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Ask Pastor Mark Live | Coronavirus Edition

Mark Finley
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This is a special Coronavirus edition of Ask Pastor Mark Live. Pastor Mark will have a 20 minute Bible study on pestilence, Coronavirus and health prevention followed by a live question and answer session.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • March 14, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Well Pastor Mark we're here and it's not very often that we're actually doing this next to each other. Normally we're you know in 4 different different places far apart and I want to welcome our viewers to ask Pastor Mark alive this is a special edition of Ask pastor Marquard life and today we're going to be talking about the coronavirus Pastor Mark is going to have a short Bible study on the coronavirus pestilence and how to stay healthy in this world amid a crisis that's happening right now and we want encourage you to comment below as you're watching them to go through those comments and after Pastor Mark is done with the Bible study I'll take some of the questions and we'll ask Pastor Mark and we'll take some time at them so Pastor Mark are you ready for your bible ranks that if I'll let you do the bible study I'll be back for questions at the end Thanks Fred. The corona virus or better known as. Corona virus 19 because there's been many coronaviruses But this particular one is a version that we haven't seen before it's a version that we don't have any at all any vaccines for at the present moment it is spread rapidly beginning in China spreading to various Asian European countries the United States it's difficult really to quantify how many people have the virus because we don't know whether they have all been tested obviously they have been not all tested some of the numbers we're getting as of today are 140 under 50000 but that number is shooting up quite dramatically and some 25100 deaths in the world but yet we don't know where this is leading and one of the questions that we ask is Where is God in all this in this program I'd like to look at 3 things 1st what does the Bible say about pestilences Where is God is all this are these judgments of God are they just random happenings then I'd like to take a look at. The hope we have as Christians the assurance we have in times of crisis I really want to talk very practically of how to build your immune system how to build a sense of the unity not so that we can guarantee that you'll never get a virus like this because there's no guarantee of that in the world but we can reduce the risk of getting the virus there are things we can do to increase the risk of getting the virus What are those things we can do to reduce the risk and increase the risk how do you build your immune system if you build a strong immune system have a strong community not only do you reduce the risk but if you do get it the symptoms will tend to be much less and the duration the time you have it will be less and then we want to conclude with is this really a sign of the end what is the Bible say about that 1st where is God in all of this let me assure you it God is not the author of sickness God is not the author of suffering or disease when you look back to the Book of Genesis the Bible says in Genesis chapter one that God looked out over the world and he said Behold it's very good so God created a world that's very good sickness is not very good as you well know and so God created a world in which he desired to have beings to live that were happy they were holy and they were healthy Sin is an intruder that came into our world sin is essentially separation from God Isaiah 59 verse one and 2 says your sins have separated you from gone so when the human race sinned we opened a door that God wanted for ever shut a door of sickness suffering and disease we live in a broken world the world in rebellion against God The reason why Christ came was to restore us back to God's image he came because the Bible says In Luke 19 verse 10. Scripture puts it the Son of Man came to see can save the lost so in the eyes of the Bible our world was a lost world a world engulfed in sins suffering and disease and Christ came to redeem this world his death on the Cross provides salvation for all mankind but Jesus came also to be an example to model the abundant life John 10 verse 10 says I've come that you might have a life in that you might have it more and Bundanoon way so God is not the one behind the sickness is not the one behind suffering is not the one behind disease he's the God of the abundant life now the Bible uses the word pestilence 81 different times so there may be more times in different translations but if you look at the King James Version pestilence or variety of it in the New King James about 81 times when the Bible uses the word pestilence and use it in 4 ways so you can't narrowly limit the use of the word pestilence in the Bible one time one way the word is pestilence issues do is pestilence is a curse sometimes as the result of being in a world of sin when you look for example at the Book of Joel but did Job sin to be get the pestilences that afflicted his body from head to toe No But was he in a sinful world yes and was Satan behind all that certainly So Satan is behind all suffering in disease we live in a broken world pathogens viruses germs grow in this broken world and Satan as Ellen White says studies the laboratory Henri's of nature and is always coming up with varying new sicknesses or diseases or viruses or variants of that so one way past once issues in the Bible is that. Sinful world Satan is behind it there's a 2nd way that pestilence issues in the Bible and that is gone brings pestilence upon the wicked one his saying that's rather strange what about Egypt where the plagues of Egypt anciently simply natural disasters or with a direct acts of God to deliver God's people they weren't they were direct acts of God The Bible doesn't say God just withdrew his power it's God was very active in that but there is a 3rd area of these pestilences and that is when God does withdraw his power there are times that God withdraws its power and he allows the natural result to take place that's another way pestilence issues in the Bible another way pestilence issues this very fascinating it is a sign of the coming of Christ now let me read that to you and then we want to talk a little bit a boat. To extremes in this coronavirus one extreme is the fanaticism that says the coronavirus is here Jesus must be coming next week or some fanciful time setting and that's certainly not what Jesus is saying and certainly not what we're seeing in Luke Chapter $21.00 The Bible says verse $25.26 and they'll be signs in the sun the moon in the stars and on the earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea and waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear and for the expectation of those things coming on the earth so the Bible talks about men's hearts failing them for fear in the last days of verse history in Matthew chapter 24. But Jesus again is talking about these end times signs and in Matthew $24.00 Jesus says for nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom they'll be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various or different places these are the beginnings of the sorrows so Jesus lists war rumors of war at the rise of nations and kingdoms fighting against kingdoms the rise of crime and violence he lists natural disasters earthquakes and famines and then he lists as well the shaky morality in our country and in the around the world in immorality he lists the word famines list the word pestilences so pestilences are part of an end time scenario does it mean that because this Corona virus in the 19 has ravaged the world that that is that in itself is a sign of Christ's coming not in itself but when you look at the larger picture it indicates that the time is running out that we are living on the verge of Christ's Kingdom so we look at this is part of a larger picture do we set a time and say Well Christ is going to come next year or 5 years or 10 years absolutely not we say this is part of an end time scenario that leads us to be ready for the coming of Jesus Ellen White makes quite a fascinating statement and a couple of them. 1st is in 19 manuscript releases page 381 written in 897 she says famines will increase she is commenting on Matthew 24 verse 7 the verse we read nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom that we famines pestilence and earthquakes but notice this famines will increase pestilence is will sweep away thousands dangerous are all around us from the powers without in the se Tenach workings within but the restraining power of God is now being exercised so Ellen White says that pestilences will sweep away thousands she goes on to say and you can pick this up in a little compilation called last events page 27 quote God is not restrain the powers of darkness from carrying forward their deadly work of vitiate in the air one of the sources of life in nutrition with deadly miasma not only is vegetable life affected but man suffers from pestilence these things are the result of drops from the vials of God's wrath being sprinkle upon the earth and are but a faint representation of what will be in the near future in other words just as the as in Noah's day when the world increases in its sinfulness and Sodom and Gomorra its day God with the draws his hand of protection gradually the vials are judgments of God come upon the earth so we are expecting we should expect to see. More and more natural disasters more and more pestilence is we should expect to see these signs according to Ellen White more and more does that mean we're pessimists does that mean we simply are filled with grief and sorrow No it means not we're pestle pessimists we're realists we face these things with hope as Christians we face these things as confidence Christ stands by our side but we recognize that these prophecies both in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen White are indeed they are indeed true that they are coming to pass how then do we relate to them if these things are the result of a sinful world or if they are the result of God withdrawing his presence in the world if they're part of this in time scenario how do we relate to them as Christians do we relate to them in fear certainly not you know the Bible remember what we read in Luke Chapter 21 men's hearts failing them for what for fear and for the things coming upon the earth now then the next passage says then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with power and great glory now when these things begin to happen look up lift up your heads for your damn sure. It depends where you're looking if you're looking at natural disasters if you're looking at pestilence and diseases if that's where you are focused you are it's going to be filled with fear but she says look up why because 1st we look to Heaven saying sure and fair in Christ we find straight in Christ we find confidence in Christ we find assurance in Christ we find certainty in Christ we are delivered from our fears the Bible says and do not fear. Isaiah Chapter 41 verse 10 throughout Scripture it mentioned this expression do not fear do not fear again and again and again look Isaiah 4110 fear not for I am with you why don't we fear Jesus is with us whatever we have to go through he is by our side fear not I'm with you be not dismayed for I'm your God I will strengthen you I'll help you I'll uphold you with my righteous right hand so when we see all around us sickness in suffering and disease we need not fear because Jesus is with us Isaiah 35 looking at there at verse 4 Isaiah 35 verse 4 say to those who are fearful hearted what do we say to them Be strong do not fear behold your god will come with engines with the recompense of God He will come and save you why do we need not fear the reason we don't have fear is not because no notice this not because we believe we will never get sick we don't fear because we believe that whatever state we find ourselves in Christ will be with us you remember job experienced a pestilence but Christ was with him he brought him through and job ended up better at the end they needed a beginning well even if we get pestilence and die through faith in Christ we ended up better at the end why because we are going to be looking at Christ in resurrection morning and. Because up in the cards to meet him in the sky faith does not mean you believe you'll never get sick we live in a broken world we can do the best we can but still have sickness afflict us but yet we believe that Christ is with us he is with us in health he's with us in sickness The other reason we don't fear is this we know the end game we know that sickness will not fill the world we know that pub coronavirus or any other fire ases not going to take all life on planet Earth we recognize that Jesus Christ is going to come and we see these things things we see famine we see earthquake we see distress of nations we see the rise of nuclear war we see the potential of nuclear disaster we understand climate change so we are not ignoramuses as Christians and we haven't checked our brains at the door when we stick our head in the sand now we see these things but there's an optimism that takes us through there's a sense of confidence that takes us through because we've read the last chapters of the Bible and Revelation 211 of those last 2 chapters says God will take away every feed tear from their eyes that we know more sorrow sickness suffering or death we believe in the blessid hope in Titus to verse 13 that Christ is coming again so we look beyond what is to what will be we look beyond today till tomorrow we look beyond sickness to health we look beyond the pestilences and that are carried through the air to the pure air where there will be no more pestilences but yet we live in a very very real world so you say to me Pastor Mark Are there some things we can do to build our immune systems let me share with you an amazing quite incredible story we're going to talk about the immune system if you have a pencil and paper you want to maybe take some notes. I'd like to take you back to 1918 in 1919 the Spanish flu which was of certainly a form of virus spread through America and around the world there are many estimates that at least 40000000 people died in the Spanish flu there are some estimates there are going to go as high as 80000000 people this flu was devastating this virus was devastating airborne very similar to the corona virus and. Has in the corona virus as many of these viruses a person sneezes a little droplets you breathe them in they go up into the nose come down into the lungs respiratory system they can enter in 3 or 3 mouth or for example you shake hands with somebody that's why this Oba bump is becoming so familiar you shake hands with somebody coronavirus they've sneezed in their hands you shake hands them you rub your face again you've got the corona virus there that's why the emphasis in protection is washing washing washing your hands and washing them again but back in the Spanish Flu there was one school a 7th Day Adventist seminary in Hutchison Minnesota that had 100 in 20 of their students and faculty 90 of them were living in the same dormitory and the story is really remarkable 120 of those patients were exposed let me correct myself there 180 on campus a 120 were living in the same dormitory 120 were exposed 90 patients no deaths none very sick let me read to you what happened this is a report of Dr Fred Shepherd who is the chief health officer in Hutchison city in that county on the authority of Dr Fred Shepherd health officer I'm reading from 180990. It may be stated that no public institution in the state of Minnesota has up to date made a record in the handling the influenza the worldwide epidemic that swept millions into their graves like that to the credit of the hutches since 7th Day Adventists seminary so here is a report by the health officer Dr Fred Sheppard of what Adventists did once people got this virus in 1980 in the Spanish Flu what they did to protect Now listen to what happened the seminary with 120 of its 180 students and teachers housed under one roof was invaded with the malady that is the Spanish Flu 3 weeks ago symptoms of the malady developed with some 90 of these under the direction of Dr h.e.u. Arsen a graduate physician in this what he did 1st when they began to get the 1st symptoms of fever or they began to sneeze or cough he isolated them put them in a room if the symptoms persisted he put them on the rest where they got adequate rest we know with the coronavirus if you get it early and you get adequate rest at one of the remedies then what he did was he had them drink large amounts of water they kept drinking water he put them on a diet the very best possible diet a plant based diet free from sugar large amounts of sugar which destroy the immune system large amounts of the oils got them off that and he got them on his fresh natural diet as possible so we isolated them put him on the best diet and then what he did was given them hot and cold fomentations it's very Thessa Nady it says this it says there were no drugs to be given but with complete rest and quiet a good diet they went carefully regulated diet they had fomentations supplied to the throat chest and abdomen in other words he would be. These hot fomentation to the chest than cold rub down and he was able miraculously to get these people back to health in a few days if they noticed symptoms even after they were better he had them rest so they would not have a relapse and the article ends this way as a result of this system of him doing the disease that is soaring and keeping fit scoring thousands of victims every day there's not been one case that could have been called serious or not one single death in the seminary although there are more than 90 persons effect affected this record is remarkable this record is remarkable it is remarkable So how do we apply this what can we do to build our immune systems there is something that we call New Start other people call it celebrations or they call it. Wellness they call it creation health but let me give you that new start. New Start helps to build your immune system the 1st aspect is nutrition in this particular time try to avoid as much as possible any amounts of sugar oils fats in your diet lean toward a more organic diet a natural diet as much as possible that's a good health practice but it's particularly good now so more natural diet fruits high in antioxidants beans with googles this natural food products from the earth and anti-oxidants help indeed to build the immune system 2nd exercise in the fresh air very few people are going to be exposed if they're in the fresh air so get out and get good walking in Thirdly water drink at least 8 glasses of water a day you get your exercise but run to bathroom too but anyway at least a glass of water a day that's any e.-w. nutrition exercise water s. sunshine sunshine is a wonderful vitamin increases your vitamin d. for many people many of the physicians that I've talked to no I am not a physician can't make any medical prescriptions for you but I can simply tell you what I'm doing and what other physicians have recommended for me I'm not prescribing for you I'm just telling what many of these physicians have told me to do increase the amount of vitamin d. in your diet vitamin d. is very helpful some of us are reinforcing our diets with a vitamin d. supplement. Others. As well are increasing the vitamin c. in their diet to do everything you can to build your immune system sunshine does both of that so we look at Sunshine tea is temperance once tempered stands for avoiding what's bad eating what's good in other words if you're smoking it's a good health practice anyway to get off smoking but now is the time you want to wreck your immune system and be more prone to these viruses the same with alcohol alcohol impacts the immune system you want to give that up Same with coffee and the caffeine so moved toward that more natural diet that's the t. a is a or adequate fresh air deep breaths of respiration will build that immune system are its rest this is no time to be so-called burning the proverbial candle at both ends staying up to 12 o'clock getting up at 5 o'clock you want to get 8 hours of good rest building the immune system and t. of course is trust in God There is nothing like trust in God The Bible says God is our refuge and strain. God is our refuge and strength a very help in trouble therefore will not we fear that the earth be removed the mountains carried into the midst of the sea so we trust in God Jesus says in Matthew 11 verse 26 to 28 come unto me all you that are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest the t is trust there is a virus that is spreading that breaks down our immune system I believe even more than the coronavirus 19 Here is what it is it's worrying sayat worry anxiety and fear will break down your immune system faith in confidence and optimism will build up your immune system so if we're going to fight this we really need a very strong immune system that strong immune system comes from believing not believing that will never get sick because good people do get sick we live in a broken world but it's believing that God is with us it's doing everything we can to prevent these coronavirus from affecting us it is doing washing our hands it is social distancing it is self quarantining if we indeed have the symptoms it is using hand sanitizer it is doing everything we possibly know to avoid getting it if we do it's being reasonable and rational in using this new start approach and if it becomes so dramatic that we need medical care certainly we counsel with our physicians but the bottom line is trust the bottom line is they think the bottom line is confidence in God I hope this has been helpful to you you may have some questions Matt we may have questions coming in and if we do come on up and share those questions with me. And Thanks Matt for hosting us and while it looks like you have some questions coming in I have a few comments in question. Ans Pastor Mark I want to 1st acknowledge some of the people who are watching thank you for tuning in around the world for this discussion and Bible study and we want to say welcome to everyone in India Jamaica France Kenya proto Rico Nebraska Australia Trinidad in the u.k. Latvia Canada South Sudan Tanzania Nevada thank you for watching he asked Thank you so glad you've joined us All right Pastor Mark I have a few questions and you know I was interesting. I saw an article from what was supposedly a health expert talking about how. Potentially 70 percent of the world's population could get corona virus so if that's true this is something pretty serious we should. Be concerned about and to take some of the advice that you're giving so here's some of the questions that we had come in some of the more things that you've covered already but maybe you go back and reserve a few of the things so the 1st question is if I get corona virus does that mean that God doesn't hear my prayer very good question if I get coronaviruses it means that God does not hear my prayer it does not mean that at all we live in a world where all of our immune systems are compromised the last thing that God wants you to do is think that if you get coronavirus that this is in his judgment upon you in fact that's what the devil wants you to think we have a very good biblical example of that fact in the book of Luke where the disciples looked at a man and they said who did see in this man or his Father and Jesus said to him now there's not a good translation the King James out translated it out read it in the King James and you know quote it and then I'll give you the better translation who did say in this manner is Father Jesus said neither but that the works of God might be manifest so the question have to ask is was this person sick for 18 years and got a lot of suffer just so his works could be a manifest not at all a much better translation is this man did not see in or his father but now the works of God are going to be manifest in other words the God's works were manifest after the man already was sick but the point is see that sickness was not the result of his personal sin it's the result that we're living in a sinful world all of us are subject to these viruses we can trust God exactly you know the Apostle Paul. Prayed 3 times and you can find that for his own affliction and if you look for example in the book of Corinthians the Apostle Paul in 2nd printing in chapter 12 Paul prays you know he has this thorn in the flesh which we believe is eyesight problem and he prays he says lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of Revelation a thorn in the flesh was given to be a messenger of Satan so Paul says hey I'm sick you know I have this problem with my eyes and it's hard for me to see but he said this is a messenger of Satan it's not God is not the or it originator of this then he says but it can serve the purpose so I'm not exalted so sickness humbles us a great deal we recognize the fragility of human nature we plead with God then Paul says concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord 3 times that it might depart from me and he said My grace is sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in weakness there for most gladly a boost in my affirmatives that the power of God may rest upon me so the apostle Paul says look I prayed 3 times and this I was never delivered from this but God says look I'm going to give you strength in this I'm going to enable you to handle this you're going to get through this so if you get corona virus and if you're sick do everything you can to strengthen your immune system use every mode out any to get well but certainly don't blame yourself and don't blame God we're in a sinful world God is going to see you through that next Question Thank you Pastor Mark All right our next question is if we know good principles of health we're aware of them we know that maybe we've studied them before maybe we've even gone to a new start and I believe you can go to New Start dot com and learn about this right yes so let's say we know of good health principles. But we don't follow them are we taking away the ability for God to protect us and we know what we don't do Ok if we know what we ought to do and we don't do it are we taking away the ability of God to protect us what we are doing is if you know what you want to do and you're not doing it you automatically are weak in weakening your immune system once you weaken your immune system you limit what God can do in your life so you know it's one thing you know Acts Chapter 17 verse 30 says in the days of their ignorance God winked at so there are times that we're enduring not because we want to but we just haven't had the opportunity to know and understand so there are times that we can be ignorant in those times God may wink at us and put a hedge of protection around but if we know and we flagrantly do not follow what we know we limit the ability of God by our choice not by his desire but by our choice to protect us Matt Thank you Pastor Mark the next question I have here and I know you go you've gone over some of this but the question is should should we make any preparations for a crime should you go on as you know nothing is happening or should we actually. Change and change what we normally would do and make preparations based on what's happening I think we definitely ought to be making preparations I think we have to be very much more focused focused on maybe having a hand sanitizer if you can get that if you can't simple so some of you are in countries where they do not have in marketplaces hand sanitizers get soap Now when you use the soap what most physicians are telling me is that you need a washer about 20 seconds so what you want to do is certainly be kindly soap to the hands if you have access to a shower taking a shower curtain every morning every evening cleanliness is going to be really really important if you have access to hand sanitizer take that if you eat out in a restaurant which I'm really advising people to do much much much less of right now but if you do be sure to use the hand sanitizer on your hands. Also if you're living in America or Europe there are some things that are anti-viral that my rectum my physicians have recommended little zinc Lawson jurors are very helpful to suck on them. There is a variety of things that one can do to build your immune system but taking every precaution possible from the washing of the hands from if you sneeze sneezing in your arm not on your hands being cautious of shaking other people's hands reducing the amount of time the ear in large crowds I think that's a very vital issue so here's the problem with the corona virus you can have the current virus and have no symptoms for a while you get there can be people all around you but they may have the corona virus 90 in this particular strain of it and they don't have any symptoms those symptoms don't take place till later so for a period of 14 days. As for example a person can have this they can be walking around they can be transmitting it so avoiding large crowds I think it's extremely important if you begin to develop symptoms making a choice to self quarantine for 14 days and that doesn't mean you don't go out of your house but it means certainly that you limit any public exposure I think it's why. To make preparations I know here in the United States there is a real run in many of the stores and food I think it's wise to stock up on food supplies other supplies toilet paper paper towels etc I think God has not told us to leave our brains we saw it we do the best we can we in the area of making positive decisions the area of health in stocking up with supplies limiting public exposure but the bottom line is we are trusting God we do what we can and expect him to do what we cannot Thank you Pastor Mark you know this video may be helpful to other people who are who have not watched if you like this video and you feel like other people should watch it please share the video also like the video if you do enjoy the video that helps these it help youtube spread the video to more people so like comment subscribe if you like the video and don't forget this is a weekly show Pastor Mark and I are normally in different locations when we do it but normally we do it every week Saturday at around 5 o'clock and don't forget to subscribe so you can notifications about each show that we do best American to thank you for doing this for us today answering questions and educating us on the current events that are happening right now if anything else to share with us I do met one final thought as we approach the crisis hours of verse history and again. This current pestilence is part of a larger picture not an individual sign the crisis coming tomorrow or the next day or next year but it's part of the ever picture in the picture that is a merging is a picture of the uncertainty of the world that we live in it's a picture that reveals that there is nothing in this world except Jesus that can give us assurance and I want to leave you in this program with the words of Christ in Matthew chapter $28.00 And Jesus goes out and he tells his disciples to go to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel this is not a time for us to hunker down and hide this is rather a time to be able to share the principles of health the the good news of confidence in Christ with our friends and neighbors this is a time to share the things we know there e simple things to help people build their immune systems this is a time to be an ambassador for Christ this is a time to lead people not to fear but to confidence not to worry and anxiety but to assurance and faith in Jesus said to his disciples all powers given to me go you therefore and make disciples of all nations teaching them everything I have commanded you baptize in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit then Jesus said Lo I'm with you always even to the end of the world Jesus will be with you my friend. In this crisis our Jesus will be with you if brace the fact cherish the fact that Christ is your best friend he'll never leave you and for sake you and rest in His Love let's pray Father in heaven thank you for the assurance that you will never leave us or for Sagan's that you'll be with us today and forever more in Christ. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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