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Master Guide Skills Development - Part 8




  • June 21, 2019
    10:15 AM
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Our Father we thank you so much for the many blessings that you give us and we thank you for the importance of our kids the fact that you found them important enough that you didn't want to people to shoo shoo them away you wanted to be able to stick around and hear what you had to say Help us that through us they can still hear what you have to say to them we ask this in the name you know. And while I think of it there's a program going on in the morning seminar on the how many of you have heard of the 1040 window for event yet wot of us have heard of that one now they're talking about the as it 6 to 13 window how many of you. How many of you are familiar with the 6 to 13 window. That's the age group and they've got a series in the morning on how to reach them and how to run a series. On meeting your kids which is cool. So the source of most of these seminars. Is this master guide curriculum. This is something from Advent source and the last thing New they've got plans for a new one I saw on there in one of their flyers a couple years ago I saw that where they had a 2015 version this is copyrighted 96 so I ordered it on color or Yup yup it covers all the news all the seminars and everything they shipped it to mean it was this way and not this actual copy but. And so I call and say hey this is this you this is this isn't the new one yet you don't have it out yet but there's still a lot of good information in it so and I let's face our church started in the North American division we didn't call it that then but that is where it started but it's you know if somebody in pick a part of the world. Who wants to learn how Adventists became there that's a different whole different story than what what we've got here this seminar we're going to look at the we're going to talk about Child and Youth evangelism and hopefully we've got an evangelist ticket approach to doing this kind of stuff. Got 4 primary aspects to use ministries we've got adventurers Pathfinders youth camps and Adventists youth societies sometimes called the y. Pac So let's look at the Adventure ministries mission statement North American division adventure ministries program serves as an intern cultural community of children in grades $1.00 to $4.00 their parents and caregivers 3 holistic ministry the purpose of the program is to support parents and caregivers in leading and encouraging their children in a growing joyful love relationship with Jesus Christ it offers instructional curriculum supplementary resources family enrichment and volunteer training from within a 7th Day Adventists philosophy I can remember hearing Pastor Harris recount talks he has had with some of other pastors and. They talk about some challenges that they have in their churches and stuff. And he is he sometimes will point out to them that what you really need is an adventurer club that's what you really need because you look at what all of this stuff that it's doing they're talking about working with kids in grades one to 4 and their caregivers which sometimes is their parents and sometimes isn't in this did in today's world just go the way it is. And the talks about family enrichment. Tells it they're teaching them how to raise kids. That's important. But look at the camping ministries mission statement and then Association of camp professionals by the way this is a group of people a lot of people don't know about but they have their national get togethers just like Pathfinders do Ok Adventist Association of camp professionals provides an intentional Christian environment committed to strengthening each camper's relationship with God and all His creation through Scripture nature and Recreation their philosophy the admin is Kant ministries believes that in a camp setting the study of the Bible and nature in the context of wholesome relationships and recreation will place campers and guests in a Christ centered environment which promotes social physical mental and spiritual development I want to do that and this is all done intentionally. Than just happen by itself Pathfinders mission statement North American division Pathfinder Ministries is an organization of the 7th Day Adventist Church dedicated to meeting the social physical mental and spiritual developmental needs of Junior and teen youth by challenging the Pathfinder to experience a personal Burleson ship with Christ having a sense of achievement and responsibility and developing respect for God's creation including his fellow man North American division Pathfinder ministries goals Pathfinder and ministry seeks to meet the Pathfinders present and unfolding the Needs to the end that we bring them to self-fulfillment immaturity in Christian faith characterized by their decision to accept Jesus Christ as a personal savior and Lord reflect internalize Christian values values through mature decision making and behavior exhibit the righteousness true holiness and fullness of stature of Christ demonstrate leadership skills in the able and empowered to become full partners in active selfless service supporting the mission of the church how many of you have ever Church served on a church nominating committee or whole bunch of hands so as you're on a church nominating committee isn't this what you're looking for this whole list of things isn't that what you're looking for that's an I mean that's what we're looking for and that's what we're trying to make our kids in to help the Lord transform them into but though these are goals now Michigan Pathfinder mission statement this is going to be similar to the North American division one and it's different and I think. Different people look at the same thing and and come at it from different perspectives and I think part of the difference is some people figure what you're going to remember most is the last thing that was said and some people are going to put the most important thing 1st overdyed wanted to put the 1st thing 1st so you're going to see a lot of the same words but the order is different the Michigan conference Pathfinder Ministries is an organization of the 7th Day Adventist Church for the purpose of meeting spiritual physical mental and social needs encouraging the Pathfinders in building a personal relationship with Jesus our Creator and Savior developing their leadership skills to be of service to others and preparing them for eternity with Jesus so we want to help the youth to understand that the church loves them cares for them and appreciates them and they should know that they're needed in his total program some of this is a little like some of what we were just talking about isn't it now I'm sure with club members the destiny that God has planned for each of them and expand the knowledge of their part in the Great Plan of Salvation help them to want to live up to God's expectation for their lives we want to train and organize and for active service in that in helping to learn that witnessing isn't a once a week or once a month project I mean if it is a if it is that that starts a start but it's better if it's a daily way of life we need to work for the salvation of each individual and I will go so far as to say we need to work for the individual of each Pathfinder including staff. And beyond but the. The club we need to be working for it to make sure everyone we that we all get to heaven together we want to understand the purpose of God's assignment to man so we're going to look at outreach. Master guys direct Pathfinder organizations and in pathfinders and I suspect in adventurers there are some of this too there's both in reach and outreach both are important in reach we want to draw young people to Jesus that's why we have a big part of why we have the club plain and simple so if you're going to minister to others you really should have a spiritual basis from which to start so we want to draw young people to Jesus We want the Lord to work through us and hopefully there aren't so many imperfections in our leaders that the kids can't see what they need to see so let's look at some traditional outreach goals I think we've seen most of this can collecting Thanksgiving baskets vacation bible school to. Staff musical events to going to help with special music and eventually stick meetings they are greeters and handing stuff out and doing stuff like that sometimes we'll get in on a parade sometimes they'll be a Sabbath afternoon story hours sometimes there's mission trips club ceremonies anytime you got in investiture an induction in any of this kind of stuff Pathfinder Sabbath you can vite people that aren't part of the church to that some other traditional outreach goals branch Sabbath schools nursing home not now nursing home ministries I'm going to say I want to talk on that one very briefly. We have a lot of people in nursing homes. You all know most of them are up in yours. Many of them are starved for human touch that is nonclinical And if you're going to all sing song form sunshine bands that's great but at the end of that they need to go out and talk to somebody and you need to and I'm I'm really serious on this before you do that before you go there explain to them that you're going to do this and what's probably going to happen because they go to shake hands with somebody and they shake hands and tell them to be ready for this to be an extended handshake because this is not a clinical Touch This is more of a loving touch a friendly touch and they said person maybe hasn't had it for a long time and you might have a handshake that goes way past 90 seconds which is going to be a totally new experience for this kid and tell them to relax and to go with it now if they start getting handy be on it. Yeah. Now but warn them ahead to and I'm really serious warn them ahead of time so they don't freak out. Because this is where else are they going to experience that in the way they shake hands a church that is not how they shake hands of church yeah maybe 3 times. And most of these folks are going to be up for a fist bump you know. That's outside their experience but I'm serious. This is a chance for them to go talk to somebody of a different generation and maybe they've got grandparents maybe they don't have grandparents they get to see. So this might be a new intergenerational thing for them. Yeah there's probably some old people in their church but those it is the old people who they see in their church you know as opposed to somebody that they actually are going to interact with so I'm serious physically do what we before you go out do what I just did with with him because they aren't going to expect it now you probably know I did it with my head elder I would say if you can grab a t. l.t. and hopefully after a few years they will have seen this you know. But. Talk with them I warn them about that but these this is good outreach for kids and I know of of places where clubs once a month the 1st 2nd 3rd are they pick one Sabbath a month to go visit a nursing home and the the residents look forward to it because some of those folks haven't seen a relative for months branch Sabu schools how many of you know what a branch Sabbath school is a few of you do there anyone who would like to explain it to the rest of the group because this is the I don't see them very much anymore how many of you have seen a branch Sabbath school in or know people who are doing it in the last 5 years your hand should be going up. But. But aside from them I haven't seen much of it. Some for some reason it kind of faded out but there was a couple that took on the idea of branch Sabbath school and I'm not sure how they got going on it but they did get going on it in they were renting a space and. The Ramada or something and. They were having a worship service there it wasn't a traditional worship service like we find in most of our churches but this was among people who aren't going to any church and out of that there were coming up on a dozen. Dozen people gotten the ended up getting in the tank. And yes. And I remember saying to the brother that was leading to it and his wife it who are doing this uncompensated I said to them today is payday seeing them go in the tank that's paid seeing people give their lives to Christ that's payday and. As Pathfinder eventually leaders I don't know might the rest of you. I add that the church whenever it wrote a check to me related to Pathfinders it was reimbursement and there was a lot of stuff than you'd ever get reimbursed for the were just plain out of pocket money and that's fine. Yeah but. When you see a kid give their life to the Lord you see one of your kids be baptized that's payday. Yeah it is the return on the investment at the last camper e somebody from I think one of the Michigan clubs introduced me to somebody. From. One of the Australian clubs Pathfinder clubs that was up in leadership somewhere News explaining to him that I was an area coordinator and he was wondering is this a paid position and I said let me explain my compensation in this to you I end up. Going to different clubs and do do club inspections and and sometimes I'll get there for a Pathfinder Sabbath and sometime in investiture and some of these kind of things I also end up doing some teaching to help people that are working toward their master guides and primary payback is when I see somebody get that invest when they are invested as a master guide that's paid it says that's the kind of compensation I get for the job and he picked up on what I would say. You know I should I want to also point out that when you're doing this all of these traditional Pathfinder outreach goals realistically you're doing in reach also aren't you I mean that that's a part of it now once in a while somebody will ask if you're a Christian yet you know. What about your testimony now there are different types of testimony in those that you were here last session heard one type of testimony meeting. And here we're talking about a little bit different one kind but it's not a bad idea for leaders to prepare you to have a testimony so what is the testimony in testimony this isn't the whole story of your entire life we're only talking 2 to 4 minutes what was your life before you accepted Christ how did you become a Christian and your life since becoming a Christian told the joy stuff few weeks ago as I was about to leave church I bumped into somebody that come to that I was had been recently become aware we had attended the same college at the same time but didn't know each other and he said No where was it that you went to academy and says I want to Maplewood Academy is all I want to campy and I said I won't hold that against you but wow that made what Academy is a board of our boarding academies and it's in Hutchinson Minnesota and it's roots go back to a Danish Norwegian Theological Seminary in Minnesota and they put a Cademy grew out of it and I had a chance to attend it for my junior and senior years now this I know will be a total surprise to some of you but there were some students. Even among my classmates that weren't fun of all the rules and regulations that the school had in place. And some of them actually chafed under them and one in my class added to my classmates. But 2 months before the end of the school year to about 2 months before graduation were informed that they were leaving that night. Because of things that they had done and. So one of them shows up after 25 year class reunion and we all have our opportunity to to get up in the and identify ourselves and somebody had gone to the trouble of they got the button making thing them so we had a little photo button of our graduation portrait so people could put the old face they remembered with the one that we were currently using and. So Pat gets up and and he talks about you know this and that and some of you may remember that I didn't graduate with you actually graduated it was constant Academy and and since then I've done he talk about various things that he had done in his life and this is where he works and he's got his wife and they've got says so many kids and and. But he just wasn't real happy in the end so he heard about this runner's high and decided to try that and he went out and started running and told how many marathons He'd completed and. But that just didn't fully satisfy him and and and he talked he just went down a list of things that he had now Obama whole bunch of these things that he had tried fit in real well with the Adventist lifestyle he wasn't going into the booze and the weird drugs and all of that kind of stuff. But you know try that became movie again and all that but none of this really brought him happiness until I gave my life to the Lord. And now is this going to be an easy group to witness this is a witness is this an easy group to witness to his classmates these are the ones that these are the ones that knew the old Pat none of these I don't think it's an easy group that was that our 25 year class reunion then came the 40 year class reunion and I wondered Yes What did it all over again and I bitch at the 50 this fall I bet she does it again so what do you say when someone asks you what do some day adventists believe you want to tell them we don't smoke we don't drink alcohol we don't believe in jewelry we don't we don't is that what you want to talk about probably oh you want to you want let's let's start out with the 2300 days right. In the earth met all the plagues the plane surely we know you don't want to start out with the plagues Well how about we try the 3 C's I had an opportunity to use this once I was here years ago I went back to school to learn how to repair band instruments and so I met this technical college and. The Am Fix and horns you know learned how to do this stuff and one day the brass instructors who would have been in the spring of the year came to me and says Date there's a pick up orchestra that's been put together we're we're going to be accompanying some people with parts of the Messiah would you be willing to help out on the trumpet part I said What's a pick up orchestra he grinned and said oh that's just a bunch of folk that get together it's not a regular group but you get together and do stuff for years a special occasion and we're just going to be doing that that part of the Easter parts of Messiah sure I'm interested and so we had some are souls and it's just the 2 trumpet players and for those of you who aren't familiar with the eastern part of the Messiah to go just back up to the site in general the text from the messiah. For the Messiah I forget the chaps name that he went through Old Testament and some new testament and put together this whole bunch of words it's a largely quotes direct quotes from the King James. Was slight modifications here and there but it turned out into Sarm of sort of a formal a tree and a handle put this to music and in the world of of orchestral trumpet playing there is one part of the Messiah there's 2 parts that are well known among trumpet players there's the one part in the Hellyeah course where you get to practice a scale thought out. And it just practicing part of the scale really. But there's this other part which is basically it's a duet for bass and trumpet and it's entitle the trumpets will sound and. As you look at the totality of orchestral trumpet playing it doesn't go extraordinarily high but it just it does go up and it just stays up it just stays up and stays up in and it's very tiring. And so it's talked over among orchestral trumpet players and. And we were doing it and John was playing the trumpet part on his Piccolo trumpet except for there was a 4 bar spot where he wanted me to spell him because in the next moon after it he had to play higher and he just needed to make sure his for his chops are fresh so he knew he could get it because he isn't spending 8 hours a day practicing he's teaching me and other people how to fix horns Anyway we show up for our 1st performance and along the line in this is in the spring of the year in he had already learned that I was a 7th Day Adventist and he was brought up as a Roman Catholic and we're just sitting around waiting for things to get going and people are common in the audience and stuff and he says So what do 7th Day Adventists believe and I thought back to this thing I had seen in a little things similar to the Michigan memo only it happened in Minnesota it might have been Minnesota minutes I'm not positive anyway this one of Vangelis said that when people asked you what we believe trying to give them the 3 Cs so I said to John we believe that God created the world in 7 literal 24 hour days we believe that he came in the flesh to save us he showed us how to live he died for our sins and. We believe that he's coming back to get us just like it talks about in the song you're playing the trumpet you'll sound yeah this is the other this is the trumpet player who's doing the trumpet solo and so I just tied it in now. Does this pretty well cover what we believe. Or have good news we do have a fan in the back if somebody can figure out how to operate it. You want there to move I really think the 3 Cs cover a lot of what we believe and for most people that just asked this question what you 70 had been it's believed this is a really good starting point Ok. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's a list but but but it is there we believe that we're still trying count and looking at it and they're not you know you and that's good yeah that's good yeah that's good that's good yeah and that is why we do it we were shipping because he did create the world and he is a creative but the. First. This is really simple and any of our Pathfinders can learn this I think adults will probably tend to fill it in a little bit more but you can take it from from 3 short sentences to as much time as you've got but. Any other questions on that part of that Ok We're going to look now at some types of community outreach there's all sorts of stuff and I think you've probably got those these all listed in the notes I'm guessing om. And Olympic day I would probably be doing in the years that there is an Olympics. And maybe have some kind of an Olympic contest for kids in the neighborhood or whatever. On a bicycle Derby Day Maybe you've got kids that have been. You've been working with kids on their bicycling honor and so you're going to have a safety a free safety inspection and so somebody shows up this got an air compressor and so we can inflate the tires and you've taught the kids how to find on the tire how much one this particular tire takes because different ones need different amounts and you have to work with your kids on this and teach them how to adjust the brakes in this kind of stuff. Some of this kind of stuff we will see Pathfinders doing in the communities around Osh Kosh in August this year. But if you can actually do it around your hometown too don't have good Oshkosh for it there are some grocery stores and hardware stores that have a bulletin board on the entrance you can post things that's a next year excellent excellent question how do we get the word out yeah but. But yeah community service is a is another place you can post it somewhere it's just not Ok yeah Yes Yeah it's yes thank you so you know because it means that. He loves me there is no are you sorry. Yeah but but when we're talking about this outreach stuff yeah we we do want to get people outside the church and yeah it's fine for people in the church to bring their bicycles and get them checked over too because we want our kids safe don't wait. The spanish know even the influence to me. Even needs New Orleans to die and does not need Ok strong tower radio Ok give me 2 weeks notice and they'll run it and strong towers getting in to cover more and more of the state which is wonderful and really really big one tree Yup they're working toward getting a radio station in Detroit which would be just wonderful because that's a huge lot of folks live there. Millions and it was their yacht that's And most of them need the Lord said tongue in cheek how many of us need the Lord here. Yes even the Canadians that might pick it up right Ok we can go to look at the health area there's all kinds of projects that we can do om look for ways to you know their meals on wheels for shot in blood drives. A doctor grandparent several years ago my family and I are sitting in a store. Parking lot of shopping shopping mall parking lot along with hundreds if not thousands of others because there's some stuff that's going to be transpiring in the sky because of this the celebration of Independence Day the 4th of July it might have been the 5th or the 3rd that we were there I'm not sure but it but the holiday is commonly referred to as the 4th of July anyway. We're sitting around talking and whatever and there's somebody out. Selling. The. He's what what what you McAuliffe things. Glowsticks things. You know the chemical white things you know they had some that were hoops and one thing in another and then somebody comes along pull on a. A wagon with a cooler on it and it's got the name of some church on it and they're handing out water bottles and that this is a real talk about a neutral area that you know that's pretty neutral another one that I saw it and it's stuck in my memory because I'm stopping at and you'll know some of you will know where this is the intersection of Waverly and Willow and I was I was southbound and I'm stopping at the light and on my right is a church and there were there was a group of people. That are. Sitting standing back from the curb a bit the red the light turns red people stop these people walk out to cars and are handing people cold bottles of Coke with the and they have the name of their church on it and they're just saying Have a nice day and so I look at it and it's for a totally different church. One located blocks away I probably would have selected a different product a hand to help and not have it in front of a different denomination but it's a simple idea you're giving something away. And you know what when you know there were somebody else that was watching the other light because a whistle blew and everybody disappeared out of traffic Ok so that they weren't causing a safety hazard what. You know it had been thought through except the part about being next to somebody else's church. Another thing their club I did in Minnesota we had opted to miles of the highway to keep it clean and we had our choice of messages to put on there on the sign and you know it's it's always going to start out this 2 miles adopted by and I could have said direction or trailblazers. And everybody was out who in the world is that so instead I decided I knew Mrs White says that even just the name of our church is a witness so I said 7th Day Adventist Pathfinder club and so. One of the guys at work I don't I don't remember the occasion but I I had a blue collar job but there was one day that I showed up. And I had a suit on and then as now on the look tell of my suit is the logo the North American division pathfinders and and Bart said to me what the Pence is was Pathfinder's Oh you guys pick up the trash on the road so. I think and we had to do it we had to agree to do it at a minimum of twice a year and they provided the bags for us to put it in and the last time they did it after I left and they started to issue them el cheapo safety vests high visibility vests. That you're supposed to turn back in. But you know this doesn't take a lot of planning takes a little bit you know you and you know back in went in elementary school I was talking you walk toward traffic and so you just plan on doing it as an out and back and again we're doing this with supervision there's you don't you send the kids out you have to have adults with them and I remember the 1st time we did it a couple of the girls were just thrilled and I mean they really were because they they caught it and they showed me the 4 garter snakes that they caught. Ok this sound like stuff does sound like real outreach this is sound doable I think this is you know you don't you can't do all of it every year don't try to do all of it every year but do some of it every year and know that some outreach will also be in reach and if you're going to do in reach you have to do out rooms because if we're going to grow we have to share right it says I'm supposed to have another 10 slides you've got to handle this right. And I think everything the it's not on the handouts we have covered I don't think the 3 seasons got into the end of it as it but I think it's a very simple thing that you can incorporate he said. Ok. In your. Speech live closer to the service project every month. Yeah yeah yeah to be a 200 Club you do need some outreach in some form or another so. Some kind of share your faith so you get out and do it that's power heads our Father we thank you again that you allow us to represent you hello we don't do it as well as you would like us to in as well as we wish we could but you still bear with us help us that we can lead our kids closer to you. And help them to learn who love joy it is to share you with other people. Listen I know. This media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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