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A High Time to Wake Up

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • March 21, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Thank you brother John and. Of course want to welcome the. Grandbaby pastors families and some of our studio people that are here and want to welcome those who are joining us online. I think Santiago who manages our internet is telling us that we've got people from all over the country that are too well I should say that differently maybe even all over the world they all step to the side here they're going to take that off so you don't have the mike stand up in front of me thank you very much and. We heard that during our Sabbath school program names were being read from people all over the world is that still true Sunny I go yeah and. We want to encourage you to if if you've got some friends and they don't know that this service is being provided I'm going to share some things I think are very important today you might ask them right now to go ahead log on to an end they can go to the amazing facts Facebook page they can go to the Doug bachelor Facebook page to the Are You Tube Doug bachelor You Tube site as well as the Granite Bay Sta Facebook page and I think it's even streaming through the mo on that page as well and so we'd like to encourage God's people to come together we don't have a regular buildings we can gather in but I think it's important for us to to be together to study His word now as you probably gather from the. Scripture reading the message today is about a high time to wake up. You know we we revere and roar Romans that the now our salvation is nearer than we believe now that's good news to know that our salvation is near but it's troubling that the Postle goes on the Says So you need to wake up now I'm going to talk about the importance of being awake through this lesson but before I get to that I want to make sure that everyone understands who are living in a physically sleep deprived society so sleep is good sleep is part of God's plan and you can read in Psalm 8 I'm sorry some for verse 8 I will both lie down in peace and sleep for you alone oh Lord make me to dwell in safety and Psalm $127.00 verse 2 It is vain for you to rise up early to sit up late to eat the bread of sorrow for he gives his beloved sleep so sleep is wonderful when you're resting in the Lord it's a blessing Don't misunderstand it just in the last 100 years or so people have become more and more sleep deprived because we got all this artificial light and artificial intertainment and people are struggling because of that with a lot of health problems just like they always start with an amazing fact after all we are amazing facts the longest documented record for a human going without sleep without using artificial stimulants is held by Randy Gardner in 1964 the 17 year old high school student from San Diego he stayed awake for 264 hours that's 11 days in a self-imposed experiment but it was monitored Randy reported whole loose the nation's nausea paranoia blurred vision slurred speech with problems and memory and concentration no wonder I can have that after about. 16 hours without any sleep. God made us where we need appropriate wrists but in the Bible when it says Wake up it's not talking about neglecting your physical rest it's talking about not sleeping spiritually and right now friends I think that there is a problem in the world is that our salvation is nearer than we believed and the church may be sleeping spiritually you know. Folks are wondering what's going on in the world with these challenges in these problems and in some of the frightening things that are happening. There's a quote from the book prophets and kings I'd like to start with Page 277 the time is at hand when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal the Spirit of God is being withdrawn disasters by sea and by land follow one another in quick succession how frequently we hear of earthquakes we had one here in Lake Tahoe yesterday tornadoes destruction by fire and flood with great loss of life and property apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganized unregulated forces of nature wholly beyond the control of man notices but in them all God's purpose might be read they are among the agencies by which he seeks to a rouse means to awaken men and women to a sense of their danger whatever you think might be going on I'm quite certain that God would like for these things to be the means of people waking up and realizing. The danger that we're in now that when we say wake up there's 2 different groups that need to wake up people need to wake up to their spiritual need but the church needs to wake up to help lead them to Christ now as my text to use as a springboard for our study today I'd like you to go to the Book of Jonah. And in Jonah Chapter one Verse 5 you know the story is running from the word of the Lord and finally he gets on a boat and he's heading off to Tarshish to run from the presence of the Lord and then this tremendous storm breaks out and it threatens to sink the ship and the sailors are throwing everything overboard you can read here and Jonah one verse 5 then the Mariners were afraid and every man cried out to his God and they threw the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten the load but Jonah had gone down into the lowest parts of the ship and had lain down and was fast asleep now this to me is really a prophetic picture of what's going on in the world today there's a storm in the world the people in the world are afraid the people in the world are experiencing incredible economic loss they're throwing everything overboard that's a purpose why they're making this ship journey and. But Jonah the prophet of God is asleep so I want you to consider 5 things about Jonah here I want you to look at who is sleeping look at where he is sleeping like a why he is sleeping consider when he is sleeping and then look at how he is sleeping 1st of all look at who is sleeping. In the middle of the storm the person who's sleeping is the one who has a connection with God he's the one who knows the way of salvation he is a prophet of God the Word of God in his in his mouth and he's asleep he's asleep at a time when everybody else is praying and they're they're looking for salvation and he's sleeping friends I really think the church needs a wake up and while I'm concerned about what's going on in the world today in some ways I'm excited because I have been praying that God would do something whatever it takes to wake people up not just people in America because you can become so materialistic we think we're rich and increased with goods and sometimes got us to wake us up but the church to wake up to what our mission is to return to the faith that was once delivered to the saints to get that primitive evangelist example that sacrificial Spirit of Christ so that will care about the lost we've got the truth but we're sleeping and it's something like the story of the rich man and Lazarus we've got these pagan beggars at our gate desiring to eat the crumbs that fall from our table we as Christians especially 70 administrations we understand the Bible people are starving for what we're feasting on the days when the crumbs and they're right there on our gate you know this is kind of what happened in the Old Testament with the children of Israel they said we're the people of God We are the frozen chosen and they didn't care about all the pagans that were lost around them this is what's happening here in the story of Jonah he didn't want to go talk to the Ninevites other pagans Lord if I don't go just destroy them. But they kind of had this exclusive mentality it was Ok for all of them to get together among themselves and study and argue about the Word of God and and so forth but that can also happen to churches where we forget about those who are starving around us there's a storm the Bible tells us there's a great time of trouble that's coming to the world the church needs to wake up because people are looking for salvation not only was he asleep he is fast asleep now you know an oxymoron is 2 words that contradict each other like military intelligence or when you say jumbo shrimp or woman driver. I just wonder you know there was an audience here today. Fast asleep well if the only way you're fast asleep is if you fall asleep driving and you don't do that for very long fast asleep really means deep in his sleep he was out of it he was sleeping so he did not even notice the storm so not only is the church asleep they are fast asleep and now he's gone down to the lowest parts of the ship. Look at where he's sleeping he's down in the bottom he's down in the dark He's down in where the build is now I've lived on a few boats before and at one time I lived on a sailboat that went around the Mediterranean and part of the job of the crew they didn't have the modern gauges that they have now at the in the pilot's house where you can see the engine temperature and the engine pressure and all those things was right there at the steering wheel so someone had to be assigned to go down to the lowest part of the ship where the engine was drive shaft coming out of the back to the propeller and we would sit in a chair and it was in the dark and the build all the oil and extra fuel that had been spilled than any other grime that had grown up it's kind of sloshing around because even the best of ship still somehow water gets in. And the boat is rocking back and forth and you're in the dark and it smells bad and next to the chair where we would watch the temperature gauge and the oil pressure gauge there was a metal drum because invariably everybody who had that assignment got seasick and so here Jonah is down in the most undesirable place of the ship is in the lowest parts of the ship and God's people maybe aren't living where they all have down where the building is right now they're down in the dark and they need to wake up and go up they need to go a little higher so they can let the light shine God said you don't take a light and put it down in the lowest parts of the ship you put it up on a hill where everybody could see it so God needed to wake Jonah. All that tells about where he's sleeping why is he sleeping it says Jonah rose to flee from Tarshish from the presence of the Lord he's running from his duty to witness to the last you know this is the purple principle reason we exist as a people as we come to Jesus that we might fulfill the great commission and then go for Jesus and Jonah didn't want to go and share the message of salvation with the Ninevites So he's running from his duty you know the Bible tells us that the Lord had poured upon him a spirit of sleep you can read in Isaiah $29.00 verse 10 for the Lord is poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep the Lord is close your eyes namely the prophets as even the seers those who know the truth that should be sharing the truth are not sharing present truth and helping people prepared to meet the bridegroom we need to wake up it is high time that we wake up something else that we can learn about Jonah consider when he is sleeping. It says in Jonah one verse 4 the Lord tsunami a great wind and there's a mighty Tempest on the sea and it was about to be broken up he's sleeping at the time where people are actually going to be listening there are the sailors were afraid the sailors are now praying the prophet is sleeping people in the world out there are concerned just a few days ago I was meeting with some friends and before they close the health club I play racquetball pastor all sides sometimes with a group of guys nice guys professionals that work at different jobs from plumbers the contractors and and the jokes that sometimes tease us about being pastors one of them calls me Rev. But I'll tell you the whole spirit and atmosphere in the group before they finally closed the clubs had changed and I started talking to him about you guys need to start reading your Bibles and stead of teasing they were listening and people are interested right now if ever you're going to go to sleep don't go to sleep during the storm what people are praying and when they're searching this is the time for the church to wake up to rise and shine and tell people about the Lord look at how he is sleeping you can read and Jonah 15 It says when the Mariners were afraid every man cries out to his God They threw the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten the load but Jonah had gone down to the lowest parts of the ship and was fast asleep he is not being very helpful during this time you know one of the things about sleep I know that when you're sleeping if you're sleeping good Aryans sleep that there is restoration happening in your body that your d.n.a. is repairing that you're getting regenerated your computer is rebooting there's a lot of good things that happen biologically to you when you sleep we're not talking about that we're talking about the simple truth that sleeping does not produce much work. People who are sleeping on the job don't get a lot done everybody up on top of the deck they are working like crazy to be saved and those doing nothing you know I meet people all the time that are talking about well I need training and I'm afraid that you know I don't have the right understanding or I don't know enough to share my faith and I need more studies I need another seminar I need a better better equipment you know God is not looking for more money or machines or methods he's looking for better men and women if we were to live the life we'd see people would be transformed and amazing facts that we are trying to do everything we know how to do to get the message out because the way I look at it people who are saved live forever people who are not saved face eternal death it is a life and death issue nothing is more important than that so we're looking at everything we can do we're using television we're using radio we're using Internet we're using publishing we're using live evangelism we're training we're trying to do everything we can to get the message out there this is the most important message in the world and you know what sometimes we get a little criticism and people say you know you're not doing this right you're not doing that right or you should do this differently and I will agree there's a lot of things we do I wish we could do better I wish we could do differently but we are doing something and I'd rather do something a little bit wrong than do nothing very well and there's a lot of people in church that are sleeping waiting for the perfect opportunity and the sleeping through the best opportunities why they wait do what lies nearest you do something but wake up and start Sherri make yourself available get up on deck and start working in sleepers or in active Proverbs 6 verse 9 and 10 How long will you slumber all sluggard When will you rise from your sleep. A little sleep a little slumber a little folding of the hands the sleep Social your poverty come upon you like a proud and your need like an arm man and people who are sleeping are usually not rich they're not very active the not very productive and if we want to be rich in the things of God If you know what if we would make an effort so often I'm not sure what to say and I try and say something but God then uses the Holy Spirit to do something with it and you know God can speak through a donkey which is why I am not given up I figure he can use me God can speak through it don't. And he might say well how can the Lord use me he can use everybody but if God's Church of every member would start getting out there living the life and sharing the good news I think it's an incredible revival sleep makes us vulnerable it's easy to overcome those that are asleep one reason that people in the church are so easily being overcome is because they are sleeping Jesus and watch and pray that you enter not into temptation temptation overtakes us easily when we are sleeping spiritually I remember reading the book of Judges the story of Barack and Deborah they have a tremendous battle with a king named Jabe and he's the king of Canaan at 900 iron chariots under his commander a man named Cicero God sent barrack out Imbali said I'll be with you and they were victorious well in the midst of the battle that mighty General Cicero heroes up in this is judges for 17 he rolls and he fled on foot his chariot was stuck in the mud and he came by the tent of jail the wife of Heber the Kina Knight the king and knights were at peace with they were the descendants of the Midianites who had married with Moses family that was a for it was from and so the Cananites and the Cananites are friends but jail kind of like rehab she knew that Jehovah was the real God. And when the sister when the general of the Canaanites came to her tent she went out to meet him she said turn aside my lord turn aside don't fear and he turned aside he went into the tent she covered him with a rug he said to her Can you give me a little water to drink is running from the battle he's thirsty so she opens a jug of milk she gives him a drink and she covered him then he said to her if anyone comes to the door of the tent and they ask about me just send them down the road she said Sure no problem but then jail keepers wife she took a tent stake and she took a mallet in her hand and she went softly to him I know this is a little rough but she drove the pig into his goal into his temple right into the ground for he was fast asleep there you have it again like Jonah fast asleep think about this this is a mighty general he made Nations tremble he would spread out his batter and direct armies he could have easily tossed that woman 50 yards but that mighty General was completely vulnerable because he was asleep God's people need to wake up the devil is going around as a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour we all know the story of Sampson strongest man has ever lived how is he overcome by sleep judges 16 verse 19 then she Delilah wold him to sleep on her knees she call and this is after he divulged a secret and she had a man shave off the 7 locks of his hair and she began to torment him and his strength left him she said the Philistines are upon your Sam's and so he awoke from his sleep and he said I'll go out as before and shake myself free but he did not know that the Lord had departed from him when did the Lord depart from him while he was sleeping his hair was shorn why he was sleeping. You know I tell you this these are tough days that we're in now you know I know some services are open but the barber shops are closed and I had to cut my own hair yesterday Karen said don't do that again then and then she she said I'll help fix you it went from bad to worse I almost did before you today with no hair but. The devil is going to try to take advantage of people because they're asleep so that they lose their strength they go out to shake themselves they don't realize the Holy Spirit has left them and it happened not at some moment while they were awake but while they were sleeping little by little I think that some people are grieving away the Holy Spirit through constant sleep of fees and 5 verse 11 already through verse 16 having no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them for it's shameful to even speak of those things that are done by them in secret for all that are exposed are made manifest by the light for whatever makes manifest is light there for you says awake you who sleep arise from the dead in Christ will give you light see them that you walk circumspectly and not as fools but as wise redeeming the time for the days are evil you know one reason that Sampson got into so much trouble is b he spent more time learning the ways of the Philistines and sleeping with the enemy you might say and pretty soon he was overcome by the enemy the Bible says we are not to love the world or the things of the world if any man says he loves the the world the love of the Father is not in him you can't be a friend of the world and a friend of Christ at the same time and when I say the church needs to wake up again you need your physical sleep we are Sabbath keepers we believe in rest but we can't be resting spiritually we need to be read I when I take that back yeah you can rest fiercely but I mean you can't be sleeping spiritually when the devil's out we need to be watching we need to be alert people sleep better in the dark for Samuel 26 or 7. You remember King Saul is trying to conquer David he's hunting them in the mountains of Judea and he went to surround of the mountain where they were but the army of Saul went to sleep so David takes his nephew Abba shy they come to the people by night and there Saul a sleeping within the camp his spear stuck in the ground in by his head and Abdur and the people his body guard is all around him and David is able to go up to the king and he's able to take his water he's able to take his spirit he's basically ridicules a body guard because it was in the dark and they were asleep he was vulnerable like all the times in the Bible God's people are overcome or humiliated because they're sleeping when they should be watching Isaiah 60 verse 2 for behold darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the people when is the world the darkest at midnight when does it say the Bridegroom comes at midnight Now that doesn't mean it's 12 o'clock all over the world of the same time it means of one of the darkest times in the world's history it's going to be a time of great trouble and when you notice the stars in their stars up there shining right now it's daytime here we don't see them because it's a time but you get up on the Hill and in the dark you're going to know that the stars are there now in that time of the world where there's great darkness spiritual darkness and you look at how people are being entertained in the world today with it's violence and sex it's lying is as common as speaking and there's so much immorality in the world that and the church is being entertained with the thing same things that entertain the world how can we think that's not going to affect us spiritually it's going to put us to sleep the church needs to repent of their sins they need to strive after holiness without which no man will see God. Wake up is what that's talking about 1st this alone is 5 years 4 through 8 but you brother in are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief we should not be living with the dark side you are sons of the light suns of the day we are not of the night or the darkness Therefore let us not sleep as others do and that word others there it's talking about people who. Were the other means the ref use of society the last can be translated that way don't be sleepy like the world needs don't be sleeping like the last we are children of the night of the day rather we should be a week let us watch and be sober we need to be clear headed. To be living in drunkenness for those who sleep sleep in the night and those who get drunk get drunk in the night but those of us who are of the day be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet of salvation you know we've been commanded by the Lord to watch and what it means to watch I was once a security guard and I remember my 1st day on the job as a security guard I'll tell you how it happened real quick I had 2 jobs I had a job I got through an employment agency in Boston in a rust proofing factory and there is a person out there in case you didn't know what their job is to rust proof the steel toes that go in steel toed boots that was my job we would lift these steel pose that came from the factory all formed and we put them in these different chemicals for different periods of time and we tumble them in these drums and and then they dry out and they get prepared so they would never rust. I worked all they had that job then the night I went to the apartment where I lived in Boston a lot of students shared apartments and we had like had one bathroom on the floor everybody would share as pretty rough there's security guard downstairs we all knew him and I came in one day and said Hyde of the security guard and he looked kind of bonus and what's the problem is that well I got this other location where my guard didn't show up he says I'm guarding this one because somebody didn't show up and I'm look I've got to find somebody I felt pretty good at the moment I said. All be a guard he said You mean it said sure he didn't know I was 16 years old the time he thought he would like at least 18 so it sure so they gave me a location a construction site and he told me what to do and he said you walk you take this big clock you walk these destinations you put the keys in that shows that you were at these locations of this but if it time it would punch it on the tape and I was kind of fun I felt I got 2 jobs I'm a guard that these guys only knew I was a thief during the day I'm a guard I thought I felt really important about that but then it got to be about 2 in the morning and that construction site got really boring and I was just sitting waiting for the next hour to go by so I could walk my rounds and punch the clock and I'm fighting to stay up and I thought I can't go to sleep they're paying me they're trusting me to guard this place what if you could stolen while I'm sleeping I did make it through the night but I'll tell you what there's a few times my head dropped down it's hard to stay up and watch I mean it's a morning God tells us to watch and yeah watching takes effort you know that the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska the Challenger space shuttle disaster the churn noble nuclear accident have all been connected with people sleeping when they should have been sleeping a lot of loss of life. Mark 13 Jesus speaking of His 2nd coming he said Watch therefore for you do not know when the Master is coming in the evening at midnight at the crowing of the rooster or in the morning lest he come suddenly and find you sleeping and what I say to you I say to all watch over and over the Lord says Watch watch watch friends I hope those of you who are watching right now online it's not too late text your friends tell them be tuning in this is a really important message church needs to wake up I think we're living in the last days I really do I don't know if you know how everything happening fits perfectly in with the prophetic scheme of things but I know that the whole world is involved right now in fear and I think God wants this opportunity to be used to wake people up to eternal realities and he wants the church to wake up you know before Christ comes back he's going to have a people that will reflect his image he's going have a church that is finally going to fulfill what his calling as high design was for his bride and this is the generation that can do that this is an opportunity for us to wake up yeah we're supposed to be watching right now 1st as lonely as $516.00 let us not sleep with others as others do but let us watch him be sober 1st Peter 58 be sober be vigilant a vigil means you're looking to the right you're looking to the left you know when I learned to fly. I always remembered something my father taught me as I flew with my dad before I got my license and my father you know he flew during World War 2 He was a captain in the Air Force and he said always be scanning the horizon is that back before the days where they had radar always telling you where everybody was so it always be in the habit. Scanning the horizon that's actually helped me with preaching because it's taught me not to look at one part of the audience but to try to look at everybody when you're preaching and you can save your life because sometimes I've turned and I've seen a plane that was not on radar they didn't know about they weren't registered and they're flying right towards me and if I had not been scanning the horizon and this is what we're called to do this what it means to be vigilant it means to be watching to be looking around see what's happening in the world spiritually something else we learn from sleep wolves tend to come in when the shepherds are sleeping Matthew chapter 13 verse 24 another parable he put forth of them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field but while men slept an enemy comes and sows terrorism on the wheat we have tears in the church among the wheat you know how that happened because we were sleeping and when people are sleeping. Peoples can sneak in and they can corrupt the crop so to speak how is it that we have people that say that there Bible Christians that believe that the we came through evolution while men slept how is it we can have people in the church that are members that don't believe marriage is between one man and one woman while we slept people came in are people who don't believe in the inspiration of the Bible in the spirit of prophecy when did that happen while we slept. People came we lowered the standard we weren't so careful as we should be with people who were coming in and becoming part of the church ending up with voting authority we weren't so careful as we should have been with people that needed to be tossed overboard like Jonah you notice when they dealt with Jonah the ship had peace and one reason that the churches are not getting very far is because there's a lot of Eakins in the camp while men slept the tears were sown among the wheat you know horses I understand can. They can sleep standing up they do lay down and sleep that's when they get there are easy and sleep but God designed them where they can sleep standing up because you probably watch a horse get up it's a little laborious for them to get up it takes a moment they're vulnerable and so God designed them where they can actually lock their legal months it's called the stay position and they can sleep either stand it up so they can be alert in case a predator comes by is something else is horses when they sleep if you notice one of them will be standing while the other is a line down and then when the other one gets up another one might lead and they like to have somebody on watch you know we need to be watching some of our folks are sleeping but God wants us to be awake you know there is a plague that went through North America between 10151926 I bet most people haven't heard of it and suffer light is left. In Suffolk lightest lethargic. It was an atypical form of unsubtle itis that's known as sleepy sickness the disease attacks the brain leaving some of its victims in a statue like condition they're standing up speechless and motionless and I just wonder if maybe some in the church have spiritual in Slough a light as lethargic where we're going through all the outward motions of church but spiritually we're not in communion with God We're not walking with God We're not living where we're convicted of our since. We sleep when we should be praying the captain came down here looking for something else to throw overboard and he found a runaway prophet snoring I wonder how Jonah would have slept if he knew he was about to get a ride on a blubber mattress so the captain came to him and said What do you mean sleeper arise what do you mean sleeper are kept in the same to us what do you mean sleeper arise how can you the indignation of the captain how can you sleep at a time like this The world is ending and all the sailors are about the parish he says arise call on your god perhaps your god will consider us so that we may not perish we need our captain to wake us up right now I'd like to read something to you from 2nd testimonies 337 a listless unfeeling Mao manner of presenting the truth will never arouse men and women from their death like slumber they must show by their manners by their acts by their words by their preaching and praying that they believe the Christ is at the door you know I've been hearing a lot of pastors tell their congregations and peace peace everything's going to right this a people are afraid we need to calm down while if they're saved I think you can offer peace if they're not saved don't calm down. People need to be awaken to the danger that they're in min and women are in the last hours of probation and yet they are careless and stupid don't get after me I'm right this ministers have no power to arouse them they themselves are asleep sleeping preachers preaching to sleeping people while the sailors are praying Jonah the prophet is sleeping God has given the 7th Day Adventist Church the message for this time you want to go to the world it's the most important message in the world I just need to share with you friends what I 1st learned these things I was raised you know an atheist pretty much or a gnostic no religion. Except to the Lord to reading the Bible except the Jesus began to visit Christian churches and you know I met a lot of lovely spiritual people in these churches but the doctrines didn't make sense they didn't seem to mesh with the Bible and they all disagreed with each other so I got on my knees and said Lord show me the truth I just want the truth somebody came by my cave up in the mountains they gave me the book the great controversy I read that book I asked for another I read patriarchs and prophets and then I read steps to Christ and I read desire of ages and I was reading the Bible along with this these inspired writings and I said this is the truth I asked my friend are there people somewhere that believe these things is there like a church is it oh yeah they're all over the place I've never heard of 7th Day Adventists before I said well I'd I'd like to go and you know my 1st few visits to 7 the administration I'll just let you know friends it was a little underwhelming I was so excited about the message I just finished reading Daniel in the Revelation and then Jesus was coming to get the Bible was true that the purpose of life was to know God to share God and I went to the churches just seem like seem like a social gathering I mean you know they really little bit of scripture but they just in its feel the sense of any urgency there was in the attitude wake up do you not care that we are perishing you know you can read in the Bible there was another storm at sea the disciples were in a boat crossing the sea of Galilee at Jesus' command and the storm began to mount and the wind began to blow in the waves began to pour into the boat and finally they realized their danger the lightning flash they saw that Jesus was there in the boat with them and they woke him up and this said Master Do you not care that we're perishing I mean it's amazing that Jonah was about to perish is about to go down and he's sleeping. It's amazing that you can read an action after 12 Peter was in prison chain between 2 soldiers he's on death row and he's sleeping God had to send an angel to strike him and wake him up God had to send the storm in the captain to wake up Jonah you read about the Philippian jailer an earthquake had to wake him up and then he says What must I do to be saved he had to be woke up before he would say What must I do to be saved if people only knew the hour in which we're living if we only knew how wonderful heaven is how terrifying it will be for the last. The church would not be so happy go lucky about the time wherein we feel more urgency to live the life and to share the message with those who are around us what we need is we need a revival we need the church to wake up you know I'm I'm praying I'm excited I'm praying that what is happening in the world today can be the catalyst that will revive God's people to what our purpose is that will help us open up our Bibles open up the inspired Council we have started studying to find out the time in which we're living now and I think it is it's so exciting when you think about and Lord have mercy on us if we don't care if we don't care about our own souls don't we care about the others you know I heard a story one time about soldier was caught sleeping at his post now back in those days of a soldier was caught sleeping on watch it was the death penalty so he was put in the the brig and he was going to be brought out in a week and he was going to be hung by the neck in till dead young man got tired fell asleep but it was pretty severe to fall asleep on watch because if people on watch fall asleep then all the other soldiers die that their trust in the watchman is going to warn them if there's danger but if he falls asleep what are you going to do and as God's people the 7 the admin is we've fallen asleep but there's more of the story. The mother found out she went to appeal to the general she said Please he's my only son I have no husband he's my only support Don't dis extinguish the light of my life well the General's heart was touched he wrote a pardon he gave it to the corporal he said Take this give it to the jailer tell the young man he's forgiven the corporal thought well that's a long way to the brig I'll do it in the morning and he went to sleep but the think about that think about that young man who's about to perish and what that must've felt like for him to get that message late. If it didn't bring in time is lost there's people out there they're under a death the creed you and I are to bring them the pardon from Jesus we've got that message of salvation it's good news friends we're living in the last days we need to let people know to prepare for Christ is coming you know I think we're going to close here and we may go off the air while we're singing but we're going to be singing that song watch the Saints in those who are in our little family congregation here you can stand we're going to sing 598 on a think Michelle and Brad for leading our music God bless you and stay tune online in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about yours or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit w w w dot. Org.


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