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Facebook Marketing - Part 5: Facebook Marketing Q & A

Chris Matts


Chris Matts

C.E.O. of Advent Digital Marketing




  • June 21, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Do you have only Father Lord we are thankful for the sunshine today it's a beautiful day and Sabbath is approaching and great that we're And as we understand more of this technology we pray for your wisdom and your insight or we just thank you for the opportunity to give us here to win souls we pray that you continuously put that burden on our hearts and help us to be into those around us and love our neighbors to show them your character so that they may be one to the King and Lord we love you with us now just in we pray in the end so. So they I know we've gone over a lot over the past few days so today we're going to discount a deliberate a question and answer if there's not a ton of questions I'll continue going to the Facebook. Business a manager and then also start showing you how to set up the integration with many chat because we touched on that a little bit yesterday and then I'll talk to little about an opportunity that you guys have with Google so before I dive into anything is there any pressing questions yes. Ok On Facebook you know you would. You know many seem to really be. All right so you're going to go to your churches page. And so far we have it in that then. So once your church is page you're going to go down to the left side where it says of the hands and then simply like this button right here says creative and. And then after that you can upload their cover photo or you can even upload a video if you'd like to your event name in description all of this information here and. Moderated a little bit too yeah so you can make it so that only admins can post in that event or you can he so anybody can post which I recommend anybody so that you can have a little bit of a conversation there and answer questions if anybody has I'm so is that. Yes. I'm the. Lead in. That usually yeah otherwise how did the. Well I don't want. To be on my it's. Ok so. Your church is set up like this right has a Facebook page 30 guys have a profile and I ask because some people you know they create profiles when they don't know the difference of their age so it sort of as a page you know you can simply go back here you simply just inviting people to like your page so that they can become a subscribers and they're going to do that over here right here so serious as Invite friends so you can simply invite your friends. On this pop up here. And you can select which friends you want to invite to the page or you can just select all of them which only select a certain Manas I'm on the page you have to make it loud and people reading all that stuff so that kind of answer a question there are. Like like. You know like. They're going to comment negative things and somebody's got. This right. Yes This is from requests from. Friends. Yeah yeah if it if you're receiving a friend request that's going to be for your profile your personal profile that So if you accept them they're not going to go to your page unless you invite them to page there if for some reason you get some crazy comments or something like that. You can simply delete them and that yeah police action will walk people. So for instance I have friends. There missionary Ok but I don't necessarily want them in my institute. And say Yeah because they will say. I. Understand where they're at but I don't want. Yeah I mean it's I just wouldn't invite them to like your institutional page. A webmaster. Now if they're your personal finance. I'm glad you're. Doing. Their share now so the Nixons any other questions yeah. I think so once you publish something on Facebook you have this option to boost it or you can go while you're publishing it. For example all of them are in the here so you see how you know you can write something in there and then you can simply do stay here while you're publishing it and when you're doing this make sure that because I showed you how to set up your out accounts 3 days ago just make sure you have it on the right account because if you doubt it's going to do yeah you're going to charge someone else and so like an ass it automatically pulls in my personal one I just want to make sure that I'm on you know the right out account so it doesn't charge sap. And and. The controls are right here and you can select you know how many days you want to publish it for and all that stuff with videos you can put a link in it. So you can drive traffic to a website if you want to. That I met your question. You do let me x. out of the success I give me all the. The stuff here. So any boost to post. It is just. You know I don't know why it's not showing up right here right now and it's because we just do so this one not that long ago I want to turn the page of The Great but basically when you go in to your. Business Manager like we're doing here and. You go up to this section up here all tools audiences like we did a few days ago. And then you start creating these audiences they will show up when you miss a post. You just have to either create the custom audiences or say the audiences I can mention here let me try nother page really quick I don't know why the songs. In strange. Ok. So you see House as audience now I'm going to click this one this as see all and it's going to show all the audiences that we have for this specific attic Our like we're not on the right a car right now so again make sure it's always like to the right at a concert in charge or in person. Or you can just put this on this as custom audiences is going to show you all the custom audiences from the back and there. So what I do because. You know I follow a different kind of stuff it just depends on the person and the account and everything like that so a lot of times when I'm loosing a post I'm never using the basic targeting options like this right which is what most people are doing so they go to people you choose to targeting and then add it. This is all it is you write I'm using custom audiences that I've set up in the back end so that I've already you know already have that control I've already set up all the controls there so a lot of times what I do is I'll I'll boost it to one of the audiences and then I'll come in here and I get ads manager sorry for those of you who are just joining us today we've had it's kind of been a you know buildup to this so. You have any specific questions feel free to raise your hand and I can shove it touch on that So for example if I'm going to do suppose I'll do a split test so that I'm kind of grouping my audiences in different buckets so that at the end of the day I know which audience perform well if you group them all into one you know bucket you'll never know which you know little segment are performed and we do this so that we know where to reallocate our budget the split up our $100.00 budget 10 ways and run this 10 different audiences and we noticed that 2 of those audiences outperform the other a we'll take our other remaining budget that will that we have and we'll put it behind those 2 and stop running or as the so just showing you how to do like a simple split test here. Yeah you know we want to make sure that we get the most out of the ad spend so. I just kind of skipped through these 2 sections here which we've already gone over but at the ad level you'll see this option here that says use existing post and then just make sure that that's all correct so like to post now you're able to select a post that's already on. The page you've already published and so the cool thing is that that post is published one time on the page and now I can come from the back end and publish it in the back and however many times I want to it's only going to show up that it's been publishing the page one time so it's not going to show up like Spammy on your page where it looks like it's been posted over and over and over again. So just what. I stand. On well are not because you can't split tests with just boosting a post as I can let you run the ad multiple times to have price I tell us to act on her or her and. If you are. And yes. Somebody. Some stranger I don't know how I got in message from someone telling me that here with you things like they cast me at retirement I 1st found a new I mean how Ok that or how I stop yet for sure and so that's why I Yeah well that's that's a great point I can show you guys how to set. Kind of a manual frequency cap so we can see has to deal with how many times your ad has been delivered to the same person so. I agree sometimes it can get annoying. Sometimes we do it intentionally We want people to see the ad over and over and over again. These are driving that point home but I'm going to show you how to set a menu a frequency cap for your saved audiences so you go to audiences. And well just then it's pretty slow today I lot of people trying to use. We're going to save the audience actually 1st we have to create the customizing so we can pull it into say target so you start off I could in a custom audience and you want to go to the Facebook page one and that and anybody who's engaged with any of your posts or add. You know I'm just going to do this oh my god doesn't that use us. Ok so I. Set it for a like. Maybe 3 days so that they're not saying that if they seen the ad 3 days ago they want to see it again for another 3 days right you're going to going to just sat just however many days you want to do it. So there's. The now we go and we create a safe audience so what we're going to do you as we're going to target let's say. Anybody who and C.D.'s or anybody who's watched 25 percent of our videos we're going to target those people but we're also going to exclude people who. Seen any of our ads within the last 3 days right. So that's how you do it here and then you just. Have to name it and you can create audience so that that interest. That. Ok so that's one make sure I'm understanding the question correctly so here at the campaign level you can say and let's say our objective is to get there you have use for that campaign and then we go and we're just going to kind of skip through the ad sets. And now we can. We can save this same ad this is just say we're targeting audience one here ad so a little and then that ad Lovell or polling in one now already exists where we are there is. I wouldn't I wouldn't say that's a perfect number. Yeah. Oh you're saying it shows like that split test option from Facebook Yeah that's right so Facebook has. This automatics split testing feature where you can select it at the. Campaign level and what will happen is Facebook will choose a winner for you after the out has been delivered to 500 people so the reason that I don't like using Facebook's. Automatic split test feature is because personally I don't think that 500 an ad being delivered to 500 people determines a winner I think I think it takes a little bit more than that and there's some other variables in there so. That's just my preference personally and. Yeah that's kind of that but so that answers the question again so you have 3 here you can split test different audiences and then also you can split test different ads and you can keep those all in the same you know campaign here because remember the campaign is like the House and the ad set is like the rooms in the house and then the ad it's like furniture in the rooms in the house so you have multiple ads inside us and multiple ad sets inside of one campaign yes. I mean. I am trying to understand the question a little bit more can you. You know. I would say it just depends on your level of expertise for sure and. Yeah Ok so. If you're in then it also depends on the expertise of the agency that you're hiring and all of that stuff as well but. Typically what I do and I'm managing a campaign is I go there on a daily basis I actually have someone who works for me that does the daily part of it and I meet with them weekly in the league over it together so. It's a little more attention to detail our expertise is very high the because we do this for a lot of people and so. You know we we start we start off with an entire plan and map it out ahead of time just to kind of give you guys an idea of what type of stuff we do. And just going to show you kind of that evolution of it all here so you can see here we've got all these ones I say post really quick all these ones I say post in front of them. Yeah and it's on that and I have a size here so all these ones I say post whenever you boost a post it creates its own campaign for you it doesn't follow that same format of like one ad or multiple ads a side of ads sets and it is just does it automatically for you so just know that So these are just kind of you know individual things but these other ones are like d r r t is a direct response retargeting you can see here so like if I say show you this we have 161 ads. And. We have $200.00 that are showing there's a $1074.00 right where I just want you to pay attention to these images here the same image we're just using at the $7.00 in the ads total This far as like the neo as in graphics or it's using them over and over and over and over again in different audiences at different times of like that so. It's not a you know push the magical the button and walk away type of thing it's. You know you're in there every day looking at what's going on and making decisions so again it kind of depends on the level of expertise so you're hiring but it can get complex pretty quick and that's why I told you guys start off with a plan for us we don't necessarily need to do it as much anymore. But when I 1st started it took a spreadsheet. Just Math everything out ahead of time and so you guys you're not going to be at this hour doing 1000 ads right. You might do like a 100 or something like that so or 10. So. That's. A scan to give you a better understanding that. Any other questions now Ok of the piece in. Its name and that's I mean it's. Not just. That you had it you know and when. You had. To write in learn something. About yes of course I just want to take you guys a places that actually have something going on so you can see. It and I can pull things from it but I do have. A use somewhere. So. Yeah there are some and you know and I did. Now I'm going to show. This in a personal one I actually use that one this is one that I was doing the head another when I was like 3 Angelus church or something like that that I was using So yeah you can do that. And yeah just don't invite anybody into it and. Then we'll see it. So yeah well there's no more questions at this moment if any do come up these are your hands and I. Love to into them so yes we were talking about this really fabulous tool it's called many chat and many chat is basically. The new form of I would say it email simplified for you guys you know you're able to send out broadcasts to people in Facebook messenger and you know get them to subscribe and all that fun stuff so. I showed you guys a little bit of what's going on here yesterday now I want to show you guys how to integrate a few different things with a really nice tool called Xavier so that everything can communicate directly and one of the things I want to touch on to we have a nest on is tracking one of the issues that I realize. Tracking for churches so you know you put out these ads in then you really won't know if these people actually showed up here or church of then you know a lot rely on a really old method of pencil and paper and how did you hear about us and then but a check next to the one and I believe that people get hit from multiple angles you know they'll see a billboard that a male or a see Facebook and so. Before I dive in and he said actually touch on that so well do you as you can you know have like a male chimp form that has you know the name in email phone number and maybe zip code and. Just push on that information here into Facebook into this tab that's called offline events that's one way of doing it another way is have someone at the registration table logged all of that information which they probably are doing anyways and then you can simply. Upload it in here. And what will happen is. Facebook is going to. This fix going to hash all of that out so here you take that file upload it and there I decided to have one puppet butt up in there and Facebook's going to hash out that data and say hey this person saw this ad in the last you know 90 days so this is a much more efficient way to track your your church events using Facebook ever ties and then this kind of sitting there guessing where did our money go and it worked and so you can do a manually like that or you can set up an integration with this tour right here called safe here where you can take mail Jim right you know I don't have my notes of account connected to this so. There's what this tool does it just gets to applications communicating so what will happen here is I can set it up where you know when you when that let's say you have it on a i Pad or this ration table once they fill it out and possibly. It's going to trigger this right here you know new subscriber so it will trigger when someone subscribes and then from there. This can allow me to connect McConnell assessing but I don't have a set up with this so it will trigger there and then once it triggers it'll push it automatically into Facebook for you every single one of those people so that's a little bit of a more automated way to do it. Rather than having to do it manually but you can do both you neither do it automated or manual so that's how you do that then let's say with many chat you know you have just kind of like what you guys are doing when I provide my resource links to you guys I'm giving you guys these links and then it's doing something like this right saying no welcome Susie thank you for subscribing then immediately says a surprise email and it pulls up here in mail that you have associated with your Facebook account you click on it and then when you guys click on this it's actually getting pushed through to a Google sheet so it's logged in then from there it's going to be pushed through to r. C r m r s relationships minute it will also like mail ship or active campaign something like that so. Ok So yes so Mail Chimp is a place to house all of your emails. To contact act in. There's this kind of like add an addon to c.r.m. that's all that disciples which I've been talking to the developer Thomas mail and news actually working and getting this part of it set up for you guys so that it can communicate was if you're an engineer with all the tools so I don't know how far along that is but it is coming. And I know a lot of people in the conference have disciples already so that I mean this for you guys but just know that when. Someone subscribe Sursum when someone interacts with us at whatever point you know there are you know your website here and you have the little customer chat thing that pops up down here whenever the page loads if they even click this button and start having a conversation there now subscribe to your list right if they try to message your Facebook page there now subscribe to your list if you put out a messenger add in the age of that whatsoever they're now subscribed to your list so email you know you always want to have a good email list that you can communicate or email open rates or at like 5 to 10 percent if you're lucky and you have good stuff right while the open rates for this are like 90 percent and I'll show you here with one that we sent out so far these guys. And again it assures us this yesterday but we've only been running this ad for them since May 21st and we've got 835 subscribers so far so it can work really well you know just just having a set up like I had I set this up for g.i.c. and we didn't run any messenger ads for them. Or is just set up on their page and they have 339 subscribers just for having it so just having it set up without running in the ads will help you tremendously to start getting people subscribe to your list and now once a subscribe you can send them updates on every time you have a church event or Johnny having a concert or cooking school or anything like that so you can see here at that point we only had 765 subscribers 653 of them actually read the message we sent we didn't have a link so there was no click there it. So the reason it works so well is because they get a notification on their cell phone their pocket you know buzzes and beings they look at oh that's a trans u.i.c. message from you know that the church or whatever open it now they're able to engage you can have flows built up where you know it's like what's your favorite food they click on pizza you Cumbers tacos right and then it's like oh great I like talk us to here's a favorite recipe. So you can have it built so it's really interactive like that yes you're pushing them to Facebook nesters that you question yeah yeah so this is a 3rd party talk called many chat many chat as. Something that interacts with Facebook Messenger so that you can and it's kind of like Elliot little c.r.m. for the face of messenger the trying to get this built out internally it is available and if you're a developer you can go to Facebook developers dot com and you can have to code it which is going to be complicated so they have this tool for you and you can just purchase of subscription it's free you know the free version which gives you a lot of stuff in the provision it's like $10.00 a month so Stephanie worth it so. Yeah any questions about how many chat or Facebook ads or anything we talk about some of the life. Is. But not as annoying but. Exactly yeah and you can broadcast a regular basis. Provide them value I mean you can set up an ad with this where someone and you can make some type of offer you know 3 bible studies right and they click and issued some a p.d.f. with a Bible study on why this got a lot suffering and now that person subscribe to listen in many chat and you can follow up with them right so you can generate leads for church for Bible study interested in this. Even holy You only. Know you can send an ad out to them so it's not it's not just a messenger you can actually publish the ad in the face of a god platform. And I'll show up in the new cd I will show up a messenger you can use like the placement for yeah. Now now this is just within the face of God Potter. So Ok well there's no more questions there are so that. I want to tell you guys about something we were unable to open of this can of worms because they spoke was going to you know worms for us or can it do that totally. But just so you know you can if you're nonprofit you can get Google ads right you know awards you up to $10000.00 a month and had spend so you can go here google dot com forward slash grants for its eyeshadow apply and you can apply for one of these and it's a big tax write off for Google So they happen to do. And then you can start learning how to set up Google ads which I just don't have time to get into that that is now they have a lot of similar features like Facebook and the platform is a little bit different in the sense that is dealing with search so you know when it comes to Facebook ads we're just targeting people based on the interests and with search we're targeting people based on keywords that they're actually typing in to the search engine so someone could be typing and does God exist right now we're targeting them which you know for example we're doing an ad campaign for Jesus on policy this year so all across state of Michigan we're betting on all the spiritual religious related terms of people are typing into the search engine because we want those people to go visit the website so say the website there's a pixel install and they're going to target on Facebook You Tube in Google Display Network So you want to definitely check this out or your nonprofit or your church and just know it's you do you know Ok you do get sometimes a little bit better quality traffic from Google search because. The keyword that they're typing in or the search term reveals their intent right dentists near me I know this person is looking for a dentist right where as on Facebook I could just be targeting people my local area and I don't know if they're looking for a dentist at that time right so you can also do this on You Tube where you're targeting people based on the recent search queries in the You Tube you can actually place ads on a specific channel so if you know that people are watching this you know Christian guy on You Tube that is speaking of much of heresy and you know prophecy and so I like that you can target his channel with a pre roll ad that gives them a breakdown of been up to and now they're going to be there and be like oh this is exactly what I was going to look for these guys are way better let me go quick to their channel and watch all their videos. So there's nowhere scotching the scratch of the scratch of the surface human ness and this is a really awesome tool for us to win souls excuse me I have really bad allergies a sweet but we're we're using this tool to win souls and God is giving us an opportunity in this time and we don't know how long you know. The freedoms that we have in this country are going to last so we need to take advantage of the tool now so if you guys are wanting to if you see the potential become a student you know I get like I mentioned before we want to release a course that walks you guys through every single step but at this moment we're kind of all pioneers in this room which is kind of cool so I believe in the next you know a few years. More conferences will have people who are doing this specific thing that has come back from Pennsylvania they're looking to hire a guy right now that can do exactly all of this stuff for their conference and it's going to be a huge thing so the church is taking it seriously you know General Conference to the to staff with the center from one of inches in the search engine optimization and they are as big discussions around running a huge campaign on line from that level as well so. This will sort of follow a vision you know we're targeting you guys. Yeah well they've been getting some had to move so. Yeah we're out here and you know we're happy that there's a lot of interest so. I don't really want to dive any deeper into. These other things because it's just going to get too weird. So yeah once or question and then you can do. The same with an Facebook. So I kind of give you my strategy for Facebook ever ties in because I know that you probably weren't here doing any of the 1st ones which is where I went over it. And the reason why I would do that is just because short answer is it just depends so. With Facebook advertising you have an opportunity to target a local community over and over and over again and build a relationship remember Christ method evangelism is to build a relationship with the people before you ask them to do something so with Facebook advertising you know we can target our local community with short little videos that help them in their health and spiritual life in a family all these different things and build an influence as a local pastor as an elder as an of the Angelus and then you can retarget them with offers to come to cooking classes and then just excuse a series of things like that where Google ads it will depend on. A few different things one is innocent biggest one is search volume so you may live in a place where there's not a bunch of search volume for the specific keywords that would reveal high intensity actual interest so. Yeah it just depends there but if you're in a place in the search volume is just through the roof for people searching for bible studies in churches near me and things like that it could be a good you know remember you know you're in there so how do we choose our channel we choose our channel or where we're going to place our ads based on where our audience is. And so if our audience is there if the search volume is there we need to be advertising there if our local community spending time on Facebook need to be there as well. If. You know that whatever it is. Being used. It is for you the links yeah yeah so I got all your guys emails. And I plan on putting together a big Dropbox file and. With all the links in the sides and everything here and if you guys want a specific resources that I've been sharing with you guys I'll put the resource links back up on the screen to. Any other questions now Ok There you go. Using the identity series I share yesterday with the General Conference or. Yes Ok. I think everybody should follow it and I just got off the phone with types and symbols yesterday who. Was a did a design agency that did that and you know we want to definitely do more you know there's no 100 percent plan that we're going to do anything right now but we want to do more where there's not only just the brand identity with logos and some like that but we want to do messaging so that all of the churches are using the same message right communicating the same message so it's very important I think all the churches should be using it and again for those a year to Joan or work here yesterday there's on a general converses website. There is a identity kit for the 7 even a church where you can download our logos in the colors of the typeface and all of that stuff it's right there for you can download it on p. and g. files and I use it for your Facebook page. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Well if I have free will and. This is God's problem right he's looking at us I am going to ask for you well you know. It's challenging so. Yeah I think more and over time more people will start seeing the menace and then it. Right now we can fight and so we can then. Yeah so going back to this because I know we're wrapping up here just for those of you who weren't here you know just jump in and I just want to do a quick overview here we're in Facebook Business Manager we're going to set one of these up by going to business dot facebook dot com If you really beneficial for you guys in setting up ads and doing all of that stuff so once you and I have a little out resource link that I provide at the end for you guys so you guys can walk through this outline of setting this account up and all that stuff so. You can do that and then once you're in here you go to the menu bar and you know the ads manager and then in ads manager you have all of these. Different things here but we're going to create a campaign so critical in pain I recommend if you're using videos to use video views objective this ecclesia at this level you're just telling the Facebook software here's what I'm trying to accomplish in Facebook understands who its users are so it knows if you're a user who typically this is Web sites and he's with us watches videos all of that stuff so the software is very smart and if you give us a basic instructions it will do a really good job so let's say we're doing that you have news from there we're going to go down here and I know I haven't been touching on this too much but make sure you label everything correctly because when you're running split tests and trying to go back in later in decipher what's going on if things are labeled as just me are really really really confusing so label everything. So at this level we would have already have created you know either our custom audiences or saved audiences or you can just build it all out and here I like to do it ahead of time because it saves me time. And in order to pull in your custom audiences just click there and not all the year right there for you and then for saved audiences like right there now right there and it is pulled in then and then from that your eyes now able to select some other parameters again if you get too tight here where your audience are you trying to reach is too small the amount of money you're going to pay to reset audience is going to significantly increase because you have to think about it this way. There's only so many people logging on to Facebook in a day in their spending so much time now I don't know how much time it is and you know how many are lying in during the day but there's a number to it right and advertisers are trying to reach the same people that you are so there's only a ma a certain amount of positions available within the Facebook product for your ads to show so if there's a lot of advertisers going after the same audience you are and you're only going after a really small audience in there only logging on for a short amount of time the chance of your ad getting shown are you know a lot smaller engine going to pay a lot more for it so I recommend actually going after a little bit larger audience in the beginning and then you know shrink it down over time Iran's a split Tass if you're a church that lives in a place where your population is under $50000.00 I would say in your in your spending you know about a $12000.00 in ad spend I would say yes but test a little bit but other than that I wouldn't optimize your campaign right off the front end with a bunch of split tests what I would do is I would target that really broad audience get engagement video views things like that create a custom audience based off of those video views and Ajman and then the target those people because now you've you've already cut the fat by doing that so. That makes sense are there any questions on that and how to do that now Ok and then from here you can at the placements if you want to understand more of these placement options just Google Facebook add specs in the breakdown all the different criteria for each one of these but know that you do have total control within ads manager so if you add shop in certain places and certain options are more competitive because most advertisers. Are going after this the new cd which performs very well but there are some other places that you can advertise that do really good you know and are getting more and more traction and less advertisers advertise in there so some of those places include Instagram stories and Facebook stories where a lot of people just sit there on Instagram of the Facebook and they put the story and then it just polls and then they just keep going to the next one the next one in the next to the next one and they've been sitting there for 15 minutes and they forgot why they were doing it and they've consumed like 30 ads and so it's a good place to be. Another one to do it as in streaming videos where you know you have by the way these have to be vertical which I was going this backwards is 9 by 16 or 16 by. 16 by 9 There you go vertical. If you want that that's 16 minute because I'm a 60. 6 And again I was going backwards Ok so. It has to be vertical these can be 15 2nd videos or they can be stagnant graphics the call to action if there's a button associated with it all they have to do a swipe up in the take them to a link right you can do. 3 2nd 15 2nd video clips in a row for Instagram or Facebook stories and then these ones right here in stream videos these are the non skippable pretty early mineral videos similar to you too you know you're new to Russia video that pops up and skippable I for 2 and skip these ones are non skippable and you can have them up to 15 seconds so when people are watching videos on Facebook the next one comes up in the you know they sit there forever because they're just consuming consummate is the next one comes up with loads eventual e they'll be some in streaming ads within those videos so this is another place to advertise a lot of people don't advertise here because they're not creating their ads with the nuance right they're not creating the vertical graphics or videos that are 15 seconds on in the not creating in stream video ads that are 15 seconds on your last so these are a little bit more competitive. Easier for I can do this on mobile. Here are the stories. I don't hesitate clicking on some of these I have a lot of non Adventists friends because you know I don't administration 3 years now but of late doesn't do anything weird Ok he's doing some weird. So that's a start. And so. I thought as everyone has a fire mind so. Those are stories over there and then these are news feed that is the news feed so. It's. All when you're posting something organically Yeah Ok. Sometimes it well yeah. So the way that I look at stories is its content and expires right little short updates throughout the day you know keep your community gauged they know who you are you're building with them but it's going to expire after 24 hours whereas feed you know publish it intentions to keep there forever right so well with more high quality content here and then you know throw away content over here for sure so. Yeah it's a good way to think about it very good so. Yeah like. Us or the like learning these for the platform and kind of like seeing what what's good and you know what what's really sticky as far as consumable content goes just yesterday is good so go in there and just going to use it but I always tell people to use it with caution like even though I'm a good if you know digital marketer and a Facebook guy and all that stuff like I don't actually spend a ton of time. On social media sites on like I hardly ever post and so like that to me it's like business so it's what I do for work and I just kind of you know put it over there. But I do spend time when I do spend time in here I'm not like looking at that stuff I'm going to here I'm looking for advice. That's what I do I look for ads you guys are like I hate ads I like I look for them and I look at the copy and I get the governor using I click on the link and I go to the page and I spend a little of the money you know that I'm nice about it so you know analyze it all because I'm just fascinated with it so. Like. So. Yeah. Right yeah yeah I don't use it for games either. So yeah but just always be cautious don't spend way too much time on social media and. All that stuff Stephanie with do you have. Or. Anyone in the. He's. Like I like a star Yes I. Like. I just. Like the one I'm doing for the g.c.r. analysis. So on. You it's. Like the dinosaur of that the church nobody we're on the borders of. Like they walk in their door you. Know these Yeah and they're doing well we've grown their page by a 1000 people over the past month. Yeah. Yeah so like for example the event we're promoting here for them miscreation Sabbath and so. Christian Sabbath happens on the 4 Sabbath of a October and. Started about 10 years ago and I don't remember the exact anyone who started it but the reason they they started the knish it was primarily for. Us. Yes tied to the other but there is a Darwin had published his book. 50100 years before something like that. Something like that so they started to you know that was like in a verse or his book so they kind of like did this all creation Sabbath day and you know it's kind of stuck but we're trying to get more traction and something like this for us is like sure we can build awareness you know give us a big enough ad spend budget will you know knock on the park and creatives which we work with you know both really good creators for this project types and symbols and all of the graphics they're amazing and then Mark Peyton who's a pretty well known that youngster in the church did all the videos for us. And they're really good go check him out you know like this one it's kind of funny talks about how the parrot fish eats coral hoops out sand so. Yeah and for us like. Raising awareness isn't the issue it's tracking success like I asked before I took on the project What's the metric for success and like we just want more people to be aware and get involved and so on like well how do I track involvement you know I can't you know really track that if they're not hitting like a. Registration page or something like that so nobody has to sign up for it so we're doing is we're kind of getting our own little. Success metrics here a k p I's so we ran a messenger ad we're still running it where if you plan on so many creation Sabbath we're providing you with sermon prep material and you can opt in to get a certain problem to Rio So if you opt into our messenger by you get some apartments here oh and if you did that tells me that you're probably going to have patients out with a church so that's kind of a way that we're tracking that a little bit and also going to that run ads for surveys and stuff like that to retardants audiences and we're doing worldwide so our I'll tell you right now like we spend like 600 bucks of recent 1000000 people. Scray 0. That's because our media buying options for targeting an entire wall it's like unlimited because they switch just making sure it's gets the cheapest bid because of how we have a set up and when you're charging like 3rd world countries you can get a really cheap. A much lower bed for media placement because a lot of the big brands are never you know not competing over there so. You know I'm vision like you know online and then just except where I mean imagine that target the entire world 600 dollars we could reach a 1000000 people we're going to work pretty quick right it is going to make enough budget you know credit because sequence and you have like Mark Finley or one of these awesome guys up there there's so much we can do guys like as pioneers we need to be you know studying the different methods of arrests and the attention of the general public. With the intention that we're winning souls. And God is giving us a lot of opportunity right now so. I don't want to do any coding in the developer like they they have a Web page right now but they are working on. Yeah they're updating it right now but any any question before we close and we went over by 3 minutes. Ok. What can you do for free. What the church level. I would say 3 is really challenging to do no. I would say it become a student trying to do something you know for free become a student by just you 2 main things and again I'm not going to give you certain accounts of things because these a lot of affinity you know I don't want to like recommend you go and profanity and all that stuff but you people find so many like you know learn from them we plan on creating a course so that you guys can learn all of that stuff and I have to paint is easier not cyder to do it all for you. So that's number one and once you do that you'll be able to take your i Phone You know what you mean he already have videos and going Kanva dot com which is a free graphic design platform and create graphics and pixels and on Splash which are 3 stock photo websites and create graphics from those so I'll definitely get you started so those and 3 things you can do. I would say it's a pay to play game today you know when I advertise or just for example for g.i.c.. We put something out organically it may reach a 1002000 people the most organically and they have about 39000 followers on their page so it's just a small percentage when we pay for it it's reaching. 78910000 people and that's only by putting like $1015.00 behind a post you know so basically organic you're competing over again placements in the new cd and people are subscribed to $100.00 different pages to God on average 502000 friends so Facebook needs to determine which discipline to it is delivered to you and they prioritize your content with the box so that's. That's that's definitely a recommendation and you know with all their algorithm updates it's like before you could kind of factor algorithm in get a bunch of engagement from your friends and family to rate yourself higher It just doesn't work anymore. So just give them a few bucks they just want your money and make them happy intimate you happy. All right let's pray and if you guys have any questions to me afterwards well Chad. Appreciate you guys taking the time to be here during the week it's been great I learned and I hope you guys did too so thank you and spread you having the father word thank you so much for giving us such an amazing opportunity to win souls in this generation or my belief of all the roots that you can come in our lifetime and we're sick and tired of this dying world I'm sick and tired of all the things that happen around us and we just want to see what we love you display that you would help us to take advantage of this opportunity to become students to seek different ways of reaching the lost revenue to put that burden on arts and change our character so that we can like to. Thank you for. Precious to me. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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