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COVID 19- Having Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, gives us very important tips on how to ride the COVID storm we are currently going through. The Scriptures tell us the formula of having peace during hard times.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 28, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Father in heaven thank you that you are our Father and that there is a heaven and that you want that heaven to ultimately be again on earth and you have consistently been advancing your truth and people have come to know more and more about the great controversy in how it is that you are a loving God and we ask that there would happen more again today as we study in Christ's name Amen. Second Corinthians Chapter 4 as I was thinking about the messages for today I thought of this text within 2nd Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 8 we are hard pressed on every side yet not crushed We are perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not forsaken struck down but not destroyed and as I thought of that text I thought about the situation that much of the world finds itself in today our people today troubles in the world that they fill is all their troubles on every side. I heard this morning that there are governors who are shutting down state borders I heard the other day that there are governments that are setting down their airline. Travel fact I went to pick up a family member just yesterday who. Got out of a country over in Africa just before all the planes were shut down because people are troubled and distressed but and they're also perplexed what do we do how do we handle the situation how do we how do we. How do we relate to something that we don't seem to understand and what do we do with so many people being cast down falling down actually dying and yet in this passage we find the author of most of the New Testament saying or troubled but not distressed perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not forsaken cast down but not destroyed how do you like to know the secret to such skull under pressure this is what we want to talk about today because I don't watch you but I need that kind of recipe. In in Wiemar Institute here we have a a. Kind of a crisis team that's been meeting every day and has to stay in in touch with what's being said as much as we can understand that and then work together to make recommendations and I got to tell you that's been a pretty stressful situation to just try and figure out was being set so this Texas for me today too just like you you know as they study trauma they have something called post-traumatic stress disorder that can develop people get really stressed out and they. Deal with it for. Some time afterwards in many clays cases and I read a book recently by Harold Connick called Hope and Healing with those for those with p.t.s.d. and Harold Konig was a is a physician and Duke University in charge of a part of the university that studies religion and spirituality but he was a medical student out here one time and he went through some traumatic times in his own life got kicked out of medical school and found himself homeless under a bridge and asked God to help him out. In a read a Bible I think it was a. Text in Proverbs that said talked about publishing the name of God abroad and he said to God he says you know if you help me through this time of trial I will publish your name abroad and now he is the principal author of most articles that deal with religion spirituality and hell so I wrote this book hope healing him for those with p.t.s.d. and he started out by giving the diagnostic. D.s. him 5 I guess edition of what it means to have post-traumatic stress disorder it's a psychiatric disorder that people develop after experience a severely stressful event and some people are definitely going through seriously stressful events today the stressful event must be a catastrophic one that involves actual or threatened debt or injury or threat to physical integrity of the person or others through either direct exposure to the trauma. Witnessing the trauma happened to someone else learning about someone else's trauma being repeatedly exposed to the results of traumatic events do you think that's happening today those Kansas City. Now I can to summarize it has a more verb is in there actually spells out different traumas so I thought this won't do that I want to do it all on one slide but the old idea is going through trauma yourself or seeing someone else go through it or hear about it and if you're watching the news these days that's all you're hearing all you're hearing is about traumatic events and the symptoms then fall in 4 categories. After this happens intrusions recurrent involuntary memories nightmares or flashbacks avoidance efforts to avoid traumatic trauma trauma related thoughts feelings or external reminders such as people activity situations smell sounds places or movies so avoidance yesterday flew with Dr Ned Lee in a small plane to pick up a family member of those coming in a large plane and we went and we landed not at the San Francisco airport because it's a big airport have to pay a lot of money to land there but in a smaller airport nearby and then there was supposed to be a limousine that would take us over to pick up my family member aunts and we went into the to the shop there little airport and the man had a mask on and he had gloves on and he stood back from us I don't know long way ask us what we wanted and he he said Would you mind driving yourself to the airport and we said. Sir and he said Here are the keys keys on the counter and we drove ourself he was very fearful he wanted to avoid He wanted to avoid possible exposure he had been traumatized by something probably the news I didn't ask him but I don't know exactly what it was but I have a suspicion then when we got to the airport I've been to that airport many times many times and when I've been there there's been hundreds of people hundreds of people there probably less than. In this whole area were picking up bags of stuff probably 5 people 5 people and and they were all very far away from each other avoidance negative moods or thoughts associated with the trauma persistent negative beliefs and expectations of oneself or others fear anger guilt shame decreased interest detachment difficulty experiencing emotions such as love and care for others even though my family member was there I was a little nervous about hugging them touching them because I was stressed out about what I had heard about how things can be transferred I brought trash bags with me to put their their luggage and I had hand sanitizer and had a clean set of clothes for them so they could take a shower and change so that's or beliefs or for costumes. Changes unravels or reactivity irritable aggressive self destructive hyper vigilant easily startled difficulty concentrating difficulty sleeping we went back to the place where we had taken the car and we walked in and the man that had let us use the car he didn't see as come in but I said hello to jump he was he was hypervigilant then I went in the guys could I help you or something. And I said Can I use some of your hand Sam's eyes and he goes Ok so changes in Iraq or reactivity and it almost would seem funny but it's not because people are traumatized now one or 2 symptoms in each of those 4 categories is required for the diagnosis of p.t.s.d. so of war avoidance and hyper sensitivity and stuff yet at least 2 of those are it's not p.t.s.d. symptoms so the trauma must last for at least one month immediately after the trauma remain emerge months or years after the trauma so. Nobody has p.t.s.d. yet from the events that have gone over and over the last few weeks maybe least in this country in other countries maybe in Italy and maybe they do but by definition and they cause significant distress or problems with social occupational recreational functioning and see they cannot be the result of medication substance abuse or other psychiatric illness that my better explain the symptoms of p.t.s.d. is a very specific thing but I would say as I remembered this. You know diagnosis today that certainly people could be set up at this point for experiencing p.t.s.d. I mean think that might be true. From the situation now there's another thing that goes along with this called moral injury and p.t.s.d. and moral injury is not p.t.s.d. but it's related if you have a moral industry moral injury it can increase p.t.s.d. or injury occurs in the setting of p.s.t. but it's not p.s.t. it's. The reflects the Dilla pterosaur negative effects of war participation or other severe trauma or on moral conscience and ethical conceptions the wrecking of a person's fundamental assumptions of what's right and how things should work in the world that may result from a sense of having violated one's moral identity and lost any reliable meaningful world in which to live moral injury involves acts of moral compromise with the violation of values or beliefs by oneself or others that potentially threaten the soldiers ability to admire or even recognize themselves or trust in the reality of others in the world so moral injury happens when you think I did something terrible or something terrible is happening that is rocking my idea about what's right and wrong if there is a God how could this happen if there is a God how could people die like this moral injury now of course just remember that if you have a concept of right and wrong of evil you have to have a concept of right and perhaps of God So you have at last everything if you have a sense of right and wrong and you do have a sense of of some belief you understand what I'm saying that makes sense. So reducing moral injury will decrease p.t.s.d. symptoms and able to traumatize to utilize their religious resources more fully in dealing with trauma and respond more readily to secular treatments as well so the whole idea here is if someone is in risk of having p.t.s.d. or if they have that or moral injury if you can address those issues they will be helped and not only that sense of moral injury but with the traumatic event itself and this is where the research is a fairly interest as many different ways to deal with this I'm not going to go through all the treatment this is in a class but there's many different ways that you know you go through this but I I did notice something that I thought was interesting pastoral care and support doesn't require a stay a license or but it's the most common thing sighed out when someone has p.t.s.d. above all other treatments can by many individuals consult the clergy 1st when having a difficulty in clergy are likely to see those with serious mental disorders as mental health professional as likely and perhaps even more likely because of their sheer numbers they perform nearly as much counseling as the entire membership of the American cycling logical association I can't think of a more important thing to be than a pastor I can think of something maybe a nurse because they're kind of a pastor as well but maybe a person a pastor an honors and I would say that everybody should have a pastoral. Perspective. I mean it's and what I'm saying but to be. In that is such a. Such an important thing. What is the role of religious faith Well religious faith has been dealing with p.t.s.d. and moral injury for thousands of years and they now are noticing that building spiritual strength which is actually a technical term if you search it in the literature actually helps and they have a way of doing this and they have clinical trials now that show that it reduces p.t.s.d. and then another spiritual integrated cognitive processing therapy is another type of therapy that is actually using the scriptures or beliefs to challenge dysfunctional thoughts and to help people through these times of trauma and so there's now you might say research that's documenting the effect of this sort of of what's been happening for thousands of years so let's look now with that in mind on this tax that we started with today we are troubled on every side yet not distrust we are proposing act but not in despair persecuted but not for 2nd cast down but not destroyed now if you were to read the Apostle Paul to life how do you think that he had some traumatic situations he was beaten he was left for dead. Hiya. He went through all kinds of things and here in 2nd Corinthians we pick up his situation in chapter 4 we read these verses So what was it they gave him this perspective what picture of poise we saw in that text there was a friend of mine that used to work here Dr Randy Siebold and he had his office this picture. This is a picture of a lighthouse that's disserve rounded by. A massive ways and you see that person standing there in the door he's got peace amidst the storm he's he's poised even though surrounded by crashing waves trouble Levon every side but not distressed perspire act perplexed not in despair persecuted not for sake and cast down that destroy this is exactly what we need today isn't it that's the picture now how did he what gave him such peace 1st of all his sense of purpose look with me on the 2nd currency and step to 4 Center the staff of 4 and let's work now towards that text went to work towards it and passed it to understand it 1st of all what gave him such peace was his sense of purpose Look at verse one therefore since we have this ministry we have received mercy and we do not lose heart the best thing that can help you through a time of trial and trauma is the have a sense of purpose in it to have a ministry in his case it was a testimony of mercy the mercy that had been extended to him that now he could extend to others he had been traumatized so he can help others in trauma he had a sense of purpose a ministry and this is so important going to come up again and again this passage thinking not just about yourself but about someone else helps you so much in times of trauma or stress what was that sense of purpose verse 3 even if our Gospel is it is veiled it is veiled to those who are lost. Well who is he trying to minister to the people who are lost he has a sense of a purpose a sense of ministry that he he says well I might be going through this traumatic time but there are people that don't even know what I know and they need to know what I know they need to know who I know that makes sense so a sense of purpose my purpose is to to share that have you ever had to go to the hospital go through a traumatic situation we had a surgery or something or you yourself are injured you're going why did this happen to me but then you just say well maybe it's to reach the people in the hospital maybe it's to share a testimony with someone who's in who's taking care of me and you're shifting your focus because you have this sense of purpose for the 1st 4 whose minds the God of the sage has blinded who do not believe with the light of the Gospel the glory of Christ who is the image of God to shine on them so the purpose was to have a ministry of how God reached me when I was blind it was Paul ever blinded to the ever of a traumatic blinding experience and who is trying to reach him and so now he's saying look I Was Blind But Now I see now I need to help others I have to reach those who are lost and blind bad enough to be lost but then you're blind on top of it and need to reach them to open the eyes to the Gospel of Christ the good news of Jesus Christ number 5 will do this verse 5 for we do not preach ourselves but crises Issa Lord. And ourselves your bond servants for Christ sake so we do not preach ourselves it's not for me it's for the lost it's for others look at the in the Versed 7 we have this treasure in the earth and vessels that the actions of the power may be of God not of us so there is this idea of self forget fullness that's not me it's not myself it's someone else this is his secret to call home and peace how we want to have this other focus and we will have self forgetfulness. In trying situations Secondly it was his sense of perspective look at verse 10 through 12 always caring about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus that the life of Jesus also may be manifest in our body for we who live are already delivered to death for Jesus' sake that the life of Jesus may be manifest in our mortal Sless so then death is working on us but life in you look at this his sense of perspective is this he says I'm not. That worried about my body my mortal flesh I'm immortal I'm not immortal eventually I'm going to die and I'm Ok with that it's not about my body of not about my moral flash not about my suffering as not even about my death. I'm going to die I almost died many times I've been beaten I've been left for dead I have gone through near death experiences many times and you know what God did with those near death experiences he used them to point people to Jesus and he may use it again I think was feeding a lot of fear out there is the fear of death what if I die what if someone I love dies and I think that's natural nobody here wants to visit me or want to die but Paul had died even before he died he says look I Him crucified with Christ and I no longer live so he had come to grips with this protect self protection of his body and focusing so much on his mortality how many of you are not there yet but you'd like to be there this is the secret of his call this is the secret of his poise his sense of perspective he saw the living Christ or heard about him he saw him in Revelation he saw that he had died. And that faced death that was his sense of his sense of. Perspective verse 13 he then sees a situation as what and since we have the same spirit of faith according to what is written I believe therefore I spoke we also believe and therefore we speak. So he's saying here what he's saying you know what this is an opportunity to share my beliefs. Now those of you have worked in the medical profession you know you may be dealt with many people who are dying. And. Some people tell me you know you don't want to bring religion or spirituality in you know when people are vulnerable I think that is complete bull Loney. Now I may not be saying certain things to them or holding out you know religious tracks or things although I have done that or that it's appropriate but I want to act like Christ next to them so much so that they ask me about it you know what I'm saying I want them to come to belief and there's nothing that's been more precious to me than to lead people to Christ on their deathbed and their family that's the best thing. That's a sense of purpose perspective. It's not about my body it's not about me it's about leading you to believe like you have such confidence that gives 40 Why was it that he had such poise because he knew something verse 14 knowing he knows this knowing that he who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus and will present us with you the love that segued What is it that gives him such poor is Jesus died and he rose again and he has the power of resurrection and even of i'd die he's now worried about his buying his mortality because he goes even if I die this mortality will put on immortality and this corruption in corruption. 1st Corinthians 15 at the last trump and he believes that he not only believes that Jesus died and rose again but that same Jesus will come and raise him again and not only him he said not only him but also you so he linked the 2 together his mortality the person's mortality is talking to the mortality of Christ when he came and how he died and rose again this gives him a peace that passes understanding of those who have not accepted the gospel and we want to have that peace and you might be watching today or here today you may not have that what we do in the Christian church when people say look I want to have that piece is we actually you might say kill them or they die symbolically go down and they're baptized this is why we have we don't have sprinkling in the New Testament not there's not a time for sprinkling and he's a little bit ill it's like Sony tries to get healthy by putting a little brand on his steak it's not going to help or little you know the essential oils on top of his begetting or something you know not going to help this is a death I'm going deaf. I'm going to be raised again this is a symbol of it and it really happens people really do die for themselves and once they died of themselves and their resurrected their entry into this and they then have that peace that passes understanding this is a. Powerful text really and notice what it says at the end of verse 14 again knowing that. He who raised up Jesus also raise us up with Jesus and will present us with you again this not about me Paul says it's about you it's about the person that he's ministering to and then look at the university for all things are for what does it say your sakes your sakes that Grace having to spread through the many may cause Thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God So there is this focus on you your sex but ultimately it's not about him and it's not even about them it's about enlisting everyone to give what glory to God. Why don't we give glory to God because of his great love because he doesn't just talk about the things he actually entered into these things he doesn't talk to you about oh yeah you know suck it up cupcake you know I'm up here eat an angel food cake while you're down there Dion at the stake now the star what he did he actually came down into the plague and came down and entered into it this is the whole idea he became sin the Bible says He came in the likeness a simple human flesh the Bible says He was not ashamed to call them Brethren he came down and he went through the trauma and that's why we give glory to God He broke every Korean thing law I'm not saying used to do that you're not divine he was human and divine but he broke every single out how we think he broke every single quarantine on. I read just a tear jerking article last week about the people in Italy who are dying and this article said they all die alone now in hospitals even here in this country was on a conference call yesterday with some hospital administrators were on the call no family allowed in even in this country people are so traumatized and not letting family and even when people are dying and in Italy the article is they die alone but that's not true if you know Jesus that's not true if you know Jesus he's with you he never leaves you or for sake you he's your brother back to Matthew 12 he says he's your father he's your mother he's your brother he's your sister no one understands like Jesus and you never have to be alone and to this and for this we give glory to God the glory of God For which cause verse 16 notice is peace under pressure there for or for which cause we do not lose heart These are beautiful verses so we don't lose heart was it mean to lose heart the heart is like the seed of the emotions we don't lose it emotionally. We don't lose heart we don't become hopeless why because though our outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being renewed day by day you know this traumatic time in history and in this country perhaps in your life even though it might look like your die you actually could be coming to life for the very 1st time. Even though it looks outwardly bad inwardly guy can do amazing things at these times how they want that to happen and this is what I am and Paul I begin to see why it is that he can have such peace our light affliction he says here verse 17 for our light affliction which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding any paternal weight of glory if you come to know Christ and except Him you will have eternal life whole as you but I think that sounds like good even if you were to die from Coban one teen or anything else and you had a quick death or a lingering death it's nothing compared to how long eternity is and it during that light affliction you come to know the one who was afflicted for you and you accept him you'll live eternally that's a Bless of hope. Verse 18 we do not look at the things that are seen but at the things which are not seen or the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal How are you beginning to see how it was that Paul had such peace how you begin to see it what was our text again let's read it again we are hard pressed verse 8 and 9 on every side yet not crushed We are perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not for 2nd struck down but not destroyed and now we know why he had a purpose he had a perspective and because of it he had peace and that's something you can have right now. And today by accepting Him into your life I need to do that and I need to do it every day and I need to do it every moment what's the song say I need the every hour what's the other song same moment by moment on kept in his care and in this moment we can accept Christ a new into our hearts would you like to do that again today I found this very hopeful as I read the book on p.t.s.d. by Dr Connick he said this 94 percent of those who experience a traumatic stress are that seriously threatens their own life or the left or the level ones do not develop p.t.s.d. most people don't even develop it and you most surely will be buffered against it if you take the Apostles advice from today how many want to be in that group and then the other thing that really hit me from this book it is only during times of pain and suffering that people are willing to change in fact the brain and central nervous system are known to be more plastic and malleable at times of high stress perhaps said this time in your life the trauma that's happening inside in the world will not be lost because you'll make changes that you never thought possible before my wife said to me the other day I've been telling you for years to wash your hands I've been telling you for years and she went through a list which I am uncomfortable even mention by then even see herself I even had a list for her I've noticed this also. I've noticed this also and I want to share some testimonies of what's been happening to people during this time in the 2nd service today of how God is actually becoming more important to people in this world at this time and people are not proclaiming there is God is no God right now they're saying I believe there is one or I hope there is one fact around an hour to the day about the new atheists who wrote all these books against God and the whole article was no one's listening to them now no one wants to listen to somebody who doesn't think there's any god or any hope nobody because there is a God and there is hope although I don't believe he caused this I do believe he allowed it and though I don't and I believe he allowed it that doesn't mean he has an experience did because he came down and went through a trauma for you and me and if you think your heart's heavy I'm sure his is heavier still but how many don't want to let the moment go by without letting God change something in your heart or in your mind at this time let's pray together father Neven we're thankful today for the fact that we do have a father and that there is a heaven but also that we have a brother who came down and understands and was at one with us in suffering and pain and died but rose again. Though our word man may be heresy. May our inward man be renewed. We thank you. Right. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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