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Three Secrets of Lasting Peace

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • June 20, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Not long ago I saw the call for a Southern admonition a verse that it was a master's degree. And it was a class on The Book of Acts we studied the book of Acts chapter by chapter verse by verse and the class was an intensive class we studied 3 hours a day or 2 weeks the 1st day of class I said to my students on the final exam there are only going to be 2 questions and the students of course were excited about that they clap I said Question number one tell me in detail what's in every chapter of the book of Acts. Now you don't have to memorize the book but if you did it would be helpful. Secondly tell me how that chapter applies to your ministry one of the students in the class had previously taken their m.b.a. and that exam lasted 3 hours well after writing 4 hours on my exam he came back and said I'd take the m.b.a. exam any day. So you would expect me to begin tonight's Friesen Taishan with a quiz but I need to give you some background to the quiz that I'm going to give you tonight a number of years ago in fact it was just a couple of years ago Americans were asked a question and they were given a complete sheet of items to circle and the question they were asked is What do you need to get through the day what's the most what's the thing you cannot live without through the day. No I don't want you to think as an Adventist Christian I want you to take the quiz as if you were an average American what do you think the average American answered when they were asked what do you need to get through the day coffee. Number one what was number 2 show eclipse and sweets what was number 3 social media now here here the percentage is 37 percent of Americans said we need coffee to get through the day and we couldn't get through the day without coffee 28 percent of Americans said we need some form of sweets to get through the day our chocolate bar Snickers bar Hershey bar etc 19 percent of Americans said we need a cell phone or so she'll media get through the day we would have a social media withdrawal addiction hit if we didn't have our phone a whopping 16 percent said we need the Bible now here was the shocking thing twice as many people needed coffee to get through the day as needed the Bible one 3rd more needed sweets to get through the day could the neglect of God's word by the average American the one of the most significant reasons why we see the moral deterioration in our country because of the neglect of God's word be one of the reasons we see this lack of lasting peace this lack of inner contentment this lack of permanent joy could it be that thousands of people are racing through life stressed out anxious worried hands looking for a peace where peace cannot be found Could it be that they're looking in all the wrong places to calm their troubled spirit. Could it be that just maybe there's something better than a cup of coffee to get through the day is the worry anxiety fear and hopelessness have led millions of people in our world today to experience major depression that x. that affects about 20 percent of the world's population now the World Health Organization predicts that by 2020 depression will rival heart disease as the number one disease in the world now when you take a look at antidepressants and I am not suggesting that no one ever needs antidepressants but what I am suggesting is anti-depressants being given out like candy and when you look at it we spend about $6000000000.00 a year on antidepressants in the United States alone over $270000000.00 prescriptions of antidepressants were sold last year 270000000 prescriptions a depressant that's just a little under one for every American not some of course are taking it multiple times often the downside of that is not looked at 14 percent of all young people that are taking antidepressants and the interesting thing is more and more the prescriptions are in a depressants are impacting 14 to 18 year olds. And according to studies by the National Health Organization the 14 percent of the young people taking anti-depressants are going to become aggressive and even violent Now when you add to that problem there are $140000000.00 alcoholics in our world 140000000 people that have an alcohol dependency when you begin to look at this you begin to say something is wrong in our society worry anxieties fear a collapsing lives that are falling apart seem to lead people to often taking antidepressants or other mind numbing drugs alcohol the general anxious in our society this inner sense that something is not right that there is little uncertain there's little that certain this fear about the future has created a sense of hopelessness Now when we lose hope the dark clouds of despair hanging over our heads the future appears gloomy everything about tomorrow appears uncertain. But hope leads us from what is to what can be hope paints tomorrow in a ray of bright colors it lifts our spirits from the mud below to the heavens above I love what Anna Jacob wrote about hope she said the wings of hope carry us soaring high above the driving winds of life don't you like that the wings of hope carry us high soaring above the high above the driving winds of life William Shakespeare said this the miserable have no other medicine but only hope know what is hope hope is not some wishy washy sentimental feeling or a longing for a better future. It's not some base less desire or an uncertain expectation with no real certainty or assurance in the ancient scriptures hope is strong confidence in God You see our hope is not in our strength it's in his Our hope is not in our wisdom it is his Our hope is in the promises of God You see our hope is based on the unchangeable word of God with the certainty that the things you hope for will be accomplished now in his final discourse to his disciples Jesus gives us re reasons to have hope as the guiding force of our lives he gives us the 3 secrets of lasting peace if you grass these secrets of lasting peace worry will no doubt no longer dominate your life I'm not suggesting you'll never have any warrior you never have any fear but what Scripture teaches you not to be dominated by it it's not going to control your life any longer if you discover the secrets of lasting peace in John Chapter 14 you'll have an inner contentment in your life you'll have a new hope that voice up your spirit you'll have a new sparkle in your ideas file in your face somebody tonight in this audience is going to grasp the eternal principles of God's word your life is going to change somebody tonight is going to lay down a bird there's somebody that has come here tonight with a burden of the or a burden of warre a burden of anxiety a burden of guilt somebody has come here tonight. Feeling anxious and troubled because you keep failing on the same temptation again and again and again but tonight the light is going to break through the darkness tonight somebody is going to grasp eternal principles of God's word and your life will be forever different the Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible is going to come over to my nature mind you're going to sense a new power in your life that's open the Word of God we're turning to John the 14th chapter 3 secrets of lasting peace 3 secrets of eternal security 3 secrets that fill our hearts with hope purpose and meaning we come to John the 14th chapter and we begin with verse one a verse that easily can be read and quickly proceed and we can easily quickly proceed to verse 2 without allowing 1st one to mellow in our minds without turning it over in our minds and fully grasping the significance of it John 14 verse one Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me if I were translating that verse more literally I would translate it this way stop worrying lay down your anxiety put aside your fears Why would Jesus say to his disciples Let not your heart be troubled what has come before in John the 13th chapter that led Jesus to make that statement to his disciples in John Chapter 13 Jesus has just celebrated the last supper with his disciples in Christ has been unusually solemn with them and they have since the seriousness about Christ that they hadn't since the fore. When Jesus broke the bread and drank the unfermented winds of your juice of the great that last supper the emblems of his blood when he said to them I will not drink of the cup of the this is a sacrifice until I drink it new with you in my Father's Kingdom this is the blood of the new covenant it began to sands the chateaus obsess were hanging over Christ they didn't fully understand it there when Jesus said to them one of you would be training they had a sense that Christ Ministry was dramatically turning before Jesus laid the farce of a trial before him lay pilots judgment Tolo he would be condemned in crucified he would be stripped to his waist and the strong arm her Roman soldiers would approach him with whip with the leather whip and embedded in that leather whip would be bone and jagged metal and Christ would be flagellated the ends tied above his head he was going to face with being flagellation the mockery of a trial ridicule spitting in his face he would They are carrying the cross of Calvary is mountain is scans would be stretched out on God causes ill his disciples would forsake him and flee the Jews there would reject his overtures of love that day the Romans would crucify him that day lightning would flash the thunder would crash. Jesus hanging there on that cross the divine Son of God the one that was worshiped 510000 times 10000 angels the one that whose very name in jewels winged their way to worlds of who are the one at whom the unfallen world saying Holy holy holy would bear the guilt and shame in condemnation of sin and the disciples who would would have that last lingering look at least John would at least the mother of Christ would and they would see his broken bruised bloody battered body taken from the Koran and there that Friday night they are that Sabbath they would experience the longest days of their lives what would Peter do would he go back and go fishing again what would John do would he go back home what would Matthew do would he go back to the tax collectors booth so Jesus to prepare them for what was coming events that they were not sure about to prepare them that is the divine Son of God you would hang on Calvary's cross there is the guilt and shame of sin as glacially 3 verse 13 says curse it is everyone who hangs upon the tree as 2nd Corinthians 5 verse $21.00 says He who knew no said became sin for us they are hanging in agony bearing the guilt of all mankind Hebrews 2 verse $8.00 and $9.00 he would taste death for all humanity Jesus must prepare his disciples for what was because he must prepare them for the trama Is there a crisis coming in this world. Is there a time of trouble coming greater than any time of trouble were the disciples going to face a time of trouble that they had not expected in John Chapter 40 the disciples for a facing a time of trouble like they never experienced before they were they would face a sense of aloneness they would ask the question where is our Lord before the 2nd Coming of Christ God's people will go through their guests 70 they will go through their Calvary what got the disciples through and what will get us through 3 lasting secrets in John 14 we begin John 14 verse one Let not your heart be troubled today look beyond your worries look beyond your K.R.'s look beyond your burden in the future look beyond those troubles that burden you down you believe in God The word belief there is more than some intellectual belief in the original language when it says you believe in God It has to do with a strong confidence in God a strong trust in God What is face to face. Is trusting God like a friend well known knowing that he will never harm a knowing that he holds us in his hands knowing that will never let us go through any trials difficulty heartache experience that he has not prepared for knowing that no matter how high the mountain no matter how deep the valley that our Christ can take us through Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would it so if I go to prepare a place for you in if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again Jesus says to his disciples whatever you go through no matter how dark the valley no matter how high the mountain no matter how heavy the burden take the long view the 1st secret of lasting peace is this Take the long view look beyond what is the what will be take your eyes off the mud below and put them on the heavens above clean when the diagnosis is cancer and you're told that you just have 6 months to live cling to the promises of God that this world is not all that we see Jesus promises I will come again. In my last camp meeting I met with a man after the camp meeting he told me about how his 21 year old son was coming home a few days before Christmas this last year and his son was in a terrible car wreck and killed instantly How do you get through that how do you get through it without casting off your faith how do you get through it without saying this is not worth it I give up how do you get through the trauma of life when you go through the agony of a divorce how do you get through the trauma of life when your best friend dies how do you get through the trauma of life and a child is taken from you instantly and you don't expect that you get that call 2 o'clock in the morning when your child that's been coming on from colleges is killed by a drunk driver the drunk driver lives you can explain the craziness of life at times you can explain why what happens to some people happens we can't always explain in any explanation often seems hollow but this is what we can do we can cling to the promises of God Jesus says I will come again we take the long view life a life is is a vapor James says life is a vapor those who pass away you know the older you get the more the more like seems to go by so quickly you know I am 74 years old and I've been preaching for 50 years now it seems like yesterday when I started you know you're getting old when you bend over to tie your shoe and you say what else can I do when I'm down here you know you some of you identify with are right life goes 5 so fast and Jesus says I will come again $1500.00 times in Scripture the Bible talks about the 2nd Coming of Christ. Once you know for once that every 25 verses in the New Testament talks about the coming right or every promise in the Old Testament on the 1st coming of Christ there are a promise is on the 2nd coming of Christ we are 7th Day Adventists we believe that God created the world at a point in time we do not believe in the myth and I pos this this a put to it just chance that this world came into existence by change we see all around us the design of a loving God We also believe that at a point of time Christ entered the world that he was born of a virgin and 7th Day Adventists still believe in the virgin birth we still believe in the miracles of Christ we still believe that Christ died for us we still believe in a literal bodily resurrection the Christ that we still believe in the High Priest Lee ministry of Christ in the sanctuary above we still believe in the judgment in our and we still believe that Jesus Christ is coming again this is the hope that fuels our hearts now notice verse 2 in my Father's house are many mansions now a better translation is many abodes many dwelling place what is Jesus saying to his disciples saying Don't you worry because I've got enough room up there for you that's what you say he saying Let not your happy trouble Heaven is not an exclusive place for a few so called Soper super saints who wear holiness robes heavens for you haven't for you whatever your path no matter how many ever times you have failed no matter what condemnation grips your life forgiveness is your freedom from guilt is your the power of the Living Christ the change life is York. And Jesus says In my Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you there is one with your name on it there's one with your name on it but as somebody says Look Pastor more it's wonderful to say but a book with 7000000000 people calling at one another for a living space on a planet called Earth if I'm not in Heaven God won't even know if I'm not there there Levanon other people there that that's enough when God created you when you were when the genes and chromosomes came together to form the unique biological structure of your personality God threw away the pattern that's why God could say in the book of Jeremiah when you when I knew you when you were in the womb before you can see you see we didn't come into existence merely because of some genetic accident but every life is a divinely land life and of God who's If you nobody can replace you because you see when God created you He fashioned in his own heart only as love can do a place only for you and nobody else can fulfill that place you say Pastor Mark that's difficult to understand Don't worry about understanding it just believing you see but let me help you understand it a little bit how many of you are parents can I see your hand a that's great how many of you have 2 children 2 children Ok how many of you have 3 children I may have 5 let me keep going up how many have 10 No Ok let's suppose you have 4 children. And one of those children unfortunately dies quickly maybe they're 11 maybe they're 12 maybe they're 16 and let's suppose you count you need some counsel so after a camp meeting the pastor brings you to me after the meeting and say Pastor Martin counseled me a little bit you know I I've had this child and and you know I've lost the child we had or I still of 3 can you give me some counsel So suppose my line of reasoning goes like this I tell the pastor look I got this I got this in my line of reasoning goes like this look I want you to think of all the reasons to be happy I want you to think of all the reasons you have Joy I want you think of all the benefits of this now look now you don't have to send your kids to eat or like Academy Great Lakes Academy rather you can only send 3 and you're going to save a few $1000.00 a year because they still charge 2 ition and you can go on vacation with that and think about the clothing money you're going to save the shoes you're going to save money on shoes think about when you make homemade apple pie everybody gets now a 20 percent more the kids you know really think of all the benefits what a wise intelligent Michigan women do for crazy preachers who reason like that they not come on top the head with a rolling pin right so what what would you think of that kind of reasoning is that that's actually crazy reason and it is why because if it were Jimmy that died nobody can smile like. Nobody can love you like Jimmy nobody can say Mama I love you so much that I love this woman see the love of every for you was a mother the love of her youth for you with a father does not make up for the love of the one you will and when Christmas come your heart. Longed for the ones not there when Thanksgiving comes your heart longs for the woman not you look down that table and your boring is not there your girl's not there the God that placed in a mother's heart the father's are the ability to love 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 that God in love 7. He has an infinite capacity to loan and when God created you just as you are dependent on the reciprocal love of a child there's nothing that breaks the heart of the parent more than a child that walks away and says Mom Dad I want nothing to do with you anymore. And Mother's Day comes and there's no phone call and Father's Day comes and there's no card and Christmas comes and they say I don't want to be home there's nothing that breaks the heart of a parent more than a child that does not want their love and there's nothing that breaks the heart of God boy or not children that walk away from him there's nothing that breaks the heart of God more than people to turn their back audience because just as you are depended for your inner joy and satisfaction and happiness just as you are dependent on the heart of a boy or girl of God when He created you the infinite God. As a place in his heart only so he says to you don't let let's let not your arbiter of this plenty of room in heaven for you and I'm going to do everything possible for you to be there let not your heart be troubled in my father's house verse 2 are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you know what does this phrase mean I go to prepare a place for you does it mean that Jesus is a construction foreman and he is telling the the Masons how to lay a block for your heavenly mansion does it mean that he's a construction foreman and that he's telling the Angels where to nail the next board he says don't be worry in my Father's house are many mansions the incredible good news is in the judgement between good and in the controversy between good and evil Jesus a sob there I'm there for you I'm preparing a place for you take your Bible and turn to Daniel Chapter 7 in this cosmic conflict between good and evil in this interger lactic struggle between truth and error in the far reaches of space God is on trial before the universe the 3 angels message Revelation Chapter 14 says Dear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is. A rebel angel has said God is and they are in an just a rebel angel has said that God wants to exact love but not give love a rebel angel says that God is didn't Dick that he self-centered before waiting world. It a watching universe Christ hung on Calvary's cross demonstrating the miss the folly the full so good of Satan's lies and there on Calvary's cross the for the whole universe echoing react going throughout the universe is God is love he cares in the judgment bar of God before the coming of Christ in the pre Advent judgment that began in $844.00 the benefits of Christ's atonement are pied to every case every person that comes to Christ and asked for forgiveness Jesus stands forth before the universe and he says this man this woman is one of mine and there before the whole universe Christ says Could I have done anything more to save John or Mary or Harry or Alice could have done anything more I sent my spirit to their mind i Luminate it their heart I sent my word to guide them I sent in just to beat back the forces of hell I cavern Ackles in human flesh could I have done anything else we read about it here Daniel Chapter 7 this is more exciting than any Star Wars drama it's more exciting than any Hollywood fictitious tale Daniel Chapter 7. I watch till thrones were put in place here is movable froze they were put in place the Ancient of Days was seated God the Father his garment was white as snow the hair of his head like your Will his throne with a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire a pirate stream issued in tame forth from before him 1000 thousands ministered unto him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books are open year this is a is a drama greater than any Star Wars drama thousands and thousands are witnessing this the here is the consummation of the age long controversy between good and evil here is the climax of all of history and here notice what the text says verse 30 I was watching the night vision Daniel's overwhelmed he is or stricken with this vision I was watching in the night vision the whole one like the son of man who is that everybody who is that who is that one like the Son of Man Jesus why in the judgment is the title The Son of Man used because Christ in the tabernacle did human flesh he faced temptation in common with every human being he triumphed over the Prince of pallet he some powers of hell in his life and death up there in heaven one like the Son of Man one that touch the eyes of the blind and they're open to touch the years of the deaf and they are and stop the touch the withered hand arm it was healed the touch paralyzed legs and they jumped and walked again the one that broke bread on the hillside a galley and said $5000.00 the one. Who walked on water and come the store the Christ who was here in tabernacle with us and walk with us he is the Son of God and He is the Son of Man notice what Scripture says it says I was watching it one like the son of man we can a dent a file with him and he can a data file with us with him without the engine they brought him near before him verse 40 then to him then to him was given Joe minion and glory and a kingdom that all people nations language you should serve him his dominion is an everlasting Dominion which are not passed away in the judgment Jesus steps forth and says could I'd have done anything else to save the whole universe says Lord you've done everything you could and they begin to sing worthy worthy as the lab that was slain to receive riches and power and honor and glory forever and ever and ever and Satan and his evil forces are thank wished we are sane through His grace pious grace because of his grace names written in the book of life to remain there forever in the Bible says In Daniel Chapter 7 verse 22 Daniel says I watched until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high judgment is made who why do we not need to fear the judgment because in Christ through Christ because of Christ if we stay with Christ there is no possibility in Christ you could be Will I love the way my mentor George then and used to put it he said when I look at myself there is no way that I could be saved when I look at Jesus there is no way I can the law in Christ because of Christ there is no way they will unless. You make a choice to walk away from his well let you make a choice to turn your back on that. Because Christ Grace saves us from the guilt of the end and it saves us from the grip of grace is so good that not only pardons my past but it empowers my present grace is so good that it not only delivers me from the penalty of but it delivers me from the power or the domination of when we come to John Chapter 40 and we meditate on those 3 verses and we discover the 1st secret of lasting to John 14 1st one to 3 don't stop worrying you believe in God you have a trust in Him place your trust in me Jesus says look beyond the trauma of life look beyond the heartache of life look beyond the source of life keep your eyes focused on Heaven don't let this world squeeze you into its mold because Jesus says verse 2 in my Father's house are many of those there's plenty of room for you if that were not so I would approach you and I'm Theron heaven I am there now after I die Jesus says I will be there as your high priest he says you can come to me come to the throne of grace the kind help in time of need he says I'm preparing a place for you I will do everything necessary for you to be in heaven because I will be lonely without you and if I go and prepare a place for you remember in the trials of life in the difficulties of life in the heartaches of life the scars of life remember that I'm going to come again so grasp the reality of that promise. Then Jesus proceeds to the 2nd secret of lasting happiness The 1st is take the longview Gras the reality of his coming and know that he will do everything possible to save it but then he says to his disciples Yes I'm going away and yes time may pass and it may seem that it's a long time but no assuredly that as you're living the high priests my dear is fan low to hear your prayer the 2nd secret of lasting peace and simply this we are never far from the present a crowd John 14 verse 121314 he moved to the 2nd because he knows that there is going to be this gap between him and the 2nd coming so he says in John Chapter 14 versus 12 to 14 he says Never lose hope is because Jesus is available every moment the day you give us guidance and direction through prayer he promises to hear our purpose listen to our petition chapter 14 verse 12 to 14 Most assuredly I say to you Don't you like the word assuredly what's another word for assuredly what's another word for that certainly most certainly what's another word assuredly certainly what's another one definitely So he's saying most assuredly definitely another words this is not if maybe perhaps I think so or I guess though most assuredly I say to you each who believes in Me the works that I do he'll do also and greater works than these he'll do because I go to my father and whatever you ask in my name that I will do that the father may be glorified in the Son If you ask anything in my name I'll do it so what Jesus is saying Bear is very simple he's saying to his is disciple. I'm going to go away but I'm going to come back but that does not mean your Without my guidance direction strength or power because I am your living high priest in every day if you're on your knees seeking me I will supply the needs of your soul I love the way Ellen White puts it here in the book steps the right you see Jesus has been reassuring his disciple he gives them the absolute assurance that his ear is bent low he gives them the absolute assurance that he's with them that there's never a moment that he's too busy to hear their prayers Ellen White writes and step to Christ page 100 if your want your joys your sorrows your cares your fears before God you cannot burden him you cannot weary you numbers the Harris of your head is not indifferent to the wants of these children that listen nothing is too great for him to bear how much is too great for him to bear very How much nothing is too great for him to bear for he upholds world he rules over the affairs of the universe nothing that in any way concerns our peace is too small for him to know that is that good news nothing that in any way concerns our peace is too small for him to notice there is no chapter in our experience too dark for him to read there is no perplexity too difficult for him to unravel no calamity can befall the least of these children no anxiety harass the soul no joys share no sincere Herrera scape the lives of which our heavenly Father is unobservant or in which he takes no immediate interest Jesus says with. You're going to have a battle between Christ and. The forces of Hell are going to try to bring discouragement upon. The portions of evil are going to attempt to overwhelm Satan is going to throw every temptation at you possible he will study the weakness of your character traits and attack you on the place. There will be times that you'll walk through dark that alley but Jesus says 1st keep in mind I'm coming again that whatever you are through temporary but 2nd know that I'm gay or I'm there for you in the struggles that you have with the evil one I'm there for you in the battles that you have with daemonic forces just before the 2050 general conference session in San Antonio Texas I held an evangelist sick meeting in San Antonio and we had a marvelous time and that there is one of those here is the sense of power of God From down and I'm so thankful for what Michigan is doing in the in the great broad visionary plans that they have to hold an evangelistic maybe during that series and one thing about evangelism incidentally Jussi the power God from down you see the Holy Spirit changing lives will during that series one of our pastors and saying until the old days that pass the mark there's a woman that's coming to our meeting and that she's coming every night but this particular woman has accepted Jesus in the meetings she believes price is coming she had some Christian background before she's accepted the Sabbath and she's getting ready for baptism but there are strange things going on in her home at night when she goes to bed the television seems to go on in these hideous boys and there is a doors that open in her house and the door goes back in court and it's just a very bizarre situation would you be willing to come and pray over this woman I could certainly and I was teaching a class for Southwestern University College students in a field school event with the seminary and so I said my screwed up with me. So we can ascertain there were 4 of us entered the home I began to talk to the lady about her spiritual experience and I said to a little Tell me a little bit about your walk with Jesus and she shared it and I began to go over the major teachings of the Bible have you come to Jesus yes I have have you given your life to Him Yes I have you believe your life is in his hands well yes most of the time. The flag went up. You believe is coming again we talked about that Sabbath which he had a little problem she worked once that month in a grocery store but there are other Adventists another evidence work in that that's already got Savak a lot so I explained to her how we can write a letter to or employer and as she made her commitment that we would help her through it that God would honor her at the end of my little does it with her I said Now is there anything that trouble Jesus he said there is there's this are things happening in my home that they're so strange because pictures fall off the wall there is the t.v. comes on the door slams I hear footsteps and she said to tell you the truth I'm absolutely terrified at night well I know this the more you give the devil water and the more you allow the devil to bring fear to your life the more he's going to prey upon but the more you you claimed the power of Jesus and you live in the strength of Jesus the more the devil knows that he has no grip on so I began to open the scripture and we began to read together and I I read passages like this one in 2nd to Mrs we open the Bible together and I put my finger on those passages. 2nd Timothy Chapter one Verse 7 was one of many that we read where God has not given us the spirit of fear and I said to her now sister has God given us a spirit of fear no pester so if God hasn't given you the spirit of the year where does the spirit of your come from she said it must come from Sate What does God give God it's not given us the spirit of fear but of power in a plug and it sound mind so a sound mind is a healthy mind and that's what God gives you that I read to her from her lashins where Christ is triumph of the principalities and powers of l. we went to 1st John or we read that perfect love casts out near and I said Where are you the most fearful she said yet night when I go in my bedroom I said Let's go so we went into her bedroom the pastor the 2 students and I and as they stood I began reading promises of God as I read those promises some things that well the wall they almost hit me and I don't worry about it I didn't even acknowledge them I knelt down before her bed often people have to lie on the wings of your thing because if they think so weak I could see that your sister say a week but I believe with all my heart that Christ was present in that room and the he was going to drive out the principalities and powers and well I had no doubt about it I knew because I've been through this I've been through the battle for so many years and I've seen God work so many miracles and I don't have any question in my mind and I knelt there crying out to God and I said God God work a miracle here God by your power and we claim the promise of God because remember what Helen White says here there is no perplexity too difficult for him one rabble no calamity can be for all the least of those children no anxiety harassed and that woman was being harassed. No sincere prayer escape the lips of which our father Heavenly Father is on the server or which he takes no immediate interest so we are cried out to God in prayer at the end we got up and there was a smile on her face and a sparkle in our eyes and with the peace and that oh now when I walked out of the home I saw something that I have never seen in my like the world and here it was the most a great amazing thing and I have a passion to seminary students that witnessed I walked out of the house and a lady from across the street came running and she was screaming and she said My car was parked in my parking lot in in my driveway and nobody was in it I was sitting on my porch in the car backed up fast across the street and I looked and the car had jumped over the wall of the lady's house in which I was praying and there was a wall about 3 feet the car jumped over that the 1st hires of the car got hung up on the wall in the car was coming it was about 5 feet away from the window where I was hurrying and here the car was still going up over this wall on the back of this house and I just smiled because everybody was in but I knew I had to bring some sanity and I said you know Jesus cast them out into pigs and we discussed not into a car you know. And so then we prayed that the Lord would send him away to go to you know. So at that point I said no we've got to help this dear sister your car's hung up the lady from across 3 cars hung up on this wall you caught me and only on the 102 degrees I was relieved that car up there so we had to figure out how we're going to get this car down because now it's about 3 feet above you know the back tires or we're over the on the grass to the front the tires over the wall and says oh how we going to get this car off this wall so her son by this time came out there are some other guys there I said look what do we have make of this rare row ties in the back so they go up for a suit and ties were lugging railroad ties we build a platform and while I got the car up the wall but here's the point Jesus said to his disciples you may not. But I am your Heavenly hyper and prayer is not a ritualistic formal wrote that we miss the mouth of the Word of God but the rare leads. Into contact with the all money and as we open our hearts to grow. We have a secret of personal because we know that nothing can happen in our lives of which he is unobservant we know that our life is in his and we know that the power of the living process is. Very secret since last when we see the 1st take the long view Jesus is coming again the 2nd Jesus is eternally present if there is a great high priest but then Jesus brings this to an end John the 14th chapter he says to his disciples There is a gift he says Never lose hope. John 14 per se teen he says I'm not going to leave you our friends are going to come to you in other words I'm going to say on the Holy Spirit to you Chapter 14 verse 26 Jesus says I am leaving but the 3rd Person of the Godhead the e.p. turn all infinite omnipotent all powerful presence of the Holy Spirit is going to come up John 14 verse 26 Jesus says but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you Jesus says they help her is going to come to help her now that word for a helper in the Greek language is hara her Leto's halitosis means the call Haram means alongside of so the Holy Spirit is the one holds alongside of us the Holy Spirit this Parrikar Leto's is an interesting word pair you know we get parallel bars from that it's an interesting word it was used in the Greek legal court system the Parrikar Leto's was assigned to the one in the legal Roman system being bra they would be their attorney but much more than their attorney they would be their defense lawyer but much more than a defense lawyer the para Kalita host was called the long flight of the one being tried. To purr to provide for their needs if they needed a blanket in prison apparently just was to provide that if they needed food in prison the Parrikar letus with the provide that if they needed comfort in prison and counsel the para Cletus was provide that So Jesus uses that term to describe the Holy Spirit He describes the Holy Spirit as one who is our friend of one who dwells with us and in us one who will never leave us or forsake us so Jesus says I am going away but I'm going to send the Holy Spirit the 3rd person of the god it he is your encourage or he will lift your spirits when you're down here is your strength or he will strengthen you when you're weak he is your teacher he will guide you when you need wisdom he is your defender he'll defend you when you're wrongly accused and often misunderstood he will comfort you when you need the healing balm for your soul when you're hurting and sorrowful he will convict you when when you go astray and is still small voice will prompt you to duty he will support you he'll up hold you when you're about to call he's your Sanctifier and transform your life into holiness the Holy Spirit is a pair of coal each of those he is your helper in times of need he is the one that will come along your side the Christian life we don't simply Clinch our teeth and grip our fists and say I'm going to live a holy life and it kills me in the Christian life we open our lives the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. In the living power of God interests our lives and accomplishes for us and through us in us that which we never never accomplish in ourselves you know Matthew chapter 20 verse 20 Jesus says Lo I am with you part of the time though I'm with you some of the time while I'm with you what always even to the what end of the world you know the great preacher g. Campbell Morgan was giving a Bible study to 2 elderly women and he read that and he said hello I'm with you always even to the end of the world he read Jesus' promise and he said he was a young preacher at the time and he writes about it and he said Isn't that a wonderful promise ladies that Jesus will be with us always even to the end of the earth one of these elderly ladies looked up and said Pastor that's not a promise of a fact it is a promise and a fact if it is for effect number one whatever value walk through whatever mountain you have to climb whatever challenges you have brought to this camp meeting life is but if they are going to Jesus promise I will come that's that he's coming again whatever you go through recognize that there's a place in his heart overtly. And that is here is spent Lo here your cry at your word that you're special to him there's nothing that troubles you that doesn't trouble there's nothing that brings grief to you that doesn't bring green grass the reality that he through living hyper embrace Koestler the eternal truth that his spirit is there for our age bring moves in our lives to give us wisdom. Brain power the year was 871 in a ratio Stafford was talking to a friend and he said I'm on top of the world my investments are doing really well Horatio Spafford was a was a real estate Mongul in Chicago he owned a lot of property on lake front drive and throughout the city in an 1871 he was doing extremely. Well but it was Mrs O'Leary's cow the kicked over a land that started the Great Chicago Fire and 87. And there Horatio Stafford lost all of his hold 1871. He was a wealthy man with a happy home and a happy family. Why. We got. 1870. 4 to go on. A ratio call the promises of God. His wife had a more difficult time. Waves of depression swept over. Ratio Stafford was a business person to work with white l. Moody in Louise's Angeles. Radio Stafford very often but intially already knew the leading both with his time effort thank God for business people that have a vision of the. Movie was going to go to London told an evangelist in. Baffert village with Whitehall well. Why don't. We take a vacation if Europe we don't know about you saving less then we'll join white movie an evangelistic meeting. We need to get away from the door. So they booked. A passage. Just before boarding the boat. Ratio Spafford received a message from another visitor. That he could recapture some of his pork. That there was some possibilities he said his wife and children you go I'll join you. While the jihad was in the North Atlantic a British cruiser a kitten. In hundreds with rode over or. Over 200 people died. Well. Read of those who died were a ratio staff or. Resource around in the cold waters. His wife along to a few debris from the ship. Picked up by a rescue and then. Taken to Holland he sent him that. Where. He said same. Baffert book passage on the next ship. When they came to the place to the North Atlantic where his children. Were drowned said to the captain the boat I want to see. Him up on the deck and happens that as far as I can know. That herd stood in the quiet. Looking at the. Darkness. Listening for the waves to laugh again. Thinking about the daughter's love that were in that water grew. He went down into his cabin and took. A face. He began to write. With sorrow. Now has taught me that. It is wound. It is well. We're going to grow. My father. Men and women. Boys and Girls. Father in their behalf I am seeking you tonight. They have come to lay down their heavy burden. Bother I prayed just now but I believe in Jesus name. Said he If I leave you my people like human. Father. Bill Hart who. Give them a sense of your eternal present seriousness. I thank you God. This is not some kind of religious game. But that you are real. But your placing your arms around men and women your cannot but your whispering words of both for your Holy Spirit in courage their motto. But tonight you will grant to us your strength and your power that tonight for tonight many of us it is a new beginning the losers are that you have promised to come again and take us so that there's a post your heart only for us but your ears been slow to us that the spirit is there to encourage. Thank you Jesus thank you gene that we can leave this altar knowing that our and is in your hand that our life is it with Christ in God thank you for coming again for us in Jesus name. Than. Go in the name of Jesus. Go the pieces to. Go to with the work in the name of right this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. 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