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The Stillness of the Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator

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and good morning since each one of your union with fewer in number this morning the my Bible tells me where two or three are gathered together in their the most important person in the environment and we come here thank Jesus today and were also thankful for his word and we've been talking a bit about the word of God together and I continue just telling a little about the history of the Bible we hold in our hands this morning we talked about the Old Testament however critics of the Old Testament were they were satisfied that in fact there is no proof being brought the Old Testament had been can transmitted down to us through the ages and uncorrupted form we talked about how I discovered my little shepherd boy along the hills around the Dead Sea showed that the Old Testament scrolls that we had were actually intact and accurate talking about the New Testament then how in the middle of the nineteenth century was commonly believed that the New Testament had been tampered with rash hands that had been really the work of those authors that board that the names of the books indicated that it had been modified by those who wanted to consolidate power etc. as we talked about how German professor made it his life goals to find a more ancient manuscripts than they currently had at the time this was the early eighteen is X eighteen thirty nine he graduated from University of music and the petition for constant intentional what made it his goal to find the more accurate copies of the New Testament last week we saw there were manuscripts that were available the time none of them were really complete and none of them were satisfying to be able to corroborate each other and me will confirm the accuracy of the New Testament so does not mean that track over to the Sinai remember he arrived at the Saint Catherine's monastery and he put his letter in that basket they lowered down to they read the letter of invitation which it received and being satisfied he was a bona fide visitor the lower the basket with a crossbar from the hold on to the Winston back up to the top of backlit and he went in the monastery and very found an amazing assortment of old moldy manuscripts piles of them in fact the librarian of the month that was serving in library and the time he told Konstantin that just a few months before there was a pile of manuscripts they thought really weren't worth anything in the burn them passing began searching through these manuscripts he ended up finding several about I think there was about thirty nine desire for new number around forty manuscripts that he took with him back is able take with him back to Germany and he began studying and comparing these manuscripts and he thought they came up with some a little more accurate perhaps than the agreed manuscript they had at that time he published his Greek New Testament but he wasn't satisfied because none of those those unnoticed it's a really so ancient to have authority you thought some more there's got to be older manuscripts of the back before the ninth or tenth century so Constantine went back to Saint Catherine's twice went back in eighteen fifty three back in nineteen fifty nine and eleven nineteen fifty nine edition your doctor this girl was just about to finishing the above he said also than three more days he rewrote the friend and after those three days I'll leave it all go home I'll be enough finding that manuscript that I've been looking for in those three days God somehow opened Constantine 's mind and he was able to find a old Greek manuscript that contain both the Old Testament and the New Testament the most complete manuscript of the Bible petition for sightseeing and is in his research into this time and he knew he was onto something he knew he was onto something so is he compared these are the indications he believed this was perhaps the oldest manuscript also not the most complete of the oldest manuscript he had yet found very interesting Catherine 's now the monks in Saint Catherine's were not quite so congenial as they had been innate and eighteen forty four with his first visit to the monastery and then immediately and let him take the manuscripts and returned back to Germany this time his is strengthened and financed by the Czar of Russia and so he convinced the reason mounted heat they could loan the amount they in the manuscripts to the czar of Russia and if you're following along in notes here the copy of the manuscript which in addition northbound and on this trip in eighteen fifty nine was became known as the Codex Symantec S at the Sinai SI in AI like Mount Sinai with PICU as the input Atticus the less this will take this code is not as as a loan to the czar and the somehow this endorsement really remember that part of the arrangement because he presented as a gift to the star when he got back to Russia and there it stayed in a museum in St. Petersburg of course the next eighty years would pass by seventy seventy five years or so would pass by the politics in Russia changed considerably from the czars most of the resin revolution and then the Communist revolution and in the early twentieth century and early twentieth century in the nineteen thirties the Soviets were actually looking to sell this manuscript now the cursor of the British Museum in in London found out this would be for sale and they wanted two hundred thousand pounds was original asking price he offered them a hundred dollars after he often than sixty thousand and they they eventually came down one hundred thousand million have any money this was in the middle of the depression and there wasn't a lot of money the government didn't have a lot of money that the Church of England became interested in helping they didn't have much money finding that the British government said we will give you a thousand pounds if the general population will raise fifty thousand pounds and literally they went door to door asking for donations and that during the depression and they raised the fifty thousand pounds the government matchstick and this manuscript of the codecs and Atticus it arrived in London are looking right at the British Museum in a taxi escorted by a reporter for the daily aches press no one really realized how are very few people realize how valuable this in fact was the clinics fanatic as we now believe is one of the most complete of the manuscripts that were copied back in eighty three thirty one goes back quite a ways is the the story something like this Constantine was a new Christian Emperor and Constantine one of the things that he did you really wanted to settle some of the disputes within Christianity and down one at some of these councils Wisconsin called one of the subjects of discussion with the Canon of Scripture and the Canon of Scripture was Re: pretty much decided that time really not true it's something my claim that Constantine decided which books of the Bible would be included on Constantine in fact simply brought together the believing church theologians and scholars and they were in agreement and so this kind of Scripture being closed and content in my least required or should precipitate a publishing of the Bible the official document of the Christian faith so Constantine himself agreed to pay for fifty copies and selling much today's language with printing presses remember this would be an entire Old Testament and an entire New Testament written by hand every little job every little fiddle every little dog in the room every little preposition in the Greek it all has to be done by hand fifty copies is a lot of work those fifty copies were undone in Caesarea where Eusebius who was responsible for the copying was located at Caesarea was the whole of the sun Atticus for probably several hundred meters from stick a couple hundred years until the survey would take over and we now believe that when the serious and over Caesarea the Christians fled naked within this school on this manuscript which had been copied if they can at the request of Constantine by describes of Eusebius exerted with them to what they thought would be a safe place of refuge Saint Catherine's monastery we talked last week or week before about how God oversaw the God oversaw the affairs of the monastery of Saint Catherine so that in all those nearly fifteen hundred years before this management was found since it had been established the monastery of Saint Catherine's and never been pillaged were overrun by any of the competing factions political factions in the Middle Eastern time they were by God I mean one of the reasons was that so we could have this manuscript run down to us today solicit collect and Atticus was one of those fifty copies we would also we are is also considered that the code is that it can ask a copy of the Scriptures which is in the Vatican which you member Jason Northington allowed to look at for six hours and was also one of those fifty manuscripts from three thirty one and however it was not as complete that the interesting thing that we should notice here if you if you are following along it says none of the differences between these ancient manuscripts and the later versions of the Bible in any way change the meaning or teaching of the Christian faith the Frederic Kenyon the prolific writer who was the curator of the British Museum in London he wrote the following in nineteen thirty nine our Bible as we have up-to-date represents as closely as may be the actual words used by the authors of the sacred books so once again we see the new discoveries made in phase and even in monasteries by shepherd boy by Professor the confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the word of God and Zaman is a good to know that you know the Bible critics were finished yet they said yes I think you back to three thirty one but that still doesn't prove that the disciples of Jesus in the first century wrote those books and they were competent one thing they were confident that they would never be manuscripts found earlier than three thirty one three zero was because the material written the Bible was written on prior to this was on the fragile nature and could not possibly the test of time so the critics came back to fight another day and will be looking next timer together at how God had an answer for that as well hope God will not allow the Bible the attacks without an answer we been talking as we consider the word of God and our relationship to the word of God we've been talking about how the word of God is inevitable member God is not a man that he should lie when the Son of Man that he should repent when God says something happens even though Leyland didn't want what God 's word said God 's word still is true and we can accept that no matter we may want to change it it's better just to surrendered were gone also look at the relevance of the word of God Peter said though all men should deny you I will never night trying to light his words to everyone except to accept himself as so as he applies the word of God everyone around him except his own heart he actually set himself up for his denial is also been looking at how and how the word of God is is is powerful and and able to actually teach us things that we need to know what our daily life if we will just apply the word of God to ourselves they were really looking at the stillness of the word before we open the word of God I wanted this power heads for another worker father we are grateful to get into us these pages of your will transmitted to us today we marvel that some two thousand years nearly after you walk on earth they still speak to us through these words recorded inspired by your Holy Spirit brought down to us preserved for us by your grace and buyer power Lord help us to be more faithful as we consider your words speaking to us today help us to apply to our lives and we might experience the power of your Word converter our last meeting we think in Jesus name I like feature in your Bibles to the book of first Kings were going to be looking this morning I briefly at the story of Elijah and the story were going to focus on is in first Kings chapter nineteen so they get their just saying that will begin reading the story just a few highlights me contemplating its meaning for a state bursting step in nineteen hundred there the Bible says that Ahab told Jezebel all that alive in the and how he slain all the prophets with the sword and Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elisha saying so eleven God did to me and more also will I not your life and the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time you run the story right this is after Mount caramel after a life 's greatest prayer and he has seen fire come down from heaven you only need to bring the rain your member and seven times the servant went to see if there was any rain like sending a servant back to check the check the coast make sure it is not rain coming and finally the seventh time the seventeen that is a little loud as gotten over this analyzer in phase told the team you better get back to your home it is about the really rain it rained so hard the horses couldn't see the road there was the prophet of God literally ran in front of the king 's chariot and led the team back into his home what a tremendous in the day and the end of three years even in your life at this point you have quite a biography noted regarding this is quite an accomplishment and I like it probably tired he lays down arrest and when Elijah got back in and then who did you talk to the life tell the events of the day according to Bernstein nineteen and the first one a half times are told Jezebel and when Jezebel heard when what happened the problem some video she was not a very happy wife Queen and she said the message alike she said by tomorrow this time you're in the same condition what happened alike the Bible says that as this message was delivered to Elijah the fire down and kill the messenger the lenses this is the same in an armed guard appeared or angels appeared around the life you safeguarded and keep him from any danger what will happen like you get this message and mine mine mine nation at least may be a life is not awakened a slumber which is fallen into after having an exhausting day and running only back in brother works as through the rainstorm my mind 's imagination seasoned sort of awaken from the arrest and all the sending getting this message and not knowing exactly what to do with it alike it becomes discouraged with what we would expect to happen happen right and in hindsight looking at this story how many latest version after what I like to see me clearly discouraged flyer not only destroyed and sacrifice in the world of Internet the stones and even burn the water no one is in burn I do not mean there is no reason for anyone to not be absolutely assured God was with him in hindsight we look back how could Elijah be discouraged the Bible says in verse three that when Elijah saw that he rose and ran for his life can you imagine the same why did I walk in making a passport and told and is not going to rain until my word because you've forsaken the God of heaven and worshiping them it seems like you is now running from a woman scared for his life after three years now it's just it's just we're going to look at a couple of questions here and I and now we have in mind as we go to the story because we're going to hopefully ninety and were going to find answers to all of these why was alive so discouraged first of all where was he wanting what we hope to find their those may be related questions she worries running we might help that might help us understand what he was looking for and how they got it do you with the discouraged profit those of four questions that I hope we can answer the next couple minutes we spend together we see that Elijah was discouraged the outset of that team together Jezebel 's message but there must've been another reasons were going to look at the alike his life up to this time I want to consider the fact that that possibility will call the possibility to begin with the possibility that Elijah had become so accustomed to seeing miracles it means you come to rely on to trust them maybe he wanted a religion a spirituality which was which was exciting because of what he experienced was just consider what he experienced in the last three and half years again as I looked at these stories again and again I was amazed if only one of these things that happened to me I would think that I would have my faith settled for all time I mean just one of these experiences with Elijah had would be enough to make it if they were known make people think that you have a incredible walk with God and relationship with God and in fact it would should should show you that your faith was found in any God that was very real must look really quickly first Kings chapter seventeen in verse one is found back a couple chapters were on to see how this we went to seem really briefly what alive has experienced ethernet here's until now working set of universal wildlife and I was uninhabited Gilead seven eight half of the Lord God of Israel let it before whom I stand there shall not be dew nor rain these years but according to my work now Elisha the dish by members he was not from a powerful powerful community he was not drunk he was from a little village right he was from a little mountain town and here is going and talking to McCain anything until my word is not going to ring what happened the Bible says James five sixteen the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man available much minute goes on and says that Elijah was a man of like passions which is real and he prayed earnestly that would not read it rain on the earth the space of three and half years in the first of all it didn't rain second we see in verse sixteen of seeing chapter member when he over six of the same chapter member when you flash and with a high Google home used there by the brook care of and they are received that the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning and bread and flesh in the evening and he drank water booking recommended that social refine that Elijah is that miraculously by the birds numbers on using the this is never been to the needy in downtown some city and you see that engines what happens and you throw a little bit of bringing out the all try to get to each other share enjoy equally novel birds don't just take their food given to someone else but they did here in the cigarette of area there analyzes and they were giving him the food a miracle member after the drugs right up God led him to the Windows assets in the kingdom of Jen Jezebel 's father and their you member the widow and her son were about their last meal at only a little oil in a little lower left and the Bible says that allied to many doctors and make my meal first I was an exercise of faith this woman to do that she did and as a result of her faith outlined his word every time she went to make a little more food what was there a little more only a little more flour gone for a space of time it was eighty eight it wasn't just a few days and he was weeks and months that this little bit of oil and flour never fail a test feeding Elijah and the widow and her son a miracle right would you be excited if God worked miracles like that you I would we continue want to find out if she her son became sick and died in a live chat him up to his room and prayed and the Bible says he revised he raised a boy from the dead that's a miracle right uneasy and then of course we come down to Mount caramel he has fire coming down from heaven to destroy the altar and the sacrifice and the water even within the trench of the court over the sacrifice and then he prays sometimes in that sermon was on the time is little while and it does ranges like he says it will I mean what a life story right what a biography what an amazing thing it almost like a Hebrews eleven just on Elijah a rival and then we come with chapter nineteen and he runs he runs a look and see where he is running the story with the first-team second nineteen and were going to look at verse four he latches his servant basically on the edge of Judah 's property territory here she and he himself left the promised land he left the territories into the tribes of Israel and he's headed back across the desert you can sort of imagine he's heading back towards Egypt's the way the children as well the promised land he's he's heading back across the desert the Bible says that he went a day 's journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a juniper tree at the end he requested for himself that he might what die set is enough basically and in our common vernacular we would say I've had take my life I'm not but in my father 's Bible says as he lay in slept under the Juniper tree behold an angel touched him and said to him arise and eat and he looked and behold there was a king the chemicals in records of waterless hand in eating and drinking lay down again I don't know how long a life was leading must've been very higher version of that picture this is a man who has had one client experiencing five after three years no rain after it rained there is tremendous revival instead he was met by Jezebel he runs a day 's journey into the wilderness he hasn't knows me last will convince several days right he's hungry and tired he lays down arrest and what is God nobody needs to think they need the goddess start counseling and alighting isolation the depressed note under pleasant time for that right this time or not reason with him he's going to come of that time unlike Joe was not gone through the lives and needed more than just the words there were some physical reasons for liking the human wings feel right he was depressed because he was exhausted and he hadn't eaten alive nudity nudity needed two things he didn't include any needed rest the Bible says that God would provide he wakes him up out of sleep he says look wise any notice what he said I like winning the Senate while the second time he comes back and he says today and delighted arising because the journey is too great for the Mister right for you you need some divine help along the way allied to a went back to sleep think of them that wakes them up again feeds him what you like to know what exactly was the danger was feeding him maybe recipe or something I assume he delivered cooks alike it seems and done well by this food because the Bible says I'm not a thought my words right the Bible says in verse eight that he arose and a drink and went in the strength of that neither that food forty days and forty nights in the world the mouth of God that's a long ways abstinence from some really good angel food forty days and forty nights of life is worth the well what not horrible you have a little Bible Atlas or Bible dictionary can pull it down you can see what where mouth where it is not horrendous very interesting work is that when he amount five nine we come I'm a big move back I think I have the right here he's all the way gone from Palestine only from the tribe of Judah which are reviewed and cost all across the desert what we would call the Sinai Peninsula at least according to the common view of Mount Sinai is an out mortgages right there next to Mount Vernon has been announced on November the ninth Sinai there was a tremendous personal revelation of God to a human being though only one recording of this type in Scripture rightly can read about annexes thirty three Nexus thirty four where Moses is on top of Mount Sinai any pleading with God and he says I beseech you and then you show me your glory I want to see your presence Melissa and I were good friends right and mother says just manifest yourself any real tangible way can however see you not to hear your voice I want to see you Moses is asking for this right and God gave Moses instruction is a high result in a crack in the rock and his lawyer would pass by seeing something of the character and the war in the nineteen hundred minutes story and so that's what happened was Moses on top of Mount Sinai saw what human beings have not otherwise been privileged to see when you agree with me now Sinai was a sacred spot in the Jewish mind not Sinai was where the ten Commandments law had been given to the people remember nodding toward the people clean your tents washer hello they don't have many eyelid and meeting with and the Bible says in the presence of God came down and covered the mountain article I'll this was an amazing experience the people of Israel were standing by their tents I get this picture of some sort of the known mess inspection in the military camp or something out there all out ready to meet God and when they went when the mountain began shaking and thunders enlightening and the voice of God began to be being hurt the Bible says that they all ran back in the God revealed himself not just in Moses but in a in a remarkable way he demonstrated his power and his presence the entire camp of Israel this is where I live why why we run to know where could it be that Elijah after meeting for three and half years on daily miracles that we had right latest coming every day oil and an flower not bailing every day in our miracles miracles miracles miracles every day using more and more miracles could it be that he became desensitized to God working in his life and he felt that he still needed something of the presence of power that be he's looking for something to go all the way to work and a lot of other places he could not he's not running from God in them is running true God is looking for something in his spiritual experience he doesn't have he's looking for something that will satisfy after three years of miracles the Bible says that he came to verse nine he came to entertain and stayed there and behold the word of the Lord came to him and he said to him alive to what are you doing here and you notice the life his answer life is still trying to maybe convince God but he's all right he's being persecuted maybe he's not being appreciated as it should does in verse ten I've been jealous very jealous of the Lord God of hosts the children of Israel forsaking your covenant from down your office and slain your profits of the sword and I even I only left in the sink my life taken away verse eleven God says do like to go forth and stand upon the mouth of the Lord now just imagine yourself being out the movies desert mountains by yourself not another soul around you standing out there in the entrance of your key ring taken up residence in something tremendous happened the Bible says behold the Lord passed by and eighty great and strong wind rent or for the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks of woodworking and when nursing the aniline and you were not talking about a thirteen force when your enforcement wheelchair roofs off buildings and an upper of palm trees but I don't think even if your team will split rocks and pull them off the mountainsides this is when notice the notice is extremely impressive and powerful and when jewelry miraculous the Bible says the war was not in the wind is a after the win and it is an is probably very few things as unsettling as earthquakes of more like market in Southern California is a dilemma network in Southern California I remember my first earthquake that I experienced them there's things you trust my ground is one of when it starts moving it seems as though there's nothing left to rest your hopes are you trust upon unit is in my earthquake imagining and mountains of publicly achieved with an earthquake going impressive the Bible says the Lord is not an earthquake after the earthquake analysis first wealthy fire God is using some of the most powerful forces of nature to try to speak to align his heart the dramatic you want a demonstration of my power object a fire the Bible said what was on fire and we know that during this wind earthquake and fire alive he had not stayed out of the mouth of the cave because we find the Bible saying again that alighted went out in verse thirteen human ousted infinity the second time so during this event is meant to live the runs back into the paper shelter the Bible says that the fire there was a still small what the voice and that still small voice alike everyone recognized the presence of God he recognized the presence of God when the Bible says it was a still small voice in the English and make a lot of sense of small and infant understands how quiet what the still voice me how to describe sound with an adverb that her and after that should describe motion on Activision describe what the motion right anyhow you how you have is to small voice this word really intrigues me it's the same word that is found in our Scripture for the day Psalm forty six verse ten Psalm forty six in verse ten this is a quotation one of those times when the inspired author is not just getting the thoughts of God giving the words of God are vegan many translations you'll find it set out in any a quotation marks or in an offset margin forty six verse ten is a quotation from God it says that he still and know that I am God I would propose today in order to hear the still small voice we first have to be still ourselves the next member we're talking in the last week about how the light of truth is progressive and if you want to stay in the want to lie right one in the same way he wanted to hear a voice that is still still yourself be still and know that I am God the word here is still you can describe and I think I sent this to you before you describe it as if it were like haters on the fire missing that happen many all of you growing up on a farm but he probably thrown grass and the fire made a campfire at some point right you don't find older or hay or straw and you notice that here Scott doesn't just disappear in acting incident like a silken soap and ash they just melts and conforms to whatever the container whether the greater drilling whatever that it's all right it loses its rigidity just relax for the sports domain in fact the translation for our Psalms forty six ten and some other translations I have here in your handouts NASD the new American Standard Bible says ceases try being I know that I have God to convey that to bringing this version does calm down and know that I am God and the Moffatt translation James Moffat translated it as given by Christ admit that I am God if you want to hear the still small voice have to be still surrendered yourself that we can do so to summarize here allied jet is running where is running the mount forum is running away from the running to find apparently to find a more significant manifestation of the presence of God are things that are simply gratifying his wishes gone teachers alike get a lesson in principle which is a lesson for us living today in two thousand ten that lesson is this the power of God must be the assurance of the presence of God is not to be found in dramatic miracle with the power the presence the assurance of God is to be found and that still small voice that kind of communion of the school with the divine what are they need not have new articles in order to be sixty we need not look for the more dramatic unfortunately we're living in a world where Christianity today is a sad side of greater experience I eliminate they want something more moving they want a certain more powerful they let me as a more compelling they want something more dramatic for the senses they want something else shock and awe Ms. Christian sometimes like a life long and is once something dramatic announcement and were looking for when one is able to find it like alike and we can learn the principle that the most intimate and powerful testimony that God is with us is in time and spend one who still know I argue that going up the life is I'm sure glad that God has such patience and tenderness compassion for us aren't you glad that God gives that still small voice gives each one of us equal access to the still small voice doesn't matter who we are on the matter what miracles and senior housing all glosses stop resisting stop by me stopped flying stop trying to drive and so more calling down is one transition to the Y no I don't want to this story makes me want to spend more time simply opening my heart one-on-one with my meager Creek it makes me want to say Lord forgive me for trying to find spirituality or assurance in the dramatic step help me to find it in that quiet time when I can spend time with I want them to I want to hear that still small voice speaking to me I may never have a life the way like Elijah I may never see fire come down from heaven earth quakes I may never see ravens seem to hear oil and flour doesn't fail you may not hear each one of us can know for sure that our salvation are the is secure in Jesus spend that quiet time with him this week is your desire let's pray father we are grateful for stories like this discouraged alike when you try to plant his feet on something wash for an simple experience what we think even our times of discouragement in our times of weakness you are still seeking to do the same for us to understand known as high as your servants for becoming discouraged we simply want us after we been then rested you wanted to learn lessons of quietude of peacefulness of stopping art attempts at spirituality and allowing you in a relationship one-on-one with you to give us the assurance of our faith faith father I just want to pray that you would set our feet on that solid foundation of your word that in the time that each one here today spends his coming meet with you that they might find their faith established by the word of God they might find their Christian experience endorsed by you not because of the miraculous or dramatic because of the quietness they feel their heart is a hearing her voice the defendants my design work for them and for me to ask this in Jesus name


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