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Jesus Wins, Satan Loses

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • June 18, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Father going to open your word again tonight and we pray that as we do that your spirit would speak to us through your word we know the spirit is here to impress our hearts to woo us to draw us closer to you to write your name upon our hearts and so that's our prayer tonight in Jesus' name amen in one of his sermons Billy Graham tells the story of the brilliant scientists Albert Einstein Einstein it seems was traveling on a train through Europe and as Einstein traveled the man taking the tickets the steward walked down the aisle and went to each individual on the train and asked to see their ticket it seems that Einstein just couldn't find his ticket he fumbled through his belongings he searched his pockets he looked in his billfold but all of his attempts to produce produced absolutely nothing just couldn't find his ticket so the train steward said I know who you are don't worry about it I know you've got your ticket someplace and he proceeded up the aisle when he looked back he saw Einstein on his knees frantically looking under the seat desperately looking for his ticket 9 Stein really seemed nervous he seemed stressed out he seemed anxious of the ticket taker came back and he said he wanted to ease his anxiety and said Mr Einstein Don't worry about it I know who you are and Einstein said I know who I am too but I don't know where I'm going. You see that single sentence reflex the thinking a millions of people in this world. They have little idea where this world's had it at best they have some vague shadowy idea about the future their longing for a hope beyond tomorrow but the great hope of the coming of Jesus gives us purpose for our lives 7th Day Adventists know where we're going we recognize that all of history is coming to one grand climax in the 2nd coming of Christ now somebody as well said This life has no value unless you focus on something valuable life has no value unless you focus on something valuable and there can be nothing more valuable than knowing Christ there can be nothing more valuable than having the hope of Jesus soon return burning in your hearts I've always been fascinated as I've traveled to Rome and I've gone into the catacombs the catacombs where graves that were. Built in the earth underneath the city of Rome and if you've ever traveled to Rome you can go down into those caverns and you can walk into those narrow passageways and at times notice the artwork on the graves now there is something distinctly different about the pagan graves in the Christian graves that are underneath the city of Rome in the catacombs the Christians graves will say something like this good bye my love goodbye until the morning because Christians never say goodbye for the last time for because the morning will shine lightning will flash from the east to the west the graves will open and Jesus Christ will come good bye my love until the morning but the pagan graves have been scription is that Earth filled with hopeless despair let me give you just a couple of inscriptions that are written on Pagan graves beneath the city of Rome in the catacombs Here's one I was not I became I am not I care not what hopeless despair Here's another one eat drink enjoy yourself then join me is see for the pagan there is no hope the on the grave for the pagan there the grave is a dark hole in the ground earth is a long night with the grave is a long night without a morning the philosopher Bertrand Russell atheistic philosopher put it this way we stand on the shore of an ocean crying out to the night in the emptiness sometimes a voice answers out of the darkness but it's the voice of a drowning man then the voice of another and still another Bertrand Russell pictures a life. As a dark ocean and he pictures us is standing out on the shore and he pictures these dying people as drowning men and women crying out in despair crying out in hopelessness some time ago a college newspaper had a contest for the college students to define the word life and they offered a prize for the best definition of the Word of Life Here's the winner one college student wrote this life is the penalty that we pay for the crime of being born life is the penalty we pay for the crime of being born what hopelessness what despair if you don't have some things that you built to live for some hope for tomorrow some overriding purpose wife has no value but 7th Day Adventist are the most joyous people in the world they're the most hopeful people in the world because beyond the craziness of life beyond the famines in the earthquakes in the war beyond the rising violence beyond the immorality and depravity of our society our hearts beat with a passion our hearts beat with the hope we sense that Christ is coming and he's coming soon we cling to the promise of Jesus' return there in John 14 where Jesus says I will come again we cling to those 1500 places in the Bible that talk about the coming of Christ our Bible study tonight focuses on 2nd Peter chapter 3 and we're going to be looking at most of that chapter. Although we'll be taking little detours from the chapter that's the basis of our Bible study the hope of the coming of Christ the hope that burns in our hearts when tears fill our eyes and a loved one dies the hope that burns in our hearts when we turn on Fox News or c.n.n. or m s n.b.c. or a.b.c. or c.b.s. or n.b.c. and we see the trauma and the difficulty and the heartache in our world the hope that burns in our hearts when we walk through dark valleys it is this hope that we're focusing on in this series we begin with 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse one and 2 Peter says Be love it I now write to you this 2nd a pistol in which. I stir up your pure minds by way of reminder that you may be mindful of the words which were spoken to you by the prophets and of the commandment of us the apostles of our Lord and Savior Peter says I'm not writing to you some novel new truth there's significance here Peter says I have no new truth to unlock to you you know there is some people that are always trying to discover some new prophetic truth they have some new time chart that they think that if everybody understands they'll be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ they are time set hurts and they're always looking at some fanciful interpretation of scripture that's not where Peter was that Peter says I write to you in my 2nd a pistol to stir up your pure minds by way of reminder I want to be mindful of the things that the prophets of spoken I want to remind full of the things that the Apostles have said in other words what Peter is actually saying is what we need is not some fanciful new truth what we need is not some new time chart what we need is not some speculation about when the judgment of the living is going to start as was suggested by someone in an independent ministry recently who believe that the judgment of the Living started when the pope came to Washington d.c. and what Peter is saying is I want to take you back back to the bedrock reality of Christ coming what we need is not fanciful speculation what we need is a paper a good church on their knees with heart broken repentance what we need are people who are totally sold out for Christ what we need in this generation is deeper commitment to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not some fanciful stay. Q. elation So Peter goes on when he talks about this great need for a commitment and that's what this chapter it's about it's about leading us to our knees it's about total commitment to Christ you know I have spent so many years traveling in Eastern Europe and so many years with our brothers and sisters there in communist countries and I've seen the deep commitment that these Christians have had many of them experience prison for their faith I've also come across the commitment that communists had to their cause let me tell you an amazing story and read to you an amazing letter this letter is one of the more precious things I have in my possession now it's got the story is going to surprise you it's a letter written by a college student in this college student was a Christian but a communist evangelist came to his university and he was attending a university in the United States of America it was in the late sixty's or early seventy's and this college student who was a Christian engaged to a wonderful college young woman who also was a Christian this young man began in college reading the writings of Marx and Engels communist philosophers and as he read them he became an chanted with the thought of world communism as he became in chanted with that thought a communist evangelist held lectures on his university this young man gave up Christianity for communism. And he wrote a letter to his girlfriend on why he could not continue the relationship with her as a Christian and why is a communist he had to break the engagement that he had with this Christian girl and I'm going to read his letter to her and and as I read the letter of this communist I want you to ask this question Do I have the commitment to the cause of Christ to hasten the coming of Jesus by an all out total commitment to him that this communist young man had and I want to read his letter to you this is the letter that he wrote to his girlfriend breaking off their commitment he said to her. I can no longer enter into our engagement because I've become a communist and we Communists have a high casualty rate we are the ones that get shot we get hung we get lynched we get tarred we get fed 3rd we get jailed we get slandered we get ridiculed we get fired from our jobs in America in every other way made as uncomfortable as as possible a certain percentage of us get killed we turn back to the party that is the Communist Party every penny of what we make except that which is necessary to keep us alive we Communists don't have time or money for movies or concerts or t. bone steaks or decent homes or new cars we've been described as fanatics and we are fanatics our lives are dominated by one overshadowing factor the struggle for world communists we Communists have a way of life that cannot be bought for any price we have a cause to fight for we have a definite purpose to live for there is one thing in which I'm in dead earnest It's my communist cause it's my life my business my religion my hobby my sweetheart my wife my mistress my bread my meat I work at it in the daytime and I dream about it at night its hold on me grows never lessons as time goes on Therefore I cannot carry on a friendship a love affair or even a conversation without relating it to my cause and I have to break our relationship does the cause of Christ call for less commitment than the cause the communism does it. Does the cause of Christ call for our best our total absolute commitment the cause of Christ is much broader the cause of Christ is much greater the vision of the 2nd Coming of Christ makes the cause of communism look it's poultry nothingness as it is we go back to 2nd Peter chapter 3 Jesus is calling us not to wait in key wading pools and pick up pennies as Christians. But deep Kolstad deep and Jesus is calling us to dive into the Word of God for the Pearl of Great Price Jesus is calling us not for some superficial Christianity but Jesus is calling us to a commitment that is deep He's calling us to the cross and thing there at the cross we see the one who's given all for us and we give all to him there at the cross we give ourselves away to the one who gave himself away in the light of the 2nd Coming of Christ in the light of eternity we hear his call for deeper commitment and Peter is not calling us to something fanciful he's not calling us for some speculative time setting he's calling us to the teachings of the prophets the teachings of the New Testament writers he's calling us to something deep now in this generation Peter says verse 3 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 3 knowing this 1st that the scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lusts and say where's the promise of your coming now don't miss the significance they walk according to their own lust their lifestyle dictates their understanding of the word Another words because they're walking after their own lust they scoff and say Where is the promise of his coming there is a danger in Adventism today and there's a danger in every Christian church and it's this it is fed 2000 years since Jesus has given his promise I will come again and every generation that passes is a generation that's less likely to believe we're living on the knife edge of eternity. Every generation that passes is more likely to settle into Laodicean complacency every generation that passes is more likely to allow the world and its secular human estate values to put a new surround our neck and strangle out the hope of the 2nd Coming of Christ but it is the scoffers that say where is the promise of His coming because in true Adventists hearts that promise never grows each passing year that promise grows brighter and more glorious because we are no further from the 2nd coming of Christ we are closer to the 2nd coming of Christ than we were 2000 years ago than we were a 1000 years ago that we were 100 years ago so here Peter says in verse 3 knowing this 1st scoffers come in the last days walking after their own let's say where is the promise of His coming no notice 3 times and 2nd Peter chapter 3 It talks about the promise we find it in verse 3 of verse 4 where is the promise of His coming we find it in verse 9 The Lord is not slack concerning his what everybody promise as some men Council Agnus we find it in verse 13 Nevertheless according to is what everybody promise 3 times what is a promise you see the Greeks speak of time and the passage of time which wipes things out the Greeks speak of the mind as a blackboard slate and time as a sponge that passes across that's slate erasing time from our mind so it's important for us as the Adventist people to recognize. The promise of Christ coming what indeed is a promise a promise is a declaration a promise is an assurance that somebody is going to do a particular thing at a particular tie a promise is a pledge a promise is a bond a promise is an oath a promise is a contract a promise is a commitment a promise is a covenant but a promise is only as good as the one making the promise do the bible promise make profits make a promise to us Enoch the 7th from Adam in Jew 14 prophesies that Christ would come with 10000 of his saints David says in some 50 verse for our God will come and not keep silence Isaiah says in Isaiah 35 verse 4 say to those who are fearful hearted be Strug do not fear your god will come he will save you Zephaniah says the great day of the Lord is near is near and hastens greatly the prophets of the Old Testament promise they don't give us a wish they don't give us a vain hope they don't say maybe or I think so or it might take place the prophets of the Old Testament. Their words echo and react go down the stream of time they give us the promise of Christ coming Matthew says the Son of Man will come Chapter 16 verse $27.00 in the glory of his father with the holy angels and then reward every man according to his works the apostle Paul says repeat it with me you know it the Lord himself shall do what descent from heaven with a what shout and the voice of what in the dead in Christ will what rise 1st then those which are alive and remain will what he caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air Paul says the Lord Himself not might to say and maybe it said this and I think we'll do that the Lord himself shall do what shall descend from heaven I like that word shall and then Jesus says Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you and I go and prepare a place for you if I go and prepare a place for you Jesus says I will come again the promise of Christ's coming is as good as the prophets of the Old Testament the promise of Christ coming is is as good as the apostles of the Old Testament and the promise of Christ coming is as good as the Word of Jesus himself I have traveled and lectured in university after university in Eastern Europe and I remember after communism fell I was invited to come to university after university to speak to the students and very often I would go to those universities. And we have question and answers after and some student would raise I remember I was in Shake is that a university it was hungry it was its shape is that it was the center of communism and I lectured at one of the communist universities on the integrity of the Word of God and after lecturing there one of the students said well the Soviet an astronaut he he went up into the heavens you had a god garden and he didn't see God If you ever seen God He went on this speech about atheism and I said to him Look let's suppose you have only 2 choices I'm not going to ask you to believe I'm just going to ask you intellectual questions let's suppose you only have 2 choices choice number one you live you know make sense of life there's suffering a heart ache all around you and one day you die and you go into the grave and that's it worms eat your body that's one option here's the other option a loving God created us He gave us the capacity of choice this world punished him to see and but Christ came and he provides eternal life in one day of beyond the suffering and sickness of life you can live forever in a land with no suffering sickness heartache and death I'm not asking you to believe but from an intellectual standpoint if you have the choice that the grave is a dark hole in the ground and one day you're going to be a cosmic 0 or you have the choice that one day you're going to live the most fantastic life in the greatest joy which one are you going to choose see atheism provides no hope for the future at all some time ago my mother developed lung cancer she had smoked 2 packs a day pack and a half a day before she became an admin is Christian I was brought up in a home where my father was a Protestant my mother was a Catholic my father later became a 7th Day Adventists and. Mom eventually quit smoking became an Adventist my parents were very committed Adventists and I became an Adventist when I was 17 years old my mother developed lung cancer it was a difficult time in our family and I was traveling preaching this was just a few years ago and I would call home get out my cell phone I have an international cellphone in any place I was in the world I'd call home and I said to my father should I come home he said no we don't know Mom may last a month mom may last 2 months we decided to bring mother home from the hospital we didn't want to die in the impersonal nature of a hospital we wanted to her to die at home so we took a hospital bed we put it in the living room and Mom was there we wanted her to die with the family around running their finger through her hair and holding her hand and quoting the promises of the Bible and singing the hymns of heaven to or so one day I was on a preaching trip and I called to my sister I answered and she said Mark you better come and you better come quickly because mom has taken a turn from the worst and so my wife and I got on a plane we flew back to Orlando Florida My mother was living in my father in a deal and Florida at the time and I get in late at night and got in at 12 31 o'clock and drove to the house and I said to my wife we need the really quiet we get in so we open the door of the house and I try to be very quiet mother's hospital bed was in the in the living room yeah I remember it like yesterday and in the darkness she knew my footsteps she had heard those footsteps since the time that I was a little boy and could walk in should heard those pitter patter those feet and she looked up at me and she said Mark I knew that wherever in the world you were you would come. I knew you'd be here I knew you would come my mother knew that I would never let her go through that suffering alone she had my word that I would be there with her and I was not going to let her down you have the word of Christ that whatever suffering you are going through whatever heartache you are going through just as I had to be there at my mother's side Christ through His Spirit is there at your side he's there to strengthen you in to encourage you he's there to hold your hand in your suffering but he's there to whisper in your ear I am coming back for you this is not some idle tale this is not some make believe elusive dream Christ says I am coming for you I have promised it I have promised it and we read that promise the scoffers will say Where is the promise of His coming and you and I will say back to them it is in the Old Testament prophets writings it's in the New Testament teaching of the Apostles and it's in the Word of Christ himself now notice the 3 things the scoffers forget here Peter takes these scoffers on 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 4 we now go on to verse 5 for this they willfully forget you know it's one thing to forget something it's another thing to willfully forget it this they willfully forget that by the Word of God the heavens were of old and earth standing out of the water and in the water the 1st thing they forget is that God created the world. That God stepped into time at creation that we're not merely skin covering Boden We're not some genetic accident we're not some abnormal anomaly because time brought together some chemicals that some are mysterious way c. for the evolutionist the great savior is time you have enough time in a thing it happen it causes a great you have to believe in a greater miracle than creation we believe that an intelligent designer designed and we believe that this intelligent designer that designed the world isn't all infinite intelligence because if you look at his creation you grassed his infinite wisdom is a new put inside his power so here Peter says they willfully forget number one that got acted in history that there was creation number 2 verse 5 The 2nd thing they forget is the flood by which the world that then existed perished being flooded with water they forget that God acted once they forget that God allowed seemed to go on he said it is enough it is enough in the flood God said c n n wickedness have gone on another and one day God is going to say anough enough crime enough violence anough war anough famine anough pestilence God is going to say anough divorce God is going to say enough the a morality God is going to say Enough got acted in history of creation God acted in history in the days of know it this is Peter's argument that he has them for 7 but the heavens and the earth which now exist are kept in store by the same word reserved under fire until the day of judgment Peter says God acted in history when he created the world got acted in history in the days of Noah and Jesus Christ is going to come in one day see an end wickedness are going to be consumed by the fires of his presence in the glory then he says verse 8 but beloved. Do not forget this one thing that with the Lord one day is as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as one day another words God views time differently than we view time and the issue with God is not time the issue is 2 things with God you say why doesn't Christ yet come because the task is not yet finished Why does not Christ yet come 1st before a waiting world in a watching Universe Jesus is developing a people that are totally sold out for him as the old song says nothing between my soul and my Savior not of this world's delusive dream God is looking for a people whose passion is for him all they want is what he wants all they desire is what he desires you remember of Jesus it is written and he was 17 Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do the I will oh god how can you know if you're totally surrendered to Christ how can you know for certain that there's nothing between you and your savior Here's the way is there anything in your life that you're not willing to give to him if he asks you for it is there something deep in your life that you're holding on to there is no test of surrender in our lives when we do what we want to do and that's God's will for example I have never smoked in my life so for me to give up smoking is no temptation because I never smoked I've never drunk alcohol in my life. Even when I was a non-Christian I was an athlete so I didn't want to the file this body I wanted to be in good shape look those were no test for me but I had a lot of other tests a whole lot of other tests only me and God know them this is not self confession moment but look here's how you know if you're fully surrendered when you have a great desire to watch that program on t.v. but you have that little twitch inside that you know that that's not something that Christ would have you watch you know you're totally surrendered when you get on your knees and say Lord all I want to do is please you when you are absorbed with a certain music style articles of diet you say well those are external standards they are but when we're saved by grace through faith and the living Christ comes into our lives it transforms our lives we come to Christ just as we are but we don't stay as we are His grace is so good that it works Paul speaks about the grace that leads to obedience we are not saved by our works but works become the results of knowing Christ and anything that would displease him we do not want in our lives what is Jesus waiting for he's waiting for men and women that want nothing except what he wants whose hearts are one with his heart and who are so transformed by his soul of so charmed by the cross so enamored with his grace that they have to share it with others and they go out to a waiting world to know watching universe passionate about sharing Christ notice verse 9. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is one suffering toward us that is he suffers low with the seasons of the world suffers with long with the pain and suffering of this world why he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance there is a task before us there is a mission to be accomplished coming to the cross saved by grace transformed by love in powered by the Spirit we share his love with others he is not willing that any should perish so in pain in suffering education to 63 the cross is a revelation to our dull senses that pain from its very inception is brought to the heart of God Every deed of cruelty every departure from right brings grief they have the world is a fast laser house and we can hardly bear it all but he sees it all think of the pain and the suffering in God's heart as we mentioned the other night because of the Sian's of the world but he is willing to suffer alone to save your son to save your daughter to save your neighbor to save your working associate he would rather experience the pain the cosmic pain of the sin of the world than come quickly and have some human being the last so the message of Christ is going to the ends of the earth and God is using consecrated men and women to share his love with others I remember very well during the days of communism where we had secret typists and I saw their consecration their dedication one of our typists Ola go on usually would organize them into groups of 12 they would type with one finger on one hand not because they couldn't type with all their fingers but. They would type the Sabbath school lessons they would type the Bible they would type writings of Ellen White Mrs soul go on one finger one hand while they type one finger one hand because they typed 12 carbons that a time and they would have to hit the keys so hard to get through the 12 pages that it's I we would we would bring to them secret typewriters if we had a team of 12 not one would know the other ones why because if they were interrogated they could tell everybody else they could tell the authorities about everybody else that was typing and we said to them Look if you get caught this what we want you to do turn in the leader we want you to do that the leader will suffer your prison sentence for you we will smuggle you another typewriter move you to another house so you can keep typing Mrs Olga go on type 2000 desire of ages 2000 the 1st 12 years she typed under a table in her living room she would go there at 8 o'clock in the morning sit underneath that table there was a quilt that we put over the table she would type why because if anybody heard the tick tick of the typewriter she would get arrested the last 8 years it became too dangerous her husband fixed up a thick quilts in the closet and she typed for 8 years in the closet she typed for 20 years and went blind she typed 2000 desire of age is one of our best typist and one of our best typist was a woman with cerebral palsy she could type with one finger on one hand and the authorities never never expected her she turned out Sabbath school lessons Bible passages that we bound and distributed what is Jesus waiting for is he waiting for more wars. You think the Angels are keeping score up there and say well we've had a 1042 wars and now we've got to have a 1052 before Jesus comes you think Jesus is waiting for more people to starve to death so the famines can't get greater if he's waiting for more earthquakes and tornadoes What is he waiting for or does he just have some point in time where he says well I'm just going to come to matter what if that's true why do need do it a 1000 years ago Why'd need to it shortly after the cross I mean if that's your theology that he just has some point in time why in the world would he ever let this thing go on for 2000 years see there are 3 things that are happening simultaneously number one wickedness is going to come to a point where before the whole universe they will see the rising tide of wickedness and Jesus will say that's enough evil has come fully ripe Secondly righteousness will come fully right God's people will be so sold out for him that all they want is him and thirdly as you see on this side the rising tide of crime violence wickedness this Taz side God's people on their knees praying God's people on their knees seeking Him and God's people with open hearts as we see that on this side he will pour out His Spirit with abundance and the Gospel go to the ends of the earth and Jesus will come and he gives us an appeal here 1st $10.11 notice his appeal. But the day of the Lord will come aren't you thankful for that as a thief in the night in which he's going to come quickly speedily in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat but the earth and the works that are there in are going to be burned up notice therefore what is that therefore therefore why is it put there therefore he's time together what's come before he's coming as a thief in the night he is longsuffering the promise of His coming is burning in our hearts Therefore since all these things will be dissolved since this is reality this no pipe dream this no make believe what manner of persons or you to be in holy conduct and godliness looking for and hastening the coming in the day of God In other words what what kind of godly life should you live in the light of the coming of Christ the coming of Christ prom since to be on our knees with our heart open you see the Gospel the Scripture has 2 great focal points one is the 1st coming in the other is the 2nd coming coming to the cross our lives are transformed by His Grace coming to the cross we fall in love with the one that loves us with the love that is beyond imagine coming to the cross where changed and changed at the cross we longed to tell the story because the cross points forward to the one that's coming the one. The one that paid the price for us is coming to redeem us we read that again verse $13.00 verse 13 Nevertheless we are according to his promise his what everybody promise look for the new heavens in the new or at the which dwelleth righteousness therefore notice there is that therefore again therefore what the therefore therefore it's the connect what's come before therefore beloved looking forward to these things be diligent to be found in him in peace without thought in blemish how in the world can sinful be crafted humanity be found in Him without spot or blemish who is right just anough to stand before a righteous God who is holy anough to stand before a holy God Here is the good news we appear before God in Christ not in our righteousness but in his everything we are not he is all we need is found in Him Christ justifies us in him we stand before God as if we never say in Christ sanctifies us if we let Him He will make us like he longs for us to be he works in our hearts to change us to make us over again in Christ we who are accepted as his sons and his daughters when he comes we will be like him you say I don't know how Jesus could do that in my life do you believe the Bible how many believe the Bible here. The Bible says Hebrews 121 include help me with this now Jesus is the author and the what he is the author and the what finisher of what are faith how many of you believe that Jesus has begun something in you he's done a little bit in you is begun something in you do you believe that is he going to finish the work he began anew Jesus is the author and he's the what finisher of our faith be a hold now are we the sons of God but it does not yet appear what we shall be but when he does appear we shall be like hear him because we shall see him as he is every man that hath this hope in Him purifies himself as he is pure so I don't know how Jesus is going to do to me but I believe he is going to do it do you believe is going to do it in you Philippians Chapter one Verse 7 if we let Him He will do a work in us that will make the angels sing because before the whole universe in the last days of 1st history in this world that is a cesspool of sea and in the most degraded generation of all he will manifest His grace before his people he will manifest use power in their lives and through their lives Philip Ians chapter one we're going to look there at verse 6 being confident what's that word confident means Can somebody give me that word What's that word confident me being what sure what's another word for sure certain you've got it being sure of being certain of this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you who's the heap that has begun a good work in you who's that Jesus he who has begun a good work in you will complete it on to the day of Jesus Christ you and I. With all of our folly with all of our sinfulness with all of our weakness can come to him and in the light of his soon return we can say Jesus I trust you Jesus I trust you Jesus all I want is what you want you have given all to me I want to give all to you and Lord when I look at my weakness and my folly when I look at my failures and my faults I don't know how you're going to do it but I know you're working in my heart Lord I know I'm not what I was yesterday I'm not what I was last year through your word by your holy spirit you're doing something in my life. And Lord I want to trust you to complete the work you started there's somebody here tonight that you become discouraged and you wonder if Jesus can ever complete its work in you and here is the incredible good news he started to work in you and if you let him he'll finish it he's begun something in you if you let him he'll complete it you know I love that him tis so sweet to trust in Jesus tis so sweet to do what trust in Jesus and getting him done page 524. I want you to notice the him you may have and. You may have the him on your i Phone. You notice who that hymn is written by it's written by Louisa m. 16 let me tell you a little bit about Louise amnesty. She was an immigrant to America. She and her husband left Europe they wanted a new start in their life. They heard of the. Shining city upon the Hill shining nation. They came as they came on that immigrants festival. Came through to Ellis Island and they saw the Statue of Liberty there. Those words than graved upon it by as a Lazarus give me your tired your poor longing to breathe free. They settled in New York City. They were immigrants they didn't know the language they didn't have many friends. It was in the early 18 hundreds. They didn't. Have much of a job. Poverty stricken. One day. Louise's husband said look. Let's go out to the beach let's go out to Long Island and let's take a picnic and so they did. They were basking in the sunlight. Enjoying the salt air. And as they sat in their blanket eating their picnic they heard screams from the water. And wheezes husband was was a good swimmer and he noticed a teenage boy drowning immediately he leaped into the water and swam out to him. But the boy put his arms around. Mr Steve's neck pulled him under and they both drowned. Now imagine it. She's a young widow. Late twenty's early thirty's. Raising a 4 year old boy. In New York City. Poverty stricken destitute with no friends. She cried herself to sleep night after night. But she was a Christian began to read the promise of God's word my God shall supply all your needs. Seek you 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. And all these things will be added and. She Kong to those promises. One day there in that little. Small apartment she knelt. With her boy so dear you Lord. I don't know how you going to do this. But I trust. I don't know what you're going to accomplish in my life but I trust. You decided to take her boy out for a walk as she opened the door and went on the porch. It was a basket of food. She didn't ever find out who put it there. But she came into the house so overwhelmed with gratitude. That she sat down with a blank piece of paper and she wrote these words tis so sweet. To trust in you. Just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise. Just to know the. His so sweet to trust in Jesus he's promised to come again. He's not coming primarily to burn up the world he's coming for you. He's lonely for you. He's not only promised to come. And he's promised to get you ready for his work. He's begun a good work in. He's going to finish that where. You say I'm not everything I want to be. I'm not everything I ought to. Let him make you into the person you want. Let him work in your life. With His Divine Grace. Great. Men and women have come to the old. They have come. Many because they want to deeper say. Romans 12 verse 3 says that you've given a measure of they to every one of us. And as we exercise that they say our faith grows so just now. Together we believe. We believe your promise that your coming again. We believe the Word of the prophets and the Apostles and Christ himself. We also believe father. That what you've begun in us you will soon. We don't know how that's going to happen but day by day we want to come to you and by be holding you in your word. Holding you in the sacred scriptures we know we will be changed because it's a law of the mind that it gradually adapts itself upon those subjects that it's allowed to dwell. The Lord we come tonight trusting your righteousness alone. We come tonight opening our hearts to receive your grace. We know that Christ is enough and we cling to him tonight. By the thank you. That in Christ victory is all. That in Christ strength is all. We praise you tonight. That you are all that we need everything that we have hoped for in all that our hearts long for as we leave this altar and if we leave this meeting we go tonight claiming the problems that you are the author and finisher of our day and you'll get the job done we believe that the name of Jesus. Go in the joy of. 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