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COVID19: Not Afraid - Part 3

Eric Walsh
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The impact on cities who have rejected God in the face of a pandemic is discussed, as well as the failures of the church in rejecting the light  that God has given. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 25, 2020
    6:45 PM
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It's good to be back with everyone this week. Again we are in and him to church as the coronavirus scare continues the travel around the world. More and more of the world is shutting down I was in contact with one of my good friends in South Africa today and she said that there are there time tomorrow at midnight that country will also go into lockdown we've watched the world economy begin to evaporate United States has trying to pass our Congress is trying to pass a 2 trillion dollar economic stimulus package which sounds good except if there's nowhere to spend the money I don't know how to stimulate the economy if everybody stuck inside and all the businesses are closed people are in absolute fear so much so that I was told by someone whose spouse works for the police department or one of the state trooper departments and want to give 50 United States that they have been told that even if people are speeding not to stop them and give them a ticket for fear of acquiring the virus fear has completely taken over. And we are watching what happens when people kind of melt into fear so tonight is a Wednesday night that we're recording this a prayer meeting time. We are going to go into our 3rd part of this series coven $1000.00 not afraid to part 3 and I courage to follow along as we look at the impact that this virus this epidemic this pandemic now is having on the world let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word Lord I ask in a very special way that you make me once again just the rusty sorry nail hammered into a wall. On a nail or to get asked a gentle portrait of Jesus Christ I don't even know what to say anymore Lord and that's best because I ask instead that you speak this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy thing Amen as we look at this epidemic and what is going on I was trying to figure out where in the Bible to come from we're going to get back to Matthew chapter 24 to finish out the chapter but I want to go to Matthew Chapter 11 starting a verse 20 the Bible says then began he to abrade the cities where most of his mighty works were done because they repented not verse 21 he calls the cities out verse $21.00 Jesus says wall and to the Khorasan want to the but saida for us the mighty works which were done in you had been done entire inside and they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. If you look at my 1st light you saw the symbolism here of a city looking down into a city and a major intersection the theme for tonight is the city's The cities are now really the the focal point of this epidemic one of the reasons this epidemic in my opinion and I am someone who has a doctorate both in medicine and in public health and I've worked in public health for many years one of reason I don't think this virus is going to be Haven as predicted all over the world is because of the impact cities have on pandemics and epidemics. What is not being talked about when we talk about the coronavirus Kovan 19 is air quality in some of the places where this thing has done a lot of damage and density of population in some of those places it would be very difficult for a state like Montana to have the same epidemiological curve as New York City or hand China and we're not talking about that we're not talking about lifestyle factors we're not talking about what percentage of population in some of these places smoke. In the United States is in a lot of talk about younger people getting the virus and getting very ill in fact we have a 12 year old an 18 year old in the United States that's gotten quite ill of what I think and one of them died but we're not talking about I would probably exclude the 12 and 18 year olds but when you talk about 20 to 53 year olds who are getting this and getting sick we're not talking about vague we're not talking about marijuana smoking or exposure to pollution again I think that there are other factors that might make this virus more lethal more contagious then we're thinking we're kind of blanketing and what they're doing is is creating a lot of fear by finding one case of a severe illness or a death and really talking a lot about that one or that one cluster and we're not talking much about the thousands of people that we are intentionally deciding not to even test because all they really have a minor symptoms. So what's happen is disproportionately we are pushing people towards fear when most people overwhelmingly aren't even going to get sick from this and those who do the overwhelming majority are going to fully recover. So we're looking at a time when fears really become a tactic in the cities are quintessential piece of this it's as if this is a city borne disease and it's going to spread and hover in certain cities and I don't think we'll see that long in the long run the cities are going to be far more impacted than rural areas are in this part of the book of Matthew Jesus is speaking to 2 cities he's upset in a sense he has worked great wonders in Horizon and in both saida he's done mighty works there and they have not repented they have not come to him and so Jesus says very clearly here that if what he had done in those cities had been done in Tire and Sidon those cities would have repented I want to submit to you that when you look at what's going on in the world it's as if there's a reckoning happening and only the virus I mean the reaction to the virus we live in a world where everybody thought peace and safety and now everyone is thinking sudden destruction the cities are on edge cities are on lockdown states are on lockdown now and we are looking at this and it's almost as if God is saying you have ignored the great works that were done among you. The years of preaching the years of truth all of the ways that we have ignored the truth of Scripture as a society turned our backs on anything spiritual and have turned everything secular and humanistic It's as if not the virus now our our fear speaks to the fact that we have nothing we can believe in and nothing we can trust and instead of the Gospel or the Bible being the rule of the land something as fickle as the media now determines the collective emotional temperament of entire societies the world is in trouble just as these cities were then in fact Jesus in verse 22 of Matthew 11 Jesus says but I say unto you It shall be more tolerable for Tire and Sidon at that at the day of judgment than for you he says listen in fact some of the places that it did not get the great works they did not know Jesus Christ they did not have the Judeo Christian background they did not have the full scope of truth it will be more tolerable for them on the day of judgment for cities like New York Paris and other places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was once known all over Europe parts of Australia and even southern Africa it will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for places that rejected God with very limited information that for those who have systematically and intentionally rejected the word of God verse $23.00 and our Capernaum which are exalted on to heaven shout be brought down to hell. For if the mighty works which had been done and they had been done in Sodom it would have remained until this day Jesus says in fact there are some miracles and great things that have happened that had they been done in the cities like Sodom and Gomorrah those cities rather than being overthrown by fire and brimstone those cities would remain until today which speaks volumes to the fact that there is no region that is not able to be won to Christ if we are willing to go in and do great works for him there says in verse 24 but I say unto you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and the day of judgment than for the this pandemic circles the world a lot of people have said is funny when one of the nurses I used to work with reached out to me and she said Listen doctor was Is this the end of the world she someone who doesn't to believes in God in it and would say she is a Christian but is kind of not been following a Christian life no longer goes to church as doctor was Is this the end of the world is it all over and let me say this it is the fear of man now that man realizes that nature is so powerful that one small invisible virus can come on the scene and literally cause the entire world to go into panic people are asking the question are we even safe is this the end of the world let me taste of church who ought to be most concerned are not those who don't know God but those of us who do you see Bethsaida as well as Capernaum or cities that knew God. These are cities where the Word of God was taught were people raised in quote unquote church and went to Christian schools these were places where they were supposed to know God and this is why Jesus says I've worked these mighty works among people who should have known what my board of mighty works really meant and they have rejected me so it's going to actually be more tolerable for the pagans currently living in Tire and Sidon and historically even for those who lived in Sodom it would be more tolerable for them on the day of judgment because they did say they did not know what you know this can occur and fear that you see spreading the gold the globe is as much an indictment on those who should know prophecy and not be afraid as it is on those who are panicking and I have no idea why education page $111.00 White says it like this she says the reason that the church is weak and inefficient is that there is a want of the grace of Christ among those who profess the truth for these last days she says that in fact the church is in trouble it's inefficient because many of the people who show up to church every Sabbath every weekend those who show of a church in fact they don't have the grace of Christ among them they don't have not experienced what it means to have God fully forgive them of their sins and liberate them from their past there are those who are still even inside the truth trying to work their way into salvation that's why a pair Demick is so scary as people think over goodness this is judgment against me. Otherwise as if the Lord has ever spoken by me there is a sin of almost every character cherished by many who claim to be children of God And unless they separate themselves from Satan and cling to Jesus our righteousness the wall of God will be upon those who have had great light and yet have chosen to walk in darkness she's not speaking to the world here she's speaking to the church that in fact there are those who come to church every Sabbath who are not clinging to God not clinging to his grace and mercy they are clinging to Satan not chosen to walk in the light that's been given them every week from the pulpit and in the Word of God they have chosen to walk in darkness and a white goes on she says it is a fearful thing to have great light and blessing to have many opportunities and privileges and yet to make no saving use of them those who do not make a saving use of their opportunities will be condemned by the privileges God has granted to them but those who walk in the light will have increased light the question you've got to ask in the middle of this pandemic why your many of us are stuck at home curfews now ring out we have curfews even here in Connecticut if you can't be out after a certain time I as you're stuck at home ask yourself the question are you walking in the light or are you walking in darkness. Because my Bible tells me if you walk in the light you'll have increased light what that means is that you may not start off with a whole lot of light you may not start out with your life where you want it to be you may not be living a perfect Christian life but if you are willing to follow the little bit of light as real as it is revealed to you as it is given to you the light will become more light you will become it will become brighter and brighter if you follow the light but if you choose to follow the light only when it benefits you or when it's easy for you that means by default much of the time you will choose to walk in darkness to avoid the light she says those who have had the light of truth yet to fail to walk in the light are under the same sentence of condemnation as work of Caracas and Bethsaida Then she asked the question shall not these warnings be heeded that's what is listen this this pandemic is alarming this it's not going to pan out the way they say what it is is a warning a clarion cry one that we live in a fragile world as I said in the 1st episode of this we live in a fragile world that can come apart at any time that all the things we assume to be the standard of living sports games restaurants toilet paper not being sought over in a grocery store all the things we took for granted what we find now as we look at is not of it is for sure this isn't in and of itself the end of all things it is a warning that the end of all things as it is coming. Not these admonitions have weight with us if this pandemic doesn't cause some of us who have turned from God to re-evaluate and ask ourselves what is it and who is it that we trust the governments of the world don't even know what to do look at the responses from all over the world and all over the place their countries are completely controlled this thing and other countries where run is running amok there are countries where they don't even have places to bury people you can't trust men. Elyse is the admonitions that Christ gives They should have weight with us this pandemic is speaking to you as an individual wake up for your a demolition drof not in the near future away goes on to say it will be seen just to have been walking humbly with God and who have been obeying his orders this pandemic is starting let you know who for whom really trust God I mean there are people who are so afraid right now and they call themselves Christian How can you be this afraid and persecution hasn't even started. And why says those who have been walking in the sparks of their own can legal a lie down in sorrow it will be seen that they have made a terrible mistake all of us awake light is now shining let the windows of the mind and heart be opened to welcome to heaven set rays shout Jesus say of those who profess to obey the truth and yet who fail to walk in His light so Jesus says He says in Matthew 131415 then is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which say if by hearing he shall hear and shall not understand and seeing you shall see and shall not perceive for the people's heart is waxed gross and their ears are dull of hearing and their eyes they have closed last at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and yet understand of their heart and should be converted and look at the last part of this and I should be healed. Spirit of Prophecy quotes Christ here in Matthew chapter 13 verse 1415 Well Isaiah is being quoted as saying listen by hearing he shall hear and Shout out of the stand she saying that there are those even in this time of pandemic again let me reiterate we having earthquakes everywhere Salt Lake City had one last week we've had earthquakes in the Caribbean all around the globe earthquakes are happening prophecy fulfilled we had a fire in Australia earlier this year or late last year our 1000000000 animals killed unprecedented fires not to mention the fires that always happen in California and around the world we are looking at natural disasters on all sides and calamities from all faces we are at the brink of war at all times with Iran just to name one country that America is is at fisticuffs with We Are The prophecies are fulfilled and it's as if some of us who should know these prophecies are pretending they don't exist one of my pastors used to say if you don't want to believe these prophecies if you want to read the Bible to get these prophecies you will find these prophecies on the cover of The Time and Newsweek magazine. Let me terribly Now you can look at c.n.n. and Fox News or whatever you like m.s. and we see you can look at all the new b.b.c. look at all the news channels Al-Jazeera and what you will find if you see if you know your Bible at all is that the prophecies are being fulfilled even if you refused to read your Bible and Jesus says if you if but if you will listen and see with your eyes and hear with the air as it should understand with your heart if you understand with your mind what is going on so I say 100 has come let us reason together for your sins though your sins be a scarlet it shall be white as snow he says if you will do that if you understand he says you will be converted and I like what Jesus says here I shall heal. This in the world is sick as this pandemic rages we are finding shortages of ventilators for hospitals week in America the richest country in the world are concerned that we don't have enough masks people start to make masks out of cloth which doesn't protect you from virus necessarily that's where we're going to end up in the richest country in the world people are getting sick from this virus and getting very ill the virus is real well here's what's crazy Christ wants to heal this and healing comes from understanding from reasoning with God as I say I want to $800.00 says and he will be converted and you'll be healed Matthew finishes this way was 257 and at that time Jesus answered and said I think the father more of heaven and earth because now as he did these things from the wise and prudent and has revealed them and to be even so father for so it seemed good in your sight when Jesus says All things are delivered unto me of my father no man knows the son but the father neither know of any man the father save the son and he to whom so of the Son will reveal Him In other words if you really want to know the Father Christ has to reveal Him to you and why does did Jesus say that because he ends Matthew 11 the last 3 verses here will read and like this he says Come unto me all you that are labor and I have a Laden it is as I give you rest he says take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly and hard and you shall find rest until your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light Jesus coming to me some of us are laboring under the weight of this pandemic. People are panicked they're afraid they're for one k. their retirement is in jeopardy their retirement money is in jeopardy the children are out of school there are people who will have a senior year of high school so all of the normal things they do it's been washed away businesses that are floundering or failing and I want you to turn to Matthew 112-8230 when you feel like you're overwhelmed I want you to be reminded that Jesus has come to me Take your fear take your doubt to Christ if you're laboring and this thing is getting ready for you take it to him he has promised and you can put this promise in the middle of your prayer he has promised to give you rest to take my yoke upon you and learn of me why what is Jesus like is meek as humble as lowly in heart as you find that you find rest for your souls for his yoke is easy and his burden is light you've got to be a recognize who Christ is as a simple humble person someone who gave up the glories of heaven to be born in a filthy manger spread a prophecy to others even Lucifer even Satan when he saw Jesus in a manger even Satan can believe someone who was once so exalted at the place where Satan wanted to go would come solo to be born in a stinking manger. It's got a no ears because the false Christs is one of things that the last days are going to show Matthew $24.00 and verse $21.00 says for then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be remember we talked about Matthew 242 events being prophesied about the fall of Jerusalem a 40 years after Christ and the end of the world now Jesus talking about the end or he says that is the time coming where the tribulation that we severe we talked about that a little bit too I noticed the day that there. There is a move for people start trying to go back to work and back to school many of them are going to be chastised if they have an outbreak it is virus so one of the crew great Christian universities of America just said announce that they're going to send everybody back to school and let me tell you that if they have an outbreak it's going to be as if Christianity is to blame so there's going to be tribulation and we talked about why tribulation is going to come the whole world is going to pivot and start to say who is it it's these people's fault that we have this pandemic these people thought that is calamities keep happening is these people fought and are going to turn on us and they're going to tribulation as the world begins to rock in real like a woman in labor as it begins to come apart at the seams as death and destruction is everywhere and Clegg after plague also said this before if there are 7 last legs in Revelation that will not harm which the people of God That means that they are Clegg's that will come before the last legs or they wouldn't be the last legs so they are plagues that will come before and just like in Egypt when Israel had to live to the 10 plagues that were that were put upon Egypt and in the Hebrews had to live through it the 1st 3 affected Hebrews any Egyptians but the last 7 only affected the Egyptians and the last one we don't would affect anyone who did not put blood on the poles their house and I submit to you as this plague a circle in the globe make short of blood of the Lamb was on the doorpost of your heart. Jesus says an except those days should be shortened Matthew $2422.00 there should no flesh be saved for the elect sake those days shall be short says one reason I believe the spirit of prophecy is that the last events will be rapid one because the last days are going to be shortened for the elect sake they will be short and Jesus says Behold I told you before Wherefore if they shall say or do you will hold it he is in the desert going out for 3 whole days in the street the trainers believe it not and one of the reasons Jesus says this after he says what he says earlier and what we just quoted he hit one of the ways that you will know false Christ from the real Christ is the character and temperament of Christ is self sacrificing it is humble it is meek and it is lowly what is about to happen is that great pomp and fashion. Incredible ego and size is going to step onto the scene and a false christ are going to come on in fact the Bible says that even Satan shall be transformed into an angel of light at some point Lucifer himself will impersonate Jesus Christ in all kinds of glory and fanfare and some will believe that the Christ has come and that all of the all of the prophecies of all of the religions of the world are some form of a coming Messiah has been fulfilled but the real Christian will not run after that false Christ as you remember Jesus is weak and lonely and you were as not just the location that was will allow you to know that is not Christ but it also be that character that will tell you that it is not the real Christ rest $27.00 for the lightning come it out of the east shines even to the west so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be will be no secret rapture just like when Lightning flashes across the sky you cannot keep that lightning a secret. It's funding and lightning so even if there's a cloud cover you hear the thunder and you see behind the clouds light up when Jesus comes it will be a flash around the world and Jesus us from where so ever the carcasses there the eagles will be gathered will the eagles be gathered together then he says after this tribulation that I talked about his amazing and incredible tribulation of those days the sun be darkened in a mood to not give or light in the stars are far from heaven and a powers of heaven shall be shaken we could get into that but so many prophecies of Bill been fulfilled but it speaks to the fact that the earth itself is going to be in convulsions and I think you can see that happening now we talk a lot about climate change but the Bible is prophesied of the world itself is going to be in trouble Jesus says and then shall appear sign of the Son of Man and have been mentioned all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory they're going to look up and see it and the Bible says that the tribes of earth will mourn listen people are mourning over his virus they are to be getting they are to be preparing to not have to mourn at the 2nd coming and he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet and he shall gather together the elect from the 4 winds from one end of heaven to the other so the last days will be shortened for the elect sake and the angels will come and they will collect the lack they will be taken up like a light was in that chariot of fire I call it a Holy Ghost Alija came and scooped him up from off the ground and took them haven't each one of us well are the names of the pointed to come and read streets receive us as we are taken into Heaven with Christ Jesus finishes this thing by saying listen learn the parable of the Figtree. It's branches yet tender and put it forth leaves you know some of the about to come so likewise when you begin to see all these things that you read about Matthew Chapter 424 know that it is near even at the doors he says verily I say unto you This generation shall not pass the law things be fulfilled that's speaking of the fall of Jerusalem and then he says heaven and earth shall pass away but my words and I pass away then he speaks about the 2nd Coming in verse 36 but of that day and hour no man no not the angels of heaven but my father only only that the father he says here knows so when people try to predict dates and tell you when he's coming don't listen verse 37 says but I was the days of no work so it's a loss of the coming of the Son of Man be the cities for as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that no entered into the ark and knew not until the flood came and took them all away Jesus finishes Matthew $24.00 and says so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be I believe though we are just at the door of the 2nd Coming and I think what's frightening is when you read these last 3 passage these last 4 or 337-3839 last 3 passages of Matthew 24 Jesus doesn't use Tire and Sidon Assad is the end of Louvin world. What Jesus is basically saying is we're going to think everything is as it should be the world is going to go on man will try to to to to vaccinate himself against all of the tribulation and problems the environmental concerns man is going to try and solve and fix everything so he can go back to life as it were as at the football games can begin again in the stadiums so that everything will go back as it were and one man thinks he's fixed everything peace and safety lol sudden destruction will call when man is back to marrying and giving in marriage and everything is all normal just like when no one entered the ark the flood came and took all of them away let me tell you something church it is time to get in the ark because a flood is coming like we used to sing in a y r m v even when I was even younger like we used to sing in church in the afternoon will be water fire next time I want to be a New York of safety you know ark of safety is to be in Jesus Christ to know him as your personal savior to be covered and washed by the blood of the. So that when the plagues come like they came on Egypt when I last played hit and the door post was covered with the blood of a lamb the Angel of Death passed over that house didn't matter if you were an Egyptian or a or Hebrew if the blood of the Lamb was applied you were spared you have the firstborn spared let me tell you something it is time to get in the ark it is time to be sure that the blood of Jesus Christ has been put on the door post of your heart the world is afraid of all virus when something much greater is about to happen Jesus is about to return and it is our job as the church to lift up the trumpet and a loud let it ring because church Jesus is coming again let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for. These passages in Matthew 11 in Matthew chapter 24 thank you Father for being merciful to us and I Lord you have given us warning this virus this pandemic is not the end of the world it is a warning for us to get in the Ark a warning to be short of the blood of the Lamb is on the doorposts of our hearts and on the hearts of our families Father God I am praying right now that your Holy Ghost touch although hear this message is not about me Lord this is about the truth and the word and about the soon coming King who is Jesus Christ Oh Father God When a son who hear this hearing they may wonder if they have done too much wrongs to be accepted by you Lord remind them the blood of Jesus Christ still washes it still cleanses and if they're willing to walk into the ark you're willing to receive this is our prayer that we would all be received into pertain to the protection that is in Jesus Christ. As our prayers the world critics. Let us remember to give us rest in Jesus name for us. 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