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COVID-19 and Revelation 16

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, looks into Revelation 16 and answers the question as to if COVID-19 is one of the seven last plagues. The Bible tells us where the COVID-19 sits in the last days of earth's history.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 21, 2020
    7:45 PM
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Want to thank those have been singing. As they mentioned earlier. If you can sing for one hour a day it boosts your immunity so we try to have some extra songs today to boost your immunity but when you go out today I hope you all go out for a walk that's one of the things that you can do go anywhere on foot for a walk and I hope that you're out in the sunlight and walking as well today. And hopefully we also have some light from God's word as well today for you to the masses a day I want to say that we do have a Web site that. It's called t c i t c I told a community involvement t c I we mar dot com t c I we are dot com and you can see here I have it up on the screen as I hope that it will be up on the screen soon and this Web site was put together by one of our friends in the community who we met through. T.c. I told the community involvement and during this time. He said What can I do to help out and actually I asked him then and he said he'd be willing to help and he put up this Web site now you'll notice on the website we have total community involvement which we normally go out in the community and help people with whatever their needs are one of the greatest needs in our community right now is good information about how to avoid getting or transmitting the coronavirus and Dr Natalie had done a presentation with Pastor bass for amazing fact which now is in the millions in different languages that's one of the videos on here and then also it tells a little bit about community involvement in another video that's there gives some coronavirus to tips and then it has the message that the brief 2 minute message I gave just on talking about the Bible in quarantine and Dr negli and myself and Dr Ramirez and a number of the physician tear at New Start which is a health program here and this and the. The health facilities here we treat diseases of different kinds that pretty much have been given up on by other people or at least not effectively treated without having lifestyle measures and so those physicians and other guests are going to be joining us for a series of videos that will released once per day so this is a video release now so I invite you to share it on your social media and if you're a church out there that would be interested in having a website similar to this total community and involvement just get in touch with us and we'll get you in touch with someone can help you with that website and you'll notice down here it's got a whole bunch of things that you can look at in terms of what you would like help with so it actually has some of you that I know what toll community involvement is that has a card where you go into the community and you can fill out what your different needs are and we have that as well if you like to ask a question then you can e-mail that as well total community involvement so I think that's a blessing right now when we kind of are limited perhaps in that people we can reach out to we can at least reach out and share good information by pointing to that presentations and the others coming up all right today. We wanted to talk about. Something Betts not in our normal series today and this morning at 8 o'clock I shared a message what I want to encourage you all that was at some point because it gives the history of Wiemar Institute as it relates to or sanitariums not so much we are Institute but sanitariums as they relate to the treatment of flu type diseases the Spanish Flu of 1918 these buildings here on this campus some of them were built in 1917 and this was built around the same time in World War One and and courage you to watch that if you'd like to go to we mar t.v. and look at the 8 o'clock message Let's pray together again and ask the Lord to be with us Father in heaven as we speak today we don't need a need to hear a word from man but we need to hear a word from you so we ask that you would speak to and then through us to bring courage not only to ourselves but to others and we thank you we come in Christ's name Amen. Now over the last few days some people have asked me Pastor Don do you think that what is happening today is part of the last plagues of Revelation Chapter 16 do you believe that what's happening is shown in the Bible or in other inspired writings so I thought today instead of going through our normal series will take this to break and I have 2 messages one this morning one now on this subject today now the plagues of Revelation 16 let's turn there and look at them they were introduced in our scripture reading this morning in Revelation Chapter 15 it showed that the in our scripture reading it said that this there would be 7 last plagues in Revelation 15 verse one and that in them the wrath of God would be complete and then it shifts away from those plagues doesn't say anything more about them right there but then gives a picture of the people that don't go through the plagues or have protection during the place and as the picked picture of those who have victory over the beast and his image and over his mark and over the number of his name and their standing on the sea of glass and they have harps of God and they're singing the song of Moses and the lamb now that's interesting they're singing the song of who Moses in the land who was Moses he was the author of most of the Old Testament and what did he do what was his claim to fame he led God's people out of a bunch of what plagues so he brought them out of plagues and some of those plagues fell on everybody and some of them fell just on the wicked and he led them out of all those plagues and many of them are physical play. As you read if you read the book of Exodus you'll see that and so they they took an exit they went out and they went to the Mountain of God where he had been learning for 40 years how to be patient so he could help them get through a plague situation how many think we're learning a lot about our patience and forbearance in this time of pestilence I mean if you've had your Had your your patience tested I mean if you had some fear or met people with fear or anxiety or frustration so they're singing the song of Moses in the lamb and what did he do he led them from Egypt with its false mountains pyramids and false gods are about 80 of them and he led them from that mountain to God's mountain with one true God and everything today God wants to lead people from false mountains false places of supposed security and false gods and one to lead them towards his mountain and his security and the one who got on and so this is a picture that's given their sameness song of Moses and the land and actually to memorialize this idea that God can deliver them what God did was to build a sanctuary in the wilderness that would remind them of every step of the Exodus so when they left Egypt in their following Moses they sacrificed a lamb and they put the blood on the doorposts Likewise in the sanctuary system a was sacrificed a lamb that represented Jesus in advance. Then they went to the Red Sea Maximina sank where there is a Laver it's actually called a c. in the Book of Kings so they went with the lamb and then they went to the Red Sea next thing they did was to come to the base of the mountain where Moses had years before seen the burning bush and so in the sanctuary there a 7 Lance stance reminding them of the burning bush experience and then the next Moses went up and ate and drank with 7 the elders and next in the sanctuary there's a table of bread with grape juice to remind them of that and then next Moses went up to receive the law of God from God for them left them there and he went up into the very presence of God The rest were quarantined at the base of the mountain and then others came up and then there was another quarantine and then he went up to the bed to the top in arresting quarantine was taught here even in this model because if you had sinned in your life nothing there was something in your life you could go close close to God He put borders there because he didn't want people to be consumed by the wrath of God which is the same thing as the love of God in the sense it's a revelation of his character it's a revelation of who he is I'm here with me on this and then Moses goes up into the most holy place and receives the love of God The next thing you see in the sanctuary system is what the ark and the law of God So these people in Revelation Chapter 15 are singing the song of Moses and the lamb and the lamb led them all the way to face to face relationship no quarantine nothing between their soul and the Savior how many think that's the Jesus we want to study about today. Now having said that let's go to Revelation 16 with that little introduction revelation 16 is not God's sanctuary but it's the devil sanctuary that you know that for everything God teaches that Dell has a counterfeit so there's God the Father this God the Son This God the Holy Spirit and there's the the dragon the beast of the false prophet you know and there's always these counterfeits and in Revelation 16 we pick up where relation 151 has left up and said the 7 last place where in them the wrath of God is complete and then we look at Revelation 16 and you'll see I won't go through all of them in death but these are plagues What do you see in verse 2 you see the you see these loathsome sores that came upon men who had the mark of the beast and those who worship his image remember how revelation fitting they had victory over the beast of his image these other people decided to follow the beast receive the mark of the vase and worship the beast so they're no longer protected and they receive a play. What is this mark of the Beast What is the Beast What is the number of his name I won't go into all that now but if you're watching on line or if you're interested here I certainly can study with you or we can study with you that's that's something I'd love to do but let me just say this there's a beast pictured in Revelation 13 that tries to get all the world to worship Him The 1st Commandment says you should only worse of God So he's breaking the 1st commandment he tries to get people to make an image to the beast 2nd man is outside not make into the any graven image or any likeness of anything that's in the heavens above the earth beneath doesn't a bad on myself to the most serve them for I the Lord I got I'm a jealous God visiting an eclipse of the of the Church of the fathers upon the children right the 3rd 4th generation of them who hate me but showing mercy and love to them that love me and keep my commandments so he's breaking the 2nd Commandment the next thing if they're going to have the number or the name of the beast was the 3rd commandment thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain and then finally the last one is they're going to receive the mark of the beast and if there is commanding number one and a commandment number 2 and a number 3 what do you think it the next commandment to deal with is it's the 4th Commandment and so these people are showing disregard for God's 1st 4 commandments the vertical relationship between them and God which is supposed to be there they say I don't want a relationship with him never met some of the doesn't want to have a relationship with someone else you know they find ways to separate from each other they're not listening to each other and this is exact same thing happening here so this 1st loathsome sore falls and these folks have a lot to be don't want to be those kind of those folks then that you have the seed turning to blood is the next plague. In. Verse 3 the sea is turning to blood and then the waters the fresh waters are turning to blood and then the 4th plague and they're in as you move down you have men scorched with heat so you have men's courts with heat and verse 8 and 9 and then you have the next one in verse 10 the 5th play is put on the throne of the beast and there's darkness and there's pain and then there's the 6th play which is a drawing up of the Euphrates River and then the 7th play there's a great earthquake and islands and mountains disappear and it's called the Battle of Har which means mountain mageddon which means destruction Now let me just go through this again and say tell you that this is a picture of not God's sanctuary which brings health and wellness and peace and salvation and blessings this is a picture of the false sanctuary and the false law and the False Will and Way of the bell and when you follow the devil. You see you're not protected. From these kind of things all timidly The devil wants you to die of a loathsome sore he wants you to have all of these experiences and then also mentally the mountain is not one of Deliverance but one of what. Destruction Now we've been studying the songs of assent and those songs have a scent we're singing the song as we're going up come learners go to the mountain. Come let us go up to the Lord this is Isaiah chapter 2 and they sing those songs as you go up to the mountain of salvation but this is the mountain of what destruction Ok so now. Do these look like Ovid 19 are these things that we've been really I loath them sores and and all and things drying up and that this is not the same picture we get with with Kovan one thing killing 1000 years indiscriminate it falls on the writers and the end writers have you noticed that it's not just falling on people who have the mark of the beast or the number of his name. It's. Even 7 they haven't it's Christians have died from Colvin 19 and they're believing through believing you know ad that it's crystal and Christians and people that are are wanting to keep God's law they love God it's a virus a jump from an animal to a human and then spread is it is that what it is that's what it is that's a virus that jumped from an animal to human and spread is that one of the 7 last legs no we don't have that mentioned as Nat one of the 7 last plagues Has there ever been diseases that indiscriminately kill people. Of course and that's what's happening Now in other words there have been many times in Earth's history where there are plagues or passengers like this and even worse we have less than I don't know I don't know what the number is now but we have less than 5000 I think that have died worldwide be might be 10000 I'm not sure what it is but it's nothing like the 14th century black plague that killed 30 to 60 percent of Europe and the plague fell a number of times there and if you'd like to read like I have read this last week 3 books on epidemics I could probably become pedantic and talk about them all to you and I'm not going to do that I know you're also a man and 118 However the Spanish Flu killed 50 to 100000000 people now we hope that the this particular virus does not do that it seems like things are being contained in the in the country of origin and it seems like there are people that are recovering and there are a statistic that shows that maybe 80 to 90 percent of people are 95 percent will recover only 5 percent or maybe a little bit more or less will die this is nothing compared to what we've seen and so I underline in your mind is this is not one of the 7 last plague but it is like plagues in Paschal and says that I have been seeing in Earth's history. Ok how many you're with minute I mean really what I'm saying is true Ok so this is not one of the 7 last play while it is that that then what is it I like the statement from a book called The great controversy in accidents and calamities by sea and land and great conflagrations and fierce tornadoes and terrific hail storms and tempests floods sigh clones tidal waves and earthquakes and every place in a 1000 Forbes Satan is exercising is power so there is something to climate change he would like to change the climate and he does do that from time to time and anything man does to try and stop that is going to fail ultimately and less God intervenes and God holds back it says the revelations at the 7 the 4 winds of strife until his people are sealed it's only what's triggering the events of climate change is whether or not God's people are becoming rightists and when they become right this unholy there's going to be a lot more problems with climate change Ok everyone's silent here home in a stand what I'm saying another words the thing that triggers last day events is God's people it's not pestilences and plagues we don't saw this happen so this means God's coming and the moon we look at what's happening and terms of plagues are present we look at what's happening in God's people and that tells us what's happening the thing that's been holding back Christ coming is not that we didn't have a worldwide pestilence it's the fact that we have not accepted Christ in His righteousness which is the best thing we could have and we're going to see that in just a minute. He sweeps away the right mean Horace's of the devil does you know it says in the Bible and in the me have done this and famine of this rest follows and listens Next look at this next one here in parts to the air a deadly Tang's how many think that this virus is a deadly taint in the air and thousands Paris by the pastureland this is what he's done throughout history this is nothing new so pestilence comes these visits visitation to become more and more frequent and disastrous destruction will be both upon man and beast and you can see SARS avian flu different Cove it biases that came before the Aids epidemic all of these things have started to in some ways as collate you see them or maybe you are more aware of them and maybe they escalate because we're travelling everywhere as well so if this is not the plagues then what is it I say that it is the devil Yeah he's involved in this but it's also something else. Well there's another quote coming out of the hole that's the god when you have slides you can have the stick with so let's see what happens next so what then can we learn from and 16 if it's not directly related to our covert 19 virus what can we learn from it here's what we can learn who do these plagues fall on and how could one be protected could we learn something like that from these plagues and could actually help us in this time of questions so even though it's not the same how we think we can learn something from it so let's look at this number one who does a fall on those who have received the mark of the beast and who worship his image 1st to sell if that's true how many of you do not want to receive the mark of the base and worse of his image. We don't want to disregard those 10 Commandments that's the problem instead we want to be a part of the solution and in Revelation 14 verse Well it shows those that are not worshiping the beast in his image and what are they doing Revelation 14 verse 12 here is the one patience of the saints and the word patience it means they're able to stand up under extreme pressure how many who has a pressure this week and I mean think that's what this is talking on the phone this is going to be much worse here is the hope of homeowners a the patience that word means under extreme pressure of the saints and we want to be a saint now this is not a not a Roman Catholic saying that's not by definition in 1st Corinthians is that all of us are called to be saying to the Corinthians were some unsavory God called them and made them in the Saints they became new creations so number one they have patients their saints Here's the pages of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and we want to have a hand by the way can you keep the commandments Melba guy can keep them in you it says in Romans chapter 8 verse 3 that the rightest requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us that walk not according to our ways but according to The Spirit of God how we want God to work in you to keep his commandments so those who have the faith of Jesus those who and they have the faith of Jesus so here's the patience of the saints here they keep the commandments and as the faith of Jesus you know all these are for all these pay sense obedience faithfulness what are all those fruits of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit through the Spirit is love if you love me keep my commands joy peace longsuffering faithfulness which is a form of obedience. So when we had Jesus when we had Jesus he gives us his faith how many want that gift from Jesus today on what they give today in this time a petulant I'm going to have that piece today that joy today that love today so if we don't want to receive the last 7 last plagues the 1st one and we don't want to be totally panicked by pestilences the salvation or the the what would you say the the peace of mind comes from the God of peace and you know it says they will watch and they have the robe of Christ's righteousness the faith of Jesus is another way of saying they have faith in Jesus not themselves and they believe that his righteousness can be imputed and imparted to him than through them how many want that to happen and let's look at these texts just for a minute because I want to show you this I don't want you to just dismiss study the plagues but the antidote to the plagues and look here in Isaiah the good guys and have to 64 if you can turn there with me as it's after 64 and verse 6 we are all like unclaimed things and all our righteousness is like filthy rags we all fade is the leaf in our Nick when he's like the wind had taken us away but thank the lord that's not the end of the story he actually gives us His righteousness he. Covers us. With this robe of rights isness and fact go back now to Revelation 19 verse 8 since we want we're in the Book of Revelation even our rice this is a filthy rags in Revelation chapter 3 and also 19 it shows us a picture of God's people at the end of time look at verse 8 verse 7 let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his wife has made herself ready and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen is the right this act of the saints so not only does he cover us with his righteousness he actually works for through us to do works of righteousness which we never take credit for we give credit to him how we want to have that experience this is the protection and by the way then saw $132.00 verse 9 it says it when you have that experience you start singing and your joyful so in times of the 7 last plagues God's people what are they going to be doing they're going to be singing they're going to be rejoicing their beauty is going to be going up even in times of trial I want to sing the song of Moses in the land learn it right now I will sing unto the Lord for He is Triumph courses gloriously the horse and rider thrown into his. Bow with your time off you should learn some of the song right that's the 1st place look at the 2nd one those who have said the blood of saints and prophets verse 6 are pictured here so the antidote to shedding the blood of saints and profits there's going to be a time of trouble such as never was the saints and prophets of always been persecuted. But the inner Saima be very bad well the antidote to that is become a Saint and to listen to his prophets I'm going to become a Saint and listen to his prophets a spirit of prophecy that's what attacks about a Revelation Chapter 12 or 7 saying you know where you hear they they keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus and the testimony of Jesus Revelation 110 is the Spirit of Prophecy one of the reasons I'm thankful to be a 7 there this Christian is because of the spirit of prophecy and you know the spirit prophecy has a lot a lot to say about how to even respond to a pestilence were we come back to that in a minute now here's the big thing they also the people that receive these last plagues are blasphemers What's a blasphemer What's a blasphemer it's those who don't heed God's system of order remember when they accuse Jesus of blasphemy whether they say to him How do you being a man make yourself God that's out of order God is God you're man you're saying your god another is you're out or you should be talking about that or doing that or they said a lot to Jesus you should be talking to lepers and healing them heal all lepers heal all the diseases you're breaking all the quarantine laws you're doing this in the that but he was God as man but blasphemy is taking things out of or are we in a culture today where people just say I know God says this is the way things should be in order but I'm just going to do it my way is that something is happening is happening in all kinds of ways and I won't go into them but they're blaspheming and so the opposite of blasting is the fear of God and think they did not give Him glory and how do you have God glory how do you give Him glory whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the one. And that's physically emotionally mentally and spiritually so the opposite of blasphemy is to find out what God wants and say God I can't do it but you do it in my heart and my life and I want to live a life that glorifies you no one's going to say Don McIntosh is great or Dr nobody is great they're going to say God is great look at look at Galatians chapter one I mean just to underline in your mind the everybody Paul said I'm the chief a centers you never started saying you know I'm I'm actually pretty good notice what he says of the last verse of Galatians chapter one and for a think I'm correct in this it says this verse $23.00 they they they were hearing he who formerly persecuted now preaches the faith the faith of who faith of Jesus which he once tried to destroy and then knows what s.s. and they glorified God in me. They do look at him to glorify him they said that's got to be got used to kill Christians used to have temper problems you said anger problems used to have all kinds of issues and that all changed now you have the patience of the saints and that's God and you want to glorify God so people know it's God 3rd this is the big one folks they did not repent look back here in Revelation Chapter 16 revelation 16 liquid assess and verse $916.00 verse 9 they blast theme the name of God and they did not what does it say they did not repent and give Him glory then burst 11 they did not repent of their deeds So the big thing is. The plagues the last places that killed it 19 is fall on everybody but the plagues will fall on those who are blast Faber's who do not repent who have shed the blood of saints and prophets and who have received the mark of the beast and his image and words of his are this is not over 1000 now of years see that I made the case but having said that how many of you want to be ready to not receive those last plagues and a lot of people are looking at those today and those that you're watching online or you're thinking about this this is the time now with this coded thing to return to God to say look I want to fear God I want to give him gory I want to end my life now what is repentance what is repentance Romans chapter 2 verse 4 says no you not that the goodness of God leads you to repentance and what does it say in Acts Chapter 5 years 31 that he grants repentance to Israel he gives it to them so repentance is a gift free gift that's given and the motivation for change is love so I used to preach these play exam love to preach the plagues back in the day when I was full of ideas but not God's ideas and I would take these places and I would go through them in detail notice there's going to be scorching burning heat maybe you would like to worship the Lord on Sabbath since the Sunday is coming. I would say stuff like that. I mean I'm kind of like slapping myself even now thinking about it and you know people would just they would they would I mean I would describe it in great detail and then there was Ok I'm going to become a church member I'm going to lose worship God because you know what perfect love casts out coerces fear I was doing the exact opposite because that was not of faith the faith of Jesus is sin and I actually was motivating people by things that were not the faith that Jesus gives us how many you've ever done man and move over yelled at your kids and we've ever yelled at your spouse and when you've ever yelled at me. So this is not so little we think it is in this in this place in the plagues It's not that these people could not have at the end of time accepted Jesus he was there he was available he gave them and was offering them the gift of what repentance he was offering them a way the reasons to give Him glory all right God's goodness God's love well then how can they be seen here it says it's the wrath of God Pastor done it doesn't say it's the wrath of the Devil How can that be there yeah just make an Staubach Where is God's love in the play God love in the Pledge anywhere I gave you a hint repentance Let me show you what I think might be how can the goodness of God be seen in the someone's place well I think the answer is 2nd Corinthians 521 says that he became then for us that we might be come to write just this of God. He became sin and what falls on sinners we just studied it what will fall on them eventually the 7 last plagues. So if he became sin and the 7 last plagues fall on people who are sin centers whether it was just a sneeze not a cobra you're all freaking out really when I'm in social distancing circle as you're up there on the platform maybe you put a seal around it so he became Syrian that we might become the writer says of God So somehow he becomes sin which means the wages of sin is death not just the 1st death the Bible talks about a 1st and 2nd death but the 2nd death and these plagues are describing the 2nd death so somehow these plagues are describing what Jesus did for you and Jesus did for me how is that let's look well in Isaiah 53 and says he was numbered with the transcribers and he bear the sin of many he bear the center many on the cross was a picture of the flags let's look at it. Here's the true sanctuary it's the Mountain of God the blessings of God are there Jesus is typified in every single thing he was the lamb he was the altar he was the water of life that's the later he was he is the Bread of Life John chapter 6 he is the light of the world John Titor a verse 12 he is the one that makes it or session like that in since he was 725 he is the Ark John Chapter 15 and he had a perfect prayer John Chapter 17 and he went out day by day to have a devotional life like the manna Mark 135 and he is the 1st fruits who died and rose again to psych essential 1st rings in steps of 15 he's Aaron's rod that butted in had all the fruits in his life and not only that every single veil every single curtain is says and he rejects the 10 verse 20 this is the veil of his flesh and he didn't look like much on the outside because he was covered with Bajor skin but on the inside he had gold and he had all the characteristics that's why we don't wear adornments we want to be detected and this down we want to have God's love in not without We are not dependent on outward appearance but God looks on the harm so. Now I have subsides here that I exorcise how if you're still with me then we get about Simmons want to show you this I believe that the advent movement the 7 them in this church is built out most in fact everything is built on this understanding of the sanctuary in fact even our sanitarium here is veils on that because in this and that sanctuary it was not only salvation that was taught it was also health that was taught right outside was unclean. Unclean animals the very things that causing the cold in one thing virus they were kept outside they would never get in so outside you had unclean and you see those listed in the barracks 11. And then there was quarantine that's what river Leviticus 13 and 14 talks about you were kept outside and quarantined until you had the unclean stuff God our whole government is trying to act like God in that sense right now and by the way God ordained governments to do just that Romans Chapter 13 so I don't think this is some vast conspiracy of the government if you lived in Old Testament times they would do the same thing and Guy would be in charge of it so unclean then you move inside here and you had clean. Right and then here you had grains and grapes grape juice an hour of oil and then you had fruits that's grains and vegetables of their God was moving people back through his sanitary education to the ultimate diet that would protect people from disease prevent disease reverse disease I think you say hallelujah this is exactly what guy was trying to do physical blessings and by the way the stork the heron her kind the black wing in the bath some people say was a bat that was eaten that started this you did not eat those the Bible said by these Wherever You Will Be Made unclean whoever touches their carcasses will become unclean until evening what is in that meat market when someone touched there they had to stay outside the camp for several days until they went back in to see if they caught anything. That you know outside the city of one of the cities in Croatia during the Middle Ages when the Black Death was killing everybody there was one city that said he know what we don't know what you have and so we were going to Corentin you which means 40 days literally years staying outside our city for 40 days and then will let you through the gate and I am of you I was sick of having to go to the gate and asked to come in all I have to say are here for 10 minutes you have a staff of 40 days this city and guess what did not happen in that city they did not receive the Black Death they escaped Wow Now notice how early ad going to pioneer who had and not only studied the Bible because they had been this lived only to be 3540 years old when the church started and studied the Bible and looked at the health institutions of the day look at what she said an exact of cleanliness will induce disease sickness is a come without a cause violent epidemics of fevers have occurred in villages and cities that were considered perfectly helpful and these are result in a death or broken Constitution does this sound familiar in many instances the premises of the very ones who fell victim to these epidemics contain the agents of destructions would send forth deadly poison into the atmosphere to be inhaled by the family in the neighborhood it is astonishing to witness the revealing ignorance relative to the effect with slackness and recklessness produced on help this person can work for for the c.d.c. you know this is this is well you know this and this is where I think God's people with the sanctuary message have a real blessing to give to people today because we're trying to bring people not to the center of death even you want do anything you want don't repent blaspheming put stuff in your mouth that shouldn't be there that's blasphemy right that's putting something in there shouldn't be there. Right this out of order to eat an alligator they didn't have alligators comes in center although represent this alligator poloroid please attack my mouse and bat know your ass blasphemy right will know camels won't get over the hump Lord no out. So all these health issues. Were tied by the sanctuary it had been a sadness sanitarium and during the swine flu when everybody was being killed there were no nurses there there was a doctor Rubel who did study on this and he came and he showed and is told about in life and helped as another magazine that showed how sanitariums just like this one could help to stop and reverse the effects of the flu he goes through all the systems and he shows all the treatments and he shows exactly what they did to get them through the spine to. The Spanish Flu and as he goes through all that he says you know when someone came to our sanctuary when they came to our sanitarium we knew that if they were walking we could save their life we couldn't we knew that they would be safe from that how many thing that's just amazing and all the same the chains they studied all of them and they say out saw that after the Spanish flu they've been a 1000 patients 670 have been treating an outpatient they just were instructed about what to do at home and 450 were in patients in a sanitarium and notice what happened you can look at these slides later if you like I think I gave some of them to you later but what happened was a notice hydro in lifestyle basically this is what happened for these who were outpatients for and self treated for those that should say the mortality rate was 4 percent for impatiens the mortality rate was less than one percent whereas in the general population it was 10 to 20 percent. 10 to 20 percent of people all over the place were dying but when they came to a place that understood hen adopted the sanctuary message of unclaimed clane grains grapes all of oil fruits nuts grains and vegetables and they tried to move people that way when they did that the people simply did not die less than one percent sanctuary Hell how many think Jesus is in the sanctuary but in the fall system what happens was some sores seed turns the blood waters turn the blood men scored with the darkness in painting drawing up of the Euphrates a great earthquake islands and mounds disappear and how does this then relate to Jesus were the cause of this what to have to do with Jesus you see Jesus entered into the false sanctuary for you and me he didn't he was not sinful he came in the likeness of simple plans but he was not sinful in any way he came with the ability to be enough like us to fully identify with us and enough unlike us to completely save us and he comes into the sanctuary What does he do he was the altar he was sacrificed on the altar just like that lamb and this he was sacrificed not inside the gate but outside of the gate as though he was unclean. He was looked upon as a leper lepers were always outside Number 2 he became the laver he was covered with water and blood people spit on him and may whipped him and he had that pure water of life experience that he had turned into what looks like unsavory blood by those lasses that were put there for you and me for our sin for my sin for years sin and then when he was on the cross. He had that drink and Mead offering just like the 70 elders when up he went on the cross but this time he was given bread with Vennegoor the opposite and we remember this not only that not only that he was separated from his father and in Psalm 22 he cried out exactly what the psalm said he would my God my God Why has that for a 2nd me there was no communication between he and his father you think you've suffered from separation he's suffered from every separation you've ever been involved in or been a part of at the deepest level no one understands like Jesus then there was darkness remember if you read the play you see all these words the 7 was playing there was an earthquake and darkness it says in the 7 last place and the Jesus experience an earthquake and darkness he did on the cross remember there there was the darkness of an earthquake. And there was an earthquake Matthew 2751 just like the plagues and finally what did he do for you what did he do for me there was a spear put in the sign and what came out water and blood and he dried up just like the Euphrates river dried up and got a rock the rock who came became the mountain was destroyed harm again he was destroyed for you and he was destroyed for me my friends no one understand like Jesus he's a man equated with sorrows he's a man a queen with grief in all your affliction you think about your worst afflicted he was afflicted. I was a 63 recently he did not stay away from the play and I tell you this is what you should do but he did this he's God He went beyond all foreign team lines he went outside the gates for you for you and for me that's what he does no one understands like he says and that's why in the midst of times of crisis like covert 19 where people are fearful and anxious and we think we need to remember the guy who had victory over the play. And we think we need to remember that and we can have hope and we can have a perspective to share not just on some a theory or spiritual plane. You know singing in reserve but on a very practical plan him of his he has a sanctuary doctrine drills down to what we're learning to be as medical missionaries how we want to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. I want to encourage you to listen to this morning's message of 8 o'clock because it is a powerful call to medical mystery but we can do that now we need this this end with thinking about Jesus. Being a love of God at all today. The same His love for you. May be coven one theme. Was meant to point people to the plagues to study them maybe that's why I got so many questions this week about it. But even I'm looking at the place was are so misunderstood as a vindictive God. When we look closely there. We see that what God is wanting to give us is the gift of repentance the very thing they rejected. And what is repentance Metha knows a change of mind. God loves you. God loves me. So much. That he entered into the very place. Anything you're going through anything you will go through. God has been there. And he has been there for you. And for me. I want to accept. The gift of faith from God today. I want to accept the gift of repentance. I was a god thank you for changing my mind. Changes. Any other way. You want to. Today. Let's pray Father in heaven. We will sing. With us our Creator and our redeemer. We will sing of you. As our sanctuary. In the time of trouble. And may you go out to meet our. Eastleigh. And Minister individually. To the me today. And may we also be used by you in that way. In Christ we pray. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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