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Saved from Amputation

Michael Kusarawana Thomas Wilson



  • December 6, 2019
    3:15 PM
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Oh and thank you for tuning in support for this podcast also comes from neighbor to neighbor neighbor to neighbor falls on to the Adventist community services providing services such as their if so items counseling and disaster relief if you'd like to learn more or get more information about neighbor to neighbor please visit and to and helps dot com That's And to and helps dot com. And I repeated Bartimaeus is prayer. Jesus son of David have mercy on me. I started out slowly I started out deliberately. And every time I said Jesus son of the her mercy on me the emotions just grew. And I just could not stop saying you know most of said it I think at least a 100 times. Jesus son of David have mercy you know. I am Michael Carona and you're listening to why I am here to show that sharing credible stories of fungus and how they conspired to have it was a war. On today's show a sit down with Dr Tom was on Dr Thomas on his a retired sage and but something tragic happened while he was working on his truck to in his field he got into an accident that led to breaking his leg not only that the doctors suggested that. If this leg was not going to be getting better it needed to be amputated. Ditto with some tried to God Son of David Adam I see 100 times can imagine that yes 100 times but God came through for him he still walking today let's find out more on today's show. Went to the path of medical school became a surgeon practiced general and urologic surgery I was doubly boarded. Practiced in various areas. And in 20 or one. My mid sixty's I retired from surgery and removed and moved back from the Detroit area to or both my wife and I were raised here in Bury in springs. That was a big decision in and of itself but I had inherited 24 acre piece of land from my parents in their state and the meaning of that 24 acres was it was the original farm which my dad farmed as a fruit farmer So did you grow up on this farm grew up on that farm him from that original Little 24 acres my dad branched out at least other properties and at the time of the fifty's and sixty's he was regarded as one of the larger fruit farmers in the area are really yes I kind of for a city girl all we started out usually was strawberries sometimes asparagus sometimes cucumbers. But we went from strawberries into the various fruits usually about raspberries would come in raspberries would take us into church. Aries and cherries and take has been to the grapes the pears the apples the plums Sometimes we would raise cantaloupe he was kind of an entrepreneur he had peaches so all sorts of fruit Wow that's quite a wide range of for it's yes yes soem when you when you moved onto was the condition of the farm especially the cherry orchard when we talked about the est he was trying to get his a stayed in place before his death which he did. We had partnered on putting a cherry orchard on this $24.00 acres that was about 10 acre cherry orchard and when I took over an old one it was at the end of its producing power the trees were breaking down. The method of harvesting with the Shakers. Shorten the life of a tree so it was getting pretty well decayed and in fact in 2004 after my accident we took the whole orchard out saw and let's let's go back a little bit so a while Saoirse the cherry orchard was West decaying and you were taking care of Fred what happened we were still producing it was still producing some and there's always up to keep the weeds were growing so I had let the weeds get a little ahead of me so we have what we call a bush og that we put on the back of a orchard tractor. I was cleaning up the orchard I forget which day of the week it was. Trying to cut the weeds down just to keep the land in the orchard in working condition so you're using the bush by yourself yes yes and that's on the back of a tractor hooked up to a power takeoff and you try to run your r.p.m. Zz at a fast enough and high enough pace to have these large blades cut down we and things like that is so this is something that you grew up doing so you know I can hear what you doing and yes your ideas are going to staff read this it was kind of a time of where you'd be on the tractor and you could just be reflecting on other things but also being outdoors and taking care to know where Dan taking care of the land Yeah all right so I had this particular day. It was an unusual day something happened saw what happened. Well it was I was trying to get the orchard prepared. We had company coming in and I just wanted the place to look nice and so I was working in the orchard my home is about a 10th of a mile from the road and so I had this long driveway I was working in the orchard and my mailbox is down on the main road that approaches my house. And I was down at the mailbox when I ran over a branch under the weeds that I hadn't seen when all of a sudden I still don't know how where it came from but something hit my left foot twisted it and fractured my ankle. I had a difficult time of accepting the fact that did I really break my ankle I was setting on the tractor I looked down my foot seemed to be in the right place. And I said to myself I broke my leg oh so did you feel any pain I felt something happen and I heard kind of a pop. And then when I looked down I thought well everything looks all right but did I really break my leg for some reason I knew I had broken my leg so I took my hands put them under my knee picked my foot up or pick my leg up with my hands. And one my above the ankle boot that's what I was wearing when I picked my leg up my boots just swung loosely back and forth showing that that foot was just hanging on by what looked like to be tendons I mean I would imagine that's what it looked like. But with my boot on it was holding everything in place so when you saw that what was your reaction what came 1st your mind well I said prior to lifting I said no I could have broke my leg and I picked it up in my boot started swinging by itself separate from the leg I said well I broke my leg how in the world did I break my leg I looked around to see what would have done it and off to my left but to far away from that I could see I saw another branch sticking up out of the weeds with a fork it was had a main stem with 2 branches coming off. And I thought well maybe that some way caught me and broke my leg but I still don't have a real clear view of what happened to cause my leg to be broken so now you realize that the leg has been broken and yeah I'll dance on the Bush up by a self so how did you get out of the situation well I reached down and took the power take off disengage the power take off. And and then managed with using the throttle and a little grinding of the gears I got the tractor in gear drove it up to the lawn and parked at a way from the drive voice so I wouldn't block the drive way of getting back out so how did you accelerate the track to anyway using the I dare leg oh no the throttle on these tractors were hand throttles by the steering wheel that was pretty dense you are right well that's the way they're made out. There is there is some with a foot pedals as well but in those days the throttle with the hand so on your money is to get closer to the house closer to the house but didn't want to get in the way of the garage because I was planning on my wife taking me to the hospital so I stayed away from the garage door but I parked the tractor on the lawn got off and hopped on my right good leg to the end of the tractor and from there got on my hands and knees. And crawled to the garage door and from there I just shouted calling for my wife to come. With that she came to the door. And I told her simply I had broke my leg and I wanted her to take me to the emergency room right well she wanted to call the ambulance. And I said no it's just a broken leg just take me and it will be all right so so your comment is was this coming from your experience as a retired sage year and yes yet thinking everything is under control maybe she's seeing things differently yes I guess that's the privilege and the benefits of having a wife to take another look a man she has had some experience in the fact that we married before I even did my pre-med and then she went through pre-med through medical school through residency and through many years of practice with me. And has taken phone calls etc etc So she'd been exposed to various things and her own particular take on them and right saw a hairy action like I'm going to call in the ambulance is from experience to yes she just said no we're going to call them people whose side they are they I'm going in came Well yes and she want to head and she also called my son in law who is also a family practitioner. And told him what was going on and we had a student a young woman from Romania who lived with us for 4 years. She was with us I told Marlene to give her a call and I wanted her to splint my legs so. Telling arena the young Romanian girl to get some pillows and get several belts and to put the pillows between my legs and then one on each side of both legs and then wrap the belts around to help hold my leg and study the fracture site and so that she was in the midst of doing that when the ambulance came so that was good that he knew what needed to be done before the ambulance came so that you could take care of your ankle this again had to do with my experience you know as an expert as a salesman and we also failed to mention. We got my wife and I became married halfway through my 2 year obligation as a medic in the Army I had gone into the army and 19561957 we were engaged in 1956 and in 1957 we got married Wow And so she went through the Army with me as well but I was a medic in the army on the orthopaedic ward of the 101st Airborne Division so I was involved with. In the army as well yeah that's sad that's a long time of experience and that's even a long way before my time. Yeah so there's been a lot of yes yes yes yes and so and the ambulance came and when you had done all of the face to aid that you you knew that that was going to help and the ambulance came and they took it to the hospital right yes and there was kind of an interesting story in that in this particular case which got corrected after it was exposed one. No the 2 the one who was in charge wanted to lift me when he had his one partner left me under the armpits and. He was going to lift me by my ankles to put me on the gurney. Well that Acol was on stable it was just floating in the boot on Gnome and I said no you can't lift my leg he said well how am I going to get you on the gurney all right I said well put me on one of those flat boards rolled me to one side put the board underneath me and then use the board to pick me up and that will keep my ankle steady He says while the board's going to be on comfortable I said not as uncomfortable as you trying to picture a rag heads even when I say yeah well he agreed and so they put me on the lift board and put me on the gurney. Now they were supposed to start a knife be right there before they put me in the ambulance that hadn't got done and they were going to try to do it during the trip to the hospital. But I guess I was a little Shockey and they couldn't find a vessel vein in order to start the i.v. they bypassed the i.v. because it was only about a 10 to 15 minute trip to the hospital All right so you get to the hospital and they start taking a few Yes. They took me in and put me in a room to carry in the standard procedure is to take the boot off to examine the wound so this was the last between nylons Yes So you were you were taken from baby Springs to announce Well actually Berrien center and to Niles So the standard procedure and they were following standard procedure they wanted to get an i.v. started and they want to examine the wound. But I wouldn't let them take my boot off because I knew just how loose that ankle was I wasn't sure about blood supply. Compression all of that and tell the surgeon got there. And. Did not mention that in the past I had several episodes a kidney stones and with the kidney stones the pain was controlled by morphine in the morphine really took care of the pain. Well when the nurse came in and said she was because of the fracture she was going to give me some morphine and she says How do you like that and I said Oh I love morphine Well she did a u. turn and wasn't going to give it to me because she thought I was an addict. And said I'm not going to give you begin as him probably I did. And my son in law happened to be in there and he said no no no he's not an addict he you can give it to him right and so she did give it to me and that gave me comfort from the fracture site. The orthopod then came in and I let him take the boot off because you know you had to find out where the problem was. And when he took it off you just took a look at it and he said well we'll get this somewhat stabilized but he said this is more than what I want to handle. He said I have 2 men in site one in Kalamazoo and one in South Bend that can handle this kind of trauma because right there I had what they call a compound good and calm you knew did fracture when does that mean compound means that the bone has penetrated the skin Ok it is not a closed wound but it was an open wound in the commune knew that meant that there were multiple fractures of both the tibia and fibula it was well actually in pieces or really so because there were 3 separate pieces on the tibia that's the main bone. And the fibula was is a non weight bearing bone so that's not quite as serious but it was completely show. Mattered the full length of that poem the tibia was just in the lower 3rd and then it was broken into 3 pieces so just to make it clear to some people don't know the names of these bones so these are 2 bones on your scene yes the shin bone is the tibia the outside ankle bone is the fibula. And it is the tibia the shin bone that carries all the weight so now he sees that this is a case that he would refer it to another doctor and that the said yes. There are trauma orthopod and there are those kind of the standard orthopod trauma orthopod has extra training in severe fractures. And being compound that meant and especially having it happen within a boot that I've been using outdoors on the farmland exposed that bone to levels of infection that were serious and could be you know limb threatening and sometimes even life threatening before we had all the ended by outage and so now he transferred I was reading that he transferred you to South Bend Yes. And at that time the doctor took me in and we got x. rays course. Had to take me into surgery and he chose at that point he didn't give me any choice but he chose to do what they call an xterm hole in mobilization of that Joe and which included. Pins that were stuck through the skin to the bone into the tibia just below the knee. This was going to help me to put it together oh yes what he did he made kind of a. Quad Pod he put these spikes on the distal or the phalanges of the foot. Just at the base of the toe one on the inside of the foot another one on the outside down by the toes he did a couple into the heel of the foot on each side and then he had pins sticking out of the shin bone up underneath the knee. And then he made a brace like a rector set. To help immobilize the area around the ankle now he closed all of that after washing it out cleaning it up is supposed to leave him open for a few days which he did and then he closed that open wound where the bone had stuck out later for about 8 weeks that's the way we left it. And no weight bearing I walk with a walker saw in the space of time like 8 weeks it should be starting to show some signs of healing yes I did that happen that did not happen and when I asked about why it hadn't happened he said well either there's an infection but he said I see no signs of infection. He says I'm laying this delay in your healing to the fact that you've had such a severe fracture. So we came to a point in time where the x. sternal brace areas where these spikes were penetrating the skin became so sore. That we had to do something to change it and that's when he asked me would I want to have this extra no device replaced. Choosing different sides for its anchoring or did I want him to fix it internally and I said well I really would like to have an internal fixation rather than an external fixation. Because there was no healing yet and he didn't know how long it was going to take or write so when we decided on the internal fixation. He said Well what I will do is I will try to do some bone grafting on you we will take some samples from. Your ileum your pelvic bone. And he said I'll put some bone chips in a round this fracture site and he said I'll take some synthetic jars off a myself and add to it to try to stimulate this bone healing and I said I said well who let's do it well he said before we do it I have to make sure there's no infection in the wound site itself he said we'll have to culture that which he did and which the cultures came back all right there was an infection no infection and he. Then when I had took the bone chips out of my pelvic bone added his little joy juice I don't know what it was. In On top of those bone chips and then put screws in plates and to my ankle. And we thought maybe we were on our way but we were just going to have to wait and see so by this time away you at the hospital or you had opportunities to go home and come back several hospital visits from so the wound wasn't healing the open wound wasn't healing so he took me back and we did he did some skin grafting took some skin from again up over the pelvic area and put down over the wound but we thought maybe there was some infection they put me in isolation so neither nurses would like to come in know or family members without gowning in all the efforts and things were kind of lonely in your be almost like you were in isolation right here and. Yet so so we with your experience and background as a sage and what was going through your mind at this moment well I kept thinking I had always. I came to believe the reputation that nurses and doctors are sometimes the worst kind of patients. And how do you that kind of is you know I think I was becoming that the patient and I thought I'm going on in my own mind here I'm getting kind of. And kind of short tempered and I want to start giving orders rather than just waiting for someone else too. It got to the place just before one surgery that came close to having their tastes and. Our associate pastor came to to visit. I just said I can't accept a visitor today I got too much growing right and I turned him aside. At this point Dr Wilson's mind is weighed heavily with the fact that he was so close to amputation to an extent that he tends down the visit from the past but when we come back we'll find out more how this experience led him to a process walk with God. This program is sponsored by village Seventh-Day Adventist Church if you would like to learn more about the a church please visit new image s d n a large and are you wondering how you can spend the financial blessings God has given you joining the lives church as we are in the El Salvadorian you minutes ago the 1st album the courage in El Salvador if you would like to learn more about this opportunity please visit village as do you know Arjun. But also prior to that one of our elders came in have you ever considered having an annoying team. Because we had gone this period of time without any signs of feeling even after the bone chips and the stimulant that he ordered you know that he put into the wound. And I said Well no I don't think that's necessary I've got people in various parts of the world who are praying for me so I don't know that annoying thing is any different than any other prayer right so I said No I don't think so and she didn't push the. The effort it was a female elder. And she just calmly said Ok and we finished our visit and she left. Well after a number of bumps in the road it came quite aware that I had a serious affection infection infection in my foot in my womb and it happened on the weekend that it became so obvious that I tried to get ahold of my doctor. But he was not available he was out of town and his stand and said well he said why don't we just wait tell your doctor gets back on Monday. And I think I called him honest on a sabbath on a Saturday. I said Well Ok I think you know even with my experience I wasn't going to push that right point so we waited tell Monday and when that Monday came and I got a hold of the doctor he got me in right away. And he put me back in the hospital after examining me the infection had shown signs coming up my leg to what we called a tibial tubercle that's something lay that little bump just below the kneecap that you can feel on the shin bone right below the knee Well that was within a finger's breadth of reaching that tibia or that little knob on on the shinbone. So we had quite a sun a metre and a half maybe distance between where the redness was and that bump on the shin bone he said if it gets up to that he said we're going to have to amputate because I can't let this go higher than that and still do a below the knee amputation he said below the knee amputation gives you far more agility then above the knee right right and it's not worth waiting if we're going to have to go above the knee. So that was on a Thursday and we. I agreed that well. With this being an abscess like this being an infection it was really a cellulitis. That maybe we ought to try to do in size and drain the night as sort of the center of the cause of this infection right and he openly confess that I don't know where to make an incision here there's no obvious side of its origin. But he said I can explore and see what I can find and he said if we can't find it we're going to have to just do the amputation and that was on a Thursday so how did you feel by the amputation by that time they'd been. 3 months this happened in August and we were coming in too late November it seems like it's been 3 months or more and there wasn't much going on as far as healing right and I thought well it's almost better to just get rid of this thing and get a leg on there and a foot and I can at least walk around and get back to living again other rabbis aren't just confined to this to this walk so you are preparing your mind for yeah and you're beginning to accept it so that Thursday I said well let's do what we have to do on Friday so no we'll have to do it later in the afternoon because of the infection and we can't. Invade the operating room with an infected limb until we get all the scheduled surgeries done 1st so you'll have to be an add on at the end of the schedule and I said Ok. And so that's the way we left it on a Thursday afternoon well the more I thought about this amputation. And the more I thought about Betty's question of having an annoying thing I decided I would look into the annoying thing Ok I'd study it on my own a little bit so I did I ended up reading James 5. And said when you are sick or if you are sick you must call the elders and be annoying to write for the prayers of the righteous will heal a person I thought the prayers of the righteous man will be heard and you will be healed. Then I thought well what's the difference between a righteous man praying without annoying thing in a righteous man praying with a knowing thing so I thought about it and I thought the only example that I can think of in my memory is. Jesus tested the demon of the young man right after the disciples failed to do so. And the disciples asked Jesus why could you do this and we couldn't. And Jesus as well this kind of demon needed to have prayer and fasting so I said I guess the only thing that makes the annoying thing different then of a righteous prayer is that we have to do it on a more pointed a more focused not a general prayer he needs to be more earnest more focused on a particular situation. In that one has to really be in the spirit of prayer before it's going to be as effective as just a quote general prayer on quote. So with that clarification of think it was around 11 or 12 o'clock that night before I came to that conclusion so in the morning as soon as it got daylight I put a call into my doctor. Got a hold of his office and through the nurses I said I would want to be discharged today this is Friday I don't want to have surgery today cancel my surgery so you consummate you know Friday of sorry afternoon surgery I said cancel that and I need to take care of some business at home before we go through the amputation now again harking back to my experience. There is an increased incidence a mild cardio infarctions with patients undergoing amputation. And there is 4. Sandor surgeries I don't know exactly why but that wasn't the main reason that I was concerned but it came across my mind all right there are all sorts of things that can occur. When you get an amputation So did they try to discourage you from counselling you say 3 known it was very interesting the doctor simply said you know by that time he and I had quite a reporter a good relationship yes. I was actually advising him that he needed to take a little more time off from the hospital and spend a little more time with his family than he was having gone through some of the things he was going through at that age but yeah we had a very good experience together wonderful and he said well I understand he said I'll let you go home today but I want to see you on Tuesday the following week. And let me look at this so that we can know what's going on so I agreed that we would meet him in his office on Tuesday so we went home Friday afternoon that Friday evening I called our senior pastor he arranged to have an annoying ting Sabbath afternoon the following day. And so he called the Elders together at my home he asked when we got together. What would I like him to pray for. Well I did not feel that I could request of our Lord anything in particular I thought I would be selfish to to say this is what I want right and I have found other. People hesitant to do the same sense I've had my annoying thing that they feel like they don't have a right to be specific about what they want yet you feel like it's being selfish and you just want to twist God to give you what you want and yes. And so I said well I said I don't know if the Lord thinks that I can be of more use as an amputee than I can as with a foot on my leg so I said I don't feel like I can dictate so I I just want to do what's best and it was once in Ferris who has since passed but he said So what you're saying is you want the Lord's perfect will to be done for you and I said Yes I want the Lord's perfect will to be done. So that's what I was they prayed for that was on the Sabbath right after my discharge the annoying thing was completed I could almost feel a sense in the room of something happen Wow So the elders went home. Sunday and Monday passed and the redness was already subsiding from its peak right below that little bump on the shin bone by the knee and by Tuesday it was at least halfway down if not 3 quarters of the way down towards the wow that is amazing and was in Tuesday was your next appointment with a yes that was only Saturday Sunday Monday the 4th day after well counting the day of of the Annoying. And so I went in on Tuesday and he's just says this is amazing he says it's getting better so he said I'll let you stay home and we'll keep you on oral antibiotics he has died of i.v. and I got up so we came home we were riding on Cloud 9 yes and so sad with morning we got up I was getting ready to go to church going to go to church when all of a sudden my leg just started my foot started just draining this gunky looking stuff hollow know what in the world is going on and said Lord I know you have a sense of humor but is this funny. I said I don't know what to do shame on me I should have realized that this was a good sign that it wasn't dreaming because now it had found a way to excavate upon its own instead of being in capsulated within the leg so it's past that I was coming out of that well yes but at that time I thought of all my Because I'd had some drainage before and things were still getting worse then I really didn't know what to do I hobbled over to this big easy chair in my bedroom and sat down and I picked up my Bible looking for some sort of consolation and direction just by chance I just opened to the book of Mark it's kind of the shortest of all the Gospels it's right to the point and I started thumbing through the chapters and I got to chapter 10 I believe it is either 9 or 10 but I think it's Chapter 10 around verse 40 or so where the story of Bartimaeus the blind man. And for some reason I stopped there and I really read that story and the story goes something like this Jesus on the way from Jericho to Jerusalem the week before his. His crucifixion and he was heading as usual with the crowd around him and as he was going on the road towards Jerusalem with this crowd he came across a beggar on the side of the road by the name of Bartimaeus and when Bartimaeus heard that it was Jesus who was passing by barge mass must of figured that this was his one and only chance yes that's only opportunity to get your Jesus is here this close. And so he cried out Jesus son of David have mercy on me the story says that the people in the crowd said Be quiet don't bother the master right and that caused him to even holler more and more loudly Jesus son of David have mercy on me Jesus son of David have mercy on me and Jesus heard his cry over the drum and the hum of the crowd. And he stopped and he said bring that man to me. And the story says that he flung his cloak I can just see part of me yes. Excited excited and realize that Jesus heard heard his cry amen if long as cloak and hurriedly made his way to Jesus and when he came to Jesus she's a simply said. What would you have me do for you when you write I just can't get over thinking of having an I had a conversation with Jesus and Jesus is basically saying Be specific Yes What can I do for you. Now evidently Jesus knew what he could do for me if we take all the other stories put together but he asked part to Mass he wanted Bart to mail us to ask him or tell him what he wanted so he says what can I do for you and Bart's mass was specific I want my eyesight. In the Lord did not put any conditions no conditions on this healing he simply said your faith will make you whole Amen no run around the block no go and make right here or there just tell me what you want. So you read this when you are by yourself on and on Sabbath I was by myself on Sabbath my wife a gone I believe she had gone to church but when I read that I can still picture myself when I understood that Jesus simply said what can I do for you I leaned back in my chair. And I repeated Bart to Mesa's prayer Jesus son of David have mercy on me I started out slowly I started out deliberately. And every time I said Jesus son of David and Mercy on me the emotions just grew and I just could not stop saying and I must have said it I think at least a 100 times Wow Jesus son of David have mercy on me. She's us Son of David have mercy on. Jesus son of David have mercy on me and it was Jesus son of David Son of God have mercy on me. I don't know how many reflections and in tone nations of that I had repeated but finally I was so exhausted I simply got up out of my chair hobbled over to my bed and as I was crawling into my bed. Almost like a voice I can't say it was really a voice but something came to me and said Well Tom. What would you have me do for you. And I said I would have my leg heal and I looked at my foot I saw the sights for the drainage was coming from. And with my past experience I probed and examined those sites and found 2 old stitches that were infected that should have dissolved but they had not. I remove those 2 stitches my foot quit draining the skin healed up the healing in the bone started Wow Of course he knew what you were doing by removing their yes yes I knew that you wouldn't you wouldn't advise Yes And I also suggested they stiff it's well probably not right right but but I did and I must say I even used my old jack knife to remove the stitches. But I wouldn't recommend that right peering right. The boy instead of healing everything started healing and by Christmas there was enough healing I still was not weight bearing but there was enough feeling that the doctor let me go to California to be spend Christmas with my California daughter Wow But it all started with the prayer part to mae us I don't have messing around and Lord son of De Jesus son of David have my say and have mercy on me. And I just feel that when she says Son of David Son of God can hear your cry above the crowd. He will stop the crowd to hear your cry and listen to your prayer Amen I was reading bad to you you were told Betty we're going to be one antibiotics for the rest of your life oh yes yeah yeah this infectious disease doctor wanted me to continue on. A medication and have a biopic for the rest of my life and he said the rest of my life he said yes in fact I'll just tell you that when they're lowering you into the casket they'll they'll just push 2 more pills down your throat. Oh my all k. so I did so for about a year. And then I came across a friend of mine whose daughter had an experience like mine where she was healed through annoying thing. And I told her that I'd been on this medication for a whole year learned I was told that I needed to take it for the rest of my life right and she simply said to me Well I think my Lord heals all the way I don't think he heals partially That is right and I said you know Jan I think you're right and by faith I'm going to stop my at a biopic because I think there's more trouble from the in a biopic and without it. I haven't turned back and this fracture occurred in 2004 here we are at the end of 2019 and I haven't had a recurrence of the infection which means standard if you have metal in your leg and you have an infection on top of that metal the metal gets inhabited by these bacteria and they often will then still raise their heads and give you trouble down the line I can come back at us late in time but that hasn't hasn't happened it hasn't happened price and law and so I'm an exception again Amen Amen so and now you're completely healed well I am in by the grace of God Amen praise the Lord so someone who is going through such a similar situation or in a difficult time it might not be exactly similar to you as what words of encouragement would you like to give them in Psalms 138 verse 8 it says that Our Lord is a Lord who will take care of the things that concern us. I hope that we can understand that that verse. Because there are some people who are knowing to and have not experienced the kind of healing that I have had. If some way or another we can remember again the promise that Moses gave to the children of Israel in Deuteronomy and that has that to know the Lord that the Lord our God is God. And God is the faithful one. A God who keeps his promises to those who love him and keep His commandments for thousands of generations even if. Things don't heal up as miraculously as they did with me. Even if the problems are heavy and you feel in despair right I would just ask you to read lamb a Taishan. And how such a prolific and important. Prophet is Jeremiah was. How he felt so afflicted at the bottom of a pit. And how he felt when he was left there in the destruction of Jerusalem. Seeing the dead bodies and knowing how he himself is being treated even by those of his countryman even after the exile. The he said as I remember. I have hope Amen and even as Joe in the middle of his discouragement said I know someday I will see my savior in the flesh Amen. So basically Whatever happens keep the hope and the trust and the faith in God that whichever direction he takes you he is still in control. A man Hey thank you for sticking around I hope you have been blessed by this episode and next week will be featuring pasta Denis big story I am excited about this one because pasta Dennis page was a drug addict he was in jail prison and he came out he has an incredible story now he serves as a pasta in bearing Springs Michigan you don't want to miss this I'm looking forward to it. This is my coke sat on it and you have been listening to why I am here for more episodes please visit the village s.d. a agin we would like to think past our own Kelly and he's pastoral staff for making this show every hour we would also like to think village 7th Day Adventist Church in Bury Springs Michigan for their support and sponsoring this show if you would like your story to be featured on this show please visit villages as da daughter or Arjun if you have enjoyed this show please remember to subscribe review and share with your friends you can also listen to this show on your favorite podcast platforms find us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.


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