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Stopping the Pandemic at the Door

Eric Walsh


King David came face to face with a pandemic and was able to stop it before it brought death to Jerusalem: what can we learn from his experience. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 21, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word I asked Now in order to make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord upon a nail or acid to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let me not be seen or heard tonight Lord instead father let us hear a word from the throne room of grace as our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen again this week I am Dr Walsh a medical doctor a public health specialist. I worked in the field of public health for a long time and never have we encountered anything quite like what we're going through now the story in a scripture that I was reminded of this week to study to present it's found a book a 2nd Samuel Chapter $24.00 will go through the Bible a few key lessons and I'll bring in some of the relevant pieces of what is going on in the world right now Bible says in 2nd Samuel 24 in verse one and again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel and he moved David against them to say Goal number Israel and Judah to understand the story fully you have to understand that although David is responsible for his actions God allowed David to make a bad decision the 1st verse of the chapter says God moved David against the people how did God move David against the people by making David number the people this idea came in his mind to number Israel and Judah but why because the Bible says God was mad at Israel he was upset with the nation verse 2 The king said to Joe of Captain of the holes which was with him go now through all the tribes of his riled from Dan to bear Sheba and number you the people that I may know the number of the people not Joab said to the king now Lord Di got. Under the people. How many so ever they may be a 100 fold and that the eyes of my lord the king may see it Joe a bastard David why but why does my lord the king delight in this thing this story is an interesting story God is mad at Israel Israel is beginning to slip away from God why is Israel slipping Israel is slipping because of prosperity for the 1st time in its history Israel has a solid King in David Judah and Israel are unified their enemies have been beaten back David as a mighty warrior king and Israel has won all of these battles now they are trading around the world and money is pouring in Israel's coffers are filling up the standard of living of the Nation of Israel is higher under David that it will ever be the people of God begin to slip from God because of their prosperity you know it's interesting because people preach these prosperity messages as if prosperity is the natural result of faith that if you believe in God you should be prosperous let me submit to you to be careful that in fact prosperity sometimes is the very thing that will cause you to lose your faith and here now there in a this thing is happening job says David why do you delight in this thing and all you can see is that David is becoming prideful the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that even David who had such a wonderful upbringing as a shepherd in humility a musician someone who praise God and had been through all the things that got it delivered from even David under the weight of prosperity even his heart began to be corrupted. David was proud of his kingdom proud of having these large armies and soldiers you can imagine he he having like a military parade and all of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers marching through the streets of Jerusalem David had become proud but he was still the king verse 4 says Notwithstanding the king King's words prevailed against Joy been against the captains of the host and job and the captain of the holes went out from the presence of the king to number the people of his or so they left and went to number Israel and if I was says and they passed over Jordan pitched in or oyur and on the right side of the city that lies in the midst of the river of Gad and toward geezer then they came to Gilly it into the land of Tommy to put cheap and they came on to dun John and about Zeidan and they kick and came to the stronghold of tyrants all the cities of the HIV Aids and of the Canaanites and they went out to the south of Judah even to bear Sheba in other words they covered the whole land like America is about to do with the census Not all know if the coronavirus will cause them not to go door to door and do a census that I thought about them so when they had gone through all the land they came to Jerusalem at the end of 9 months and 20 days took them almost 10 months Joel gave the sum of the number of the people under the king after he done the census and there were in Israel 800000 valiant men that drew the sword and the men of Judah were 500000 men it's interesting they don't tell you the total number of people just the total number of people who can fight isn't that interesting they don't tell you how many people live in Israel and Judah they tell you how many people actually can fight this is the statement This is the key when you read the Spirit of Prophecy we are told there is on this principle David thought that they could fight their way out of all their problems. The people began to think it was because they had a mighty king and a mighty army and did not realize it was because they had a mighty God this sounds like the sin of America doesn't it when we think we have a mighty president and a mighty government we think we have though and when we brag about having the world's strongest army and and the most sophisticated military technology we brag about our standard of living and and the fact that we have all of these are wealthy people in our nation we brag because we think that it is on the arms of the flesh of men that America is made great and we forget the sins of America we forget the failings of America we also at times forget that it was God who blessed America and now our country has turned from God to secularism and humanism we believe that man was not created now in our public schools but that man is the is the complex result of a bunch of of random chance accidents and evolve from single celled organisms through apes into human beings we have turned from God and we believe that we can if we can count the military we are all right 10 months later when they get back David realized he had made a mistake verse 10 the Bible says and David's heart smote him and after that he had numbered the people and David said unto the Lord I have sinned greatly and that and that I have done and now I beseech thee o. Lord take away the iniquity of thy servant for I have done very foolishly. They don't want it 10 months later now it's interesting all the 10 months they're counting David doesn't say you know let me stop the census you know the Senate about to go and get them it's funny how the Senate doesn't seem so sinful until it's completed its task it isn't until you get the word that you're pregnant when you didn't want to be or or you've got a disease you didn't want to get it's not until you are fully addicted that you begin to realize just how dangerous the stuff you were messing with was David and when they come back and they tell of not number of the people but the number of the soldiers he has that David begins to realize he has sinned against God by asking to number the people why did David come to this. Her appear. In the story well it wasn't all by himself in fact there was a prophet involved just like a Nathan was the prophet helped him with Bathsheba this one is a prophet Gad for David was up in the morning he got up in the morning and the word of the Lord came unto the prophet God David See you're saying Go and tell Dave it does say of the Lord I offer the 3 things choose the the the one of them that I may do it until you the prophet comes a day of you mad David gets up in the morning probably does as normal routine as calisthenics has his peppermint tea and he's ready for the day the prophet walks in as a David you're in trouble you got to pick one of 3 things one of these 3 things will tell you what your punishment was going to be since you've recognized that you made a mistake verse 13 so God came to David the sea of the Lord and told him and said unto him shall 7 years of famine come on to the in the land or will you flee 3 months before the enemies while they pursue you or that there be 3 days pestilence in the land. God says something crazy now advise and see what answer I shall return to Him that sent me 3 options you get David one of them is there can be a famine there would not be enough food for your people since you numbered the people and you think it's such a big deal I have a big crowd following you I'm going to take away your ability to feed them punishment number one or number 2 since you think you're such a big shot and you have such a strong army punishment over to it you will have to run from your enemies and I can imagine David said I've been there and done that before he ran for a long time not sure I want to be runnin from anybody anymore but a 3rd when he says I'm going to hit the land with Pestilence not notice the famine is 7 years to run is 3 months but the past is just 3 days and I want you to get this in this time of the coronavirus 19 covert 19 all the different names we have for it I want you to get that the pastor Lentz is so terrible an idea to God that although a famine can last 7 years or a military defeat can last 3 months it is equivalent to a pestilence or a disease just lasting 3 days in fact viral or just an epidemiologist have long been pleading with the world that we need to prepare for the next pandemic we are now seeing that America did not prepare well we could talk bad about the rest of the world but the reality is right now as I speak America does not have enough tests for this disease we don't have it we're scared we might not have in a ventilator as we're seeing in other countries we are afraid that disease will spread so rapidly and overrun our health care system pestilence is one of the worst punishments that God can put upon our people 3 days of pestilence it's interesting because God says listen you have to tell me what your answer is because I got to go back and tell who sent me who sent him his God Himself and then David says and to gather. I am in a great story in other words like Man I'm in trouble and then David comes to a conclusion David says if we're going to do anything this is what we're going to do he says let us fall now into the hand of the Lord for His mercies are great and let me not fall into the hand of man they were says listen if I'm in trouble I do not want to fall into the hand of my enemies I don't want famine where I might need someone else to find us food he says if I'm gonna get in trouble let me fall into the hand of God Why Don't miss this church the reason you always want to fall into God's hand is because God is merciful let me not fall into the hand of man so the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel from the morning even to the time appointed and there died of the people of from Dan even to bear Sheba 70000 men pestilence it's only supposed to last for 3 days and in 3 days 70000 men die this does not say women or children we don't know if they died as well but it does say that 70000 men died and a massive impact on the nation pestilence can do this and here's the crazy thing as we deal with a pestilence in the world today understand that if the coronavirus had just a little bit higher of a case fatality rate we would be running for the hills they just said it probably the case the tally rate even in China is lower than they originally thought maybe more like 1.4 percent the common flu that we get most is about point one percent so still about 14 times more deadly based on the information we have now I believe it'll keep coming down but if this pestilence was more dangerous in just a few days 70000 people could be killed another wife says this. Testimonies for the church volume 5 page $463.00 she says the work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity she will have to do in a terrible crisis under most discouraging for bidding circumstances the warnings that worldly conformity has silenced or the held must be given under the fiercest opposition from enemies of the faith and at that time the superficial conservative class whose influence has steadily retarded the progress of the work will renounce the faith. Something right now churches all over the world are closed people don't know what to do to stay at home some folk are probably happy to stay home right now we can see that gathering evangelizing is tough and difficult isn't it interesting that just a few weeks ago we could have easily held Crusades and 10 efforts and in just the stroke of a pen just a flat blink of an eye and now the world has come down to just yesterday as I say this the state of California put their whole state on lockdown with other states probably looking to follow what it was peace and prosperity when we could move about freely we didn't do what we were supposed to do and let me let me tell you that what we're looking at now is really just a warning it is just a just just just God flashing what is coming in before us now is the time to look up and know who God is and do the work of evangelizing because things are only going to get worse verse 16 of 2nd Samuel 24 says and when the angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it the Lord repented him of the evil and said to the angel that destroyed the people it is enough stay now the one hand and the angel of the Lord was by the threshing place of our Ana the Jeb you cite the scripture says that when God got to where David was the city of Jerusalem. Actually And we're where the site is this is the Mt Mariah this many scholars believe is the very site where Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed later on the Temple would be built on this very site as God got to that site I would imagine he remembered Abraham I remember out imagine he remembered Isaac and Jacob out of Madge and he remembered a David and he looked down and he said wait a minute and God said wait a minute stop just as David said God is merciful and as God saw what was happening and he's about to strike the capital city God said Ok that's enough notice in verse 17 David is not speaking to get any more he speaks directly to God David spake unto the Lord when he saw the angel that smote the people and said Lo I have sinned and I have done wickedly but these sheep What have they done let die in hand I prayed to be against me against my father's house. God says listen it's enough stop but when David looks out and somehow he can actually see the angel of God who missed this David is able to see beyond the veil of the physical into the spiritual realm David sees the angel of God standing there ready to destroy David who looks at the Angel in position and he has to cry out to God and say wait a minute it wasn't that Lord it was me I remember the story starts the god is upset with the people the children of Israel they had already begun to sin so David is now willing to on the Mount of Mariah where Isaac was to be sacrificed and God found a ram in the thicket or Abraham found a ram and a ticket to take his son's place representing what would happen at the cross of Calvary which actually happened not far from Mt Mariah itself some argue on the top of Mt Mariah right here that same place David now steps in and says you know what it's not do not kill them for my sin let me die for their sins take it out on me Lord and I want to submit to you that this is the 1st lesson from this story repentance if you want to stop the pandemic you want to stop the pestilence or disease the spiritual pandemic the sin pandemic and it will allow you to survive these physical pandemics The 1st thing that is necessary is repentance remembers David who said look I sinned and I did foolishly he'd already said this but repentance isn't just saying you're sorry for your sins it is doing what David says it is being willing to pay the price for your sin to accept the consequences of your sin repentance says Lord I have sinned and I'm not going to do it again even though I understand I might still have to deal with the consequences David says take it out on me and on my family leave the people alone he repented. This epidemic pandemic. Pestilence circulates the globe I wonder sometime if we many of us as Christians are saying this is a warning to the world this is a statement to the world but God has been showing me that maybe this covert 19 thing is a warning to the church maybe it's us that God is talking to maybe we need to recognize where we have failed God how we have sinned maybe it's time for us to repent maybe God isn't trying to wake up the world maybe God is trying to wake up the church we shut our doors to the church so quick when we were worried about getting an infection when we were able to keep the church doors open when the penalty for gathering to worship is death repentance maybe God is speaking to the church now maybe that's what this is all about maybe we have gotten so complacent and Israel was so happy in our prosperity so happy at all we have that we have forgotten what God had was giving us and salvation and and the 2nd coming maybe we were calling ourselves 70 Adventists but we really were beginning to forget the 7 day and the 2nd Advent maybe this test the Linz is a reminder 7 Samuel $24.00 and verse 18 dad came that data David David already spoken to God The Prophet comes I said go up rare an altar unto the Lord in the threshing floor of our on the Japanese site and David according to the saying of Gad went up as the Lord commanded and Iran looked and saw the king and his servants coming on toward him and went out and bought himself before the king on his face upon the ground. God comes to David as listen if you're not go if you if this thing is going to be stayed you've got to go out and you need to go do what God says you need to go and set up an altar in the threshing floor on this corner of Mt Mariah The 2nd principle if you want to keep the pestilence out of your house you want to stop the pandemic from reaching you the 1st step is repentance the 2nd step is obedience David is willing to obey God when when dad comes to him and says listen this is what you're going to have to do David is willing to do it in fact he's willing to put himself as you're about to see in a very. Humbling situation as the king of a nation he's obedient and let me tell you something church one of the things that's scary in these days is we are living in a time where no one thinks we need to obey God's law even inside the church we think somehow we're going to make it through and not conform to the precepts and principles as outlined in the holy scripture I want to warn you as this pestilence circulates the globe as we are in Galt in pandemic and they are telling us how to wash our hands and telling us how much distance to keep and how to greet each other and everyone is complying it's interesting that people are willing to follow all those laws all those edicts and yet this the commandments of God as written in His Word are ignored saw funny cartoon where they had a where they had to set up and one of them said how to survive covert 1000 and the line was long and another one said how to be saved from this sinful world and it was nobody in the line right now we live in a time when we think we're going to get away with it we think if we just obey the laws of man and the science of man and of philosophies of Man will be all right if we do all the thing man says let me tell you something if we're going to survive these last days we have to be obedient to God's Word even when the world comes against us examine 24 in verse 21. And I want to said where for is my lord the king come to his servant why have you come King David said to buy the threshing floor off of the to build an altar unto the Lord that the plague may be stayed from the people there was a lesson in being obedient I've got to buy your place because I need to build an altar now I want to set on to David let my lord the king take and offer up what seems good on to him like the whole look is oxen for burnt offering for burnt sacrifice the threshing instruments and other instruments of the oxen for wood he said listen you can take my animals dismantle my farm equipment cut it up into pieces build your altar and offer to the Lord the man who was keeping the Glen upon which Abraham had gone to sacrifice Isaac the man who was keeping the land upon which the Temple would one day be built was a righteous and noble man he was willing to give up all he had to make things right for his nation were $23.00 says all these things that I want to as a kid as as a king give give it unto a king under the king and he said on to the king the Lord thy God except as a powerful prayer the Lord diet except. When we come together as a church and we pray for one another and we confess our faults one to another some of the prayer we need to give each of them in the Lord thy God accept the new sacrifice and you go down in prayer to ask God for forgiveness sometimes he has got to pay a lot except that person's prayer except their repentance except their sacrifice verse 24 The king said on terror on a name but I was surely by of the at a price they which is I can't you can't give this to me neither will I offer burnt offering unto the Lord my God of that which does cost me nothing. So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for 50 shekels of silver and David built there an altar unto the Lord and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings so the Lord was and treated for the land the plague was stayed from Israel the last principle here is a very important if we are going to stop the plague from reaching us if we're to stop the pestilence and the pandemic spiritual as well as far as physical we are going to have to sacrifice something David says in fact we can't do this if it's free it's got a cost of the now we you know we talk about salvation is free salvation is free freely given but it still cost comes at a high cost Christ paid the price he had to die a painful death David says listen I can offer to God and it doesn't cost me anything some of us think we are going to be able to get right with God and it cost us nothing if you want to get right with God you're going to have to do some things in fact in Revelation Jesus is listen you need to buy of me gold tried in the fire he goes to a laundry list and clean Raymond that you might be closed he goes to all of these different and I sow that you might see he goes to and gives you all these things because salvation although is a free gift it ought to cost you something that ought to cost you your pride selfishness arrogance passion cost you something David bill that author are also there and just like he predicted God was merciful and the whole thing stopped the 3rd principle if you're going to survive the plague that is coming upon the world a 3rd principle is you have to sacrifice something. There are things that we're not going to be able to hold on to there are things that function as anchors on our bodies and if we hold on to those things when a 2nd coming comes and it's time for us to be lifted into the sky if we're too busy holding on like Lot's wife will be holding on to something on the earth and we will not be able to fully when it's time to go I challenge you why you're under quarantine in a lockdown while the cities begin to shut down and schools are closed to search our hearts daily and diligently What do I need to give up what do I need to sacrifice so that the play that final plague does not reach me because every day some church there plagues coming there's a reason and Revelation the Bible describes 7 last plagues because before the close of probation there will be other plagues as the scribe in Matthew 24 terrible things are about to come on this world just as here we've watched Australia burn and a 1000000000 animals 1000000000 animals die in Australia we have watched earthquakes hit Salt Lake City Puerto Rico the Caribbean and much of the world we have watched the war escalate to the teeter in the end in Iran and Iraq between the United States and Iran we have watched all of these prophecies bills being fulfilled and yet it's as if the church things everything is fine sacrifice time to give up some stuff a wife says this and paychecks and profits paid 750 for great had been David's fall but deep was his repentance ardent was his love and strong his faith he had been forgiven much and therefore he loved much and she called to look 747 and let me take some church as we close and I know how difficult these times are but let me say this about how bad your past is no matter how harsh your failings have been I want you to see and to accept the reality that the darker your past. The more powerful Christ blood is the more mass you did as a a in your youth or in your past the more powerful is the cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ and the more you are forgiven the more you will love him so I want to tell you of the plagues circles the globe in a search now people are trying to make their own hand sanitizer in their own disinfectant for their cabinets folk are trying to figure out ways to go to the c.d.c. so you can wear a bandana and not a mask and all kinds of stuff as the world is looking to protect itself from pathogens and in this case the covert 1000 virus as the world is looking to do all of those things and we put our trust in medical equipment and medical supplies I challenge you to put your trust in the blood of Jesus Christ some of us have more trust in Lysol than we do in the blood and I challenge you and as you are forgiven much you will love much and I want to believe that the world shutters because of this pandemic some of us will come to the truth and realisation that we need the Lord more than ever before you want to stop the pandemic at the door take the time you are stuck at home search the Scriptures search your heart repent sacrifice and give all things back to him for Jesus is about to return let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this powerful Bible story these times of uncertainty I thank you lord that you have given us stories and scripture to help us through. I asked now Lord if you would just send your Holy Spirit to church scattered and living around the globe some Lord in their houses in fear the virus will creep in others in fear of job loss and economic hardship some affair in fear of those that a sick oh god as David stood on the side of Mt Mariah as he arrested that altar and saw the angel of death and was able to plead with you for it to stop outside of his house this Sabbath was lowered to plead Help us Lord it to sacrifice so that those plagues this pestilence would not reach inside the house of God Your church will. Keep the angel of death out. Please as you did for David. This is our prayer and Jesus precious. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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