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Daring to Ask for More - Part 5

Melody Mason


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference




  • June 21, 2019
    10:15 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much again for the opportunity to be here together with my brothers and sisters and as we talk and review a few final things in the in the session father we just ask for your Holy Spirit to be with us I just ask for your words your annoying t'ing father prayed that you would hide me behind the cross and that you would be exalted you know how desperately I need you this morning Father I don't have what I need to share but I know that you have a message that you want to be shared and so I'm just asking that you would speak to me thank you so much for hearing and answering this prayer and for giving us what we need today in your precious name and. I wanted to to do kind of a little bit review of what we've already done but you know if I've been talking about this week I could talk about I could talk about you know you want to start a permanent story and your church for example or you want to do this and that and I could and I could give you bullet points you know do this go to your pastor write out this plan do the this is how you lead a prayer time etc. But you know nobody ever did that with me it was never a process of you know this is what you need to do to have a prayer ministry this whole prayer ministry that God grew in my life and is still growing in my life grew out of my walk with Him It grew out of my own time on my knees I'm just crying as I'm reading my Bible and I'm saying Lord I want more I don't know what it looks like I don't know how to pray I don't you know so it's just my own personal walk and as that personal walk is growing and I'm asking him you know what are the breaches how I how can I have a pure heart towards you how can I be. Closer to you he's showing me things in my life and it's a surrender process and sometimes I surrender today I'll share some stories as I go through the smarting some things I surrender today I take blocked tomorrow you know and then I have to research under and so it's a continual process but it's through this process that God's been growing in my own life that then he began to open up doors for prayer ministry and then he began to bring people on board and. Give opportunity to share and so it's been a growing process you know different people will come to me and say I want to have her ministry bless you. I want to have a perm in the story like you do or how do I you know you have a book that's published and that's been successful how do I write a book tell me how to write a book and I'm like It's not like I can just tell you how to do this it comes out of a life of obedience and really consecration and I'm not holding myself up as an example I'm not meaning to do that because I'm very faulty and I fail and having struggles over just like you guys do but it's just a continual process in our watch. With God and so that's why I'm emphasizing so much over this week not necessarily a bunch of do's and don'ts there are more specific things I have another series that we did back to you I see and December myself and Jim Castor he's another amazing young man little Filipino guy just on fire for God and He is a prime ministry all around the world as well we did a series together on on prime ministry kind of do's and don'ts and prayer ministry and how to ruin your prayer ministry and how to grow and we talked about dealing with problem issues and different things and that series is on audio verse if you look under the g. y.c. sessions from this last last year. So there are more do's and don'ts obviously but my burly big burden in this week is really to see us go deeper in our own walk with God deeper consecration because that is where your ministry is going to grow from and it's all going to look different our ministries aren't necessarily all going to look the same but even if God does not call you to a public prayer ministry he's calling you to prayer and he's calling you to work through the power of His Spirit and you're not going to be able to do that in whatever capacity you're serving and less you are in prayer and how do we have success and prayer it's through that life that is really desperately holding on to God and seeking to surrender to his will so I have the title above and beyond surrender but what I'm actually going to be going through is I have 7 keys but I've changed this like I said I was just changing everything here at the last minute this morning it's actually 990 s today revival in abundant living and basically it's 9 things that we're going to to remind ourselves as as we go forward that must be part of our life and number one is humility already talked a lot about this you know it think it's interesting man can accomplish nothing without God and God is a range his plan so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the Divine the part man is required to sustain is immeasurable a small How small is that can you measure it. Now do you see here the parts that we're that we're actually given is in the edge of lay small it's really not even worth mentioning and yet we are told in the plan of God It is just that part that makes the work a success. So God give us a part but Lord have mercy forgive us for our puffed up attitude about the role that we play in the work you know Lord forgive us it is his work not ours we need to keep a spirit of humility I don't know. I love these different quotes pride doesn't listen it knows I've never met somebody. And they're like they just do not have an ear to listen and unfortunately I've met her ministry leaders that are this way you know this is my prayer ministry I know how it goes I'm not going to you know and we kind of get a little territorial with things and I'm like what's the point this is God's work not ours let's grow together so no matter what you do if you're wanting to start of her ministry or whatever I'm saying stay at the foot of the cross stay humble and don't be a know it all you know you can come back from camp meeting and you can say I learned such and such in seminars and I did this and we experience this prayer time and this is you know we have to have a spirit of humility and we really demonstrate it by our life as not necessarily by what we try to teach pride. Lessons. Yes. I'm learning you know why it is that much is wrong. And one for your people. And that of. That's really what you need to do and I tell people you know don't go back with a big plan to we're going to just make all these changes we're going to do this or you know whatever my my thing is really find another sister or brother or a couple people that have a similar mindset and that really have a burden to go deeper to see your church go deeper and don't try to revolutionize the whole church at once just start with those couple people are on board and then just start praying humbly purring and then humbly is God leads you know invite more people and make sure your pastor is on board and understands what you're wanting to do and so work in humility so often. We we go forward because we know we're right and we know we've seen and we go forward and we plow people and then we lose the group or soil if pride of selfishness or latest side 5 minutes would remove most difficulties. And so we have to pray for humility we are not naturally humble people I think this is interesting. Element writes that god. Cannot Bill bestow His blessings and fullness. For one because we're corrupted with the practices and spirit of the world but also their spiritual pride and should the Lord work as his heart longs to do it would confirm in those people their self esteem and self exultation So we need to pray Ok Number 2 and at the end at the very end I'm going to have a slide that has all 9 points. So you'll see them all together Number 2 Give God your will and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough either it is not our will power that is going to gain the victory in our personal life in our ministry in anything we do we don't have enough grit and determination to be the Christians that he's calling us to be we don't have enough grit and determination to be patient to be loving to you know to bide our time like I said yesterday we can bite our tongue but inside we're still fuming and that's what we're judged by is the heart God looks on the inner man looks on the outer So give God our will daily surrender is kind of like peeling an onion and I'm continually finding God is continually peeling away new layers and I'm thinking Lord did we just you know and he says yes but now we need to go a little deeper now we need to you know and it's like an onion I remember a conference we had a we had a big prayer room and after one of the procession Zz we found this watch on a chair and we thought somebody had left it very very beautiful kind of ornate watch and there was this note with a watch that was interesting this watch has not been forgotten but is being surrendered I knew better and I should have never bought it it's become an idol to me there have been many layers in my heart and now there's one layer less somebody was convicted that that was an idol and they surrendered it and you know God is continually doing that in our lives I can't tell you you need to give up your watch or you need to give up this food or you need to whatever you know in your heart what God is convicting you to do and each of us are on that own. Personal. Tell me to step aside so you can get a picture there and we're constantly having our struggles and I relate I struggle you know I remember one time. Something that I struggle with is is and I'm not saying it's it's wrong to look nice or want to have nice clothes I'm not saying that but we can be overly extravagant in the money that we waste on our wardrobe and I remember something one time that I wanted to get it was a little bit more expensive but I just like really wanted it but the Holy Spirit convicted me I didn't need to spend the money on that I mean I'd be putting it on a credit card or whatever and I didn't need to do that so I kind of walk around the store for the clothes item. And then I kind of reluctant to put it back on the rack and I leave but I come back a few days later and I wanted and I was still there and so I pick it up again and I you know another place press telling me you don't need that but I really want it so I kind of drown out the voice and so I end up buying it and taking it home but I put it on my rack at home and I can't wear it because I'm convicted I shouldn't of bought it to start with has. And so I return it I take it back I didn't wear it and you believe a week or 2 later I went back and I bought it again. I don't think it was ever on sale. But anyway I mean it's not like the clothes item was bad or whatever but I just knew I didn't need to be spending the money on that at that time I bought it again I was convicted I could wear it but I just I don't know if I thought you know if I leave it in my closet long enough the conventional Kohei or what I was this battling and finally I don't think I I don't think I ever did where and I don't I think what happened is I tried to return it later and by then they wouldn't take it back because it had so I ended up being miserable I ended up wasting time by me and I never never wore what it is I wanted to wear anyway and it was kind of embarrassing but these struggles that we have are very real and you know sometimes that well why you know why are we nitpicking why are we talking about these things you know I've really learned God has to be Lord of our life in every area of our life and he if he is not the Lord of the Monday daily details of our life then he's not the Lord of our life you know that he has to be lord of all the details of our life and so that's why we are continuing to surrender now I want to address one other issue and that is the area of diet. And I know this might walk on some toes. But I'm walking on my own toes 1st this is a struggle for us Ellen White says in counsels on health the relation which exists between the mind and the body is very intimate when one is affected the other sympathizers the condition of the mind affects the health of the physical system Ok so we work together I'll tell you another struggle I had I love sugar if anybody has same struggle why I'm blessed because I'm allergic to cheese and I get very sick if I eat cheese products so cheese is not a problem for me I can whatever I wish I was allergic to sugar. But you know we love sweet things and I remember we I was with the General Conference team over in Romania a couple years ago and we were doing this evangelist experience and someone gave us this double Max chocolate whatever I mean I'm not going to say that to send to eat that but at the time I was praying Lord please give me a victory over my appetite and my tendency to you know eat too much sweet and everything like this and so when we pray that prayer he's going to speak to us when we you know when we're going against it anyway some friends have given us one of these and I ate it when I was in Romania and then I was kind of convicted about it but then we were leaving to come home and we went to shop and we're getting some things to take back and I saw somebody then I'm like I want to take some back because these are really good and so I bought some and I think I might have been convicted in the store but there was just so much going on I didn't really listen to that conviction I came home with 5 of these things and the Holy Spirit is convicting me you don't need to to eat this you need to get rid of this so I gave 4 of them away and I kept one. And the one is calling to me from the covered you know you need to eat me here don't forget me and I kept you know resisting and resisting and it was a week or so and I didn't touch it you know I felt like I shouldn't eat it but I was still saving it in my cupboard and finally kind of in frustration this one day I'm like I thought this to myself This is so crazy Well if I just eat at the temptation will go away. That's a brilliant idea. If we just do it then the temptation will be gone so I did I ate it and at the time I was actually studying for some things that I was writing on the topic of dying to self and surrender I'm eating in my chair and I put the wrapper down on the floor on top of the stack of papers and I look over at that this is actually a picture a picture I took on my living room floor where the wrapper landed and I was like oh lord. What did I just to Ok well if there's anything that's going to come out of this it's going to be a sermon illustration. Anyway but you know just because. Like I say we get we gain victory this is the continual pole and some days you're stronger and some days you're not. And I have to have to say there is such a connection between our mind and our body there really isn't the reason that I'm bringing this up if we want to have that intimate close connection with God and we really want to to be able to have the full power of what he wants to do with us we need to keep the channels clear and I know that I'm so much more clear when I'm eating healthily I don't always eat healthily you know and I still indulge on dessert sometimes too much in fact this we can't can't meeting somebody I saw walking around with one of these ice creams from the store down the street and I was like oh I want one of those I keep hearing about them and so I went down and got one I got a little thing ice cream and I'm not saying it's wrong if you did this Ok but I'm just saying I noticed a difference because the next morning when I got up every morning here it can't mean I've been I've been getting up and I've been pretty fresh and having my time with God and preparing to come in and speak and share but this was yesterday morning because I got the ice cream Wednesday afternoon I woke up yesterday morning and I was very foggy I still had my time with God You know I pushed through and I was like God I can't do this without you and I know that he still blessed but mentally I was really struggling yesterday morning more so than usual and I was like yeah I had dulled so much last night you know there is a connection and so I can tell that it was totally different this morning I you know woke up and I was clear I was awake with the birds singing 430 this morning it was really beautiful Listen to this on the appetite the controlling power of the appetite will prove the ruin of thousands when if they had conquered on this point they would have had moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation of Satan. And I know that when I am walking and surrender in this area god that actually goes out to the other areas God give strength to many other areas to resist temptation and I've seen the correlations so you know we live in a day and age we can choose and it's no it's not my doing. I love the picture though I'm actually not a donor fan but I thought that there were a great great illustration but we have everything we can choose and we can overcome in our own strength we have so many allurements of the enemy and again you know I want to be careful about pointing the fingers and being to Judge Mental of each other Ellen White says are Constance is not meant to be a cur to or again for others in other words my conscience is not to be over your conscience you really shouldn't be doing that you know whatever Now that's between you and God my conscience is me and we're all having our things but we need to instead of pointing the fingers and look at what everybody else is our Lord change me how do you want to take media how how are you needing me to surrender it's about what he does in us and I love this this encouragement from councils to the churches for determined not to be separated from the source of our strength Jesus will be just as determined to be in our right hand to help us so we can fight this battle in our story. We can't do it in our story but we can do it in his She's a sympathizes with the weakness of men he came to earth that he might bring to us moral power however strong the passion or appetite we can gain the victory because we have divine strength to unite with people and efforts love that. Love that sonority mention that you know God can do more with one man or woman who's 100 percent committed to him than there's a whole army of men and women who are only partially committed are 99 percent committed quote from John Wesley So this is a daily a daily surrender a daily death Ok key number one. Eating daily of God's word and this is already a given but I just want to challenge you in your personal time with God to pray that he would take you deeper Ok when we open God's word in the morning and we spend time in his word. That's the most important thing is that we're meditating on the scripture and you don't have to do a big study you know the devotional time in the morning especially if you're leading in ministry or pastor or whatever this is not the time to be preparing your sermons to be preparing your arguments or whatever this is time to grow closer to God This is time to pray Lord change me show me what you have for my life today feed feed me and it sounds selfish but it starts with pleading he feeds us and he feeds us and we have bread to give to others but I do want to challenge you in your time with God to go deeper you know God has given us this treasure map which is His Word the Bible right and the treasure in the word is Jews us. And when you spend time in in the word I want to challenge you to look for Jesus now I wish that I had time to do a whole session on this because this is just beautiful learning to see Jesus in the scriptures and we could do a study and I could have you get in little groups and say take a few minutes and look for Jesus and it would just be beautiful the Bible's full of symbolism we see all these different things in the Word of God and all of these things we see point to Jesus and just looking for example in the story of creation you know Genesis one and 2 we see how the world was created and life came forth and all these different things as we look just in the story of creation greater we see Jesus in the story of creation He's the creator he's the light of the world he's the word that divides the light from The Darkness 2 edged sword but if you look at the very 1st verse in the beginning think of Revelation 18 he's the alpha and the Omega the Beginning and me in. There are so many beautiful parallels that we would normally rewrite over in the beginning God or the death in the beginning he's our beginning he's our and his everything in between. This is a beautiful thing and I don't take credit for this pastor Myers teaches this when he talks about seeing Jesus in the Scriptures. And that is. We see what happened with Adam in the Garden of Eden and how God put him to sleep and took a read out of a side and Eve and brought him Eve and he brings out the comparison how the same happens. With Jesus you know Jesus was put to sleep or put in the grave and out of his side flowed blood and water but actually out came his church and his bride so as Adam was put to sleep and out came his bride Jesus went to sleep in the grave he died that his bride would come. And beautiful so many illustrations you look at the story of Josef's Jesus Ellen White talks about a lot of these things there are so many beautiful pictures of Jesus you think of Joseph during the time that he was in the dungeon of pages and pages of these Actually I was studying out a while back it's just beautiful Joseph in the dungeon he surrounded the butler in the baker one ends up die one ins up living think about Jesus on the cross he's surrounded by. The 2 thieves one ins up being saved and choosing salvation and 11 dies you go on and on there are stories of Jesus and if you'd like to go deeper in this I recommend these 2 books specifically that talk about seeing Jesus in the Scriptures Now don't go and read these books and get all the answers what I used what I would use these as would be reference books shadows of light seeing Jesus and the Bible by Doug bachelor. And then Operation Blue Print by Pastor Ivor Myers but in this book especially shadows of light by Doug bachelor what you can do is you can go when you can see the story that he can't talk about and then go yourself and study the story and look for Jesus in the story and then after you've done that then go and look at what he shares and it really will add some depth but you know again I don't want to I'm not trying to encourage you to make your devotions complicated but just in your simple reading of the word as you're going through in the morning how can you see Jesus. This morning I was reading 2nd Corinthians 8 and I was meditating on the verses 11 and 12 which is talking about he gives us a readiness to will. And it's it's actually our our will that he's looking for he's looking for the cheerful heart the cheerful giver the one who's who's willing shouldn't just try to actually have it right here you know I think this was actually been doing other things because I was a. Devotion. Now therefore 2nd Corinthians 8 verses $11.12 now therefore perform the doing about that as there was a readiness to will so there may be a pope formants also verse 12 for if there be 1st a willing mind it is accepted what a man has and not what he has not you know we're told Let this mind being you which is also in Christ Jesus so he was looking for that willing mind and heart and he's given us that he wants to dwell in us through the Holy Spirit so we will have that willing mind you know it's not so much about our talents or what we do or what we don't do or what we know or what we don't know but the hard do we have a heart do we have a willing heart. Ok key number 4 use the key of prayer pray God pray God's word often I've been talking about praying the scriptures if we would truly understand all the activity of a human instrumentality as it appears before God we would see that only the work accomplished by much prayer which is sanctified by the merit of Christ will stand the test of the judgment only the work accomplished by much prayer and I mention this quote a couple days ago as well grasped his promises and leaves from the tree of life and that's why I've been sharing these. Prayer and promise cards grasp is promises of Perth a leaf from the tree of life this is the healing leave that he has given us in this life in this life this is the healing leaves that we have received no we're not going to receive healing over every every deceased and every infirmity we're not going to receive deliverance from every persecution as we learned in worship this morning with Jason with his powerful Yes we're just so here on the same track the Holy Spirit's bringing all these things together but this is the strength that we need to get through the trials this is the strength that he gives us to cope with loss I mean thinking about the fact our lives are actually being willing to die and before we go to the mission field before we do this or that we're already making the decisions I choose to die you know and so I think of the couple I think the couple that you mentioned John and Betty Stam I've studied their story and people tried to dissuade them from going to the mission field because they said you might die and I think it was them that said we already did that we already chose to die before we went though if you choose a sellout to die that's Ok we are already died to self you know but these are the promises that give us strength we can't be martyrs we can endure persecution we can endure the loss without losing our mind if it were not for the grace of God and we have to be in His Word just believe and praise God and go forward we're almost hollow bear your whole weight on the promises of God believe it's your privilege to believe believe it is our privilege to believe here's another one the honor of his throne is staked for the fulfillment of His word and to us His word will be fulfilled not always in the exact way that we think or hope or pray but it will be fulfilled. And here's a parent promise cards and if any of you are joining today for the 1st time these are all downloadable you can download the whole set there's over 100 cards that I put together as well as blank pages which you can create your own per promises can do it on the computer you can do it by hand these are all downloadable from revival and reformation dot org So it's on the g c revival Reformation website under the top recommended resources you'll see them or you can look for you can search for my name and it would show up under that as well I want to share another illustration. What topic are we on right now this is for what was the crying the word praying the word Ok you know as we're praying God's word it's very very important. That we're surrendering our will to him because back to the whole will power thing I think I was starting down the Spain a few moments ago and I got sidetracked as we are surrendering to him our will power is not what's going to give us a victory it's his power that is that we submit to him he's able to work in us to do what we cannot normally do and that's when he abides innocent and everything so we have these struggles we have these startles and a few. Few months ago several months ago now I was really struggling I was struggling with some things that were going on and I was still positive on the outside people generally consider me a positive person and I try to stay that way but sometimes you know inside you're struggling and you're like. Yeah but that's not how I am inside it's like lowered. You know you kind of complaining and and there's a little frustration in the little resentment sometimes and so I this is been a couple weeks and I had I was just kind of struggling with some things and I began to recognize I need God to change my attitude I needed to change my heart because I do not have the heart and the spirit right now that I need and so. It was actually my birthday and I was home alone that day and I just started praying the tears in my eyes and with the word before me Lord you saying he killed 3626 it sure gives a new heart and a new spirit I need a new heart I have lost my heart of gratitude Yeah everybody thinks I'm still you know being positive but I need to change my heart and I spent some serious time crying and wrestling and crying these promises and just saying Lord please give me a heart of gratitude and then that day I had my parents and sent me a package in the neighbor next door had also given me a gift and she always gives me sweet little things that I have no need of. You know those gifts that you pass on to somebody else because they're like What am I going to do with us I don't have room to store the so whatever and that's usually the kind of thing that she gives me hopefully she never had listens to this message. But anyway that day she gave me a gift that I think will forever be precious to me. And this is what she gave me it was a heart. Big Stone hearts actually have it upstairs I was going to show it to you have it a stone heart with engraving gratitude and here I had been wrestling and praying with the Lord please give me a heart of gratitude. And then I opened this package Well now I'm really cry. Like a little or I can't believe you gave me a heart of gratitude Ok that means you're going to really give me you're really going to change and so I prayed some more it was just beautiful and God just totally changed my heart and my spirit that day and the things you know the things that were that were really. That were really frustrating me that I was struggling with that day I was I was like able to praise God and I was able to go back and and say Thank You Lord for these things and it was so beautiful and I thought when this happened how God is so personal in how he he needs our needs and the prayers and anyway that's such a special gift I had I have to share because I was really I didn't have the mindset I needed but I was claiming his word and praying his word and I'm like you have to help me I know you say you will I've seen you do it before you have to help me I give you my Will I'm asking please change my heart and that's what happened it was so beautiful Key Number 5 learning to abide. God desires to manifest through you the holiness the benevolence the compassion of his own character yet the savior does not bid that to say the disciples labor to bear fruit he tells them to abide in Him It is through the word that Christ abides in his followers Ok so this is our greatest battle well they work together I mean the battle over self the battle to surrender all these things. Work together it's part of the package but I really believe our work is not to work but it's. Because as we have by then he can work and that he can fill us. One thing if I desired of the Lord that will I seek after the only defense against evil is the end of Christ in the heart through faith and his righteousness until we become vitally connected we can never resist and how load effects of self-love self-indulgence or temptation we may leave off many bad habits for the time we may part company with Satan but without a vital connection with God the surrender of ourselves to Him moment by moment we should be overcome without a personal acquaintance with Christ in a continual communion we are Comercio the enemy and we will do his a bidding at last so we have to have that abiding connection. Number 6 working in his power and this all works together but I love I'm sharing some of the quotes from inspiration. That I really find precious all to consecrate soul body and spirit to God will be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical and mental power the end exhaustible supplies of heaven are at their command. So can we run out of these supplies can we run out of theirs resources no we can't to their inexhaustible Christ gives them the breath of his own spirit in the life of his own life the Holy Spirit puts forth its highest energy is to work in heart and mind through cooperation with Christ they are complete in him and in their human weakness they are unable to do the deed. I just love that such promise as we've been given I met fell still he was a Bible worker working in a. Closed Country. And had been struggling to get into this one village to to be able to share about Christ but he was praying Lord please provide a way well as it happened he and his wife were riding on the motorcycle they stopped beside the road to buy some things and somebody came along and hit them at the motorcycle so. The motorcycle is damaged the other person's motorcycle was damaged and the person that hit them was actually drunk so he was obviously the one that was out a line but still didn't respond as you or I would probably respond you know telling the man that you need to pay for the damages and getting all angry he basically said so so how should we work this out and how shall we solve this and the man who was drunk said well you need to pay for repairs of my motorcycle. Well who hit who here. You know that Ok and so. He did that he not only paid for the repairs of that man's motorcycle he went to visit him it turned out that man was the chief of the adjoining village that he had been trying to get into and I don't know where his realization of that came in but. He not only paid for the repairs a motorcycle he went and went to visit the man and his family and asked you know how can I help you guys and he actually got out in the field and helped him with plowing and and and cultivating the crops and doing some different things for this man kind of like as a servant and the people in the village you know some of them asked him and said Why are you being so nice to our chief he's a rude man you know why are you being so nice and Phil told them in his own language and way is is you know he speaks a different country to print language because that's country he told them because I love Jesus and I want to share that love you know with with him well as a result of that God opened up doors for him to give Bibles. Studies in that village and when I met him he already had 30 people preparing for Mount ism. And I have no idea how many people he has now but it was just amazing seeing what God was able to do because he was dead to self he was just seeking to abide and walk and work in his strength and as a result God opened the doors and this is a profound lesson you know. It's difficult for us you know somebody hits my car they have insurance they need to pay for it you know I'm not like you know just going to but I'm thinking. What are ways that we can really exhibit Christ's love in our lives when we're slapped and when we're rebuked and when we're persecuted how can we truly love is just such an amazing you know the Lord can do more in one hour than we can do in a whole lifetime and when he sees that as people are fully consecrated let me tell you a great work will be done in a short time the message of truth will be carried into the dark places of the earth where it's never been proclaimed But what's keeping us from being fully consecrated its lack of surrender and love of self this quote is so powerful we cannot afford to let our spirits chase over any real or supposedly wrong done to ourselves self as the enemy that we most need to fear no other victory we can gain will be so precious as the victory gained over self we should not allow our feelings to be easily wounded we are not to live to guard our feelings or our reputation but to save souls. Isn't that powerful. Amen and we we all need this. We are not to live to guard our feelings our reputations were to live to save souls Lord please teach us what it means to abide in you teach us what it means to abide in your power you know most of us want to be known as unselfish servants until we start getting treated as servants and then realize when you think you are to talk that way to me Who do you think you are I mean who do you think I am you know to do this or that. We want to be servants but practically speaking it's difficult and that's why we need to ask God to help us and really there's 2 places that that we will live in fact everyone in this room is really living one of 2 places and we have a tendency to go back and forth a lot and that is self. Can be on the throne rulings and in control and defending and fighting or self can be crucified self can be dead on the cross and the interesting thing is wherever we choose to live Christ is going to be in the opposite place so in other words if we are on the throne of control in our life then he's being crucified afresh right he's being crucified afresh far actions that our attitudes However if we allow him to be on the throne in his rightful position of Lord and King of our life then we self will be dead on the cross so the evidence of where we live is how we believe and you saw that. We've talked about this with Jason's like yours morning devotionals I thought was so powerful when you're squeezed what comes out of you and I've been saying it differently when your peers how do you believe. You know do you believe love and compassion and forgiveness and grace like Christ or when you're poked and prodded and Pierce to self come out of this ugliness come out as retaliation you know evidence of where we live is how we believe he number 72 more keys we're making a prophecy don't steal God's glory you know as we continue to follow after him and he begins to open up opportunities and ministry and that's really what happened in my life you know I wasn't I wasn't seeking to be involved in per ministry that actually was never my goal I'm a I'm a registered nurse so I was trained to be in the medical profession with the intent of going to the mission field that's what I was preparing for. And what I was seeking to gain experience for and I believe I am in the mission field I'm in a different mission field than I was planning to be and that is with the church leaders. But my motto has become you know Lord help me to be able in some way to be your hands to touch and serve them so that they can more effectively serve the millions around the world and so we're missionaries sometimes the different ways but as God grows our ministry or however he leads us it's easy for us to start to take pride in that and it's easy for us to start you know look at what I do and what I've done and whatever and we have to continually back at the foot of the cross humility don't steal the glory of God in whatever you do pride love to climb up on a Zacchaeus to see Christ but to be seen man cannot show greater weakness than by allowing men to ascribe to him the honor for gifts that are have been bestowed. So whatever we do let's pray that we do not steal God's glory I love the promise of Psalms $15115.00 verse one. Psalms $115.00 verse one which does not and to us the Lord not on to us but into the name. Lory there is no limit to the usefulness of one who put self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon its heart lives a life holy consecrated to God Christian service to 54 key number 8 my final 2 keys keep daring to ask for more you know I have to include that in here because no matter where we are in our walk with him we're continually saying Lord I want more Lord please take me deeper and this is my prayer as well you know we can tend to get settled. Or comfortable in a certain level of living but God didn't bring us here to leave us here he he wants to take us further and so we need to continue asking for more and I like to encourage people you know God is calling us to be like the Irish when it comes to Christianity you know there's a regular Elk you see. In different places and then there's the Irish elk and this has been kind of classified as extinct because it's so rare to see it anymore but this is what God is calling us to be not a normal Christian but above and beyond Christian he doesn't want us to be spiritual but spiritual giants what elk are supposed to look like you know I really don't think that we understand yet what God really wants to do in and through his people but he's saying just call in to me and I will answer the I'll show the great mighty things which you do not know now and to him a feast in 320 that's able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask for think. So my challenge is really to just hold on and say Lord I will not let go I want to deeper walk with you on a deeper experience and however you choose to use that you don't have to put me on the stage you don't have to put me where people see me this so that I want to be faithful right where I am like a little song goes that we learned as children willing to brighten the corner right where I am you know right where you are bright in the corner key number 9 this is the final key remember that Heaven is our home this world is not our home it's heaven and hell and white talks very specifically about having you know the fear of making the future inheritance seem to material has led many of us to spiritualize away the very truth that lead us to look upon it is our home Heaven is our home and if you haven't read the section recently I really encourage you to take time to read and add been a stone page 541 her description of heaven and what we have to look forward to in heaven but I want to close with this you know we have our questions yesterday we talked about growing above and beyond faith even when God is silent I shared a little bit of some of the personal you know pain and heartbreak I've gone through in my life which is really miniscule compared with what many people have experienced but still the fact we have our questions we have our pain we don't always understand why God allows different things to to happen or why sometimes says now he doesn't answer as we we like we have questions and those why questions the enemy is causing him to try to use to erode our faith and to pull us away and you know. I see people all the time struggling you know you know God has to work a miracle he has to do this and if he doesn't it's like everything's going to be lost we have to trust even if he does not. Work the way that we think or hope or pray we're living in a battlefield where we're dealing with the consequences of the spiritual war that we will trust and will be like those 3 worthies that facing the fiery furnace I talked about yesterday God is able to deliver he's able to heal he's able to save the life of our loved ones he's able to save our children whatever he's able to do things things that we pray but even if he doesn't hear and now answers we hope or pray we will not bow down we will not let go. You know in heaven all our why questions will be answered in the chapter it talks about this is all and whites words all that has perplexed us from the prophets of God will in the world to come be made plain the things hard to be understood will then fine explanation the mysteries of grace will unfold before us where our finite minds discovered only confusion and broken promises we shall see the most perfect and beautiful harmony we shall know the infinite love or did the experiences that seemed most trying as we realize the tender care of him who makes all things work together for our good we shall rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory So here's the whole list that I I went over the smore ning the 9 different points but as we are in this life battling and praying and struggling let us remember what the ultimate goal is and that is Heaven Heaven is our home and I love the promise of Romans $818.00 says reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in. Some day even those unanswered questions are going to make sense. And let's just pray that God would would keep us faithful So you want to grow prayer life. Ministry whatever that is if we follow these things which specifically is just growing in our own personal walk with God God will wait us I'll show you like I said nobody taught me how to do a prime ministry this without a whatever it just came out of my own personal time and it's continuing and I'm still on the journey with all of you you know I'm I'm praying for more in my own life so I pray that's encouraged meant I'm going to have a closing prayer. And if there's any of you I didn't do a drawing or hand out specific things I have just a few books here not much about 5 or so books left if there's any of you in the room that are just totally just like desperate I need one of those books staring to ask for more. Come up to me but like I say I don't have that many of them they are available in a.b.c. as well and if you can't afford we'll try to help you do that my goal is not to sell of books I don't sell the books where I go but I can only carry so many books with me so that's why I only give so many away otherwise I give them to everybody but anyway afterwards you can come up and see me and I'm also open for any questions about per ministry if there's more practical logistical things that you would like to have covered that in the session feel free to stay by and we can talk so anyway lots of our heads for prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much again for. Just being with us this morning and thank you for your word thank you for the promises in your word and how you are seeking to grow our faith and I just pray for each one in this room you know the burdens the struggles the desires supply on each heart in you know the need that each one has and I just pray that she would meet those needs father in the way that they need to be met and that you would strengthen the faith of each one in this room to hold on no matter what the circumstances of their life but just to hold on and face knowing that you are working and you have even more that you want to do so give us increase our faith Lord we pray give us more of your Holy Spirit we pray that's what we most desperately need Thank you Father for hearing this thank you for your goodness and your mercy and thank you for the privilege and the opportunity that we have to work with you father that we are undeserving we are all and deserving that thank you for the opportunity you gave us we love you and we can't wait to see your precious name of Jesus with. 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