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Chaos, Coronavirus, and the Christian Response

Taylor Hinkle


With all of the media coverage on the coronavirus, and the cooresponding panic many people are looking for answers. What does the Bible have to say about the times we are living in? Does the Bible give any practical insights for Christians during this time?


Taylor Hinkle

Pastor of two churches in Michigan Conferences and currently serves as the General Vice President of External Affairs for GYC.


  • March 14, 2020
    9:30 AM
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Father in Heaven Lord we're so thankful for the opportunity to open your word this morning Lord we recognize that we do live in unprecedented times and Lord we don't know how everything will play out but Lord one thing that we do know is that you're a god that we can trust and Lord as the psalm in the song says anywhere with Jesus I can safely go and Lord we believe that Jesus can help us can guide us even through some of the darkest places in life father we know that there are some who are in great fear and anxiety over what's taking place there is others who find the situation laughable and ridiculous and the father regardless of where we are we pray that we would see clearly what your word is speaking to us and that you would help us to find comfort through you in Christ's name we pray for him as. Well as we said in the prayer we do seriously live in unprecedented times when is the last time you remember something like this happening can you remember a time when school shut down for at least 3 weeks. I can't at least in my lifetime summer vacation. Yeah I heard one of one of our friends said Why did this never happen when I was in school but we realized this is really stuff that has never taken place my mother was supposed to be in the Philippines I think next week the Philippines is on lockdown not accepting anyone in or out then supposed to be in Papa New Guinea that trip got cancelled you know businesses are canceling all business travel it's a very interesting situation we live in and I think regardless of where we're at we have to recognize that we're living in a time that the Bible does talk about there was someone from the vaster some of the administrators who had one of their friends who was not fully religious to ask her the question that said you know does the Bible say anything about the coronavirus and what we're going through. And she said Well if you're asking if this is one of the plagues of Revelation it's not one of the plagues of Revelation and here's the reason why the plugs were only to affect the people who did not have the seal of God But we recognize that the coronavirus that affects everyone it's something that's a pandemic it's worldwide it spreads and you think of the plugs in Egypt the plugs didn't fall upon God's people they only fell upon the people of the world and so we recognize it doesn't fit with what the Bible the scribes is one of the plagues But notice what it does fit turn to Matthew chapter 24 this morning Matthew chapter 24 there are many people with questions like this I remember just on Thursday I went to Home Depot thinking it was a normal day and I was there to make some returns and as I was getting out of the vehicle one of the lady said you know are you preparing for the apocalypse and I I assured her that I was not. But this is the question on people's mind you know they might say it jokingly They might think all this is for sure it's serious or whatever it is but when you can't find basic necessities on the shelf people start to get a little bit paranoid when you can't find it on you know roll of toilet paper to use for the next week I'm not saying stockpiling it for the next 3 years but trying to find something for basic necessity people start to wonder what's going on well notice what Matthew chapter $24.00 speaks of. We will find the word coronavirus does not appear in the Bible just to ease all the pure comfort but notice what Jesus does say Matthew chapter 24 in verse 7 the bubble is very clear that before Jesus comes something will take place notice verse 3 just to understand the context of Matthew chapter $24.00 Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus is there with his disciples he tells the disciples that Jerusalem is going to be destroyed in the 1st 2 and then in verse 3 notice to question the disciples ends now as he Jesus said on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us when will these things be talking about the destruction of Jerusalem and what will be the sign of your one coming in of the end of the age now this is part of the question that people are wondering right now you know what is Jesus coming is a sign of the coming of Jesus will notice some of the signs Jesus kids who gives a comprehensive explanation of Matthew chapter 24 also in Luke Chapter 21 will look at that in just a 2nd but notice Matthew chapter $24.00 beginning in verse 7 or continuing in verse 7 how the Bible continues to explain what is going to be happening before Jesus comes he says for a nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines and what's the next word pestilences and earthquakes in various places now what is a pestilence it's a disease or a illness of sorts right and what we realize Jesus says is before he comes back there will be Salman's there will be pestilences there will be earthquakes now the skeptic looks at this and says Come on you know now you pull out the Bible now that it just happens to line up with what you believe but how do you know that this pestilence points forward to Jesus is soon coming I mean there have always been diseases there's always been earthquakes there's always been famines knows Notice Jesus is clarity and verse 8. Verse 8 Jesus says all of these are the beginning of was sorrows No Does anyone here have a New International Version Bible and i.v. as anybody heaven and i.v. Bible birth pains Now it's interesting most of our translations read all these things at the beginning of sorrows but yet the n.i.v. and other Bibles will read all of these things at the beginning of birth pains and other words that's the actual word in Greek there are all these things at the beginning of the contractions all these things are the beginning of the birth pains taking plates and he said well why is that significant because the skeptic will say we've always had wars we've always had rumors of wars there's always the famines pestilences and earthquakes and Jews says I understand that when you see these things all of these are the beginning of birth pains now what do birth pains teach us about the coming of Jesus you know you think about birth pains and they are experienced by someone who's pregnant very fitting in our family were wondering what's going to come 1st the Sabbath or birth pains right but birth pains or contractions are something that help us to understand the 2nd coming this is what Jesus is doing he's giving us a word of analogy to understand the 2nd coming many of you ladies remember this and you men who were terrified of your wife going through it right what it's like for birth pains the closer you get to the event of the coming of that child the more severe and the more frequent those birth pains are isn't it true you know we were just back at the doctor and somehow even with child number 3 you have to ask the doctor the question again well when do I go to the hospital right I just want to make sure that I'm on the right time well when they're about 5 minutes apart go ahead and start coming in if you're that far away from the hospital we live about 40 minutes away so what does that tell you if you have one birth pain or one contraction does that mean the baby's coming today if so the baby would have come in week 18 or whenever it was when you start getting Braxton Hicks contractions right. But the reality is that when your contractions or those birth pains are very close together and they start getting more intense right they say you can't breathe through them or talk through them well this is the analogy Jesus gives he doesn't say any time you see a pestilence of that's what I'm coming but he says the closer you get to my coming the more intense and the more frequent those birth pains will be do you see what Jesus is saying here well Matthew chapter 24 tells us that part of those birth pains are part of those things we're watching for to get more intense more frequent is the wars and rumors of wars famines and what was that next one pestilences and earthquakes in various places now the reality is there are people who would still mock this point today and say come on the corona virus is not a real pestilence and then there's others who say no no it's much more serious than what you're talking about you understand that I'm not here to predict something but here's what we have to recognize is that the earth has just been introduced to a new virus that hadn't seen before and doesn't have a cure for it and it makes people nervous can you agree with that part. And it spreads rapidly it started in China and people thought oh whatever and now it's here in America and I remember was just what a week or 2 ago we have a friend who's a hospital administrator out in Washington and Spokane and she told us 2 weeks ago you know you've got to go get some toilet paper and all these things these are off our shelf and I thought you know come on that's a little bit extreme and here we are today looking for toilet paper and you know other things that just you realize that we might look at how people are dealing with it or we like look at the virus and think it's laughable but the reality is is that we're facing a pestilence that has not been seen that has a larger scale and that is having an impact that is unprecedented and at least recent history and so the question comes Could it be that this is at least pointing towards Jesus Coming Soon Now here's what I'm not saying I'm not saying this means Jesus coming in the next week or 2 I don't know that right no one knows the day or the hour the Bible says I'm not saying this means Jesus coming next year or next month I don't know but here's what I do know we're seeing the birth pains of the contractions get more frequent and more intense Can we at least agree with that part well the question then is how do we deal with these types of things turn to Matthew or Luke Chapter 21 Luke Chapter 21 notice the Bible here this is Jesus's explanation of the same scripture that we were reading in Matthew chapter 24 but now recorded by in the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter 21 Luke Chapter 21 beginning at verse 25 notice what the Bible tells us well if you look at Luke chapter 121 verse 11 just to realize that we're on the exact same page as what we were reading in Matthew chapter 24. Luke Chapter 21 and back up to verse 10 Luke Chapter 21 in verse 10 it says then he said to them nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be great earthquakes in various places and famines and pestilences Now does that sound similar to what we just read Matthew chapter 24 identical This is the same description as recorded by the gospel writer lute Now go down to verse 25 what will be people's responses to all of these signs look at verse $25.00 it says and there will be signs in the sun in the moon and in the stars and on the earth what does it say distrust of nations with Per plex City this season the ways roaring and verse $26.00 men's hearts failing them from one fear and the expectation of those things which are to come on the earth now I find this very interesting Jesus talks about real things that can actually injure and kill people earthquakes season the waves roaring right we know that is tsunamis or whatever else it might be those are things that are actually life threatening and devastating but Jesus also says men's hearts will be faith failing them for fear and the expectation of those things which are to come it doesn't say that they'll be failing them because of the things that are there but they're thinking about what's coming and they're getting worried and their hearts failing them and they're of coming to the point of well difficulty just from the expectation of kale Well I think that describes very well where we are today do you see people have you ever turned Have you turned on the news the last week. If not you're probably better off I don't know but you will recognize that there are people who are fearful are the NAACP and there are several reasons why people are fearful about sharing this is the reason why we should be you'll realize the Bible gives us answers but there are several reasons why people are fearful number one they're fearful of the virus itself we understand Number 2 they're fearful of people's responses to the virus and how that might impact them they might be fearful that they will be able to not by common goods you should try to go find some baby wipes during this time you know that's something we think about as a family it's very difficult so people are starting to get paranoid because of some of the repercussions of other people's decisions other people are concerned about the economic ramifications of what's taking place how long can businesses be shut down schools be shut down impacting parents with children staying home all of this going on travel agencies having abandoned reducing all of that how long can that happen before recession people are asking these questions today and I'm not sharing this to make you fearful I'm sharing this because you've probably already heard some of the stuff. And what you recognize is men's hearts are failing them because of savior of the expectation of things to come but you know what I find quite interesting is who is the corona virus affecting the most do you remember Have you heard anything on the news who is that I'm impacting the most what demographic of people elderly Now if you watched the president's address yesterday someone asked the question well have we done any research and studies into why the elderly are the ones being impacted the most and the person who answered it gave an answer that he was trying to become and but also saying this is a very easy to be understood question. He said we obviously understand that it's impacting the elderly the most because there are a munity is the lowest it's a we don't have to really restudied you know we understand that because what they understand about the corona virus is that the people with compromised immune systems are the people most prone to getting the disease so I'm unity is in direct proportion to how the disease will impact you well let me tell you something really queer click very quickly and clearly the Bible tells us that men's hearts are failing them because of what fear we see that today let me ask you a question what impact does fear have on your immune system University of Minnesota you can look at several other studies on this University of Minnesota released a study called the impact of fear in exile u.t. this is not a recent study just something they have done before and notice how they define fear and its impact upon the human body they say fear is a human emotion that is triggered by Apress sieved threat it is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response as such it is essential and essential part of keeping us say we should say Praise the Lord that he built us with this capacity for fear and how it helps us become sharper in certain areas but fear also has challenges when it comes to our physical hell this is once again quoting from their study from the University of Minnesota says the impact of chronic fear they give for made points number one physical health is their 1st pull fear weekends are you want to guess what it is a 1000000 system and can cause cardiovascular damage Gastineau intestinal problems such as alters an internal battle syndrome and decrease fertility it can lead to accelerate of aging and premature death so let me tell you if the corona virus doesn't kill you maybe your fear about it we'll. Now you understand this is what it's saying you might be perfectly healthy you might not be in the older demographic but how your immune system responds to this is one of the greatest threats so how many of you think that fear might not be in our best interests during a time of crisis especially with a crisis that affects your immune system will notice the 2nd thing that fear can affect memory fear can impair formation of long term memories and cause damage to certain parts of the brain you want to have impaired memory and impaired brain function during a crisis such as the hippocampus this can make it even more difficult to regulate fear and other words it's a downward spiral if you get in this mode of fear and anxiety you ever known people this way or have you ever gotten in the pit yourself you get fearful or anxious about something it's hard to get out of it and this is where you recognize things can become irrational Well what else brain processing and reactivity they say fear can interrupt processes in our brains that allow us to regulate emotions and other words if you're fearful you can even control your own emotions and I think we're seeing some of that today number 4 mental health other consequences of long term fear include fatigue clinical depression and p. as t. d.. Now when we see these things in the Bible tells us that when all these things are happening that people's hearts are failing them and when their hearts are failing them their immune system goes down their mental capacity goes down you wonder well then what's the answer to the problem you know I'm not a physician I can't give you all the medical channel or the medical diagnoses to fight the coronavirus you have those a little lot of good information out there about it today but what I can tell you is that one of the greatest enemies we need to fight during this time is seers because fear will lead to destruction just about as fast as the coronavirus will and the Bible predicts that during the chaos of the last days that fear will be a major component Now let me ask you a question that might not be comforting does the Bible tell us that before Jesus comes back the world is going to be more chaotic or less chaotic than today more chaotic can we be honest with that you know part of being able to prevent p s t d is actually being prepared for the emergency so when we know Ok the world's going to get worse than this and if I'm fearful about this then what I need help now right now is not the time to give up now is not the time to say well I have no ability if I can overcome this I can't handle the last there's no no now is the time for us to take the advice of Jesus when he talks about the last days are you ready for that advice notice how Jesus continues in Luke Chapter 21 Luke Chapter 21 we just read verse 25 and 26 and it says men's hearts failing them for fear in the expectation of those things coming upon the earth and notice verse 28. What does Jesus say well verse 27 continuing on it says then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great was my friends isn't this a beautiful thought we don't know how soon Jesus is coming but all of the chaos of this world points to the fact that one day Jesus is going to break through the clouds of heaven and come back to take us home with them well then verse $28.00 and says Now when these thangs begin to happen what are these things that the Bible is talking about the wars rumors of wars famous pestilence signs in the heavens right when all these things begin to happen one should we do. Look up and lift up your heads because your redemption was. My friends how many of you think that would be good for us to remember not to say let's look at the problems and diagnose that and just get frustrated than and riled up with everything that's taking place we can spend our whole lives creating more anxiety for ourselves but John says no no when you see these things happening they will happen when you see them happening look where up because you're redemption draws near my friends are you interested in having someone who will buy us out of the sin stricken world well that's what the redemption is Jesus coming to redeem us from a planet that's out of control and notice Jesus then speaks a parable to the people how do we look up does that mean we should literally just walk around staring up into the heavens Well number one we recognize our mind should be there right our mind should be upon the deliverance of Jesus in the faithless of gum but notice Jesus continues on in Luke Chapter $21.00 and verse $29.00 Luke Chapter $21.00 verse $29.00 it says then he spoke to them a parable look at the fig tree and all the trees when they are already budding you see and know for yourselves that what is near summers now that's easy to understand. So you also when you see these things happening know that the Kingdom of God is what is near it will this should cause rejoicing not fear Well then verse 32 assuredly I say to you This generation will by no means pass away till all these things whoa Judas was speaking to them about 2 things remember that the destruction of Jerusalem and also the coming of Jesus and Judas tells the group is speaking to all these things are going to happen in your lifetime and you remember Jesus speaking these words around 33 a.d. or 31 a.d. forgive me and only in 7 b. a day 30 years later the destruction of Jerusalem did come they lived to see these things so here we see Jesus telling his people this is important for you to understand it's coming very quickly but notice the council he continues to give to us even though we haven't lived through the time of the destruction of Jerusalem verse 33 it says heaven and earth will pass away but my word will by no means what Isn't that nice. There is something reliable uncertain about the Word of God Everything else might be uncertain predictions for the economy predictions for your help stability might seem like it's gone but God says not my words not going to pass away will notice verse 34 then what do we do what do we do when we find ourselves living in the Tunde the Bible talks about verse 34 it says but take heed to yourself lest your heart be weighed down with carousing drunkenness and the cares of this life and then day come upon you how now that's pretty interesting right I mean you think how could this come unexpectedly I mean the world's going to be an uphill battle over the crisis is going on and Jesus says Take heed yourself less to be caught up in all these then one friends is it not easy for us to get so involved in the things of this world that we forget about spiritual reality it's. Have you recognize that people typically self medicate during crisis some people self medicate by purchasing large quantity it's of things to make them feel like they will be Ok even though the world is falling apart but my friends it doesn't matter how much toilet paper you have on your shelf if Jesus comes back there's a crisis if you're not ready you understand this is a self medicating purpose I'm not saying it's foolish to have enough to make it through and to buy an extra case just a case everyone else buys all the cases right that's probably what everyone else is thinking but here's what we recognize people self medicate other people might turn to the bottle and say I'd like to forget about this world I'd like to just you know have my mind in a blissful place will actually allow my mind to turn off and get some alcohol in my system carousing world or whatever it is that they're doing to self medicate over this we have we recognize that that can literally be a distraction from what we need to be doing now notice what Jesus says he doesn't say Just be careful of those things but he actually encourages us to do something else verse 35 he says for a while it will come as a snare on all those who dwell upon the face of the one and the worse is going to affect everyone. But verse 36 he says Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all of these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of man you know what counsel does Jesus give you give some practical counsel verse 36 What does he say Watch therefore now what are we supposed to be watching c.n.n. Fox News that what is encouraging watch you know you need to say this stuff I'm not saying it's wrong to see what's happening. But remember where did Jesus tell us to look in verse 20 and he said look up for your redemption draws near right so when you're watching yes we're alert to what's taking place but we also need to be connected to the source of all strength do you remember the song maybe when you were a kid you learned this talking about he's got the whole world in his hands you know sometimes we think of those songs as just simple kid songs that we forget when we're adults but the Bible talks about this that Jesus literally has the whole world in his hands do you think God is surprised by the coronavirus do you think God was I didn't realize that was going to take puts you know God knew it and God realized that impacts people does that mean God wants it to happen no we recognize that the devil is the adversary of souls trying to ruin people's lives he came to seek to kill steal and destroy in Jesus came that we could have life not the coronavirus but Jesus has the whole world in his hands and when we recognize that God 10 orchestrate the happenings of the universe do you think God can help us that's why we must watch we have must have our mind upon heavenly things upon Jesus and his faithfulness that's what's going to help us get through this crisis well Jesus continues on his watch therefore and do was pray always my friends have you ever recognize that sometimes it's a struggle to pray when you're anxious have never been more tempted to keep watching the next news report and stead of spending that time with Jesus I remember you don't struggle with these things I can tell you that I really appreciate what's going on and I like to know this and I can easily get caught up in it. But the reality is is that the news anchors don't have the answers and the doctors don't have the answers and the government officials don't have the answers in the Lord's work into these people I do believe that but the reality is that Jesus is the only one with the answer for not only the virus but also my feelings of fear and anxiety notice what the Bible tells us to do look at Philippians chapter 4 flippin chapter 4 the bubble gives us in line with what Jesus is saying to watch and to pray in these times when men's hearts are failing them for fear the Libyans chapter for. God gives us a beautiful understanding of what we should do when it comes to things that would question our happiness or bleed us to fear and anxiety. No Philippians chapter 4 in verse 6 flippy in chapter 4 in verse 6 notice what the Bible says Philip in chapter 4 in verse 6 it says Be anxious for one now how many of you when you read better tempted to say whoever wrote this has no clue about why I would really be anxious for nothing they didn't live through the coronavirus they didn't live there whatever it might be right fill in the blank with whatever makes you anxious but who is writing the book obviously realized God inspired the words but who was the man who authored the book through the inspiration of Gulf his name was Paul do you know where Paul was located while he was writing the book of Philippians he was in prison so you're telling me that Paul is in prison waiting to see if he's going to be condemned to death or not and he writes to you and says Be anxious for nothing does that put it in a little more perspective. If someone waiting on death row so to speak can tell you to be anxious for nothing maybe they've found the solution to exile and notice what he says Be anxious for nothing but in everything but my prayer and supplication with was. With paranoia and panic as I would assess No not with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God No this is incredible be anxious for nothing and then the question would be well how to why be anxious for nothing and Paul God through His inspiration tells us well you do that by bringing everything to me in prayer and supplication lots of supplication What does it mean. It's a request right you ask of someone for something so instead of being anxious we come to God praying and we come to got asking for things God I don't know what to do in the situation I've watched life or a one to drop x. amount of dollars would you please help me to be Ok realizing that you can provide for all of my needs that's one option for what you do in the midst of crisis fathered seems like people are sick all around me help me to remember the faithful promises that you will help and protect those people and as you come to God we lay our anxiety down and ask God to do something for us notice what the Bible tells us as if we do this what will happen in verse 7 it says and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through whom through Christ Jesus my friends would you rather have peace that passes all understanding of the words peace that people can't understand or would you rather have anxiety that looks consistent with everyone around. Well the Bible tells us the differentiation between the 2 in order to have peace instead of panic we must come to God in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving not questioning whether or not God cares for us but knowing that he cares for us and thanking him for his ways that he will provide for God takes care of his people and sometimes God uses the crisis to allow the light of His peace to shine through his people to bless those around him some of you might be familiar with a man by the name of John Wesley is that meant name sounds familiar to you John Wesley is known as the founder of the Methodist Church but as you may know John Wesley was not always a converted Christian man he was a godly man but before he ever became the founder of the Methodist church he wasn't always a converted Christian and in his journal John Wesley writes about a certain day that had a tremendous impact upon his life and led to his conversion he says it was January 25th 1736 John Wesley was aboard a ship traveling to America with a bunch of people that he would call the English and the others who were called the Germans know the Germans were Moravians and the words a religious sect that believed in go. And here John Wesley is traveling with this group of English people and German people and let me read to you a little bit of what he talks about how what was happening on the ship that day January 25 he says At 7 I went to the Germans this is the Moravians I had long before observed the great seriousness of their behavior of their humility they had given continual proof by providing the services Alofa says for the other passengers which none of the English would undertake for which they desired and would receive no pay saying that it was good for their proud hearts and their loving Savior had done more for them you understand that language and the words he was just caught off guard by saying I don't get why these people are doing what they're doing the Germans are serving the English people who are kind of treating them nasty and they're making him do these lower class jobs and no English person would do that and when we offer to pay them this I know it's good for us it helps our product and Jesus did more for us and he realized Ok these people are different then they continue on they said in the midst of the solemn where with the service began the sea broke over in split the mainsail in pieces and covered the ship and poured it between the decks as if the great depths had already swallowed us up let's translate that into modern English there in the middle of service church service and their boat breaks and water begins the poor in what would you do well notice how he describes a scene he says a terrible screaming began among the English but the Germans calmly if sung on I ask one of them afterwards was you not afraid he answered I think God No I asked but were you but we're not sure women and children afraid. He replied mildly No our our women and children are not afraid to die I went to their crying trembling neighbors and pointed out to them the difference between between them and us in the hour of trial then that feared God in him that feared enough at 12 o'clock the wind fell this was the most glorious day which I have hither to seen Here's where John was least send when the crisis hit he started to see the difference between the response of him and his people and the response of people who had a connection with God The people want a connection with God We're not troubled by the crisis and even when they ask you know are your well women and children are they afraid to die he just said they're not afraid to die in this impacted John Wesley so much that in that conversation he realized that he knew of Jesus but he didn't know Jesus as a savior and what the Moravian missionaries demonstrated that day was that Jesus was able to save them and that doesn't mean that he always saves us from death on this earth does he I mean we recognize Are there people who God loved to he allowed to die can you think about it what about here John the Baptist was he someone that God loved I mean is one of Judaism cousins and we realize that just says he's one of the greatest of the prophets that God allows suffering to come to John the Baptist Yes What about Shad recognition to go do you remember that Dana chapter 3 they stand there at the fiery furnace and you say well it's because God delivered them that they had such strong faith but if you remember Daniel Chapter 3 they told King the Knesset they said our God whom we serve can deliver us from your hand oh king and from the fiery furnace but then they say something very interesting they said but even if not let it be known that we will not bow down to the statue you know worship the golden image which you have set up and other words we recognize God can deliver us he has the power to do it but even if he chooses not to. We're still going to choose to worship and follow God my friends here's the thing that the Christians have God can deliver us in this life we've seen many stories of them can you think of people who are in physical harm's way and God delivered them remember Paul who got bit by the venomous snake and everyone waited for him to die but God provided miraculous healing and you say well how did that happen because God can deliver on this server but my friends even if God doesn't deliver us on this earth what's promised to those who love and trust him eternal life. Do you think God can take care of the challenges that we go through my friends I think sometimes why God allows this chaos to take place as it's an opportunity for each one of us yes Tim use common sense and be prepared I'm not saying we're foolish because we trust in God You understand what I'm saying but it's a time where we can show the world by the grace of God that we truly believe that God can take care of us people do believe that you know it's easy to believe in the calm of life but can we believe in the storm of life God can deliver us and sometimes when this world seems like it's on raveling people are looking to someone with a sane mind and we realize that it's only through the grace of God and as we point people to the peace of God that we can have stability through uncertain times it's interesting how Isaiah Chapter 60 describes how the light of God will shine and I find it very interesting especially in connection with what the Bible talks about the last days I say a chapter 60 as a chapter 60 verses one and 2 notice what the Bible says as a check for 60 verses one and 2 as a chapter 16 verses one and 2 the Bible says a rise Xan for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you now let's pause here for a 2nd who does Jesus call the light of the world. There's actually 2 answers have you noticed that in the Gospels and one spot Jesus will say I am the light of the world you've heard that passage before and in Matthew chapter 5 Jesus says you are the light of the world talking to the believers in those followers of Jesus and here we see the light of God is shining forth and we would say well that's through Jesus and also through his followers right that's how Jews describes it and notice when is it easiest to see the light when it's dark will notice verse $24.00 Be whole darkness show cover the up the earth in deep darkness the people but the Lord will rise over you and His glory will be seen upon who. Like friends the darker the night the brighter the light of the Gospel can shop and what we recognize is that in the midst of crisis peace is demonstrated the best in the midst of a desire to trust in God It is very seen the clearest when people are panicking you understand what I'm saying if you're in a time when the economy is good and life is good in your job is stable and your family is healthy and all these things are going on and you trust God People say well yeah trust God in those times too but if you're living in the time where it feels like the world is falling apart and then you can trust gone people realize that that's real that actually transcends the human emotion that's natural at that time and here's the point that we're making Could it be that during this time God might be providing us with an opportunity to show people that they too can have trust in God that gives them peace through crazy Tom Well I believe that that's what God wants us to do but how many of you believe that we need to make sure that we have that peace. Well what does Jesus tell us he tells us watch and pray why we need to be consistent we need to be watching the Word of God We need to be spending time with Jesus we need to be prayerfully in communication with him but can I share a few passages of Scripture that might help you whenever you're tempted to be anxious maybe you're nothing like me and you have no temptation for anxiety but if you're tempted to be anxious look at some of the Bible promises we find were already in the book of Isaiah turned back to Isaiah Chapter 23 Isaiah Chapter 23 in verse 6 as a chapter 23 in verse 6 story I say in chapter 26 in verse 3 we'll get there I said Chapter 26 in verse 3 will work your Bibles out a little more as it Chapter 26 and verse 3 notice what the Bible says Isaiah Chapter 26 and verse 3 you will keep him in perfect peace how many of you would like perfect peace not just good peace but the perfect peace you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is well stayed on you because he trusts in you my friends do you find this to be a struggle sometimes in your own lives. Is it easy to have our mind stayed upon the problem or focused upon the problem sometimes or focused upon the suffering or focused upon whatever it might be but God tells us the secret to perfect peace is this keep your mind focused on him when our mind is focused upon God We recognize that we can have perfect peace that transcends the still what God wants us to see is not only us having perfect peace with our mind state upon him but he wants to use us to help direct other people's minds to the source of perfect peace don't you think this is a great opportunity my friends this would be a great time for us to start carrying those little Bible tracks with us that we have up here there's one of the bottle tracks called you know does God care that I'm hurting another one that talks about certainty in an uncertain world do you think that would be applicable to people today you know sharing these things with a lady asked me if I was preparing for the apocalypse I was wishing I had one of those tracks with me right now I mean I'm I might be preparing in the sense of needing to get a few items but here's the best preparation you can have for the apocalypse the reality is that peace will do much more to aid us in overcoming even the coronavirus and helping our mewed system to be strong but it also connect us with the source of all strength for an eternal thing now let me ask you a question how many of you want to make sure that we don't just commit to draw closer to Jesus just because of a crisis if you ever notice that we have a trend of that and human history to remember after 911 what happened after 911 on those next couple Sundays churches were packed why this might be the end this might be Armageddon this might you know whatever churches were swelling but then you gave it a little while and they realized oh it's not the end I guess I have some more time and they go back to be caught up with the cares of this world my friends how many of you want to make a decision to be closer to God not because of the coronavirus. But recognizing that this is part of the plan but how many of you want to have a relationship with God that has some longevity Lord even if you don't come back for 20 years I want to be connected with Jesus I mean is that your desire I mean even if you come back tomorrow I want to be ready whatever might be you know Genesis ask us I think was on Thursday she said is is Jesus going to come back on Saturday and I said you know I don't know I didn't explain everything you know we just I don't know she said Well I hope not Mommy's baby showers on Sunday. But here's the reality how many of you think we should live prepared for Jesus to come back and shouldn't this be questions we're asking yourself what I live my life differently if Jesus was coming back well maybe I should live that way today and say even if Jesus doesn't come back would I be ready to live my life for him for the next 5060 years friends we need a decision in a commitment to God that goes beyond emotional sensationalism beyond the I'm coming to church because there is crisis to know I'm coming to Christ because I need a savior I have a human condition that's far worse than the coronavirus I can guarantee it will kill every person involved with that it's called sin and this is not a joke we recognize sand is a real thing it has outbreaks it has tangible evidence is in the life and unless the heart is purified from sin and we all will done you know someone shared you know the talk about coronavirus and people stock up and to prepare you talk about Jesus coming again and people sit there and do nothing and that's the reality my friends there's one thing much more important than the coronavirus that it's a life that's connected with Jesus and I don't care if you're going through good times of difficult times that's what we all need that's the need of the human heart and God can help us find comfort during these times my friends how many of you want to have that piece of Jesus such a designer. How many of you realize that sometimes we have to keep bringing our minds back should we be ignorant of what's taking place in the world today I don't think so but how many of you think there are some times where we say Ok Enough enough I don't need to hear another report I need to take some time in prayer to go ask God for peace and comfort I need to take some time the study of His word maybe I need to look beyond myself in my own concern with my well being and see what can I do to minister to someone else who's maybe equally concerned I believe if we have the character of God during this time what if God used us like he used the Moravians on that boat with John Wesley what if God was able to give us peace that transcended the chaos that gave other people confidence that they too need to trust and go Is that your desire Father in heaven we are so thankful that we can trust in you and trust in Jesus Father but we do recognize we are in need of grace to be able to trust you more than we ever have before Father you tell us that the chaos and troubles of this world will increase just like contractions do in frequency and intensity and father we need our faith in our trust to increase to the same measure Lord we want to trust you more intensely and more frequently than we ever had. Lord we pray that during these times of crisis we wouldn't get caught up in all of that worry and care for that we pray that would help us to be wise and to avoid unnecessary harm but we also do pray that father you would give us a peace and tranquility that is not understood by others but Lord could be a witness to them that they could have a connection with Jesus as well Father we pray for those who are paralyzed by fear this morning we pray that you would start to intervene that you would use these happenings to draw their hearts to you not push them from you Lord help them to realize how willing you are to accept all those who come to you we give you our lives again this morning in Christ's name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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