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COVID19: Not Afraid - Part 2

Eric Walsh
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As the pandemic grows so do fears. What is really at stake and what can God's people expect next and how should they prepare. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 21, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word to have spiritual discussion again Lord again I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon the last that you have a portrait of Jesus Christ or Father God is your man servant is not worthy but I claim and plead the blood of Jesus Christ and then let me speak Lord I ask that you bring all things to my mind and when I'm through my vocal chords and across the sound waves so that your people would hear the word this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen So this week we are further into the coven 1000 pandemic the world is more afraid now than it ever has been the nation of Italy has been rocked by this disease would high death rates and many dead. China is now reporting that there are no new cases yesterday what that was the report that I heard while the United States is continuing to see more and more cases and more and more deaths in one part of the United States 3 members of one family have succumbed to this disease so the disease is not a joke. This disease works in a very tricky fashion as the medical science is beginning to come forward we are now know we now know that the disease can often just start with a mild sore throat. And that the virus might actually sit in the throat or in the mouth some people argue that that's how it happens so you can you hear a lot of people online telling you to drink a lot of water to flush the virus into your stomach where the stomach acid would kill the virus I don't know if that's perfectly accurate but it's always good to drink a lot of water so I won't tell you not to do that. And then you always have to be careful because this is a droplet transmission disease which means someone really has to cough when you sneeze on you and the droplets the little balls of water. To think about but that they have to get inside to you and affect you and that's how this disease spreads the other thing we now know is that this disease is able to stay in the air for long periods of time in droplet form and if it gets on especially metallic surfaces some argue it might be able to last for days. Once the disease gets into the lungs if it can get past your immune system and I'll talk about the immune system in a 2nd before we get into the word it what it does it gets into the lung and it causes a massive production of mucus it sounds like from what the experts are describing and then some honeycomb is what they call it of the long where there's like a some bit of a 5 Brodrick in full inflammatory effect on the lung which is where this disease really begins to cause damage I would imagine that many of the people once the lung is compromised pneumonia sets in and it's probably bacterial pneumonia on top of the viral infection and ultimately either for respiratory failure or from sepsis people would die doesn't sound like it would be a pleasant death on that this is a very difficult and painful situation many people who get that sick wind up on ventilators and hence the medical system is worried because of all of these people wind up in the intensive care unit all at the same time it could overload our system where doctors are having to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn't and that is the fear as 80 some odd percent of the people will get minor symptoms or no symptoms at all one of the famous actors eaters Alba was diagnosed with the disease this week Tom Hanks has been diagnosed a disease there are many others who've been diagnosed in high places in the country causing some to argue that it's not fair that the rich and famous or the privilege are able to get a test when other people can't get them but that's another argument another story another discussion but it is Alba said look I've been I was exposed I know that at an event where there was someone who was infected so I went and got tested and I have no symptoms but I have the disease of the infection and there will be many who that is the case but let me give you before we get into the word a few pointers on managing this disease 1st and foremost. It is really important not to wash it to keep your hands clean not to touch things and not wash your hands. If you like me have a hard time not to. In your face but you're not supposed to touch your face because then you can bring the droplet here mouth or to your eyes remember that the eyes of mucous membranes and so the droplet of the infection get into the black Romel adopted or into into your eye the nose the mouth so all of these things are things you want to avoid obviously we talk about distancing as what if you talk about 6 feet sort of it's less likely someone breathes or coughs this on you. And wiping down surfaces but to get a little more into our health message one thing that you do need to know is that the sun is quite anti-viral and one of the reasons why the flu and these other diseases get less than that when it gets warmer is because people want side to get more sun The sun is able to kill pathogens and so the really radiation from the sun the light of the sun is able to do that warmer weather seems to make the virus not work as well as the we're fortunate we're going into a warmer time of the year. But so sunlight is clearly important get now started getting fresh air is clearly important but there are things you can do the dark berries dark grapes the reason they have that dark pigmentation is because of the chemical in them color is very troll Rivera troll has been shown in studies to shorten viral illnesses probably never tested on this particular virus but I would assume it wouldn't hurt for you to increase the intake you have of blueberries and Blackberries and dark grapes I would also argue that this is if you've been compound templating a whole food plant based lifestyle where you give up animal products and cheese and milk if you ever need a motivation this is a good time there are still many who argue that dairy products actually increase new cause production but if you happen to get this virus you don't want it to be in a place where you produce a whole lot of mucous the consumption of alcohol and other things that that mess with the lower sphincter and cause it every flux is something you don't want when you're trying to keep things from going into your lungs so it is a good time to quit smoking for the fact effects it has on your lungs as well as the fact that it also loosens the lower esophageal sphincter. And caused things to come back up along with caffeine so all of the things we talk about our health message are protective against this virus leafy green vegetables what was given to man as he left the garden the herb of the field that adamant was told to go and to and to and to grow is quite protective as well with the nutrients and antioxidants found in leafy green vegetables along with the dark berries if there was ever a time you want to make it all the milk. Spinach blueberry Blackberry smoothie now would be the time it would be a great concoction to help protect you against this virus along with vegetable soup probably no better time to be drinking lots of vegetable soup than right now warm liquid seem to do a good job in protecting you against this I read an article about button mushrooms and some Adventists won't eat mushrooms because they are not plants find don't eat them but they are proven and shown in one study to actually increase the immunoglobulin aid at a body's in the in the oral mucosa to protect it would grab the virus of someone breathes the virus on you you would get you would grab the virus in your mouth that along and mucous membranes of your mouth and nose before it can get down into your slangs and and really infect you so eating all of these foods are very protective. And staying away from all these things and even though we're all locked up in the gyms are closing exercise does 2 things in a situation like this one thing is exercise a really good release endorphins in the mind lower stress levels I know many watching and listening to this are stressed out over their money over their retirement accounts over their jobs over their loved ones exercising regularly just the brisk walk outside or even around the house even is a good way to get those endorphins up so that you can help your mood. And the other reason exercise is good because it does boost the immune system and allows you to be a better able to fight infection The other thing that will harm your immune system that was kind of anti exercise are sweets Now don't get me wrong if you eat a snickers bar you will feel real good like edible crack I know and so you don't want to eat Snickers bars right now because knickers Barzan your blood sugar shoots up your white blood cells go to sleep for 6 to 8 hours this is not the time you want your white blood cells going to sleep for 6 to 8 hours at a time one of the reasons this this virus is going to be have the rich. Havoc it has something no one is talking about isn't simply because of how contagious it is or how variant of is it is because the immune system collectively in the West and around the world is lower than it should be because we do not practice the health principles as outlined in the holy scripture so if we follow that in the during the the bubonic plague the black plague of your of the Jews or did not succumb the way the others did on the up to a 3rd of the population of Europe died yet Jews survived quite well in fact it fueled much of the end to Semitism of Europe that one group of people didn't die why did the Jews died because they followed the biblical precepts to stay away from unclean foods and they washed their hands ceremonially before they ate and that was enough to keep them safe from from that plague let me submit to you that the last part of our health message that I want to bring up in the New Start which is trust in God The last part of it is also protective I do not want the people of God afraid of a virus the people of God may not be afraid of governments and a lot of conspiracy theories maybe you're right maybe you're wrong but let me tell you something there's nothing in the world to fear our fear our trust our hope most all be in God and it is healthy for us to not live in this world in panic and start to call there's not a pandemic but a panic Demick because people are so afraid of what's happening I want the Christian believer not to allow the world to weaken you to the point where you are shuddering in your home running around in circles I saw a patient as we came in he's had ringing in his ears for 4 months and he came into the clinic this week and said I want to be tested for Corona virus and he said what's your symptoms he said I have ringing in my ears he's had it for 4 months. You have a cough no fever no runny nose no sore throat no nothing shortness of breath another my ears are ringing but I need to be tested with a Why do you think it is because it is that I was watching the news and they keep saying corrode of ours that I must need to be tested my ears are ringing. Church is a ring and you don't have the group of others I want you as a people of God to not be a free event All right we're going to go to Matthew chapter 24 we'll give more updates on that as we go along but I want to go to Matthew chapter $24.00 and just read a few verses. To continue on verse 9 says we let me recap last week we talked about all the things that would be coming upon the earth that you would hear of wars and rumors of wars of verse 6 that you should not be troubled Amen as I was just saying don't be afraid. All these things must come to pass but the end is not yet what you're seeing is not the end this is not the end it's going to get worse nation shall rise against the Jesus qualifies that statement he's speaking about what's going to happen before the end begin the says for nations shall rise against nation that's war that's ethnic war that's research war that's all of those different things kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes and diverse places and we've seen all of that this week famine is happening around the world economic collapse is happening all right there pestilence the coronavirus the flu the seasonal flu is going to kill tens of thousands of people this year as much as we talk about the coronavirus nobody's talking about the fact that the flu like a pestilence don't take a lot of people out this year and this is a bad flu year because the that scene didn't match well pestilence and earthquake we had an earthquake this week in Utah in Salt Lake City we had one just this year in Puerto Rico and one in the Caribbean between Jamaica and Cuba and we've having them all over the world are not talking much about these things I could talk about the fires in Australia I mentioned earlier 1000000000 animals dead we are with this these prophecies are being fulfilled and at the end of it Jesus still says all these verses 8 are the Beginning of Sorrows 8 Matthew $24.00 verse 8 all these are the Beginning of Sorrows what you're seeing now the church is just the beginning. You know what a prophet said the Prophet says listen if you can't keep up with the footman How are you going to run into horses if what's happening now is just the beginning of sorrows and some are losing their belief in God over what is happening now how are we going to stay with God when it gets worse verse 9 then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted How's it going to get worse something's going to happen to turn the attention of the world against God's people that's was about to happen something's going to happen they should deliver you up to be afflicted and they shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake and then shall Many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another verse $9.10 says something's going to happen that will cause the entire world to turn against the people of God all at once we are going to be the ones that if focus on and I want you to notice what is happening in the world now President Trump made a statement earlier this week about what this exercise is pandemic and how responding is really like a like a dry run for what will happen later on or what can happen in the future I thought it was an interesting statement that I should find it maybe next week I put it up that was an interesting statement the pope says this week that he talked to God and told him to stop the epidemic to stop the virus so if it doesn't stop and like 7 days I don't know if he still is allowed to be pope. But that is what's happening we were looking at people starting to tell you a little bit about the agenda something is going to happen and the world is going to turn on the people of God. What's going to happen well you going to keep hearing if you look at Twitter and if you look at Facebook and I don't normally have a 1000000 of these things knapsack and Tic Tac and all kinds of stuff to talk on him. And have all these things that the world is watching and they were looking at in a good knowledge information and now they're saying listen it's the common good we ought to shutter in place and stay 6 feet apart and stay away from church and stay away from ballgames because it's the common good and if someone online dear is to show themselves outside at the beach they were mad at people at the beach in Florida because I'm I would argue what are probably the safest places you could be as a beach right now where it's hot and humid and you can get in salt water and rinse the virus off and threw you might not be a bad idea I mean I want to get too close to folk but I mean they make people look bad and feel bad for going against these edicts and I understand the relevance in the moment don't get me wrong we people need to be protecting one another and society I get it what is scary is how they can shame people for not following the rules this is where the people of God ought to be watching this is our practice or a dry run what happens when the edict to save the world isn't that we stay 6 feet apart and bump our elbows or tap our feet together what happens when the edict is that you keep the since the 1st day of the week holy. What happens when a shift to the 1st day of the week and we get publicly shamed this is what Jesus talking about something's going to happen in the shift is going to go on to God's people and what's going to happen is around the idea that in order and we've we've heard this from the current pope that if we had a global Sabbath on Sunday we could protect the environment people began to clamor how when China had to shut down because of this virus how the carbon footprint went down and there are those who are saying we need an environmental Sabbath the global Sabbath where we bring down carbon levels once a week church I'm warning you that what we might be watching happening right now is literally the drive run for what will happen when those who don't conform a are persecuted for following the Word of God It was interesting as verse and tenses and then so many be offended so betray one another and shall hate one another difficult times are ahead have some quotes here I want to read this quote from testimonies volume 5 page 463 it says the work which the church has failed to do in time of peace and prosperity she will have to do in terrible crisis under most discouraging for bidding circumstances right now is peace and safety and we may not have done the work we should have done the world is going to turn on us and we are still going to have to do as God says do we're still going to have to Rivendell eyes the world because Matthew $24.00 goes on to say and this Gospel in verse 14 of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness on to all nations and then shall the end come the end will not come until we are persecuted and the Gospel is preached and the whites as in many false prophets I mean the scripts are Matthew Jesus speak in Matthew 2411 says and many false prophets shall rise and the shout of the Seas many. Then Jesus says and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold so sure there's only false prophets that are going to rise up and are going to deceive a lot of people and because iniquity shall abound in other words in the backdrop of of moral chaos we no longer have right or wrong and more relativism is the way of the old souls music song used to say it's your Fang do what you want to do as the world takes on that of that angle that is going to cause the world to grow cold towards other people we are going to be living in a difficult time and verse 13 is one of the things I want you to take home with you Jesus says but he that shall indoor and to the end the same shall be saved I want to submit to you tonight as the world is panicked and everyone is in under lockdown and and those are so many are afraid I want you to get that you are not running a sprint this year you are not you same boat not trying to do 100 meters and in 8 seconds unless you're more like those runners from Kenya and Ethiopia who can run 26 miles in under 2 minutes you are trying to run a long distance and the reason that's relevant is because when the world gets difficult as it is now some of us our fate is going to falter I want you to understand it's all right if you're running the race and you fall it's just you gotta get up and keep running the race you've got to indoor all the way to the finish line. I swear the scripture says the just man falls 7 times but he rises every time I came to tell you tonight that part of what is a pandemic ought to be teaching you is that you are not perfect the world is not perfect Great America is struggling under this pandemic and if America with all the money we spend on public health and science is struggling under this thing it means imperfection is innate to man and if you've messed up in your life I want to liberate you tonight that you don't need to be running a perfect race you need to finish the race you need to endure the hardship the trials or something while the world is thinking about coven 1000 there are people who've lost loved ones nothing to do with a pandemic and yet they're grieving marriages that have broken into pieces and people are grieving tonight there are young people who who can't find their way who may even be contemplating taking their own lives tonight I mean to tell you that there's hope if you can endure to the end you'll be saved doesn't matter how many times you messed up what matters is that you get up every time being righteous means you're willing like David to come back to God and repent of your sin and say I've been of acted foolishly and resented that verse 13 comes before 14 is because how can we preach a gospel we have not experienced. It isn't the fact that we have endured that means that we've gotten through our mistakes and our failures and our imperfections that's why we know what this gospel really is that's why verse 14 says and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto our nations and then shall the end come the folk who preach this gospel know what it's like to come out of great tribulation to know we know what it's like to have messed up before God to fail him to have sinned against Him We know what it's like but that's why we love the Lord so much because To whom much is forgiven he loves much and because we've been forgiven much we can preach this gospel with our discussable of the kingdom shall be preached and then then church shall the end come let me read just one more quote from the Spirit of Prophecy and we can close this session 0 as a religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions for their own sake they should while they have opportunity become intelligent in regard to disease its causes prevention and cure and those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering one plenty of them who will need help there will be suffering ones plenty the of them who will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth councils on health page 506 I want you to see that what last and last point I want to make tonight is you probably are recognizing that the world would do anything right now to be safe from this virus anything people who don't believe in god who have sworn him off will come and sit would come and sit in to a church tonight to find out how they could protect their families from this virus this virus will kill hundreds maybe thousands of people in America this year and around the world even more. But every year heart disease and cancer can kill between 40 and 50000 people at some point people are going to ask how do I protect myself and my family if we're going to finish the work as Matthew 2414 says we need to know the health message that's why it is attached to the 30 angels message because by knowing the health message we are able to save a world we are able to reach a world of people who would otherwise want nothing to do with us if we have the answers to the disease problems of this world people come and listen and hear a close what is verse just a verse of encouragement from Jeremiah Chapter 17 because right now people think that men are going to save us that we're going to be saved by governments and public health entities and pray the governments in the public health agencies and hospital systems can help us and that they can pull us through but I want to Christian to remember these words of Jeremiah 17 verse 5 Thus saith the Lord Cursed be the man the trust that in man and makes flesh his arm on his heart departed from the Lord were successful he shall be like the heath in the desert and shall not see one good cometh but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness and I saw it land and and and not inhabited but verse 7 says something else and this is the message I want to leave you tonight Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is for he shall be as a tree planted by the waters that spreads out her roots by the river and shall not see when he comes but her leaf shall be green and shall not be careful in the year of drought neither shall cease from yielding fruit I want to challenge you to not take the curse of trusting men is a curse and putting all our trust in men is a blessing in trusting God. I notice time is tough but church be blessed by trusting God Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for your word and for your prophecies Lord as the coronavirus circles the globe and as the panic level escalates and people are willing to fight in the stores of the toilet paper up as Lord to remember that you are the True and Living God Now we can put our trust in you Lord you told us in your word you promised us in your word as David said I was young and now I am old and I've never seen the righteous for saken nor his seed begging bread you'll take care of your people we know this Lord the Lord we accept your blessing in advance because we choose to trust even in these dark times. Rotavirus will not cause us to be free this is our prayer in Jesus process of leaving. 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