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From Wanting to Winning - Best Weight Plan

Vicki Griffin Evelyn Kissinger




  • June 18, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Father in heaven I just thank you so much for this wonderful group of people for the time that we have together and I just pray that while Evelyn and I attempt to present information that inspires and motivates and educates that your Holy Spirit will work to alumina 8 each individual heart because people are here Father in heaven because they want you they want your ways they want your life within them and I pray that you would answer that deepest prayer that we all have and that's why we're here together in Jesus' name amen. As I began I want to share a quote that I think is I carry it in my Bible it just means a lot to me and I think it's going to mean a lot to you too if this is found in Volume 5 of the testimonies and it says the forgiveness of sin is not the sole result of the death of Jesus he made the infinite sacrifice not only that sin might be removed but that human nature might be reste doored re beautified reconstructed from its ruins. Reconstructed from its ruins and made fit for the presence of God Therefore if any man be in Christ he's a new creature old things are passed away and behold all things are new this is from to be like Jesus looking upon the people in their suffering do we suffer in this world you know the Book of Job helps us to understand that there comes a place where cause and effect relationships just fall apart really terrible things happen to innocent people and really amazing good things happen to evil people but would you agree with me that we bring a lot of needless suffering upon ourselves and how many of you would like to dial that down by God's grace in every area of our lives so he had this is a beautiful promise I want to share with you as we begin today looking upon the people in their suffering and degradation Have you ever felt degraded Have you ever felt like you're just a mess Well the Lord is in the business of turning messes into miracles. Looking upon the people in their suffering and degradation Christ perceived ground for hope where there appeared only despair and ruin wherever there existed a sense of need he saw opportunity for uplifting we all have a full time job the full time job is to bring courage and strength to the people we come in contact with to add value to their lives is not a wonderful goal every day to add value to someone else's life. In every human being he deserve and infinite possibilities he saw the men and women as they might be transfigured by His grace in the beauty of the Lord our God looking upon them with hope he inspired hope so the heart of health is not getting a 100 percent bull's eye on everything the heart of Health is hope hope in our habits hope in our heart aches hope in our hindrances and hope for heaven Fair enough the heart of Health is hope and God wants you to be inspired with hope today but also with some practical tools because he's engineered you and me for renewal recovery and restoration and if that were not true I would just say let's just give it up and go to Chuck e. cheese pizza let's just forget it but fortunately. He knows all about you and he knew what he was getting into with you when he called you he knows how long you've been stuck in a rut and he wants you to get out of it amen and he helps us every day so today we're going to take a look at some really basic lifestyle principles that I believe will heal brain body connections which is very very important and we want to learn how to fight smart because it really is a war zone out there would you agree with me you know the Bible says that we're fighting the world the flesh and the devil the world is what is around us the flesh is what is in this that tries to break out of that all cage sometimes and the devil is who's against us but the Lord says that he's come that we might have the victory over all of those things but it's a process isn't it it's a process that takes place over time so these are the battlegrounds that we've identified so 1st of all there is the environment and that is what surrounds us you can go and get an angioplasty and get some burger and fries on the way out through the hospital cafeteria so would you agree with me that it creating an environment around you is a really important piece for long term success and there's something called exposure effect that is really important for us to understand so how many of you have ever purchased a car maybe a certain color or a certain model and then all of a sudden what do you see everywhere you look. That's what you see as you see that car and so this exposure effect is really important because when you decide that you're going to start noticing something different so for instance I've learned when I'm going on long trips I now notice healthy food options and gas stations there's an exposure effect but it's really easy to be overwhelmed and notice just what's in front of the counter and so as we start to create new ideas of what we are deciding to notice you know we can decide to notice all the flaws and everything we don't have in everybody else's mistakes or we can decide to notice what's hopeful what we're grateful for Amen and Charles Spurgeon said that some people are so constituted that if there were only one bog in the desert they would soon be up to their neck in it and so we have to decide what we're going to notice and we have to be very intentional about it because most of the decisions that we make are really about what we're thinking because as the mind thinks the mouth speaks and the man moves so there's not just the xterm the environment of what is around us but it's also the internal environment that needs cultivating how many of you would like to cultivate a more wholesome internal environment yeah we gotta get rid of the nobody likes me everybody hates me think I'll go we kind of thing that's going on sometimes So there's your environment that's what's around you there's your culture that's what pressures you it might be your ethnic culture it might be a work or school culture it might be some social group at the office so what pressures you it's not only what other people think about your habits but it's what you think about your habits so culture does pressure create pressure. There's your biology that's what changes you so what might begin as an emotional problem or a comfort a comfort habit a comfort food or some thumb conditioned response to stress very soon it shifts from from an emotional basis to an actual condition so metabolic shifts functional shifts genetic shifts actually begin to take place so now we've got to treat that thing not just like an emotional or spiritual problem but now we have to look at it as a condition and so it takes time and perseverance to change we don't like to hear that. You know we really want things to happen fast Amen I mean we're Christians we're going to pray about it we're going to get it but that's just not the way it works in fact the Bible says here is the perseverance the purser variants the end during a tz and the Bible talks in the book of John about bringing forth forth fruit with perseverance So perseverance is really the miracle that we need to pray for today Amen we need to learn how to feel wrong and do right Perseverance is a miracle in a brown wrapper and as a person that started running away from home at 5 years old becoming a chronic runaway drugs you name it trust me perseverance is a gift from God for some of us some people have that gene and some don't but I'm so thankful that God can change our wishbone into backbone but it takes perseverance So you know you're going to see ads on t.v. for raspberry you know go get these raspberry drops you know and in 30 days you just take these raspberry drops it's going to burn the belly fat you have to change anything you don't have to move you just and I'm here to tell you that those people that are selling that stuff they have gone and bought an island somewhere and they took their personal trainer and their chef with them and you're going to be stuck with raspberry drops and the big belly fat so the real miracle is to every day person or veer until it becomes a habit on that one thing it's called a keystone habit does that make sense today. So there's your brain and that's what Dr you it is said that the battle is really not for the bulge it's for the brain it's not about appetite can it's not about weight control it's about appetite control and that's a brain thing and we're really going to drill down on this on Thursday when we have our follow up class and then of course there's the spiritual that is who leads you the Bible says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness principalities and powers in high places the problem with some of us is we've just gotten tired we've quit wrestling how many of you want the strength and energy to start wrestling again because we're going to wrestle according to his strength which works mightily in us and we're going to pray for the Keystone gift that we need and that is perseverance how many of you are willing to pray for perseverance today it's the gift of those that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus here is the perseverance of the saints Amen I pray for it every day. So these factors are going to influence what you eat how much you eat when and how much you move the society that that we live in now is boundaryless we are an isolated anonymous people we behave better when we're when we're together and in fact social isolation the health consequences are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day more then heart disease and diabetes compare combined and so there are no boundaries there are no interruptions we're just one click away one stop away any time of the day from anything we want so can you see the importance of having boundaries a boundary even pictures have frames rooms have borders the law of God When God gave the law there was a boundary and so creating boundaries is actually creating. Places of safety does that make sense it gives definition to life and to our habits and so the boundaries are places of safety they're safe places of comfort their places of system and even children who play in playgrounds that have a fence around their happy they play more happily so I'm I want to commit I want for us to think about the importance of boundaries in our eating in our sleeping boundaries around exercise boundaries around social relationships boundaries around work and as we have those boundaries they will protect serve to protect one another Amen so food is available any time anywhere for any reason the marketing is cheap calorie dense oversized portions and highly flavored so I want to show you a picture this is a picture of a strawberry shake now those of you sitting in the back you probably can't read all these words but if you can find a strawberry in there ugh give you a free book any book you want but I don't think you're going to find it now the truth is that some of these chemical entities are actual Esther's that you that you would find in real strawberries that would give it the color the flavor or the texture some of these things might give the texture there are multiple fires etc in here but is that a strawberry what's missing. Struck with that's perfect the strawberry is missing Ok actually right. So you're not getting the attrition you're not getting phytochemicals you're not getting fiber you're not getting anti-oxidants or the real Sit tight so this a tidy factor there are 3 types of sit tight there's a volume satiety volume so what would be good about volumes to tidy what would be good about that high fiber foods with volume you're filled up it delays the return of hunger even for the next meal so there's volumes to tidy there's nutritional satiety what would be good about nutritional satiety you're feeding your body and that's the real source of energy and then there is cells or satiety what would that be all about the functional needs of the cell are met so you can have nutrition but if the cells aren't working properly to receive the nutrition and you're going to see a picture of it in a few minutes then then even though you're getting some nutrition you're getting glucose into the blood it's not getting into the cells and if it doesn't get into the cells what would one of the 1st symptoms of cellular malnutrition be exactly fatigue fatigue that's right so let's look at some obesity maps quickly this is from the Centers for Disease Control 1905 The darker the color the higher the percentage of obesity in that state this is 198510 to 14 percent obesity 1998 Do we see a change in 1905 do we see a change new category. To year 2000 another new category friends this is not genetic we don't reproduce as fast as rabbits it's like one cardiovascular surgeon said he said 90 percent of Americans need quadruple bypass they need to bypass Pizza Hut bypass Arby's bypass burger king bypass what else. Ok. Look here 2005 more than 30 percent of the state then we have a new category just in 5 years more than 35 percent 2016 this is the latest and here we see a very rapid increase in. In obesity and in tandem with that metabolic disease inflammation increased dip do you think that there could be a link with increased depression anxiety mood disorders we're going to see some fascinating linkages on Thursday and how you can actually treat brain body connections and improve and lower inflammation with some very simple choices it's amazing how just modest changes can make a big difference and that's really good news today so this is interesting there is more information pretending to be fact in this field than any other I can think of that's a food researcher from Rockefeller University j.m. Freedman do you think that's true does that ring true with you now here it is the most important factor of all is eating by blood type does that what it says getting rid of wheat is that what it says Ok It says The most important factor of all is the determination of the American people to do 2 things 1st of all Oprah overcome the converging forces what is converging forces mean it's like merging traffic isn't it so we've got some merging traffic here in the merger is poor diet and what lack of exercise of the 2 which do you think is harder for people to adhere to over time. It's the exercise part it really is you know because you eat indoors but but exercising you can get derailed it's harder to form a habit when you're fatigued because of poor poor nutrition or being sedentary it's hard to really get going then if you get knocked off the rails you get a cold or you travel or the weather turns you have to start all over again and so we really need to be very intentional about our exercise goals I like what Evelyn says she's she's so friendly but she's tough she says there is no bad weather just bad clothes and she says to me she says The question is not are we going to exercise today but when and where can you say Thank you Evelyn let's say it like we mean it. All right. So crash diets and quick fixes do not work in fact. Dieting actually sows the seeds of its own destruction and it's actually predictive of weight gain so the question we like to ask is are you eating and now off to gain weight we're going to learn that the types of foods that we eat even if they are the same number of calories are going to have a different effect on weight gain isn't that just a fascinating thought so is a calorie a calorie a calorie a calorie no and we're going to learn how that works as we go on but as a people as a group we are eating too many calories not moving enough and that is the foundation of most of our metabolic issues in the United States today low carb diets are not good for your wet for your brain trans fats animal fats and hydrogenated oils gum up the works I call it the chips chops and lollipops program you know and I and I'm not the enemy of a cookie but the problem is we're having a birthday party for breakfast Christmas for lunch Thanksgiving for dinner 4th of July before we go to bed you know plenty of fireworks but not the kind that we want we just really don't know what we're putting in our mouths sometimes and today we're going to get a little bit of insight as to what we can do I wanted you to actually see a picture of the different types of subcutaneous and visceral fat and show you what insulin resistance and metabolic disease look like so this is subject to the right under the skin fat this is visceral fat do you see how there's fat around the organs it's much more highly metabolically active fat this is a normal liver this is hard to see but there are strikes in here this is fatty liver so when insulin resistance begins what it usually begins or it always begins in peripheral skeletal muscle and then it grows into Central. Insulin resistance so insulin is the carrier for glucose What's the feel of the cells the stuff you live the cells is glucose so if the glucose cannot get into the cells what happens to those cells they begin to die they became begin to be prone to genetic and cancerous change we lose energy and then it begins to create inflammation that is one pathway to inflammation there are others this is what insulin loop resistance looks like in skeletal muscle Now what does this look like to you it looks like a t. bone steak doesn't it and if you were going to barbecue one of these which one would it be it would be this one over here wouldn't it because what does what is this called in the meat it's marbling it's marbled fat in in the muscle here this is normal skeletal muscle this is human skeletal muscle so that the insulin which is the carrier for the glucose cannot get into the cells it cannot find the door knob or the it can't find the doorbell to get the glucose into the cells why because the cells are what striatum with fat so if you want your cells to be more sensitive to insulin would that be a good thing so if you want the cells to be more sensitive to insulin What do you have to do at this level what has to happen to this muscle. Defending has to take place is it possible to de fatty fatty muscle and what happens if this progresses it becomes central this is in skeletal muscle but then it moved to the pancreas and the pancreas becomes insulin resistance fatty liver Have you heard of fatty liver it goes to the liver and then it becomes goes to the brain can the brain become insulin resistance Yes and it has been called Type 3 diabetes l. timers disease has been called Type 3 diabetes and I understand there are different pathways to Alzheimer's disease but this is basically one of the metabolic pathways to these conditions so the way to defeat the muscle so that it sensitive to insulin again so the insulin can get the glucose into the cell would that improve energy would that improve function wouldn't it would it improve nutritional so tidy cellular satiety Ok so let's pause I'm going to ask Evelyn to come on up and she's going to show us. Some handy practical things of how to defeat the muscle Now let me just ask a question before every before you get started if you were going to buy. A piece of beef like that if you were going to raise a beef cow what would you have to do to get the beef cow in this condition what would you have to do you'd have to overfeed it and then what else there's a 2nd thing you'd have to do you'd have to keep it from moving and guess what causes metabolic inflammation insulin resistance in humans not moving and over feeding and Evelyn is going to give us a few tips on how that happens and how to get out of it so what is the most tending for us what do you think the food dairy. Weights how many of you say sweets. Yeah few of you there e and Betty you know what else what else is the is the food that just seems to be. Greasy those are the things that kind of attract us well I am sure some of you have seen our little sugar demo and maybe someone who has seen it will come up and help me anybody here any of all until year when you come and help me you're sitting right up here and your name is Jana Yeah we made if you came in now there's a lot of people out there who are drinking this I know it's not you but it's probably your neighbors and we'll just do some information here Mountain Dew would you tell us Jenna how many grams of sugar are and this product or say 46 grams of sugar how much sugar is and one teaspoon how many grams of sugar is in one teaspoon full or $46.00 divided by 4 would be. And a half right so count with me we're going to count out how much is in a serving of Mountain Dew Here we go 12345 I can't hear you 7 a 9 tan 11 and a half Ok what if you put that much sugar on your cereal in the morning what would your people say whoa yeah Ok that's how much is then a serving what's the next question. How many for how many service do you think are in here how do you know these thing. 033 servings you're supposed to share this with 2 other people all do you see anybody doing such a thing Ok so we've got 4 days we've got 46 grams which was the leaven and I have teaspoons how many more teaspoons do we need to add for 2 more servings a very $23.00 of already measured it for you so this is the amount of sugar that's and one Mountain Dew. Yeah they now is told us it was a mountain don't. The has just gross but it's hard to believe that there's that much sugar there now some of the new labeling laws are going to have to reflate what's in the the serving that size that people actually consume rather than what the company wants to carry on as a serving so in the new bottles it will start to show once in the whole bottle but we drink this and it gives us a nice big hot I especially when it's got a kicker and air right and we're feeling pretty good but then it starts to start to drop and the another fix. Which you give a big hand Thank you. So what else happens if. How many do you think is average that a person drinks that's the question what do you think. Some people might drink 3 of these a day yeah that's that was a comment and so this becomes pretty much of a habit you had a. Comment you think that your coworker drinks 4 or 5 of these a day and it becomes that habit that Vickie is talking about yes. Oh what about the sugar free good question so something that the a high sugar food will do is it throws off your appetite hormones you have Lipton in Grill and that tell us when we're hungry and when we're full and when we're consuming a lot of sugar it throws it off so that we don't really know when we're hungry and when we're full and that keeps the appetite just always searching for something else well the diet soda does the same thing it throws off the Lipton and the grill and plus you have brain changes that happen with the high intake of sugar and you've got this insulin response and when we have the high insulin the body says let's hold on to fat so you have the sugar going in the insulin response and then the body is more apt to store fat. But one of the biggest things that high sugar intake death we're going to expand on on Thursday is it changes the bugs in your so I'd like to just your microbiota and we're going to explain a lot more about that on Thursday but when we eat this show bigger the bugs that love sugar grow. What we're going to learn on Thursday just a little sneak preview is that within minutes of consuming these drinks it stimulates the production of anxiety Oh genic bacteria in the gut what would that mean anger What is that the not sound friendly anxiety producing down depression producing pro pain not the gas pro pain pro inflammatory bacteria that start screaming for more we'll explore that more on Thursday and so as we consume the sugar we have this high. Growth of the bacteria that lot of sugar and that tells the those bacteria start screaming and saying give me mole or give me more and it actually affects the taste buds so we have this we have this cycle. Of consuming the sugar not knowing how to you know is a biological war that's going on and we have to fight smart as Vicki's and telling us to win the biological war we can't yet we live in a society where there's food everywhere there are donuts and there's. Candy bars and machines and and our and our cupboards are probably full of these things says and we just can't walk by these things when we have a biological war going on so we want to fight smart So what do you do if you've got the sugar craving How do you overcome the sugar craving you ate fiber foods you get the carbs from the right place and many people who who go on what they call the low carb diet what they're doing is getting rid of sugar and white flour products and then they're going I feel better well yes you're going to feel better if you get rid of that but like Vicky said our body wants glucose the best place to get it is from carbohydrates but the un resigned carbohydrates the way God put them together so instead of drinking this you could eat this much fruit if you could eat that much fruit at one time so you've got all the fiber that's going to fill you up and keep you fuller longer and that is the secret you've got to fill up and keep full longer so that after you have that good breakfast in the morning where you're choosing a good high fiber breakfast. If you're going to work and you're going past the donut it's a different experience you may still be drawn mentally but maybe not so much physiologically tanking up on a good high fiber breakfast is a smart idea what's your target for wanting more fiber food those of you who love numbers you don't have to know these numbers at least 30 to 50 grams of fiber so at each meal we want 15 to 20 grams of fiber so choosing a good high fiber cereal with some now some walnuts and some berries and making sure at lunch we've got some great fiber what food is highest in fiber beans beings beings if you've ever heard Vicky and I talk we talk about the veins and grains are the foods that our cultures have have survived on all of these years and for some reason all of a sudden these are bad foods but if you look in every culture you will find that unrefined grains and beans are the staple and so getting back to the roots and if you were to plant a bean. In the a dried being is it possible that it would grow yes it has life in it right and if you were to take different parts of the vegetable or the fruit the right ones the cvs and plant them it has life in it and these are the food that's going to give us vibrancy and give us life. So having and now fiber helps to keep us fuller longer and there are many other health benefits that go with that lowering heart disease and diabetes reversing some of the even possibly reversing some of these diseases so tanking up on the fiber every male you have you look at the color and you say am I getting enough fiber because that's the trick it changes you all the physiology but it's specially the brain so let's move on to the next oh right so you believe what Evelyn same. There has your brain if you believe it is one of the Ok but there's a difference between a belief every once you come up will do this together there's a deliberate a difference between a belief and a core value it's a core value when you're it's actually habit you will and you miss it when you don't do it how many of you like to get to that place that's what we're going to be talking about and today we're just going to go through together every And it can both of our microphones work at the same time yeah Richard Ok great Ok of let's go through this together and. Look at some strategies here so 1st of all the best way plan number one what do you have to do. It with say together. Exactly a bad attitude is like a flat tire you're just not going to get anywhere until you change it. So. Number 2 he eat fewer cat Come on everybody eat fewer calories but what kind of calories the empty the nutrient deficient calories are going to grow gangster's in your gut so you can't you can't take a rocket off until it's all systems go so we want your you to be in metabolic physiologic psychologic spiritual harmony all systems cooperating so that you're not wrestling against systems that are fighting against you in your body does that make sense it makes it almost impossible to win the war so we're going to we're going to learn how to shift those systems to cooperate with the habits that you want. 3 If eat better food and so you know one great way and we're getting to that strategy in just a few minutes is just to write down what you're eating every day you know sometimes when we think bad we think oh we've been doing all these things but writing that down is so important if you try that strategy writing down what you eat every day it's really good way to reflect how many fire how much fiber am I getting and and a good self reflection very very important fact with the National Weight registry that is one of the keystone habits a Keystone is the stone that holds everything else in place so the St Louis Arch has a keystone and a keystone habit of people that take off at least 30 pounds and leave it off long term they write down what they eat and it's interesting studies show that when they were not even instructed to make any changes it's still resulted in weight loss why do you think that would be no instructions nobody tells them what to do just write it down. You become more aware and you start to do what. You start to what thing you start to notice you start to notice what you're writing down and then people would start to add what they could do instead and they start to think and plan so it's that exposure effect what you pay attention to you're going to notice what you notice you're going to start working on so very very important so eating better food by the way eating better food Evelyn 2 Chips Ahoy cookies are one $170.00 calories you could have their tiny you could have $25.00 medium strawberries and 3 peaches which one do you think is going to foster happier healthier got bacteria which ones are going to be the bacteria that make you put on more weight their bad boys those bacteria and I don't want them in my town. So burn more calories does that sound like fun now what would be the benefit of actually working those muscles getting muscles built and worked every day what would be the benefit. They take up less space what takes up less space you have more muscle squeeze the butt muscle is where energy is produced and so when you're sitting there doing nothing you're burning more energy does that sound like a good idea that's kind of like cheating on the test and when you're exercising you create more of the mitochondria and those cells and they burn more energy Yes And there's even another benefit God is so good he has built so many backup systems within us and there are something in muscles called glucose transporters that have nothing to do with insulin and when you when you exercise those muscles those proteins those transporters go move to the exterior of the cell and pull in pull in the glucose and you can have improved insulin sensitivity after one bout of exercise anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days so it even can help to control the blood sugar of a an insulin dependent diabetic so burning more calories is a really key piece and then what's number 5. Well sure it's like Jackie Gleason said he said the 2nd David diet is always the best because by then you're through with it so you know the the devil doesn't care if we have a good day every now and then but I believe that the Lord wants us to be steadfast immovable Amen when I've done wellness programs everybody's doing about the same thing and there are some people they just seem to lose the weight right away and I think a lot of that depends on physiology and genetics and whatever but staying with it some people just have to work harder and it's not fair but it's true and it might take just a little bit longer but stay with a sensible plan that's going to not only help you to lose weight but will also and hants your metabolic profile and help with blood sugars and cholesterol and and the reducing arthritis and all of these other things if that's exactly right you may hit a plateau and feel like nothing's happening but you are getting more metabolically healthy inflammation is going down your gut bacteria are our switching towns your there are so many changes that occur on this journey you may be defending the liver the pancreas building the brain as well as body health so plateaus are not defeats plateaus are just stopping places for a while. So we want to adopt a winners out of tude attitude is a little thing that makes what it makes a really big difference perseverance is the miracle we need to pray for number to eat fewer calories to Evelyn go through that with us. As you know the calories that are in high fat foods are going to have more calories and portion sizes how much are we eating and of course we just look at the sweetened drinks and then what's in the snacks we can easily pack on $500.00 calories just in a snack and as we're going to learn in just a few minutes that is significant and we're eating almost $600.00 calories more than our grandparents do you think we're working harder than them physically know and people that drink diet drinks Evelyn consume about 200 calories more a day because of the appetite signaling that occurs so be aware writing down what you eat every day and being aware of where those excess calories are found. But when you eat fiber foods about 20 percent of those calories are burned up your indigestion when you high fat foods only 5 percent of those calories are burned. So you know you can look at the calories but when you're eating fiber foods it's actually you know to your advantage and as you eat the what we call intact grains which would be the old growth and and brown rice and King watch that hasn't been ground you know those are the ones that if you're having a little bit more of a struggle stay with those intact grains rather than and flour products even though it may be whole grain bread you know if you're having a bit of a challenge stay with just eating the brown rice and the whole grain rather than the ground because when it gets when you grind it it's more absorbable then when you have the integrand That's right and how many of you would agree with me that it's important for these things to be. A habit you can hear noises in your head but still make choices out of habit and what would be a reason that you would continue on in a good habit what would be out over time Ok you're choosing beings you're choosing greens you're choosing more raw food you're choosing whole grains what would be one of the things that would continue to promote that type of a habit you will response regardless of if there's a Cinnabon floating around in your thinking you're feeling better that's right you have more energy you you feel more alert you're able to stay awake during your Bible study you have energy for the walk so there are things that are going to promote forming that habit so that pretty soon you really don't have to argue with yourself so much and we're told we're promised that God's thoughts can become our impulses Amen how many of you have overcome a soda habit Ok so that's kind of the thing we're talking about do you crave that stale No No Because you've changed the habit and intentional change so here's here's a little formula it's $3500.00 calories is a pan and that's one pound of body fat and it looks like this this is one pound. How many pounds do you think this is 5 pounds so this is this is $3500.00 calories and a pound so just $100.00 extra calories a day we can put 10 pounds on in a year that's 10 Eminem's people I'm sorry I'm really so 12 Eminem's is then how many calories 12 Eminem's 120 cows that's a half an hour on a treadmill Ok so fine live it up if you're in the beginning of the drive belt for 30 minutes a man. So here's what we want to do. To brew you want to burn to to lose a pound or maybe half a pound a week you want to burn $3500.00 calories more than consume to lose a pound How we going to do that that's about $500.00 calories a day over the course of a week how do we want to parse that out Evelyn Let's take a look at it well $11.00 thing to remember is that a half a pound would you be happy with losing a half a pound or a pound of something like this a week when you lose it on a on a regular and consistent and slow math it. Of that show that is more indicative that it's going to stay off so slow is slow is good half to a pound a week so excess weight did not go on in a day it's not going to go off in a day so here are the golden rules for best weight plan eat only at meal time how many of you are in a Coke can cordons with that in accordance with that concept put a fence around it put a barrier around meal time. Limit sugars and sweets limit fat and fatty foods and the healthy fats of course are going to do some different things in the body that are very very good we'll talk about that Thursday what do we need to do pay attention to what food labels be aware of calorie dense foods number of servings and portion sizes fill up on high fiber foods Evelyn is going to share some comparisons here in just a moment and that brings us to eating better food eating we all want to eat better food that's why you're here what we want to get in the habit What do you think the advent of and what could they do what could we do as a group to maybe better food. I don't know if we're going to recreate that one no we're not. I'm going to ring Frank rephrase that you watch those snacking food. Ok what. Eat a plant based diet more greens more beans and maybe be careful with some of our little veggie products you know read some of those labels there but add more of the colors to our meal more raw 3 cheers for salad row row wrong event Ok so let's look at some comparison breakfast if you go ahead Oh Ok this is one breakfast that I don't think anybody here would be eating but are people across the world has we've got almost 500 calories and how much fiber thumbs down on those fiber right that's what I'm doing in the primary this week is talking about 5 or. So we want to get Dana 20 yes so we've got for each meal so we've got oh it's an berries couple different types of berries and some walnuts and we've got 14 grams of fiber Now this is something that's going to stay with you and keeping a fuller longer and less calories lunch I don't think too many people here would be doing this but this is a very typical lunch with 6 wimpy grams of fiber if you eat every sesame seed on the bun. Maybe a little bit of the bag. The sesame seeds you know were getting caused to a 1000 calories there. For lunch if you had some beans and brown rice and a corn tortilla you got your 20 grams of fiber Now how easy is that pretty easy how one hand Hammy's let it go instead of 900 We've got 402 that big smile on his face he had a big smile and then here's some veggie chit and cole slaw and dinner roll and I screen we've got at that over a 1000 calories and 2 little wimpy grams of fiber won't stay with you and keep you fuller longer in a healthy way so what could we do instead how about some veggie soup and some whole grain bread avocado and some cantaloupe you got 10 grams of fiber and 300 calories so having that supper meal smaller another thing that can be very helpful is what we call intermittent fasting Have you heard of such where you have at least 16 hours from your last meal until your breakfast the next day so you have your last meal around 3 o'clock and then you make a good play and you have to have the right attitude and you have to apply and you have to get to bed on time and you have to be mentally ready for this and you don't want to go into that kitchen at 11 o'clock at night. So you get mentally ready you can drink the water but it has kind of recalibrates your metabolism and so one plan is to try to do that maybe once a week of say Ok this is a night that I would be most successful and going from 3 in the afternoon until breakfast the next day and you're gone I probably get better sleep that night and sleep visiting factor when it comes to weight loss. That resets our metabolism as well and if we wake up if we don't get enough sleep the next day our cortisol levels are higher and that just sends us into a sugar craving so getting enough sleep is so important so I just want to tell you just quickly. I'm having a Bible study with a lady right now she's very very precious she's actually a chaplain at a nursing home and she's over 300 pounds she went to from our lifestyle series programs and she's really committed a committed Christian woman and she was she's weepy she was just weeping over her condition she's a widow she has depression and so what do you think that we should do as health educator send her home with 101520 things to do. Yeah that would be overwhelming so I'm really really grateful to learn about finding one keystone habit and I didn't tell her what to do I asked her I said What's the one thing if you were to pick one thing to start to work on until it becomes so habitual that it's automatic and don't even start something else until that thing is so automatic that you don't even have to think about it anymore because now it's not a belief it's a core value it's inside of you it's part of your d.n.a. she chose something I wouldn't have thought of she chose drinking water she wanted to drink 64 ounces of water a day and she began to drink it took her 2 weeks to reach her goal and and so after that 2 weeks she called me she was so excited that she reached that goal but something else began to happen 1st of all she experienced success do you think that's a good thing to experience success so instead of having a mindset of all the things that aren't working and all the things I'm not doing all the things I should be doing how about focusing upon that one thing that you're going to start improving well when she started drinking this water every day what do you think started to happen for her she started to to detoxify a little bit she felt better and went as she felt better and had more mental clarity and a little bit more energy What else do you think she started to do. She started to feel happier and she started to go for walks for the 1st time in years she walked 20 minutes she started walking her grandchildren and and so that gave her the motivation to build another habit another another hat other habit is now she's doing more walking every day so when you have one good keystone habit you will start to form other habits around it to protect it and those habits build they build so don't go out of here with 50 Things go out of here with one thing that you're going to build she's lost 15 pounds she wore a dress yesterday that she hasn't fit in a year she's so excited because she's now ready to do whatever the next thing is just wimped obese women who were only given one instruction and that's eat an apple or a pear every night every day sometime during the day they lost 7 pounds in a month just from that one Habit Why do you think that happened why do you think that happened just one instruction nothing else there they're starting to do what make make better choices they're starting to think about it they're getting more fiber more nutrition it's starting to work they feel success they feel motivated energized so you see these things build It's called the keystone habit so enjoy those make those fiber choices use the plan of addition. So we want to enjoy more fruits and vegetables these are going to displace those high calorie foods have a low fat salad so people are used to having 2 cups you know they say a serving of of ice cream is when the spoon hits the bottom of whatever the continuous No No So people eat a pint of ice cream with a strawberry on top if you're if you really struggle with this flip it what with the flip it Plan mean what are you doing you're going to eat a pint of strawberries with one tablespoon of ice cream on top Amen and pretty soon you won't be able to stand those huge doses and I was blame it for 20 years so I'm really grateful for the discipline of this kind of lifestyle that really builds mental physical and spiritual strength a man we're preparing for Jesus to come that's really what this is all about Try meatless dishes Dariel turn a diverse more water and burn more calories if you want to so does it matter what time of the day you exercise I mean if you think the morning is the best time yeah why is morning the best time it doesn't get in your way. And I'm sure metabolism how many think the afternoon is the best time to exercise Yeah it helps a lower stress there in that time of the day how many of you think the evenings the best time to exercise Yeah a lot of people they think they can sleep better so the best time to exercise is when you do it and it's not a matter of if it's a matter of who I am don't mess and employee this one. Don't mess with her so and it can be broken up we found through studies that you can do 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there and it matters so increase daily activity every I just want to say one thing for every 5 pounds you lose you're going to take 15 pounds pressure off your knees and it is non movement that causes pain not movement. So increasing the activity so what would like to do We talked about the $500.00 calories we want to reduce $300.00 calories from extra food and we want to burn up $200.00 calories how long is it going to take to burn up $200.00 calories. And at least it will probably take about an hour now that may sound overwhelming but well what's a baby step where do you start if you're not doing anything you start with are 10 men and walk what time will you do that 10 minute walk you decide is it after breakfast or it is that the afternoon and you go for that 10 minute walk or if you have that machine that's covered with clothes you to remove those and you get on that treadmill for 10 minutes and you do that for a week and then you increase it to 15 minutes or maybe to 10 minutes in a day and you gradually increase until you get to 2 burning at least $200.00 calories so that you can have that deficit of the $500.00 calories a day for the goal of losing a half so is it easy to cut through with what we're looking at here with these calorie dense foods would it be easy to cut $300.00 calories very easy yes it's well there's there's $501.00 of the a small bag of those potato chips that's 360 right there so just eliminating that So yes it's easy to cut 300 and it's it's doable to burn 200 that's 500 calories a day. Picture these are online for free by the way these powers always tell you go to lifestyle Matters dot com We have videos you can watch the Power Points are scripted they are free for you to use in your church or in your home or with your neighbors so we know if you go online and it's free if you go to our website. If you get it cool Ok so you can mix it up and you can do all at once or you can do it a little at a time and find something that's fun and you will stay with it but this is the primary thing to stay with it and as you leave here tonight I today you want to just do as Vicki said we've we've given a lot of information but you're going to go Ok What's that one thing that makes sense to me right now and I would suggest you choose an easy thing that will work for you what are some one things that we could choose whether someone thing doesn't have to be yours but what could be a one thing that would be an important 1st step that could be until it becomes such a habit that you miss it if you don't do it yes. A walk in the morning Ok what could be another one thing you have I haven't read adding some fiber to your breakfast Yes a one thing what else would be a one thing yes ma'am. More wrote rah rah rah have your roughage ready yes. Get it getting to bed on time and you're saying have a ramping up the fruit one apple or para day yes. Ok so don't starve yourself in the morning so you know you get up you have your routine so getting into a have a bitch will routine for Brett for meal timing and the crunch factor we say crunch for lunch Ok so what else what would another one thing be yes. Yes having having you having things ready so that you're not caught when you're hungry angry or anxious lonely or tired oh. Yes. Yes it's amazing what drinking more water how that will stimulate more energy you just feel better and it will help to create stepping stones stepping stones anyone else yes yes just stopping just putting a you know Ok I'm done we're not doing that you know I have to drive I'm a bad driver and so I have to talk to myself out loud about the way I'm going to drive if I'm in a busy intersection I'll say Vicki this is your road claim it Ok everybody out of the way so you can always make her she calls me and she says I'm going to a lot of my drive I love it they love my dear and so we you just tell if you tell yourself out loud what to do you will do it you will you'll be more likely to do and you'll believe what you say that's right oh that's exactly right anyone else yes. Yeah you know you could just make up your mind that my God my supper's when I have my separate small I could fit on a saucer new No I know you can put one of that law for a cake on a saucer Ok I get that but you understand the concept so it enough on our supper yes yes oh yes every day a handful of nuts I every day I make sure I have a handful of nuts We'll talk about fat yes. Yes mindful eating where you're not distracted with other things yes avoiding distracted you know we will put get a pound Eminem bag and you know sleep like we're driving or just fill it up with stuff and 12 Eminem says $120.00 calories so I'm sorry folks but does that add to go. Oh all right if you want to think that sleep has a lot to do with way. Yes when you don't get enough sleep it changes your metabolism so when you sleep there's a lot of repair and restoration that happens when we sleep and and yes hours may matter in our outer matter at least 7 to 8 and some people actually need 9 you have to figure out what it is for you and in battle and insulin control and blood sugar control are more difficult the day after a lot last leap. Yes What people who work nights they suffer from that yes and so try yes there is there is documented evidence that those people who are working on ships are paying a price for it but you can do everything you can to have a dark quiet room during the day and sleeping and that's certainly going to make a difference but the sleep deprivation actually raises the cortisol levels the stress hormone and that can increase the appetite specially for sugar the next day and it also when you're tired you don't you don't resist as much and you don't. It's just harder to make better choices when we don't get enough sleep anybody that had killed her and understand then Ok so we want to stay with it the road to success is dotted with many tempting places so watch out for those a dot that when you're sad to hear or calories eat better food burn more calories and stay with it and a lot of people are looking for a met Jack and they're looking for. The pill or the solution that you just take this or whatever but these are the principles that have been tried and true and we want you to embrace that the healthy foods and to stick with it and to find a partner to with you to go with you on this journey and here's what I would like to say reaching a goal is a wonderful thing but what we become as we achieve the goal is actually more important than the actual goal so it's the daily choice is changing you it's changing your character it's changing the way you look at life it's to changing your you know your relationship to God And so it's what we become as we work toward a goal so you can have joy in the journey not just at the end Amen yes or. Right well with a high yeah there are. Our 7 deadly dietary shifts we don't have time to go and one of them is Los is high sodium the other is low potassium so part of that has to do with getting more fruits and vegetables to ramp up potassium and then the sodium levels tend to balance out yes and that can make you retain fluid as well yes well look I think we need to wrap up yes we do well listen God bless you I hope you're encouraged I hope that God has spoken to your heart about that one thing today I want you to have joy in your journey because it's what you're going to become as you daily make those choices and God will be with you he'll give you the power we we just appreciate your time today Man Oh we will close with prayer and after we close with prayer I want you to share with somebody said he next to you what that one thing is that you are going to concentrate on as you leave here let's pray Heavenly Father thank You for this time that we've had together you know the issues in our life and you know how to best direct us and we we ask for that power that you with Bill us with your Holy Spirit that you will give us wisdom and discernment and direction and that we can be the shining example for you that that we can experience the vibrant health that you so desire to give to us and we ask that you go with us and give us that power on a daily basis in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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