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Christ, Adventism, the Spanish Flu, COVID and You

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, shows how in the past, our pioneers used situations of pestilence to reach out and give the gospel message to heal a hurting world. https://weimar.edu/academics/academic-departments/health/


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 21, 2020
    12:45 PM
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Well let's just pray together this morning and ask the Lord to be with us before we we study this morning Father in Heaven Lord thank you today for waking us up and thank you for your grace that is also efficient. Of vailable and that your justice points out our need and your mercy and your grace allow us to have confidence that if we confess our sins your faithful and to forgive us and cleanse us and we as a you do that today and bless us as we think about some things from your word in Christ's name Amen now in Matthew Chapter 4 and verse 23 and in Matthew Chapter 9 and verse 35 there are some verses that are actually. What would you say they are parallel verses in Matthew Chapter 4 in verse $23.00 it said that Jesus one about teaching in their sent to gods in preaching and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people so actually as as he went throughout Judea and Matthew Chapter 4 verse 23 and in the Matthew Chapter 9 in verse 35 it says that he went everywhere so it's the same verse but in chapter 4 it says he went throughout Judea so he went through this this small area at 1st and then ultimately went everywhere so he went out to bring healing and then they came in after they saw that he was healing they brought people to Jesus to be healed and of course today. That would be a very comforting Zax right that Jesus would go out and heal him and they would bring all manner of sickness and disease to him all manner of. Even the lepers which were quarantined and that they would cry out to him and he actually would touch them and heal them and he got in trouble because he was not following social distancing of that day. But having a life have Jesus come today and bring that healing today and of course you can see here our chairs were attempting to follow social distancing in and the very few remnant that are here are spaced out quite distant from each other except for those that are course families they sit next to each other all the time and we don't have many of those here today either but. Jesus cut across these barriers not because he wanted to flout the policies and government regulations but because he was demonstrating his divinity as he lived in humanity and so his healing miracles He often would say Go show yourself to the public health officials so yourselves to the priests and so once they would be healed of leprosy or something else then they would go immediately to the public officials they would look at them they would see wait a minute they are leprosy test negative. And it was an amazing thing pretty soon a great number of the priest even began to believe. Because they saw that this was a healer whose power far exceeded anything they could do all they could do was diagnose and maybe come up with some small treatments but they didn't seem to work very well but here was a healer that could not only diagnose but could treat the diseases Now it's interesting those 2 to act Matthew Chapter 4 verse $23.93 they're kind of like a sandwich the kind of I book in and what is between Matthew Chapter 4 verse 23 and Matthew Chapter 9 verse 35 was between those 2 If someone says 4 and a half chapters but what are in those 4 and I have chapters as kind of what I'm getting at the Sermon on the Mount and this is perhaps one of Jesus' most famous sermons ever in fact it probably is the best known sermon ever of anybody so look what's happening here you have healing ministry that then leads people to listen to the most famous sermon ever and then add to that famous sermon you have another text that then applies to the church he looked at and he saw that there were the people were like sheep with no shepherd and he wanted to send out other people to do the same thing he had done and it says so he went everywhere healing and teaching and preaching and then Chapter 10 it shows how he quipped the disciples to do the same thing he had done and they went out healing and preaching and we can see that this is a very interesting paradigm he heals the physically ill the broken hearted. He crosses lines because he as actually not spreading the disease but he's bringing an end to the disease he then shows the priests what he's doing. And they all get interested and they come to the Sermon on the Mount Why do they come to the Sermon on the mountain Well it says in the book ministry of healing page 17 that there was no building a large enough to hold the crowds that came to see Jesus anything that Herod had built and he built some massive structures anything that the architect to design could not hold the people and so you see Jesus out of the boat and then people come along the shore as an ampitheater you see Jesus I know him out in the top with his disciples around him and people coming up to listen they could all see him and there he is teaching them i'm other words his healing ministry his divine manifestation of healing ministry led to an openness to the preaching of the gospel I mean that's it be the same case today and we think God's people should be known as those who glorify God and whatever they eat and whatever they drink and whatever they do also the glory of God and how many think those people stood in fact as a result not only be protected by his health laws but also be able to reach out to others as a result now you know Jesus did 7 Sabbath miracles How many miracles that He do 7 Sabbath miracles and those miracles often included healing we don't find his disciples healing on the Sabbath because they can't really demonstrate their divinity like Christ did right. But we see Jesus doing that as a representation of his divinity Ok Now with that in mind that's a little Bible study today. Let's now look at lessons from the path in 7th Day Adventists history Ok 7th day Evan says I'm as a religion that is a Christian religion some of them in a sort of Christmas and they follow Christ example by going to church on the 7th day that's why they're called 7th Day Adventists and Adventists just means that they believe that he's coming again so they go to church on the 7th day because he did and by the way he did all those miracles on the 7th day they believe Christ was not just a man he was God And secondly they believe he's coming again so the 7th Day Adventists has something called sanitariums now I'm at a what used to be called the Santa Tauriel Wiemar Institute was a sanatorium and it was for the treatment of tuberculosis so called consumption because it would consume the lungs it was a respiratory problem and people were dying the leading cause of death when this or these buildings on this campus were built in 1917 was well 2 things consumption that is tuberculosis and secondly the Spanish Flu Spanish flu. World War One is underway this particular campus with end up serving 26 counties in the area and people would bring their tuberculosis patients from 26 different counties to be called a joint sanitarium joint which means it was a joint effort of all of those different areas and they would bring their patients here it was locked you could not go in and out of the campus because people knew that tuberculosis was contagious and that it could be spread through sputum or coughing on someone else and so they were very very careful and there were some very interesting people that lived here one person that lived here was a man named Ben Nighthorse Campbell Campbell who ended up being a he's a native American who ended up being the governor of the state of Colorado another one was this famous movie star who did the karate kid on a few members of the old man in the movie of the cry to kid he grew up here on this campus and I'm always interested to read the various stories of people who grew up here we have a cemetery several cemeteries that are adjacent to our campus of many of the patients who lived and died here but I mean I think it's kind of interesting that there was a place called the sanatorium that was treating respiratory illnesses and also it was originating right at the time of the Spanish Flu Ok So 7th they had Minister at this time they didn't run this particular sanatorium they had started what was called a sanitarium. Sanatorium was for the treatment of tuberculosis but there was a early administers ition whose name was John Harvey Kellogg and he started what was called a sanitarium Santa towse son a tot day in Romania and another romance languages means health sanitarium sanitary claim to clean it but actually health and how many think that cleanliness is related to health we're hearing a lot of this wash your hands don't touch your face disinfect surfaces because this virus that we're fighting against can live for many hours on a cold surface and for several hours on your clothes and for several hours on your hands so why is your hands be careful right Santa towse sanitarium and sometimes we have these novel. Diseases that develop or viruses this is not the 1st time in history this is happened as I will talk about in the 2nd message today there were 30 to 50000000 people that were killed from the black death many times all Europe was decimated and millions of people were killed this is not something new to be worried about in terms of something new. But it is a public health crisis and you can notice here on this graph that the Spanish flu came now why do they call it Spanish were they trying to be ethnically insensitive they think a Spanish people get the flu now it's because that country of Spain was reporting it that's what they called Man's flu. And you see this huge spike in deaths can you see that huge spike in death in America and in Europe you can see on the graph at that time so there was a huge spike in death they think that somewhere between 50 and 100000000 people died worldwide it was spread from they believe Kansas with the troops in Kansas that then were deployed to World War One and then in the trenches that was trenches socially close spaces they all had trance warfare and they got sick from that then time now something is interesting about this was were going come to but everybody was wearing a mask in this you know in the streets the hospital beds were filled the nurses and the doctors were getting sick and dying and pretty soon there was nobody to take care of the sick and you can see here in this picture that there's very few nurses and there's a bunch of patients and they started running out of people to take care of the people who were sick this is the fear in this nation even at this time that the hospital workers themselves will get sick and then nobody nobody to take care of people in the hospital and also the other concern is the hospitals be overwhelmed and there will not be that type of machines or respirator you know ventilators that will be able to deliver air to people have compromised lungs and this is why they want people to stay inside and to stay away from each other because they know that eventually it will get to you probably 80 percent some people say 40 to 80 percent of people will actually. Experience infection by the virus most people will not be. Injured by it will be a mild case but in some cases anough cases that they think. Well overwhelm the sense. System that they want to flatten the curve as they say use autograph they want to to be developed slowly so they can keep up with it well during that time they didn't do that of course and that's why they had the systems overwhelmed and a number of the sanitariums that were run by 7th Day Adventist at that time had patients that came with the Spanish flu and I don't remember exactly how many but it was quite a number and they had the patients that came with the Spanish flu a similar. Influenza type virus that was killing in that case many times young people young people now it's reported in this ancient Not ancient but this journal life and health published by the some of the evidence review and herald Policy Association May 19 Volume 34 number 5 is recorded what happened how did the sanitariums take care of these patients who came what did they do they had hydrotherapy treatments they had a certain protocol and I was fascinated this last week as I read through it as a read through it because who knows what will happen if hospitals get overwhelmed perhaps even our institute here will again need to serve as a sanitarium helping people so I was reading up on it and. There were statistics and there was a discussion of what was the infecting agent of influenza they don't know they did the it was a germ or a virus that had not yet been identified at this time when they're there writing about it and this Dr w a rouble was leading out in this. Effort and afterwards he studied the sanitariums the 7th Avenue sanitariums that had treated the people that had this particular banished flu during the Spanish flu in patients that had been a senator and were being treated around the clock with natural remedies and the mortality rate for these patients according to ruble in his report at bed time was extremely low one worker recalled that they were so successful in treating the Spanish flu that they knew if a patient was standing when they made it to the sanitarium they would be able to save their life so if they were standing they had a standing chance they they were going to be saved most likely as a matter of fact they had about a 1000 patients that came to 10 different sanitariums and they gather the data on this 670 of them were treated as outpatients another was a just came they talked to them they said this is what you do when you go home here are some natural remedies here are ways to do treatments at home and 450 were actually admitted into the sanitarium as n. patients they came on campus and they on the campus of the sanitarium they were actually patients so what did they what happened and by the way they didn't. They then compare themselves with the u.s. Army sanitariums the outpatients they treated and then those who were in patients guess what they discovered. As with they discovered looking at pneumonia and death the u.s. army. Sanitariums at a certain level of success but the admin a sanitarium had amazing success during the Spanish flu pandemic in patients at admin a center teams were being treated around the clock and their mortality was extremely low and how low was it and here's some pictures of those early sanitariums. Loma Linda Glendale sanitarium Paradise Valley sanitarium there were a number of sanitary and Battle Creek sanitarium and they got the data from all those and look at this this is the amazing thing for those who were outpatients and self treated the motor mortality rate was 4 percent you know that's about the same statistic we're hearing might happen in this epidemic somewhere 0 to 5 percent of everybody gets a coronavirus will not survive is that is what they're saying they don't know that for Sir because they don't have all the numbers and maybe a lot of people infected that you know don't get anything for the impatience However that is those that stayed in the 7th day have a ceratin sanitariums that we're getting the hydrotherapy treatments you know they 1st of all start with hot and cold but then will go when the when the arrested story infection will get down into their long they then would do hot and cold fomentations which is just taking a pack and putting it on the back and trying to deliver the heat as deeply into the system as possible. And very if you read through this article it actually shows you how to do it this here is what you do and here's how you do it. And so I had less than one percent that died that stayed in the sanitariums I me think that's just amazing. No one thinks that's amazing because worldwide those who had been infected were dying at a rate of 10 percent to 20 percent so $10.00 to $20.00 out of every $100.00 versus less than one out of 100 this began to offer much help and people became very interested in what the Seventh-Day Adventists were doing at the sanitariums remember how we talked about how Jesus went about healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people. And then they became so interested that 1st of all he went to them but then they came to him and then he preached the sermon of the Mount the sermon to them when they came and then he equipped as a sible to do the same and this doctor Dr Rubel he wrote a fascinating article about this time period and he said this he said after this influenza plague is over then what will we do after influenza then what I mean think that will be something to ponder and here's this article I just want to read you our country this is written back in 1900 our country at this time is passing through one of the most widespread and devastating pandemics that it has ever experienced we could probably say that today is almost up today is it's one of the most extensive pandemic look at this picture of all the cough and so on that on that. Truck cough and we're being manufactured in mass they didn't have enough cemetery workers to bury all the people at all and the bodies were just lying all over the place. Gruesome accounts are given on every hand of cemetery strewn with occupied Coppens awaiting diggers and turn them undertakers with dozens of bodies awaiting caskets more cuts tax to their capacity and additional buildings and even tents requisitioned for the overflow pictured in your mind the scene corpses all over the place among the living many are dying unattended by a physician or by a nurse the scarcity of doctors and nurses occasioned by the war has made adequate help for the suffering impossible every practical nurse every other person that could at all ministers of the sick has been called in the service and still there is not enough help no doctors or nurses because of the war effort because of the Spanish flu itself so he's asking the question what are we going to do in the future. Many cases of the disease even a moment all people now speaking the 7th Day Adventists have been neglected because of lack of someone to minister to them are sanitariums are crowded with these cases and many nurses and doctors and others have contract did the disease so what's he saying saying look we're in trouble all the supposed men suppose and medical missionaries all these people they can't really help us because there's too few of them were overwhelmed and he's basically now beginning to hint one this should never happen again we need to have a different strategy than just training doctors and nurses I mean our motto here is to heal or hurting world and we're training pre-med students prevent students. Free everything right and we're training actual nurses we're actually in the nursing building Haskell Hall is the nursing building and there's a lab. And there's the classrooms right around here by the way did you know why the state of California allowed us to start our nursing program they did because they said you have something different than the other nursing schools they said you have alternative ways to prevent and treat disease and there were a number of schools that were turned down their applications I can't remember a thing was like 25 that same year and we were allowed to start our school why because they had heard that I didn't that Adventists have a different approach to treating disease and you know a different approach came from it came from a study of the Scriptures and also through the early. Pioneers of the evidence church they the administers when you when it started the average as minister was dying at age 35 or 40 the average person in America and so they said we got to look at something different we got to see how to how to prevent stop reverse but you have prevent disease What's it all this meat he did Wright's 1001000 but he could have been right even in 2020 a 100 years later what does this mean after influenza after the Spanish Flu What should we do what does he say what sell some of them of this do to be ready for such experiences we have known from Bible teachings on The Spirit of Prophecy for many years that such things were coming so what's he talking about here you know the Bible is the what's the Spirit of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventists. Make a claim not unlike other churches have made and they make a claim that they had a prophetic gift in their midst Why do I say not unlike other churches Well Lutherans seem to think that Martin Luther has a lot to say and they listen to him Methodists seem to think that Charles Wesley and John Wesley had a lot say and they listen to them quite closely Presbyterians things seem to think that John Knox had something to say and they listen to Catholics even today think that the pope when he speaks ask is the drug is actually prophetic and he has something to say to them Mormons think that the president of their church is a prophet and they think he has something to say to them and they listen to him antenna cost those think that everybody is a prophet and you should listen to them so it's not unusual for a church today and by the way people that don't even believe in God they think they know more than got and they're their own profit by selling the evidence have what's called the Spirit of Prophecy and they believe it was demonstrated through the writings of a lady named Ellen White and Ellen White studied the Bible along with her husband James White and begin to write about health a bronze somewhere right around the same time here and she received 4 visions that actually lay the foundation for what we want to say amplifying the principles of Scripture that then lead to the development of sanitariums and that's where all these treatments came that led those sanitariums to be able to minister to people at a rate that was actually less than one percent mortality now say one other thing Alawite had 4 children and 2 of them got sick with a a epidemic of what's called diptheria we now take vaccinations for that at least some of us do. I would recommend vaccinations to avoid the theory anyway so diptheria afflicted all kinds of people started to York so to come across the country and then it came to Ella White's own family and her children and she was like at the same time that it happened James White who was the editor of one of the magazines had seen this place there was a water treatment center and he said well this looks like it might work because it's based on the principles of washing and water that are in the scriptures and so they tried it and guess what happened their children were saved and they immediately went out this is James n l y early evidence pioneers the immediately went out and started to do treatments to other families whose children were afflicted and they begin saving the lives of these people and that's what led to the way that maybe we should have a whole center that does this a sanitarium So what's he saying in this article he says look we've known this for some time because of the Bible we've known this because of what happened in El White's experience and has saving all these lives and we've known this we've been told over and over again to prepare for these experiences by well ordered lives and by securing such a preparation for service as would enable all our people to minister to the sick and distressed in such a time notice what it says we knew about this what we should be doing is leading well ordered lives that's a code word for healthy whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God a well ordered life and that's well ordered physically emotionally mentally and spiritually and we are following what I'm saying and as a matter of fact in the Bible in Leviticus 101-112-1314 extension 1516 you have what a well ordered life is eat. Clean food clean meats if you're going to eat them at all on other words you would never eat a wild animal was by the way has been the foundation of many epidemics according to deceive the c Where did the HIV epidemic come from the 1st case was an eating of of green monkeys in Africa that's what the c.d.c. says where do you think the avian bird flu came from eating unclean heed what the Bible calls unclean birds where do you think the coveted 19 virus and other SARS type viruses are the same family where you think came from and unclean meat market so unclean meats and then a says don't drink alcohol clean drinks don't have unclean howled don't have and then it goes to laws of Corentin if this happens 11 his 131415 are you getting excited I'm getting excited because I see that God understood all these things he didn't say don't eat that for a reason he said Don't eat that because it's going to cause problems this is that casting God by surprise in the Bible principles so then it goes clean homes and don't eat blood in all these different kind of things so what and then it says after saying those things it says there's a Day of Atonement where you give glory to God and then Chapter 161-718-1928 sucks about sexually transmitted diseases you're aware that coven one thing can be transmitted also by sexual activity. And in the same book it says when you go to the bathroom take it outside the camp and bury it with a Sawzall and you're aware that this virus can also be that we're currently dealing with once it goes through the system it comes out in the feces and it can be transmitted by fecal oral routes all of these things were taht in the Old Testament as a well ordered life and they were protective for those who followed them how to do this kind of fastening So what how did Paul summarize it whatever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do Leviticus 211-123-0405 extension 062 also the one glory of God Leviticus 16 for this we've known this and then he said this thing that this really struck me I couldn't believe it well ordered lives and securing such a preparation for service as would enable how many people all our people to minister to the sick and distressed at such a time so the vision was this every person in the church should be a medical missionary work or not just the doctors not just the nurses were we're thankful for them not just the dentists thankful for them but also the Carpenters and the housewives and the landscaping landscapers or whoever it is ministers call porters teachers and lay members have been urged to become medical missionaries we are told that every 7 they have in this home should be a small sanitarium now we're where we have the stay at home orders stay in course stay with the people you normally live with stay there. That some people are concerned that the schools have been shut down because all these people from these college campuses that could be easily infected and not really carriers of a not really succumb to because they're younger they're all sent home now to the old folks and their kids their concerns are going to kill ball but anyway what are they going to do in their small hole while their small home is supposed to be a sanitarium where you actually have these ideas about what to do to increase immunity and that's why this last week Dr Nelly and myself and Dr Ramirez and several others and other physicians were putting together a whole series of small tutorials to help people know what to do when they are sheltering at home alone you actually can increase your immunity you can lose less than the likelihood that you'll get this virus but every home is supposed to be like a small sanitarium and we think this is just a wonderful vision every 7 am a should be a medical evangelist that the medical phase of our work would be one of the last to be closed and other words see pictures this time that at the very end of time every ad in this home would be like a sanitarium and every member would be like one of those workers in the sanitarium and what did those workers in the sanitarium Do they had great success in saving people's lives less than one percent mortality now I gotta bring something sobering to your attention all those people that were saved at that time are now dead in the worse it doesn't matter how well you can do even better call missionary work. We have a problem that's causing a disease that's worse than cope with one thing and that disease is since the wages of sin is death so here's the thing Jesus would save peoples and by the way all the people that Jesus say to suffer just a couple that are auditors and heaven right now they're all dead too. So here's the thing when we take care of people as medical mission works we're not God and we can't give everlasting life but as we along gate light as we help people have an extra chance we hope they make a decision that leads them not just to life but eternal life not just avoiding death but the 2nd death and that's the whole purpose of being a medical missionary evangelist and that's the last work that's going to close I mean what does it mean that means at the in the time other ways of doing things are not going to be open open to God's people but when they talk about health and saving life you may have heard Dr Nellie's message last night where he was talking about this Colvin one teen scare crisis has led people to really prioritize what's most important and what do they think is most important is it sports is it going to the bar is it going to see is a going to the mall is it having nice clothes both and the right kind of clothes it's a totally different priority Croyden number one toilet paper one of the. Prior number one health products by the way I don't think it's it's crazy to want to get toilet paper if this thing is spread fecal oral I mean you've got to be careful you're going to spread it if you don't have proper way to take care of it but the prior number one is health and it in a time many other things are going to be shut down in terms of openness. Just like in Jesus' day in the last days people like these are going to be l.v. help people with their number one priority which is elongating their life and as they do that they're going to have an opportunity just like Jesus did what was the sermon on them about change your attitude. Be a light be Saul How do you do that let me write my lot in your heart because all the 2 commandments are gone through and then there's a summary at the end and then it says the wise man been his house upon the rock What's the rock it's God's law his rock was in the ark that ark was not only a stone tablet that represent his life it also points to Christ the rock who perfectly kept it and that's also as sanitarium that sanctuary was a sanitarium those that were on clay were quarantined outside then there were clean meats and then there were even fruits nuts and grains and then there were fruits nuts grains vegetables and you're moving forward to more and more health and things that boost your immunity and we think this is just fascinating and that's what God's people are supposed to be talking about and actually be at the end of time during this epidemic that in 1900 could be written today some of them who who's writing this who's writing this again Dr Rubel Who's Dr oogle the guy who did the study on how less than one percent died from the Spanish influenza epidemic that killed $5200000000.00 people during this epidemic every summer than it has had 10 times as many opportunities for service as he could fill if you had been ready for them. 10 times the opportunity why is it that our physicians Dr Natalie he does a little video. Now it's last time I looked at the site 600000 people on one site have watched it well over millions of people have watched that last night Vespers our guys on demographics just because Dr Nelly was speaking 900 people watched it how many times we had 100 people here even though we had hardly anybody here because we're trying to socially distance and do those things more people are listening even though you had less contact and I think that's just amazing we now are doing all these videos and different things that are going to be released one day at a time I just released the 1st one it's on the Wiemar website where I talked about quarantine in the Bible it was released last night I think now it's up to a 1000 views no one's listening normally what I have to say about anything you know doesn't seem like it but now they're not only listening to what is being said about the health things all of the visits to our website for all the other messages are going up another was when Jesus started healing people wanted to listen to his message and the same thing happens with us when we start being able to help people in these simple but profound ways Advena said had he said in 1910 times as many opportunities for service as he could fill if he had been ready for them what a chance for a missionary endeavor and for practicing that pure religion and undefiled with James speaks of what it is that to visit widows and orphans in their affliction to visit people in their affliction or their fear of election I am so thankful to be a 7th Day Adventists Christian I'm so thankful for that. Just think if you didn't have an understanding of what we're discovering today in some way just to have a level of your anxiety to think about that some However this is very interesting Some however have been fearful of contracting the disease so fearful of contracting disease that they have refrained from offering assistance to the distressed until the disease actually invaded their own families so what approach this is so socially isolate and hibernate that didn't help them at the end no Ira still came to their family while others have exceeded their strength and ministry to the sick so others can overdo it and throw caution to the wind and we want to find the right balance and I think this guy's article is it's a fascinating in such experiences as we are passing through barriers social professes all are being broken down normally there's these barriers the barriers are like none of the no no we're the doctors the nurses let us handle it you don't know what you're talking about there's still some of that going on quite a quite a bit and there's this wisdom in listening to people who've been professionally trained but when you get sick and there's no treatment no vaccination no ability that's a good that you're listening buddy that they can help you is that right I mean sometimes it's kind of hokey you know with spray this on yourself do this people are making a lot of money but it just shows that people are desperately grasping for help what a sick person or a family of a sick member wants is someone that can and will do something for them how many want to know what to do to help people. It matters not whether the helper be white or black Christian or he's in rents or poorer but the doctor and the nurse no longer hold the preeminence that they have here they are here to for the practical nurse or anyone can do things they can do things is in demand I would dare say that every 7th day adventists Christian that is studying anything about scripture or prophecy of their own history has a lot of things they could do to help other people after influenza what was the title of the article what do we do it how many think we should be thinking about this this plague is not one of the 7 last plagues I'm going to talk about that at the worship services not one of them led by I'll show you why it's not that but there are lessons we need to learn before the 7 last place come I'm a show you that too but right now what's the lesson we should learn we should train every single member to train to be a medical missionary worker and I don't know what I'm excited about one of the things that happened did we're here today just a sprinkling of us because we've been given a mandate by the government that educational institutions and those providing on line content which is what I'm doing right now can travel to their places and by the way the church is a part of our educational endeavor we were not I have a school without the church the church shut down the schools that down Adventist are the largest Protestant denomination all Protestant Christian the nomination in terms of educational institutions around the world and their churches are the reason for that so you would never shut down the church in terms of online delivery of content because that would be the end of youth rights so that's why we're here today this is every bit as important as every single classes taught here. But the exciting thing to me is in the last 2 months there were all kinds of regulations about online education and stuff no you can't do that without this or that you know they said to us and every other school you have to deliver on line is occasion and now people even our own professors here I'll never do that I can't do that guess what they're doing they're all doing their classes online. Can you say amen Now here's the exciting thing the strategic plan of this institution has always been over the last number of years to develop a fully online course for medical missionary work guess what it's almost ready to go we've been working on for the last year and now it's ready to go so if you're interested in being trained as a medical missionary worker you can come here you can come here you can start even in the confines of your own home you can learn how to turn your home into a sanitarium you can learn how to turn your you can reach your neighbors and help your neighbors Oh I think this is actually a blessing let every summons they had as this is 1999 every 7 they have a has become a medical missionary let our sanitariums is sadly as short intensive courses we already have it here is called the health program is 4 month but our colleges and schools install equipment and provide courses that every young man and women still learn are saying we have a nursing school but we also have equipment we've had to buy more equipment because we may be overwhelmed we may have more patients here that need help with this very thing we're going through now hydrotherapy is something we learn here that other places are not learning how to have hot and cold treatments how to do the very treatments that led to the less than one percent mortality. I don't know about you but how you're just thanking the Lord for the insights humbly humbly. Their stories in the Bible when you get price will that's a that's bad for your immunity. Remember how Guy gaze I got prideful and said look I want this and that and then the the actual disease of Damon came upon him. I know you don't want that we don't be private only humbly saying walk humbly with our God say look just like that little maid and 2nd Kings 5 you know I know that mother's a prophet and he can help with this we say look I know that we had a prophet the talked about helping with this the simple things. I mean we have that spirit let our schools of Health and let schools of health and 1st aid courses be given in every church you know one of our visions is has been and we've talked about it is that is to take what we have here and let it be in every church we actually have this on line health program is ready to go and we're opening that people in churches sign up maybe 23 people in the church and they didn't train the rest of the church and we think will be great to turn every not all or your home but every church into a sanitarium in short let us do with the Lord through his servant for 40 years of those who do now it's a 140 years because this was written with the 1990 namely become a medical mystery evangelist indeed and not in theory only do we stand at a time where we've been given another chance to do that very thing is The World Today interested in less than one percent mortality. Is the world today interested in what can be done. Now I hope there's a vaccine I hope there's medication that comes to help right I hope I mean I'm not against how many are not against that at all but if it doesn't come if this is novel which means there's no treatment for this novel virus doesn't come home we think that God has already outlined the principles of treatment I want to learn those principles I want to live those principles are we at that moment again we are but God has provided Amazing Grace marvelous grace to his people and hopefully through his people as well let's pray together father had a lord thank you thank you for what you've shown your people back in 1919 and what you want to show your people today may we be able. To your power to help during this time of public health crisis. In price that. 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