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Your Son, Your Only Son

Dee Casper


What do you do when God asks you for all? Even the very promise that He gave you? 


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • March 14, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Sweet Jesus I think you for this privilege to come into your presence I think you that though this message has been a challenge to write and I'm sure will be a challenge to preach I know it's for my good and I believe that you want to bless the people here and so I just spree Oh God that you would do for these people when I can. I feel wholly inadequate to do what needs to be done and so I just pray as Moses prayed that you would show us your glory and that you would do something in this place in this moment that none of us would soon forget for your glory and we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen. So this morning's message isn't titled your son your only son we're going to be spinning basically the entire time this morning in the book of Genesis Chapter 22. And we're going to be addressing what I believe is one of the most challenging calls that God can give anyone a spitter prophecy actually confirms that. And this was a call that was not just reserved for Abraham as as we're going to see but we start in Genesis Chapter 22 beginning in verse one says now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham and said to him Abraham and he said Here I am and then he said Take Now your son your only son Isaac and then what does it say. Whom you love. And go to the land of Mariah and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you for God to come up to Abraham and tell him hey I need you to take Isaac would be challenging. But even the language that God uses makes this even more challenging not Isaac it's your son by the way he's your only son and he's someone whom you love he's not really making it any easier Izzy at this stage but he's asking him to take this prize in precious possession which by the way Heaven has promised to him and he's asking him to lay it on the altar this call comes with a cost and unfindable cost and even the mystery at the end of this Ridge says a mountain which I shall tell you even reminds me of the initial call that God gave a very Him Abraham did not have an easy road we sing songs about Father Abraham and he was a champion of faith but we forget the fact that it was an uphill grind for this guy from the get go. Or the very call he's given is to leave his land to leave his family to leave the faith that he's known to follow a god to I actually don't know where I'm actually not going to tell you but you'll find oh he gets to the land there's famine in the land was God leading was this guy's experience was very very challenging I think we overlooked that many times but the interest of I will comment on verse 2 it says something I had never heard before it says the divine command is softened by a rare particle of entreaty please that is not reflected in the New King James version in the closest version I can find this nuance is found in the literal translation Listen to this and he say if take I pray the take please vi son if I can only son whom the locust even Isaac and go for thy self unto the land of Mariah and cause him to a sin there for a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I will speak unto thee. We know he's got has the common courtesy to say police but it's still not easy so Abraham rose early in the morning in sound of his donkey need to men with him and Isaac his son and he split the wood for the burnt offering and arose and went to the place of which God had told them in the listening of the Spirit of Prophecy comments on this agonizing journey God had told Abraham to be the father of the faithful and his life was to stand as an example of faith to succeeding generations that's a heavy call can you imagine being the standard the ruler of faith but his faith had not been perfect he had shown distrust of God in concealing the fact that Sarah was his wife and again in his marriage with Hagar that he might reach the highest standard God subjected him to another test the closest which man was ever called to endure in a vision of the night he was directed to repair to the land of Mariah and their offer of his son as a burnt offering up on a mountain that should be shown him and the time of receiving this command Abraham had received the had reached the age of 120 years so I was at this stage as most likely about 20 years old he was regarded as an old man even in his generation and in his earlier years he had been strong to endure hardship and to brave danger but now the our juror views had passed away one in the vigor of manhood may with courage meet difficulties and afflictions that would cause his heart to fail later in life when his feet are faltering toward the grave but God had reserved his last most trying test for Abraham until the burden of years was heavy upon him and he longed for rest from anxiety and toil it's been a grind for this guy for years and he just wants a break. Maybe you've been there God made promises to you guys brought things to you and it's been a grind after grind after grind and you're just praying can we have a break now toward I don't think I can do this anymore that's when God shows up and asks for the biggest sacrifice and I can so relate to this going through years of battles to trust God in the face of impossible promises he's made to me and yet I feel on the way in the think is the promise over in God says no and he keeps going and he shows mercy but now when I'm exhausted from the ups and downs the highs and lows he asks for everything everything including the promise that he's given when i feel of the previous battles have removed any strength to go further that's when he shows up and says I knew that that one that thing that only thing that you love and needed the patriarch was doing it Beersheba surrounded by prosperity and on or he was very rich and was honored as a mighty Prince by the rulers of the land thousands of sheep and cattle covered the plains that spread out beyond his encampment on every side with the tents of his retainers the homes of the hundreds of faithful servants the son have promised had grown up to manhood by his side Heaven seemed to have crowned with its blessing a life of sacrifice. In patient in durance of hope deferred this is a direct quote from Proverbs Chapter 13 of verse 12 that hope deferred makes the heart sick the ever been there it isn't stop there he says but when the desire comes it is a tree of life but can you imagine being told to go from that tree of life that season of respite and rejuvenation back to the thing that made your heart sick. In the obedience of faith Abraham meant for sake in his native country that hurt and it turned away from the graves of his fathers in the home of his kindred he had wandered as a stranger in the land of inheritance God promised him a land that he didn't fully own yet it wasn't easy either he had waited long for the birth of the promised heir how long 25 years that also was difficult at the command of God He had sent away his son Ishmael which was heartbreaking he assumed that would be the promise would come from a God said that wasn't what I said and he has to go and so does Hagar that also was deeply challenging but now when the child so long desired was interviewed on manhood in the prime of his life and the patriarch seemed able to discern the fruition of his hopes of what all this pain was for a trial greater than all others before him can you see the increasing trials in tears of difficulty that Abraham went through to even get to this point many of these things by themselves would be enough to wreck us having to leave your family could ruin someone pulling up stakes and moving to land read an excerpt fully get to possess it at this stage and you don't even know where you're going and then when you get there the land is filled with famine and you have to go to Egypt for a while that would be devastating to someone's faith they may leave the faith over that but yet it goes a step further and says the whole thing that you've been waiting for I need it would you give it up. The command was expressed in words that must have rode with anguish the father's heart take now the ice on. Vine only son Isaac again whom the loveliest and offer him there for a burnt offering Isaac was the light of his home the solace of his old age above all else the inheritor of the promised blessing the loss of such a son by accident or disease would have been a heart rending to the farm father it would have bowed down his whiten head with grief but he was commanded to shed the blood of that son with his own hay and it seemed to him a fearful impossibilities to have God take away the promise that he had given would be terrible it would bring an existential crisis but to have him tell you to do it is unthinkable and then Satan starts speaking in the Abraham's ears at this stage trying to get him to doubt the call that God has given him and that God would even ask such a thing for one you have the command of the presented to him it's the taking of human life to God himself promised Isaac It wasn't like Abraham is not the situation of this male Look you did your thing you got a kid out of it he's got to go that's more understandable this is the kid that God promised you God is the one who supernaturally open sirrahs womb who is not capable of bearing children in her old age and wasn't capable of burying them in her young age so God tells them I'm going to give you a son he goes through 25 years of agony and then actually does receive us but then why would God go through all this process of encouragement and faith building all lead to yank the rug out from under him. Dinner stand how tempting that temptation is to think there's no way that God is speaking right now God is the big this child is the beginning of the sea that will save you a in the world why would God ask you to kill him clearly Abraham me you were deceived clearly you were out of your mind and so Abraham walks outside and he stares at the stars because 7 chapters earlier God comes to Abraham is this Abraham I'm everything you've been looking for and you would assume this champion of faith as we're told in the New Testament would say you bet Jesus you're everything I've been looking for but that's not the way he responds You know your response. No you're not you promised me a son and I have no son you ever been there God makes promises to you and in our weakness and fleshly idolatrous tendencies we make the promise more important than the promise giver Abraham wrestled with this and your god doesn't slap him upside the head you know he tells them let's go outside I want you to look up if you could count those stars the descendants I give you will outnumber them my promise has not changed to you even though you're struggling right now but we get to 7 chapters later Abraham hears this haunting call in his heart in mind take now your son the one I promised you your only son Isaac whom you love and offer him. Makes no sense to him and so he goes back to the place where God reminded him when he lost faith the last time and he looks up and he's hoping and praying that God will send an angel or will come himself as he's done in times past. And what he receives when he walks outside is the deafening silence of God no incursion. No affirmation no acknowledgement Yes it was me that spoke keep going swaying later he gets nothing but darkness seemed to shut him in but the command of God was sounding in his ear take now the ice on the line only son Isaac whom thou love asst that command must be obeyed and he dared not delay the day was approaching and he must be in his journey and so he walks into the tent and he has to stay here is a boy can you imagine by the way this isn't just crying because I'm this is hard. Of silicon to figure him into this no offense. But he walks into the tent and he stares at his son sleeping sweet restful sleep this child has no idea what's about to happen and it's very difficult for him I can't do this to him he walks outside and tries to compose himself then he walks back in the tent and he looked at his wife how do I possibly tell her what I have to do he longed to unburden his heart to her and to share with her his terrible responsibility but he was restrained by the fear that she might hinder him Isaac was her joy and pride her life was bound up in him and the mother's love might refuse this sacrifice so he was the teller and he eventually awakens a son and they had all their way they've offered sacrifices before so this is going to catch Isaac off guard yet side by side the Father the Son journeyed in silence. The patriarch pondering his heavy Secret had no heart for words his thoughts were of the proud fond mother and the day when he should return to her alone with her How do you explain yourself. Well he knew that the knife would pierce her heart when it took the life of his own son that day the longest that Abraham had ever experienced drag slowly to its close while the Son and the young men were sleeping and again he spends the night in prayer still hoping that some heavenly messenger might come to say that the trial was enough that the youth might return unharmed to his mother would to God that that would happen this call is enough to kill a brother. What oh I would just love to hear it's enough I see that you trust me you don't have to do this but he doesn't get that call and he spends the entire 1st night in agony wrestling with God and hearing nothing from God How do I do this. But no relief came to his tortured soul and then another long day and another night of humiliation in prayer while ever the command that was to leave him childless was ringing in his ears Satan was near to whisper doubts in unbelief but Abraham resisted his suggestions as they were about to begin the journey of the 3rd day the patriarch looking northward saw the promised sign a cloud of glory hovering over. And he knew that the voice which is spoken to him was from heaven still gotta kill the guy but at least I know that you're going to be there with me. Because this isn't going to be easy. After 3 days of agony he gets the confirmation he so desperately needed is this trip in vain does it really come from you Do you really want me to do this. It will come back to these whisperings of Satan later. Back to the narrative of Scripture says that of the 3rd day Abraham looked at his. And he saw the place of far off and Abraham said to his young min stay here with the donkey the lad and I will go yonder and worship and we will come back to you question what does Abraham call this act that he's about to and each in her ship could you call having to lay down the beautiful promise that God has given you that you've waited 25 years an agonizing prayer to receive an act of worship I don't think I could I wish I could and yet somehow Abraham musters the faith to tell his servants that we will come back to you would you even mean by that one on 2 legs and the other in a body bag like what are you even saying right now even though he did not murmur against God but he strengthen this soul by dwelling upon the evidence of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness this son had been unexpectedly given and had not he who bestowed the precious gift a right to recall the hope of could you do that like Hannah who wrestled in the temple praying for God to give her a son and when God gives that she literally leaves him at the temple to serve God The rest of his life could you do that we should have to visit the kid once a year bring him a new you know outfit. Potentially Abraham will never see this kid again and imagine the domestic dispute he's going to have over this and what everybody else is going to think about him they know about the story this story is inspired who knows how many people Abraham just told my neighbor about that boy years where is he I don't talk about it can you imagine then Faith repeated the promise in Isaac shelf I seed be called a seed numberless as the grain of the sand upon the shore This reminds me of job this underline sentence here naked I came from my mother's womb and naked will I die the Lord gives in the Lord takes away doesn't make it easy though Isaac was the child of a miracle and could not the power that gave him life restore it but why would these thoughts even into the mind of Abraham when there has never been a resurrection to this point in time no one has ever been raised from the dead why would you even think of such a thing from dust you came to dust to return. But looking beyond that which was seen Abraham grasped the Divine Word and he was 11 says he accounted that God was able to raise him up even from the dead it's just as unimaginable to hear of someone being raised from the dead as it is for someone to give birth who was barren be it Abraham chose to believe what God said in spite of what he felt but here's the difficulty What do you do when you have God said versus God said. Both sides of this equation or authoritative they come from God. Your seed will bless the world I'm asking you to kill him. When he's too if it was made. I would rule the one that makes me happy. Not the one that would destroy me but when you truly know who God is you will give him the benefit of the doubt in the things that you don't understand. Abraham was referred to as a friend of God He knew him and even though his friend asked him to do something that seemed outside of his friend's character he chose to believe that I can do the hard one and still trust in the rest in the blessing that he's promised have wrestled to do that right now. Yet none but God could understand how great was the father sacrifice and yielding up his son to death here's where I think we can start to find answers but will come back to that Abraham desire that none but God should witness the parting scene can you imagine with the servants would even think they know the testimony clearly they would stop this crazy old man and keep this from happening Abraham's lost his mind stop him he bade the servants remain behind saying I in the lad will go up yonder and there's that word again it just hurts to read worship and come again to you the wood was laid upon Isaac the one to be offered the father took the knife in the fire and together they ascended toward the mountain summit the young man silently wondering wince so far from falls and flocks the offering was to come we've done this before where's the you know at last he spoke my father Behold the fire in the wood but where is the way for a burnt offering Oh what a test was this how the endearing words my father pierced Abraham's heart that yet he could not tell him now. My son he said God will provide himself a lamb for the offering and then once they get to the Mel has to unfold the divine command to his son had you even start that conversation he knows that he is a child of promise that he is a walking miracle and he hear from his father who agonize for 25 years to believe what God said in spite of all the reality around him even at times you know the nagging of his wife just Mary Hagar let's get this over with this is going to work God has kept me from having children she says How do you even tell him. Thankfully Abraham has trained his son to truly know God. And at least he has some context to work with some soil to work with. And even the wise it could have overpowered his aged in weary father he submits himself and allows himself to be offered as a 20 year old kid with the vitality of life Abraham is an old man exhausted from 3 long days of agonizing with God What would your view of God be if your father told you that God told him to offer you as a sacrifice it could be very bad were not for the fact that he gives his dad was a friend of God and he trained as a boy to be a friend of God But then comes the pivotal moment of submission on both their parts and now the last words of love are spoken the last 2 years or should the last embrace is given the father lifts the knife to slay his son when suddenly his arm is staid an angel of God calls to the patriarch out of heaven Abraham Abraham he quickly answers here by. And again the voices heard laid not the right hand upon the ad. Neither do they all in the thing under him for the hell I know that they'll fear is God seeing though has not withheld I said the only son for me. Abraham truly did receive his son back from the dead the fact that he didn't die is convenient. But this man commits in his heart I'm going to do it he actually lifts the knife and is actually going to do it the fact that God stuff them is convenient but for all intents and purposes he does receive his son back from the dead Isaac did die and yet God intervenes and gives him his son back think about it a resurrection without his death. Then Abraham lifted his eyes and looked and there behind him was a ram caught in the thicket by its horns so Abraham went in took the ram and he offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son and Abraham called the name of that place the Lord will provide the greatest understatement of the century as it is said to this day in the meld of the Lord it shall be provided but I have a question what has to happen before that provision is given. He has to surrender. He has to go all live. When he surrenders and holds nothing back from God even the promise that God has given him it is only them that he receives his son back from the dead and only then. Abraham's great active face stands like a pillar of light illuminating the pathways of God's servants in all succeeding ages. Abraham did not seek to excuse himself from doing the will of God during that 3 days' journey he had sufficient time to reason and to doubt if you was disposed to Dale he might have reasoned that the slaying of his son would cause him to be looked upon as a murderer a 2nd cave that would cause his teachings to be rejected and despised and thus destroy his power to do good to his fellow men this could have destroyed his ministry because a kind of lot of problems but he chose to believe what God said. But I love the mercy and grace of God on display here because Abraham failed as we learned earlier right Abraham did not believe as God wanted him to believe he lied about Sera being his sister and he marries Hagar and has Ishmael but what I love is maybe God made promises to you and you messed up God in His great mercy still gave the promise and he still gave Abraham opportunity to prove himself to the only looking universe that there is a God who's worth following even if it cost you everything he can give us another chance we don't when we don't get it right when we mess up. He might have pleaded that age should excuse him from obedience but the pitcher did not take refuge in the any of these excuses Abraham was human his passions and attachments were like ours but he did not stop to question how the promise could be fulfilled if Isaac should be slain I would and I do so how he doesn't he did not stay to reason with his aching heart he knew that God is just and righteous in all his requirements and he obeyed the command to the very letter. Abraham chose to trust God to move forward even though it made no sense and could cost of not only the promise but could even be cutting off his own salvation e.g. Wagner's book the everlasting covenant makes this point that when Abraham is thinking about having to kill his son the promise see that will save the world will come through his son in his mind this could even be cutting off his own salvation because he's too willing to do it because God is leading God has spoken he will go forward here's why all this happened. So one else had to make an unthinkable sacrifice of His Son. His only son. Whom he loved and the Lord indeed provided himself as of offering some of our translations say the Lord will provide for himself an offering that's not how it reads in the original language it says the Lord's going to provide himself as the offering. It for him believe that. Interestingly enough it's on melt Mariah where Jesus dies. David purchased organs threshing floor to atone for his sin and doing a census right later in his reign. And to stop the plague that was wreaking havoc on Israel he sees the angel of the Lord with a drawn sword above ordinance threshing floor and David says I need this floor I need to make an offering a sacrifice to God because there's a pestilence overtaking our area quite relevant now as now I'm not making any spiritual connections don't jump through that hoop. But 2nd Chronicles chapter 3 verse one confirms this that or an ins threshing floor is on in this is where they build the temple where David commands his son Solomon to build the temple. In fact many believe it was doing some research this week some even believe that very spot of ordnance threshing floor is where they actually place the Holy of Holies when they built it. But Jesus is sacrificed within a stone's throw of this very location. On top of this those doubts the wizard in the Abraham's ears from Satan echo the doubts that Satan was bridge into Jesus his ears at the 70 it's not worth it people don't care why go through with this madness when Jesus is about to make an unthinkable sacrifice it must be that God was trying to show Abraham something that he could not have learned any other way and that's why he had him go through a process that to us would be unthinkable and even cause us to doubt God's goodness if we didn't know what we now until as history further unfolded we think God asking Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice is unthinkable imagine God being willing to sacrifice his own son his only son who he loved that is unthinkable but apparently he saw something in you. And in me that led him to believe that it was worth it. God did not ask Abraham to make a sacrifice that he himself was not willing to make. And this bridge are a consolation to me because when God comes up to me asking for me to give up my son my only son who by love he's not asking something that he has had to go through him self he understands and that also means that he can give me the strength to go through with it. Through type and promise God preached before the gospel of to Abraham and the patriarchs faith was fixed upon the Redeemer to come said Christ to the Jews your father Abraham rejoiced that he should see my day and he saw it and was glad the ram offered in the place of Isaac represented the Son of God who was to be sacrificed in our stead and when man was doomed to death by transgression of the law of God the Father looking upon his son said to the Sidner live. I felt the ransom. It was to impress Abraham's mind with the reality of the gospel as well as to taste his faith test his faith. That God commanded him to slay his son the agony which he endured during the dark days of that fearful trial were permitted that he might understand from his own experience something of the greatness of the sacrifice made by the infinite God for man's redemption learning something intellectually is helpful or what deeply impressed as that truth upon the soul is treading that why impress yourself. No other test could have caused Abraham such torture of soul as did the offering of His Son God gave His Son to a death of agony and shame the angels who witness the humiliation and soling wish of the Son of God were not permitted to interpose as in the case of Isaac there was no voice to cry it's enough to save the fallen race the King of Glory yielded up his life what stronger proof can be given of the infinite compassion and love of God He spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things beloved if God wasn't willing to keep back his only begotten son. Why are we holding on to the things that we can't that week we think that we can't live without the sacrifice required of Abraham was not alone for his own good nor soley for the benefit of succeeding generations in this wreck to me when I realize this yesterday but it was also for the instruction of the sinless intelligences of Heaven and of other worlds the field of the controversy between Christ and Satan the field on which the plan of redemption is wrought out is the lesson book of the universe and because Abraham It showed a lack of faith in God's promises same had accused him of for the angels and before God of having failed to comply with the conditions of the Covenant and as worthy of its blessing. And God desired to prove the loyalty of his servant before all heaven to demonstrate that nothing less than perfect obedience can be accepted and opened more fully before them the plan of salvation something much larger was at stake here not to strengthen Abraham's faith it was to instill faith in the universe and improve Satan's accusations is wrong but when we suffer and endure severe trials in our faith we lose sight of the fact that God could be doing the very same thing in your life God how long is this going to go on how long do I continue having to wait when no one else has to wait like I wait maybe he sees something in you that you don't see if you. In your story is helping them not to see you if you wrestle with the cross that you've been given and don't know why you never see the end in sight maybe God is doing something bigger than you imagine and that he believes in your ability to succeed in his strength heavenly beings were witnesses of the scene as the faith of Abraham in the submission of Isaac were tested the trials far more severe than that which brought upon Adam by the way compliance with the prohibition laid upon our 1st parents involved no suffering. But the command of Abraham divan demanded the most agonizing sacrifice all heaven be held with wonder and admiration Abraham's on faltering obedience and listen to this all heaven applauded his fidelity sings accusations were shown to be false and God declared to his servant now I know that you fear God not withstanding Satan's charges seeing there has not withheld vice on vine only Son for me God's covenant confirmed to Abraham by an old before the intelligence of the otherworlds testified that obedience will be rewarded it will you're not waiting in vain you are not suffering in vain God sees heaven is applied to it it will be worth it. It's been difficult even for the angels to grasp the mystery of redemption to comprehend that the commander of heaven the Son of God must die for guilty man and with the command was given Abraham to offer up a son that the interest of the heavenly beings was enlisted with intense earnestness they watched each step in the fulfillment of this command when to Isaac's question where is the lamb for a burnt offering is a good question Abraham where is where is the lamb Abraham made answer God will provide himself a lamb and when the father's hand was stayed as he was about to slay a son of the ram which God provided was offered in the place of Isaac then light was shed upon the mystery of redemption and even the angels understood more clearly the wonderful provision that God had made for man salvation. The need to the Lord called Abraham a 2nd time out of heaven and said by myself I have sworn we're told in one place that God's honor is state on the fulfillment of His promises. That the honor of God's throne is State of the fulfillment of His promises by myself I have sworn says the Lord because you have done this thing and if not withheld your son your only son blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sandwiches on the seashore in your descendant shall possess the gate of their enemies in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed because you have obeyed my voice remember as he's walking through the beginning of these 3 days of agonizing trial where did Abraham go out to try to hear from God under the stars he went back to Genesis 15 What does God do after Abraham will behave. He Principessa to Genesis 15 and repeats the exact same promise to him it's still true nothing has changed. And you get to have your son back from the dead this whole narrative takes on a whole new meaning to me in recent weeks for some things I'm dealing with with God But it all began nearly a year ago when I was at a speaking engagement where someone dealt this passes away I didn't expect I'm forever indebted to them for that I will tell you where best speaking at a place they gather where there are multiple speakers and this guy had a testimony on the last day of this conference different testimony someone who wasn't raised in Aves but became an abacus and told their story there was a test of me as someone who was raised in Agnes and stayed in Athens which is a testimony and then he was asked to do a presentation on leaving and coming back. And he will for Genesis Chapter 22 and told his story he's a minister. And he told his story of how he's gone through difficulties in life and challenges while in ministry he says there's things I can't tell anyone but my wife and then there are things I can't even tell her and he says that ministry is one of the loneliest places on the planet and it's true it's a privilege to serve but unless you've lived that grind you just don't understand. And he tells a story of how it's easy in ministry I wish it wasn't but it can happen in the mystery where we lose sight of where we've been we lose sight of what God has delivered us from and we can start to discos it in a ride on her talents we don't work as hard on sermons anymore because we can preach sermons that make people cry without even really trying it could happen not intentionally but it could happen we can forget where we come from and you end up in situations you talked about how you know he was a pastor of churches and people would just talk behind his back and cause problems and difficulties and it's hard as a minister and he was telling a story about he was in a situation where he's told there's a woman who's filled with a demon she's demon possessed and they ask him to go help her and the entire car right there he's terrified because he knows where I need to be in my faith experience right now. Who I should be right now and he feels outgunned and he goes to this house and he prays in the fear of God and this woman is delivered. And he weeps uncontrollably of the entire ride home because he knows I didn't deserve that that shouldn't have happened he said he prayed a prayer once that was the worst prayer he's ever prayed in his life show me who my real friends are and as he's going through this agony in ministry the people who were there for him before. We're now and he said he said that God took me through that experience to realize that I'm your old me friend. I'm all that you have people are going to fail you that's going to happen to you you're going to go through situations in just wish long and hope that someone will be there for you and they are and it's that teaches this less of the Abraham struggle to are to learn in Genesis Chapter 15 Abraham of everything you've been looking for and he says no you're not what I'm looking for is what you promised me not you. And in order that lesson again in this situation in offering up his son Isaac but then this guy made a statement in his sermon the absolutely wrecked me and knowing down the minister. He goes in knowing that I know the growing and starts preaching to me in front of everybody and I lose it. And it was like someone took me through an experience even though God has brought me through these lonely and difficult seasons of ministry God brought me through but what this man did for me was validate the pain that I went through in a way that brought life to me points to another minister in the room it goes in with him he loses it another guy sit in the front row jumps up and starts wailing and leaves the room I saw the Spirit of God fall in that place last year God gave me a gift that I will never forget and that's what got my gears turning about this I didn't fully understand this until about 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago and now. This is what he said be prepared to love everything and everyone else less in the midst of the thing that you need to sacrifice the most that longing for people to be there when you need them whatever it is for you in the midst of having to sacrifice that thing that means the most to you he says make sure you call that sacrifice or ship. And he said make sure that you come back because when God asked for your Isaac It's very tempting to leave because it's too much what God is asking is just unthinkable and I can't do this right now and it's easy to leave but he said when God asks you to lay down that thing that means the most to you call that sacrifice worship come back. And be prepared to love everything else less. Worship cost something in the Old Testament didn't so it was near and dear to you part of your home well guess what true worship cost God everything let's go back and see what God told Abraham right when he was about to offer a son Isaac and look at the specific language that God uses because I think this is the point and Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son but the injured Lord called him from heaven and said Abraham Abraham. So he said Here I am and he said have do not lay your hand on the lad and do not do anything to him for now I know that you fear God since you have not withheld your son your only son from me do you notice the difference. What's the difference from the initial call that God gives him to offer Isaac. You have. Clearly Abraham had learned to love Isaac less than God and if he's willing to lay him on the altar and call it worship then now he gets it guys that's the point. We have to be willing to love everything else less even the things that God promises us. Those promises of God may have brought revival in the healing in joy into your life. But if you love the promise more than the promise giver you are not on the advantage ground you've not learned the lesson that God is trying to teach you the promise may have helped you to be willing to endure for a moment but would you be willing to go all in the even if it meant giving up the problems Abraham got to that point and I believe this story is here for you and for me because by God's grace he can do the same for us Amen I believe this is where the rubber meets the road for all of us and while we all have to face our own melt Mariah moment and our own lives at some point in time but guys. God was willing to love you more than the experience the he had with his son. His only son. Whom he loved. I was challenged a year ago to love everything else less but I was destroyed yesterday what I saw think God loved me before. Even more than what he had to do something for. His only son. Whom he loved. And of God can do that. Then the least thing that I can do is choose to love my son less than him amen. Whatever were afraid of losing cannot bring us the healing identity and acceptance that God can. Not possible so I question you this morning in my pill use morning is an appeal that I've been wrestling with for a while now. What area of your life is God asking you to surrender. What's he been saying to you take I pray the he says your your only which you love what he's speaking to you about and will you choose today. To lay it on the altar and to choose to love it less than the one who truly gave all for you that's the question the easy thing to do it appeals is to assume that you need to respond but this is an appeal that requires courage. Deep courage and faith and I believe only God can empower you to succeed and responding to such an appeal is that. Because of my flesh I can't do that I can. But by His grace as someone who succeeded in the same exact way to a far greater extent before me. He can empower me to do the same in. God in heaven you have challenged me beyond belief in recent weeks and you're asking me to do something that is not easy but I'm praying oh god that you would give me the courage and the faith to take my son. My only son whom I love. In the bring him to you about Mariah. I let go Lord let your grace in your strength and I pray that there are people in this room this morning. Who are hearing that same call God would you give them your strength to do the unthinkable. As a think offering for the fact that you already have done the thinkable Lord forgive our sins our experience in Genesis 15 that when you approach us and give us a precious promise but also tell us that you're enough for us. Forgive us lord we've not believe that that's true when the promise has been more important than the problems giver we thank you for bearing along with us but I pray that this time around that we get it right and that heaven could rejoice over this decision. Cover our sins of idolatry with the blood of Jesus send your Holy Spirit to do in through the forest we cannot do for ourselves and I pray that the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus would make us free from the law of sin and death and appraises says in John Chapter 8 that the son would make us free indeed. We ask these things in Christ Jesus name. Him in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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