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Pentecost Repeated

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • June 19, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Father 2000 years have gone by since the promise of the 2nd Coming of Christ Jesus said Let not your heart be troubled I will come again and generations have lived in gone to their graves but yet the coming of Christ today is is no further away than when you proclaimed it 2000 years ago it's closer and we live on the knife edge of eternity so I pray that it grip us with a passion to share your message with others and that our hearts would be changed and transformed to know you in doing a better and a fresh We pray that wherever we are on the spectrum of our Christian life whether we are fully committed or whether there are still things that keep us from that commitment wherever we are that over these next few days we would take another step that we'd experience your grace more fully that would experience your love more deeply and that we make decisions that are life changing in Christ's name. One of the most significant events that occurred in World War One was the sinking of the Concord ocean liner the r.m.s. Lusitania it was sunk on May 7th 1915 Germany waged war against Great Britain and Ireland and the United Kingdom and the British Royal Navy had blockaded the German forces. When the Lusitania was sunk it was torpedoed by a German u. boat u. 20 boat it sank in 18 minutes it sank 11 miles off the old head of kins sail Ireland a Levon 198 people drown immediately there was 760 survivors now the sinking of the r.m.s. Lusitania turned the tide of public opinion against Germany was at that point in fact that shortly thereafter that America entered World War One Now there is a story attached to the sinking of the Lusitania that is really an unknown story it's not been publicized much at all but it really has relevance to Christians and particularly 7th Day Adventists waiting for the return of our Lord there was a very prestigious art director in New York City by the name of Lord Joseph duty and he stole art in to quick tease he had a young protege that he was training and he had sent he we had planned to send this protege to Europe to look at some prestigious art work and evaluate whether it's worth it for the perm to buy it he had heard about the dangers in the North Atlantic and a number of ships being torpedoed so he looked at his young protege and he said Look since I've already bought the ticket I've become increasingly nervous about your going on the Lusitania because the German embassy has actually given some signals that that boat might be torpedoed So I've decided to cancel your ticket the young art expert. Said no I just I want to go and he said in fact I have been reading the news reports over the last month so I'm not going on prepared every day I lay in a tub of ice cold water just in case the boat is torpedoed and just in case I have to swim in the North Atlantic and he said at 1st I just shiver and I could stay in there you know for only a few minutes but he said today I laid in the ice for 2 hours send me on the boat I'm ready now of course Lord kind of in the last look or do thing last and he it sounded preposterous but his expert convinced him and he sailed on the r.m.s. with the Taney of the boat was torpedoed this young man who is a very strong swimmer was thrown into the water he survived in the cold waters of the North Atlantic for 5 hours because he was prepared. Now it's often said that character is developed in a crisis I think that's false character is developed before the crisis in Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus gives us the signs of his coming he talks about wars and rumors of wars he talks about civil disobedience lawlessness he talks about famines and earthquakes rising crime and violence and immorality but in Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus gives 3 admonitions urging his church to be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ. As an old Advent preacher used to say Luther Warren the only way to be ready for the 2nd coming is to get ready and to stay ready here in Matthew chapter 24 Jesus gives to us these 3 admonitions Matthew $24.00 verse 4 now it's fascinating that Jesus is talking to his closest followers he's talking to his disciples he's there on the Mount of Olives looking across the Kidron 1000 to the temple of Jerusalem and in Matthew chapter 24 Jesus in verse 4 says Jesus answered and said to them take heed that no one deceives you now this seems rather strange that Jesus is speaking to his closest followers what's he really saying here beyond art there will be theological errors that enter into the New Testament church you'll have to face Gnosticism you'll have to face a variety of heresies that come into the church be on guard fill your mind with the Scriptures those words come echoing in re echoing down to contemporary Adventists today as Ellen White writes None but those whose minds are fortified with the scriptures will stand through the Final Crisis the track of truth and the track of error will be so close in their Adventists today who are imbibing Eastern mysticism their advantage today were imbibing false ideas about the Trinity to the church today again is being wracked with theological aberration and so the message here in Matthew chapter 24 verse for the 1st is take be on guard we got our eyes drop down now to verse 42 he takes a different approach in verse 42 here Jesus speaks and he says in verse 42. You watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming Jesus gives the signs of the 2nd Coming and then he says Watch therefore for you do not know what hour in other words be alert do not allow this world to suck you into its mold do not allow the pleasures of this world like a noose around your neck to strangle your spiritual life do not allow the pleasures of this world the sports heroes of this world to a Namor you there are some people today that are more interested in what's going on in Hollywood entertainment than they are in the Word of God in preparing for the 2nd coming of Christ there are some people today that can't even come to church without texting on their cell phones so I know if you're looking at your cell phone you're looking at the text you're not texting this morning there are some people today that are so in hammered with video games and this is what Jesus is talking about Matthew chapter 24 verse 4442 he says Watch therefore be alert don't allow the world to squeeze you into its mold that in 1st 44 he says the 3 great appeals 1st don't be deceived be on guard be theologically astute understand the Word of God so you can distinguish between truth and error Secondly be alert don't allow this world to squeeze you in shape you I love the way it's put you know in Romans Chapter 12 verse one and 2 where Paul says I beseech you therefore brethren and sisters that you present your bodies a living sacrifice and to God. And that he says Be not conformed to this world Philip's translation says don't let the world squeeze you would do it's mold verse to Romans 12 be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the read new ink of your lot mind now notice verse 44 therefore be also ready now the original language the Greek New Testament text does not quite Save be ready it says be in a state of readiness another words it's not that that I got ready a month ago and therefore I am ready preparation for the coming of Christ is a daily experience day by day I come before His throne and let him mold and shape my character into the image of Christ day by day I ask him Is there anything in my life not in harmony with His will is there is something in this fall in nature in this selfish heart that would keep me from being ready for his return love that hold him nothing between my soul in my Savior not of this world's delusive dream readiness for the coming of Christ is a daily preparation one day H.M.'s Richards was preaching on the 2nd coming of Christ and he gave this powerful sermon on the sides of the times and it was this man in the audience he must've in his mid seventies goven old man he stood up to read and he said he pointed finger at elder Richards and he said Christ may not come for another 100 years and Richard you know was sharp he looked at the man he said sir judging from by your age it's not be a 100 years for you put your hand on your heart thump thump them from harm. One blockage of the aortic vessels to the heart one heart attack one car wreck and it's not going to 100 years for you and echoing and react going down the cars of time or the words of Christ be in a state of readiness not tomorrow and not the experience of your parents last year but today the appeal of Christ is to open your heart to be ready you know and white makes a remarkable statement in prophets and kings page 626 she says this transgression has almost reached its limit when you look out at this world can you say amen to that transgression has almost reached its limit confusion fills the world and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings the end is very near if Ellen White wrote this almost 100 years ago that the end which is very near Are we near it today than we were then the end is very near then she says God's people should be preparing for what soon to break upon the world as an over whelming surprise you see most of this world has a little idea that we're on the knife edge of eternity most of this world has little idea that Christ is coming and coming soon they have little idea and you remember how the Apostle Paul puts it in 1st the Saloni in Chapter 5 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 the Apostle Paul makes an urgent appeal to the church at Festival Annika. I see every generation as the call of Christ every generation has the call of the prophets every generation has the call that the New Testament writers the scriptures never say don't worry about when Christ is going to come he may come in a 100 years a 1000 years when you read scripture there is that sense of urgency there is that sense of the imminence the near misses Christ's return 1st testimony in Chapter 5 we're looking there at verse $3.00 and $4.00 when they say peace and safety you see that word safety it's better translated security when they say peace and security then sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains about a pregnant woman they will not escape but you brothers and of course sisters are not in darkness so this day should overtake you as a thief you are all sons of light in Sons of the day we are not of the night or of darkness Therefore let us not sleep as others. Bible believing Christians and 7th Day Adventists in particular have divine insight is into what's coming on this world therefore we can be wide awake because we view this world not through the eyes of Time Newsweek c.n.n. Fox News or any other news media we've you this world through the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation we've you this world through the eyes of prophecy and we see that the great kingdoms of this world have faded into insignificance Babilon is no more meta Persia is no more Greece is no more Rome is no more the Roman Empire has broken up the 10 divisions have come and we live in the toenails of the image we view this world not through the eyes of man not through the eyes of humanism not through the eyes of philosophy we view this world through the prophetic word of the Living God So I invite your Bibles I invite you to take your Bible and turn to Revelation chapter 18 and this morning we're going to take a look at Revelation the 18th chapter and let God's word speak to us let the Spirit of God Talk to us through His word revelation the 18th chapter and we begin there with Revelation the 18th chapter and the 1st verse revelation 18 verse one and after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was alumina aided with His glory now let's look at every phrase of that passage the passage is pregnant with meaning we can't miss one phrase he says after these things I saw another angel another angel that implies angels at the beginning here is the 4th Angel. In Revelation Chapter 14 John describes 3 angels a message of urgency to be taken to every nation kindred tongue and people in an age where men and women are riddled with guilt and looking for purpose and meaning in their life the message of the 1st angel calls us to the everlasting gospel the good news that Jesus can save the good news that Jesus can deliver us from the penalty of sin in the power of c. of the good news that Jesus can deliver us from the guilt of c.n.n. and the grip of sea and the everlasting Gospel that's the answer to the problem of meaning and purpose in life the Gospel provides peace and purpose and direction in life the everlasting Gospel and Advena sort of reclaim unique aspects of that gospel in the light of the great controversy in an age of evolution we proclaim creation we understand that we're not some speck of cosmic dust not some genetic accident we understand that Christ fashioned us and shaped us that creation so creation gives us meaning and purpose in life the if the 1st angels message calls us from moral irresponsibility to responsibility it talks about the art of God's judgment it talks about the fact that in the judgment God's name will be exalted before the whole universe that he's done everything he could to save us the 3 angels message talks about giving glory to God It calls us from the human ism and secularism of of Babilon it calls us from all false and in confusion it warns against the mark of the beast and a union of church and state but here in Revelation 18 another angel comes down to give power to this 3 angels messages as another angel comes down and notice what it says. Verse one I saw another angel coming down from heaven this angel comes here at Destin with the glory of God His angel come shining with the brightness of God's glory this angel comes with a message from the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and the message is good news and these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority now I want to dwell on the word authority it's a critical word because if the earth is going to be lightened with the glory of God If 10 Acosta's going to be repeated if God is going to have a group of people that have nothing between him and the savior if God is going have a group of spirit filled people that go to the ends of the earth to proclaim his message if God is going to do some amazing things to finish his work or we do not finish God's work God does but we have the joy of cooperating with him and in the last days of her sister he got going to do something special with his church this church is not going to flicker out like some candle some people talk about the fact that the church is going to split up it's going to decide Recently I wrote a book called The Church triumphant and some people criticized me they said you're too triumphalist I said What do you want me to write a book why I believe the church is going to fail Jesus said I'll build my church in the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Jesus is going to triumph in his feet phony notice what it says it says he comes down from heaven this angel with great authority how do you know what a bible passage means how do you know what a word in the Bible means now there are 3 ways you can know 1st you look at the context and we see the context here in verse 18 of the expression great authority it's in the context of an angel coming down from heaven with dazzling brightness. It is also in the context of the earth being alumina it with His glory so whatever this great authority means it has to mean something about the victory of God in the Final Crisis So one way you know what a bible word means it's context the other way you know what it means as you can if you understand the biblical languages you have a good lexicon you can go and look at the Greek original so the Greek original of great authorities x. to see a Now does anybody have a new you have a King James Version of the Bible not New King James New King James as his authority but King James says what power power I saw another ancient coming down having great power now this word ecstasy a is an amazing word and I want to trace it with you so you can you can know what a bible passage means 1st you look at the context then you look at the meaning of the word but then you see how is this word ecstasy used in other places in the Bible and if you want to get the most meaning out of Revelation $801.00 we've got to take a little journey so we're going now to Matthew Chapter 10 and we're looking there at Matthew Chapter 10 and verse one Matthew Chapter 10 and verse one Jesus uses the same word Exodus c.-a in the same context of the preaching of the Gospel when he sends his disciples out the 1st time so that should instruct us Matthew 10 verse one and when he had called his 12 disciples to them he gave them power you ceased some translation will say authority you see Matthew 10 verse one over unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease so that word power is ecstasy and the word ecstasy a means power it means authority. When Jesus sent out sends out his disciples he sends them out with the authority and power of heaven and Christ has triumphed over the Prince of palettes he's empty hours of hell so he sends them out filled with the Holy Spirit victory is not uncertain victory is certain because victory has been achieved by Jesus Christ He has never lost a battle with Satan yet now notice Matthew chapter 28 same word this word ecstasy is a word of triumph it's a word of victory it's a word that Jesus says I am victorious over the Prince of Paluxy some powers of hell I have triumphed over all the powers of evil goal not in your strength but mine go not in your feebleness but my and eternal might go in the earth will be lightened with the glory of God as the church rises to its destiny and as the church steps out in Jesus' name to proclaim the gospel Matthew chapter 28 verse 17 and 18 when they saw Him Jesus meets with them on the Mount in Galilee they worshiped him but some doubted they doubted then and they doubt now they doubted they are and they doubt here they doubted in the 1st century and they doubt in the 21st century the next 3 words then Jesus came I love that they doubted that Jesus came when Jesus came because the dissolves our doubts when Jesus comes he chases away our fears nothing has ever been accomplished great by the critics the skeptics the cynics and the doubters. But men and women who grasp the promises of God by faith of change the world lay people who have risen to the challenge and have seen the promises of God and they don't listen to the skeptics they don't listen to the cynics they don't listen to the doubters but they believe the promises of God and on their knees they're praying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit takes place they're filled with the spirit and the glory of God and they go out to change the world notice what Jesus says He says all authority all power has been given to me Go therefore and make disciples of all nation that word authority all authority it's ecstasy and it's ecstasy a same word as Matthew 11 same words revelation 181 all authority what does Jesus say to the church he's saying I have triumphed over the Prince of Paluxy some powers of him and all the forces of evil cannot stand against my church when it rises to its destiny when it's filled with the spirit and goes out to witness of the world back to Revelation 18 verse one another angel comes down from heaven this angel joins with the message of the 3rd angel we have been giving out literature we've been praying for our friends and neighbors we've been giving out books small groups Bible studies have Vangelis to meetings but still that is not enough steel that is insufficient until the mighty angel the 4th Angel comes down and empowers everything we've done human effort will not finish the work of God on Earth it's only the Holy Spirit poured out through God's people to illuminate this earth with the glory of God after these things I saw another agent coming down from heaven having great authority the earth was a limited he with his glory who's Cory what does it mean that the earth is so limited with his glory the glory of God. Illuminates this world through his people who have gone out to share his love and grace with others. They've really been redeemed by grace they've been charmed by love the blood drops from the cross of phone upon kneeling at the cross they've seen the nails through his hands kneeling at the cross in their imagination they've seen the crown of thorns upon it. Kneeling at the cross they've seen he who knew no see and bearing the guilt and shame of see him for us they have come to the cross and their hearts are broken the world's entanglements have been severed their worlds chains have been broken because at the cross they've seen love and that love has broken their hearts that love has changed their lives that love has trance formed their characters and so at the cross they come and kneel at the cross they sense that Jesus is long suffering he suffers log the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that seen from its very inception has brought to the heart of God Every deed of cruelty every departure from right brings grief to him he is the Lamb slain from the beginning of the world and so all they want is his glory all they want is his honor notice in Revelation 18 1st one it says the earth was a limited with God's glory in the Book of Revelation there are 3 words that are linked indissoluble God's glory God's honor and God's power take your Bible and turn to Revelation for verse 11 I want you to see the linkage in those words. Revelation Chapter 4 we're looking there at verse 11 and notice the linkage in Revelation in these words glory honor in power and then we need to unpack that revelation for verse 11 you are worthy old Lord help me now to receive what glory and what honor and power now go to Revelation 5 verse 12 that was read as our call to worship revelation 5 verse 12 notice what you read there it says God's glory what are the words he is honor and what else is power now look at Revelation 19 verse one Revelation 19 verse one through out revelation you see those things linked together Revelation 19 in verse one notice what it says salvation and glory and honor and power to the Lord Revelation 21 verse 26 Revelation 21 verse 26 they shall bring the glory and honor of the nations into it you see the great controversy between good and evil is about something much much more than your salvation and mine and once we grasp this it is life transformational a rebel angel has challenge God before the whole universe and the happiness in the harmony of the universe was disrupted by a rebel angel who claims that God was an failure and God was unjust. He declared that God demands worship and gives little in return for the Evil One declares that God's law is arbitrary that it restricts our freedom and limits our joy Jesus' life death and resurrection exploded that myth the one who created us plunged into this snake pit of the world to redeem us and on the cross he answered statements charges and demonstrated that God is both loving and just so charmed by his love concerned about his honor he is in time people reveal His glory His loving self sacrificing character to a self centered godless world and the earth is illuminated with the character of God So on our knees day by day we are saying Jesus we want you to come not only so that we will be delivered from heart disease cancer famine and the troubles of this world but we want you to come Jesus because you've suffered for 6000 years and the pain of seeing is breaking your heart and so when we cannot hold on to the trinkets of life we cannot hold on to the pleasures of life Lord for your Honor for your glory poor out your spirit on consecrated men and women who love to see your cup not simply for our salvation but for your eyes before the whole universe revelation 18 verse 2 revelation 18 verse 2 an angel comes down from heaven iridescent with the glory of God. He comes to give power to the message of the 3 angels he comes to lead his church to try him he has great authority as the power of the living Christ. The Prince of palate has some powers of hello been defeated by Jesus the cross is spelled their death know the earth is illuminated with the unselfish character of Christ his people go out and through them they cry mightily Babylon the Great is fall and is fall and it's the habitation of demons the hold of every file spirit in a cage of unclean every unclean bird Babilon of false religion speaks of the glory of May in genuine Christianity speaks of the glory of Christ that woman in false religion speaks of my reputation my honor genuine Christianity speaks of Christ reputation Christ honor babbling are all false religion speaks of human works what I have done genuine Christianity speaks of what Christ has done Babylon it all false religion speaks of what I am doing for Christ genuine Christianity speaks of what Christ has done for me Babylon in false religion is based on a distortion of biblical truth founded in human opinion genuine Christianity is based on truth that is as it is in Jesus anchored in God's word in an auto in it in gratitude for what he has done for us. That motivates our behavior it leads us to commit the entirety of our lives to Him We have new purpose in life a new meaning in life whether at 957565 or you go on downward to the Fi The matter what age we are our one goal in our personal life is to bring honor to Christ not to protect our name it's not to protect our it reputation but to bring on it a crisis in some way in the craziness of life to bring glory to his name big joy to his heart to share his love with that's that daughter that husband that wife that doesn't know the great purpose of life is to know him. And to make him known when God is a group of people that want heaven more than they want to us and God is a group of people that have are our passion about his honor passion about bringing glory to his name they're not concerned about their on earth they're not concerned about their reputation they're concerned about his and they live for him when he has that group of people he will pour out His Spirit abundantly and the work of God on earth will be finished I love what Revelation Chapter 18 says. Notice verse 3 and onward for all nations have drunk of the wine at the wrath of her fornication fornication is an illicit Union wine in the Book of Revelation has to do with false doctrine the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her revelation 18 talks about an illicit union between church and state to solve the problems of the world but notice who joins in this strike I'm for and the devil in 1st to works through spiritual this and to bring about false religion and political powers together but notice the last part of verse 3 the merchants of the Earth become rich through the abundance of her luxury so here is a triumphant Satan through spiritual ism you ninth's political leaders false religious false religions and he brings economic powers to bear so there is an economic political and religious union and this economic political and religious union brought together by the triumphant of Satan who knows that God is about ready to pour out the latter rain to finish his work on earth so Satan knows that he brings about at a time of chaos an economic disaster notice what Revelation 18 predicts revelation 18 read the text it says verse 8 therefore her plagues come in one day death and morning and famine and shall be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judges her verse next verse the kings of the earth who committed fornication lived luxury Asli with her will weep and lament for when they see the smoke of her burning and Revelation 18 predicts a rapid economic collapse verse 74 in one hour in what everybody one hour what happens read the text what happens her riches come to what nothing so here is the scene that we face revelation 18 predicts that before the coming of Jesus. God's people will want his honor his glory they will see the cross in a new light and the cross will break their hearts Jesus Wolf will prepare to pour out His Spirit so the earth will be will loom unaided with His glory and the Gospel go to every nation kindred tongue and people Satan knows that's going to happen so he brings together and Confederacy a confederacy a pug it took a confederacy a religious Confederacy and an economic Confederacy and under the rubrics of peace and security for the whole world he assures in those last day of hands but in that context there is an economic collapse there is Politico and social and natural disasters and in this setting the Holy Spirit is poured out before after and during and God gives his final call in Revelation 18 verse 4 and I saw another voice come from heaven saying come out of her my people lets you share interests eons less your receiver play Igs notice there is God's final call come out of her my people and God leads men and women there are Muslims that come there and keep induce that come there are Jews that come there are atheists that come there Baptists and Catholics and God gives his final call on earth I am impressed with what God is doing right now to lead on and started people he's calling people now I see it as I travel in a van journalism all over the world just this last year we held meetings in Tanzania 35000 came out to the stadium and. Some amazing things happened one of our pastors developed in a in a city that I won't mention a a wonderful relationship with a Muslim a mom and one of the things we did in our evangelistic meetings because it was Ramadan and you know our Muslim friends break their fast at sunset so we said to the leadership of the Muslims look ads at us I want to reach out to all peoples in kindness and love can we put on a big banquet for you the Muslim moms in a fancy hotel and we can help you break your fast the Muslims were absolutely astounded with that I mean the Christians would reach out to them one of the Muslims who was a new mom in a in a Muslim. Temple said you can put your satellite dish in my Muslim temple so we had 4500 sites and one of them was in a place where the Muslims gathered to meet eventuality that Muslim sheik and 60 Muslims were baptized God is doing some unusual things in our world in South America a Catholic priest was quietly and Sikh secretly watching our it is written television as he watched the telecast we advertised the Bible lessons he began to take them one day as he was studying the lessons the bishop walked into the rectory The priest asked where was studying so he quickly shuffled his papers and he had his Bible lessons the bishop looked up and said to me called him Father he said Father you don't have to hide the Bible course because I'm taking it to let's study together. God is doing some amazing things revelation 18 verse for come out of her whom my people during the 2015 general conference session for the 1st time in history we invited a large delegation from China to come $65.00 pastors and administrators from China came not to understand China it's important to understand that there are no converts there is no conference organization there there are no union organisations and mother churches often will have multiple churches around them when you do not have a theological training when you don't have conference leadership to bring the church together divergent theological views gather round strong leaders so there are 5 separate Adventist groups in China they have many things in common but there's a lot of theological diversity so we brought 65 leaders together from these different groups and what you are not aware of that happened at the General Conference session because it didn't happen on the floor every day during the session we pulled them out from 2 to 4 o'clock and I would study Daniel and Revelation with these 65 they are marvelous students and we study verse by verse Daniel 7 Daniel 8 the annual 9 Revelation 10 Revelation 11 Revelation 1240 at the end of that time we invited them to come to the General Conference and from things are we took them out and had been a see a street tour we said we can teach at Venice the ology thread Venice history. So we took them to Washington New Hampshire and studied the Sabbath with them 1st Evan's shirt we took the 65 to the miller farm and we studied the great disappointment there on ascension rock the miller chapel we took them to higher medicines farms studied the sanctuary took them to Battle Creek studied Adventist history in the Battle Creek village and thank you for maintaining that so we spent I now it was really interesting because most of them didn't speak English and at 1st I tried taking him into an American restaurant bad bad decision 65 Chinese who can't read the menu in a in an American restaurant it was an interesting experience to say the least I remember when to more Wal-Mart this 1st time I had to stand by the cash registers they would buy something and I have to figure out what it cost and buy it was really an interesting experience as we traveled I got to know them one day we were traveling and I got to know Pastor lead and so through a translator I said pastorally Have you always been a 7th Day Adventist and he started to laugh and he said Well tell me your story he said we do we have time I said look we got 2 hours on this bus before our next appointment so that's enough time and so as we travelled on the bus this is a story told me he said look and I knew about the revival that had taken place in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit northeast China in 1992 when 1992 there was a revival in northeast China and we baptized 2000 people in a period of about 10 days they had been prepared for 6 months a year the past we only had one pastor went to the baptismal police they had their Sunday the river actually stayed there Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sabbath he baptized early in the morning till late at night that twice 2000 people by himself in a week it was just an amazing experience the Spirit of God came through well Mr Lee was a member of the Red Army. And he was he bathed his mind and mouth a sun Chairman Mao and just a member of the Red Army now remember the text that we're illustrating Jesus says come out of her what my people come out of her my people God is moving by His Spirit in unusual ways he's preparing for the great outpouring of the spirit the Latter Rain power and so Mr Lee was part of the Red Army he was off and duty when the Holy Spirit really came down powerfully in northeast China and so as a result of that he came back home and found that his brother had been baptized his mother and father had been baptized and they had been as church and his wife had been baptized he became furious you are uart ruining my reputation you have to be a intellectual ignoramus to become a Christian what evidence is there for the existence of God and he went on and on and on became so angry that home became intolerable for his wife when the little guy Adventist group church would meet he would come down with stones and throw them through the window of the advantage church and break it at times he disrupted the service during this process his wife was very very faithful to him but he was very mean to her she developed a very serious I infection and as the result of that eye infection she had to have an operation in the hospital and a patch over her eye the doctor told her whatever you do with your good I don't read because you'll strain your good eye and you could go blind so she then one day he came into the room of the hospital to visit his wife and here she's got the patch in her eyes she's got the Bible up close and she's reading it and he said look I've got a Christian wife and I don't want to blind wife put that book down. She kept reading he said Give me that I don't want to blind wife let me read it to you. Don't get ahead of me you know where the story's going. He he said What do you want me to read she said the story of Job and he began to read the story of you and within a few days he had read the entire book he had read though you slay me I'll trust my redeemer I know that my redeemer lives and in the latter days he will stand upon the earth though worms destroy this body yet in my flesh I shall see go she would go for treatment and he would take the Bible out of her drawer and read it and one day the Spirit of God broke his heart and he knelt there weeping and gave his life to Jesus and today he is one of our more powerful preachers in shining Revelation Chapter 18 go back to the text please Revelation Chapter 18 What is God looking for in dish generation men and women who are charmed by the Cross men and women who are read deemed by love men and women have one desire the honor and Passion of Christ revelation 18 verse one to 4 again another angel comes down from Heaven with the glory of God He has great authority the power the Holy Spirit Pentecost is repeated the earth is illuminated with the glory of the unselfish sacrificial character of Christ God's people cry out that the confusion the religious confusion of this world is fall until there's a union of church and state in economic powers that does not produce a society that is stable. There's conflict in chaos but God's people give a call come out of her my people men and women come by the hundreds by the thousands to accept God's last a message the Gospel goes to the ends of the earth and Jesus Christ returns if indeed this is true and it is is it not time for us with all of our hearts to be on our knees saying Lord nothing between my soul and my Savior is this not the time in this crisis our averse history with the same ends in the hourglass of time running out is the it's not the time for us to say Lord break the bonds of selfishness in my life Lord give me a passion for the things that count give me a passion for the things of eternity Lord is there anything in my life that would keep me personally from the infilling of the Spirit of God a number of years ago there was a young African pastor who was martyred and although some of the story is a little hazy as clear as we can tell years ago he became a Christian the tribal warfare that took place targeted Christians and he was martyred for his faith but in his belonging scrawled out very simply there was a single page written called The Fellowship of the unashamed somebody put it in my hands recently and here is what this committed young pastor wrote about his passion I'm part of the fellowship of the unashamed. The die has been cast I've stepped over the line the decision has been made I'm a disciple of his I won't look back let up slow down back away or be still my past is redeemed my present make sense my future is secure I'm done and finished with low living sight walking small planning smooth knees coalesce dreams tame visions mundane talking cheap living and dwarfed goals I no longer need preeminence prosperity position promotions hundreds or popularity I don't have to be right or 1st or tops or recognized or praised and rewarded I live by faith lean on his presence walk by Patience lift by prayer and labor by the Holy Spirit power my face is set my gate is fast my goal is heaven my road may be narrow my way rough my companions few but my guide is reliable in my mission is clear I will not be bought compromised detoured word away turn back deluded or delayed I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice or hesitate in the presence of the adversity I will not negotiate at the table of the enemy ponder at the pool of popularity or meander in the maze of mediocrity I won't give up shut up or let up until I've stayed up stored up prayed up paid up and preached up for the cause of Christ I am a disciple of Jesus I must give until I drop preach until all know and work until he comes and when he does come for his own he'll have no problems recognizing the are my colors will be clear would you like to open your heart to this Christ today and say Jesus all I want is your honor all I want. It's your glory Lord I know that you're working in this world to finish your work in the Lord I don't want to be a hindrance I don't want something to be in my life that dishonor if you reveal to me anything in my heart that's lurking way deep down inside that would bring dishonor to your name reveal those hidden attitudes that lack of print good news that bitterness or bring it up from the surface of my heart and I want to confess bring up that selfishness that greed that of us bring up for that love bring up that love for entertainment bring it up to the surface or show it to me Lord all I want is the cliche you all want your honor all I want is to exalt and set your prayer Let's pray together Father in heaven revelations Kolo is a call to an in time people to have their hearts broken over Calvary to come to the cross the transformed by his who love one by His grace filled with His Spirit Lord the hour is late the sands in the time hourglass of time are running on Father speak to our hearts right now if there's anything in our life that's not in harmony with your will speak to us about it there may be people here who never made a full surrender to you maybe people watching it never made that surrender God speaking to your heart right now the only way to be ready for the coming of Christ is to get rating with God speaks to your heart to open your heart to him Oh father right now we open our hearts to you thank you for your love thank you that we're feeble your strong one where we your almighty when we are frail. You empower us the strength to overcome may forgiveness be so real to us that the blood of Christ is so precious to us the sacrifice on the cross is so meaningful. Give all to you. And you gave all to us. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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