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The Disobedience of the Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator

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him talking together about the word of God and this morning continue just a little bit of the little bit of history about the New Testament and its authenticity your last were talking about the last time you were together it's been two weeks I was here we're talking about the discovery of the court Atticus and Howell and in the musty library if you believe the piles of old manuscripts and they are in and think Catherine's monastery in Egypt there was discovered a an ancient manuscript which contain the entire Old Testament and New Testament the most complete of all the manuscripts and what was believed to be one of the most ancient as further study would reveal the codecs and Atticus we now believe was one of those manuscripts that were commissioned by the Emperor Constantine three thirty one and along with the codecs that canvas these of these manuscripts exist as the earliest of the complete I guess you would see copies of the old and New Testament however even though this compare favorably with the rest of the ninety scripts that were in existence than even though there were was good evidence from the Codex fanatic is that the Bible had been tampered with by rash on and and this honest hand it's there was still the critics who said wait a minute that would've been in the fourth century three thirty one when Eusebius was commissioned by Constantine to make these fifty copies of the New Testament of the Bible what about between the first century when the Bible supposedly disposed we written and all the way down the fourths inch three when these early attempts have the exit have been found what about that if they were indeed follow written by the apostles perhaps they should be discovered and ninety six earlier should be discovered and so that the question was the challenge for the Christian believers in the Bible was to produce the Marist fragments of a manuscript but between the first century filled out and if you're following along in your little note sheet here between the first century and the fourth century when these various collapses were supposedly written now the critics had something on their side of science they believe this was rather impossible that a mere fragment even of the New Testament would be just discovered even if it had been written by the apostles the disciples of Jesus as the believers insisted it had been the reason was because in the fourth century the material that was that was being used was like a leather type material called Bella and Phelan was very durable and it would last through the centuries the L L U M was that was the name of that this material but the earlier manuscripts would've been written on vellum but on Copperas the Packers was a more plant -based material and it was like paper you would be with their considered today and in our paper is rather fragile right even the books that were written I I have a love for books and in my library I have many books that were written in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and so they are there there dating back not far wrinkles in the time of the printing press in modern paper was invented and what we didn't realize was that there was there was an inmate papers there was acid and that the piece in the paper would determine the fact that over time that people would sooner self-destruct it basically dissolve itself to some of my old books to be very careful with because the paper is very fragile imagine paper lasting for two thousand years I mean so the critics visit how Chris was not likely to a blasted from the first century all the way down to the nineteenth and twentieth century when they are making these claims now as we as we look at history however we can see that step-by-step older and older evidences were discovered that would lead us to date to conclude the Bible in fact is reliable to look at some of those steps yet this morning talking about any testing particularly regarding cocked about the Old Testament in previous visits together the first discovery after after eighteen fifty nine and the discovery the critics of Atticus the first such discovery was by a Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Gibson and they are they are interesting people because they are both Orientalists there will professor at Cambridge Cambridge University they were just a professors in Oriental studies and visit Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Gibson worked when sisters and they were working together they were professors together and they were doing research together nothing went all the way to the Sinai Peninsula to the to the monastery there think Catherine's and they began to try to get access to those mountains and mountains of moldering manuscripts and you remember after after petitioned Orphic additions North had bar road the codecs and Atticus and then not returned it didn't instead is a gift Laura Russia monks of Saint Catherine's were not that interested in letting the Westerners come back in and take their manuscripts and so it took to win sisters to break down the barriers that had been erected and eventually these ladies won the confidence of these lungs and they began to go through those manuscripts against the first thing they found was not actually a copy of the local Bible but it was a partially a racist Syriac copy of some of the Gospels that all the experts agreed how do been written before the year of two hundred eighty and not backing us up a hundred and thirty one years at least from where the car Atticus was Mrs. that a copy of the Syriac New Testament Gospels that these two sisters his twin sisters found in think Athens monastery now before the world hardly had opportunity to react to the sisters of discovery Doctor Ezra Abbott made another discovery and this was a commentary of the four Gospels in Armenian which again experts were forced to agree how do been written around the year even before the year of one seventy A.D. one seventy eighty now this please contact Lisa this this commentary was actually we know now was a translation Armenian of the commentary that had originally been written in Greek and so a few years later well number of years later actually become down to nineteen twenty and nineteen twenty group of British Army officers made a discovery at Dora which was right on the banks of the Euphrates River they found in ancient Roman fort and the the Romans that I known this for as I recall that the history need they built the fort from ruins of a church so there was one of excavating down through the different civilizations have been the Roman ruins with the most obvious than they continued excavating they found the ruins of the Christian church and in the ruins of the Christian church they found fragments of this original Greek commentary the same one the Doctor Ezra Abbot had discovered in Armenian they found this commentary pieces of it in great original language they'll even been written now from the basis of this excavation of the old church they could take this great commentary all the way back to the year one fifties of this pushes it back another twenty years from the Armenian text understands that the time is marching backwards piece by piece is not looking so good for the critics of the New Testament because of this is that misses the point that was being made if there was a commentary on the banks of the Euphrates on the Gospels in the year one fifty that means the Gospels themselves had it been written before that right that means that they had been written long enough before for then have been circulated and for the commentaries of the night it also means that they haven't been around long enough for those Gospels to be considered authoritative debate to be expected and he commented upon right newsies were just ordinary letters that someone may have found along the way these were books that scholars were commenting and writing commentaries on no moving a little bit further refined and more evidence being amassed we see in nineteen thirty large library of biblical copyright notices the amazing thing while the experts thought that the Congress would not survive the centuries Bob preserved various pieces of power rest in different ways in this situation he and he is he preserved through the fly Aaron conditions of the desert in Egypt the deserts that fans this Packers is delicate material intact for those centuries and in the Egyptian Coptic graveyard how do you like finding manuscripts in a graveyard but this is what happened in nineteen thirty large library of biblical pathway was discovered in an Egyptian Coptic graveyard near the Nile and this is known today as the Chester Beatty collection and eyes I recall it is actually owned and preserved today at the University of Michigan and so you wanted to take a look at this collection is not that far away from us today this contained twelve manuscripts I believe there are eight from the Old Testament three from the New Testament in these men's lives including the Gospels acts and all of Paul's letters and it is agreed that these would've dated back to around the year eighty two hundred now I realize that little after one fifty but again this is showing all the way in Egypt where the Christian church was not just in and what we would today call Iraq but throughout the entire region the Bible was being disseminated being spread that takes time happen when it's all been done by hand and became a hands-on e-mail in one place another very quickly so this is we now know these books were being revered long before the critics were saying they'd even been written but perhaps the most interesting the oldest fragment of all it wasn't even tunes preserved by Christian hands at all to me this is an amazing story because I can imagine some sacrilegious person who didn't believe in the Christian faith at all was taking the sacred Scriptures of the Christians tearing them into pieces and using them for trivial ordinary pursuits and that's exactly this I mean they didn't believe in it and so might as well write what they can know was that in treating the Scriptures in this way they would be providing the world the greatest evidence yet of their antiquity and authenticity some careless irreverent non-Christian hands using portions of the gospel of John to wrap an Egyptian mummy just would be discovering this money in the twentieth century and that this Egyptian mummy we believe was the wraps from the rest of the evidence in this mummy 's tomb was wrapped with portions of the book of John in the first half of the second century between between one hundred and one fifty doubtless the oldest fragment we have to they preserved non- Christians what I do give us evidence of preserved by someone who probably wanted this destroy the Bible and thought it is inconsequential wrapped around the tsunami and then discovered today is not a large fragment is not much larger than the size of a man's hand contains a portion of the book of John but it's clear evidence that the Bible as early as one hundred eighty which we would say was only ten years or so after John wrote the gospel or we don't know sometimes tween eighty late eighties and hundred that we believe John wrote the gospel the gospel had Artie and John Ogden carried down to Egypt by the early part of the next century and was being used gentlemen not as good as any and God I believe had his hand over his scriptures I believe that there is it is not an accident that the Bible is the most authenticated book of antiquity and I want you to fill the blanks here via getting thrown the rest but I think this is very impressive and if you get your last point here the manuscript evidence on this authenticity of the New Testament far exceed that of any other document in history and immediately the numbers the number of Greek manuscripts of the New Testament over five thousand three hundred other not all is sold as is obviously the codecs and Atticus but preserved around the world and the Eastern church and also in the Western church we have these manuscripts and there is an amazing agreement between five thousand three hundred what would be considered ancient manuscripts of the New Testament copied the Latin Vulgate preserve the Jerome 's Latin will be eight thousand copies eight thousand copies exist today and drums laughable gait and other early manuscript vis-à-vis partial manuscripts part of a vital part of the book in many different languages area and Armenian and and many other languages over nine thousand three hundred other manuscripts portions of the Bible preserve in different ways each has their own story but each one is telling the same bottom line that is the Bible can be trusted now what's interesting is if you look at this the Bible is the most authenticated book of antiquity the next most authenticated book is Homer 's Iliad a that is runner-up it comes in second place in a honey copies of Homer 's Iliad exist today to authenticate that work six hundred and forty three the second most unauthenticated ancient work homers Iliad we find six hundred and forty three agent copies of today can you compare it five thousand three hundred eight thousand nine thousand three hundred grand I was six hundred forty three it's by a long ways a well preserved mentioned with new green God is good to give us confidence to doctors to professors archaeologists who spend their life forty years comparing the manuscripts Doctors Wescott ports and they've written number numerous books on the on the manuscripts they were no riding and setting about them as they were being discovered in many cases it says it's imperative trivialities such as change of water the insertion or omission of the article of proper names and the like are set aside the words in our opinion subject to doubt the means wouldn't compare all the manuscripts it's not clear you know which words it were really intended there this words in our opinion subject to doubt can hardly amount to more than a thousandth part of the New Testament I believe that God is good and preserving his word for us today and today we were many talking about the disobedience of the word regarding in looking at a number of the characteristics of God 's work we started with the inevitability of the word member how they learned that no matter how much you don't like what the Bible says is still to take place right because gotten unmanageable items on the management and so inevitability of the word we look at Peter and the relevance of the word Peter made a mistake in first applying the word of God and wealth around and then he realizes applied into we look to the urgency of the word member that there is not time for us just to defend in the word of God is an important on the word of God has an urgency about it when we hear his voice the Bible says harden not your hearts at the day of salvation Holy Spirit when he speaks was an important time to yield and we got looked last time you get at the stillness of the word Elijah perhaps began to depend upon great manifestations of divine power like we might be tempted to start the department upon great sermons or an amazing worship experience something that sort of shocked their senses the ligands reminded God 's power was not to be in that fire that window that earthquake God 's power the presence of God speaking to Elijah was to be in the still small voice we need to be still and know that God is speaking to us in our busy lives meaning the word of God amen amen I talk about this means a word that before the unit is one of our heads for additional work her father were living in times and we need the word of God more than ever before in the next few minutes as the open its pages help us to do so reverently knowing it's your word the creator God speaking to us today thank you for preserving it in so many manifold ways witnesses of your protection your safekeeping of its guidance for our lives thank you for bringing us to this time in the state this week we can can come together as a family of believers and we can hear your voice speaking to us we ask that our hearts but we still might set aside our worries and fears we might ask that you would speak to us that your spirit would be the teacher today we think in Jesus name you mean your Bibles to the book of first teams when we looking another story here that talks to us through the twenty five hundred three thousand years of pass and tells us of the importance of obedience the danger of this obedience first Kings chapter twelve were going to begin with the last part of that chapter first instructed twelve and beginning with verse twenty six now this is a situation I don't know this is very briefly the Doctor Solomon the kingdom was divided into two there is Jeroboam and readable now Rehoboam had the advantage of being in his father 's throne his father 's throne still in Jerusalem they the northern kingdom was was disadvantage might say because there they were no longer really intrusive now what was in Jerusalem that would be important besides the palace from their something else very important to Jews that was located in Jerusalem there's only one of them what was it the temple the temple Solomon 's Temple was perhaps the most magnificent building of rebuilding the hands it was an pleasing piece I just recently heard a professor who invented calculations trying to look at the at the at the material list that was compiled by David and later by Solomon and what went into the aesthetics of the Temple materials alone the value today of what was put into that Temple was something along the order of one to one and a half billion with a B dollars amazing raising the I just been learning much of it was actually not functional in front was to mag three magnificent pillars were there simply press the use of beautiful building beautiful so the Jews were proud worship and Solomon 's Temple and it was still in new building is a Jeroboam the King of Israel he had a problem that's where we pick up the process of the story here in verse twenty six procedure to twelve Jeroboam said in his heart now so that you return to the house of David if this people go to do service in this house of the Lord in Jerusalem then shall the heart of this people turn out again another Lord even of the Rehoboam king of Judah and they shall kill me and go against Rehoboam king of Judah see this was a political problem that Jeroboam was facing he said this is just realistic if it every year when they need to go to do their ceremonies because there were certain times of the year that the Jews return to Jerusalem to their ceremonies right there is the Passover there was the feast of of of of Tabernacles there is the feast of of the day of atonement so these three times your Jewish males were supposed to go down to Jerusalem to participate in the fifteenth of the Lord had instituted there at the sanctuary gerbil and disappointment if they go down there and they listened to the priests speaking NAC the King Rehoboam participating in the services and the have their good time there with their cousins in all in Jerusalem sooner or later there is a wily Tunisians anyway they can return to Rehoboam and where I can be laughing so Jeroboam decided that he would do something about it verse twenty eight the Bible says whereupon the keying key finger along the Council and made while let's stop right there present who needs a Council of apparently was not of the word of God apparently was not of a prophet of God apparently Jeroboam took counsel of his may be his Chief of Staff perhaps is head of political strategy perhaps his public relations chief counsel and I think it's important to notice that taking councils good but didn't have the right people the better right here gentleman says that counsel and it says that he made two calves of gold and said unto them as his people it is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem behold your God to Israel which brought you up out of the land of Egypt and he said the one in Bethel and the other but he and Dan now this was what your mom is doing is that if the children of Israel the Israelites now this part of the kingdom goes down to Jerusalem there to be there and be loyal to Jerusalem so I would make it more convenient for them to go to church elsewhere right you need to do different temples if he pleased God 's and he replaced them want about someone then you look at your map you can see these were strategically placed to make it most convenient for people to be able to go to build one of those sites rather than make this trek all the way to Jerusalem so convenience was used as the motivation for for not going to Jerusalem but for instead going to Bethel or Japan now if we look at this let us continue on the Bible says in verse thirty and this thing became a watch this thing became as I got the Bible doesn't isn't afraid to call Samson lab soon as a thing of the something that destroys a sunglass the Bible 's clear about it right and the Bible here's a visiting unison to look a lot more click carefully and see why that done the thinking is in the Bible says and the people went to worship one for Dan or another before Bethel was thirty one he made a house of high places any priests of the lowest of the people which were not of the sons of Levi so what is your mom doing is completely reinventing the worship of God right notice what you say these cold golden calf work these of the gods who did what brought you out of Egypt so I would make an argument here that actually Jeroboam was not trying to replace the God they worshiped is trying to give them new manifestations of the same God in a sense I mean me they all knew that God had brought them out of Egypt they had a pillar of fire by night pillar of cloud by day the water but walk Red Sea parted the Jordan River Department of English these were these were definitely stories that haven't been very clear in the minds of the Hebrews and so they knew that their God had brought them out of Egypt and what what Jeroboam here is saying if these are new manifestations of those not aesthetic going to worship at Jerusalem where that template is of the same thought were going to make those in these manifestations representative of the same gods and worship them a sense I think it may represent the state in his thinking already about going to Jerusalem because the Temple of Jerusalem wasn't what they worship wasn't not of heaven is not worship things made by hands stones gold would God of heaven is a spirit Jesus would say we worship in spirit and truth here's your mom is changing radically changing me the rest of chapter we won't go for lack of time ranging he makes himself a priest as well as some of the lowest of the tribes not invite what is he changed he's changed the location of worship is our right as he change the instruments in worship by that I mean those seven simply ending the cat 's what about the time of worship the converse thirty two says LA Jeroboam ordained a priest and eight month on the fifteenth day of the of the month wife of these matters in Judah the opera on the altar so Jeroboam decided yesterday 's release the most Hebrews would go down to Jerusalem instead were to make one no specialties these it is in the arteries so here easily change the location of worship is change the instruments of worship is change the time of worship is even change the leaders in worship right to take the lead by value with the lowest in an event he would make himself a priest as well I think you changed everything about the worship of God except the deity they got there worshiping an amazing it amazing that they could go to Danica go to battle and evidently God 's people did they followed right along with Yerevan they went down the van they went over the battle and they started worshiping thinking I'm sure they had next changed religions they were just changing the way they worshiped the missing between what things he 's a guy getting very precise instructions about how he was to be worshiped in the Old Testament and and when we go against the word of God out of convenience we put ourselves in dangerous ground Jeroboam was was putting himself on in the this territory here now we must look down the next chapter first instructor thirteen just a few verses later and here were going to find this a very fascinating story to stories always fascinated me I think it will use well there evidently came a servant of God a man of God and I want you to notice a couple of things that he says here the first two verses of chapter thirteen it says behold there came a man of God out of Judah Bible what by the word of the Lord another word about arming who brought what brought this man of God out of Judah down to Bethel the word of God he cries first two against the altar this will be altered that Jeroboam and set up to two officiate in this false worship decried against the altar in the what the word of the Lord and he said I had to alter bus saith the Lord behold a child to be born into the house of David to sign my name upon these shall he offer the priests of the high places and burn incense upon the admin 's bone cell be burned upon the nervousness of inscribing I don't know if you can imagine what's going on here in a Jeroboam was built a nice simple a nice new church and they are in the middle of their worship service anything ever things going fine it's much more convenient to roll on down the Danner Bethel the normally Jerusalem and things going fine were worshiping the same God who brought us out of Egypt just in our own way and eighty were developing our own culture were developing our own set of understandings you understand and all of a sudden the man of God Judith who by the way would be politically the best person certain things because he was from the other side of the word of God is the leaving of the word of God there was giving the word of God and the word of God 's hay guys this worship is a sin this worship is an abomination and a so bad there's any reformer that comes destroys this type of worship and offers the priests as sacrifices instead of this false worshiping these fall sacrificing offered no evening spare moment think here is Jennings a priest is not a priest is not only like to use these of the tribe of Judah what do you think Jeroboam thinks when his worship service is interrupted with that kind of the speech before you had a chance to react he gave his sinuses verse three this is a sign which the Lord has spoken behold the altar shall be rent and ashes that are upon it shall be poured out and Jeroboam grab the altar that's protected perhaps and he said get him out here taken out of here is interfering what's going on and what happened to things that Hannity stretched out withered trafficking paralyzed and the altar split ashes poured out quite a story quite a story Jeroboam he had learned the lady and about the inevitability of the word I got the key the truth is the truth whether we like it or not right and shocked and scared your belongings interceded L province yield is within Sabbath stories Jeroboam would never really turn from his evil ways the prophet left backs picking one a little more discussion with him but the prophet left and this is what it says he is taking Zen percent and come home with me and I refresh every refresh yourself and I'll give you rewards for Satan the man of God send again if you will give me a half your house I will not limit the neither white bread and wine displays firms charged me by the word of the Lord by what were Lord what a guy sort of important here in the store isn't it word of the Lord eat no bread nor drink water nor turn again by the same way that Eugene so there are three things of the prominent tone of a difficult understand poetic don't eat anything don't drink anything and don't don't return the same way you went come back and knew a new round new new way very simple and the province here is saying no I'm not going to go back I'm not going to go against the way the word of the Lord that he's been given me at commendable is a bit so far is done well resisting nonunion Jeroboam was an apostate King perhaps he knew he is don't spend time apostates and they can start working with your head you know they they could start trying to buy your approval acceptance is offering money already perhaps that's why the Lord didn't want to spend time there he wanted to say his word deliver the word of the Lord and in the criminal the last went back a different way he was obeying the word of God but there are two people at church early several people and sometimes I get these mental images in my mind there are more than one of the sons of an old man in Bethel who were church that morning how I got home they told their old that they said that I do not believe what happened here today when you I mean if this happened in my church I be talking about all the way home and I think that you have no idea what's going on maybe they were so maybe they were a little flat maybe they were some of those people that were going along with the apostasy the basically sort of secretly didn't approve of it still going along with it they they come home from church with the data this man came from Judah and he pronounced a curse against this false worship adding that he told the story out of the king 's hand was mentored and how Walter was born and an old story and leaving the father said where the man by Amicus guidance this fellow was evidently a prophet of God himself sorts no pain was probably one time to write sometimes people who have been looked at as spiritual leaders in the past aren't always faithful to their calling here we have a man of God who is evidently sort of waterside supportive of this apostasy in kingdom of Israel so that for the sons they when they found the profit Judah and they said this is it no I'm not going and of the father the father went and actually the sons told him which leaned on the father went out his donkey and found the man sitting under an oak I will be as disheartening and he had drunk anything is sort of lingering mediation of lingered quite so long they found a pretty easily sitting in and under note during and this discussion then began to take place between the old man from Bethel and the prophet of God from Judah followed with me here it's very interesting the old man and that'll says that home with meaning bread in the providence of God computer says no I can I won't go home with you I won't eat bread with you I won't drink water with you because God told me the word avoid using that phrase again the word of the Lord appears over and over in this passage these were just his own whims and wishes the word of God can don't eat bread don't drink water don't the back thing we came what is that old man say Percy Kings or Scripture he said and then I am a prophet also as you are an angel came unto me by the word of the Lord saying bring him back with me and design house that he me bread and drink water under story goes on and he went back to his house ready drink water ironically enough in the middle of their meal together the prophet of Bethel build profitable realize what he had done and he gave a prophecy that said because you came back to my house because you disregard the word abortion relied newly made this up he nearly said the word of God says when he had no evidence to say that because you disobeyed the work and not make it home the story is the man headed off to borrow dunking a lion found along the way and talk a little bit about the theodicy of this and how it relates to God now found by the way anyone with a line was hungry too blinded in his body didn't hurt the donkey is killed men of God while perhaps because this amendment on right after this a good word about their several things that I want us to draw out of this story I want us to see first of all it's important for us to study the word of God ourselves knowing ourselves to music on the story some people will come along and say what the Bible says the word of God says and somehow the iMovie may have a personal responsibility to see that really says that but that's just what they think it means we should demand a plain dusting of the Lord before weeks of any document precept for teaching of men the word of God says should be backed up by what the Bible says I think this story is in our Bibles today not because it was important then is important for the people to learn those lessons is important for us to learn these lessons they know that says in the book of Ecclesiastes because an evil because sentence against evil work is not executed speedily the hearts of the sons of men are fully segmented to eat we think that we can get away with something the word of God is living with him gone because I went around is stories like this new Old Testament remind us they stand as testimonies for those living in every age to follow the word of God is important it's important to obey the word of God even that little you see if the word of God can be disregarded as far as eating and drinking and going back a different way with impunity in Jeroboam and say if you can disobey that work on it I disobeyed the word of God spoke to me right after the temptation the temptations that were neither really that important the word of God can accept that it can be rejected if you like to follow it it's convenient do it but if not well God forgives I believe that friends that God does forgive our disobedience and I pray I just letting us the way seems like such a drastic thing God would allow this man to die after he just went back and ate bread and drink water write anything drastic doesn't I pray that he repented of that is saved in heaven even though we met an untimely death believing Doctor to save his soul even though he allowed his death testimony for us the king everyone thereafter understand disciplines were gone his series serious business God wants us to obey him not when it is convenient not when we like but when and where we hear his voice that's the time to obey them you know I'm thankful that the Bible is not just full of people who disobeyed the word of God I'm thankful there's also good evidence that story from the Bible of people who obeyed the word of God aren't you thankful that we can look at admin like able will be the details of what God said about what cost no one who was obedient I think we can look at people like Abraham Abraham it wasn't convenient and beaver counties you need not no worries going because God 's word says I think when you look to our greatest example is that Jesus didn't do things to please himself but it always those things that please his father doesn't have to be our life goal to say more I want to know for yourself for myself from your word what is your will from I have one I know that will allow following non- convinces Christians our greatest problem is not that we don't know God 's will even though sometimes we find ourselves in one trees I find myself wondering on what you will what you waiting what's your answer to this problem to this situation the greatest challenge we face as Christians is a challenge to make sure our hearts willing to follow that will not matter what is the police might pretty day occurs what I want to know your will yes but more than that I need a miracle your divine grace so that today when I do see you will when I know what is your in your word I have followed to you even if it's not what meets my natural inclinations or my personal convenience and let your desire to ask God to give you that an art the obedience of the word can be our experience strength father in heaven today we thank you for even the seemingly negative stories that we find in the Old Testament they stand as a serious lessons for us to know the deadly nature of sin of disobedience and largest danger sometimes not so much dangerous because of the persecution from outside but because of the influences from inside the him say I'm a profit also I'm one of you I think it's okay what help us cells help us to know your will for ourselves but most importantly be presenting give us heart him inverted hearts change hearts were in chains of transmission and we cannot work for ourselves that when we see you will even when you're will conflict with our preferences or our convenience that we would be willing to follow and obey thank you Lord for Jesus promises to do this and us thank you for Jesus who is capable of creating a new heart and us today thank you for Jesus who gave as an example of living not to please himself but to serve others and please you we pray that he might be our Savior and our mentor and our friend in our example today we ask in Jesus name amen


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