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How to Handle Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Don Mackintosh Allen Lloyd Daniel Binus
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  • March 28, 2020
    2:00 PM
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Fun heaven many hearts are. Burdened and have a lot of stress lot of anxiety because of the many changes and so we asked at tonight's program and presentations and questions and answers could be helpful to people not only here but across the street and the run in around the world as well we thank you we come across name Amen Dr Net The testing. Thank you it's good to be with you this evening again and. As there's a few times when I've had to. Go out for certain things in the last week and I can see that the individuals that we've been are faced with are faced with a lot of anxiety and even the ones that have to be out in public or have to be at the hospital and things there's a lot of anxiety among the hospital less they're treating patients a lot of anxiety among the emergency room workers. And of course the. With what has transpired here that no one could really foresee. I would call it a planetary wake up call. And it's been a planetary wake up call in regards to what is important whenever there's crises that are affecting the world we have to actually decide what are the most important things in life and our country has made some of those decisions for us they've decided the most important thing is even more important in the economy more important than competitive sports more important than. Us being touchy feely with each other. More important. Then we could have a whole host of things even more important than churches staying open is health and life and so that is clearly their number one in priority and it's even. Precedented and taken precedence over mental health because mental health issues have actually not improved during this time mental health issues have actually worsen we have more anxiety than ever before we have more. Panic than ever before panic disorder is rising and soon to rise along with this there are going to be the traumas and post-traumatic stress disorder which is another form of anxiety disorder that's also going up and. It is you know some people have asked us and we have been on the media here and there there's been a lot of questions that have resulted from that but anxiety. How would you define anxiety anyone want to try to give a stab at it worry Ok yet involved worry that's a pretty good synonym. And. Is it always bad to worry now there's actually sometimes when it can be good to worry in fact what would be good worry anyone want to give us a try at that what would be of an example of worry for good. You know there's a number of students that are here do you think it might be important for you to worry before a test. Some say well maybe a little bit you certainly want to worry far enough in advance to prepare for that. And if you have no worry in your just thinking that everything's going to be fine no matter what you do or no matter what happens. You can have an individual wakeup call that could very. Fraught with pretty severe consequences and so worry that we can do something about and actually change our behavior in a way to help improve our odds in conquering a future fear can actually be a good thing but anxiety is when the worry is excessive This is when it is out of proportion and some people who are staying in you know one of the challenges I can tell you in regards to hospital is that are treating this disease is when they go home some of them are actually sleeping in their garages they have kids they have wives no contact with them because of. Fear that their loved ones might somehow come across a coven. Virus that they themselves might be carrying unknowingly Of course they're taking all the precautions you know they're they're armed with all this personal protective equipment. Whenever they're doing things but we know that personal protective equipment that's worn maybe not quite right or whatever and there could be. A very small chance that something is around but that small chance could actually take a toll. On the wife or a loved one I heard one of the governors this week stating that this was a tremendous experiment to send people home from school during Cova 19 and you know actually you know where since this is a new virus we're talking about in medicine we like to talk about evidence based but when it's a new virus there's no evidence base you have to go on physiology you have to go on how things work in those type of things but based on those things schools work were closed schools were shut down college students were sent home and many of them were sent home to parents and grandparents 3 generations. And which of those would be most at risk for succumbing to be the grandparents and they could actually get the disease on the way home from school that they would nest not necessarily have gotten or if they did get it while they were at school far less likely to be as adverse consequences when they hang out with primarily the younger age groups and those sorts of things and so the governor said this was a tremendous experiment we may have done the wrong thing and this may be one of the reasons why the disease is increasing in certain areas because of that side of things so there's there is worry that may we may might make grow some wrong choices here and then often it goes into what we call magical worry there's many people with anxiety that have magical worry magical worry goes like this I must worry about coded 19 otherwise I'm going to get it now is that true. No now we want to be able to worry about it enough to have personal protective equipment to do things that are going to decrease our likelihood if we do get the disease to have our immune systems in good shape so if that worry results in changes in behavior that increase our likelihood then it can but worry by itself just preventing it from occurring is nonsense but there are a lot of people that actually believe that it's completely irrational but we have many people that come to our program with anxiety that have this magical worry and they believe they have to worry about things they have to remind themselves to worry about things otherwise those things are going to happen they don't necessarily change their behavior at all about it but that of course is actually going to suppress the immune system is actually going to cause. A greater likelihood of more irrational thinking it can cause some frontal lobe suppression and we're actually last likely when we have magical worry to actually change our behaviors and ways that can be healthy for. Because we're relying on the magical worry not necessarily that changes in behavior so. Tonight we wanted to give the opportunity for those also watching the Internet I know there are. It's very rare to have public meetings like this in America today we're probably one of the very few places that has a public meeting and over 10 people but we do have. Social distancing and it's not the number of people per se but it's the social distancing that is the important part of things and as long as that social distancing is there you know I think I mentioned. Last night on the media my wife actually came home from Oklahoma on Wednesday and there was a lot of fear and travel today and it turns out that it's actually the best time to travel because there is nobody at the airport there are no line you can keep social distancing completely even with the t.s.a. agents and then you get on the plane it was a big 73719 people on the airplane and so there's a wide social distancing expanses and of course the flight attendants are there giving you policies and rules so that they don't have to touch anything with their hands and so you know you have to get your tray down yourself and and have all those precautions and things like that and she was coming from an area Dallas Texas that's lower on the scale there's about 10 counties in America that are exploding right now with covert 19 but that's the Oklahoma and Texas is not one of those at this point that's totally exploding so she was from an area where it was low and Demick possibilities necessarily of getting on that plane and I figured out the chance of her actually getting Kovan was less than one in a 1000000 on that flight now when America opens back up again they'll probably be a greater chance when people are when the government officials are actually say now you can travel. There might actually be a greater likelihood because there's going to be more people it's going to be as possible that social distancing and covert one team is not going to be wiped off this planet in 3 weeks. Or whenever the country opens back up again it's still going to be in places and it still can spread and still do some issues and yes it is scary when you see the reports you know I saw a written report from an emergency room physician in New Orleans which is one of those counties that it's hugely increasing and exponential amounts and this disease is insidious it starts out not too bad at all. And it starts out and you think you're actually in pretty good shape and you kind of have a cold you want to be checked out and then they do your saturation and you don't think you're short of breath at all the saturation is much lower than it's supposed to be a big giant clue that that's Newman itis is going on and sometimes it is a symptomatic even though there are consequences going on one individual came in with a fractured humorists and had to have a c.t. scan done and on the c.t. scan they found the pneumonia no cough or anything but the pneumonia was actually a covert one team the Monia And then as your body is starting to fight this off because it's slow and insidious and it takes a while the body can actually go into the side of kind storm where it say I'm not able to rid myself of this virus very readily and so I'm going to throw everything at it and your immune system ends up destroying your own lung tissue in trying to fight this virus and that's how the deaths are occurring with acute respiratory distress and Drome in and and so doctors are being told how to look for this and how to catch them before they get to that stage and ventilators are saving lives and there may be a shortage of ventilators but in reality in some places I heard New York there might be a shortage. Currently. And but you know to hear about these things yes it's important for me as a hospital less because I can be treating this in our local hospital to know all of the signs and symptoms and those sorts of things but for somebody else who's not a hospitalist who's not going to be treating it that way to be reading all of these detailed reports and hearing about ventilator shortages there isn't really anything they can do about that and this actually is not good for them. This is why we are recommending you actually have a media Pfaff for many hours a day where you're not even looking at the latest report and it's kind of hard not to because every time you log on there's a new story about covert $1000.00 now there there's a new. You know a new state that is closed down or there is a new piece of information in regards to what might be happening in New York did the deaths in New York surpass 100 today you know all of those things this changing environment and it turns out that this is fuelling the anxiety significantly and so when this crisis as we readjust in put those top priorities in place that this disappointment could actually become a great appointment for us individually and also maybe even as a nation. And so what are the what should be those top priorities certainly good nutrition needs to be part of it that big new start acronym exercise aerobic exercise in the outdoors sunlight. Being out in fresh air. Being staying well hydrated and also using water x. turn away some of you that have stayed on campus many of you have taken place in the hydrotherapy treatments and we see a raise of hands how many of you have had hydrotherapy treatments here in the last week I think just about every hand has gone up. And in fact today I have heard that one gender is surpassing another gender when it comes to hydrotherapy options here. And you might. Guess for those of you that are watching by internet which gender is scheduling themselves more for the spa treatments versus the other gender but. In fact one of the students recommended that there should be a competition and she mentioned it be a competition because she's worried that if coven one team comes on this campus that the males are going to succumb to it 1st. And and she likes the males here and so she doesn't want to see you get under the weather and disease and all of those sorts of things and so I actually texted the head of the Coven one team committee this see if instead with all this seriousness maybe we could put together a friendly competition and they had such a serious meeting that day he forgot to read it to the coven one team committee in so what we might have an official. Aspect of things some were asking well what would the winners get and. We suggested maybe one meal without social distancing but. But if that's the case they might actually. Be more likely to spread the disease among themselves and not have that spa treatment be as effective as it would otherwise so that doesn't seem to be the right the right answer to it. But the coven one team committee has been very wise in doing a lot of things I think they'll be wife in coming up with the prize and hopefully everyone can take advantage of this hydrotherapy aspect of things but before I close this section we are going to open it up for some questions and we also have Dr bind us in the line up welcome Dr mind if you're one of the very few people that is allowed on this campus that doesn't live here but we only allow that when you're going to be presenting to online audiences and that's why some of our teachers that live on campus are also allowed on to give that as well but. It's a special privilege to have you here tonight but a couple of examples of all the examples regarding anxiety one individual that had severe anxiety and panic to the place where his knees were knocking was Belle Chasse or what had led up to his anxiety Ok Now Bell Shaz or did he like to Affan Oh yeah yeah you like to have fun he was a fun loving young man and he wanted to. You know eat drink and be merry and even go to extremes in regards to sexual freedom and those sorts of things in groups in order to have his fun do you think that might have led to the point where he anxiety. It actually does you know when we're doing fun things just for the sake of it being fun without it actually being healthy particularly when it's unhealthy we're setting ourselves up for anxiety down the road in a lot of people sacrificed their health for momentary fun and it's going to cost them down the road and and then of course was he enter istead in a devotional life and being a moral person you know no interest and devotion fact is very sacrilegious. And very caustic to individuals who had a faith in God. And you think that might have been one of the prerequisites or preconditions that were there to set up for his anxiety I think so. Because that devotional life will enhance our frontal lobe can enhance our rational thinking and as we attempt to live a moral life that is healthy for everybody around us it can make a big difference. And then there were events that occurred. Coven one teen was being written on the wall. But it was it wasn't covert 19 it was something that he couldn't understand and then he had to bring in an interpreter. And the severe anxiety and that whole process that fear of what was coming and he had been telling everyone to be secure to not be fearful but when there was a crisis he totally broke down themselves. And it's interesting the one who translated it probably should have been the most careful because he was down he was clothed with a purple robe and he was the only one who looked like the king of Babylon that night and his life was spared though because his trust was in god Balch as or didn't look like the king but he was indeed. Destroyed along with his leaders and they a whole new world empire took over we have other examples of individuals who had anxiety and didn't necessarily handle it in the best way do you think Elijah ever had anxiety you know he lived it was not like Val Shaz or where he just wanted to do fun things he was not in the fun for the sake of fun he was into being a moral person he was into a devotional life but when the threats came that his life was going to be taken by just about all within 24 hours he had an anxiety attack and he took off running it wasn't just an anxiety attack at least he did something about it and he took off to save his life and then 30 days later he was asking God to take his life because the anxiety then went into a deep depression we often see one fuel the other. And he actually thought his life was worthless useless at this point he had no purpose more in life and he'd just ask God that he would take his life and God had to put him on a depression anxiety recovery program. He was wanting to be in the dark all by himself isolated he was going to get covered $1009.00. 100 wasn't anyone else to touch him but yet he was depressed and anxious and God had to tell him to get out of that cave get into the light the angels came and fed him food I think there was some flax seed in that meal we talked about and asked the teal cysteine earlier. And one of the programs were getting a lot of questions about and asked a teal cysteine but that Sistine is present in Adam Ami those green so I mean there may have been some green so I beans there for some calming effects of an acid feel sestina can not only help our immune system and actually can also positively affect our mental health. And of course there's other foods that can help out with that as well lentils is another one and there are certain seeds chia seeds that are quite high in it as well as sunflower seeds that are high in cysteine in the grain oats actually are very high in it as well as a grain called Come moot. Which is very high in Sistine And so there was some food that was being served to Elijah to help balance his brain and there was he was exercising he was told to actually exercise and get out and exercise he had to be in that sunlight had to be in fresh air but What finally helped the live. Through his anxiety that was a set up for his brain to start getting better but what eventually helped Elijah was called cognitive behavioral therapy something that works today. Cognitive behavioral therapy and who gave him the cognitive behavioral therapy got himself a little therapy session with them he let him talk what's gone on what is going on in your life how are you feeling a lie j. and he went into all of the bad and he even said the 1st time he said it God let him get by with it he said something that was actually wrong he believed it but it was a lie and when we start believing lies we're going to have problems with our mental health eventually and the why that Elijah believed what was it I'm the only one that hasn't by the need to bail how could he have said that more accurately I'm the only one I know of yeah that would have been more appropriate but he just knew it was the only one and the 2nd time he said it God didn't let him get by with it he said that's actually wrong you're wrong by a factor of what not just a little bit wrong. Law wrong by a factor of 7000 and then through that cognitive behavioral therapy and getting those irrational thoughts rational He then gave them 3 things to do that Elijah did not want to do but he trusted God enough to do them and they recover from his anxiety he totally recovered in the actually establish the school the profits of the greatest things he did were after that time period and he lives here we're told in the Bible was translated without seeing death what does that tell us that tells us that God has tremendous sympathy and compassion for those that have depression and anxiety. And he wants them to be able to get out of it he wants them on the lifestyle they get out of it and he wants them to subject their thoughts to Him Let the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth come in and provide comfort and what a difference it can make not only in the way we're feeling but in our productivity in our success and fulfillment and of course we will feel better with all of that of having that rational brain even under the most trying of circumstances and I can tell you covered 1000 is not the last trying circumstance coming across this country or coming across the world there are more to come and there may be things a lot more serious there's a lot of nice things about covert 19 it doesn't kill the majority of people. It doesn't even kill the majority of 80 year olds. It kills far too many but there are pestilences that will kill just about anybody there are some viruses so Berlant no matter how healthy you are you're not going to be able to fight them off. You know it could have been a virus like that. You know there's a lot of worse things that can come on a but this one had enough mercy. And not so bad things that I think we can utilize this as a significant planetary wake up call to get back to our number one priorities and live those number one priorities and also it's forcing families together one of the things that I saw that was increasing during this time and it's really sad to see it but some families being together in a household is not good. And what they're saying is that family traumas are now going significantly up there cooped up in the same building and they have emotional issues and they start to fight and they start to go through 3 things like that if there were even some celebrities this week I saw that were cooked up and they have major fights. And if. This is this is really another wake up call that we need to prioritize the things that are healthy for us as well as prioritize how we get along with others and to actually be self less in our relationships what can we do to be of help to others during this time and help the family members and that will go a long way in preventing these fights so Don I don't know if you have some questions or what's next up but go ahead. Yes let's put some cheers here one for Dr Dudley and one for Dr plainness. Too wise men tonight and then I also have some questions and we're thankful to Dr Daniel Bunce is with us tonight from Beautiful Mind. Which is a great mental health. And great mental health. Organization here in Auburn California and he might say a few things and then I have some questions that have come in and all this rapid fire these questions to you guys and if you have a few remarks and then we'll just we'll see what happens All right thank you. Well it's nice to. Get out a little bit. I feel like been cooped up like a lot of people and you know it's been a very interesting. Couple weeks especially the last week and. I'm thankful for Dr Ned Lee's wisdom you know he has a lot of wisdom with the medical aspect and I really appreciate that and I have to be frank and say I don't know a whole lot about Kogut 19 but what I do know about is that there is a lot of fear and panic going on like Dr Nutley mentioned and that's really well my focus here over the last couple weeks has been very very busy in 2 areas and one of those areas is dealing with people that have a lot of panic anxiety and some people with overt depression related to this so actually even though a lot of industries of slowdown what do you think is happening happening to the mental health industry. Who are getting very busy and you know at 1st there was kind of this this shock and people didn't know what to do because they were like Ok Should I go to my psychiatry appointment or my counseling appointment and so they were tending to stay home or cancel appointments everyone was just kind of in this state of disbelief and and a lot of people just kind of froze. But now it's like the floodgates have opened and people are really reaching out for help and of course many people are afraid to leave their their homes but fortunately with psychiatry you don't have to do much of a physical exam right and so because of that we are able to do phone visits and tell of his it's Soward we're doing a lot of online video visits and that's actually been very helpful I like to least be able to look at the person because that does tell you a lot about their mental condition. The other so I said there was 2 things that were preoccupying me and the other big thing is that we had our 3rd child born in the midst of all this so. Thank you. We're very grateful. She is. She you know we didn't plan it to happen in the midst of a catastrophe like this but. I guess we can say she is really a princess the current crown of Friends us no that's a bad joke she's. For it what we're very thankful for is that she was actually able to be born at home so we were able to she was born March 16 we are t. had planned to do a home birth and so we had to midwives there and and so she's actually never left our home and I think that's good given the circumstances right now so. I fortunately. Haven't had a lot of chance to get panicked by all the news now that being said I found out yesterday that my uncle in Germany actually got coronavirus and actually the whole family ended up getting Koby at 19 he's actually in the hospital right now because he already had a chronic bronchitis that was going on his immune system wasn't very good he seems to be are getting a little bit better he's not on a ventilator so we're thankful for that but please keep him in your prayers and and so you can start to you start to see the effect this is you know when it when it's just kind of out there it's one thing right but when it starts to hit personally then it starts to have more of an emotional impact and so that's where we really need to think about what are the things that can really help us to deal with these sorts of situations and especially when it's something that is largely out of our control I mean. There are elements here that we can do to minimize the impact but there's a lot here that really is out of our control right so then the question starts becoming How can we deal with that with those things of course the physical things you know some people a lot of people I think in this is a defense mechanism that a lot of people use will start hyper focusing and obsessing about all of the physical things that need to be done or could be done. But what that can sometimes do is create such a panic that it can almost work be counterproductive and of course people start having problems with anxiety like Dr Ned Lee already mentioned and what what do you think that starts to do to not only people's mental health but also their physical health in other words it can start affecting their sleep for example and you think you need sleep for your immune system and you better Yeah absolutely and it can start affecting the ability of the immune system itself to function properly and ward off infection actually one of the most common reasons that people get sick is chronic stress and so people by consuming so much media by thinking and it's not just the media consumption it's were in your mind is even because you could only look at one story because you know oftentimes people are saying Ok just check media once a day right. Which is great but if you then think about that media story all day in Europe assessing about it and you can't get it out of your mind you're thinking about how this. Unseen. Virus is could be anywhere and it creates this sense of hyper vigilance. Obsessive negative thoughts because tasks are fison and it really takes a life of its own on if you don't have much focus on and that's really where I see the biggest problems is when people actually are at home they feel like they have really very little else to focus on and then it just takes off the ones that actually seem to be functioning the best. Are those people that have positive distractions in their life and positive things to keep their mind busy. You know one of the interesting things that I want to mention then and I want to turn it over to Don to get us started on some questions is that I expected that these people some of my patients that have chronic depression and anxiety that often keeps them cooped up at home because they're have the social anxiety they're free to go out there fraid to interact with other people because of what other people might think about them or because they just have chronic feelings of worthlessness and what I've thought is very interesting So Ok so what I expected is that these people would be off the wall panicking right they would just be completely nonfunctional but what I've actually found is the opposite is true some of these people in the midst of all of this crisis are actually getting better. Some of the worst cases that I have why do you think that might be. Yet Well there's so they're so so the reason that I at least part of the reason I think is that and they have some of them have actually articulated this to me is that I now I'm used to be an isolated but now the everyone else is isolated I actually have a greater sense of connection with other people because I have a sense that wow other people are also in the same same boat as me and they say yes and I'm a friend but a professional at this and that reminds me you know I was talking to one o.c.d. patient actually and he said hey this is really not a big deal because I'm. I am totally practiced for this I'm always avoiding touching people and and getting germs and I'm an excellent hand washer and all of these things he was actually feeling very positive about the whole thing now society's affirming what he believes that's right that's right he actually said they said this is actually a firm. So it was actually. That's right it was making him feel better so and him. Handed over to you Don Ok thank you for those of you that have been sending in questions and we have it on the screen where you concerning questions is there right live we mark or g. Is that correct so if you do want to e-mail them they'll come right to my e-mail and then I make a decision right here about who gets asked this question Ok so these questions have come into types medical type questions and kind of psychiatric try questions which is a branch of medicine and I know both of you have experience in medicine but I would say Dr Dowling will give you some more of the medical is going to give you some more of the Cyclades like era he said Ok this is right here from our community I can tell probably came from a community of the website t c I we murdered. I had due dates with. Texas court hearings I can't get answers from Placer County courts. You know whether or not they're business as usual or they're closed or or what what should I do I'm upset because I've contacted my bank and and there's no real answers coming and so my answers are not being addressed. And will people be accused if they don't meet deadlines how how can can I not let these kind of things build up all this tension so he's saying you know that's what's happening and how do I get stressed out what do I do so what would you say to to j.k. Well I don't know 100 percent what all the repercussions if we don't meet the deadlines but what I do know is that just about every government organization is relaxing their regulations and for example normally the insurance companies won't pay for phone visits only for tell of as it's and face to face visits and and yet in this crisis they've actually been mandated that you need to relax those restrictions and and then think about that the tax due date that's been actually postponed for 3 months to a lie and and so I would be pretty sure if you've if you're doing your best to meet your deadlines and all of this that I think for the most part the government is going to be understanding for people that are honestly doing the best they can. But you know getting back to that stress and how to actually cope with that you know the again this is going back to how do we deal with certain things that are really out of our control. And. What when I think about dealing with stress I think about 2 main categories and this is psychology you want to one sort of teaching point there's a problem focus coping with stress and then there's a motion focused coping with stress so let me use an example so if you have an upcoming test then and you're feeling stressed about it you're feeling appropriately worried right then a emotion focused coping with. Way way of dealing with that would be saying Ok well I'm going to go on a run or I'm going to eat some ice cream or I'm going to talk to a friend so you're dealing with the emotional aspect of the stress to levy a but you're not dealing with the underlying problem Ok a problem focused coping would actually be saying I'm going to study for the test and so now in that situation hopefully you would use the stress energy primarily for studying for the test but you might also use some of the other coping and with just about every problem that we face we want to use a combination of those I mean we definitely want to use the problem focus coping So in other words we want to actually address the underlying issue the best we can but with something like this you know there's a lot here that really you can't do much about so it is important to find some good emotion focused coping strategies and there's a litany of those I mean there the list could go on and on. But. One of the things that I think is extremely important I always tell people when they star depression anxiety recovery program their beautiful minds is that if you want to jumpstart things quicker than than almost anything else and you want to really help start diffusing that stress jumpstart your frontal lobe What do you think people should do exercise that's right exercise is probably the quickest thing that people can do to get that frontal lobe stimulation and you know nowadays people often are afraid even to step out doors and so they're missing out on a lot of the fresh air exercise the sunlight you know these new start sort of principles so I really believe strongly that could be a great coping mechanism for for dealing with with stress and then using cognitive therapy in these sorts of situations is extremely important to put things in perspective and we can talk maybe talk a little more about that here shortly and yes I'll start with that Ok someone just just. Emailed me while you were a while you were answering for j.k. have them call Placer County sheriff non-emergency line so that's another thing you might be able to tell but you got some good principles there thank you for that question doctor now the question for you how long does the virus stay in the air and my at risk when I walk by someone infected with no symptoms of breathe the same air while indoors Ok very good question actually this disease is rarely use bribed by what we call aerosol. It is spread through droplet primarily and about 97 percent of the cases are actually that where people are getting it or more is actually from touching the virus and then putting that virus from their fingers up into their mouth. Or their face or a nasal mucosa or things of that nature the virus itself is is not shown to be transmitted by coughing very readily unless it's that cough of that where you actually have a spray and a droplet. So if you are walking past someone and you're not even within the 6 feet maybe it's 2 feet and they happen to have the virus and they're asymptomatic there's no way they're going to be able to spread that to you via air it's just not going to happen. And so that's something that can help you. Feel more comfortable as far as being in public the aerosol. Spread has always been through the cough and that droplet portion of things so but it is does help us to be more vigilant in regards to the use of our hands and I don't know how many of you have ever tried to go an hour without touching your face with your hands. It is pretty tough to do and there have been some experiments being done on individuals that actually think that they've accomplished this and then we play it back and find out that they actually did they weren't even thinking about it and it came there and so the hand washing particularly when you're out in public and touching surfaces that are unknown that the other public is touching it would be good to be vigilant then until you can wash your hands and it also is spread through the fecal oral route is right well this this virus goes through the g.i. tract and so it's very important for people to wash their hands after they toilet and also this is one of the reasons why we have advised people not to shake hands as well because you don't know who washed their hands after they toil at it and who didn't at the time when they when they shake their. Shake hands and I think this is probably something that's going to change in our country from here on out there sometimes cultural changes I think after covert 19 handshaking will probably not be culturally acceptable anymore is there. It's all to all the really go to the pile probably. Yeah we might actually become more Asian and have that knife vow aspect of things. We need to be a lot more fearful of the droplet that of the aerosol Yes So pulmonologist other view this week so that when someone sneezes what's coming out of that upper respiratory sneeze travels at 100 miles an hour when someone cops it's a deeper thing it's 50 miles an hour so this is probably one of the reasons they want you to stay away from someone just in case they erupt with a cough or sneeze that's why you don't want to get close to them and so they can craft travel rapidly as a point and can get down into your lungs it's very small it's less than he said he said it's your hair is like 500 times thicker than that thing is it across it's very very tiny It can be really rapidly get down into the bottom of your your lungs Ok let's go to next doctor Dr bias I have a couple people that are very worried about their children. Let me just hear and read these 2 things I have how how do you talk to young child 8 to 10 year old about COPD 19 all the deaths that are happening in a way that does not generate fear in their little hearts and in their When said I'm going to sure that my kids don't get emotionally scarred by all of the fear that's going on. Those are great questions and you know talking with with children it's really important to get on the level that they really and talk about these things on a level that they can understand in their language and you know with children a lot of their response their anxiety level is is largely going to be related to the anxiety level of the adults in the household especially the parents if they have the sense that the parents are fearful and anxious and then that is going to make them fearful and anxious but if that children have a sense that parents are actually confident in that you know even if we were to work as a family for example get infected with this illness that we trust that things will work out the way that God has made men to to work out another words that we were trusting God through this and there's nothing that we have to fear then there's going to be a sense of peace in the home and so the children will absolutely follow the lead of the parents so I'm not saying we don't talk to you know our children but we do it in a way that instills faith and confidence and you know not flippantly again we're going back to the problem focus coping we do want to do what we can do to avoid getting infected you know we do want to take measures. And we can explain those things to them but those measures measures should be done with the right attitude not with in obsessive fearful reactive but more in a proactive hey this is what we need to do right now but. It's going to be Ok And and part of the lesson here for for children is helping them to understand that even when things don't go the way that we want them to like for example will maybe have maybe someone in the family gets really sick maybe even someone someone dies and you know that's a very unlikely in and we I'm not saying you should necessarily bring that up with with the kids but they're if they're already thinking that then it is important to bring those sorts of things up you know it's helping them to understand even when things don't go our way that God still has a plan good can still come out of this and there really is nothing to fear and one of the things I've been telling my patients is that the good news is we are already know the end of the story. And what is the end of the story will the end of the story is that God will make all things right again he will heal all all all manner of disease there will be no more coded or any other disease in the end he will wipe away every tear from our eyes so in the end we are to know the end of the story so why should we be in a panic thank you for this. How at risk is someone doctrinally with an auto immune disease of Cova 19 if you heard what have you heard about this all people with preexisting conditions are. More apt to have a serious course if they come across a covert 19. And auto immune diseases are often treated by immunosuppressant and sometimes it's not the auto immune disease so much as it is the medications they're taking from the auto immune disease that can actually produce some problems except for one important exception. And that is one of the medicines it's used for auto immune diseases particularly lupus is called plaque when ill or hydroxy Couric when it's a relative of Chloroquine which was the true treatment for malaria and hydroxy Clark when actually allows zinc to get into your cell at a much greater rate than it would otherwise when zinc is out side the cell. And so and when zinc comes into the cell and you have a virus in there isn't actually stops replicates and so it actually prevents that virus from being replicated. In the cell and so that actually can and with the story and of course there was a. Study out of France which showed that. Hydroxy chloroquine actually got rid of the viral load or the the p.c.r. detection of the virus within 6 days where they didn't use hydroxy chloroquine it didn't do as well now some people are using it may potentially too late in the disease because since there's a shortage of that now they're not allowing treatment really until you're already coded positive and so we're seeing if it's used too late it can be a problem but that would be one exception to the medication treatment thing and so what would you do if you have an auto immune disease you still want to do the new star principles you still want to exercise you still want to. You know have enough vigilance to avoid it if at all possible you want to still utilize the trust and you want to be utilizing natural ways that can help your auto immune condition and it could potentially help you with covert 19 as well. Thank you this is one for Dr bias I've been diagnosed with generalizing Zante disorder and panic disorder I had Mersa about 10 years ago and last year I was hospitalized for 10 days with ammonia almost died I normally very healthy person never had a flu or cold but because of my past hospitalization with pneumonia coma 19 and the companies in crisis I'm currently have a lot of trouble managing my anxiety I'm not a German foe but have pretty vigilant Cletus the anxiety I'm currently experience is made worse because I have 2 other members of my household that come and go to do essential jobs if they were coming and going I probably be able to handle it a lot better what do you recommend well. Like I mentioned earlier I think one of the best things that we can do to actually minimize our obsessiveness is to to to to do activities that are truly positive and make a difference for other people. Sometimes a big part of anxiety and depression actually is related to self focus and so one of the best things that people can do is do activities that helps help them to actually focus outside of themselves now that being said it is helpful to take it put it take aside some some time where you intentionally focus on your thoughts and trying to figure out if what sorts of thoughts are leading to the emotions and by doing that then you can actually see Ok How accurate are these thoughts and my actually thinking about and I really blowing this out of proportion or am I thinking accurately and truthfully so cognitive therapy techniques but. Even that if you're if you just think you know over thinking and thinking too much about yourself and are my thoughts accurate or not that is not always healthy either again we I think it's important that people take some intentional time to actually say you know what how are other people doing with this is there something I can do to actually brighten their life even if if it's at a social distance and maybe it my. Be sending some encouraging Bible verses or quotes to people that you know might be struggling themselves you know maybe there's people that are getting creative in and and planning a neighbor neighborhood picnics but they're doing it where each each neighbor is on their own law on so they have you know appropriate social distance but then they have this ability to to interact in their neighborhood and they're all having their big picnics with their families on their lawn so you know those are just some examples of things that people can start doing to actually take the focus away from self and put it on being a blessing to others there's actually been a lot of studies that have. Shown that doing think great things for that well this it's interesting the studies actually show that when people do something nice for you your mental health improves but the studies show that when you do someone something altruistic and nice for somebody else that the mental health improvement is even greater so I really think that that can can often be a great antidote for anxiety Thank you. Doctrinally there's a number of questions here people have an ask about mac I'll just ask them all to you once and then you can figure it out. Kin can children take an x. supplement what should be the dose Kinect damages the lungs and because cancer. So you can probably run a couple books here about this and we'll just give you those 2 an f. and feel cysteine which is sometimes called Knack if you see it in the in the way Mart I think it's going to have knack there or any other health food store and acid feel cysteine is something that is natural it's made by our body out of the amino acid cysteine and improves glued asylum levels glucose ion is something that we can measure in our blood that is very directly related to how healthy our immune system is so those with higher glucose ion levels. Do not if they come across viruses they're much less likely to even develop symptoms their body is able to fight it off even before symptoms develop they're able to overcome they're much less likely to even get cancer when their glucose ion levels are there because when the good if ion is high we're going to be more able to recognize an abnormal cancer cell and have the immune system destroy it. And it's also a very powerful anti-oxidant. And anti-oxidants we know are healthy across the board and asked a tale sifting is actually absorbed in the g.i. tract on light blue the science some people say why not just take loose I and you can actually buy glutes I own over the counter as well but glue the Scion actually has to be broken down and you can absorb the glue the thigh and get your glue the thigh on levels up and acid heal system is much smaller and it can go into the system and produce this so can young people on take it yes absolutely you know if they're small child maybe 300 milligrams a day if they're an infant maybe a 100 or 200 milligrams if you're wanting to perform some function to help their glucose ion levels kids they're constantly getting infections often once they start taking n.a.c. those infections go away and they're not having all of those colds and and and symptoms anymore so yes children can take it adults they studies an adult show 1200 milligrams a day is what's really healthy in boosting the glutes ion levels and might theoretically help us if we were to come across the corona virus and can it cause cancer there was one study in in mice. And it was very questionable and how the design was done that and it showed lung cancer could potentially be increased actually it seemed to not have as healthy in other words the ant other anti-oxidants that would help us prevent lung cancer the n.a.c. seemed to compete with those and those healthy anti-oxidants didn't do as well and that's how the higher rate of lung cancer was seen in a mouse model but that was not at all similar to the doses that humans would utilize that was more similar to the doses that we would give an n.a.c. of somebody came in with Tylenol toxicity. There's actually $60000.00 lives a year that are saved from an AC to protect your liver from self damage from Tylenol overdose it's also things that we do to protect the kidneys from harmful toxins that help out and this is all again based on this glucose ion aspect of things and the fact that it's over the counter and so natural makes it easy for us to be able to take advantage of that so do I think it actually increases all lung cancer No why do I know that because there have been human studies that have been done taking knack for years and large groups of human beings it's also used for mental health in preventing dementia if you have an Alzheimer's gene or if your risk of Alzheimer's and AC can actually prevent you from ever getting the Alzheimer's you take it early enough and those people there are taking it for years and years 30 and 40 years in their rates of lung cancer have not been shown to be any higher than anybody else's. I don't know but this seems to be really honest so he threw other people even me I'll just say it kind of if you want to go more into this are there any contradiction contra indications for using mc like i.e. amalgams some of expressed concern that about detoxifying heavy metals like mercury. Anything more that you want to snack on with now. Well as I mentioned it does help with the number of toxins because of again that glue If I own a mechanism so as far as interactions the only really drug it interacts whether if we call it a drug it's another natural agent is charcoal and charcoal is going to bind on to the n.a.c. and make the n.a.c. not effective but we really don't know of any other. And when I call interactions and you also said that says to you get from Plan sources didn't you see earlier in a mommy you said some flower seeds you said she is seed you said lintels you said what is in here well hemp seeds are also high in it we talk about oats. And there are. I'm trying there's another a black eyed peas actually are pretty good source and actually even higher than Black Eyed Peas 1st cysteine is split peas split peas are one of the higher sources so if you're concerned about the supplemental form you can just go natural There you go Ok that back to Dr Pinus. I think Dr No they said this but I'll help you answer it if allowed to head cognitive behavioral therapy from God to get healed from things I need to price in can I get c.v.t. from God. Or do I have to go to a therapist. Well that's a good question. And the Ensor is yes and maybe. But let's let's talk about going to therapist 1st you know that that's an important decision that a lot of people need to make and and one caution I always give people is you you need to be where that the person you go see for therapy is going to influence your world view your belief system in one way or another your values. Studies have actually shown that whether they talk about you know their values or not that the clients actually tend to start whether the therapist talks about their values or not the client actually starts adopting the values of the therapist and so it is very important that we if we choose to go to therapy which I'm a big advocate of one when it when it's needed because you know a lot of times people get in this mode of where they just feel like they're drowning in their emotions and they cannot see what is clearly truthful or distorted so it is often very important to have that extra nl input someone that has an unbiased view of things and can give you truthful feedback but if we choose to go to therapy we need to be very very careful who we do that with and. So I highly recommend you know if you want to maintain a healthy Christian worldview then guess what kind of therapist you need to look for. Christian they're pissed right and prefer someone that is well versed in cognitive therapy because that really is the most evidence based s. and successful therapy so. With the question about whether I can get their p. from from God I think the answer is absolutely yes think about the Bible the Bible is a therapy book the whole Bible is a beautiful therapy book and really because like I said the best type of therapy is helping us to distinguish truth from error and what does the Bible actually help us do that helps us to do just that right distinguish truth from error Now that being said the Bible just reading the Bible by itself is not enough for therapy what else do we need to do along with reading the Bible and to receive their pee from God We need to pray along with that because if we if we guess who was reading the Bible in Jesus's time but have had very distorted thoughts the Farriss are a they had all sorts of distortions they were not able to distinguish truth from error when it was staring them in the face when Christ was speaking the beautiful words of truth they they shunned those and they ended up crucify him. It was those who were open to the working of the Holy Spirit they were humble they were teachable they were praying for enlightenment and didn't say I have it all figured out those were the people that were able to get therapy from God himself and of course that at that point Jesus was was there but Jesus is also there with us through the agency of the Holy Spirit and so yes we can get therapy but that doesn't mean that Ok well I can just read the Bible and you know pray and then everything's going to be fine all the time you know that's that's ideal but sometimes if we are so far down and we're. We we need someone to really kind of like you know thinking about. The the example of the paralytic he was on on on on the mat and what he had 4 friends right and they brought him to Jesus so that Jesus could speak the words of life and so that's really what a good therapist does they act like one of those 4 friends to say you know what I don't have all the answers but I know someone that does and I want to point you to those principles I want you to help connect you with the source of truth the source of healing and that is what a good therapist will do. Thank you for that I just might mention also Luke chapter 3 all these people came out to they want to change their mind Well John the Baptist said you know you need to repent which means to change your mind and you need to be in remission which means to put yourself. You know take yourself out of bondage change your mind in a way to take yourself out of bondage and there were groups that came out that kind of said Ok just baptize us and he said no no no no no you're still kind of crooked you're not you're not you're kind of demanding you don't have the right attitude and then once he did baptized they said What must I do and so they had this right attitude what must I do and then God used John the Baptist to actually specifically talk about specific things in their lives they needed change so that's a picture of God using a person to give therapy his name was John the Baptist in he wanted people to change their minds and do things that went along with that so that's exactly what you're saying that kind of goes together Ok back to Dr Natalie now we're going to move to the end of the alphabet we're going to talk about doctrinally end of the alphabet What do you think the question is seen as zinc That's correct if if one wants to supplement with zinc should supplementation with Curse attend also be done along with it how much zinc should I take a wink I mean a week. This is almost right zinc should I take per week. And you mentioned taking sync to combat covert $900.00. Yes Vankin is toxic to viruses contact and I mentioned earlier when to gets into the cell it stops the replication of the virus curse the tent is actually been shown to help open up the channels freezing to get in. And so yes curse a 10 with zinc makes zinc more powerful I preferred to instead of swallowing although if you're exempt deficient you're going to have problems with this virus and so if you are zinc deficient you need to be taking zinc supplements and probably at least 40 milligrams and you know that if you get a sink test you have those at Wal-Mart where do you get that I would have to be a blood test or if you're not much and eating seeds seeds are one of the highest sources of zinc pumpkin seeds and there are people idjit they don't even eat seeds they just pass those by. And they could very likely be zinc deficient but if. If they are not zinc deficient or they're eating those type of seeds we actually recommend instead of taking the zinc by supplement to take it via laws and particularly at the 1st sign of a sore throat and studies have actually shown some benefit because the zinc can actually come in contact with the virus that's there in the mucosa even in the back of the throat there and start to do its work and when the same concentration is high we're going to get more of that effect and so the sink was ensure there wasn't just don't have to have a whole lot of zinc 2.5 some of them just have 5 milligrams and that can that can really help set it back and you could do multiple zinc per day one aspect of zinc that I would like to mention because there's been some questions about this. There's also people freaking out over his ink toxicity with this that's all information we now know that this is ink is not very toxic at all compared to a lot of these other metals in fact we have individuals due to genetic reasons that are taking 400 milligrams of zinc a day and they live long lives and they do very well and so on like other metals think we can take in large amounts and so don't panic over the fact that you might get too much one of the symptoms you all have though from Zank that can be adverse as Nazia in a metallic taste and so hopefully you're not getting that you could back off if you are but you know taking more Zenk during this time particularly if you start to have symptoms there's not an issue with that thank you Ok couple here for Dr bonus How do I tell when someone has had a nervous breakdown what symptoms should I look for thank you all right well nervous breakdown is in the old all term that people used to use and but usually when people talk talk about that now it's related to the inability to function and do their normal activities so you know maybe normally they're able to work or take care of their children and they feel so overwhelmed by their anxiety that they're able to think about very little else and they feel like you know what. I am completely incompetent and so they have this. Very distorted view of themselves in over their lives and they basically cease from functioning normally. Ok So that was 2 too quick so I'm going to give you another one. It's not that I mean it was a good answer but I do say how can I help other people with stress and anxiety from a distance just sharing the information does not seem to be enough they don't listen to it they're not listening to me thank you. Yes we had all like it if people listen to us more. We always have the right idea. Well you know I really think that it depends on who you're trying to help and what you want to really ask yourself and ask them is what would be helpful sometimes we assume that oh this person needs this and and but one of the most annoying things for people oftentimes is and solicited advice or. Unsolicited. Favors or you know things that they really don't need or they really don't want and so one of the things that I think is most helpful is if we can actually ask someone well what would be helpful for you right now and of course there's things that we want to largely avoid dealing as far as you know physical contact and that sort of thing unless it's in our immediate family circle but there's a whole lot that we can do and there's still more that we can do then things that we can't do if that makes sense in other words people are tending to focus I think nowadays on everything you can't do but there's believe me there's plenty we still can do you for each other for you know people in our media sphere and then even our extended sphere whether it's through. Media you know. Even video calling and that sort of thing that good old fashioned just telephone calls. Or or you know and number of other things but again I think it's important to really explore what what they what their felt need is. Ok thank you. Very much for that Ok doctrinally another one for you are moving now to a couple quick ones I think the quick can drinking cold water make you more susceptible to getting the virus we want you to stay hydrated and cold water is actually healthy for you in fact I could use some right now. Sees me. Ok someone get the man some water please here get the duck school water we're going to call the ambulance right now. I've heard of someone in the neighborhood that this he got called the police came to his house and they said why are you here they said your neighbor heard you sneeze so they might be on the way for you doctrinally Can somebody get him because someone get him some water I think I've recovered so Ok he's recovered already Ok then that will that will will there a bit sleepy a vaccine and our vaccine safe to take That's a big question is going to make you cough again probably. Eventually there will be a vaccine how effective it is we won't know and often won't know until it's actually out you know the flu virus. They make some good gases but with the mutations they haven't really struck it very good very well lightly. And we're really not sure about how effective this vaccine is going to be they're also not testing it necessarily on the people at highest risk where we could actually see how effective it is it's primarily young people in need of money that are being tested and those are individuals that. That may not have succumbed anyways to the actual virus Ok so you answered another question which was about mutations in the whoever sent that in he answered your question to even if you maybe were those 100 mi Taishan Zz of this virus so far Ok And so you could get infected with one of the mutations was the question in the interest probably Yes Well Ok and I guess that bigger question was Should you take vaccines. I know you're trying to dodge that question good question. Well. Vaccines are not necessarily always bad nor necessarily are they always good but some of the right there that's all of them within the good because the baby into the right there is the Solomonic answer Yes Ok go ahead in with interrupt Solomon here so you know it depends on how effective the vaccine is and how likely are you to come across it. I'm not necessarily if it's not very effective Thank you very much. And you know if if if it's as affective as the. Flu virus vaccine has been lately which has not been very effective and I'm not necessarily in the mandating that everybody in the world get this vaccine or else I know there have been some talks in regards to mandating this and when we're mandating something that is questionable as far as which groups are going to benefit from it the most and what facts we might get that are not necessarily desired we have to really think that through but I think it's going to be very good educate the public and let them decide you know in regards to this vaccine or what groups we would highly recommend for oks doctor but it's a large proportion of the health care workers who took care of the Cove in 1000 patients in China reported experiencing symptoms of depression 50 percent anxiety 45 percent insomnia 34 percent and psychological distress said 1.5 percent well could be done to not have this outcome here. It's a great question because oftentimes those people that are in the fray of any crisis are the ones that suffer right along with those that are the victims they're really the secondary victims of the crisis and oftentimes we talk about 1st responders in this sort of scenario like fire fire fighters and police officers and this sort of thing where they might be involved in a crisis and they're having to deal with a lot of people that maybe died or were severely wounded and this can then often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder anxiety disorders adjustment disorders depression except for a one of the things that they found in helping people that are dealing with these sort of acute traumatic situations is critical incident incident debriefing and so basically what they can do with that is they help them to debrief about what happened because one of the aspects of dealing with any sort of trauma is that. The brain has a very difficult time making sense of of severe trauma it's like no this shouldn't happen this isn't the way that my world view is and it makes people feel very unsafe and they and they start feeling like wow you know my world is crumbling around me bad things could happen to me at any time and they have the sense of fear and and then oftentimes out leads to the hopelessness and and the depression but if you can actually debrief and process what the trauma that you've just experienced and the crisis and and help people to realize that life can actually move on and that doesn't have to be like the new normal for your life now and that things are hopeless and you actually help people to make some sense of this and develop again some some framework to you to live their lives moving forward and have this sense of that they're also not the only ones that are dealing with the symptoms they're dealing with you know which which is I mean do you think if it's normal by the way to feel some anxiety and even some sadness some depression when you're when you're experiencing when you're going through something like this absolutely and so it's important to actually have these conversations with with the health care providers just like you would with with the 1st responders helping to normalize that this is normal to be feeling anxious this is normal to be feeling how in some feelings of depression which is different than developing major depression it's normal to be having a lot of negative emotions when you're dealing with things I think it would actually be abnormal if you were having some some some negative emotions or difficult emotions come up so as you talk about those normalize in. And then also help them to realize hey you're not alone you're not the only one experiencing this and there's other people in the same boat that actually is a huge help because one of the big things and the reasons that mental health problems really escalate is because people feel like wow no one can understand what I have I've gone through and no one can understand the emotions that I'm feeling right now and so there's this huge sense of disconnection and aloneness that can come from that and so again that the deep briefing the normalising the connecting and not to you know just relive the trauma over and over again but to process it and then move on and say that there is a new day there is a new life let's let's move forward and yes that was hard that was difficult but let's see what we can learn from these experiences you know let's mourn what we need to mourn let's you know make changes where we've made mistakes but let's move forward let's become stronger to strengthen our bonds with each other and most importantly our bond with God and then it doesn't have to be something that keeps people down and out you know a lot of times people actually learn the most and grow the most when they go through crises in their lives because it makes you re evaluate what's really important and it makes you actually reconnect with the principles that are. Maybe you drifted from that or maybe you got into things that they were just not that were distractions to what you really want to value and so in the end it can actually be a good thing. Ok We're just we're going to give each of you one more question in this wrap up there's been so many excellent questions here some of which I just might say to those that your questions have not been answered some are asking how do I push my immune system we have a whole series on t c I we mar dot coord g. going through how to boost your immune system and we have a lot of a lot of videos there that you can watch with some of the other things that I'm just trying to make sure that we're covering stuff that maybe has not been covered before. Dr Natalie. There. Will it be safe to the I don't know you probably can't answer this but will it be safe to open up communities in a few weeks or will it be safer to quarantine How long is this going to go on. Well I can tell you based on the exponential curves that are developing in certain counties in America we haven't peaked yet. And the peak is going to be you know in some places 2 weeks from now in other places it may be later than that and then there may be places that haven't been in even introduced yet that could peak you know even 2 months from now and so I think it's going to be different in some areas of the country than others in regards to how long this goes on and I know public health officials are going to be looking at that sort of thing. Because of the practicality as well that we can't shut the country down indefinitely and can and can't continue to live like this the rest of our life. And and so there have to. And of course what public health officials are looking at is when we start to have the diesel ration instead of the acceleration that's going on currently and so how long is this going to go on it's going to. Probably be going on until in most places till around the 1st part of May Ok. Thank you for that I did get 3 more questions on Nec so. And he well I'll ask you those later and maybe we can get back to these people because we have the e-mail addresses so I'm sure you're willing to answer those as well Ok this one I just has to be answered Dr something I mean Dr bias I've talked to a lot of doctors this week Dr bias. If God has hasn't given us a spirit of fear but of power of love and of some mine then why do some people have anxiety disorders and panic attacks the tech says the guy's going to take care of it why use medication of all if he'll fix it. And if it's not in his will for us to have these things then why do so many have this ball and chain and some of being carry a like me for years. It's a great question and sometimes we get in the mindset that you know if someone is taking medications or if they feel they cannot get off medication that some Somehow it's just because they don't have enough faith and I think we need to be very you know compassionate realizing that everyone is at a different place in their lives and also you know we all have different vulnerabilities and some people are able to use you know the principles to get off all medication other people I've seen other people in my practice where they really are applying the new star principles doing everything they possibly can and they still need a fair amount of medication and. I don't think it's always obviously it's ideal but again we need to be very very careful to how we judge others and also even how we judge ourselves when it comes to medication you know the ideal is far as using medication is to use it and this is my ideal The concept is like Ok yeah sometimes we need it where where things get really when things get really bad kind of like if you break a leg then you need a cast and crutches but you don't you're the goal is not to stay on the Kassam crutches forever to heal the medication can in a similar way kind of help stabilize people when they're in a crisis but then over time as you're able to implement the healthy principles that God has given us then you need less and less medication and I think in general that's that's true but again I want to be very careful and sensitive how I say that because I have seen people they're really trying their hardest and still in really utilizing the different principles now one of the you know questions that comes up like why do Christians still then get anxiety in this sort of thing. And and and I think that that's a very complex answer but what one of the things I will say is you know we live in a very sinful world and so we all do you have increased every generation has more and more genetic predispositions towards problems so that's one aspect but a 2nd aspect is that sometimes even if we are Christians it's very easy to lose sight of Christ in other words it's very easy to get focused on on ourselves and the Bible says that you'll keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts and you and so that is oftentimes the most important antidote you know when it comes comes to fear Yes God has not given us the spirit of fear but we need to really intentionally choose to and that's where you know if we look at that the verses says power and of love and of sound mind well he's given us the power of choice so that we can do what so that we can be introduced to that love that he wants to give us and that's what helps dispel the fear and then in turn gives us that sound mind thank you this beautiful doctor now that any closing thoughts that you would you would like to share I have you know other questions some of them are like hydrotherapy we have it on the t. CIA. We more dot org How to boost your immunity. Is you the light effective in killing the virus. From what I was an altar violet light can kill it with the right intensity it's heat Les Miles Well so how hot does someone else and how hot does it had to be and where do I put that he well it it doesn't have to be boiling. Which is fortunate. So everybody does have to be hot as far as how hot it happens to be to destroy this virus we're looking at 70 degree news l.c.s.. Ok and we do have some presentations on that as well on the boosting immunity t.s.i. we were dot org. Thank you both for coming in you know we are at this up with just a spiritual thought as well because this is a you know the peace that passes understanding. Christ himself and God himself you know great peace have they was love their law nothing till offend them there's many text about peace will talk about some of those tomorrow at 8 o'clock will start at some of those 11 o'clock will will continue one with some spiritual resources but you mention one Isaiah the that would keep him a purpose pieces minus stand in the because he trusts in the Do you have any other favorite text you like that are dealing with. Stress and anxiety and doctrinally do you have any favorite text. Yeah I definitely do one of the chapters that I've been pointing a lot of people to this week is Psalm 91 that talks about how God wants to shelter us and in that secret place of the most high and you know sometimes we think that secret places just in our devotions and that sort of thing but you know the secret place I believe is that special seeker a relationship that he that unique relationship that he has with us with each one of us and that that secret place can actually it can be with us and go go with us where wherever we are and you know oftentimes when I'm talking with patients for example I have I go to my secret place like I'm talking I'm having a doctor conversation with God while I'm talking with with the patient and so realizing that God is with us all the time that because of that we don't need to fear that there is nothing that will happen to us that is not and that he's not sovereign over in that he cannot bring good out of that is what keeps us in that place of peace so some 91 and you know it's a beautiful chapter because it talks about the pestilence and how God is going to you know guard us from from that and again that doesn't mean that if if we get sick or something like that that you know God's not protecting us but we can trust that he knows what's what's best for us another psalm I read this week with some 32 very encouraging psalm and I could go on I mean there's so many beautiful encouraging Bible texts that we can rest our hope on and I think that's one of the most important things that we do frequently throughout the day especially at a time like this that we bring our my. Back because it's so easy to get distracted by all of the fear and we just bring it back bring it back bring it back and that's what's going to bring in some peace. He favorite you well the the text for this crisis is Isaiah 2620 come my people enter them into the chambers and shut the doors about the. High die self as it were for a little moment until the indignation be over passed during this little moment in time in our life let's focus on the priorities until the indignation the overpass get very serious in regards to your devotional life and your relationship with the Lord don't let the media don't let all of the distractions of the Internet in the news take us away from really focusing in on the number one priority and that's something I have to follow my own advice in. Since I'm a physician and I treat this I have a desire to learn as much as I can about it but I realize there is something even more important than me learning everything there is the learn about covert 19 and that is in regards to the most important things in life and so let this time be to refocus you on the most important things in your life because the end Diggnation will be overpassed and we can come through this far stronger if we follow that counsel. Let's pray Father in heaven thank you that you can give us the peace that passes understanding we want to understand more about you and more about your love we ask that you would come close to each person that's struggling physically emotionally mentally or spiritually tonight that there would be something in tonight's. Gathering in the wisdom that was shared that could lead to that next step and that hope would be stirred and that there would be a will to go forward and also a way to go forward that was seen tonight and if not we ask that you would. You would make that happen for each person we thank you come in Christ. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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