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Fight Coronavirus with NAC - Part 3

Don Mackintosh Allen Lloyd
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During a recent COVID-19 interview, Dr. Neil Nedley, Weimar Institute president, shared about NAC and we received a flood of questions. This episode brought to you by NEWSTART will hopefully answer some of those many questions. www.NEWSTART.com


  • March 25, 2020
    11:45 AM
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[DON MACKINTOSH] Hi, I’m Don Mackintosh. We’re in our series “Total Community Immunity,” TCI (Total Community Involvement), but we’re trying to help you in your fight against any kind of disease or virus. And again Dr. Nedley, the president of Weimar Institute, internal medicine specialist, is with us today, and we’re going to talk about NAC?


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] Yeah, N-acetyl cysteine, it’s actually something that is available. Our bodies make it from, actually, the amino acid cysteine, and we can also produce better glutathione levels through glutamine as well. And so, several amino acids come together to increase glutathione levels which dramatically improve our immune system. In addition, NAC can have some antiviral activity itself. It’s been shown in vitro to do that.


And so, a very interesting study was just sited recently. It was done years ago, and of all places Italy. They took people, and they had them take placebo. It was a randomized controlled trial, which is the best way to do something to see if a supplement or a medicine is going to work or not compared to a placebo, and the group that was randomized to the NAC, just 1200 mg a day, they came in contact with the flu virus just as commonly as the placebo people did, but they found out that if you were taking NAC, three out of four chance you developed no symptoms from the flu. You developed an antibody, so it didn’t actually prevent you from getting the virus into your system…


[DON MACKINTOSH] So, you were exposed to it.


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] You were exposed to it, but you actually fought it off so well, you didn’t develop a single symptom. And the placebo group, it was way down, instead of 75 percent, it was down in 20 percent. So, when you see that huge difference between placebo and the active agent, you know that this is producing a very positive effect.


It could have implications in a lot of other viruses including the Corona virus and COVID-19. And so, it’s just something very simple. It’s very inexpensive. We’ve actually been utilizing it even in the hospital setting. I work in the hospital as well, and NAC is actually available in the hospital as well…


[DON MACKINTOSH] So they’ve adopted it.


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] A lot of doctors are not aware of it. They’ve adopted it in our hospital in Auburn, where I practice and where we take care of critically ill patients, but this information really needs to go around the globe, because it’s something simple, it doesn’t have side effects, it’s not going to have any adverse effect for you, and it is going to potentially have a very positive effect.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Wow, you know, so ever since you said that on that video that’s kind of gone viral, I mean, maybe that’s not a good term to use right now, but it’s going all over the place and helping all kinds of people, I’ve started taking that, so I’m doing that. But, you know, someone did email us the other day and said, “Did you know that this has maybe an interaction with some medications that are anticoagulants.” Do you want to talk about that at all?


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] Yeah, NAC really doesn’t have interactions. I mean, it can interact with charcoal because charcoal binds onto it, but as far as typical drug interactions, it might have some effect if you’re taking the drug warfarin, just like spinach or broccoli can have an effect and other foods. But even that seems to be extremely minor if at all, but if you’re on warfarin, you need to be checking your blood thinning time whenever you make a change in your diet or change in supplements or anything like that anyways. But NAC has no known interactions with the others.


[DON MACKINTOSH] All right, so it sounds like something easy to do. Maybe that’s what we should do. Maybe you should head down to that store and get some NAC because this program is not just about what the doctor can do for you, but what you can do to improve your own immunity.


Thanks for joining us.


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