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2. Daniel 12: 1290 Days, 1335 Days, and Time of the End

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • March 7, 2020
    3:30 PM


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This afternoon we will start with parks 2 of the annual if you 12 and part 2 deals with the 2nd dialogue that David had who he was with Jesus so let's just ask the Lord to bless us every father we are sure to fill us with your Holy Spirit May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight or shape it Redeemer He-Man. Most of the visitor standing and is to do with the 2nd part and the idea of a number of years ago. Effect when I was in Korea as a missionary there were certain American missionaries self-supporting missionaries scribbling over and giving us new light and the New Light is yes we understand today that. The 12601290 the 5 days had been fulfilled as a prophetic time but now the new light is that it is also fulfilled in literal days and it was quoted to. You have been I had heard something like that in the early days of the f a movement in the 18th forty's late forty's or whatever with fanaticism came into the church but not later on and. You know in a up service it was really amazing how the new interpretations cost $3050.00 among the student body of Samuel University which is really our largest university that we have in the world presently it has about 6000 students. And you know that has given me some interesting study time and. The Biblical research institute and of our church and I am a member of the people who are the search committee that will meet twice twice a year and then very soon reveal meet again in Lowell in the university and the times we will meet attend the university and we will study some of the new insights and I got this information specifically from Dr fungal get out found though was a member retired member now that organization and he gave some interesting insights that I will share with you here also. So now here the 2nd dialogue and that is Daniel 2 well 1st each through 11 and the ideas here that yes those prophecies has been fulfilled prophetically in the past but now have a secondary in fulfillment or a little time so yes it was fulfilled prophetically in 1844 and the 43 and 78 but now we have seen it again and that is sit here then you'll have to 12th 1st 8 then you will wrote although I hurt I did not understand and remember the 1st dialogue Jesus was going to explain in a specific theory the time prophecy of time times and I have a time in relation to win the title The End begins then you heard this. But he says I heard but I didn't understand so Daniel talks now to Jesus the men of linen and then you said my lord what Shelby d n 2 of these things in the end of what. Vision Daniel I asked Jesus for further I did if you can any clarification about the time of the end he earnestly wants to know when the time of the end go right so the book will be sealed because Daniel saw that it was crucial importance and here now Jesus to Milliman Again the reply in terms of the time of the end so undoubtedly it is all related to the time of the end here is where Jesus says in 1st name. And you just go your way Daniel for the word stuck closed up and shield the time. So Jesus in the limited Daniel and what you want to know go your way it's sealed don't bother me any more you see the point so twice then the 1st time it refers to the time of the end and now again when did you know says Yes I don't understand please explain to me again Jesus says go your way Mind your business Daniel 4 do works are close and close to what sealed to the time of the end and now Jesus creation time prophecy and so both the time time and I have a time and the 1290 hour or so she ate it with how to eat with the time of the it's there sealed the rice will understand Jesus. Many shall be purely fight and made right and trite but the record shall do we quickly and none of their wicked shell understand but their wiring shall stand so think about it you know what does it really mean to me to day or savation those who are watching Shel understand these prophecies and that I think isn't a rebuke to some of us because how many of us understand this prophecy if we don't understand this but then we serve the act of clearing you know put together be the worse then you'll 11 Jesus prophesied and from the time that the daily and 2nd phase basically in your bible is in NY telex because this has been added because of the interpreters but it's really the little thing is the daily order continued a regular is stake in the way and the album a nation of the solution is set up there shall be 1002 $190.00 days so it is 30 days beyond the 1st time prophecy which is the $1260.00. But the 1st time prophecy of the $1260.00 was dealing with the end when the scattering of been the persecution of course people will be finished then the time of the year that you see the point here it starts with the beginning of this period where it is the 2 of 90 or so when did he begin and so from the time to the daily she is tech is taken away and the album a nation this nation set up so it has to do with the beginning. There Shelby to Elfman $190.00 Day so this period tests 30 days beyond the 12th 60 now we have both prophecies of Jesus and with the time of the end the 1st one deals with the end this deals with the beginning of the spirit it indicates then that both this prophecy and the please prophecy are coming till the same and so therefore this means that this prophecy starts 30 days beyond before the Telcel you see the point see if both of them end with the time of the end and the 31 and one of this 30 days longer than the this one needs to become 30 days earlier the world deals with the end of the persecution this deals with the beginning of the persecution the beginning of the establishment of what the hour Boman nation of desolation and from other parts of the and Chapter $78.00 and chips are 11 we find the Book of Daniel that the album a nation of there's a lesion is the papacy. And so let Is Now see here the government issues elations So this is the beginning of the papacy the other one is the end the deadly wound of the papacy and what I now share is something that our pioneers had no difficulty understanding but today I think many of us don't fully understand it so the $1216.00 or $1290.00 day are together and the point of unification is the end both predict the time of the end but the 1290 says deals with the 2nd up 2nd. The d.d.d. the 2nd up of the nation this illusion. So again Jesus gives in time prophecy in the time of the little horn in terms of the little horn that indicates when the time of the end will begin No His answer is not given and staff 60 days but $1290.00 days while the $1260.00 day prophecy brings out that the time of the end is to be at the end of the 12th under 60 year period of persecution the $1290.00 day prophecy focuses on the time when the people of Boman Asia begin to set up so the world deals with the end and then is the time of the end this is the beginning and from the beginning of the setting up there will be $1290.00 and bingo the same time the same time time of the end the time of the end begins in the 2nd dialogue 1290 years after the beginning of the setting up of the Obama Nation of the solution and I hope that this is becomes clear because every alleges see the difference between the 2 dialogues you could confused so relationship of the 1262 to 90. The association of the $1260.00 as well as that of 90 prophetic days is to be to time of the end and that shows that both periods terminated the time of the end which is 798 and so if that is true. There you calculate backwards. If these preppers periods entered the time at the same date it means that $1290.00 became 30 years before the beginning of the 1260 years which route them be in the year 508 the oneness and so here down to $1290.00 starts with 5 await the $1260.00 would you Steenie in starts then in the year 538 both and then in 7 indeed both that there could no 2 when the time of the end begin when the ceiling that is the could pick issue where is the unsealing and even seeing is that time or the and is that of a cleanup Ok And otherwise you have to go back to the recordings and whatever so if this is what you have to clearly. Understand and actually some of the reformers You know we're seeing that both the 121000 plus 60 refer to the time of the end and the have to be in the same but the former didn't know the beginning neither the end and so from that information time it took an against $300.00 days more to setting time and finally you know and then there was a year when the deadly wound Wenders of command the year after year the year passed and they didn't until the Pope was taken captive so you need to have 2 important points so there you become calculating backwards and he can 5 o 8 and there in the during defense evolution in private with this this wasn't a focus of attention what happened in 5 or wait is that any important thing is that held the papacy getting into its power and whatever and yet there is something very very significant what happened in 50880. The question is what events transpired in the year 508 that could be interpreted as to take me away of the day Levy or continual and the setting up of the obligation of this relation what is there and it wasn't not for the great called of the tour that I had you know after year after year I would have never found out to you portions of this year but that has to do on the last day of our tour you become the Iran's And there is something very important in this year 508 and what is there the beginning of the 12th and in 90 years the year 508 involves a significant events in the life of clovers the bacon king of the Franks and there is now a majestic cathedral built there to commemorate the whole line of the freeing Kings starting with clovers 1st of all clovers became the 1st of the 10 begun kingdoms that had the value to the Roman Empire to he wasn't he wasn't to be baptized into the Roman Catholic faith so of the 10 nations France was the 1st one that pledged allegiance to the Catholic faith and he was the 1st king who then the boss became became the servant of the Catholic Church up it's interesting he had married Cloete you'd go to that isn't isn't. A saint in the Catholic Church and she married clovers but there's a good wife you know you pray for your own covert husband it is those who do it year after year after year. And clovers was not convinced that he should accept the fate of his wife until there was a powerful battle against the alimony and clovers spouse very successful in conquering nation of the year nation but this time things didn't work out and went against him and so when he saw the core fusion remember his forces he suddenly said you know unless God intervenes I'm going to lose it and he that is sent up to heaven as a lot of go to yield a list you give me the victory and until you complete the victory I will be a servant of yours faithfully doing everything what you want me to do and what happened the fate of the soldiers who are strengthened the whole battle changed in his favor and he won because the other money which I did yours and so it was when he came back he told his wife of the promise that he must meet it as a good idea do you go to the pastor she went to she went to the Archbishop and or the bishop re me from the city of rams not to far from Paris and so what did he do he organized Bible studies with a Bible studies at a time you memorize our Father in the same time you believe in all the Catholic creeds and that's what you do the be baptized and some of that is what happened. He's been being baptized here. And he was naked because of the time you know when you were baptized you had to be naked the whole your old life you you use this throughout and they you be healed in the baptistry and he just you on the right hand you find in the Rimi and on the left hand his wife and he becomes in the Christian he is the 1st one of the 10 kingdoms that accepted the Catholic faith and stoop graph ranch Kingdom after Kingdom after Kingdom was conquered and put into the basket of the Catholic Church here is the majestic church that is devoted also the cathedral Oh sorry me that is the bishop it's nearly the same size as the Notre Dame the Perry the parish you can see there all that was recently. At them is major damage because of a fire as you probably will know and so here then this is then the thing here is then the throng the for some out and very you see here the bishop and be said to be to be in the middle and you see Clovis again in a good position in a small baptistery and that is in the 1st start of this church and so you can see how important the role of clovers is in fact Pope John Paul the Second's made a special trip a number of years ago to commemorate the Centennial or the Baptists through of clovers Secondly what happened in 508 clovers ended the 1st papal war with the victory over the fishy gods that eliminated the military resistance of the norm Catholic Arion powers to the Catholic faith so then that was the. So here then France became then the key to defeat all the other 10 kingdoms and incorporated them in the Catholic faith so you can see how important friends becomes in the rise of Catholicism. In the same year clovers received the title of consul from Emperor understand the highest ttyl title in the Roman Catholic empire after that of the Emperor Emperor so you can see here how important the role of clovers becomes then from this time on Catholicism us to dominate the Christian world with the nation of France as its right arm in the Bentyl for supremacy over the Christian world and so here then. Powered off the power after King about the Kingdom of mosque conquered by France and incorporated indicate that look to so from now on then the Western Europe becomes a completely Catholic and that is no other room for any other religion than to tell us to Catholicism. And he showed to hear this. Book here by John Carlos or. He is a doctor who was a doctoral student of mine and he wrote The key element here on 5 or wait it says he is the lowest status of the Catholic Church in the church state relationship within the Roman Catholic empire from c o $6.00 to $814.00 he covers the whole thing in over a period of about 500 years now the reason before that we looked on the year 5 or wait what happened there but we didn't see the whole significance until we took the. View a long range view over 500 years what is so unique to this year and he discovered something very very important. Clovers and stablished a new church state relationship it was due all to pagan church state relationship with the within their own an empire where the Emperor rule the Church Pope bishops' was replaced by a new church relationship so the old one was for example when cabmen concertina accepted the Catholic faith who was in power called City he told the church what to do he came up with the ideas and yes the pope you know in all the Big been made before they were persecuted and now because of Constantine they were put there that carpet was laid up and now the beautiful place in the church but still the employers were in control the employers ruled and the Church did it but the embers round it and that but until 5 or 85 wait things changed there was a new church relationship working clovers brought on an equal basis with the church the clergy So in other words before that it was here the employer and the church did building now the church was placed on an equal footing equal footing the bishops made the decisions of our recommendations they came to to employ road nor did the king and the king do 2 things into place so you could hear an equal basis that is a new thing and later the old c.e.o. that years later the Charla May What do you get the one then you get a struggle who is more powerful Charlemagne Vos mate who annoying to task and emperor by the pope. And then the question is who is now more powerful the one who is going to be no into it as emperor or do one who does do you know one thing is it and that was a powerful struggle and during the the year 1240100 it was dead pope. Who ruled everything and so there you can see here these distinctions it's very very very if it is important and so that took place then and very short here Ok in 5 or 8 come therefore be seen as the beginning of the setting up of the album a nation of desolation the papacy to replace big in Islam and through Christianity because what peak but what the church did the papacy is they replace bacon ism because bacon is of us going to be a b. about biped out but at the same time through Christianity primitive Christianity was also perverted So both paganism and through Christianity came down and be replaced by the our nation of this revelation and therefore it is very important for us to understand what the album a nation this relation is now 30 years later or do we see here this is the song Vitaly intervention and again every year I visit this here and here you find the most say the only music in the world that reveals the picture of your Steenie and 2 Stinney in the Emperor and God is just in India Emperor do he is he in the beautiful ornate of purple. And beside him is d. the gentle Bailey sorry yes those 2 individuals are very very important in 530 c. a d. emperor just in you legalized the dominant power of the papacy by acknowledging the position of the papacy as the head of all over all that Christian churches and no corporate ating is due in to his newly the vice Codex Justiniano us a made a division of the Roman Catholic law over Roman pagan law that influenced Kristen for over 1000 years so here now does row a position of the papacy is now incorporated in Roman law. Till the French Revolution you find the revised law coat of just in Ian those 5 major books and there is a letter that just inion wrote to the pope acknowledging that he was the head of all the churches and on the head of the churches but the co-director of Hadash has shown his wrist who is in charge of the face of the pope and if you the partisan the faith that has had a siege involved is then the result of the Emperor and the people that support him will then take care of the head of siege and the head attacks 5 years later in fact 38 stimulants general beliefs Arius implemented this law in a row after he defeated the Ostrogoths and brought the city of Rome again under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Roman Empire. So b.b. In fact 33 the laws of late but it has no effect because Italy was in the hands not of Rome not of the Jewish state in but it was in the hands of the Ostrogoths and it wasn't until Raul was liberated that the law of 533 could be implemented and that is makes 538 so important you find now the implementation of this here is the law and this is Digital Billy sorry this who defeated the Auster gods. So we both have seen down the importance of favor weight in 538 in the race of Catholicism Now what have we have to do here and you can see how put it is just what is now the blessings at the end of the $13.30 days Daniel 12 was 12 Jesus Koechlin does explanation and says blesses you wait and incomes to do wrong thousands $335.00 days so there is a very special blessing so what is now the best and when is the end of the 30 the 5 years of savation because the 13 as the $35.00 days immediately followed the $1290.00 it is obvious that both periods are intimately called a connector This means that both periods must have a same beginning namely 5 weight and at the end of the 1335 years he used in 45 years beyond 7098 and extends to 1843. Here you see then the prophetic picture you see it in the connection between the 1290 in the thirty's and 960 both and in 7908 the one starts in 538 in the other one is 5 point so let's doesn't look at 5. 39351290 both of the big a c. beginning about 1290 and since of the 98 the 3035 days gauche 45 years beyond that 843 you see the beautiful harmony of dates prophetic significant days dealing all of those have to deal with the papacy and so if I wait the 1st of the 10 horns the Franks uses to sort to expend the power of the papacy paganism is being replaced by the papacy and if I both think that the 8 papacy establishes the head of the Catholic Church the only recognized religion in Europe so keep that in mind the onus you don't have any of the living then 79 he ate friends the eldest son of the papacy. To School the eldest son takes up a sort against the papacy inflicting the deadly wound you see it is the disease that the 2 center of the $1290.00 in the beginning if I wait friend stakes to sword in behalf of the papacy in 78 friends stick to store to terminate papers he oh beautiful those all those things work no but is a blessing in 84 you see your observation about events in anybody see. It was during heating 48311844 did the Creech snickered at that the movement proclaimed the 1st ages message when the churches throughout Christendom rejected his message then the 2nd dangerous message was launched announcing the fall of Babylon so keep in mind before $844.48 Babylon could be healed but everyone was not healed and so what happened under the present church before that bed with the most already it shows you the Catholic Church in the Reformation they rejected the doctrines of the defamation the biblical doctrines but now the Protestant churches What did you do they spoke against the et a message rejected the at the message and now the Protestant churches meet a moral fall they became a part of Babylon. Keep it in mind you know many of our people don't even realize it but because of the position that he took and rejected yet their movement and 844 and they became part of Babel So what happened no further now do call come out of her my people begin to be proclaimed calling God's people out of Babylon into the prophetic that. See you see a bear who's fallen where should God's people go and the Lord prove granted to you possibility to do the rescue of the church now do them in church was established and now that is a safe haven for all God's people is the remnant Simonis blessing. What is the pleasure of eating $43.00 it was an $843.00 that the remnant church of prophecy came into existence those who were alive at the time and part bar participated in the 2nd it'll movement receive the special blessing Jesus promised at the end of Daniel chapter 12th Daniel 12 prophecy of the $30.00 to $35.00 days Coleman aged in $843.00 it is wrong of the 2 biblical passages there are 3 1st specifically to depress sinners or the early has that experience both the book Eating the book in. Revelation 1210 and I am Evelyn and then you talk focused now on the experience of the in the church so you can see how important this prophecy is that introduces people to the fall of Babylon and where now is a safe haven in the famine church what is the Bless you need if it is 3 years old mighty speaks very interestingly now and I described that experience in the Etan movement unity year before the great disappointment as the happiest year of my life testimonies Volume one page 54 and if you read all our testimonies after 844 yes she is a prophet but she was a prophet because he was not except and she had difficulty and pain as a result of this but in 1843 the 80 percent he preferred it was a unity of believers and tremendous revival of the place and these mentions went all over the world in this one and 2 years and so did it was a fantastic experience. What is the blessing in $844.00 and beyond or pervasion in this light it is helpful to remember that those who participated in the proclamation of the angels messages were to receive a special blessing they were Spart of the special resurrection drummer's to those who have died without Jesus seeing Jesus and the 2nd Advent who had called the 1st page $637.00 and the ending of hearing you find this prophetic panorama beautifully portrayed you see dear but happen in 508-538-7098 all kinds of milestones in the plan of salvation and then 48848 the blessing of participating in the 2nd at a movement the prophetic remnant So the prophetic Ramadoss created in 1843 prayer to 1845 and the will of the 3035 years the end of the 3035 days and nights us the $13.35 days at end of the letter $281850.00 you were I a Smith writing the commentary and then you will have relations says in $1335.00 it and that in 843. But is a promise blessing in 1843 you would I a Smith wrote the blessed experience of participating in the 2nd at the moment well my eyes as this was the happiest you have my life and the newer views have increased this as is the blessings of being displayed in the special resurrection then you know 12th lists who and inflation 14 for 13 and great call them it is 637. And so you can see here how beautiful it is but presently very few of our own church members and or stand this or shared this how shall Daniel stand in his lot the prophecy is not yet finished Daniel $1213.00 but called day wage then you'll till the end of the till the end be for now shelved rest and stand in the lot at the end of the days now modern translations have not focused on stent in their lot but stand in the inheritance. You know as a promise that then you will be a part of the resurrection. But how did Daniel stand in his lot in the Hebrew word for not he casting loss and made yourself then bend your surest started to enter into what he into the Promised Land but it into the car slots the same Hebrew word they cast lots and so as a result of discussed above lots their portion was determined where they would end up and I think about the whole thing all the investigative judgment Jesus goes over the books and because of the investigation of all those names Daniel will be standing in his lot he will not fall into judgment but evil stand to views on Daniel standing in his lot is the 1st to the inheritance that's what you find a more than newer translations ordered the 1st to do did just to decisions in the judgment see everything about Jesus sees there have been all the millions and billions of. In the elec beings see the investigative judgment then that it will be decisions based people will either be accepted and sealed or rejected and not sealed so you can see how the whole thing whole picture works out beautifully here How did Daniel stand in his lot at the end the unit standing of the admin the spy in the years Daniel still stand in his lot in the decisions of the investigative judgment of the right is that that's not the activist by any is believed and this is confirmed element affirms the investigative judgment in page $488.00 of critical the 1st Daniel bill passed a judgment evil stand it's the assure of the Jesus gives him you will stand in the judgment at the same time she gives a new insight it includes also the problem and the role of Daniel's prophecies during the time of the end forth babble commentary pates 1174 so in this verse the Book of Daniel will be highlighted in a unique experience in the end of the age and you will see that you cannot even accept yet a message without understanding Daniel then you're 7 and you know 8 and then you're 12 now for the number of decades people have set yet. Every believes but at the same time there is an. Explanation that is a little explanation all those dates are literally fulfilled 1219 days lethal days and not prophetic and so they have a dual fulfillment Now let me tell you friends that this is rejected by the at the pioneers because many people in the other churches did also speak about a dual fulfillment. You know then you know the $23.00 days yes it had the fulfillment it in Tiger's a piece in this little fulfillment but then you do a principal it's and you do a principal film William Bill says no it's not at all it is clearly only wonderful film and and that is what we always have maintained earn till recently were your mother at a disadvantage but you know those were the u.d.a. principle you believe it but now in the future we get again a little fulfillment and there's a result friends are people get confused and the I look you know in the future on little fulfilment now is the future let's see what it is so I mean turbulent time prophecies of the 126-012-1935 as little days not prophetic days to interpreted the principals as no it's a little fulfillment they claim support from Elmont who says who wrote that 30 or 35 days have not yet and that now here is an interesting be how and people interpret some of her statements in a letter from 850 Ellen Wright writes concerning brother Hewitt we told him of some of his errors in the past that the 30 to 35 days were and that and numerous errors of his it had little effect his darkness prosperity upon the meeting and he dragged along might manage groups releases for him 6 piece to 51 now if you read a statement like this it seems that he had a number of errors including that the 3035 days granted now if you really read it like this. So you know and know what general Now the question is she says about some of his errors in the past then she says that is 3035 danger and that and numerous errors of this so she talks about errors then she made a definite statement about the thirty's the dividends and other Irish so wide to see puts this statement 30 and 35 days this is painted now as she did this was she was in her early twenties she wrote this and lived to see here some few days statement that element put the 33 literal days to be fulfilled in the future now if this is true then we have a problem in America because many times he says that prophetic time is past is past tense in the past so how can see then you know so Ok so let's see here is the 1st statement we told him of some of his errors in the past that the $3035.00 days per and that and numerous errors of his now this is what we have to leave interpret We told him of some of his adventures in the past we told him that the $3035.00 days were ended and we told him nobody cares of us now if that is so then this is in 5 days were ended it will not necessarily mean one of his errors. At the same time when she rolled this James right united Smith and Bruce Bates and it's and they all believed that the days were and that they wrote another study on the time prophecies here in the early period of our history and you see that the things that the 5 days must constantly used to explain maybe now the use is coming maybe that the discovery maybe the next year is coming and all the time the 3rd is the very view used all the time so if she is correct that it is in the future otherwise we must ask why how long might it have 3 men did another uit and not her husband and all the other pioneers who talked it through the Bible in years were ended see she never repute when you were prime minister and the Unitas news came out today new innovation commentary clearly and a whole chapter on this kind of thing and she never says anything the only statement that she made about a 3035 the little that you know what the people have interpreted is the statement so but not only this and there is no stronger period fumbling the 2 perspectives the prophecies of Daniel 12. The new interpretation of the literal days in Daniel 12 in the future is against Ellen Mary's opposition to time city what does she say about times ending in $880.00 she wrote I have poor New testimony since the past seeing all the times in he put in for there should be no definite time setting a witch to test God's people. The greatest one time was in 843 in anybody for and all who have set time since this great period marked in prophecy were deceiving and being deceived she dozed showed those who continue setting time beyond 844 he says are deceiving him being received very very clear and I have seen when I was in Korea are certainly this whole university you know was getting excited about some things you got to the pope and what happened now nothing and still people are continue to sit tight based on this you see so therefore I think it is be you should be very very careful in using that statement it's you mate in continue to because it is it takes away your the glory of the new 12th Here is a prophecy to deals with God's people courts remnant and if you stand this you get a tremendous blessing we are goals remnant. And all the other ones you focus on the future and all kind of things in the future and that is the enjoyment confusion that has brought confusion among us and so friends Helen Wright referred to the great disappointment of $844.00 as the passing off time and the time prophecies beyond $1844.00 to be fulfilled yet in the future is future isn't worth Confucianism. Discomfort from even. We are all many evangelical bandwagon and we confuse our own beautiful message I tell you a revelation Daniel 12 should be used is one of our Bibles to dish together with Revelation 10. There nails down in history that we are a prophetic movement and that everyone has fallen and the only hope for humanity and Christianity is yet a movement and so why should we dilute this beautiful beautiful picture friends this is my hope or help to some of you if you still have questions of see me afterwards and people be willing to study with you the Bible here and whatever but I only draw your attention to what has been neglected and I will might meet Yvonne statements he says from many of our pulpits we will hear Do false proper mission of prophecy not a few know it many from many of our pulpits the fire of false prophecy and I don't feel that you should be a part of it and you should hear to clear things now you know you may not have gotten all everything together but still need to study this and respect civically you know you Ryan Smith his chapter on Daniel and 12th Pascoe James right. And here I have my book on the foundations of the 70 ad in his message and mission when you find you to hold the film up moments from 844 on the edge. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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