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The Inevitabilitiy of the Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator

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good morning church in a special Sabbath in the hearing on how things so thankful for God 's goodness and the special Sabbath for me also because my parents are here whether they can they can join us today as we worship God and as we study his word as mentioned earlier were beginning a series on the word of God and them were going to be looking in this series first of all and a number of facts regarding the history of God 's word probably most of you know the Bible has its share of critics right there those who would like to find fault or perhaps find reasons to disbelieve the word of God and we are wanting to look in and the series at some of those criticisms particularly over the last hundred hundred fifty years which have been lodged against the Scriptures and how many of them have already been answered probably be most of you are aware that the Bible is one of the most widely read books in all the world but compared to the number of books that are printed it's probably one of the least read bestsellers Bibles been translated into more than one thousand seven hundred languages and does so in that sense is one of the most widely translated books probably the most widely translated books there's very little it's very difficult to put a handle on how many Bibles are acid produced or bought each year but denies it alone in some years up to fifteen million copies of the Bible are printed at the one Bible isn't it when you talk about bestsellers it's usually a hundred thousand dollars with ten thousand which category but the Bible of the fifteen million copies a year are printed in an and distributed in the Bible was written we note that the collection of books not just one what does we Christians and they would review it it was a collection of books written by forty riders and they wrote sixty six different books it wasn't all written in Watson fact it was written over a period of time spanning more than one thousand six hundred years and if you have your your bulletin insert I I see some of you are following along writing down some of these facts the first five books of the Bible are called for or the Pentateuch that's Tori which is spelled T oh R a H the Torah we believe was written by Moses in the lower going to talk some about some of the via criticisms that by the time the scholars they would say otherwise we as a pianist believe the Bible the first five books the Bible Pentateuch was written in fact by Moses Moses had a very interesting life story as you know he was born as a slave child he was dedicated to God much like Camilo was dedicated to God today he was dedicated to be raised as a God-fearing child he was then a raised error adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh you remember and ended up being educated in all the arts and sciences and and more tactics of Egypt and then after his mistake of trying to free gone his own terms we often try to help that out don't wait after his mistake he ended up being exiled self exiled I guess for disabled life into the desert where he tended sheep Dwight Moody once said that the first forty years of Moses life he was becoming a somebody the second forty years of his life Moses was becoming a nobody in the third forty years of his life Moses was demonstrating what God can do with a somebody who becomes a nobody and I like that perspective because they are attending she where most thought there was nothing really influential that he was doing we believe that he wrote at least guesses and Pratt Job as he was there in the desert just doing a very menial or servile task but how do we do the Bible Moses long time ago so really quickly on much time this morning so my move very briefly the that Windsor Jerusalem was destroyed in A.D. seventy by the Roman Emperor Roman government thought that that was the end of the Jewish faith their sanctuary was in ruins the capital city was devastated the people were exiled the center of the Jewish faith moved into Galina Tiberias actually where many of the scholars took up residence and then dismissed under Tiberius as well as there was a center in Iraq and what we call no longer and there was also there is also one other center in Caesarea where the Jewish scholars congregated in these schools as it were produced scholars are speaking known of the Nazarenes in the mouse reads were dedicated to the task of protecting the day he Hebrew Scriptures that with what we call the Old Testament write these Nazarenes studied and they call me on the writings of the Old Testament these commentaries became known as the Mishnah and the Gomorrah combined to make the tall mood and these are these and they are sacred writings and the humor in the Jewish faith not so much of the Christian faith because these are commentaries on the Old Testament but the mastery studying the Old Testament Scriptures they had an unfortunate practice when a copy of the Scriptures became old and worn out they thought that it was the the respectful thing do you destroy it and even burn it or they wouldn't variance so that they would not be in a tattered shape so when we come down to the twentieth century as I work excavating and archaeologists are digging in the holy land were looking for ancient manuscripts the latest manuscript from about year eighty nine hundred at the files and use nearly a thousand years after the time price nine hundred years after Christ so all of the manuscripts from before the time of Christ had been destroyed as far as we know that I get a lot of room for the critics to jump in and they said look you Christians as well the Jews you believe the Bible that you have no record of existence of the four eighty nine hundred three we have older copies of the New Testament than we had in the Old Testament so they assumed even though the Masters were very particular about their copying you know them as a restatement they would copy a page and they would count until they found the middle letter in the page count forwards and backwards and then he would come the same on the copy and it would make sure that well admittedly and Mister D Nevada batted a letter to write in order to come up with the same number they're very particular but the critics of what is impossible you can't have a manuscript hand copy for nine hundred years without having terrible errors a lot of mistakes so the critics would say that the Old Testament is not reliable it couldn't be trusted in fact something would take place in nineteen nineteen forties which would change that argument it would silence that argument rubber I wish I could tell you about it but will have to tell you about that next week as we look more at the history the Old Testament and were to move on our sermon this morning I look at the inevitability of the word the reason with important for us to solidify our minds that God 's word is reliable is because God 's word is the only real guy for human living that doesn't change it the only way to show this is the only book that shows where we came from and where were going it's the only road map for human existence all many other philosophies many of the theories of been tried is a way that seems right into a man on the right Bible says the end thereof are the ways of death the Bible is our short guide for human living but there's a problem the problem is probably bigger today than the problems of the critics and eighty eight atheists and agnostics the problem we as Christians have sometimes we say we believe the Bible we say we read the Bible but we don't actually live the Bible sometimes we have a denial of the word which is unlike that of the critics of the Scriptures we don't say the Bible isn't inspired we just pretend we can't quite understand what it says when it speaks to a something that we don't like to hear that they were going to be looking at something called the inevitability of the word and were going to be looking at the story and found in numbers chapter twenty two at the story of the lung out inviting just about your heads with me for additional work for us we begin father in heaven today we want to commit ourselves to knowing more about you and your word as we look at the store this morning I described your spirit and your presence and witness we thank you in Jesus name two twenty two were going to be looking at the story not only critic of the true faith but as the story of a man who was in fact a verify profit of the true faith this was a man who was not a bad man much like me to day living in two thousand ten where churchgoing Bible believing God worshiping Christian 's right the Bible says number seven twenty two children Israel set for intention of playing Samoa on this side of Jordan by Jericho now they are picking up the son of zip or saw all that Israel had done and ammonites and the king of Moab Edom he became very fearful out and rightly been destroyed by this nomadic people that was wandering through the desert and so he said I need to find something that will give me as a team but the upper hand to be able to fight off these Israelites when they come into my territory and so he thought of those might have connection with the gods and this is a real testimony to the lens life previous to this time because when they are thinking wanted to find someone losing in touch with the supernatural leaving to not avail right they must have been known as a person who is close to God God must have answered the prayers previously would not be assumed not be a must of been a good man the Bible calls in the province so he went and he sent messengers to bail him and these elders of a million were sent to bail them and he says in verse five behold there is a people come out from Egypt they cover the face of the earth of me than a little bit of an exaggeration there was a lot of and they have now come against me now verse six he says therefore I pray the curse this people for they are too mighty for me venture I will prevail we may smite them and that I may drive them out of the land rhino that he whom thou blessed this is glass and you know curses is cursed they barely knew about élan right they look new that they long was able to curse or the blasts and that would be effectual effective and so when the lemon curd this invitation from the princes of many of you did the right thing another good indication what the bailout was a good man the Bible says in verse eight he said to these princes these elders launch of this night and I will bring you word again at the Lord will speak and to me the princes of Moab both abode with bailout that was a good wife answer when you're great when you don't know what to do when you're faced with a decision you have the we have the privilege of presenting the matter for God again God is a wonderful he hears the prayers of those who really want to know his will and he meaning of the profits as they than what Menino have special divine revelations we don't need Daniel God speaks it does today just as sure as he spoke the name doesn't been visiting Yahoo speaks to us through his Word as we don't know sometimes we pray galore Junior will the luminal spent time in his word and God wants to show us his will today if we're wanting it he will show us it's a wonderful wonderful privilege we had us Christians and so God did answer it they let his prayer in fact it says in verse nine nineteen hundred the women said what men are these would be the instead of the God made at this on as a porking lot of Seth and me saying any repeat of the speech which you gotten from Baylor business people that would cover the whole face of the earth right and common common person so that I can drive them out so that I can be able to prevail before them now God gave the in one of those unequivocal clear answers I love this text in verse twelve Ms. Miller and gifts bought me these it's nice not if not in all questionable what God 's will is remaining at this point because verse twelve God said and they even thou shall not go with them now shall not curse the people that cleared up isn't it now now don't not go with them shall not curse them when they are what does he say and less abundant one step further he did not just tell me what to do or what not to do he went one step further in telling me of don't do it because God doesn't always have to do that Desi know like sometimes parents when their children are small and they're not perhaps able to understand everything quite yet sometimes you just have to tell them when they keep asking why write because I said so you can't understand everything you have to trust me right and as Christians we are to trust God God things that are to be enough but not as good so good in fact that he often tells why that is a blessing there got felt that they are not only was there one has to be also told him why you cannot curse these people because they are blessed and so we find here that God could not bottled beer he could not go with the princes and curse Israel and the Bible says in verse thirteen the Bingham rose up in the morning and set under the princes of Bailey get you into your land get out of here goal for the Lord refuses to give me leave to go with you that just listen to the way they limp couches this response to the princes what they say all physically belaying for not being able to go the Lord refuses the place has gone inside about a pejorative why doesn't he a negative context God is not some stubborn dog that simply refuse to give even the opportunity to do what he wanted to do no good being on here explained to Israel to the Princess why he couldn't go against any innocent gone refuses to give me permission reminds me of when I was a little boy my mother might've said no you can go you can go and play with the neighbors when you finish your homework when you finish your chores whatever made them his mother say things like that way teaching responsibility right suppose and as children we sometimes even those in money and up the other you know we still don't want to do her chores a lot adore homework and neighbor kids come in play would come to play with me and what would I say when I say my homework is done I can play with you I would I say my mom won't let me play with you human nature human nature will be the most maven says my God refuses to let go there was a good reason they were blessed people they could be cursed if you don't try but they limit here is exhibiting unique usual profits are human too and here we start to see the first clue that something may been wrong in the heart of bailout perhaps he was resistance to God 's will perhaps when he saw the gifts the offering that these princes brought A- he thought I could really use that you not spend all their time is up for profits on doing God 's work I did I could donated to the charity of good costs if I can only have that new car that later model or those new closer one hundred is human nature was the same benefit as they ride the wind when Balin saw these gifts or perhaps maybe was not so much the money was the pride of being invited by the keen to do a special task to be especially honored I don't know what it was that you understand they are like you and me right it was a you as a human being to have the same selfish desires and we start to see here that indication something is going wrong and begins life bailout is not happy with God 's judgment beta wants to do his own thing he wants to follow his own way so we see that they even didn't tell the truth and so something happened the princes came back member they knew we won't take the time to read the story here you can read these next few verses in the Bible says that when they look Slavic they wouldn't common curse Israel did not like a spinoff from enough demand negotiating and so he set more esteemed more important maybe even royalty back to talk to bailout offer him more money you know that that new chariot with more options more wardrobes I don't know the greater gifts the Bible says so the speed of the story here in verse eighteen by the way they also offered him great honor promotions this is number twenty two inverse eighteen the Bible says Baden answered instead of the servants of David if they would give me his house full of silver and gold I cannot go beyond the word of Lord my God to laughs or more after that answer that powerful in this one has a knack doesn't obey him tell it like it is I can do but what God tells me to do the right answer cutting the money you get the idea of being on being a man who knew what was right right he really had an understanding of what was going on here but there was something is hardly didn't like what was God 's will because the next verse verse nineteen does this but injected Baden says verse nineteen now therefore I pray you Terry E also here this night that I may know what the Lord will send to me more hope now Baylor wasn't like those he did we were not interesting items like a lot of Christians didn't like the work I following because he didn't like what God said thought it fit very unequivocally confident very clearly there wasn't much room for dancing around the facts thou shalt not go with them now tell not curse them for they are blessed and even though this is been very clear bail him here says let's stay another night and see what God will tell me something more C of God changed his mind as Christians we say I'm still studying when we arty know very clearly what God 's will or were not denying were going to bail him is not here in disobedience about forty but he started down a path way that would lead to denial of God 's word I think I skipped over that in your notes if you are trying to take notes I was trying to save time just before the three invitations on the first page this is the point you are right down there denial of God 's word is progressive organizing that in the story of bailout were missing out in the store look at next week as well the relevance of the word but today we see that as they even began he was not openly saying I don't believe God 's word is in life you wish to change his hoping is doing you pretend not to understand and hear itself that they princes stay here tonight and I will tell you if God tells me something else now God is a merciful God again don't you love the God we serve isn't too so patient with us I'm so thankful that God is so eternally patient which one of us and them the Bible says in verse twenty the God came in today and at night instead of them if the men come to call the rise up and go with them yet the word which I shall seem to be that shouts out to another fact is that God here gives me the permission to give information that if the men who were with him shouldn't call him again in the morning then he could go with them but even only be able to say and do what God put in his mind and his heart his mouth and saying the right now as I read this story the Bible is a very clear that these men came and got him in the morning or not the fact the Bible seems to indicate that they may not have an answer disbanding on his mother come with a sling that is been ready to take off on the wrong file does say that they were let within the Bible also says that God was displeased because he went doesn't make a lot of sense to me that God would be displeased verbatim did what he gave permission to cut sometimes the law doesn't answer our prayers the way we want not because they are for investment because he realizes that are several parts not learning another way so anyway edited at any rate there are some of things we do know he was supposed to get a third invitation is not clear that are not I guess he didn't back down we do know that he went which was when one student I that declares we see the text of our he wanted to go and he went we also know that it was displeasing to God it was his way not God 's way Damon was following that we see these three wake-up calls we might say as God was such flying to get in intentionally into a lens mind into his consciousness and chapter twenty two again in verse twenty two God 's anger was kindled because he went and the angel of the Lord stood in the way for an adversary against him now he was fighting upon his donkey and his two servants were with them and a donkey saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way and his swords drawn in his hand and the donkey turned aside out of the way and went into the field and Palin began beating his donkey and turned her into the way you get the picture here we generally think of our guardian angels as being far on safekeeping and best interest right here is an angel who was not out protect bail him as he made his way towards the land of the Midianites but he was out to stop him maybe it would've been protection may be this attempt to make things go wrong in Balin 's life was an attempt to get proved to be what are you doing where you go I mean you see here will exhibit some characteristics which are not totally like we would consider a child of God right I mean he's not supposed a prophet of God he's convinced himself probably his own mind baseball in God 's will God said they didn't get me a minute I can do within so I'm going with his inventors of everything 's a okay you question I mean I don't think you'd somehow about the gods of the Midianites by now use the leverage of God right housing meeting when his gauntlet when something goes wrong how does he respond he's angry nothing will go wrong friends right things go wrong because things go wrong doesn't necessarily mean that God 's blessings not with us sometimes files are sent as wake-up call that is not a bad idea to examine a licensee hate are the things happening so that God can get a hold of me I think the things happening simply to refine my character when you get close of Jesus but here they love the only things went wrong he reacted in a way that should have told him defensively but something was wrong this you cannot be a Christian following God trusting him believing that he is guiding you and yet become angry when things don't go your way I'm listening so when things don't go right maybe it's not so much made is not so important that we examine our life see why they went wrong maybe it's more important examiner like to see how we lease I was at first Bailey's response may not have been that agreed just right it may not amend that dramatically unchristian I think people beat their donkeys into the picture of him hitting is not being and then forcefully pulling her back into the road Bible says in verse twenty three verse twenty four Bangalore stood in the path of the vineyards along the sidewalk outside the donkey saw the Lord Jesus blessed herself against the wall and crushed babes foot and be between the donkey and the law not an enjoyable experience and the Bible says he smoked reporting beach or again somehow there is enough room for this donkey is squeezed by the angel angel goes little further along the pathway and the Bible says in verse twenty six and Lord went further and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn either to the right hand or left when the donkey saw been to the Lord she fell down under mainland and Balin 's anger was kindled and he started the donkey with his raw it was no society for the prevention of cruelty to animals most days someone who was a worshiper of the true God should've known better than any beating on a dumb animal the raw right we know this was not just a coolheaded strategic donkey training practice of the from what happened next we know that David was actually very angry and very hotheaded and very much not exhibiting the spirit of the Christian the Bible says in verse twenty eight as Melo is beating his donkey with his rock the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey and she said and they love what have I done unto you that you smitten me these three times on after question if your donkey began talking to giving by that time you might say hey this is meant to be a wake-up call you think you might save something unusual is going on here my dog is talking in simple language I can understand I think this is phenomenal I would love to have a video that stopped talking I doubt it was like an animation I mean the donkey was talking and then instead of saying hey wait a minute something something 's going on here I need to stop and consider my ways they love and his anger and serves the donkey now you see how far may limit is gone we laugh and it's funny but as a serious business guys this is what sin does sin makes you believe you're doing the right thing Sandy makes you indefensible to the Holy Spirit speaking your heart even in a donkey starts talking to you they'll didn't start out that way but denial of God 's word is what progress and now he's arguing is gone he says in verse twenty nine because you mocked me these re-signs you mock me I would there were assorted my hand for now I would kill you donate another human and had a chance to kill the dog someone was looking out that don't donkey continues on the blog he says today in verse thirty am I not your donkey on which it written ever since I was was devastated I ever get a site like this on to you and he said no you're talking about a genuine conversation going on here between bail him and his donkey at that time God realized the talking dog he wasn't going to do the trick God loves us even knowing against Zaman God sent an angel budget problems and bands like he tried over and over to get through the veil stop your hardheaded resistance just it is what you want I find these in adopting a talk I didn't work a conversation discontinued someone opened the Angels and the mainland 's eyes says in verse thirty two verse thirty one would open the eyes of the enemy saw the Angel Lord standing in the way is sworn on ready for action and he bowed down his head and fell flat on his face now but had Britain's attention Angel says the words it should have sent ice cube running through his bloodstream why have you beaten your donkey these three times behold I went out before to withstand you because your way is perverse before me and the donkey saw me and turn from these easy times if you are not turned from me surely now I also I had slain the saved her life you talk about with that should put the fear of God into the profit and jewelry sometimes I wish of God if I'm headed down a path like this hope you'll send a link of called me to realize the stories here in the Scriptures not far idle entertainment but for our admission upon millions of the world right God doesn't always send talking donkeys today because we have record of them we can look at their life you can see this one how can I resist the word of God not starting our rebellion but Indian openers only God don't doesn't does still send wake-up calls I praise God for his often he invites us to look at the wake of causation in the past the profited by them the Bible says here they are on his prostrated before the angel angel says you're lucky I am if you want your dog and you and your beating I chose you and she had been raising some pastor the rest of her days enjoying the good life they on says this verse thirty four I have seen sometimes where are even hard hearts are able to come when we would realize he made a wrong decision is right and here he says I send and he says for I knew not been used in the way against me how does they then say that he is sent with his sent in going after the princes is not in that he's not acknowledging that Denmark currently is acknowledging the setting of beating his donkey right he is not yet given up he is not yet let his heart relaxed its death grip on his cover prize of going with princes and cursing Israel and so the Bible says they then continued he said I send in that I didn't know you were the cause of my donkeys being here it says and look at the last part of verse thirty four this to me a most amazing part of the whole story just keep in your mind what you than just went through the three wake-up call and Angel sword drawn you're lucky to be alive I would take in your head off and he says here now he says last part now therefore it didn't displease you I will get me back again what does the same in the sword was crushed like if it displays you I just told you mail them your way is perverse before me I wasn't talking about beating the donkey by says verse thirty five things once and then go with only the word that I shall speak and you that thou shalt speak so Bateman went with the princes of basic pay them finally got what he was looking for God gave him permission friends we have the ability of hindsight and that they love life what he didn't know at the time in hindsight we can look at bands like and we can see that they would've been a lot better off but hadn't given him what he asked if they then have this more carefully and recognize that it wasn't God 's will for him to go addresses they would've been spared an awful lot of heart and eventually the loss of eternal lives of this the prophet of God was happy because now he had his way the Bible says that he went with me that they were going to be very thick very quickly here were going to look we won't read the verses all of them but he ended up having three embarrassments for some a high places of Dale and I think it but the verse they are in your yes numbers twenty three seven through eleven basically NATO said they like I'm here now I went to curse Israel so I'm what I needed do I need to arrange a sacrifice to the God of heaven this was something like the sacrifices that had been handed on this was not the particular Jewish sacrificing the sanctuary but you know ever since their injection from the garden of Eden God 's people had been offering sacrifices Abraham remember wherever he went he built an altar in their worship God Ellison is the plot is already built an altar and so the true worst the law had been associated with some of these ceremonies in here and they'll tell thinking will offer not just build an altar to seven authors and on the seven alters offer seven bullocks and seven rams so they lick it clean he would do anything to get Bateman 's curse and so he built seven alters the offered as sacrifice his seven bullocks and seven rams and after these offerings were ascending to God bade them went and he opened his mouth and he says some beautiful things he says first of all in which is read a couple versus verse eight how shall I curse God hath not curse or how shall identify the Lord and not defy from the top of the rocks I see him and from the hills are beholden lowland people shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations who can count the dust of Jacob and number that of the fourth part of Israel let me die the death of the righteous and that my last in the light of his poetic words of beautiful blessing for God 's people see Bailey was learning just because we don't like God 's word doesn't change what I say just because we don't like God 's word doesn't mean change all our our little wills we think are so strong and so powerful and we just regurgitated week we grimace and we we we we convince ourselves we rationalize and in the people around us Shirley Donald J the veil is done anyone got a long out there is nobody none of his peers a single that got something changed as he and God just like he promised he gave a black thirteen make barracks they panic was not happy abeyance in the untried from there they went to the top of his gun top of his again overlooking the camp in Canada and Israel and we see that in verses eighteen to twenty five what is read there are Scripture God is not a man he should lie in the Son of Man that he should repent he said he shall not do it at the spoken and shall not make good my friends I don't know God 's word will reach one of you I know one thing God 's Word I know I found my own life my own experience the word of God is I've bought absolute I'm the exception I'm the one who this is applied to God 's word is inevitable it always comes to pass just as we got is that is not a man were not talking about some people 's will hear when talking about the will of the sovereign God and finally we have the top of Mount your numbers twenty four versus three through ten again after this but this blessing Baden said let me try again you see how desperate of that is uneasy will not stop at anything in order to curse Israel to get what he wants the Bible says that again seven offers seven auxin sonogram is getting expensive isn't it after again they opened his mouth and these include verbal platitudes issue for will the children of Israel above all things all nations in amazing promises even promising them the destroyer of the Gentiles are the than the wicked Jesus as prophesied by name here the Bible says you can read it yourself after this third blessing and they run issues for they look is so angry at East hitting his hands together which usually means what you're about to do physical damage to somebody I mean they let the king was so angry she was literally punching his hands together and there's only been advanced that I think I better get out of here and with his tail between his legs he headed back to his home defeated Balin have learned the word of God is inevitable matter what we may do to try to change it it remains the same this is the understanding of story very quickly we skipped down to numbers chapter thirty one in fact they let Paul and he found a way to finally thought related to curse Israel attempted Israel he gave the Keenan idea we can curse them together blessed blessed because obeying God you just get some of those Midianite women to corrupt their purity their morals or ethics to have them live questionable lives the blessing of God and apart from them and the pictures so that happened little to devote little story here that her war broke out there many died among the camp of Israel punishment for their sins we see here number thirty one verse eight says they slew the kings of many beside the rest of them that were slain namely recommence her and her and Reba five kings of media and Midian Bain am also the son of your list with the sword they don't die from God who started off just not actually open denying God simply say I don't quite like says when received I can understand see how the denial of God 's word is progressive I went in on a positive note though because what we believe we can recognize in Bailey's life and bands like the server warning for us is that his wife for me as a warning for me the word of God is inevitable in the judgment against over the disobedience of the word of God is also inevitable when it comes the promises the promises of if we confess him to confess a phase able to save the uttermost all who come and gone by the word of God is inevitable it will be fulfilled not only that judgments against sin and rebellion but the blessing but he promises for obedience and submission that's good news is the inevitability of God 's word is not just a pejorative context is not just something that's bad news for us is good news for us we can trust God 's word can't promise God 's word is inevitable God 's word never fails it always will come about just as he promises I don't know about you Dallas am thankful for God 's word I think we live in inevitability God 's word think of the story feeling so that I have to repeat his mistakes the Nile God 's word is progressive and was important for me today is not to see if I'm in a is are agnostic or maybe fighting against God 's people are now meeting in open life of sin support gays ask myself the question am I willing to joyfully submit will of God even when it crosses my designers my homage and Bible speaks Paul speaks to the Thessalonians he talks about those who received not alone with the truth me we needed data have a lot of true this is not even is not what I want God give me alone for your e-mail that I might actually at least render that will defend the inevitability of your word will not be any against me it will be a great assurance of victory and salvation for me that your designs to say that prayer is for his father in heaven today we thank you for your word with you Nancy had stayed we've looked at more closely the life of the man who was a good man but like many good people in the end will same Lord Lord didn't we do good things maven team to that end when we don't want in the forbidden and that we don't want to end up fighting your word started out seeking your will father when you knew you in the hearts of children the hearts that are willing to trust and obey whether we understand the reason were not especially whether our own carnal wish Lord I confess this morning the only way you're going to save me with my stubborn heart is working a miracle in my life I want to do then we there others you want as well know each heartbeat knowledge decision give us a lot of pictures of me might be safe we might show others what a wonderful Savior 's Jesus our Lord and we might rejoice in the inevitability of the fulfillment of your promise knowing there all day and even for us in Jesus we thank you in his name


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