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How to Edit Audio for Radio Training - Part 1

Elsena Benson Tom Mejeur




  • June 17, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Basically I'm going to play this l c in a replugged in I'm going to play the raw audio for you this is the introduction. Healthy you will be presenting it including pieces samples on April 29th at 6 30 pm at the central 7th Day Adventist Church so we're going to record that we're doing a 32nd commercial I'm going to take introduction that she did 5 she did multiple recordings I'm going to take the 1st event it quits Julie about 24 seconds or I'm going to grad the end I'm going to put this on to a new file We're going to put some music Bennett Cadillac's to the part. That's the 1st segment we're past that segment for the for the record and you won't see it but we're past the 24 seconds worth it 38 seconds what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that 1st the introduction from 0 to 28 I could do this to a couple different ways but good 0 to 2824 I'm going to make a new file we copied I copied it 1st I'm going to make a new file I'm going to copy and paste I like to use the control v. that's a Windows function control b. I just threw in the introduction and the 1st 24 seconds I'm going to go to the end of the original recording the raw I'm going to find are close on it let's take a little less. A listen to what between the brackets in the blue brackets is what you're going to hear the blue region on the screen of. On the 2nd pile but anytime you're within the blue region is what you play so let's let's listen to we're trying to find the end. You hear that end. Do you hear that end right there I'm going to move this out. Ok I'm going to I'm trying to make sure I got the end. Ok I see I haven't got I'm pretty sure this is where where it is now that. So that's I want to capture that. Copy I'm going to close out this original this is my raw file and I'm going to go back to my my one that I can creating I'm going to put it in this blue range I'm going to go control v. that's another function control the is control paste I've got now I've got Mike commercial there now I'm going to show you a few other things I can zoom in on that a little bit I don't have my mouse here so I'm going to have to zoom it up here yes. We're still in demos we're still in action come on in come in so right now if you look at that blue range that's the range that we're talking about and at the bottom of the screen here this is the gold wave software it says it goes this blue range that I've got it down a Fide highlighted is from 0 over here on the left to 43 seconds now do you see a problem with my 32nd commercial at this moment my 32nd spot I'm trying to create a 32nd spot but I got 43 seconds I'm going to have to cut something. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take out this when I pasted together I had a gap in between here when I look at that if you look at this highlighted new highlighted range inside the parentheses right here in the in this line right here says 5.8 what do you think that 5.8 is that 2nd so I know of my 43 seconds I can take 5.8 out I'm getting closer to my my 30 seconds so I'm just going to hit delete right there so now what I'm at there I've got right now I'm going to see what I've got I'm going to go from hopefully take my left I'm going to go back to 0 I'm going to go to the very end so basically we're at 37.89 we're still over 8 seconds so I'm going to have to cut something else I find in my commercial all I care about really is strong tower radio dot org Ok if I have to get rid of that you can submit your your community calendar thing let's look at that blue highlighted range right now that 7.5 seconds I'm a do I need to take out but 7 to 8 seconds. Let me also that's true let's let's listen to I don't want to start deleting stuff until I know what I'm deleting right so between the brackets the little green arrow means play and inside the bracket so I want to play within the brackets Let's see what I've highlighted what I think I'm going to. Do you think I can get rid of that I need to cut something I know I'm cutting a little bit of flush but I'm not cutting all the meat Ok it might be fat Ok if I delete that let's what do you what do I do next. I need to find out what my time is at this time so let's this go back to the beginning and go back to 0 at the beginning of a commercial go to the end and here's the magic moment let's see what we got 30.29 we're within the range there's a couple things I can do I can go in and I can I can I'll trim it right there I'm going to take a little bit of time right here I've got some dead space delete that a little dead space on the end right here delete the. So a control all I'm now at $2958.00 I'm within my range but I'd like to have a little bit of music ins that now I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this will go into greater depth one thing I can do there is a tool that I can I can do some compressing I can go to Time Now don't get overwhelmed with these instructions I'm just showing you what you can do and how quickly can do what else scene is going to take us more in depth in over the next couple days you will be able to do exactly what I'm doing I'm going to do a compression but if I do a compression I'm going to it's going to change the way it sounds is going to go fast I'm going to press it so it's go faster there's a similarity button right here if you do that it changes the pitch so it sounds like it should sound so I'm going to hit that I'm also going to go to the length I like to have them about you can only take a certain percentage out there but let's say I'm going to go to 28 I'm pushing it just a little bit but I'm not going to take a lot of time the green button what is the green button the Green Arrow say play so I'm going to play and see what it sounds like I may have pushed it too far I may have to back it off you. Really. Sound good you. It's not perfect but I'm going to accept it Ok now it's compressed down to 28 seconds exactly let's go get some music Ok so I'm going to open up some music I'm going to go up to this training video file I'm going to go to bed bed and you know you just watch me right now as soon as I open it you know with there I'm going to look for a 32nd commercial I'm going to take How Great Thou Art I'm going to double click on that it's going to bring that song in there so the top line is the music bed on the bottom I'm going to take the voice and overlay it so I'm going to click on the banner the header see where my arrow is right here I'm going to click that there I'm going to go control See that's one of those Windows functions control see I'm going to go up in. This copy we're going to go up to f.x. I'm going to go down to voice over This is how we create this this is automated software I've got I've got 28 seconds I want to have some music I call him bedposts see the blue over here I call him bedposts ones the head in this is the foot Ok And this is the the music in between this is the bed the in the matter of sight that's kind of my mattress I want to have a 2nd there in some to a 2nd to hear of a music before it dives in and the rest comes out on the end there's a lot of theory to it I can explain it further at a later time but I'm going to short cut and just do what I need to do on that top line to spade out that's the headboard that's the top line up above this is the headboard this is the foot board this is the foot this is the head I really don't have time to do anything with this one it's so tight I'm just going to have it just kind of fade out in the music will come off in I'll show you will happen that I boost the volume that's this line right here this is the voice bed I bring it up to 100 percent sometimes you do it more depends on what your input is and then I bring this this is the. I'm in the wrong thing then that now there it is the music this is the fate the music bed music I bring it down for this type of music I know my music I bring it to about 7.94 then we do a test and what's here what if it's good or no good. Ups you know what I just did I know what he did wrong I made a mistake. I made a goof I copied and did something let me. I did it on myself to me let's go back and hear this. Ok. So I'm going to take that again let's control all that means take everything control control and control c I'm going fast I'm just trying to so I'm going to give you an overview not then I'm going to go up to fact going to go over to voiceover I do make mistakes and I'm going to go it's keep that one second I had bored I'm going to have it it's almost without a foot board I'm going to decrease the music bad I'm going to create that music volume to 7.94 I'm going to up the 200 percent of the volume let's do it again that's the reason why you don't go Ok if I would done Ok I would have put that recall that bad recording until I say that it's nothing but let's let's go ahead let's at this time I said Ok well I just going to go ahead and listen to it now and so will go ahead make sure justice and play out. What do you think that's pretty good for quick and dirty isn't that's what you will be able to do by the time of the end of this class maybe not today but the end of the week I'm going to turn over Del Sina because she's going to tell you the nuances that was a clean file this file down here is are it in mint been cleaned up the brass in the bad takes and so on so for so she's going to show you show you how you get this is what I call the voice added before that is voice raw voice raw you added it don't voice edited and then you bring in your music and so on so forth so I'm turning it over to I'll see you know we're going to give her the Pentagon back here. That you're suing the process in reverse so when he finished there that's what would go out on the radio so we're going to go back to where somebody actually recorded it. So I'm going to show you what I get. I haven't done a whole lot of the very end recording I usually just get it from voice right a voice said it and that's kind of my job part model I says some resting. So late that. It was only 5 new programs so we talk over programs and ideas George told saw her on the road back to talking about the commercial and so I can kind of learned after the fact so in some areas she knows and I don't do any commercials I've only done programs so I'm kind of like juggling I don't know how to do so then this you know a lot of us each know our part we don't always know it everybody else is part you know something I want to say this is when we get all seen it together with some of the other people Bill souls very dangerous weather Bill Salzberg or j.b. you know one of the radio he produces and I was aware he came up and was doing the training with al Sam I learned a lot it was Ed vamps I mean we're not we're going to the next level and Bill so for 7 years he learned from l.c. So this is nobody has the all the answer now you get a bunch of us together we'll have a long time and we'll be sharing tips and tricks. Ok so. I'm going to go back to basics. How many of you have ever worked with gold wave and off. Ok none of you so we're starting at the basics you all are familiar with a Word document how to cut and copy and paste and all that right Ok because that's not very much Ok you know copy and paste Ok if you know copy and paste you can do this because that's really were out. I'm going to just go over a little bit of this actual program to show you what different parts there are because we're going to be he's talking about a lot of things and showing you and it's like oh wait a 2nd were you going so this is just a little bit of a tutorial on gold wave itself now if if you're here under help you can see that right there that's called the manual I spent probably 3 weeks trying to read the manual on the screen oh well Ok I told wave Ok up at the top where it says help the Avid there Ok at the top it says help you click on that and you see where it says manual. The manual is very technical and I did not understand but probably a quarter of what I was reading and that's when I just started this whole thing if I went back now and read the manual I probably would understand more but I probably missed on behalf because it is very technical but there were tips that I picked up from there and when I have questions I still go back to this because this is the answers this is the the real answers so I just wanted to show you that you know jolly. Well the search. Process. Is for some of them. When you buy and. Sell the demo Ok. Should I need to get my. Yes please. That's a very important question I don't mean that it doesn't matter what soldiers or viewers or. So how do. We help. And that is all I have to ask if you're going to be talking you need the money if you have if you have Internet you just once you a low upload files will or some familiar similar program you upload the program and once you've got it you just go into your directory you'll have to wind bills you have a window with the directory on your computer you will literally click and there's a window or Jason you drag and drop isn't that so you show us. That we're going to 1st show and yeah if you're going to use another program mostly what we're going to be showing is gold wave because this is what pretty much everyone at the studio uses and that's what I'm from really with but if you know on another way that's fine so I just wanted to show you that because that's going to be when you get done here and you can't remember what we said going back to the manual is a great place to go so. File now a lot of these buttons I have I have customized mine my buttons up here too and all these down here the ones that I use the most and I phone a lot away someone is not going to look like yours looks. When you start playing around with it you know which ones you like the most you like know what order you want them in so your screen will not look exactly like my screen but I'm just going to show you a few things that I learned from the manual. I'm going to play you. This is how I get my original for I'm going to go down here and I'm just going to play this for you so that you can hear Ok this button right here place that from the beginning this button here place of whatever is highlighted I'm going to just play from the Guinea and I'm playing down here. This isn't this is not on yours. Ok so. Nearly one percent of America so and by the way your space bar will posit for you and I'm positive Ok so I'm getting it with all the talking that goes on but had a time in between She's going to miss she's going to say some words that are wrong she's a loop I need to go back and do that again this is what the rock sounds like when now hit when when Tom played you one that was already fixed up but honestly. The one that she played today she does a lot of her editing while she is recording because she is that good so it kind of depends upon who you're editing if you're editing somebody who does all the time they're going to have it pretty clean for you already but if you're editing somebody that they're bringing in it's going to be very very wrong so. We're going to have to take out parts we're going to have to fix up parts we're going have to end and as you see here this this file here is almost an hour long it's 45 minutes and she did about 5 or 6 different segments so I'm going to want to cut up the segments in a different parts clean them up editor and then it's going to be voice edited and then from there we'll put music on or whatever we want to do to make it up into a whole program. So the file. You already know how to open because you're guys are opening things and they're closing that you know don't close until you say that unless you don't want to say that. I'm not going to worry about any of those this is where you're going to do most of your prose most of your stuff is here with Ed it and the fact. There's one thing I don't know where to start I want to start there Ok. So when you have a file and this file here is 42 minutes I'm going to be working on this file but I can't see really what's happening I'm going to get rid of this and for now so I'm going to zoom in and that's what this button right up here is examining in and every time I zoom in you get more and more detail I'm going to show you how far I can go I can go all the way to where you actually see the wave do that now editing in that point very difficult because it's such a fraction so I don't very often go in that that detailed unless I'm really trying to find an exact point like if I'm trying to replace a word with another word I'm getting really close I'll be closed probably not that far I'll probably be writing here so this is this is your in and out. You can go previous like if you were doing something in the news and weigh in as well I didn't want that you can go right back to where you were with the previous This is all this shows you I will it'll still mean my whole file and if I have a part selected and I do this one it will zoom in just to my selection Ok so this selection right here if I select just a part of it and I click on this exams and just to the part I have selected. So these buttons you're going to use quite a bit and it was funny because when I was doing the training with. Jay Solsbury he knew exactly where he liked at it he says I like to kick it I think he said 11 times the end button when shooting 456-789-1011 that's the way he likes to do is that even you'll find where you are most comfortable how far in and pretty soon you just you just know what you like. Ok these buttons right here this is your coffee and your paste. I do a lot of that with my keyboard with the Control see in the control v. But if you prefer to do it appear that's the same thing up here. This is delete or you just usually use my delete button trim like what he did where you take out your ends. And then down here I don't use these buttons very much I usually start right here right here that's the 1st one I use and the reason when I get a raw file this is probably the 1st thing I do I select all and I hit maximize because I'm going to be doing a lot of cleaning up on the file and I want to make sure that I'm not taking out any sound so I maximize my whole thing I watch what happens is soon as I hit I want you to look at the file watch what happens. So as soon as I had Ok I want you to watch what happens to that file or did I already do it you know already happened I did Ok so let me go back. And clicking the. Well it didn't it didn't move it very much then. It should. Push it all a little louder the reason I do that is because I am going to go next and I'm going to try and take him to clean up the quiet spots and I can go and I can do it on every single quiet spot it takes a while because it's a large file should just a misfortune of it Ok let me just take a portion. Ok. Just maximizing this there you saw what happened there Ok I mean just that again so I'm going to maximize right here. And it and it put it all up when it does that. It makes because let me just I'll go to the next step so the next step is. Right here see it says Silence reduction that again it removes or reduces the quiet sections Oh I'm sorry that's the I'm sorry that's wrong it's a noise gate I wanted I'm sorry no escape reduces noise in the quiet sections so if you look I'm going to zoom in here a little bit. Right so right here is a quiet section you're not talking that you see the little spikes I don't know if you can see them as well up there but there's just a little artifact in the background and you don't always hear but sometimes you can hear when you're on the radio and so you really want the quiet sections to be quiet so I'm going to make it take all of that artifact out but if I haven't maximised it 1st I might take out a quiet voice like if there was somebody talking and they were quiet I might erase that voice by accident that's why you maximize it 1st because it kind of knows that that's an actual voice that pulls up the volume and then when you when you make the quiet parts take out all the artifact it doesn't take out somebody is voice so watch that real quick I'm going to do the noise gate and just going to say Ok and now if you look right here you don't see any of those little spikes are all gone. I'm going to just play this section. Filled with. Ok I have more than I want to there Ok so I'm going to do the noise and you heard right here there was a little bit of a breath let's see if that takes that out and now I'm going to play this again. From. Building check that out so and in a for me because I'm working with you know a half hour hour files I'll just do the whole thing I'll just you know take the whole section maximize it do the noise that takes a lot of work out because I'm trying to take a breath and think that if I have to do it in each section it takes a lot of work so now that I have those 2 done let me go back and look at the whole thing. I want to do thing. So the problem is that once I maximize you're going to see some of these spikes are really really high and they do not like it that high at the radio they really David says he likes everything between about 5 and 5 about Ok Tom likes to go a little bit more he says about 7 and 7 so you'll get different people who like it different ways so maximizing it means some of my spikes are going to be going high so the next I don't I don't see well I can see 7 if I. Any any just open any file for him he can see what's going on that then the 5 is right here you can see point 5. So the 5 is right here right here so that line right across there you see that line all the way across that's that's point 5 That's plus point 5 The one right down here is negative point 5 And you what most of your volume to be right in that area. And as you can see some of mine are too high so this little button right here is called compressor expander if you click that and I'm going to go down here to my presets all of your buttons have presets and most of the presets are pretty pretty handy so I'm going to go down to my preset and I see going to say reduce peaks so that right there and when I click that they're going to move this you can see it and then I'm going to hit Ok And you can watch this peak here will just about go down and this peak here is going to go down just to the plot down Ok that's pretty close it's still above a point 5 a little bit but there's only a few of them so I'm going to leave it if I have a file where I have a lot of it still I can do it one more time and bring it down even a little bit more so that's getting most of my file in between now when I'm looking at all of it. If you see this section right in here it's a little bit low so when I listen to it I'm going to see if it's too low and if it is I can always I could grab a little section here and I can use this button here which is to change the volume and this just plain all it's like turning up the volume or turning down the volume it moves all the of the whole sound wave up or down only only where I have selected so I can go let's see if I want to turn it up a little bit I can go up to 150 percent I can try that and see what it looks like and in that area and then let's see what happens when I click on that and what's going to happen in that section there see how it went up did you go see that because I can I'm going to delete it and just see it go back down again now the thing with that is that if you're going to do that you have to listen to it afterwards because as. Coming into it and going out of it I might have a really you know talking to all this and talk about you know you don't want to do that if it's. Let's listen to it and just see what happens. One time because that car belongs someone else now we see it in your heart Jesus you belong to Him He will lovingly here you can throw all your worries away I mean. It's well that's just. It is foam glory. Ok so where I did it we were talking in the background so it really didn't matter but you want to make sure that you that you listen that you're not making some really weird sounds there is another thing that you can do. And I don't recommend it but you can give it a try yes there is also an auto gain that some people use because it kind of is a little bit easier. You don't have to go through all the steps that I went through and you can make a target here and push a k. and just brings everything between the the 50 and the 50. I have found problems with that because sometimes it distorts the sound because it doesn't move everything the same way and I'm not controlling it. So some parts that are are softer bumps them up and some parts that allow to bring down and then it ends and it's just it makes a distorted sound so I personally don't use auto gain but if you if you're comfortable with it you can try it but if you're going to use out again please listen to it afterwards and make sure that it doesn't sound really bad Ok I'm going to go back and do everything I've done to them. Yeah yep you can actually go down here see it just a 50 percent of basically what I did and you just but I have to select everything 1st to do that. So I'm going to go back to the out again and going to go down to the precise presets just the 50 percent and it does the whole thing and it brings it all down to between 5 and 5 and you know every single person who does editing does it slightly different so you're going to have to find what works for you and when he talked about a minute spot taking in 2 hours when you start it's going to take you a long time because you're figuring all of this out and don't get discouraged it does get faster I'm still not as fast as he is I still take my time and then I'm not employed I'm a volunteer so I can take as long as I want right Tom. Think of fire me if he doesn't like the way Ok. This is also another button that you might use if you're working with music and files you use this probably more with music than live voicing but this will this will increase gradually increase the volume and this one over here gradually decreases the volume so when he was doing in music that he uses so that it automatically did to the music automatically went up and went down and it works sometimes that sometimes it doesn't work I find I have to do this manually myself because I'm figured out another way. When I. Putting music at the end of a program like there's a lot like he's doing it for just a minute is the time I watch went Ok I'm all right. He's doing in minute spot so he has music throughout the whole thing but when I'm doing a half hour program we don't you know we have music during the whole half hour you just have music at the beginning of the half hour and at the end of the half hour so the music at the end of the half hour I'm wanting to start quiet and gradually increase and the voiceover does not do that but I have found I can't do that so I manually adjust the music the way I want it and make the music gradually increase and then I I use this button right here which says mix or similar That's my whole life seconds and she probably wants to raise it up or more no it's not I can't do it at all because. It's a very tricky but that's what. You have just like to say do it it's true you want to show. Ok but voice over starts it has to go down and then back up again I don't want the down part I only want the up part Ok. I'm talking about at the end of a program. Right you can do it at the end and you do it only a minute spots you have music of the whole thing but when I'm doing a whole program and I only want music at the end I can't do voiceover for that part. So. See there was one of the things I want to show you him find it right Ok so let's go and I'm just going to know what yes I know what the other one was I want to show you Ok this this file here has Like I said 4 or 5 or 6 different segments and. Sometimes I working with them all together sometimes I cut them up it doesn't whatever works for you but there is something under Edit There's a cue point here. I'm up here under at it and I go down to Q point and I can add a key point and I usually do add an edit so I can say what it is so like on her 1st spot I would say number one on her 2nd side I would say number 2 sometimes we're doing. Mr Morgan does little readings and he does quite a few of them in a row and so I add the cue point at the beginning of each one and I label what the story is that he's reading so that I don't have to go listen to the whole file every time I want to find something so these cue points are very very helpful when you're wanting to you know you're listening through a file it's like I want to remember that is use your key point and you can find it the other time I use 2 points is when I'm doing somebody sermon and they say a word that's wrong you know like they're talking about. They're talking about Moses Instead they say Jonah and I want to make my pastors look good so I go and I find another place where they say Noah in their sermon and I'll come and put it in where he said Jonah Well you're moving back and forth in your file and you can't always remember where something is so I put a little cue point where he said Jonah and I say Jonah on my cue points all know that's the wrong place and then when I find the Noah I know exactly where to go back and put it so. Well. To do to keep point or adding Ok So yes let's do that right now. I'm going to. Actually. Use orient to. Get it all. Going for me. And. Ok So right there she's beginning her 1st one so I'm going to wherever my play. Q. is where it's going to go so I'm going to add my cue point I can just add it and then go back and edit it later it's a whole lot harder so I always just say add an edit and then I'm going to say I'm just going to say number one so then you see that little arrow that little halfway arrow down there right there that's my cue point this little one right down here kind of like an upside down triangle and then as I keep listening Ok now that one's number one that's not a problem because I'm going to be deleting everything ahead of it so that would have been a really easy one but let me see if I can go see these are about one minute long each so I'm going to just go here are more patients than we were this time last year. The. Hell. We still seem to worry about everything would be great if there was so hell to capably handle all you want to be great if we could pay someone to solve all of our memories of problems well he's Ok Do you hear that popping you know why that is that's because I used ot again that's why I don't like Auto game all right now you can and now you know my handle all her. God My 1st you know 5 I'm just jumping ahead find her he. Seems passionate about. Ok so I know this is the end of number 2 I'm just going to put a cue point. Right there and I'm just going to say and number one then I know where the beginning and ending of that section is so that's how I do that Ok so now I wonder. If I do control z. if it takes that off doesn't good Ok Oh yes they did Ok because I want to get rid of that out again oh that sounded terrible my gosh I can't handle that Ok The other thing about editing it's hard to do it with this. Your best editing is done with a pair of your phones because you really want to hear it well you don't want other sounds around you. And I'm having this feeling your way so you guys can hear it but I couldn't do a really clean edit with that. A couple I've only got a couple minutes left here and I gotta go but. I also want to say when you start editing. You pray about it you know pray before you start editing conspiracy or working on people files and you want to glorify God and I have to say that I I do take a little liberty sometimes but I always pray that I'm doing the right thing because like when your file is too long and you're having to cut it down to get it to a certain amount of time you're having to take some things out and sometimes I was having hum. Expressions or or if they're you know if they're repeating themselves or if there's you know and it's like Lord please help me to take the right thing out so that I still leave the gist of what's being said and it's it's a it's a way the responsibility. But also when I started I was worried about every single breath every single mis spoken word and I might my file was perfect I think it was pretty close to being perfect and then somebody else was editing the next one and they edit it totally different than I do so this guy goes from sounding like he's a flawless speaker to normal. So I started thinking right early on what you're going to want to do because the way you start is you're going to want to keep doing that especially if you're doing somebody who's doing a series and you're doing a lot of there's don't get to pick the right off the bat because if you stop doing it later on then all of a sudden the speaker goes from just being really good to being you know more normal. 40 minutes. Yeah yeah. The other thing is. Like I said if you if you hear an obvious misspeak you want to clean those up the other thing is stuttering some people. And then they keep going you know that's the way they naturally speak and some like to leave it in some people it really bothers them from grates on my nerves I hate hearing arms and yet i know i do it so when I'm going through editing I'm taking allow a lot of I don't always take them all out because it is natural to say sometimes but you can take some of those out and then some people actually do. Stutter and and you can make them sound like they don't you really can you can take all of those extras out and it makes them sound very very fluid it's a lot of work but. Oh yes. So think about how much you want to be perfect and how much you want to sound natural and the same thing with breasts if it's allowed bras and it happens often we want to take it out but a natural breast sits in between a word or a sock or sigh you just. Yeah you're going to just have to listen to it and then the other thing is you don't just listen to it edit it and you're done you you listen to it edit it you go back and listen again because you never know what you're editing has done to change it so you're listening to these files over and over and over again which is why it takes a lot of time sometimes to do that. Her right let's go back to the beginning here. As we're Ok So right now I know that this whole piece right here I can just delete it Ok so now she's starting here we'll go again that's the ashes of the giggles as we read our national preoccupation nearly one percent of Americans Ok now I'm going to go to the end where we thought we she was because these are supposed to be minutes that's right they are the same passion about them. Ok so this is the end of number one and we're at. About a minute 30 so She rerecorded the same spot and I'll show you that. Because she knew she was over a. Version. Yet. So she knew that it went over so that she was fiddling with her notes taking a little bit out and she really courted it I'm not going to throw the 1st recording out until I'm happy with the 2nd recording because if she makes a mistake or something and I can go back to the 1st recording and pick out the part and bring it in. So I'm going to put a key point here and I can say this is number one the 2nd time and I and this is actually stuff that I have to be working on so I'm getting started now so this is number one second. The 2nd time so I'll know that's where I start on the 2nd one. Who let me he was talking to you about files allow me to show you that real quick this is where we actually go to get our files this is hard work remote Yeah you sure you've been on. This. Ok so I have to sign in Ok so this is my computer and this is my folder called Strong tirade because I have all my stuff in here this is actually the stronger radius just studios there's downloads and there's uploads this is mine here. Where I when I'm done with my stuff I upload it so that they can pull it off and put it on the radio that they have to give you the password stuff because they don't want everybody just going on of course they actually have a pretty well protected you cannot erase anything from it remotely you can only download and upload to it but you can't do anything you can't change the files that are on there so they're pretty well protected so this is where I when I went to Laureus naman and I went to this file and I pulled down these 2 because these are the 2 that I'm wanting to work on. And so when I when I'm here I'm going to right click it and I'm going to say download and it pulls it on to my computer when I'm when I'm done with it I've done a lot of y. way arms so I'm going to show you one of these I finished with Lilian trasher so I did this file over here I'm done editing it so I'm going to right click it and then I would say upload and then it's going to push it onto the files it's trying to radio but it's going to upload it to whatever I have here open so if I'm not careful I'm going to put it in the wrong spot and then I can't change because once it's there I can't do anything with it so I want to make sure that when I'm uploading and it's the same thing with downloading if I'm over here and I'm hitting Laurie same and I'm saying download it it's going to download to whatever files I have open here. Yes so you make sure that both of you have the places that you want things to go before you upload and download but that's this is how we work with the Strong charity this is how we get our files back and forth want to talk to you about what you want to do next and what you think about that and maybe a little bit but. There's so many directions we we could go right here what you want to do are you go all going to be here for the next we need to plan accordingly are your thoughts going to be here for the next 2 days at least tomorrow because we're going to be all you've got to do is see what you can do in a little thing we're going to have you literally producing stuff so you want to be here at least tomorrow to produce something and for yeah it's a but I like I said this is this is basically 3 hours of of course you've got start and stop time but I usually within 2 and a half hours some of you will be able to produce some of the material I'm just thinking. Do you want me to practice a little bit more on my style of of how to edit commercials or where do you want to go from there. You gotta speak to me because I don't know you thank you from your. Ok what I literally need is what Al seen is doing is she you actually were doing spots doing the same thing I do for special So you know I'm not and you know but it would what you showed was Laurie that was spots yeah I mean if the 1st time Ok very good. Yeah exactly so I'm going to impact of some you want to help me out and in edit all those we could do we have so many wrong file me b.s.. As a big if they follow the t.v. program on 2nd rate with well you know I get the. Program to see it more often 62nd minute probably all of it but the the one we're trying to do what we're trying to do is we're trying to add programming we have a monthly special and so when we do a special That means that we're going to generate local new programs. Ok not a problem we can catch it later we can catch it early so we have all half an hour long programs which shall seem it does she did you did the editing for history retold which is a 15 minute program and we're going to have more programs coming along so we law we need I can assign you to that program and just you guys knock it out when you say you upload it to 5 Cilla will do the final processing but you make it. What we call ve which is voice edited and then we'll put the the in the out and make it air will bring it down to the time the other thing is what she was showing you what I was showing you. Once we have these monthly features that's what we need to help with is the half an hour long hour long programs as well as those spots that what you were hearing was Laurie Saemon name and was. In order to create that environment of that special month so this is what we're doing we started out with a reformation so we do Reformation programming then we go to Thanksgiving programs then we go to a Christmas theme we did emancipation proclamation from sin February we did Faith of Our founding fathers March we did Family Month. April was was the resurrection I'm a is Mother's Day We're currently in fatherhood and the next month is independence from sin. What that. We can't we did put some Memorial Day but it almost got overshadowed we almost forgot it because we had so much work going we do have a few spots what Memorial Day we do the holidays. Veterans we also we also do Labor Day but we're also doing a new new product will be next month will be independence from sin and we'll have a program that the pastor Morgan will be recording for us that needs to be edited we're going to have what I have Dr Strayer has done 14 had been a steady cation Adventist history now to history so I've got 14 half an hour program so I get 7 hours of program you can start on this afternoon you're not ready but you can do it we can do it so that's we That's Wendy I've got right now 14 half hour programs that need to be added right now besides Florrie spas so your question is it's both but my long programs my half an hour 15 half an hour an hour programs is probably the greatest need you can sit down and work on that and be very focused in you when you're done you just drag and drop it over into my file. So where do you want me to start I mean what we're a little pause right now we aren't sure which direction to go but I Q Do you want me to do more this or do you want to take these files and start playing somebody you're going to be able to play on your own. And just start and then we'll be here any you have questions or you just keep asking questions it might be easier than just. And here's the other thing and just just a ducktail out and those who are just plain lost what will do is I think that I'll have a separate session maybe you can run around and help them to research we'll go back and forth and we may do a general basics demonstration over on the screen too so we'll find a way we'll bring it up to speed and and do it tomorrow yeah. I think you if you have what mac does is you have the emulator so right. Yeah so you years it still is still the p.c. but you do it on a mac emulator. Correct Correct yeah. Yes you can that is what the you can use whatever is a lunch you export in m p 3 or into wave file so no it's all I care about. So it doesn't matter how you get there when you export the file then one is long as it's in those 2 formats we're good to go if you want me to I can just do it the last couple minutes we've got about 6 more minutes or you can ask me questions tomorrow is one of going to really produce. And don't worry you will you will not you'll be a mercy you will not drown Ok everybody I think that as I'm looking around I believe everybody has the native intelligence and you can do this and it really watch. What that yes what when you How did you feel when you watch me do that b.c. did you feel how do you feel does it look like it could be done. And I didn't I didn't slow down because that was. In our purpose was not to not to show you how to do it it just show you it can be done so now you've got this goal that you're going to tomorrow we're going to find you we're going to help you do that some of you you know just got on the computer you'll have about 3 or 4 questions where do I find that and one of the things that I found is on these computers it's under p.c. that file you were looking for that I had there I was looking for it under Network and whatever it's under piece this p c He wanted this p.c. and then you find that folder the training folder and it has those 3 Folders which is voice the songs and then it has beds in fact why don't I just take a moment and just show you right here he took my file so I'm going to open up a file that's a brand new one. So I want to go to Open open will go to where you were last and I pulled out my so now I've got my I'm working off a thumb drive I'm looking under the training videos audiophile. And there's 3 basic files which is given the training you've got bads that's the music bed that's the music that how great thou art that was that 32nd spot that I called up and if you look underneath there there's there we just the same feeling we've got a 32nd and we have 60 seconds and we've got it in 2 different formats m.p. 3 in wave we used to do all in wave and we've decided we're going to go to m p 3 just to conserve space we didn't see enough quality difference that went over the air that it was worth it so that's where you get your music beds from then your voice recording we took this one right here number 1212 that's the one that I took that file from there's a 3rd file we'll go back up and there's a 3rd far and that is songs now. The purpose of the songs is that when we do these long recordings when we do the Father's Day fatherhood once when we do the admin acidic ation he we told him that we want him to produce something that ought to lead comes out to 27 minutes 27 and a half minutes Ok. How many people over that period of time can do a program that directly hits 27 and a half minutes it doesn't happen what happens if he comes through at 24 minutes what are you going to do with that dead airspace you're going to put news again it oh guess what I have music here called Songs so we enter so we throw that in it takes discretion and you decide and we'll put it somewhere in the program maybe in the middle Mabel see a transition in the story maybe want to build some some tension while they wait for the rest of the story we'll put a song in the middle of it something we'll find out something but that's what that is the other thing I want to share with you I'm going to completely change channels on 2 more minutes left before we say a prayer I'm going to talk about editing Did you notice that there was a creative tension between Alsina and I because she approaches it differently and then I did you approach it differently and but you know what that creative tension when it's done in the Christian spirit it can create great great things which it's growth it's iron sharpening iron and I mean that in the sense let me explain you can tell the story now I this is a classic it was Gunsmoke now I Gunsmoke they took 2 of the sentiment Have you ever seen that that editing and you can I haven't seen the the thing for about 1015 years maybe 20 years but it stuck in my mind they took the editors of Gunsmoke and they said we have this Rob video that was been taped not was a video time what Rauf Elm and they can edit it any way they wanted to and they wanted to prove a point in the point is you can take the same material and how you juxtaposition it what you put. You know one way or another these guys literally these profession know if it was 3 or 4 was for these these film Symon Tiger 1st took that that same video and they pieced it together in order that they thought creatively was good and it literally changed the story so is that a good thing or is a bad thing it depends but I want to tell us this is it your sermon your editing Ok it's not your sermon you're not the producer you're the editor and we need to realize what role we have in our job is to support I'm not the theologian I didn't write the sermon I'm not preaching the sermon so if you're adding a sermon you need to stay as true as possible and that's what she was alluding to you can actually buy some of your editing you can actually change it even though you don't change many words your timing in some other things like that and if at the programs too long we have some programs we have some programs are actually hung up because the programs too long and the editor can't make that decision of what to cut we have to are waiting for the person who produced it to come back and say take this cut this you can cut this this and this to bring us back to our time frame. We need and we need to run she said Pray about it we need to pray about it because sometimes we do take some words and Lord help us to choose without violating the intent you know I've always had a problem with with English teachers because I write my papers and then they would mark it all up but not only do they mark it up but I felt that they changed the flavor of the intent of what I was trying to say and then I found an editor. Who actually can add it my writing and I recognize my writing they literally do it and I say how do you do it and she doesn't know how she does it but she epis my writing so it still looks like my reading writing that I just want to share with you we have a sacred duty to maintain the intent of there of the person who's who is presenting the program let's close with a word of prayer for our great Heavenly Father I just want to thank you for these gentlemen I want to thank you for the calling that you've placed upon their hearts Lord they have something to contribute and they want to do this large give them strength give them perseverance live give them patience and give them rewards given the rewards of doing your service for your people and for those that you want to bring into the kingdom of God Amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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