying to be noticed craving attention itching for compliments needing to be important the testing the idea being submissive loving the idea of admitting to wrongdoing strongly opinionated being argumentative demanding your way wanting control over others flaunting your individual rights refusing advice being critical yet resenting criticism being over sensitive and finally thinking you have excellences you don't have if you have any of these Doctor William Backus clinical psychologist says watch out pride is there and then you're in and up with wounded Brian and maybe most of all problems are going to service and relationship issues will serve so watch out for pride and by the way the book desire of ages the most requested biography on the life of Christ at the Library of Congress states that Christ was never even laid in my applause nor dejected by censure and by the way those two are connected you're not elated by apply you don't have that pride you're not going to be dejected by censure Philippian says let nothing be done through strife or what vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem what other better than themselves that's the agape love that self-sacrificing love that is part of an emotionally healthy existence back to the word our mechanics lawyers merchants men of all trades and professions educate themselves that they may become masters of their business to the followers of Christ be less intelligent and while professedly engaged in the service be ignorant of the ways and means to be employed this is from the pen of online she says the enterprise of gaining everlasting life is above every earthly consideration then she says that in order to lead souls to Jesus there must be a knowledge of what human nature and a study of the human mind so in order for us to be able leave salsa cries when you need to understand the hour a little bit we need understand human nature and the human mind and by the way I submit to you that's why Paul was a little bit shocked in Galatians chapter one even though he knew the gospel on the fully understand the our partner that tendency of the human nature and the human mind and by the way the more you understand human nature the more amazing it is that God loves us much careful thought and fervent prayer required to know how to approach men and women upon the great subject of truth and so this is one of the reasons why the Gospels were really going to understand the gospel fully and be able to share it with an explosive power we need to become more educated in these five words this is why the spirit of prophecy stated that it was for our own benefit to go to training institutions not only the benefit of loss but primarily the benefit of others you remember what Loma Linda used to be called Nancy the college of what medical evangelist this was the place to go to learn about human nature the study of the human body the study the human mind to understand more fully the gospel so that when we understood it more fully we be much more effective in sharing with others and we be able to bring insoles through all sorts of our content if you recognize that you have been missing out in the profound aspects of the simple gospel any recognize your habits of life are leaving you in a plan of and a direction that goes against the gospel that true agape love and that true truth I would submit to you that maybe you need to come to a place like the amazing facts College of evangelism for six months immersed yourself in the something like this you may need to become part of the school even you we have doctors go through Africa we have lawyers we have all sorts of professional people that recognize their need of being there will be more effective and swollen annual kind of interesting Christ spent three and a half years with twelve students in a school and some people would say why wasn't he doing big-city evangelism you need to do evangelism they spent all this time with twelve students that weren't grasping his material very well but yet that was a priority for them because he knew of the exponential power of the gospel once it is fully understood Ephesians four says speaking the truth how in love those two were never going against each other as well as the DC opposition Gospel will pit one against the other never to be petted against each other but still insist that out speaking the truth in log may grow up in all things under him which is the head Christ the last word of the gospel is what sin and are many people would understand the gospel because I don't understand what sin is the Bible is pretty clear whosoever commits in transgressive also the law for sin is what the transgression of the law in order to understand sin what else do we know and need to understand when you understand the law of God and many Christians don't understand the importance of the law in order to understand what sin we need to understand the law the law of God is the transcript of his character the law of love the Bible calls it and actually teaches us how to love many people will claim that Islam is somehow separate from the law nothing could be further from the truth the law to hello how while we were part of fallen humanity with a fallen human nature as we don't even know how to love fully Locke tells us this is also called the law of liberty and by the way I only quoted part of the first Angels message the everlasting gospel to preach under them well and they are to every nation kindred time people the rest of the first Angels message saying with a lack out loud voice fear God in other words revere God and we can't really revere him until we understand them more fully when we understand the truth and the love part of God revere God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and what worked what are we judged by the judge by the law and worship him that made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of waters where that quote from from the logon the direct quote right in the middle of the law of God and some people think that somehow verse seven is not part of the gospel they look at the everlasting Gospel may see the description are saying this doesn't sound like the gospel and as because they don't understand the five were gospel verse seven is intricately part of the gospel including the law Christ said Jesus say than him thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul and with all my mind Deuteronomy says with all my might this is the first and great commandment the second is like I do it now shalt love thy neighbor as thyself the law is about love on these two commandments hang all the law says Jesus you are you actually measure your love for God you can measure your love for God I actually found this by plugging into the CD-ROM exact proportion very good study exact proportion on a number of site Ellen White says those who have a love of God in their hearts will in exact proportion to their love feel a solicitude for some and if you're lacking in that feeling the solicitude for souls you need to go back to the gospel one oh one you need to understand Christ died for our sins and understand all of those words in there for me the Bible tells us what sin is it also tells us what the wages of sin is wages of sin is death death to the gospel said death to the son of God how can we play with a weapon that killed our loved and those who talk about a gospel that somehow smiles being nine lay impermissibly on sin don't understand the gospel before you have the assurance of salvation the gospel says you must first have the assurance of damnation the wages of sin is what its death and we need to understand what those wages truly are what the consequences are and what Christ did fully dead for I have that assurance of salvation wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord the Bible says thou shalt call his name Jesus what was the reason he shall save his people from their sin not in their set in their sands is the opposition gospel the true gospel is a gospel that overcome through Christ our sin so I ask each one of you here this morning you know the everlasting true gospel yes you might be able to reside in I hope everyone in the room can recite those five words from memory just now let's do it together Christ died for our sin but do you really know what are you intimately acquainted with it and I must before you answer that question if you answered yes I'm intimately acquainted with it you need understand this is a subject worthy to be studying throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity I submit to you there is not a person in this room that fully understands those five words we need a deeper understanding of the gospel it is simple but yet it is deeply profound we have a problem it's not what word gets out that were doing more Stadium evangelism or big city big venue evangelism some of that needs to be done it's that were not bringing insoles are fully immersed in the gospel which leads them to bring in morsel quickly go over what that what the effect of the gospel could be the first watch out for the opposition gospel that pits the gospel against his teaching whenever your gospel being pitted against the teachings are the doctrines of Christ and you'll hear that sometimes were the doctrines are renegade to the gospel but yet the doctor and even death an intricate part of the gospel watch out for that watch out for the opposition gospel it pits the gospel against the help message watch out for the opposition gospel that pits the gospel against truth watch out against the opposition gospel that pits the gospel against the law God or that pits the gospel against the true overcoming ascent all of these are opposition gospel they are not the true gospel the true gospel will bring the power of the exponential if you want one Saul every six months it was fully immersed in the gospel as a result and where they were fully educated to bring in more soul and that soul when every soul every six months even as possible by the way they as possible you can win one soul every six months and have them understand this gospel to the extent that they can be effective in sharing it with others what would happen and also on also one sold every six months you how long it would take to reach the world how long would it take to win over eight million people the Seventh-day Adventist church a daunting task here's what the math shows the power of the exponential sixteen and a half years we would have reached eight billion souls by way if he reads one a month does that it's only thirty three months and so one every six months sixteen half years he does not believe it is outlet according to his beliefs as Thomas Fuller and my final statement comes from Paul himself I am not ashamed of the line of the gospel of Christ for it is the lack of power of God to salvation for everyone who believes with Barton 's father in heaven we thank you for the simplicity but yet profoundest of the gospel and while every head is about embryonic clothes there are some may be many here who recognize that they have not fully understood your gospel in desire to get immersed in the true gospel of Christ a murder so that they can feel that solicitude for souls in a way in which you love us and have a desire to become more educated and more deeply involved in spreading the gospel to those around if you are one of those people raise your hand and indicate that the God just now Lord you see the hands of Iraqis you see the need for a more full and complete understanding and carrying out of your gospel in our life made each one who has raise their hands immerse themselves in the gospel even if it means going to a place like a half or a place out in the desert as Paul was four months or even if it means separate them themselves from the opposition gospel that is leading them to selfishness whatever it takes Lord made each person who has raise their hand may you incline their hearts so they will know how to become fully immersed and fully understanding your simple yet profound gospel in Jesus name we pray


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