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Master Guide Skills Development - Part 9




  • June 23, 2019
    10:15 AM
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Our Father we thank you for the blessings that you give us so generously and that among the blessings that you give us are spiritual gifts now we ask that job be with us as we look at this idea of spiritual gifts and try and learn a little bit more about them so that we can understand which ones we have so that we can best work with the kids and adults and whoever that you put in our pathway we have this in the name. Sort topic is understanding your spiritual gifts and so we need to talk a little bit about what are they in what is what is this all about and the beginning part I think is all that is Texas in your hand out. But we're going to look at. Recognizing and developing them in staff and in youth So what is a spiritual gift and is there a difference between a spiritual gift in a town we all have some natural abilities the kind of thing that you're born with like physical coordination or maybe it's a talent you develop through the years such as playing a musical instrument speared these natural abilities and talents may be useful or entertaining but the usually deal primarily with the surfaces of life and the real concern of our relationship to God isn't really touched by them abilities and talents affect people on a temporary basis and spiritual growth is necessary for their development for example somebody that opens their home to dinner guests and social gatherings doesn't necessarily have the gift of hospitality maybe they're just so on Tupperware the motivation for a spiritual gift is based on love for God and humanity and you know Paul tells us that you know no matter how good your communication knowledge and are if love isn't the motive it's not worth many. Yes banging pieces of metal together the goal of spiritual gifts is different from natural abilities they are granted for the common good to equip the saints for the work of ministry and for the building up of the Body of Christ. So we're going to try and keep that motivation in mind one and just say what is my motivation and goal in this area and remind ourselves these gifts form the basis for individual and collective service for God there's a few spiritual. Few. Things about some references Christ object lessons. And you know. You can read those on your own. We don't not all the gifts are placed in the church and not everybody gets all of them and you don't have to have money to get them which is you don't have to have. Big degrees from universities to get them because the poorest and most ignorant can get them unity and cooperation is essential for using them. On a spiritual gift is a special ability given to a member of the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit that enables him or her to work effectively with joy in helping the church carry out its mission to the world and they're not this is spiritual gifts aren't to be confused with natural talents we all have some of those but only Christians get spiritual gifts and so these gifts can help people minister in such a way that Christ will have a power hell on their heart. Don't consume a few spiritual gifts with the fruit of the sphere the fruit of the Spirit is to be reproduced in each Christian by the Holy Spirit we're supposed to get all of the fruit but. Not every spiritual gift is given to every Christian. And don't confuse spiritual gifts with Christian role. I might be an evangelist while someone else as a gift of teaching yet we are all witnesses which we don't have a gift of witnessing we talked about witnessing the other day and. Only the living get to witness right but if you're living you're supposed to witness. And don't confuse gifts genuine gifts with counterfeit the devil is not an original person he doesn't come up with anything new on his own he just corrupts things that the Lord has created. And so there are counterfeit gifts and they're usually directed affiliated with or associated with the healings and speaking in tongues and this sort of stuff miracle working is one of the signs of the end and so we need to test these things to find out. Is this true or not we're going to look at all of them and. From administration to wisdom and look at the different categories is fair to gifts and outs or invent. It ministrations the ability to organize manage and supervise working with and through others to achieve goals. The idea I like that working with and through not just. Telling everybody else what to do it's meaning is to steer is the helmsman or pilot of a ship and those with this ability have the ability to plan and launch projects to meet the needs of God's cause. Apostleship this isn't a title that we use a lot today but it means to be sent out a specially commissioned to represent the church in a broader ministry and might be represented today by. Where new churches are being established discernment the analytical capacity to discern between truth in error right and wrong eventual ism the ability to so persuasively present the gospel of Jesus that people are led to become his disciples and know without the projector you can't see the cartoon here but we've got this gentleman sitting in a bench at the Clearview mall and somebody else comes up to Mrs Server why your wife finishes or shopping perhaps you'd like to get ready to die x or Taishan this word is derives from the same word that Jesus used for the comforter or Holy Spirit one who comes along side to encourage Also it is the ability to stimulate people to action in the service of God than here we have. We can a cartoon of a pastor going into the church and sort of a dark cloud over his head and. After the service somebody is saying great servant Pastor I want to tell all of you pastors are just regular people they have the same problems the rest of us do pray for your pastors tell them you're praying for them encourage them because they need it they have there's a lot of people dump on pastors so feel free to encourage them faith faith is the ability to see a vision of what God wants done and the unswerving confidence to accomplish it regardless of the obstacles giving. The ability to share personal assets with joy and eagerness so that people are helped and God's word is advance helps the ability to on selfishly meet the needs of others through some type of practical help the exercise of this gift often releases those with teaching and preaching gives to minister the Word of God hospitality the ability to open one's home graciously so that guests are put at ease and are both and are refreshed both physically and spiritually intersession the practice of praying earnestly and sincerely on behalf of others and their special needs knowledge the ability to master a body of truth is also the ability to score in recall a fund of knowledge from God's Word to meet the needed hand this is one of those ones that reminds me of The Bachelor he just has this incredible fountain of knowledge and he can come up with something and he's not none of these the only one but I think he's an example of someone that has leadership the ability to inspire and lead others in various ministries within the Body of Christ this is exercised with the attitude of a servant serving the unusual desire capacity to render service to others. Mercy the capacity to feel sympathy with those in need especially those who are suffering and miserable and to manifest a sympathy in some practical way with a cheerful spirit so as to encourage and help those in need missionary the ability to minister across to different cultures pasturing or shepherding the ability to shepherd counsel and encourage believers in their walk with Christ and service in the church and community also one who enables and equips. Prophecy primarily this refers to the gift on one who is called to receive divine revelation from God to be communicated to man but secondarily it also does include the capacity to preach so that the Bible comes alive to the here teaching the ability to instruct and explain the Bible through so clearly in such a detailed way that those willing to learn will understand wisdom the ability to penetrate into a matter seeing the situation in its larger relationships and imparting wise counsel from God's word. And here we have a cartoon over all looking into a book says age doesn't always bring wisdom sometimes age comes along sometimes age comes along without wisdom I'm sure we've all met someone there that can fall into that category now there's another gift that it was alluded to earlier that's isn't in there but I've got a little story on it that I'm looking for a volunteer to read this just a one page Big correct Ok here's an excerpt from Elder Williams letter telling about Jay Blanchard experience expected to happen when we began planning for impact in the year 2006 Ron Watts president of the Southern Asia Division informed us that modern day miracles are taking place in India he wrote expected to happen permit me to share one miracle that happened in November Jay and Eileen Lantry fellow missionaries with my wife and me in Singapore 30 years ago just returned from India where they participated in the $100.00 villages series at the close of each evening meeting team members prayed with those in attendance I will now quote Jane within moments a mad man stood by my side and pointed to his withered right arm and badly twisted hand both were useless he too wanted prayer for healing I asked the Lord if it is to your glory please grant his request immediately and it happened I opened my eyes and watched his arm slowly straighten and extend until it matched the other arm then like time lapse photography of an opening flower I watched his fingers reshape themselves normally Gradually he began to wiggle each one simultaneously then he waved his hand in arm while jumping for joy in praising the Lord that is the last I saw him I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in magnitude I have never sensed Freeview sleep so what happened there he was healed Let's roll it literally how much is our God changed since creation the only change that I know of his part of it has acquired some scars. And some heartache but really for real change no change the God that we have today is the same one of the Old Testament where people were brought back to life and it's the same God that in the New Testament cast out demons demons are still being cast out today. My. My older sister has been to India I think 6 times on evangelistic trips and in several of them she has ended up having to cast out demons and she said it's a very very intense. Emotionally draining experience but. It did here in the States you know most people here in the States for the most part many people don't believe it's a real thing. The devil hasn't changed he's still out to get us so how do you discover your spiritual gifts prayer Knisley that God will reveal them to you consider the desires of your heart get active in the work of God listen to comments of Christian friends someone else should be able to recognize your gifts evaluate your success so if you do what kind of results will there be if you discover your spiritual gifts Well it'll be easier then know God's will for your life and where you best fit into the work of the church and you better know how to cope with diversity and conflict in personal relationships you'll have a greater sense of identity and partnership with Jesus and more joy in service for the Lord because you're matched to the work you enjoy the most. You'd be better equipped doing your friends relatives pathfinders and adventurous to Christ and you can apply. Develop and apply the gifts to whatever part of the ministry that you have now in the handouts do you is the personal or is the spiritual gifts inventory there Ok we are not going to do that here and now that's the kind of thing I want you to do at home when you can have some quiet time and you can prayerfully do this set some time aside an hour or 2 where you can pray about it and and work on it but that's not something that we're going to be doing here and now Ok let's have a word for our Father we thank you so much for being willing to entrust us with spiritual gifts and now we ask that you will help us use our spirits of those who are. To help our kids grow closer to you to love you as we are. Doing. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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