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Daring to Ask for More - Part 1

Melody Mason


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference




  • June 17, 2019
    10:15 AM
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You have only Father thank you Phil much for the opportunity to be here together and I just pray that you will be glorified the morning that you will speak through me father that you will increase our faith our faith in you in our faith in your word and in who you are either thank you thank you for what you've done and thank you for what you're going to do this morning we praise you and your precious name a man. I thought for this morning session I would start with sharing just a little bit of my personal testimony kind of give some groundwork for where I'm coming with prayer ministry and I think it's encouraging just to this to hear where people have come from and and what God is doing in their lives. But I'm so I'm going to start was testimony this morning and then. I'm going to share some more I mean as we go through the whole week we'll be talking about tools and keys to grow your prayer life but you'll see it's a lifestyle it's really a lifestyle of consecration to God and surrender and obedience and really having an ear to his voice and so that will be throughout all the different things and we're also going to take some practical time to pray together and just show you how I would leave starting a small group prayer ministry or starting a a larger group as well some different things and so we'll do that we'll do that part way through the week but to start with I want to just turn in our Bibles to John Chapter 11 and this is a story that I know that you guys are very very familiar with that's not obviously brand new John Chapter 11 so this is a story where Lazarus. Had died obviously Mark and Mary had asked Jesus to come and to help them because they believed that he could but Jesus doesn't come he comes for days too late that's what it seems like right so picking up in John Chapter 11 we're going to look at verse 20 then Martha as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming when tautened met him but Mary stayed still at the house then said Martha under Jesus Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died so if you had been here 4 days ago my brother would not have died but she says I know that even now whatever you will ask of God God will give it to you so we see the faith the Martha has in Jesus if he had been there a few days before so Jesus responds in verse 23 brother will rise again your brother is going to come back to life then listen to what Martha says in verse 24 Martha said unto him I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day but was Jesus talking about the last day. No he was talking about today right but I think so often what happened with Martha right here in these few verses happens with us as well you know especially we've grown up in the church we've heard a lot about the God of yesterday how God parted the waters of the Red Sea and and he raised the dead to life and brought manna from heaven all these different things and we talk a lot about this this encourages our faith and something else we also talk about is the God of tomorrow the God of the future we know a day is coming when his spirit is going to be poured out and when there's going to be more America has an evidences that he's with us in the physical realm but what about today do we still serve the God of today yes intellectually we know that how do we live how is our face in this God we see as a story goes on Jesus takes Martha to the tumors as take me to where he is and you see the doubt that is still expressed in Martha's he gets to the tomb because he sang roll away the stone she's like Lord do you really want to do that you know he's going to stink you don't want to do that and even still she's trying to stop him from doing the America today and so often. It's true in our own lives do we believe in a god that is living and powerful today I want to tell you a story just think this is a disappear or full story we'll hear many stories like this. There was a group in Vietnam Vietnam is a little bit more difficult. Regions spiritually they can have open. Services and things like this because it's a communist country and so there was a group of house church meeting together and praying that God would work an end to a deeper work in each of their lives and as they're praying they began to have a burden and you know this happens as we pray 1st we're kind of praying about our own little issues and things but then as God is growing he gives us a burden for the last to give us the burden that's wider than ourselves and that's the purpose of prayer is is to reclaim what has been lost you know I think is the beautiful if if you're ever looking for your purpose in life we're told in 2nd Corinthians 5 it's the ministry of reconciliation is to reconcile God and mankind we are to be reconciled and we are to help others come back to God and so that is the purpose alternately of prayer and we've been hearing that by the way in the morning devotions how many of you been part of the devotion of Jason slider if you haven't heard them you need to get the cd I'm going to take a series home with me because they've been so powerful about putting on the armor and the fact that we are actually in a battle this is not peace time living we're in a spiritual battle and we have been actually ever since ever since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden walked away from God. So anyway back to this church in Vietnam they began praying for a wider purpose and they began praying Lord you know a couple members in the house church they actually came from the village that was about 100 miles away and there were no believers in that village and they had a heart that God would do something that village so they began praying Lord please please help us to reach that village or bring people to know you in that village and so while they're meeting and praying this woman from the village her name was e.-n. came to the city where they are and she was struggling with stomach issues and found out that it was a terminal disease probably stomach cancer or something like that and so the doctors can do anything for her but she knew the people in the house search and they invited her to come and to learn about Jesus and she accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and she began opening her Bible and eating the words and just falling in love with Jesus that she'd never known because she was not a Christian previously but she's getting sicker and sicker and sicker. And so it's not looking good and so she goes back to her village to be close to her family and they continue praying Lord we've been praying that you would give us a believer in this village to spread your love and and share about you and now there's one here but she's dying Lord can you please do something can you please save her and so they're praying and praying and then the sister of Yan calls them on the palm and tells them you need to prepare her funeral she's almost gone and they tell the sister who's also not a Christian we've been praying that God would heal her and we serve a God that is living and powerful and we believe he's going to heal her and the sisters kind of scoffing. You don't understand what's happening here she's about to die you need to prepare to come you know so anyway and they tell her before they hang up the phone they say yes and took back with her a black book and it's called the Bible and in that book there is a chapter if you look at up it since alms and I think it Psalms 31 let me double check here. We want you to open that book to this chapter in songs actually if. It's going to be some 30 open open you're open the Bible to this chapter and read these verses and put you in same in the passages with a lady kind of scoffed the hang up the phone and they continue praying more you've given us a believer please do something well then they pack up their bags a couple days later they arrive at the village and they found that what happened what happened yeah and I She actually died but this is what happened that sister who did not believe in God after she was already dead she remembered what they had said about the Bible and she thought well it wouldn't hurt to do what they said you know even if I don't believe in their God I can at least do what they said you know with respect to my sister and so she did she opened she opened the Bible and she started started reading it you know Psalms 30 verse 2 Lord cried entity that has healed and she puts Yes name in there Lord that has brought up yet and from the grave that has kept the young alive that she should not go down into the pit she continued reading and as she's reading these passages from scripture young began to move and yen came back to life not only did this woman come back to life to completely heal. You know when God raises somebody from the dead. He heals as well this is a beautiful beautiful so as a result of this you can imagine that people all over the village wanted to know about what had happened had brought her back to life and as they discover that it was the living God they wanted to know about that god and a group came together and there are more still coming together to worship and serve God as a result of that miracle this happened just a few years ago the story was shared with me through the a step at the 30 is a project ministry they have a lot of amazing testimonies but this happened because there was a group of people that were unwilling to let go and just said we're going to pray we believe this is God's will to to bring salvation to this village and so they began praying now I've had a really big burden in my heart not necessarily to go around raising people from the from the dead. But to see people come from the dead spiritually you know we live in a generation of people that are sleeping in death we're actually And so that has been my prayer you know Lord just help us as a people and show me what part you want me to play in this of helping people that from the dead I love this quote from steps to crisis says why are the sons and daughters of God reluctant to pray when what comes next prayer is the key in the hand of face to unlock heaven storehouse where our treasure the ballasts resources at the time so if God has given us the key why are we so reluctant Do you. Think about this now let's talk about this key just a moment we have all been given this he and I carry this around it is an illustration each one of us have been given this p.c.. But think about it if you go and put a key in a door you just put it in is the door going to open now what do you have to do we have to turn it right the prison key in the hand of faith and what turns the key they we have to believe in the God that we're praying to are we just saying a prayer we just doing our duty Do we really believe that God care and that it is desire to answer prayer or if we have that in the context are we praying according to His will for His glory we're told when we pray for our own lust. You know we don't see those answers but Per is the key in the hand of fate to unlock heaven storehouse Unfortunately I think all of you probably have the key chains you have extra keys on your key chain that you carry around and you use them once in a while but you really don't need to be carrying them around because you might use it once a month or once a week or something like that and oftentimes I think that that's what prayer is we just carry it around like an extra key and God is wanting us to live in prayer you know per the breath of the soul is actually our very sustenance of life and breathing and we can no more live spiritually without prayer than we can look at this a cli without breathing seriously or as not just a magic key that we pull out in emergencies you know. Working with her ministries and everything I have a lot of people that come to me with her requests and I don't mind praying with people specially here and now but I tell people time and time again I'm not the only one that has received this. This is each one of you has received the key and you know you might come to me and you know can you please pray for my brother he's not walking with the Lord and I could say yes I'll pray for your brother but who is going to be most earnest and agonizingly person nearing for the salvation of your brother it's going to be you right because you know that person and that is the prayer that God answer he's looking for that earnest the fear desire of the heart is not the eloquent it's not the flowery words it doesn't matter how you say it he's looking for the sincerity of the heart do these people have a heart for me do they have a hunger for me and and do they believe and so that's what he's looking for it's not any one of us that have this key we've all been given it but are we using it talked about protecting the hand to staying spiritually alive I believe many Christians or most Christians have settled for what I call life in the desert the spiritual world and you know we're told in the Bible that God called the children of his or out of Egypt but what was his purpose when he called them out of Egypt its purpose was to take them to. McCain and her promised plan and the same is for us today he is calling us out of Egypt out of the world to take us to the promised land but unfortunately many of us have got stuck in the desert and I actually believe that we have been raised in a generation of lukewarm wilderness Christianity and because we've been raised in that generation we really don't see that there are more you know yes we know about the George Mueller's of the past and yes we know about these different things but God doesn't work that God doesn't work that way today we are just barely surviving stress tired weary too busy to take quality time with God This is a really sobering quote most professed Christians have no sense of the spiritual strength they might obtain were they as ambitious zealous and perseverance to gain a knowledge of divine things as they are to obtain the perishable things of this life many are satisfied to be spiritual to or now I know that it is your desire to be much more than that because you're here and you're hungry and that is a huge prerequisite for going deeper I love this promise from John 1010 I'm come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly so here we see the promise that God has given us he wants to give us life and life more abundantly but what was the 1st part of the birth that I left off. I've come that they might have life before that yes the thief comes but to steal and to kill and to destroy and I'm coming they might have life and life more abundantly so the enemy is trying to rob us of face he's trying to steal our joy he's trying to steal our trust in God in our ability to cling to his word and trying to steal from us the fact that God really does have more in store for us. So little bit more of my story I grew up. In the wilderness I grew up in the 7th Avenue search in a lukewarm small kind of Laodicean church that really honestly hasn't changed that much over the years I've been away from home for many years now but the church pretty much still looks about the same as it did when I was young but I really struggled I have to be honest I really struggled as a child with church one reason was I didn't really feel like I saw a lot of life there I didn't really see a lot of you know it seemed like it was more of a routine but another thing that was really hard for me was just the hop ocracy and seeing how people treated one another and unfortunately because of some of those things that happened in our church some of my family chose not to remain in the church because of that and think about how many walk away from God because they don't see the reality of God in the lives of those of us that per fasts to serve him so it was it was discouraging I didn't really enjoy church but I will say and I praise the Lord for this God gave me parents that really genuinely love the Lord and I saw the reality in their own lives. They didn't go home and do something different they genuinely love the Lord they genuinely love others my parents are very very giving people just to give you a glimpse always always helping people always taking people in that need we had a single mom with 7 children that live with us for 3 years. The children's ages were one to 13 when they came to live with us and they moved away about 5 or 6 years ago now and have the single mom has since remarried and then we had another thing a mom that lived with us after them and she had 2 children she looked at the girl a year ago all the way back to my life this is how my parents treat and love their continually taking an outcast continually taking in those that need help and I saw genuine Christianity I saw genuine prayer I remember waking up in the morning my dad was a 4 star he worked in the course 3 service and so we was friends sometimes weeks in a couple months in the spring and fall up in Minnesota in the north woods of Minnesota working with Potlatch Corp and he just loved it because he's a woodsman and basically we'd be camped out in the mutable environment and he'd be out working you know with the trees and and with logging and planting trees and any different things that he says you know we have such an amazing life we get paid to do what most people actually pay you know to come and have a vacation out here but we get paid to live out here and you know enjoy nature so anyway I would travel and my younger brothers once they came along the same and my mom and I we would go and travel with him he would wake up like at 4 o'clock in the morning and he would start crying. And he would cry out loud. Out loud and at 1st Our remember being a little annoyed because I'm like why does he have to pray out loud because I'm still trying to sleep but then it began to be a comfort and encouragement to me and I would be like Daddy if you're going to pray in the morning and wake me up can you price for such and such you know any pray for my friends this or that or whatever and he wanted and I saw in answer to prayer I saw God answering our prayers for people we were praying for these different things and so kind of subliminally you know God is putting in my heart the beauty in the power of prayer before I really started a prayer life myself you know I was taught to pray I saw my parents pry I saw answers to prayer but it actually was not until high school that it really became more of a reality to me and you know many young people this is the same way we kind of live under the shadow of our parents religion for a time but then eventually it becomes ours and that was in high school when I really started having my personal devotions and I started praying and spending time and I remember reading stories from the past like you know Jason was sharing this morning in his more mourning worship you know about the things that God is for other people and looking around saying Ward I I want to see this in my generation I want to be used I want to see you work now as well and even though I struggled I didn't really see God doing a lot in the church I had in my heart that he had more in store and so that's been kind of the quest of my life but I'll share a little bit more so I graduated from high school in did up going to Southern administering of our city and I see a classmate here from Southern So that's awesome and had a wonderful experience there was very active in different ministries and different things but still even when I was a Southern I was I was doing the right thing I was a good girl all these different things but I feel like I'm still living in the superficial wilderness experience. I got very busy after graduating from Southern as a nurse and started travelling here and there around the world and doing many having many wonderful adventures but when I look back on those early years and I didn't see this eventually I thought I was you know I thought great things were happening and I was having great adventures in very very little. In my life you know yeah I've been so and so and I've done this and that there wasn't really fruit and I didn't understand initially what what I was missing or what was going on God allows me after the after southern to walk through a very difficult heartbreak experience and share a little bit of more of that in another testimony in a few days when I talk about holding on and having faith in God even when it seems like a silence you know it's. You see answers to prayer and you pray and you expect that God is going to answer because you're praying and you claim the Psalms says but what do we do when it seems like God isn't answering when it seems like he's not hearing I'm going to address some of the war deep core face issues that we challenge and we all have our different experiences so I walked a very very discouraging time in my life. And I'll leave that testimony for another day and through that experience God began to awaken me to the fact that I needed to be part series with and did I really recognise the power of the Cross that I really recognise. Why he had to die for me I think this is a struggle for us to have grown up in the church with Christianity with the Gospel being shared Yes Jesus died for my sins yes I believe that but it does not pierce our heart we don't really understand the sooner that we are intellectually Yes we've asked Jesus to forgive us of our sins but it doesn't break our heart we don't understand what he's done and I begin to recognize I mean I see people come into the church and I see how broken they are at the foot of the cross and I begin to recognize across really does not touch me I have an intellectual understanding but it's not broken you know I didn't pray Lord help me understand the cross and so he allows me to guises and difficult experiences and I began to ask the melody do you recognize how desperately you need jesus you recognize what I actually did or you and going through this breaking experiencing going has a franking experience recognizing the power of the cross totally changed my perspective and my life and I remember I was actually in Bangladesh at the time and I share a little bit more of this with tomorrow testimony because these are kind of overlapping a little bit but I was in Bangladesh and I'm looking you know I was there with a medical team from level in the university a graduate from southern with nurse and with nursing and then I started traveling doing travel north thing ended up and Melinda California started doing mission trips with the metal group medical group mama Linda and saw the Bangladesh and just looking at the poverty and and around the city a $169000000.00 people crammed into an area the size the state of Iowa basically. And we have about 300000000 in the whole United States the imagine half the population of the United States in the state of Iowa that's that's a concentration of people and just horrible conditions and a lot of struggles and thinking Lord how how could we possibly make a difference here how can you know because I'm handing out food and stuff like that but it's just nothing and that's when he began to show me that the condition of your heart you're trying to be good you're trying to do this and that but you know that it doesn't make a dent. You need my blood you need to be covered by my blood my sacrifice it is across the cross is our only saving grace you need to cling to the cross stop trying to be this wonderful you know I was one of those model good girl and because of that it kind of got to my head and I'm like I'm doing pretty good I mean they have their struggles but thank God my struggles are like their struggle you know that attitude sometimes we have and so God had to break me and bring me to the cross and as I'm coming out through this experience that is when I began really grasping the hold of the scripture and really begin claiming the promises like Jason talked about this morning what he's been sharing what I say you got to go back and hear Jason's flaggers devotional morning message is so powerful. Going to the Scriptures and saying Lord you say this in your words I want to see this in my own life Lord you say such and such I want that more abundant experience you know the Bible tells us an occasion 320 now and to him that the able to do exceedingly abundantly Wow all that we ask or think and I began thinking in my head if he's able to do above what I ask or think why am i just asking for what I ask or think. You know why don't I pray for more and were told in Jeremiah 33 the Earth great calling to me and I will answer these are the great and mighty things that you know not Jeremiah 33 ver 3 and so I be can begin claiming that as well and began daring literally to ask for more and this is where the journey began. Upon the promises if you would ask me the single most thing that has made a difference in my personal walk with God and is still making a difference because I'm on this journey like all of you I haven't arrived I'm still on the journey. But I've tasted in Fiji what God can do the single most thing that's made a difference for me and I believe that will take us above and beyond in our personal walk with God is learning to pray the Word of God really really pray the Word of God and claim the promise and so that's what I began doing I began taking the promises and I had these little colored cards similar to what I have here and I would put my prayer request on one side of the card and I would put Bible promises on the other side of the card and I would just start claiming the promise whether I felt like it whether I didn't feel like it you know we cannot rely on our feelings we have to rely upon the Word of God I would start claiming the promises and I have sent actually put together prayer and promise cards to help people learn how to pray the Word of God And just to give them examples and people can of course the best is if you continue you know to add your own promises but I'll just give you. Just give you some example to your like I have a category present promises for my personal spiritual growth. Father I praise you that you have power to bring new life to dead bones please rescue me from any spiritual complacency give me a passion to know you and to live for you with joy that a prayer that we need to bring the bring new life to my dead bones and that's what I am I'm recognizing I'm dead don't Lord please help me and this is a promise we can claim a victory will 375 Thus saith the Lord God unto these behold bones Behold I will cause breast to enter into you and you shall live if you feel it like you're in a place right now where you're little dry and you're a little dead as I tell people you're in the perfect place for God to do his work you just have to recognize I'm here I'm dry I don't have what you're talking about but I want to he says that's Ok just ask Behold I will cause breast to enter into you and you will live I will bring you back to life claim this promise doesn't matter how you feel it doesn't matter if you feel like he's near or he's not he is because he tells us that His word father I praise you that you can give me a new heart a heart that loves you and loves the things of heaven and that will turn away from the allurements of the world I'm attracted to the world it's a struggle I cannot change my heart but you promise to do the work this also comes mythical 36 verse 26 a new heart will I give you in a new spirit will I put within you I'll take away your stoning are I'll give you a heart of flesh and I tell you what these are familiar promises we talk about them all the time but are we really climbing them and latching on to the mid our life you know I had a situation recently where I was quite. Rust rated and a bit hurt by something want to buy doublings did and praise the Lord he's worked out that situation but my initial reaction I'm the big sister by the way the of course I know what's best I know it's right and sometimes even though my brothers are adults now you know I have the tendency to still be big sister and be like you know what do you think you're doing how can you do such and such and how can you talk such and such and to put them in their place at the Tennessee we all have out there I'm really struggling and I'm like Lord I'm angry so and so should not have said that they should not have done that that's not the way you know and so I wouldn't like and I just have to go to my bed and cry and I'm like Lord give me a new heart you me a heart of love and compassion for my brother you can change his heart it's not my job to change his heart is the Holy Spirit job to change his heart help me change my heart I just so much wanted to tell him what I thought about what happened but I was claiming this promise and just Lord help me it was in my strength because I didn't have the self-control but he gave me the self-control and he completely took away those feelings and whatever to fight back and to give a piece of my mind used to get away and it's like Ok it's Ok he just completely change my heart and in time he did the same thing my brother and I just beautiful and I'm like if we would just allow the Lord's you his work and we would claim to the promises what would he do. Easy kill 3626 a new heart will I give you a share a couple more crazy lore that you want to change me from the inside out make me like you help me put away all pretense and double standard of living help me have a pure heart before you. This I've Paraphrasis little bit Romans 228 is talking about he is not a Jew which is one outwardly but he's a Jew which is one inwardly and I say he is not a Christian which is one outwardly but he's a Christian which was one inwardly the Lord see if not as man see a man look at on the outward that the Lord look at on the heart the just praying that Lord will do that work from the arch of a couple more here I want to share another so many that I could share. That's the problem. Give me a love for you your word the things of heaven. Thank you that you can keep me from falling but if I fall you won't cast me aside but you pick me up again now Him This able to keep you from falling presents you fall asleep for the presence of His Glory Jude $124.00 and then of course the children once you know and many of you are to claiming that these he shared the snoring a beautiful quote from inspirations I love this a Praise the Lord that you promise to save the children of the needy we are in great need father the enemy wants to claim our children but you're looking to break the power of the oppressor now I'm $72.00 or 4 he should judge the poor of the people he shall save the children of the needy and shall break in pieces the oppressor. 724 and here's one more that I will share I love this one as well I praise the Lord that you promised to bring my children back from the land of the in the me you promised to bring them home I cling to this promise and wait for you to work Jeremiah 316070 that say the Lord refrain I voice from weeping that eyes from tears for the work should be rewarded says the Lord and they shall come again from the land of the enemy and there is hope and then in saith the Lord the safe children shall come again to the I know him border this is a promise we can pray Jeremiah 311-6174 our children to return so I put together these prayer and promise cards and you're welcome to look at them afterwards just to help people kind of start you can actually download them online and I'll give you a bookmark at the end for you can go to our website and you can do that you can download them print them up I have blank sheets you put your prayer on one side and you write the promise on another you can do it in your own handwriting and just make your prayer and promise cards or you can do like I did. That I've done as well I did the prayer and promised cards but I've also just put together basically a notebook of different promises that. That God has given me and I just pray these problems. And I don't stop praying them just because I prayed yesterday doesn't mean I don't pray today you know he's given us these things we don't have to apologize and come back on to the God here I am again can I claim a promise again you know he's given us these promises he's given us His word and so these are some of the promises I claim just for personal growth in my life for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and all the things that they really exciting thing is I began praying these promises that I had literally on key chains that I would carry around I began seeing him incident prior and as he would answer the prayers I would take my prayer card off the card and I would fold it up and I would put it in a jar and this is what's happening here is these are all answered prayer that God began to give me and when I was praying for different things you know. It was it was so awesome to see I was actually in a transition in my life and ministry as I'm going through this process because I was a nurse and I've been working as an earth and God began to open up the doors for me to work in ministry and got involved in prayer ministry and then I ended up having to walk away from my work as a nurse because I had so many opportunities to work in prime ministry that I knew I could do book and so on like dogs. How am I going to pay the bills and how I'm going how my go support myself and it's just like he said you know do you trust that I can provide you trust that I can be your husband and I can take care of you and so I literally gave up the security of a paycheck for about 4 years and just completely live by faith I'd like to say I still live by faith but at the moment I know I'm going to have a I'm going to have a paycheck you know and so the way God is teaching me to live by faith is in different areas but he continues to grow our face and show us that he can provide and he really keep his word and so I saw him doing this and I saw him answering in these are all answered prayers I remember in the in the process I didn't have an income claiming the promise in Matthew 631 says Take no thought what you should eat or drink and I remember thinking to myself take no thought this really means don't stress about these things you know he says thinking 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness don't stress about what you're going to wear look at how the lilies of the field are close Don't stress about what you're going to eat look at how I feed the birds take no thought Don't stress and so I made myself a list and I call that my take no thought. These are the things that I would normally be stressing about you know my gas money and my expenses and my phone bill and electric and all these different things and I put them on the take no thought less one of the things I had on the take no thought list was. Oh man I'm going to run out of time here. One of the things I had on the take no thought list was gravel because we were struggling in the driveway where I was living with getting stuck and I didn't have $500.02 pay for gravel and so that was something that's on the take the saw floor you know I need gravel you know and I would give it to God and then I would focus on trying for other things so I'm not really struggling with it I'm like you know I'm not I'm not stressing over this and I remember one day my dad came to the office where I was and said Hey Melanie can you come help me drive the the truck we need to go get some gravel down the road I think Grandma What do you mean and he says with a local church down the road we live way out in the country the local church down the road just pay their parking lot and they have the big pile of gravel left over they asked us if we could use it. And I said Sure growler and he says you have to and I said Yes I didn't tell you so we got like 5 truckloads 5 trailer loads click the tractor load a pretty gravel and got my area and my parents and rode and all everything and my mom says in the 30 some years we've lived here we've never had free gravel and I said Did you pray for it but you know I love this illustration because it really showed me in this journey that I was on how God cares about the dirt the thunder you know ultimately our desire is that we would become like him and that we would be part of the ministry of reconciliation to bring others to him that's our ultimate goal in the prayer ministry but he also says he will supply our needs and he cares about these things and so I saw him doing this in so many ways and here is again one of my a jars with Answered prayers as I'm seeing him work in answer prayers and so it is really exciting not just seeing the physical ways that how he began to work here actually remember people that I was praying for that he brought and marriages you know and other people pray for marriages and more. I need to see the fear in my life in these people and I began to see God work in answer and bring people that seemed very very dead back alive and something that really happened also along the line was the beginnings of Army Bible camp of any of you ever heard of Army Bible camp if you have you have this is a birth child a basically a pastor Iver Meyers and his desire was to just help people get into the word and I was part of that team in the in the beginning as well and so we started putting together this ministry and course I was praying I was like word my biggest passion was the help people as I told you earlier be revived want to see dead people come back to life and how is that going to happen it's going to be through the power of the word and through the power of prayer and so God brings us ministry along I get to be part of it and we begin praying Lord please show us how to the personal revival happening and it's a ministry of starting in the very beginning. We didn't know what we were doing we had no idea we never put on a conference before that we didn't really know how to go about the logistics or anything but we're praying you know we have so cal campgrounds we're out in California and we're rented and we have room for $3400.00 people and 2 weeks before the event we had $45.00 people that signed up which is probably less than we have in this room maybe you have in this room for like Lord we may not be very doing very good advertising but you have to bring the people we bring the people together and so we're praying and praying and praying her earnest we're desperate and when we started camp we had over 350 people and that's our very 1st conference that we put on and it was beautiful but something else happened that for conference we had a girl on the team Her name was Melissa really sweet gal that came along and she had a big burden to the people pray and she said we need to have a prayer time every morning before the Bible study time. Start you know the devotions going start 7 we need to need 6 o'clock to pray and I remember our team and I was even part of this we're kind of thinking do we really be asking people to come and pray at 6 o'clock in the morning you know we're just hoping to come for 7 o'clock for the devotional I'm not sure about this and that we were little reluctant I was a little reluctant and but then we finally said Well obviously people can choose whether they come or not let's make the opportunity and so we did we offered that morning prayer time in the 1st morning I think maybe we had 20 people in the next morning we had 4060 by the end of the conference we had over a 100 people praying together it was so beautiful it was so powerful and what we saw God do as a result of those prayers was just phenomenal I remember a man that was planning on getting divorced going back to his wife and reconciling and just how God brought the Christians alive as we were studying the Word and it was just just beautiful so from this very 1st conference and I should tell you before we before we move on where we were praying also Lord for provision because putting on a conference is quite pricey you know putting on an event like you have here is very expensive and we're praying Lord can you can you provide at least $10000.00 for us to get through and show us how you want to move forward and $300.00 people that's a pretty big prayer of faith to be praying for that at least 10 years ago when this started. The end of the conference God gave us an offering of over $35000.00 and so he made it very clear you know not only to pay the bills but he gave us what we needed to go forward and just beautiful but we recognized we need to be on our knees even more not just praying in the morning but we need to have a prayer room where we're praying all day and coming together praying for the speakers kind for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and praying for each other and people began to flock to this prayer room that we had going on and it was beautiful Sometimes we'd have 10 Sometimes we'd have 50 or 60 current pace will do what no power on earth can accomplish and we began to see more and more people's lives changed I remember this. Girl that came at the time she was 14 and she. Didn't really want to come to the program but her mom brought her and she ended up staying for a whole hour the next day she came back and she stayed for 8 hours and she told us at the end of the conference she says you know I've been going to camps and different things that I would kind of felt like something was missing you know and or seeing what was the power of prayer and that 14 year old went back home. To start to prayer groups in her church and it was really neat seeing how God was with changing lives the young people we had this young man came to us up there in the red checkered shirt that was struggling with smoking he had been smoking that he was 13 and he wanted to stop but he didn't know how and so during the conference you know the 1st day he's wanting to go smoke and of course we don't want you smoking here. On the campus property and whatever and so one of our party mates took him to the program and started praying with him and they just began praying and praying do we believe that God has the power to give us victory over these addictions in our life yes he does and so why don't we hold on until we see the prairie answered you know we have to pray through as I say until we see breakthrough sometimes breakthrough comes in a few hours and sometimes it doesn't come for years but you hold on if you know something is according to the will of God the salvation of your loved ones. You know these different things sometimes take longer because we have all free choice right so I can't manipulate your choice I need to pray for the Holy Spirit to work upon your heart but something encourage people to pry very firmly and and not let go of and it doesn't need to take years it's victory over personal been an addiction in our lives and you may not be struggling with smoking that maybe you're struggling with another addiction you know maybe as a media addiction or an entertainment addiction or some type of food addiction or these different things and he promises to give us victory so will we hold on until we see the answer come so they're praying there in the prayer room claiming the promise and it was time for supper and my friend said do you want to go any supper time for supper in the young man who's just an early 20 says no I need to keep her so he said another couple hours in the program I think he was in there like 4 hours and at the end of the time he walked out and he says the craving has left I have no desire to smoke and the rest of the day. The rest of the week you know 5 days or whatever no craving you know God took that nicotine addiction away and he will do that. If we will hold on another man came to us and this is not the picture of him but I'm just using him as an illustration and he was struggling with an eye problem. And he didn't tell us initially what his problem was and then talk about an eye problem is the last problem he was married and he had eyes for things that he should have ideas for and he knew it was wrong he wanted to be healed he wanted to have that period lation ship with his life but he's struggling what do I do and so he comes to the prayer I'm just praying every day he's not telling people that this is their own private you know struggle just trying Lord please change my heart give me a new heart take away this this heart for the things of the Flesh out of me and he's just praying and praying and after 3 days or so he'd been really wrestling and crying and he had another eye problem as well he couldn't see without glasses which I'm fast getting there so I think carry them around as I can't read without them anymore and are you struggling and he can't see without glasses but yes I probably he after 3 days a prank he felt like God had given him the victory in his heart you know when you prayed and prayed and prayed you know when God is giving you that breakthrough in your heart and peace in your heart and you just feel that strength of the Lord and so he knew that God to give him personal victory so he's walking the Bible class that morning to the Bible study that we were having and he suddenly recognizes that he was not wearing his you could be perfectly So not only had God healed him spiritually but God healed his eyesight as well and that's a beautiful of station I think of the fusion 320 we're now on him the cable to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask God want to do so much more there's so many more testimonies we just lies change you know when we started this prayer ministry you know I believed in the power of prayer I did I grew up in a home that prayed but I wasn't really seeing these type of marital and and different things and so my whole paradigm on prayer and what God wants to do with actually in the area of spiritual healing you know just restoring our heart in our soul for him. I'm and giving purity of heart changing our mind in the thinking patterns in the bitterness in the different things that we get encumbered with just began to take just began to expand Wow What will the Lord do you know we don't have to live under the star pression you know that we struggle with we don't have to live under you know the generational generational curses that we inherit from our family God really does want to give us healing and spiritual victory and many times physical victory as well although I tell people when we pray we know it's God's will that heals physically but we don't always know the timing of the healing that might be now that might be later on or it might not be to the resurrection but we can still pray and ask this man here had come basically wanted to in his life he was in a very severe depression state unit up during one of our conferences bending over 30 hours in the prayer room and went home a completely changed man and he now has a permanent story travels around so many miracles he's working in a secular environment and he basically has. Very very different influential people that he he's working with and sharing Christ with and one of them is is like the granddaughter of the O'Reilly's do they arrive early auto parts he knows her he's working with her you know already see people coming to the church and be baptized as a result of this permanency that he basically just met on the street and great work and they said you know where do you go to church how can we learn more and so he's on his way to Panama he is a health center that he's working on the middleman the guy right there in the middle His name is and he just beautiful crickets the money you know the Bible tells us is written my house to be called of all nations a house of prayer this is what God has designed his church to be a house of prayer and how often do we make it something else. You know the house of entertainment or a house of fellowship and peace. Even preaching in preaching is a vital part because you've got to preach the word but isn't it interesting that the Bible says My house has to be a house the prayer it's almost like that Sabbath commandment don't forget the Sabbath because he knew that that would be the one day the 7th day that we as a world would forget and here we see don't forget my house to be a house of prayer and if you think about it not just the church but we are all many houses many temples that the Holy Spirit Well then when we choose to give our life to Christ the Holy Spirit comes and well in us and we are to be many houses of prayer you know are our purpose is reconciliation our purposes standing in the gap we have a whole lot of community the rounding this campus we are to be those that stand in the gap on their behalf to see their coming and find the truth now is there something that Satan does not like you does not like See you in your personal prayer closet. There's something that he does not like and is there something that he doesn't like even more if the see you and your family praying together but not want to see husbands and wives praying together doesn't want to see parents praying with children he doesn't want to see families praying together because he knows as there's healing and unity and strength and families are going to be strength in the church and I believe that there's something even more that he does not like to see he doesn't like the churches bring together because you know when we pray together as a church you can't backstab each other you can't hurt one another noonday each other the same way when you're praying for one another when you're listing each other up you just cannot because of the love and unity that comes because the Holy Spirit comes and it's beautiful I don't think that we really understand though that we are living in a spiritual war and again as I keep referring back to Jason's ligers morning devotional it's a really neat how the Holy Spirit bring things together because I had this in my presentation long before I heard his devotional and yet I'm like wow this is powerful the point that he's bringing out the fact that we are living in a time of war we are living in a time of spiritual war and you know. This is a friend of mine who's had a permanent ministry in South America told me he met a man who used to be part of the in the occult world who sent come to the Lord and this man shared with him if Christians just realize the power that there is in prayer when I was in the occult world one of my jobs would be to go around to communities and cast spells you wonder why there's so much piety and violence and stuff with families it's because we're casting our battles trying to break apart the family but wherever there are families praying and especially where there's churches purring we cannot be affective. Christians are not recognizing the power that there is when we pray something else happened with one of our party in the Philippines because basically I'm kind of running ahead because there's a lot of stories that mesh together but Army battle can start at the ministry began to grow we kept going forward with more conferences and then we began to get invitations to take our prayer King all these different places around the world and I got involved with a prayer ministry as a result of that because we didn't have enough prayer chain my initial function with the ministry was more the logistics programming coordinator I was programming all you know the programming for the conference and working with the logistics behind the scenes but I had a heart for prayer and I had a heart for these things as well as a Bobby gets a pull me into the prayer ministry and I began traveling and we have teams traveling all over teaching people how to pray together and just revival Reformation all these different things and we had a team in the Philippines admission University the Philippines that were praying together and many students coming together in this one girl came into the program open prayed one day and she was crying and just just had a beautiful experience and at the end one of my team mates asked are you know Are you Ok and everything she's like oh this is beautiful I've never prayed with a group of people like this before this is so so beautiful and she says but she says I'm crying because I can see God is with me she says well we were praying she says I open my eyes and say this is progress and I looked around and I found a purple dark evil angels that were trying to break into the prayer group and to stop the praying she says the holding them back were stronger in July of light and she says I can see God is with people when they pray and I thought was very interesting are creating didn't see that but she did she was not really a believer per se but she came in and she says God with you and if we could remove the veil and we could see what prayer really does I think we all be on our knees much while we recognize what God has given. Since the Bible can't ministry started back in 2009 we've had over 30 conferences in the ministry of continuing to go forward. But God has been taking me on on another journey and that is specifically praying for the leaders of our church you believe that our church needs her her. Name and we are in a spiritual battle in the path of Are there was a time that we need to be trying our church it's now in God really through the court that time is convicted me you know the story an exodus 70 that Moses is up on the mountain and he's looking down and Josh was fighting in the valley and. When his arms are up they're winning Israel's running but with his arms go down Israel is losing but Moses arms are heavy and he recognizes you know the struggling to hold up his arm and so Erin or her come a hold of his arm the God began convicting me that we need to be praying a lot more for our leaders and so this is where a whole new branch of prayer ministry for me started. So God convicting we we need to come together and we need to pray and so God open the doors I had an invitation to come to the General Conference and lead a prayer chain this is in 2010 the actually the year that all the Wilson was just starting to become president and here we have Mark Finlay and I about 10 years ago. And he's asking me because we're thinking prayer changing churches and you know we've been asked to come to Andrews University with help or groups and there during evangelist experience of America last America last Americal children coming back into the church and and this is what's so exciting for me because I can tell you many stories about how God has provided for me how you paid my bills how you healed me your family members are different things but for me the most exciting thing just seeing the lives you've been reclaiming lost children coming back in marriages restored in these now we're seeing that some are saying this and I just began to keep journals of these answer prayers and and write them and store them up they're so encouraging and so because of this during Janet page or at the General Conference and they asked me to bring a per team to the g.c. to pray and I didn't really know a whole lot about the General Conference I didn't know a whole lot about the leadership or what was going on but it's I was sure will come and pray and so we ended up going and praying there and use a full beautiful thing what what God did I guess going her story but we had a prayer room and we not only prayed in the morning with the leaders but we had a prayer room that they that they came and prayed with us and I saw division leaders presidents all these different people crying and weeping in saying Lord we need you to do a new work in our heart we need you to take us deeper do a deeper work in our heart more ice and so that was really exciting and I remember once a leader came to me he said 1000000 I've been coming to the g.c. for 15 years and I've never felt the power of the Holy Spirit as I have now God is doing something with this church and so that was the beginning back in 2000. Can and God is laying on the heart we need to be praying more for leaders and so the next year when in a council in the hall meetings in the fall I got a group of team a teeny together of 8 different people and this is what was really fun than me because I just started off the year let me back up and say this to start off the year I've kind of had a a practice over the years to start off the year with her thing just for my own personal walk with God I want to go deeper and so I would start off with just heard fasting in this thing just do a deeper work in my heart and God begin to convict me you need to pray and fast for the leaders of our church you need to go and pray for them and so that next year I was convicted to take a group. Of people and God brought them together to go for 3 weeks 21 days a paragraph in the pram the health of our church and God organized all the logistics for us to get in because Have any of you ever been to the General Conference. You know you have this huge building you know I've 4 storey building about 6700 people work there large building meant that you can't just go in anytime you jolly well please God gave us the passes and network and we went in it really o'clock in the morning and we went in at 3 o'clock in the morning because we wanted to pray through each department throughout the building and we wanted to do it when no one was there that we would be getting in any people play and so this is that very 1st year that we went in we started the basement as a beautiful picture of Jesus in the narrow way and we were just concrete ourselves like Lord we're here to pray on behalf of your church more crime reclaiming the promises we're here to print behalf of your church to where we were just kids we don't know what we're doing but we have a burden for you to work and do a deeper work in your church and we're praying on behalf of everyone that works here you know 3 different things Lord we know that there are some that work here that love you but they've got too busy that they've lost their 1st love the Lord please take them deeper and then father there are some that work here that don't know you as they should and they need to be converted you know that there are people that are working in church inaugurated Yes there are and the 3rd thing is lore there are some people that are working here with an agenda to destroy your church and if they should not be working here and remove them and I say that ashamedly because we want the glory of the Lord to prevail on behalf of the church so we are praying these 3 things but before we go to the building prank of all the department we're starting in the basement we're just like war we don't want there to be anything between asking you because is it going to make any difference if we walk through this building and pray if the Holy Spirit is not with us if we don't have a heart genuine free is that going to make a difference no we have to be consecrated so we would start that and sometimes you know we're trying to in the 3 weeks I have these 8 women together from all over the world from remaining. Germany in different places God brought the team together and sometimes we had to stop and just work out things amongst ourselves because we had different ideas about how things were going to happen but God kept giving us peace and it was beautiful it was beautiful seeing what God did as a result something really really need to happened I remember 3 45 in the morning one morning we were walking through and one of my team mates prayed you know Lord if there's anybody that needs to. Have a deeper walk with you wake them up out of their sleep right now and help them to realize wake up and make their life right with you and later on that very day we saw this posting on a website is that 345 this morning I woke up out of my sleep and was overcome with the conviction of my sins and I got on my knees and I confessed my sins and I repented and I encourage you choose well this is on one of our church websites and I would like their look at it you know we're not really going to know until eternity how God is answering our prayers but there is that little evidences that God is working and so we began to see and I know I need to wrap things up here that God is hearing these prayers God is any answer these program out and if we would crucify cell instead of crucifying the brother and while I'm finishing up here would you just would you just pass out news books Pastor Rob. To the group here so those books I want you to give out those before we add this to the so we just we just have seen I'm going to I'm going to share with one last story will you pass those out on the other side of the room and even if you already have a book you want to book because you might have the possibility of getting something more by one of these books because I'm going to give away a couple of goodies here. But we have just seeing God answering our prayers and I just have to ask and think and I have some more stories that I'll share tomorrow that will add on to the message that I share tomorrow but can you imagine what would happen in our churches if we would take seriously the call to band together and pray that doesn't mean you have to go at 3 o'clock in the morning and circle the church but seriously I have really found being on location does make a difference because I'm much more earnest when I'm here and when I'm praying you know whatever I don't know and so I think being on location is a blessing if possible but just imagine what God would do if we would pray for a church is so I just really want to challenge you I have some more stories about what happened during in your council miracles that we saw happen that I will share tomorrow in those books that you just got if you open the front cover going to have a prayer here but before I do if you open the front cover and you see my initial or I'm not my initial If you see a little part. 2 things there's one person in the room that I'm going to give a set of promise cards to so if you have Ok you have a heart if you have a hard time going to give you a daring to ask for more book which is my personal book and testimony if you have it in written in the front there's only one person in the room that will have this as promised cards I'm going to give you a set of these and these are handmade you've got the promise cards so but you can go and make them online. Here's one more thing. Pass the before that time going to have prayer about but one more thing the bookmark that we're passing out some of you might want to know where do I go and download those promised cards you can download them and print them up from the Internet if you go to our website revival Reformation dot org on this bookmark that she's handing out and go on the very front page to the top recommended resources click on top recommended resources scroll down and you'll see my parent Promise card Ok you can download them these are resources that you can access there are many more resources there I'll tell you more about the tomorrow so I'm going to have prayer if you have a heart on your book you can come to me and I will give you a book and I'll have some more goodies that I'll give over the week as well come back tomorrow and bring some. Come back tomorrow and bring a friend I have so much more to share I'm sorry for going over time but let's pray your Heavenly Father thank you so much for this opportunity to be here today and again I just pray that you will grow our faith and that you will grow our trust in you you've given each one of us the p. this is not something that just Pastor Rob has given or the pastors have given or I've been given it's each one of us father just grow our faith and trust in your word and in who you are because you want us all to go deeper whenever we are probably want to do their job public to do that we write thank you for thank you for the time together today we did give your honor glory and praise your precious even this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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