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The Relevance of the Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator

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morning church on a Sunday missing one of you here again today and I look for the Sabbath mornings I like to forward to seeing the family of God being in his presence letting his word last week we were talking a bit about the challenges to the accuracy of the Old Testament so they were going to just pick up where we left off the debts and talk about whether or not we can trust the Bible study have your little bolts and insert you could pull them out at this point were going to talk a little more about some of the history of the confirmation of the Old Testament the we we noted that the the Nazarenes the Nazarenes had been duplicating the Old Testament scrolls from the time of Christ and what kind of price actually until somewhere in the and century or so was the earliest of the Nazarene texts so for four from the time of the Old Testament was finished book of Malachi until that the earliest school that we had in our possession was around thirteen hundred years thirteen hundred years of pass between the riding of Malachi last book of the Old Testament and the date of the earliest scroll that was available in the early twentieth century what happened whether Nazarenes had such respect for the Scriptures not as their schools which they had been using the study and comment upon the game worn out they would actually burn them and destroy them and so we decided that of more than a millennium between the time of the riding of the Old Testament and the earliest known school but existed as of the Bible critics had a heyday they said it didn't pop will you bring here is the pass and are not to be terrible errors and then introduced into the Scriptures in fact in nineteen twenty one this was less than a hundred years ago in nineteen twenty one Friedrich deal of knowledge wrote any spoken behalf of many of the scholars in the historical critical and textile critical world when he said that the biblical text had experienced quote a degree of corruption beyond our wildest imagination scholars and look if you are to see what Malachi rotor Isaiah wrote of the other province wrote and you were to compare it to what we had today and what we call the Bible it would be no comparison we wouldn't even be able to recognize that how different these of these scripts would be these texts would be now of course those who believe in the Bible they countered with the argument that the Nazarenes had been very careful copyists member I mentioned briefly last week they had a count of the letters in each part of the letter in the Hebrew and so that when they finished a page a new account backwards and forwards and find the letter and he would make sure that all of their numerical double checking you might say and they matched up but the scholars said that this theory or this history of the Nazarenes careful copy habits was a myth that's what the believed in this theory or this teaching was it was just one of those myths that churchgoers that superstitious Christians or Jews had established to try to believe in this book we call the Bible so in nineteen forty seven one day it seemed as though the critics opinions and criticisms of the Bible were difficult answer unassailable the next day all of their theories were proven wrong it only took one day in fact it was in March of nineteen forty seven when there was a young shepherd boy by the name of Mohammed and the dispute experts was an overthrow not by a scholar and a laboratory somewhere by a little boy who was out looking for some missing goats is looking for these notes in these goats were in row builds on a climb up on the rocks on the mountainsides and he was he was just the Qumran area around the Dead Sea and as he was looking for his notes he even will rock up onto the cliff above him and he heard a curious sound sort of an tinkling smashing sound music areas they join on Iraq and the second rock makes a noise is little shepherd boy Mohammed twelve or thirteen years old declined up in this rock face to this clip clip and he found there a whole in Iraq he pulled himself up or he could barely see inside the whole and there he saw Clay jars and broken clay jars thinks his rocks and just then his fingers lost their grip on Iraq and he fell down the mountainside now he's enough that he knew there was something in there that was of interest so he ran all the way back to his little though doing tent where his nomadic family lived they told someone what he found some of the men went in they climbed up that rock cliff and they opened this little hole why do they climbed inside the cave I found there are some unique pieces of whether rolled up in Clay jars they took them back to their tendon one of them was rolled out enable it out it was nearly as long as there was a nearly reached from the one in an attempt of the other but a look at this letter they didn't know what they were holding they were holding what became the known as the second part of the Isaiah scroll the longest scroll that was found in that he did one they named it then you know what it was they saw the writing on this on the school but had no idea what that writing that they couldn't read it so for some time these scrolls were packed along with the rest of their possessions and the leather wasn't really good to be used for anything but as a movie basically they carried it around until one of them thought maybe I can get some money from enslavement into that in a town in Syria I believe it was released there was a Syrian cobbler cobbler outside Jerusalem I think it's a Syrian Christian and he was a cobbler by trade and they sold these goals to the cobbler he thought maybe he could use it somewhere and repairing some shoes and eleven would be abuse and the scroll sat in his cobbler shop for a period of time until he decided I wonder what these writings really good baby as we went down to the monastery there nearby and then he showed this these scrolls to one of the monks or priests and they thought this was worth further investigation they took it to the University is over the first time the world recognized that there were portions of the Bible which were older than they has erratic texts which we've been using what I call but was told by one of the professors of the University you are holding your hands the oldest known portion of the Old Testament Scriptures nearly two thousand years old now of course they wanted to find out where this case was they wanted to find out if there are more scrolls but unfortunately that they're doing shepherds they weren't that interested in an divulging information where the caves have been found in fact they went back themselves and against towering the area and silver while there was a bit of a competition between the academic world and the government wanted to make sure these treasures were protected and found and the local people who work under the area and wanted to find the gate and in and in never ten keys that were found containing manuscripts on this interesting case for a loan of thirty five thousand scroll fragments were not standing on few jars rolled up with scrolls rolled up in them there were thirty five thousand portions of scrolls were found in Q4 alone now as as this story began to be research they discover that these scrolls and then left behind not by the Nazarenes but by the SC EFS EN ES the Essene Essenes were a group of people they were a they were lately practiced delicacy they were Jewish scholars who had monasteries around the in the desert outside of Jerusalem and Essenes were careful Bible scholars also with the with the Nazarenes and the Essenes were preparing to leave Jerusalem at the time that are in the area around Jerusalem time the destruction of Jerusalem they decided that they would take their schools which some of them were already several hundred years old they were schooled than that were argued from the third century BC that they were using in their library instead of trying to carry with them instead of trying to destroy them in some way the Essenes and the flow if leaving the Roman armies that are coming for a party destroyed Jerusalem were going to ID schools in a safe place will come back to the Navy 's special ops special clay jars they put the schools inside the jars in a sealed in the placement season describe the case then those schools and later for more than one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven years one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven years later that little shepherd boy through that rock and opened a whole new library of ancient manuscripts as I mentioned some of them were already several hundred years old at that time so they were more than two thousand years old now of course as was everyone was interested in comparing these ancient scrolls now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls with the Bible that we have today in the twentieth century right this was the nineteen forty seven nineteen forty nine by this time the academic world was looking at these scrolls it just been discovered and trying to pair them with the Old Testament Scriptures and what they discovered was not very convenient for the Bible 's critics but they discovered was that there were a few errors yes they were free if you a few mistakes are to be found differences with the Old Testament book of Isaiah for example two one three mistakes at work found to compare the book of Isaiah with the current Isaiah that we have to date but these mistakes were minor grammatical and spelling errors and none of the mistakes found in all those thousands tens of thousands of fragments none of mistakes change the meaning of the texts of the rate in July nineteen fifty two the verdict was very clear and academic world differences were almost exclusively spelling or grammatical mistakes in no instance was the meaning of the text affected now the critics had something else to say are you sure those are old schools maybe this was some sort of a trick maybe this was an invented block with a really two thousand years old and older so that's answer this objection from the critics was also silenced in the last fifty years sixty years as monasteries around the Qumran area along the Dead Sea have been excavated and we find in accordance the quantity used dating from between the third century BC and the first and second century A.D. they also use carbon-14 tests and they dated the schools and their wrappers they had wrapped around them and they also confirmed the date of these scrolls to be between the third century BC and the second century A.D. God is visiting the critics could no longer say that the Bible had been corrupted to a degree beyond her wildest imagination I like this statement here it's on the bottom of that that sheet that first page it says a thousand times over the death knell of the Bible has been sounded the funeral procession formed the inscription cut on the some in the middle read but somehow the corpse numbers phase inputs some of the greatest minds of scientists have been contrived together to try to discredit the Bible that over and over the archaeologist shovel as well as the facts of history have confirmed the Bible 's authenticity the Old Testament we can trust has been accurately conveyed to us today aspirants for prayer father in heaven we're grateful that we can come before you today we thank you for bringing us here each one becomes more different backgrounds and different homes are different stresses and challenges of this week become because we need you we need something from your word from your throne today Lord thank you for knowing those needs and we chat thank you for being able to fill them with your presence and be with us now to open your word in Jesus name Jeremy first volume Bible 's book of Revelation the last book of New Testament are study this morning is called the relevance of the word the relevance of the word when a star with a verse that we all intellectually believe I believe I think I think we all inflexibly applies to the church the last pure universe history it says in Revelation chapter three and verse fourteen of the angel the latest the church of the latest stands right these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I will let her I wish thou were cold or hot so then because of our war neither all nor half I will spew the out of my mouth now the ventilator here's using a location familiar to those living in his time in his part of the world Laodicea in fact nearly the see of their hot springs but Apple water flows out of the mountain and flows down towards Laodicea water becomes what it becomes lukewarm if not warm enough hot enough to use for bathing that is not called nothing these were drinking is a unusable water so that the author here Revelation is saying here you the church of legacy and is like the water you are like the water that is not good for anything and he says what what what is this illustration depicting as far as a spiritual condition verse seventeen because thou say us I enrich increased with goods and have need of nothing and knowest not thou art wretched and miserable and poor and lying and naked so here's depicting a people who think everything is okay and they don't realize is really some problems in their heart right there don't realize is really some difficulties it was Christians today living in what we believe in the last greater birth history living in the period described by Laodiceans we often accept this as a passage describing the last a church but we have a hard time really describing are really accepting that the passage describes us all speak myself I'm a hard time accepting this is talking about means you give me think scribes other Christians write others around me but the Bible is not here's not saying that these Christians are bad people we are not bad people we will around we can see in the world around us people that are worse than us right there people and the worse things than we do as Christians but the self-satisfied confidence in our own goodness is what God is complaining about things because we're not because we are good neither bad nor hot neither bad nor wholly he says he'll spew us out of his mouth the problem is that we need we need as as Christians living in this time of versus Street the ability to apply God 's word not that everyone around us but to apply God 's word to us you see the problem the problem is that the Laodiceans witnessing Christians they look around them and they think all God 's word is talking about those people are this people or another people without realizing no I haven't need a spiritual I'm not what God would have me to be the day that our topic really looking at the relevance of the word must look back in Matthew or Scripture this morning came from Matthew twenty six were going to spend most of our time there the next few minutes that we have together Matthew chapter twenty six were looking at the relevance of the word relevant simply means it's applicable for talking about the relevance of the word to our own hearts notice what Jesus says when I began reading now in Matthew twenty six in verse thirty one Jesus is on his way with his disciples to the mount of olives this is not after the Last Supper this is as they are headed towards the garden Gethsemane where Jesus will go through his great temptation to this forget this fact files but where he makes a decision to go through with the sacrifice worries betrayed by Judas kiss and so forth so this is not the senator on the way and Jesus begins talking to his disciples he says in verse thirty one then Jesus said and then all of you will be offended because of me tonight for it is written I will smite the shepherd and this sheep of the flock be scattered abroad now notice what Jesus is doing here what anyone says it is written by the same piece is quoting the Bible is in these going what we would call today the Old Testament stories using this Scripture as authoritatively the thing the Bible says is not just saying this is some less general this is my idea the Bible says all of you are going to be offended because of me tonight and then he quotes the Scripture what is written he says I will smite the shepherd and this sheet of the flock be scattered abroad so Jesus here is that it does he's preaching of the disciples McGinest and he is opening the word of God he's quoting the word of God and he is giving an interpretation and application of the word of God to his disciples a litany Jesus teaching his disciples from the Bible and he says on the authority of the Bible this is what happened the night and he says that after I am risen again has he said that drivers and again I will go before you into Galilee now as he is walking along the disciples are walking with them is teaching them on the authority what the Scripture says that this is going to happen tonight it is vital that thinking about this can't happen or not going to do that until Peter Peter is the one who we can count on actually say what he's thinking right is the one who thinks early speaks first and think second we often are critical are hard on Peter but really here is sort of just the most transparent of the disciples perhaps he understand Peter the one who is simply saying what the rest of the Bible to thinking infiltrator says and in and in contradiction to what Jesus has just said Peter answered in verse thirty three and seven in though all men shall be offended because of the goodwill I have for the offended is a Peter is starting down the pathway starting on a pathway these can wish you had gone down never last week were talking about the inevitability of the word which I knew not how the probably one began going down a path way of resisting the word of God until he came to the point where he was fighting against what the Bible says God told member we talked about the denial of the word being what you may remember you can just use youngest stop with what you start denying the word is undeniable where that's right is progressive we start off just sort of thing I really don't like it failing he said let's see what moribund will say all kickstarting unless we except the love of the truth must be willing to surrender truth we might become more and more open in our resistance now the word communicator simply makes us that he makes a mistake he makes a mistake that many Christians I would dare say most Christians tend to make when they sit in church when they read the Bible he's making a mistake of not accepting the words of God as being relevant to headlight he's assuming that they are relevant to all of the people around all in that ten easy ways doing this is not seasonal I'm not going to live anything he does is wrong in that you start in the progression of denial right now that it is not just starting to think Jesus you are confused out there says isn't here right you're right about everyone except me understand he fails to make the word of God relevant to his own heart is alive and he said the law imagine the offended because you yet will I never be offended Jesus is speaking the truth about ninety nine nine nine nine percent of the people but not about me so Peter fails to make the word of God relevant I'm glad God is patient with us aren't you even when we fail to make the board of the relevant because Jesus answers now and he says to Peter directly verse thirty four look with me verse thirty four Jesus said unto him is him if Peter Zepeda now is being to address directly he says verily I seem to you that this night before the clock or rooster crows you will deny me thrice three is addressing Peter directly now you were going to see another example of how the denial of the word is progress is a first just saying is important right but now that it comes so close to home that he can't escape it he says in verse thirty five though I should did die with the yet will I not deny me see how Peter now has progressed from the first step of not making it relevant to his own heart and now all conference being what Jesus says now he's actually saying to Jesus Jesus you are wrong and we do that can react tell God he doesn't know when talking about a nephew question of what we answer that question does God using always talking I mean last week we talked about inevitability word right and in the word of God comes true whether we denied or not we can pretend it doesn't exist we can not like we can fight against we can try to do everything to pretend as though the word of God is true word of God cannot be it's inevitable they should teach us that clear but Peter had learned in beautiful if I just disagree with what Jesus is saying they like Jesus is saying you won't be so if I just say I don't believe it I don't agree with it you're not telling the truth that won't happen but did it happen the word of God is inevitable it's inevitable and so the Bible says women look here in the next few verses were in look here at them in your handout three denials geez I would propose to you that Peter needs regarding Jesus the first were going to reread in verse thirty six onward then came Jesus with them to the place called Gethsemane and said another disciple sitting here and while I go and pray yonder he took with him retake each of Peter and the two sons is that Venus James and John and began to be sorrowful and very heavy and here is as he asked the twelve disciples to pray and even three of them a little further right and he says he says to them very clearly the users close his three companions Peter James and John he says my soul is exceeding Siebel even ended that charity here and watch with me the humanity of Jesus long for someone someone to be with him struggling with them in this hour of trial you understand what Jesus was going through Jesus was beginning to feel our way to the sins of the world and never felt guilty nothing like Jesus was feeling guilty there felt hopeless nothing like Jesus was feeling hopeless and felt abandoned by God is your too bad for your prayers to be heard nothing like what Jesus was feeling at that time Jesus had been accustomed such a close and intimate relationship with his father this is his relationship he felt being severed it wasn't because God was merely rejecting him was because he was rejecting the sins which Jesus was now accepting as a sacrifice for the world and Jesus was going through eight and emotional psychological mental trauma that no human being has yet to feel the second that he was tasting for every everyone every child and the humanity of Jesus what does somebody to be with him soundly to pray in a just man is always praying to be just as a mechanic it was visible on his expression as I know something is wrong with him an easier time in my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even under that was delivered by the exaggerated telling the truth and he asks his disciples all of them he asked pray with me disagree a little further he asked Peter James and John please pray with me and he goes a little further he fell on his face it wasn't so far but they should of been able to hear what he was trained he was agonizing in prayer the condition of his mind there was such greatest wrestlers are two medical condition and not a document can't exactly what that means call back talk to doctors about this is actually a medical condition where stress becomes so great but capillaries in the skin burst and they can actually sweat when that's what Jesus was going through is extremely rare for all papers Jesus is agonizing Bible says the first denial of Peter I would like I would like to submit is found here in verse forty sizzling team to the site disciples and finest in the sleep he said under the Peter now they were all sleeping my all three of them ice and rest of the night or two but Jesus speaks particular the Peter Peter the one who said I will die with you before I proceed to the floor nine it was not even able to pray with four little one so Jesus says under Peter Watt could you not watch with me one hour then as only the loving Jesus could do it begins to make some excuse he understood the weakness of Peter he says this watch and pray that you do not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak Peter knew Jesus knew that Peter had a good heart that we sang here the spirit indeed is what Peter had a good heart but is having a good heart about is having a good heart keep in denying Christ in keeping Jesus loved Peter Peter did not call it a discontinuity and Arnie to bond down this progression of first nominating the word of nonrelevant in his life and then how it's actually contradicting disagreeing with Jesus and he knew that Peter was just about to go ahead and confirm what the word of God instead because the word about the inevitable Jesus wanted to spare him from that tragic mistake services watch and pray genes not institution busy denial does not only come and direct statements against Jesus but in the words and actions of our lives I would submit to you that by abandoning Jesus in the hour of his extreme temptation decision these three disciples went back in effect denying Christ all of you will go to sleep if Jesus had earlier set all of you will go to sleep on me instead of praying what you think is what Peter Wood said not me everyone else will sleep but not me like look at his third we know we know Jesus prayed a prayer three times and he came back he found them sleeping each time a stripped-down verse forty five then he gave his disciples third time he said sleep on now take a rest before the Son of Man as of now is at hand the Son of Man is betrayed in the hands of sinners why is he going behold either handed up the training and while he yet spake Judas one of the twelve team with him a great multitude of soul with swords and staves and the chief priests and elders of the people any I even betrayed him gave them a sign saying summarize up just that same as he hold them fast and forthwith he came to Jesus and said hail master and kissed him Jesus said and then friend wherefore thou come face thinking they laid hands on Jesus and took him the Bible says in verse fifty one behold one of them which were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword and struck a servant of the high priests smote off his ear because the picture don't you know the story of the five oldest living or sleeping he doesn't look it's over it's too late now I'm being betrayed they heard the rabble they heard the noise they are this mom coming up the lowlife of Jerusalem had been aroused in the mill the night the commented make sure Jesus didn't get away so he had a motley crowd of the priestly rulers the Roman guards and all the followers coming after just an excitement in their torches and there's towards their spears in their clinging through the garden Judas comes and does his betrayers work pretending to be a loving disciple of Jesus and bracing and kissing Jesus the heartbroken love Judas also calls in friend Karen and Peter I can imagine is sort of startled from his lethargy he's he's awakened brasses apprise a here's all he things he sees all these things and you know how it is when you're not quite when and not have quite all your faculties processing yet Peter company decides you know what I said I would not deny him I said I would not forsake him now the time meeting ravens allegedly do we know this is Peter another gospel County pulls out his sword a design going to single-handedly defend Jesus from his law a begin swinging community without sleep remembered for a wellness in the elements of Doctor something that I'm sure Peter was not gaining vernier pathology in the was Jesus say Peter first fifty two says then said Jesus unto him put up nice again my sword into his place for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword something very interesting perspective three thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my father and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels but how then shall the searches people feel that this that thus it must be Jesus as the Peter love Peter you forget who I am I walked on the water I then thousands with a little basket of bread and fish I brought dead people alive when the crowds tried to whether or when the guards drag arrest me I passed unseen through them I'm the son of God I didn't say a word and ten thousand Angels will be sent from heaven really need your help library which is a saying years Peter don't forget who I am I'm still blah I don't need you to rescue me me you see I would submit to you that Peter is now denying visas for the second time in action is acting as if the son of God needed is for to save him a Shuman response to a serious problem the Bible says in verse fifty six Matthew twenty six in verse fifty six all this was done that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled the last part of the verse notice what it says then all the disciples forsook him and fled it is all include includes Peter and I would suggest to you the first Peter denied Christ in action by sleeping when he was asked to pray he denied Christ through his actions might thinking he could rescue the son of God he denied Christ by his action we ran off in pursuit in fact very well made and Peter who suggested that each man versus himself we've got to save ourselves Jesus not to save himself and they all took off they fled the sound into the story of course the story continues as Jesus taken to the trial and as he comes to the trial we find that Peter got access to the courtyard outside where the trial is taking place John the young disciple was probably following Jesus the closest and he was admitted with the full knowledge that he was a disciple and and John Aqsa got permission for Peter to be let Brett wrought in the Peter instead of coming in as a disciple of Jesus Peter tried Peter tried to pretend he wasn't quite related to the school proceeding try to venue was one of those crime of the crowd were gone and gotten Jesus any scanning around the fire you will find three hundred miles action spending word which Jesus had predicted the Bible says in verse sixty nine it says that now Peter sat without in the palace and a damsel young lady Keeneland in saying now is also the Jesus of Galilee but he denied before them saying I know not what thou say that's Matthew twenty six in verse seventy the first denial with Gbits Peter made in word was to a lady who said you were also one of those with Jesus of Galilee for seventy one says when he was gone out of the ports and other needs that into him this spell or under them that were with him this fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth and interesting verbal Peter who would pull out a sword was willing to fight to the death said I'll never denied Jesus is intended by these women humble servant lady you were also this fellow was also a Jesus and Peter 's says in verse seventy three his second family for seventy two the second denial I don't know the man I do not know the man for seventy three and after a while came under them and one that stood by watching Peter in fact I believe what happened was Peter was watching Jesus knew what he was watching what they were doing to Jesus Jesus being abused and Peter even though he was pretending not to know what was going on not to care he couldn't hide was on his face now is the pain of seeing Jesus goes into such inhumane treatment there someone standing by watching Peter from a distance they recognize you can't get to us we do care about her and didn't care you went swimming they sent Peter surely you also are one of them for your speech betrays you and then the third denials found in verse seventy four then began he to curse and swear saying I know not the man what happened next the rooster crowed and immediately Peter recognized that no matter how hard you try to deny the word of God is inevitable it always comes in the boy says in verse seventy five that Peter went out and wept bitterly there is good news about Peter 's denial the good news is that as Peter went out of what bitterly there is still opportunity for them to be forgiven London is getting made a terrible mistake thinking it would change the word of God it is like as long as hard as it is denied a visa the movie is rated as the straightforward and I would not be true for him and found out terribly and painfully but not too late to me he went out and left bitterly and praise God the love and forgiveness of Jesus was sufficient to forgive Peterson and then in fact we've will take time to look at it is today but as Jesus came back and met with his disciples after his death in fact stop even before Jesus met with his disciples when he sent messenger is to tell my disciples and Peter were Jesus militant here was devastated guilt stricken as he realized what he had done Jesus forgave and Pete Jesus restored and Peter became a worker for Jesus and the early Christian church all sometimes and when we may find ourselves in conflict with the word of God I just want to speak to each one of you for a minute here 's morning we may find ourselves in conflict with the word of God we may even make mistakes thinking we can somehow get around we're going to be the exception of the rule the word of God won't apply to us somehow we get ourselves in situations that are bad situations the good news is that Jesus is willing to forgive and restore let's not wait till to show us not wait till it's going to be too late for that conviction to bring forget to go to Jesus now while we can still be forgiven while we can still hear his voice speaking to us I was reading this week I forget who wrote it it was one of the Puritan pastor 's back in the seventeenth century but he said something that could essentially like this one day soon arrows of God 's wrath will pierce the hearts that could be not that could not be pierced by the arrows of conviction I will wait till too late you peter weapon bitterly of his people with weeping bitterly lastly as many will say to me that they were born in this is a mean weeping and gnashing why simply because Christians failed to make the word of God development there is apparently the only safety for us living today is if we apply the word of God to us and allow God to change our hearts and bring us in the home harmony with his word now I want to just make a little more relevant how many of you know how to raise their hands but this is where it becomes convicting for me how many of you listen to the story of Peter and subconsciously you have assume that if you had been Peter would not done I know confess something most of the time when I hear Bible stories about people making mistakes I assume that of course now with the hindsight that I have I somehow some that I would have that same wisdom and then their shoes before happen and I would depend but am I fair to say that if we think we would not have done what they did it would probably have failed to actually make the story relevant to us as a warning of the lesson for us we tend to think why wish somebody else and heard that I wish someone else would obey the word of God I wish someone else would realize the inevitability of the word the utility of fighting against the word offender denied the word I wish someone else failed by this is so doing we do exactly what Peter did that night as Jesus was walking under the and we prepare ourselves further denied the word of God because denial of the word is progressive how many of you have ever seen someone there knows someone who annoyingly always think of their right maybe rhetorical question we probably all have somebody who always knew what was new they were right there ready to argue with any minor detail that they see as inaccurate or can be disproved and done I minute amendments are you as a person I get annoyed you get annoyed when people are always right what is your reaction was my reaction is just proven wrong right find something in there saying is not quite right and explode that little detail as Sheldon and they're not always right the reason the distal annoying of their lot like us people think they're all there always right are especially annoying to those of us who are always right it's reality with ten to apply to others rules that we ourselves know we tend to make it relevant to others not to ourselves so I want ask you this morning is the word of God relevant to your heart your life what about this warning of denial is enclosed I want to share with you the statement from desire of ages page three hundred fifty seven what will the bottom of your page it says men they deny Christ by evil speaking by foolish talking my words that are untruthful or unkind they may deny him by shunning life 's burdens by the pursuit of simple pleasure of living may deny him by conforming to the world by an courteous behavior by the love of their own opinions by justifying self by cherishing gout borrowing trouble dwelling in darkness in all these ways to declare that Christ is not in them my point in sharing this statement with you this morning simply this might be like Peter being in danger of denying Jesus we have temptations all were not in an and in that courtyard Caiaphas you won't be this week probably but all the same you and I are going to be put in positions where we either are we are either witnessing of Christ are for Christ over denying by what we do the words we speak the life we need to make the word of God relevant to our hearts I need this to make the word of God will my later decided to USA Lord too often I've I listen to sermons I read your words might apply to everybody but myself help me this week not to just sort of look down my nose condemned Peter that help me to apply this truth this story this illustration to my own but this week I won't be denying you that your decidedly spicy gray father in heaven we are grateful but in your love and your patients you still extend mercy to us today when we look at Peter and sometimes we marveled we save I wouldn't do that Lord help us to make the word about relevant not to make the same mistakes and it while thinking ourselves better Laodicea thinks that everyone else around lukewarm the Lord help us to see that we ourselves are being spoken to by your word today father there may be someone here who's been discouraged up and not just real-life inevitability of the pop of the judgments against him your words of help and also to realize that you were never fails and your promises and people motivate discouraged strengthen them by that strong word know that you will never leave you nor forsake know that if they come to you you will for no reason rejects them knowing that you are able to save uttermost all the God Jesus what data may be someone here who's struggling with accepting the word in their life maybe they know their life this not in harmony with you where they think they can be the exception father show them in inevitability there were sheets of them teach us from the story of Peter the futility of trying to deny the client there ourselves oh father today make a site great obedience to the word that it might have a ready and willing heart in our lives that might bear much fruit we think in Jesus name and


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