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Logo of Michigan Camp Meeting 2019: As a Witness, Matthew 24:14

Leading Our Families

Gail Micheff




  • June 17, 2019
    2:15 PM


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That's our heads Father thank you so much for this new day thank you for this privilege and opportunity to be here at Camp Meeting you look for this group of people who have a burden for families who have a burden for were reaching out and for sharing and we just want to thank you for. Bringing each one here this morning as as we talk and we share in the pray together we ask that your presence will be here and powerful way we know that the devil is attacking our families and. We want to be part of this pollution and not part of the problem that so we're asking for your thoughts your ideas your wisdom. Guidance and thank you so much Jesus mean so what we want to do here today is just share resources with you. That's pretty much what my department at the office is is to have resources for you and also we do. Several different retreats we have marriage or traits we have a family retreat things like that but the biggest thing that I can give to you is resources another thing that we're really working on and I I need to get a lot better with this is putting more resources on the conference website underneath the Family Ministries page so that when you go to that site you'll be able to find. You know how to do whatever so you have you know just go in there the links that either take you to somewhere or we want to start doing some videos some training that he knows so that you can click on there this is how you do this so this is how you do whatever it is so that is something that is in the works but right now they don't happen. So what I want to do is share just a few different things that you can get online. And this white paper that I put out here I kind of just did a couple websites and then I did how to get to what going to show you because we didn't have wife I in here so if you've ever wondered what your responsibilities are if you're with Family Ministries leader or if you're just interested in finding different resources one of the 1st things that you can go to is the advent source website and that's going to find that right here on the top your top your paper and this tells you exactly how to get to this little book here now it doesn't look like the same book that you got but. This is just the new cover I went through now this is your catalog so that's how that's where you're going to find find their resources to buy that this is free. You could you could buy this but this this particular they have it on their website so this is the old cover this is their old one I had some extras so that's why I have them here for you to take this is the new cover so if you were to one if you instead of paying for this. This is how you go to the website and download it. So that's one of the one of the things this Quickstart Guide It just has ideas in it for you how to get started with your ministry. Tells you who to kind of how you who your members should be you know on your committee who you need to talk to like you go to your pastor 1st and things like that so it kind of walks you through like right here potential family ministry committee members you're. At least one single person at least one married person the Sabbath school leader the homeschool leader personal ministries leader. Different ones like that you know this is kind of walks you through tells you kind of what your duties are and I would say that in each church you're going to have to kind of tailor it to your members because some of our churches are very very small or they have no children or you know what I'm saying so you're going to have to tailor your you know what you do to and it's far as getting members as well people to on this committee you know you might There are might only be a couple of you but anyway this kind of tells you how to go about brainstorming ideas implementing that kind of stuff gives you some some ideas of things too. That you might want to like empty nesters thing. Marriage strengthening programs different stuff like that gives you holidays that things that you might want to celebrate their your church. And then in the back it has a family profile forms. Which you can give to each of your members and kind of get an idea of what the interests the needs in your church are so this this one has the same stuff in it just like I said it has a different cover. But you can download that another thing that you can download and I don't know if any of the you've ever seen it before it's called The Family Ministries plan book just this is I downloaded this one it's called This year it's reaching families for Jesus strengthening disciples and the whole thing is. It has sermons it has stories it has. Different seminars that you can do and then in the back it's leadership resources. Has. Gives you some of the different resources. Agonists have put out real family talk and then in the back it has. A part for Family Ministries policies in purpose statement. And it has how to give presentations it has surveys more surveys in the back and this these surveys are a little bit more in-depth So you know even if you didn't want to download the entire book I would suggest these surveys would be very very helpful to kind of find out the needs of your families so there's a family life profile survey this gets your ages it gets whether they're married single never been married to all kinds of stuff the ages you know and then there's another one that gets the ideas of the things that people might be interested in or their needs so I would recommend and say. Oh this is not this is a book called. The Family Ministries plan book. It should be you should be able to purchase it but if you don't want to purchase it right on this white paper. I put how to get to it so that you can actually download it so instead of purchasing these I think I can't remember how much they are but they're probably like well we're so dollars to purchase that you can just download it for free. So I've given you on this white sheet of paper I've given you the instructions of how to get to it. So all you have to do is download it so these are the kind of things that you can do for free that that won't cost you anything and then. If you go to. Ok Go back up on this white sheet of paper back up to Advent source they have a training guide they also have the quick start guide they have a resource catalog which I just gave you I gave you their resource catalog but that's a free downloadable they have a Family Ministries curriculum and the family in the mysteries handbook those are classes that you can take so those are actually you can download those as well for free and those are actually classes you can take to learn more about Family Ministries and the starting a family ministries in your local church and the evangelism outreach all of those are free resources and if you go to the North American divisions website like I said you can get this Family Ministries plan book and that's that's another really helpful also. You can see if you go to the Adventist Family Ministries website you'll see there's other free downloads under resources so they have a directory of counselors in the directory of counselors you can actually plug in your state and it tells you all of the counselors that would be in your state throughout the areas and on that topic we also as a conference have it's it's not my website that I'm going to actually get under the Family Ministries part but we have Lori Snape that has put together a counselor directory for the state of Michigan it has all of the advent of and it also has Christian counselors and she's actually gone through. Call different ones kind of find found out what their philosophies were in those kind of things so this is this is on our conference website that it's under the ministerial department so if you wanted to download this I didn't have I didn't make copies of these but this is the this is the counselor list it has their names that kind of tells what their specialty is it tells you know gives you all their information for contacting and it also tells whether they're an agonised or whether they're Christian and it goes by county so on the left hand side it has you know whatever county that you're in and tells who they are so that's another resource that you can use but the North American division has it for the entire North American division a counselor list that you can that you can. They also have a newsletter are private and a video library of different things so just something that you might want to check out on their conference website Another thing that I found no no. I brought any of these I have in my booth this is a Web site that I found it's called Sabbaths ideas dot org. And I thought I brought these. I didn't. Well I have these at the. Anyway it's just Sabbath ideas dot org There's over 400 different ideas for things to do on Sabbath it's just a really cool website so I just wanted to share that because sometimes you might want to just put in your bulletin something for families you know like a little insert of something this is you know an idea that you could do as a family and I'm sure you've heard it different than that but you know what I mean you know I'm talking about I think the more that we can put. Different things out there for our families just ideas things people might not think of something to do on Sabbath afternoon or you know I know I know that. A lot of times you're so busy and you get up to the Sabbath and you're just exhausted and you don't have people don't always put the idea you know the thoughts in so what can we do to make Sabbath special and so sometimes just that little that little idea that they might see in the bullets and you know how we put our white quotes in there for for inspiration or whatever have a family now get have a something about you know that would be you know something to do with families that would be encouraging I'm sure you probably do that I know you have a blog and you put out marriage. Yeah tell us about that real quick. This is Amy Austin for about a year now I've been sending what I call marriage moments and I just gathered e-mail addresses from my churches and then I got on Facebook and I offered it to anybody that I know and some of them send it on to their churches but it's just a short little nugget. Not for people who are just struggling in their marriage but for people who just will encourage little ideas or just reminders to help them strong. And wasn't strong tower radio postmen there. So it's gone well thank you but that I think is a wonderful idea and I think that could also you can find. Good ideas about parenting just not that different now and put those you have yes. This is just an idea at this moment that you know before evangelism series sometimes there's health and I get that one in picking up the other I think would be so great to have family life not get is it to strain that and that yeah but you didn't get it. And then I thought of a way that would be so amazing I think it would be so great I agree so. We're going to put that on my to do with. You know. Ok so I also want to tell you I you all got one of those brochures. Hopefully. Well hand in Mt This just tells the different events that Family Ministries and I don't do the Father Son and I don't do the Father Son canoe trip in that but I put it all together in one so that it kind of all relates to families but the family camps that's just tolls when the family camps are at Camp a SAGAL And it also has the Father Son backpacking canoe trips for any body that's interested and then also we have I don't know how many of you are aware that we have a family retreat in this year it's going to be in September with move the date hoping that the weather will be nice and it gives a description under each of these I'm not going to go into it but. We also have to marriage retreats want to camp a Sagal and one at Crystal Mountain every year and this year we've done it in the past but this year we're starting up again we're doing a marriage retreat it can't go on so we'll yeah we're going all over the country. You should all have gotten one of these lending library Co August these are just leftovers but what I reason I'm showing you these in this verse are is if you go to the conference website and I have this on here on your white paper you go there those are 2 of the resources that you will find and also at this time we have several marriage of trees I think there might be 3 or 4 that took place in campus obl and we had them recorded and you can go back and you can watch the different sessions so that would be something that you could share with church members that might be they can actually go online and watch former you know. Marriage or traits from the past so those that's another resource. We have up here I just brought several in our lending library These are some of the resources from the lending library if you were to want to do and Linda is going to share with you but Bob. Benson I'm sorry we didn't even use you guys but Bob Benson and Linda Campbell have both done different Bob has actually coordinated how many 3 Ok marriage marriage strengthening weekend so he's going to share how to how to do what they did Linda has done a lot of different things at their church and she's going to be sharing resources ways to find good deals how to get freebies all of all of that kind of stuff so I'm going to be letting them share but I would just want to brought some of her or her resources to but what I wanted you to guys to see and you can look at this afterwards is we have if you decide that you would like to do a family some type of a family either a weekend a whole weekend or you just want to do like maybe one night a week for 6 weeks something like that these are some of the resources and I want to share. Jerry Thomas is one of my favorite Christian authors and he's done a d.v.d. series titled sacred parenting so there's a 6 part d.v.d.. And his sessions are not really long they're maybe 20 minutes 25 minutes or so and then there's the workbook to go along with it I sat and watched every one of these because I always watch everything before I recommend it but I highly recommend the series. This is in my lending library and how that works is if you are wanting to borrow anything from the library you just you know me or call me up I will send it to you you use it in the New get back to me so if you don't want to have to spend money purchasing something for your church I have resources that you are able to borrow. So this is an excellent series anything to do with. Homosexuality I have several of these of the coming out I don't know if you guys remember that group that was here the coming out ministries they have put together quite a few D.V.D.'s and so I have these. This probably most of you have heard of love and respect Dr Emerson egrets I have several of these sets so if you ever wanted to do a marriage seminar and that another one that I this is the very Thomas again this is a series and he's done. $66.00 sessions these are probably a half an hour longer so this is for young adults this is for doing. Pretty predating and dating and engaged Ok this is an excellent series excellent and then these are these are the it's a handout but it's a reproducible. You know that you can use so this this is another one so if you have any young adults any I would say I would say 12 years old enough this would be really good for you talking about about looking for the right person and how saving yourself and all of these kind of things it's an excellent series so if any of you know anything about Gary Thomas he's the name of it I'm sorry it's called The Sacred search and the sacred There's also a book called The Sacred search but this is I'm just sharing with you. D.v.d. series that you would be able to do as a as a series yes well it's fits not a workbook it's reproducible I was able because I purchased They then I was able to download and then you can you can prove you can really do those so with every set of the you just you just reproduce now the. Adventists have put out the help I'm a parent series so we have from birth to there's 3 different sets and it goes all the way up to I think 18 years old so it starts this awareness of the 8 to 12 year old that I have the birth to. You know what comes before 1211. Series so if you were wanting to do a parenting seminar there's this and you can you guys can look at these later I just purchased the divorced care kit this is a whole long series if you are wanting to do a series for people who are divorced and you're welcome to look at this more. No this is not by administers actually this week it can meaning there will be this exact series is going to be presented so if you wanted to see what it was you could pop into one of their sessions I don't remember when they are or where they're located but you can see you can see it in it's under the Family Ministries. Are section and it's called Divorce Care and I don't know what their time is or where they're going to be but if you are interested in doing something like this for your church you might pop in and just see what it looks like because they're going to be doing it all week long Gary also has done a d.v.d. series called cherish another excellent This is for marriage now they're excellent one these are they really good for if you had you know. A small group or you could use it for a large group as well but you know this is very good the sacred marriage another excellent marriage seminar and you guys can take pictures of these or whatever you want to do not to leave the admin esque behind they have from this day forward this is. There's 3 different couples to present so I have that and then. Willie and Elaine Oliver have done a series marriage in God's hands so these are just a few of the different things that I haven't in the lending library that you would be able to borrow if you wanted to do some type of of a series or something like that so. Bob go I was going to him. Well anyway I have just introduced and he's not here but Bob Benson he's a pastor and right now he's passed during the Cadillac and. You know number like that where it I'm going Yeah I think you. I was introducing you that you know I'm going to let you energy shift out but anyway Bob has done so many different different thing and I just know that he has a lot to share and would be a real blessing to you guys and then after he's done Linda's going to share so Sam wife is imports will soon die because we had this story book romance and dating and all that everything was the easiest off his legs on a rock right person to commit a Christ once there Christ and I feel the same way and then you get nearer and then you begin to realize that there are things you didn't realize going in another they're bad but really if you look at it and it takes. Years maybe even a decade to look in the mirror and realize I'm a selfless person and ballsed is the mirror that helps you realize that and then you begin to realize you know that playing my marriage I was kept thinking something only to succeed over time but then I realized. The problem is because I'm the one that needs to submit the. Crisis and I'm on and on so it's. Something I think for our family or church family is a long time to realize that marriages and then a promise to help saying the 5. An hour earlier this is a blue designed by God has earned you have some of that you have the most on earth aside from Christ to be the person through whom Christ and spirit work often currency help you in the directions to go and then you know how sometimes that can be a little painful. And so but it's all good anyway I thought I would share this morning I was working in safety as supposed to get off at 1 o'clock but Roberto Gonzales and they were talking about them talking about the crisis of phenomena. In a culture and talk about. Their own so much abuse in the family and I don't think you know even the I've been to school we. Still don't think there's a lot of notional abuse physical abuse. There is a lot of that. And so the question is how well can you do the text this is interesting that the 2414 you've heard it many times and this gospel the kingdom will be produced in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the in will come it's fascinating to me is that. The 1st place that sent us was on The Mary who. After the robe of light was lost and all that the 1st thing that sinned it is it starts with a straw and the Mary who is the woman that you gave to me right off the home soon separates us from God since separates us from our spouse and the Gospels all about reconciling us to God and as we are reconciled to God in our spouses are we're also reconcile one another so the gospel he just is. In the Bible you have to help us to heal and to help us reorient ourselves with godly living and godliness and help to reconcile and so how do we need that you know one of things going back to the text though that the Gospel would be preached as and witness the All Whites' then that when the most powerful witness says this is a well ordered Christian feeling though this guy is with you the priest in all the role as a witness. Harv that is a well ordered Christian family there a powerful witness and then you know from this recent Supreme Court decision 2015 that destroyed marriage and earth and family with a new definition of the growing almost African unity etc They knew well kind of joy in the 1st place that since that's where the destruction of the human. So it's an all out war thing you talk about warfare you talk about the great controversy is over the family is over your spouse is over you and how you relate whether or not you're going to be able to allow Christ to show the oneness that he's prayed for this church to be a part of your wonderful you and your spouse or not so we're how can we provide intervention what can we did in the ass kind of where marriage in richness miracle tree all that plays a critical role in my opinion to help provide the tools that would enable you to build develop the one that the guy wants to see in working with a spouse that would be such a witness so for myself and I also mean I'm kind of interesting we found ourselves at the family life the national engine with me before summer's going to be they had a weeklong event. Just named They look at the 12 model of a marriage like you know family finances sound effects welcome conflict resolutions and impatient look at clothes and models so they would it's really a mere So over 4 years you get the whole model. To try and whirling honing in on now and the best marriage relationship possible doing all these things and being good what is above as well so with breaking that down how does it come back to the church family and the local church family because. Well the society families are starting to fall far not too far behind Yes because that is also the fallen apart of marriages are. We kind of we kind of were we're not quite as far off in our statistics that we're not too far behind and the current kind of goes the same you know with the more dysfunctional and more difficult and so will this law in the car so I think that's where Sammy Weiss. If you can see you if you can so that's what we did well things we didn't want the churches I had was we as Americans that were struggling My guess is that most of you come home church families that. Are struggling or are cheating the goal got set for so we decided to list let's let's do a local mayor treat you why the local well of Honestly I love minister here and what she does Crystal now I've been one of those wonderful parents very rich and very. Grayson's there to camp saw a little less of what a blessing but then I began to realize some things there are some people who church who don't have the money to go and they are too embarrassed we will never ask for anybody to help sponsor them go and they will never go the site and. Also others there they're not going to trust near this to people who watch for the weekend they don't know they don't live near extended family so they don't have them a graphic close so they don't have that option and there's no way that they could write about really question his innocence you're somebody else they go what's in there so they're not going to go anywhere. So for all those reasons and there are more reasons to way they just on the travel they like to be home and my wife's a homebody and so she could to stay home and never go outside and spoil the world others want to do that the others were just staying home so if you provide it at the local church level you're going to grow out of the participation base of people who would never go to Congress thing and I want to say I hate her it's a constant thank her people was going on but I would also heard the local church. To look at this is ministry because this is a great opportunity you're going to reach people that as good as those who are by the conference they're not going to touch some of the people in your church you know me so when we look at marriage see what we did is we prayed about it and we had the blessing of something our church was connected with Buddy you know in common Griffith's if you know who we are as we've been in America through so they put on I think she's got a degree in psychology she teaches or are missing them or see down south western cities again it's there it's also specialize in Samara in the comps alone out in union level rule and. Amazingly. So the ministry and so anyway we decided to do that and we decided let's not do it in our local church let's check out and see if we can make an arrangement with the hotel have a conference room and then we can try and broaden it out to invite or not ask for his opinion it's. So we did we did the outside. Looking at 3 not having a simple stuff it's our church family they bikes dividing their friends they were good for you to come so the fun part about this is that. It's a blessed thing there's a 2nd says more blessed than given. So wealthy that go through your treats were only repeating it and we are glad but you would not believe the blessing a bigger blessing with you know some people needed to have that blessing because their life was broken the healed equivocal ministers. If you're currently in place. Will you get people who have clear where they were praying you know as people begin to register that went to the crew were committing a crime right away right out that you know this is leaked out of your great. There you have people who are planning. All this stuff they did all coordination with the hotel over the cooking of the food and all the act and got the involved got the registrars involved at the decorating committee involved you've got you've got people buying gift bags to put knick knacks in there you know and the welcome community is a common people helping people get their luggage out of the car seat or their room where they're going to be staying for those most in the hotel so you know brought participation base that you're seeing. There so as they do that you know it's interesting as we started we had the sneakers up there and everybody had these nice table the marquee will and then we had in the back we had the people bring it as you watch the and all the people would come and something had to facing opposite in general like that of her listening because the relationship center struggling so but at the end there was always major breakthroughs and that's where all the avenues money I was checking they all came back the next year and the next time one of them Brock one of their siblings who was in a relationship where. The only reason why they are there wasn't because they were invited to come here 3 and already had an appointment with the attorney because you saw and heard was in Italy it was already pretty much a sign they were ice cold and the goal of making I mean they were definitely turned away from each other. So again that the crew the back of the group was no permit as the as believers are but their teachings on the front and God are no miracle that we know you know their marriage was via lies within the marriage ceremony they didn't come to our church but you know the Gospel was preached because our Gospel is the restoration of marriages and relationships and a god is in the heart a mix of that so there's a thing called into the all and it's like this you might not believe in to be baptized known as the Masters but you might lead to place where they're not engaged with this year in any way shape or form where now they think that if they haven't cry in the relationship in their life by God's grace you move someone closer to that decision your tool or a movement in the right direction God got other tools you might use the think in the next step in the next but marriage retreats are awesome because they're not doctrinal. They're not doctrinal or not like teaching about the Sabbath they're not thinking about State of the day about the health principles. It's about belief in principle of connection with God and connection with each other. Conflict resolution and so much more and as they experience the benefit of that then it breaks down the barriers for them open to opportunity to share with them or to risk like a self as an area where it's a group. That more of an ism you know especially in Latin America who is a more of a push towards marriage who was there as it is a risk here but there is more of this focus in the home and soon is something that almost everybody can benefit from you know health is good that is true it isn't anywhere else but don't neglect to think of the poem. If you have so teaching or something that can encourage a spouse and knowing how to communicate break through. And see their marriage in advance or the recipient spouse. They believe me they were a number who are you know they will listen to whatever the pastor say in Europe and that they're received less and so anyway we did this in the Doubletree we had a great response. The other thing was that we could extend our invitation to all the surrounding mission if our circus and all the surrounding region were common searches and we also because Buddy Guy who isn't saying Harman's the Spanish We also seriously. You know is this really good because well you know other day when you're there in America tree ots and you get the benefit of the teaching and there's a break but during the breaks they're doing personal counseling with stuff and there's a lot of the Join us it's got a good tool. Now so one of the benefits was that we also had blended families. Now we have a lot of where my family one winter to go away for when the films where they're married to normal. And so one of things this is you know the la times the west will acid house was gone and there were times it was us and their resistance going to council new businesses and like them but by God's grace. She was able to use a new Avars about's we're 4 years they have a good marriage and yes this accepting this they. Knew she was a good wife and this and Grace on the things the buttons. And at the end of that was. A part of the of the answer. And so for her here was American 3. You know and. So the impact was a blessing on a local to see this looks like myself personally to sit in the back row and watch the stunning one out of them praying for that couple right there because right now you can see there are struggling and just. Having all the other prayer were just praying and watch the guards and I was all those they were so excited because their ministry has all the people Nicholas's the o.b. And also I think to as I do have. Some of the handles that we all feel like a sleeve that's going into the graphics design artist that was would cool. If you want to take out your young handout it's this one here I have be touching on some of those and growing in time then a bit of the Kalki I guess my husband George Will here and I will family nicely in a small church for I never use an op has just wife also with Santa. And the past to help whenever he could too. Most churches and specially the smaller ones have small budgets or no budget so we were always on the lookout for Parkins you know when we were out and about the secondhand store. Clearance items we were always hunting for things we had plant you know think well we might use this in the future so we put it in a box to have and that way you can have some nice functions. In even if you have to do it yourself you have some stuff that you can use that's not going to be expensive I'm going to go through I'm good ideas for the church family what we tried to do to try to have something families in the church as a whole and then we can have a male each a mini meets once a year for the couples and so for the church functions we tried has something once a quarter because. I was also a women's ministry so I had some rights quarter and it came as a month high and you can have as often as you want but some of the things we did You can go down and one thing up on the banquet we would have banquets now one banquet we had a menu plan and we had sign up sheet and said how much we need it so people would sign up to print that they go in it to the church another banquet we would prepare the food had a committee that would have to it and then it would be so. We tried to have the banquets nice we decorate them up we always had a formal corner where we could take photos of the families and we did this at the Marriott too you can decorate it up you can use a curtain put it back up some little while I was a little pant the couples and the families love pictures taken because sometimes I just make it. So that was always fun to do and if you're going to serve banquet get your half and get 2 young people to be the service they enjoy doing this you could tell me to wear pants or skirts a white passes and show it and they love it one bank we had we had a community center and we had at one time some homeless people rice that in there and they cleaned up and they were also of us and. Had a wonderful time and it was a way to witness to them to associate with the people we always had some kind of entertainment at the think was drawing in a chain you know church family Askia. You know if this music account would have something because after the it's nice to have something to in taking them by so that was one thing some of the functions I've missed are some of the ideas that you can use one of the things and if you've never heard. About them in one room schoolhouses long time ago we did that knock church and it was so much fun the people would decorate a box and then when it and they get wrong numbers and you get somebody else's. And we kind of the bodies up for the young people and for the couples and for families and it was a modified and some of the boxes with just one person decorated box to a box they had a home to it and the food inside the ship. It was it was fabulous. Another thing a sensible ration you could do this on a sabbath. Hey you know when I joined the church as a teenager we had seen spiration that if the churches and we'd seen all the horses and then we would have some musical numbers really enjoyed that we did that a number of times you could have think programs you go on the Internet in you could look under. Programs and you can find out a difficult. Thing pogos we get inch a program and choose our best this program was Oh and she's related if it helps if she saw Christian and then we went over to the fellowship and we had the papal shoe box and just the shoes. And we played show gangs ystem musical ystem musical chairs musical shoes you mind. If you end up with a shoe Yes It announced so you know and being nice to this modern ideas you can find on there and that was one of the program we had and everyone had fun with that. Now on the Mary right Bob was mentioning you know. People. And we had many men as we couldn't afford to do the motels lot of people can't afford to get away but it was a week in what we did you know we would have Friday night then they'd have the church has always had a partner and then we have the afternoon and on into the evening and we did have a guest speaker coming and it was passed around can we come to their instincts church and he was wonderful he did the funny night sessions he had the church service for the whole family and then he went on to the afternoon and we only had the guest speaker that one time but but the other times we were we used to. Even like mansion we used this one. At one that was very good Another time we used Dr Kevin Leman's and he is very good he's out of it was own and then we also did not go away to a better marriage now. We've now she has that one at the concert to check out these I went online my husband on line and found these sometimes you can find them on e Bay or just even secondhand stores you could find them what we did is we divided up how many tests they had we usually show 2 Friday evening with a little break between weeks of. Freshman's then after the potluck we'd show 2 more in the evening we would have the banquet we have a little banquet sit down. And then we would have the rest of it and then we always had the commitment if you have a guest they could do that or we would have passed into the recommitment the couple. Themselves in the mirror each. We always decorated the tables we had caught. In the parting we had a few and decorate it for the banquet in the evening each couple have their own little table decorated up we did the little gift bags she is out it. And the couple had their own sparkling water my husband and I passed to her dresser on the way to us and they would suit him the Meo as they would pour the book squawking juice and so the and need us to play there so it was a lot of fun some of the ideas that we did for their gift baskets you can go. To for ideas where you can find. Things to do this year this is a little coupon book I made and you don't have to do the fancy. When you website to tell how to make that and has coupons in there we did m r Brew went for the guy. Put the ghost to give to the guys and this one was for the guys and the like I would write down things that I knew ponce that I would give to my husband and then he would have that you come back he has your couponing maybe get his special a backdrop or whatever and so he said an expense he thinks you can. Enjoy that at your banquets we always had a name tags you can go on line and get. Name tags we can Panama the tree go in and look under the cards and you can find them and at each place each couple when they go to their bank notes they can get that now what we did is at the end between each movie session we had a drawing and we would have a price a way now we ran on line and we were able to get some. Reasonable books to have. One. Book in this here. We got a real good deal on these 59 who just so that was. We could put it in a gift bag or you can give it as a price these gangs here are. Not from Mars women off of beingness and chanted evening these are boxed marriage Kings and I find those at the secondhand stores. Been hardly used and we use those as prizes that give us the couple something to take home and to do I could the 8 nights. Some of the other crisis I'm just going to desk and this is we I get it I get used baskets that are nice to clean him up. Get a couple of good goblets if those at the goodwill you know like I take them home sterilize them you can put it in a basket with some of this stuff you can use a big pot or sparkling water or a spa and you can put yourself in over there supposed on that's a nice little price a perk again another thing we did the at one time I don't have is another little basket again the ice conditions you can get at the 2nd hand store as a ice cream scoop and I don't have that but we had house agro Hartshorn of teeth house that we put in the but a napkin or something just a cute look that they can take home all gifts that we used for prices were something they could use as a date night in their own home and we try to encourage the date night I want to go back to it some of the prizes at you or your family night at the shoe think we should shine here for a price or are packed a suitcase s. or something for the prizes at the you know at the family things. We did date night after we. Were Christian want to tell you about at the end of the marriage seminar if you had gone to our sessions you know to poke her grandpa right now if you hung one of the other guest backs baskets your name was taken up with grandpa is everybody's names as back in the grand prize was either a big gift basket with the makings for a neo or pretty. Jew some pasta some millionaire sauce. Pretty good card in there whatever the other night we did was a night at a Bed and Breakfast now you wonder how can we afford that we can't. The pastor's wife and I went around to then practices we had a little matter typed up poker what we were doing in a new saw sells and we asked him if they would like to donate a night watching at their bed and breakfast to give away to a couple to marry just some of us say well if you buy one night you have one night where we who were not and. We found some that would leave us when we get it twice we. Got to bed and back or sis one was and we can down the pub and one that I think was near grandma in the town before we gave that grandpa is what we would pray that. He needed you know when I would get into no time couples that when it was a want me now we need it the hen hears the you know way much and it was just a question and they enjoyed it I want to say that when you go down to your band classes or we did it to vestments too we would go out and get such a tickets to aggress to give them away as prizes doing the same. And people are really happy to see that you're doing something for the community and like Bob and we had wanted to propose some time ago many sinners that were not. So but when you go to out to the band or to this we always dress in church clothes we want to have a sense the church. We don't go in our genes and stuff because we are represented we always ask for the bad back to say we'll be happy that it's on a handout table so other couples can see. This so it's a form of advocacy for them as a thank you for helping us with our. Thank you I have a couple. The other thing I want to say is after we had our marriage seminars we had the nights we had one date night at the past the house and 2 at our house we had our dining table out. And we set up for a 5 card table created each couple and we'd have who are 5 couples that had attended the marriage seminar for date night and it was each date night was a set of couples we had upon me and you we made up good news like this they had 2 entrees to pick from their street. 2 from that and 2 t. So it come again with the waiters and. Has Just wife and I were the books and we did also so the we had a cheap car and we saw that with the fancy little. They got to pick out what they wanted and then the guy so that and after we after we we did that we play games and I gave you some in the handout some of the games we played on the back questions about your spouse game your wedding day you know we read games we would have one spouse go into another room and they'd write down the questions back and again we'd have prizes you could use any number of these things I mentioned for you prizes and it was just a lot of fun we had menu cards at the banquet says another thing people who were at the banquets we had Earth the matrix treats them we had minions we had need of me and you know so they know what they're going to be so that evening so these are fun thing to we did for the couple. And. I think it strengthen it we had a lot of fun I might mention the d.v.d. set we have available they are not put out by our nation so the cup was an option to announce ahead that they not have been a spread out they might mention something like a. Church on Sunday or something that we know a doctor now but. We would announce that at the Mary to treat he should have known as Mr you know. He would mention. The date nights we sent in the patients to the couple. In they were mailed to him so these are just some ideas that we have done in our church for families and I want to mention when you have the merits and are not. In the church that a hoodie I was there at one time myself and lot of times those women who will come to the marriage retreat to any church function so they are more honest single so we would always have something for me and one of the things. I would host a team my home but the single lady said. Or there maybe some husbands will come by the windows so they had something special just. One thing I wanted to point out and I don't think that. He put together this color sheet here as all of the. Instructions or whatever of the things that they did. So his hand out has a lot of stuff oh I thank you so much for this tavern that we've been able to have together thank you for your presence and where we have been given a challenge we've been given some ideas he's been given. A little bit of direction and father we ask that you would continue to lead us in the direction that you have a signal that you will give us a burden. Give us the energy the pot's whatever it is that we need that we can be that minister to your families in our churches and. So as we go forward we're just asking will go with us and continue to bless our efforts thank you for everyone it's near. Be with them in a mighty way with their families and their ministry and I just love. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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