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The Best Coronavirus Prevention

Doug Batchelor Allen Lloyd
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  • March 11, 2020
    12:45 PM
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Oh friends I'm very thankful that we can come to you with this special presentation I'm here with a friend Dr Neil medley who is the president of the Wiemar Institute as well as an internist and a specialist in how to prevent getting disease and build up your mune system as we all know Dr Natalie the the news has been filled it's been ubiquitous talking about the corona virus and the coded 19 right and people are wondering you know what can they do what practical things can we do it doesn't look like it's a leaving the news cycle because new cases are being found as of the time of this recording a school just south of us here in Sacramento was closed down even though there were no local cases they closed down the school 6000000 people quarantined in Italy maybe still millions quarantine in China the word we're hearing is that folks might just expect that it's going to continue to spread. So I want to thank you for joining us today but if if I'm correct there is at this point no imminent vaccine or no immediate vaccine available that's correct and won't be for at least a year so yeah unlike the flu virus nothing you can do to get vaccinated on this one just covering some of the common questions that are coming in. This is a similar virus to a flu virus I guess it comes from a family of viruses that are similar in nature but would you say that the coo had $1000.00 is more or less contagious than the common flu seems to be a little more transmissible you know the average individual of the flu will transmit it a little more than one person on average and the average person with Corona virus is transmitting it a little more than 2 so makes it a little more transmissible probably double the transmission right now if I understand right you and I were talking off air he said that part of that might be because some people have it and they're not showing serious symptoms but they are carrying it and they don't know exactly and that's what this is why this virus is going to spread you know unlike SARS or Ebola where virtually everybody got sick and you could contain it and you know contain those sick people 80 percent of people getting this virus are not really getting that sick maybe a mild cold maybe a sore throat and it goes away or maybe no symptoms at all lot of people have healthy immune systems they have no symptoms at all but yet they're transmitting the virus unknowingly and so that makes it tough only less than 20 percent actually get sick enough to seek care you know and go to a hospital and those are individuals normally that have the pneumonia and that's of course much more serious because the pneumonia can go into acute respiratory distress and Raman that's why the deaths are occurring and then the From what I've seen is compared to I know a lot of people every year die from the common flu because it's pretty much everywhere but with the corona virus. They say it it may be as high as like 2.3 percent or 3 percent they're still gathering figures death rate right yeah it's probably going to be less than that because that's figures on the ones that are known cases that's just like I mentioned since so many are not actually coming down with many symptoms and they haven't been tested. The death rate of Corona virus is probably going to be less than that but we do think at this time that the death rates are probably higher than the flu now since there is no. Immediate cure or vaccine for this people are wondering well if it comes to a neighborhood near you which what I'm hearing is they're figuring the vengefully it is going to continue to spread Yeah that if it comes to a neighborhood near you. You know what can you do one thing will with the summer season help slow the spread as you know flu season I guess is typically worse in the winter we expect it will probably slow in the summer because of the heat and all of the sunlight you know sunlight is anti-viral and of course sunlight helps our immune system with vitamin d. And just like the flu goes away in the summer time many experts are thinking this will likely occur although since it's a novel virus we're not absolutely sure until time does occur you know that's an excellent segue your specialty is at the institute teaching a program that's world famous right now called New Start which is talking about certain natural things a person can do to improve their immunity in improve their health overall example you explain what new start is real quick while new start is an acronym that has trademarked and it's very easy to remember these 8 principles that have been shown to be very immune and Hansing proper nutrition is the end the exercise the w. is water which is being to. Talked a lot about and the coronavirus the Esas sunlight the tea is Temperance that means of avoiding things that are harmful to the main system like alcohol and tobacco. A is air and of course fresh air is a great way not to get the virus there's virtually no cases spread you know out outdoors and then r. is rest proper rest which means getting enough sleep and then t. is trust and divine power which is actually shown to also be immune Hansing So if we have 8 of these principles together. We can expect that our immune system will make us one of the ones if we are exposed to it one of the ones with no symptoms or maybe just mild symptoms that well that's very encouraging so there's a chance we could be in that 70 or 80 percent that may be exposed and now if a person is exposed to corona virus and they are able to resist it they're developing if I'm not mistaken certain antibodies that help prevent them in the future exactly yeah those antibodies will be protective of them in the future and that's actually better than getting the vaccine when you've got the real thing in your bodies fought it off now we were talking some of these viruses that are spreading. You know some folks how was this you know a bio weapon that the Chinese or somebody was developing and I think that the general belief is no this is happened before with these viruses mutating and they're being caught from animals correct but not just any animals typically animals the Bible would normally tell us are unclean animals Exactly that's why God told us to stay away from these was to prevent epidemics in nations in throughout the world and so virtually every epidemic whether it was the SARS virus Ebola a they all have the signature that they started from actually eating unclean meat and because we're and I'm clean animal we spread that readily So this is why if we get infection from a cow we might die from that but we're not going to spread it to other human beings and so the eating I'm clean meat is really I'm responsible because if you get an infection from I'm clean me you're going to readily spread that to other humans who are actually innocent you know they're not eating that and of course we can trace it to the actual supermarket in the person who 1st contracted this from unclean animals and then coronavirus case it was bad now when we talk about the. Some of the things that people can do you know there's been some practical information given of course I guess the same things that you would follow when it comes to the common flu is be more careful with the washing sanitize you know void certain congested places especially if you're in an area that has been identified as you know where there is community spread. But so there's things we can do to increase our immune system by following the New Start principles Yeah nutrition anti-oxidant foods your high anti-oxidant. In vegetables and fruit will actually help us. These are cruciferous vegetables broccoli brussel sprouts and the Greens are very potent anti-oxidant spin edge Kale is the number 2 anti-oxidant vegetable in the number one is garlic and garlic even has some very strong anti-viral activity and can even take care of viruses itself plus it can help our immune system with that in the fruits are going to be primarily your berries in the in the whole fruit that actually has the most anti-oxidants that are not berries is the simple plum and so these are things that can actually protect our immune system and help us fight these things off you know so glad that you come in to share this with us there are a lot of different videos going out around the corner on a virus for people are selling health supplements and things that exorbitant prices and we're doing this to let people know there's free thing they God's provided in his word right now use did say there's one thing you might buy over the countered typical drugstore that could help boost your immune system yeah the New England Journal did a study on the flu 3 weeks ago that was published sewing that if you take an acid cysteine And of course this is a natural anti-oxidant that boosts are glued If I own it's very cheap you can get it in any drugs store a pharmacy 2 of those pills a day which is $1200.00 milligrams if you're exposed to the flu 3 out of 4 that we're taking the n.a.c. develop 0 symptoms and develop antibodies against it and that's that's off the charts and regards to anything else in fact better than the flu vaccine itself by helping our own immune system do that and it's pretty simple it raises our glued a thigh on levels and helps us in other ways too that's good and so what's the name of it again if they just go to the counter Yeah and acids heal sestina be called Knack because that's what it stands for and they say so it's really easy to remember now very good now if people want to know more about the new start principles to help boost. Their immune system and there's other health many other health benefits the website yeah new start dot com It's pretty easy New Start dot com and you can get a lot more information and we've got something exciting for those that are watching you know we're not everything here we're providing free information so that people can get the truth out that there was a magazine that we printed in cooperation with amazing facts a few years ago and it's dealing with a new start principles and I think Dr nimbly contributed to this it's called Amazing health facts 8 Bible secrets to a longer and a stronger life anybody that wants a free copy of this if you want to know how you can boost your immune system and just other ways of improving your health just click on the link at the bottom of this video you get it for free and we hope you'll pass it on to your friends well anything else you want to add Dr Natalie about you know what we might keep in mind with what's happening people are afraid so should we be afraid or well I don't think there's really a reason to fear if our immune systems are good and we're healthy now for unhealthy and we have something definitely suppressing our mean system that might be a reason to stay inside and stay more isolated if it's out and about in the community but for those of us who have healthy immune systems and not that we're out there asking to come in contact with it so we develop our vaccine antibodies we still need to wash our hands if we're putting our hands up to our facing those hands need to be washed immediately beforehand if you mess up and you don't do that I would recommend you carry around a little zinc lozenges zinc is toxic to the corona virus on contact so if you happened oh wow I just touch my face and I touch the surface over here and if you know if it's infected I'm doomed now zinc is toxic to the virus on contact and those little zinc Colby's or others in closets as can be helpful exercise aerobic exercise the water therapy that is best is actually the contr. Last bass when you and with a cold it is an immune stimulator and so if you're in the morning instead of just taking your hot shower just alternate hot and cold and with called for a minute and you'll warm up again right away and that's very immune enhancing of course the ass for sunlight the tea for temperance the a for fresh air they are for rest and the tea for trust in God If you have all those a principles I'm not really worried about you if you were to come in contact with the coronavirus with the precautions that we've talked about and we can still be a very positive influence in the world but it does score the need that new start needs to go viral you know you know because that's our protection Yeah following the principles God gave us for natural healing and health and they're all outlined in God's Word as well exactly and I like that last he especially trust Yeah God doesn't want to live in fear he wants us to live in Faith thank you so much we appreciate your coming in folks we hope this is helpful and don't neglect take a look at the New Start dot com website and remember to download the free magazine.


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