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Master Guide Skills Development - Part 6




  • June 19, 2019
    10:00 AM
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During the Father we thank you so much for this afternoon a time that we can get together and continue in looking out the learning styles that we have and how that impacts. We teach and interact with the kids in our clubs just leading guide us Lord amen Ok so you were given this funky little learning styles questionnaire. This is not necessarily the most inclusive learning styles questionnaire it's just something fun that I thought I could pull up the have you do you guys have been sitting here having people preach it you are talking to a lot and you need to. It's funny we talk about learning styles but then what do we do with you when we talk to you about learning styles we lurch or to you how many of you would be that either Tory person who really just kind of totally functions on the learning style of other Tory and if you which would be. Kind of section number 2 would be your high score and have you. But only by 2. Well there you go. There you go. So anyway the idea here is just for you to kind of begin taking a look at what is the learning style that you have to understand your own learning style and then figuring out because I understand that you're learning styles not necessarily going to be your kids learning styles and the thing is you're going to have such a multiple range of learning styles when you're teaching and I honor or do in your I make that how do you keep everybody in gauged. So why don't we just talked a couple moments about how do you keep kids either thin an honor or in I am a when you're having to do all this writing and responding how do you keep them engaged. Ok creative ways of doing at. Our bank all right and the others. So that it's important let me repeat for the people who might be hearing this recording later you say that it allowing them to drop pictures instead of writing more or whatever for her and you're saying that I'm sorry your thought just left my mind. I haven't enough there's asked a teacher. Correct Ok. Ok all right but you can't say. They didn't yeah. And. Natalie. Right but you ever feel that pressure of that time line of getting the stuff done. So how do you balance getting the stuff done by giving allowing for you know the shorter periods of time maybe of doing things you have any ideas or solutions well. Yeah. Now I as a leader would struggle with that Luckily right now I'm not having to teach I a class this because I've got enough staff to do that for me because I'm such a but I'm like Ok let's go get it done move on I don't want to have to come back to it but I have to be cognizant. Yeah but we can listen to what this the kids need we've got. Thanking 3 or 4 kids right now who are have some learning challenges. And so trying to meet those needs has proved to be challenging and interesting all at the same time. Carla. When. You know. You only. Well. Carla saying is that you know how do you deal with the challenge of when you send something home to the kids to do and it comes back and everything has the same answer. Yeah like does anybody have any of those. How many of you actually send work home for the kids to do you. Correct it doesn't normally come back. Ok. Ok. You're the parent we all want because if you make your kids to do it you're the parent we want because we've got parents well they're like well my kids got their regular school work or they've got this or they've got I have I have 2 kids in my club that I think every possible after school activity that they can be and their parents have a command. And I think to myself why because they're just I mean in the winter Well let me see in the summer is softball and soccer and well now that's more of the wintertime one and then there's you know so and then wintertime there's basketball and hockey and father's football I mean seriously every single possible after school sports. And again and then much add that on top of it as well and then they come to me and say I don't understand why my kid doesn't get there why they didn't get invested the share. And you know why is that and when I had the teacher go over with me what this 2 kids were missing I'm like that's like 85 percent of what's required so you know there are these challenges that we face and we have to figure out how we're going to grapple with them. All. And I think. Right. Right. Right so that you know that is a challenge that we that it that we're facing is having you know how do we have as a solid standard across the club when it comes to what the expectation is of what gets done. You know everything in the book there's a 75 or 80 percent of the book of the journals that they have to do so these are things that we have have to kind of really grapple with because this is what this one mother told me because she says Well last year they didn't complete their readings and they still got invested. Goodness no I didn't run into that because I've had the same teacher in that class for 2 years and that means that I got to go have a chit chat and that teacher In fact this last investiture had told us that all of his kids in his class had earned the advanced and we're putting together the packets for investiture And I said to my secretary the secretary of the carbon who orders on my part has and I says wait a minute. I says I know for sure for this club for the companion class or to get the advance you have to do the cultural diversity honor absolutely know that 100 percent sure I said that they did the cultural diversity on her she looked in her books and said Now I said pull the advance bar for everyone now this year we've also added an incentive if you did the advanced work you get to go on a bowling party with us. And they have to actually the end of this month to complete that before we go boring and believe me we have a really small number of the sheer but they're going to come back and they're going to tell everybody what a great time have because every time we have a party in this marches in charge it is a party. So this is just kind of some ways that can be done to help combat some of those things. Absolutely and in my pit opinion if you can come up with even a way to do more than one thing at one time take advantage and do so just like you pointed out because that makes the most of your time and if the parents see that you're working hard to make it so they don't have to you don't have to send him home with homework the parents may become more willing to say oh well Ok I'll agree to this extra me and that's what we tell him because normally I'm not had and they got meeting on Sabbath just because I like to go home and have lay activities and my own way. As my husband says a hike to the other spring or the bedsprings or something like that but. So but I have gone to doing some Sabbath meeting and I was beginning to hear a little bit a rumbling from parents I says Ok if you can promise me that every time we send home stuff that they need to do that it will come back completed I have no problem getting rid of the one meeting on Abba you know what all of a sudden they have no problem with that Sabbath meeting. Because they know they don't have the time to do it. That is correct Well actually we do I'm in such a way in our church because I go to Stephen still in the majority of us who go to Stephen still do not live in Stevenson. We all live in the greater bury they are Muslims live like 85 to 90 percent of us live in the greater variance from their area and so we all travel at least 20 minutes or more to get to church and I can tell you we have potluck and then there's meeting and actually the parents are getting so they stay there and they visit and so I think that it's kind of a dual purpose thing and if but it's very effective so many have going to say something and then I want to get must move in on. Shark what have you. Asked which of. These are mothers tacitly. Are. They were just. That is they. Were. Divorced. Parents. They were we spoke to the. Right so what I don't get is that you know we are the one of the last years failing the kids should be with them and. Hope to get it right so just 3 reiterate for the people who might be listening to this audio recording would be the fact that you have kids in your club who don't get their families don't even come to church and so how do you expect them to go home and do the devotional readings anyway when that's not being modeled at home you can't have worship at the beginning of your Pathfinder meeting to do unit time. Ok Was that so this is what this is what I find to do and I'm not saying I have the answers I think that this is a time to share with each other to come up with some ideas as to how you handle different things so what I just what I've started doing is that our club meeting we start on Sunday morning and we start at 931st 5 minutes are our pledge and law and those kind of things and we have all the kids are in their units and they're in units like I had let me think I had 65 boy Unisys last year and 3 girl units because I had my ratio for. It With no it was just gender unit or gesture ender. I saw him in a group a unit are going to be boy boys of varying ages and I have a teal t. leading now and so for the last 2 years during that unit time in that unit time is 15 to 20 minutes they actually for the last 2 years worked on an honor the 1st year was. First year was the judges of the Bible and the 2nd year was the paychecks 2 of the newer honors that are out well this year I'm going to move it to they're going to be doing their readings in their unit time and so they have the kind of begin getting them doing and then I have the t.l. T.'s lead them in a prayer time at the end as well so that's one way of how I've begun working on kind of addressing some of these issues as to how to get stuff done the other thing is that I have 2 staff members who. Are newly married couple last year they go to potlucks every Sabbath because we have potluck every Sabbath for visitors and anybody can come and bring their food but they have told all the pathfinders and we've made an announcement to the families have your Pathfinder bring their i a book on Sabbath stay for potluck and during potluck and after this couple is going to be in this space over here and they're going to help the kid. And that's they've been one they've been willing to do this and I've been grateful for that and if they ever leave I don't know what I would do but you know some of the people I need to step up and help out with that as well but that's just really awesome they're willing to give of themselves and to have that availability as the. Right is but it's getting a group taking care of you know and so then it is I think that this is a conversation that we have to have with our staff if you've got families like that is that what are we going to do to help them out. Do we change up what happens a little bit and I and. My Fister is a director of a club in Pennsylvania which. She's got 12 kids and 2 of them are regular attending church members Ok she honestly doesn't invest anybody that's not her focus. And so we have to maybe ask ourselves I feel that there's an importance in the Bible readings but can we come up with other ways can we provide the kids with an m p 3 player that's got the Bible readings on them and all they have to do is listen to them that's one of the things we have gone to doing for a couple of our boys to go read Phone apps as well yeah. Yeah SAGAL Oh yeah. I'm. So it's just a way of being kind of creative and learning how to be creative and I need us to new violence just a couple more comments. Right now they they're nice to be a level of involvement and of doing things we're actually in our club discussing do we expect 100 percent of the eye able done are we saying that half of the honors have to be done and like maybe 85 percent of the reading we're talking about that. Was. Part of. The. Master Guy. Yeah well received this would be for like the kids that are in friend and companion and every level you go up that percentage needs to go up with that. That is correct like I had these ask me this year why don't we give a good conduct medal anymore because you're going to conduct only go for your 1st 4 levels. You only get a star or uphill Ranger after Ranger you no longer get a gold star for your conduct bar because it's just expected. Now I says listen you see that braid on your shoulder you don't have good conduct I'm taking your bread oh. Ok Julie one more and then we're moving on. We do now if you're in the club if you're in. Yeah. That takes care of a lot of the things there when it comes to those readings because they're studying are. All right I'm going to move aside I know there's so much. Oh but they have to reach they have to. They have to reach conference level 2nd one so they kept the past area which is pretty much everybody passes area. Pretty much. I say pretty much not every time. All right let's move on Ok in your handout. I think on the back of the 1st page of the 2nd page because some of you received just single sided papers. There is. What's called the c.p.r. technique. This is not cardiac Palminteri resuscitate. C.p.r. the c. stands for content so this is we're back to talking about learning styles and how do we get learning across so content this is where the information that is transferred to the learner so you're the teacher so the content is the information you're giving to the kids now how many of you when you're teaching an honor go to Wiki page or Wiki books and you just copy the answers. You make your kids write all the answers. Ok let me give you. A suggestion because I how much time do you spend spelling. Ok what we've gone do to do in is that I require all of the people who teach honors to create a worksheet for the honor and that worksheet Yes I go to Wiki page books and I copy of the answers but what I will do some of the places I will then just take out some of the key words and then I will make a like. A directory or. A glossary think you the word is not coming out I would just create a glossary and so that way when they get the correct one you know when they say Ok it's this one they know word how to spell it it's right on their sheet or I will make the answers or I will make it like a multiple choice or even a matching that they have to do that way they're not having to write write write write write write write I have one boy he was in France this year his 1st couple weeks of coming to Pathfinder c. was reading I found out later he was crying all the way home because he doesn't write well and he doesn't spell well. 10 years old struggles a little bat So and plus he was so embarrassed to have his dad or mom sit in the class and they were willing to sit there and how come out so this really solidified in my brain the importance of doing this and he improved by like 82 of 90 percent over the year and his spelling alone and his confidence in getting their answers correct by doing that so no I still use we keep books I think that's an awesome Herky forth but it has now I create that worksheet because we were finding that if they were writing all of that we were spending so much time. We go it happens during the class so that is the teacher is talking to them about a certain honor you know they're going over the things for instance duct tape we did this last year. The Takes very near and dear to my heart. That so there's 3 things that make up duct tape you have your adhesive your fabric backing and a coating and so instead of having them so that when they're actually I made them write those out but then when it came to the history I just had the key point that they would go in and fill in days as we were going along or other information that I was teaching them so that's just something and then we have in our possession they put their name on it it's filled out we know who to order honors for that's turned in that is correct actually the teacher has to sign off of it to make sure that they have finished the like the project or activity that they've had to do. So like with duct tape we're waiting for them to finish their boat. Before we sign off. Oh no they but they have to float it. Yes Carla. Not yet. Carla talk to me later I have to decide I'm actually working with one of my kids of creating another honor No I wrote duct tape that's why it's only been dear to my art. Yes it's pretty cool it's fun writing or yes. Well that's a whole other problem I can't help you with. All right so that's content the 2nd one is participation participation is where you need to have the kids actively doing something so that they're not just sitting here listening like you all are listening to us today all right and then the revisit you need to have them respond in a way of which it's their own words land was that land right like you were saying that you allow them to give you an audible report that's them re saying it in their own way Ok so I now want you to take 10 minutes 1015 minutes I think of an honor that you would like to teach if you need me we can pull up all right we can just assign you honors but I would like you to just kind of do a quick little lesson plan as to how you would apply the c.p.r. technique. What would you do for content what would you do then for participation what would you do to revisit it for 2009 or you can do it how you're going to teach origami There you go Julie you do teaching her to Florida. So think of an honor that you would like to teach and let's go ahead and do the practical application of doing the c.p.r. technique Ok anybody want to talk about this so we just kind of talk through your honor and see what you would like to do Ok when you have land. The what honor. Plastics. Was here since found out. And it's just passed the class it's all of these areas are areas that. There's now we are there are 6. Hour. Rule has every. Last That is so. Exposed are they. Going to the. Next you should always have offered you I think I just I think I did it was made in 1961. 0 yeah I can see why. I'm nice and focusing more on. The glass. So for. Example they love what they will. Buy you out of your house. And you know when you say that showing a video a short video as a way of distributing content is very useful it is very effective for the duct tape one there's a 2 videos that are 2 that I really kind of go till and one has to are of the factory in Ohio a short 2 are that they go through all of that and how duct tape is made and another one is a clip either on the red and green show coming out of Canada or Myth Busters Yeah and so the kids were like yes a very good plan Ok go on. Ok yes. Participating. While they're doing it they learn is a gold. Medals of course they're not. The 1st. Visit by hour to. Babies on the floor. That is really awesome next time you do that if you could video record that that would be great. That's just awesome. That's awesome I really like that and that is so true that is so true when it comes to these honors many of them are very old and you go to look at them and you're like specially the computer and I think they talk about a floppy desk and. You know. And so and so there's this you know how do we keep these honors fresh and so it is and I love that idea I love what you're doing with that. And everyone you know what it was. It's another thing on track to Tracy about. Where. Ours. Comes over. Time. Because of the. Writers. I know who I know that yeah what are kids. Ok Does anybody else do and I would like to talk about what they honor they chose and what they would do. Anybody if you do have one. Ok. Oh absolutely. Yes when you teach the 1st date on or you should have a lot of the supplies there split them up into groups and allow them to practice Absolutely we brought we are when we did our 1st date honor this year one of my staff members Her mom lives on the other side of Chicago and she comes over a lot and she's a nurse and what they did before they went through this they parted. Number not. The what they did is they set up a scenario in our kitchen and they had some injuries happen in the kitchen and they heard the scream and all the kids were supposed to go into the kitchen and see what had happened it was so realistic that I we had one of the adventure kids because it was a non adventure day she was there because her brother and her dad were in pathfinders and she stepped into that kitchen 1st and she saw that and she busted out crying and were like Oh it's alright Aurora. It's not going to be a problem. And so we had to calm her down but. It was we hope Africa she's got such a big hearted for her anybody to hurt this little girl's red sound and cries on me so yeah so he kind of have to watch some of. The yeah. Yeah so I mean these are. Right. Yes. Right but systematically the 1st date is 1st day. Some things will change put on your gloves. But. Right so I mean the yeah so there's a lot of fun ways of what you can do a 1st aid honor and the more that it is taht by a person who works in the medical field the kids have a huge level of respect for those people and they really do and we saw that because I thought Oh no these kids are going to give this lady a hard time now they had more respect for her they just really respected was she was you know what she was there doing Julie did you have your hand or something. Right. But the concept here with a lot of these things and 1st aid is that what do you do when you're out in the woods in your. Thought the blade. Ok. All right another honor Did somebody have another honor. To revisit. Yeah so to me a lot of the craft on earth has that participation part that are much easier to do then if you get some of the others that aren't as much. That way let me see here like them these health and science ones Ok we've got one cog. Blood in the body defenses. Ok so. You get permission from the parents and you can poke and. It's just a finger prick. Yeah. Yes. And actually it's very interesting to tap into your resources within your own club. Because when we're talking about some of these things like when you even mention the diabetes we actually have a care who's got a pretty difficult to manage diabetes it's really it's a struggle for the family oriented parents and I mean they think he can fluctuate fast and I'm going around a lot of people with diabetes type one and Type 2 that I have never seen one fluctuate like his does. And they go on all of our camping trips with us his dad goes up to ts so so he can go and they're just always having to monitor and talk to the parents recently and they're like we're so jealous of families a parent who can send their kids because we can't. So. Yes Yeah. So the yeah so how do you deal with those honors that may sickly are more what I would deem to be a lecture. Then they are participatory. Skits would be a good way to do those. Right correct yes. Playing games with them is a really big way to get them to participate and to get that to solidify better in their brain. Having a like a little rubber ball or foam ball like a Nerf ball and if you have a group of kids and you're going through something even do this in your eye a classes and you want somebody to answer you just toss the that person the ball or because you keep them on their toes. The other thing is is that I've been known to take a happy Brit this really funky looking at and I put all the kids' names in it and I'll ask a question I'll draw a name out of the hat and whoever's name I draw has to answer that question and I don't then say they're done answering I put that name back in the hat so it's always in the hat so some but if this one time I pulled this guy's name out 3 times I thought the 3rd time he was going to cry and me saying this more should I really need to. Like did Yep there you go and he did and it's just like once they kind of understand that that's a expectation they're more apt to be engaged in those things. All right. We have like 5 minutes left and I really think if there's no more information on honors I want to I was talking to Pastor Krag before doing this and I said Pastor Craig what Dave talks about this talking about the session before and what I'm doing are seem so similar and I felt like I didn't want to go through the same thing again but Pastor Craig and I talked briefly and one of the things that we feel is important that we don't maybe talk about who we need help as directors and stuff is what do you do with discipline. Pardon. Isn't there we have to discipline somehow so this was on a website that I pulled up I might have to. Find that again but anyway so they feel that this they gave these options here as things to do to how would discipline in your church club. So one the 1st one was use proper titles and what they meant was by you know addressing people as Mr or Mrs or a doctor or so and so now if people address me as Mrs Beale I think you're talking about my mother in law I I did my last name is below but I don't like getting mail that says Mrs John below that because it takes out my name and I have a name and I like my name. So I'm actually gone to having the kids call me Miss Marcia. And that's how I'm a lot now what we do at the beginning of the year all the staff member stand up in front of the kids and they tell the kids how they want to be addressed and it's really interesting to realize how quickly the kids catch on to that and they do address us by that so that's kind of our 1st so it's more than just I was on cover of them just calling me Marsha but having that Ms Marcia or Miss Marcia front of that gave that level of something yes. We go to we have we had one last year and I'll have another one this year and so the younger ones. We do encourage them to college Miss or Mr Like for instance a guy by the name of Kyle was my one last year and his brother and sister are in my club. And so if you but the kids know that they should be calling him Mr Kyle. Because of his level now do we forget frequently yes I forget the feast no looker of. X. but a regular staff member yes so it's all a learning process but yeah all right offer incentives. So if the kids do something or you need them to do something offer some sort of incentive that if they get it done in a period of time that they maybe because i don't we go for like 3 and a half hours every other Sunday morning and so we have a time in there where I just allow the kids to go outside and run you know get off some of those energies yell I don't care. So I can tell them Ok if you do this in the center propre a time that you get 5 extra minutes outside or I've been known to go by frou pops frozen fruit pops for sleep in the warmer months and say you know what if you guys all behave today or you get this done today then you will get this at the end of the meeting we did the warm and fuzzy these last year. Yeah. No. Right you would have to come up with different incentives. Now. Right. No they all didn't get them some were disappointed but they had an understanding as to my expectation but I was looking for yes. You know time. You know. How many. Guests. Right. Oh but we do we do and. Yeah you know. I fortunately or maybe fortunately I will spend money on the outshined bars because they're for a hoot and Mike Mike by families know that and they know that I'm very careful. But I was going to say something regarding that just kind o. how many of you do Pathfinder the year in your clubs of Pathfinder the year. Ok Well we just say that there's 2 and some years because I've got poor boys and girls in my club I think this year we're probably this or this last year we're probably going to give 2 boys Pathfinder here so we don't necessarily say a boy and a girl. And the kids are aware because every now and then we keep talking about the Pathfinder of the year and what we have a staff member that him and his wife donate the They'd have by damn Leather Man you're a Leatherman and. Multipurpose tool of the little Carry thing and it's engraved. And it says their name and Pathfinder of the year and what year it was. This year we're going to add to it and also give them a badge that they're going to pin to their sash that will say Pathfinder of the year and what year it once. And that was only cough like $6.00 or somethin so there's little things that you can do but the kids begin to know and we don't announce that Pathfinder the year to the following induction. So they have to wait. So what they disallowed for instance we started last August and we will do an induction this August and at that induction we'll do Pathfinder the year because we tell them it's not just what you do in the past finder club it's also what we observe a church or other places. And so we actually I actually will go to some of these like the kids that are in public school I've gone to football games I've gone to baseball games I've gone to band concerts just so I can observe them in their environments to touch on those that don't go to church school or to be in church then yes land. In the kids really eat this up. And they there is speculation as to who's going to get it and then when the deputy director and I are up front give getting ready to announce that you can really literally see the kids sit up on the edge of their think lean forward and then we've been no one to kind of drag it along just a few minutes to keep a wonder in and then when we do announce a sometimes you will see like last year the guy the one boy who got it was literally shocked he just was like had no clue it was coming and the girl who got a Last year you could see the heads nodding as to that was we really expected that but we make it very clear what our expectations are and we announce it at induction time so that anybody coming and that's why we do it at induction time so that it's brand new and earth and the kids know and the parents know what we're doing we're out of time way out of time I could talk to you about Pathfinder things for a long time so anyway just if you look up discipline there's all kinds of great ideas of things that you can do but kind of going along with things I said yesterday using the calm that conflict management styles or conflict management skills will be very important to how you plan right let's powerhead some more time. Dear kind gracious Heavenly Father again we thank you for being here with us today I pray that you will be with these leaders as they go out and assist young men and women in getting to know you more or may they see you shine through us amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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