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COVID19: Not Afraid Part 1

Eric Walsh


The world has come to a standstill over the COVID19 virus how should the Christian respond. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 14, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Sabbath everyone this is. Dr Eric Walsh I'm at the ranges church in Newington Connecticut and we are filming in an empty church because of the fear of the covert 19 once known as the virus and then the corona virus. That is affecting America and the world today. I've been asked by a few churches to kind of give a bit of an update and some thoughts on this a Christian perspective Adventists perspective on what is happening in the world and so I want to say a word of prayer and just for a few minutes we're going to talk a bit about the virus. And where what it means to us from a physical health perspective public health perspective. A spiritual perspective and where it lands us in the stream of prophecy. Let's bar heads and pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and to place into perspective what has now become a global phenomenon a pandemic or God There are many who are afraid Lord now let us turn to you this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen so to start a new book The Matthew 24th chapter of Matthew chapter 24 Matthew chapter 24 most of you know normally what I preach there are a lot of slides and I given full graphics on this site subject things change are changing so fast that I don't want to put up an info graphic I'll stick with the one thing that does not change and that is God's word Matthew chapter $24.00 if you begin to read. Verse 4 when I'm reading from the New King James Version of the Bible it says Take heed that no man deceive you for many will come in my name. It will deceive many and you'll hear of wars and rumors of war see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet the nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the Beginning of Sorrows the Bible tells us as Jesus is exiting the temple talking to His disciples who have just seen him run Rashad through the temple seen him bring low the Farriss in the Sadducees and they're wondering how is it that Christ could do this and not recognize the temple so they say hey do you see the wonder in the splendor of the temple in Jesus as listen eventually I assure you that not one stone of this temple will stand one upon the other the disciples begin to realize that Christ is being prophetic and they ask him what does this mean what does this mean and when they say and what are the signs of your coming and of the end of the age or the end of the world this is when Jesus gives us this passage of Scripture and the speech begins by saying make sure that no one deceives you the Greek word for deceived there is a plot nail it means like to lead away a sheep as an understood as as in the parable of the $99.00 sheep and Jesus says for many will come in my name saying I am Christ and will deceive many and we know much of this is happening normally would go more into all of this but I want to jump into one thing where it says and there will be wars and rumors of wars then Christ says to his cycles see that she be not troubled in other words when war begins to happen when the world begins to turn on itself that is not the time to be troubled or in fear. Scripture clearly said Jesus listen don't be Joe for this must come to pass but it is not the end yet then to describe this time period just before the end starts he gives some more details he says the nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom he says and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes and in various places all these things are the beginnings of sorrows I could talk about famines the fact that one out of 7 people in the world are in hunger and hunger and malnutrition are still the leading causes of death in many parts of the world not just. Hunger and lack of food but in America in the West we have malnutrition and famine and an abundance of calories not for tonight tonight I want to hit pestilences we know and normally I could put up a slide show you that we have seen diseases come out of nowhere like Ebola we've seen diseases like SARS Mers we've seen diseases like HIV. All of a sudden pop up and if you look at the the iteration of the times and they come some argue these things seem to happen all that often in an election year. But I want to say that pestilence is one of the things that Jesus says would happen and and the connotation the way that I read this is that there will be diseases in the last days that will come out of nowhere that was shocked the world and pestilences will happen and they will cause people to be afraid what we're looking at right now is pestilence. I'll finish the verse and I will get to the coronavirus component of this and the rest of Everest as an earthquake in various places and we've seen this we've seen earthquakes in Puerto Rico somewhere you wouldn't think you'd get an earthquake several years ago when in Haiti we also recently had one between the islands of Jamaica and Cuba if you look at the National geological society's maps their earthly is happening all the time Jesus prophecy is fulfilled the earthquakes often are happening in diverse places the pestilences are relevant to us now as the world is gripped there are few things that this pestilence actually helps to teach is one of them is that what we think is life is very fragile not just in that a virus can come out of nowhere and begin to kill hundreds of thousands of people but life is fragile and that all of the normal social construct here in America has been shut down and in much of the world the n.b.a. has canceled or suspended its season the n.c. double a has cancelled the March Madness playoffs that would have happened this month we've watched pretty much every other major sporting system shut down we have watched conferences medical conferences government conferences business conferences all close and shutter and cancel we have watched cruise ships become empty and we've watched as even now churches are not being able to meet we are watching what we thought was stability and God is showing us through what's happening that what we thought was stability is actually instability that this world is fragile as much as we want to think we know what's going to happen tomorrow we now know as the schools all begin to shut down the state of Ohio has just shut down all of its schools we now know that what seems like it is going to be for sure tomorrow in these end times they may not be there the next day. In fact the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that the last events will be rapid ones I want you to look at what happened at a disease that is 80 percent of the people who get as it's a mild disease the case fatality rate ranges anywhere from point 4 percent up to 2.8 percent depending on where you are in China higher for those that are old or a disease that overall most people that get it are not going to get very sick and yet with all of that the world has come to a halt what happens when the disease was case fatality rate is 33 percent as described in the 7 last plagues one that hits the world what will happen when that happens we are living in a time of great uncertainty and there is a great fear in fact further down in Matthew chapter 241 of the things that is said by Jesus in this in this same passage is that in the last days men's hearts will fail them for fear you can see it I mean here's the funny thing you can't find toilet paper in most of the grocery stores now and toilet paper has nothing to do with the virus it doesn't cause diarrhea yet you can't find toilet paper it's interesting we went into the hood we went down into the city and we were able to find it in abundance because there's another even greater pandemic and that is poverty and poor people those of us who grew up poor you know you buy enough to get through the week doesn't matter what viruses outside you have enough money to go and buy 6 months worth of toilet paper the world has gone mad with people fighting in the grocery stores over toilet paper and paper towels and and other stuff that they take on need canned goods just like that men's hearts a failing them for fear just as Christ predicted we have no vaccine for this there's no treatment yet. One of things that you tell us is if you just hold on we will be fine because these things will be brought into existence but I will tell you that that will take some time you know you're going to go through different types of trials and human trials all of those things are going to take some time even the tests we've seen in some places in America have shortages of testing materials that we know who has the virus and who doesn't it is showing you that what we thought was an invincible system this Babylonian system that we've all bought into and believe in this shows you how quickly Babylon is Revelation Chapter 18 I believe it says Babylon can fall just like that and that's what this virus is teaching us so Jesus wants to speak to us in the middle of the storm return with me to Matthew Chapter 14 is a great story and our words from Jesus that apply for any who's going through difficulty right now dealing with this virus Matthew Chapter 14 and if you look at the story that were the story that we were looking at of the story when Jesus walks on the water and when we start in verse 22 it says an immediate lead Jesus made his disciples to get into the boat and go before him to the other side while he sent the multitudes away and when he had sent the multitudes away he went up on to the mountain by himself to pray now when evening was come he was alone there so he was alone praying to is alone praying in a mountain but a boat was in the middle of the sea with the disciples the Bible says it was tossed by the waves for the wind was contrary the enemy came after them the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that the disciples were in the boat after Jesus had fed the $5000.00 the disciples were in the boat clamoring and complaining as to why Jesus would not allow them to crown him king while they're there fussing and fighting and speaking against the Most High God in the person of Jesus Christ while they are doing that the storm arises. Bible says but the boat was now in the middle of the sea tossed by the waves for the wind was contrary and then the Bible says in verse $25.00 now in the 4th watch of the night in the darkest part of the night Jesus went to them and the Bible says Did Jesus doesn't do a butterfly stroke out to the boat not these not doing a backstroke is not going to cross stroke Jesus doesn't have time to get what he just walks on the water scripture says he comes to them walking on the sea and one is the cycle saw him walking on the sea they were troubled saying it is a ghost and they cried out for fear sound like Scooby and Shaggy from no cartoon they cried out for the theory were they were afraid of a ghost was coming but out the words that Jesus tells them in a boat that seems like it's going to sink at a time when I thought they were under attack by spiritual forces a supernatural forces Jesus is Jesus looks at them in verse $27.00 of Matthew 14 says but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying Be of good cheer it is I do not be afraid those are the words I want to give you tonight I want to give you the words that say Be of good cheer the Christian sitting at home today because your church can't meet because we're all worried about this virus well and the virus deserves concern. I want you to know that if you are a Christian as the boat begins to rock this boat of earth begins to rock as it begins to shake as it seems like it will sink I want you as Christians to get the word that Jesus is speaking as he was walking to his disciples on the water he is now preparing to leave the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary as he's looking to do this to put on the garb of Christ as a of a king and take off the garb of priests as he's looking to make that transition and begin his walk across the Milky Way all the way back to earth Jesus is saying listen I know the boat is shaking and I know the house afraid you are I know you see what's happening and you think it's all over but I think in a time of trouble Christ is trying to tell us Be of good cheer in other words Christian Don't be panicking Don't be afraid be of good cheer why should you be of good cheer at a time like this when the whole world is on melt down because Christ is saying listen what you're seeing are the signs and it is high all of this is simply telling us Jesus is about to return so he says it is I do not be afraid said Timothy 17 on my favorite Bible a verse that says. For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind this virus is for real the case for Tally rate is for real it causes. Fibrosis and honey combing the lungs are there some people get it and get super sick some people get it don't even get symptoms this is part of the reason it's so effective because so many people can walk around with it and you don't see the effects of it. So it can spread very well it's not deadly enough to be easily contained and it's not so easily identified that it can be easily contained it is a stealth virus that will sneak into communities and when a few people don't get very bad symptoms they'll give it to somebody who will it will for for whom it may be a cause a critical disease or be lethal that is the nature of this virus and let me warn you let me remind you that such is the nature of the real great virus of this world the real pandemic of this world sin we live in a society where we see so many people living in sin celebrating sin and nothing seems like it happens to them and so our guard is down we're not covering our cough we're not we're not making sure that we take respiratory precautions we're not making sure that we're washing our spiritual hands we're not making sure that we're not shaking the hands of those who might be infected we're not making sure that we're protecting ourselves because we have come to believe that the virus really isn't that dangerous but I want to warn you on this Sabbath as the world is on shutdown that the real virus that needs to be treated is the virus of sin and stealth and a lot of people who look like they're prospering in their sin but the sin like these viruses is deadly and there's only one anecdote only one way you'll survive the disease of sin and that is that you have the anecdote that anecdote is the blood of Jesus Christ we already know to cure for the greatest pandemic in the history of the universe then it don't is to have the blood of Jesus Christ applied to your luck to your life to turn your eyes upon Jesus to look. Full in his wonderful face so that the things of earth will grow strangely been the light of His glory and Grace Amen Father God as I step down from his pulpit Lord let us never step away from your presence I am asking in a special way Lord tonight as many are so afraid that they remember what you said Be of good cheer it is-I Be not afraid Lord this virus will wreak its havoc we are praying that you stop it that you cut this thing short in mercy that you save the lives that could be lost that he might hear of the power in the wonder that is in the name of Jesus Father got if this thing goes far and it does what the Spanish flu once did and and the Black Plague once did if it if it circles the globe it just completely wreaks havoc Lord let us still not forget that you are in control. Father God we need to draw closer to. This is our prayer in Jesus presence and believe in him and. 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