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A Shelter in Time of Storm

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • March 28, 2020
    12:30 PM
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You know I'd like to read something to you from the Word of God Isaiah 26 1st 20 and 21 of the message today is the only safe shelter in the last days the only safe shelter in the last days. Maybe you've been hearing a little bit about how the bunker business is booming devastating earthquake levels a city a massive tsunami kills thousands fear of nuclear attack runs rampant bloodshed and violence escalate in the Middle East radical tensions are wrapped in violent protests terrorism keeps cities on high alert and a deadly pandemic sweeps around the planet backed by such headlines a number of us companies that sell doomsday bunkers are seen sales skyrocket some up a 1000 percent most are preparing to live off the grid in these self-sufficient country retreats some of these are a patchwork of farms and backwards ingenuity others are expensive cutting edge bunkers built by millionaires that are nervous about an impending collapse of civilization what's causing this surge in stockpiling Rice packets and underground bunkers according 282001900 studies researchers from the Journal of American studies say that there's an ever growing sense of impending doom in the American culture people just seem to have this sense that something was coming and I think many folks know that from 2011 to 2014 National Geographic grant a reality show called Doomsday Preppers and it was given the day to day activities of these people kind of a corky team of survivalists they were getting ready for a myriad of circumstances everything from an asteroid to a tsunami to a pandemic. That they were going to protect themselves. In August 2018 the Financial Times reported that there is the nation of New Zealand was now banning foreigners from buying existing residential property within its borders and this was a blow to the Global Super Rich who in recent years have been snapping up scores of luxury properties many for vacation homes but yet often they're called a bold hole a get away shelter sometimes it's a luxurious bunker to protect them in case the end of the world they've done research and they found New Zealand is one of the best places so this is not just quirky people from the fringe of society but some of the richest most educated talented people in the world sense that something is coming and they're buying these properties in 2017 The New Yorker magazine confirm that New Zealand was indeed a favored destination for rich survivalists preparing for the apocalypse saying that you're buying a house in New Zealand as a kind of wink wink say no more Reid Hoffman co-founder of Linked In told the magazine in the article doomsday prep for the super rich billionaires such as Peter Peter Thiel co-founder Pay Pal is one of the growing band of foreign super rich including James Cameron the director Julian Robinson the hedge fund guru Mikhail kimchi the Russian oil magnate who have bought remote properties in the pristine nation to escape Armageddon so it's a Seems like there is this overriding concern that people have around the world that something is coming you know the Bible says there is a storm coming you can read where Jesus teaches in Matthew chapter 7 whoever hears these words of mine and does them is a like a wise man who builds this house on a rock. And the rain descends and the flood came and the winds blow and beat on that house and the House does not fall because it's built on the rock but you notice it also says the foolish man builds his house on the sand but the storm comes to the foolish man and the storm comes to the wise man which means that a storm is coming to 100 percent the question is what kind of followed shelter do you have what is it built upon is it built upon the rock the Bible's full of storms from Noah to Jonah to Jesus and the Apostles on Galilee twice on the Sea of Galilee the book of Acts ends with the storm Paul in a boat load of prisoners are on their way to judgement and something else you notice is at the end of each one of these storms worship takes place at the end of the storm for Noah they worship at the end of the storm when they're on the Sea of Galilee there worshipping at the end of the storm in the story of Paul there is worship taking place and so we know that in order to get to that place sometimes you've got to go through a storm now I've got some good news I want to share today but in order for people to appreciate the good news 1st you've got to hear the bad news the bad news is the reason the good news is such good news. The reason that people would be really excited to hear that there is a cure to the coronavirus is because they know there's a coronavirus once you know that there is a problem the cure is all that more exciting. The reason eternal life is such good news is because people are aware that without it they've got eternal death and so I'm going to take a moment and I hope that you'll sit up and don't don't get discouraged but I need to tell you what the Bible says. I've been a little bit surprised as I hear pastors and different leaders or sort of texting everybody preach messages that are going to comfort and calm people when I want to comfort and calm people but I want to do it where it's really beneficial I want to read to you from the Book of Romans Chapter one Verse 18 Romans is a book where you find a lot of salvation and grace Alyson how he begins for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness How often do you hear a sermon about Wrath you know that wrath is found $200.00 times in the Bible and a lot of that's in the New Testament what is Wrath mean wrath means strong vengeful anger indignation richer Butare punishment for an offense or a crime a crime a divine chastisement now I'm going to go to Romans chapter 2 you find 3 examples of the word wrath being used here or do you despise the riches of His goodness that leads you to repentance but in accordance with your hardness of your impotent heart you are treasure enough that means you're storing stockpiling for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and the revelation of the righteous judgment of God who will render to each one according to his defeats here the 2 options everybody has we all know John 316 This is Paul's John 316 and Romans you know 3 John 316 is eternal life or perish we get these 2 options Here's all Paul puts it. He'll render to each one according to his deeds eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory honor in immortality so the Lord tells us there's eternal life when you accept the mercy of Jesus and His Spirit to live a life of patient continuance in doing good seeking for glory and honor in immortality but here's the other side to those who are a soul seeking who do not obey the truth but unrighteousness indignation and wrath so there you have it friends there are 2 choices. There is a storm of wrath that is going to come on the world in the last days please don't get upset with Pastor Doug and say you're being negative Paul establishes this in the book of Romans before he goes on and talks about the wonderful gift of salvation a person 1st needs to understand that without that wonderful gift of salvation it is a very bleak future so I do people a disservice I end up with people's blood on my hands if I tell them peace peace when there isn't peace there is only peace for those who have Christ the only shelter that you can trust and in the last days is offered to those who are in Christ if you do not have that relationship you do not have that shelter it's going to be very frightening this is what the Bible teaches But don't despair stay with me you've got to hear bad news the good news is coming you can read in Luke chapter 3 verse 7 John the Baptist is preaching to the multitudes and he said to those who came to be baptized a brood of vipers who is warned you remember the serpent the Viper was possessed by the devil in the very beginning and so there's a lot of people out there the not Spirit led the devil and if you do not have Jesus you're not with me he says you're against me and John the Baptist was talking to the last and he says brutal vipers who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come. Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance and do not begin to say to yourself we have Abraham as our father it's not your church membership or if you come from a Jewish bloodline that's going to save you you must be washed from your sins you need to have a relationship with the Lord do not think to say to yourself we have Abraham as our Father God is able to raise up from these stones children to Abraham and even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire Jesus said in John 15 if you abide in me you will bring forth much fruit if you do not abide in me your good for nothing will be pruned away and those clippings are burned and now the only safety in an occasion like that is to be sheltered by Christ I've got a friend who is a fire fighter now you know we're in northern California Northern California is famous for southern California earthquakes Northern California fires course San Francisco they've got both but I got a friend he's a professional firefighter and he told me one story about. They were fighting a fire up in the national wilderness and the fire jumped over the top of them which means they ended up having fire in front of them and then it began to come up the canyon towards them and they heard the captain of their crew say words you never want to hear. This a deployer shelters that meant there was nowhere to run the fire was going to overwhelm you well fortunately they've made these amazing shelters it's a combination of aluminum and some kind of. Fiberglass fire resistant layers it's very light so they can carry it when they're up there with their other equipment they pop that thing of a call and that they tell you right on it is you can't be too big or you won't fit in there is no extra room inside that thing and it's just a little breathing area and you're like a baked potato but you're protected by this shelter and he said they had to deploy their shelters and they felt like big potatoes and they were calling for help from the helicopters and he said you don't ever want to do that but if it wasn't for the shelter they would have survived the Lord is providing a shelter for us from the day of wrath that the Bible speaks of now you can see these storms come you can read in Genesis 1000 for instance verse 170 I want to wait I want to go back and quote the words here from John 336 he who believes in the Son has everlasting life I never get an argument about that part of the verse not everybody reads the next part of that verse he who believes in the Son is everlasting life and he that does not believe the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abides on him the way the 2nd passage that John is the apostle of love What do you mean wrath that's right in order for you to enjoy the John 316 you got to realize we need to flee from the wrath the Come that's what John the Baptist said and you notice I've never heard anyone say walk away from the raft to come. Jog from the wrath to come it's a fleeing is like you know Godzilla is rampaging up the streets of New York City you don't plan your route on your g.p.s. you just make a beeline as fast as you can as far as you can in the opposite direction when people become aware of the penalty of sin it ought to create a sense of terror that would make us want to run now we're not just running from wrath what are we running to or running to the Lord Jesus wept over Jerusalem so that all Jerusalem Jerusalem how often I would have gathered you under my wings as a Hindu as her chicks but you would not you may be seen in the farm the little baby chicks right after they hatch the kind of bond with their mother and they'll kind of They'll start learn to peck on feet on their own they start venturing away from the mother they never go very far you get a few little rebels they get a little further than the others but when the the farm dog or cat comes around the little chick sees that and one of they do instantly they run back to the mother. In the woods these bears they like to play and scamper But of those little baby bear cubs see a wolf they always kind of intuitively know mom is home base where is she and they run to their mother and so when we see and we read in the Bible about this wrath of God that must fall upon sinners God is not telling us that to just make us restless he's wanting us to know that in order to be saved we've got to realize there's only 2 options we're either sheltered under his wings are we are exposed to the full indignation of his wrath now it's not a pretty picture people don't like to think about it but you have to think about. The old you read some of the old Bible reformers and listen to their sermons and they talk about the love of God but they talk about the wrath of God. Now I've heard some wonderful love stories but there is no love story like the story of God's love. Because he is God love for him is beyond description it is a powerful love it is a wonderful love it's it's a love that we can't even comprehend it is also true of Wrath I've heard of the wrath of man and the wrath of man can be pretty bad and you hear about the terrible feeling heart was cruel sadistic things that humans do to fellow humans it's heartbreaking but when you think about the wrath of man and then greed general or an angry King it is nothing compared to the wrath of God because God is God all of his attributes are out of sight and so don't be thinking about you know just God's a little bit disappointed as much as the love of God is a wonderful love the wrath of God is a terrible wrath and it's because sin is the ultimate opposite of who God is He Loves you and he wants to say save you but it is so contrary to his character sin cannot co-exist with God so sin that is unrepentant of an unforgiven must be then dealt with by God's judgment and wrath and some people day after day they are treasuring up wrath as Paul said in Romans there's a record of everything we've ever done we will all stand before the Judgment Seat of God and it is only through Christ we're going to be sheltered from that otherwise we're going to bear the full brunt and they'll be a full accounting of everything that has been done through our lives Jesus that even every idle word that we speak will be an account or of the reason we can't see God face to face right now is because sin is so opposite to God. You know look at what the corona virus has done to our society isolating people separating people. You know I'm get a little bit of cabin fever I mean I love Mrs bachelor Nathan but boy you're used to get him out and getting away and it's a little different kind of but it's kind of nice you know we're walking together more singing together a little more but. This world has been separated from God because of sin this whole planet has been quarantined because of sin we can't see God face to face not because he doesn't love us Jesus had to veil is divinity in humanity so we could even endure his presence when God spoke through the thick darkness and the cloud on the mountain you know the people said to Moses don't let God talk to us anymore we cannot bear it and here they were his people they said you speak to us you be the mediator that's how Jesus came to be a mediator for the father to be the go between He's the bridge that crosses that bridge between heaven and earth because we're separated by this disease because if we were brought in our sinful condition without the shelter of God's grace and mercy we'd be consumed you can read where it tells us that. God came to lot in this family Genesis in 1000 verse 717 and he said. He came out a scape for your life do not even look behind you or stay anywhere in the plain a skate to the mountains there's an urgency there you know when you think about fleeing from the wrath and the scape in the judgment what God is trying to say is Do not delay Dally. And I think one reason I felt impressed to share this message today is people often wait until there's a crisis before they get serious about God The Devil's most successful temptation is the one approach the nation a lot of people know their sins they must turn from and repent of and they plan on doing it one of these days and sometimes it takes a crisis that will maybe maybe I need to get serious about God now the Lord is saying if you hear God is near go now you don't want to wait before the lifeboat pushes off and if you know the judgment is coming you want to flee and it's something that's done now don't even look behind you Jesus speaking of the 2nd coming he said it would be like it was in the days of Noah or in the days of Lot and he said and this is Luke Chapter 731. In that day he that is on the house top and all the goods are in the house let him not come down to take them away and likewise the one who's in the field don't even let him turn back and then Jesus issues those 3 words Remember Lot's wife she was hesitant in fleeing from the wrath of God She paused she looked back you know when it comes to running from a life of sin and the judgment that will comes from sin God doesn't want us to hesitate we need to run I want to read something to you from a book it's a classic book called The fundamentals of Christian education by the way says Page 356 listen. There will soon be a sudden change in God's dealings the Lord is slow to anger and great in power yet he will not at all acquit the wicked o. that men might understand the patients in the long suffering of God but His forbearance will not always continue who is prepared for the sudden change that will take place in God's dealing with sinful man who is prepared to escape the punishment that will certainly fall upon transgressors you know God is patient he is merciful he sends the sunshine and the rain on the just and the unjust and and because God is so patient it says a clean as he asked these because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily therefore the hearts of the sons of men are fully set in them to do evil because God is merciful and these patient he's is mercy endures forever his patience is so long suffering but there is a limit obviously by the time God comes by the time Jesus comes time's up by the time probation closes time's up we can't wait till that last minute I just wonder what a mighty church we'd have a people would get serious about repenting of their sins coming to the Lord with all their hearts confessing their sins and living real Christian lives loving their neighbors preaching the gospel you'd see a revival we had in our questions last night people what does revival Reformation look like this is what it looks like it means true sorrow for sin a repentance of sin a turning from San embracing salvation the grace mercy then you've got the joy of the Lord then you've got that passion it's the real thing it's not just talking about God's mercy it means really experiencing His mercy and knowing how much it cost knowing what you're saved from. This is the good news Revelation 11 verse 18 says the nations were angry and your wrath is come in the time of the dead that they should be judged and that you should reward your servants the prophets and the Saints noticed there's a wrath reward and there's a grace reward reward your servants the prophets and saints and those who fear your name small and great and destroy those who destroy the Earth Well I think that you know mankind is destroying the earth and the environments little by little by pollution but really you know it's destroying the earth sin the whole creation creation is groaning and travailing together under the burden of sin when Jesus hung on the cross he took the sins of the world the whole creation revolted the sky went dark the ground shook and the creation is being upset by sin and it's responding to that now not all storms are bad you know you've got storms of Noah it's interesting you've got. A good storms and you've got bad storms you know in California we've got a lot of storms even just to fire and rain in the Bible not only did it rain on Noah that was a storm it then rained on Lot God save both of them from the rain they were both sheltered one it was a fire rain one it was a water rain and kind of makes you think of a popular song Fire and Rain but you see quite a bit of that in the Bible you can read in Genesis 19 then the man said a lot how do you any one here these are the angels speaking the lot Genesis 1912 Have you any one here son in law your sons your daughters whoever you have in the city take them out of this place for we will destroy this place because of the outcry that has grown before the face of the Lord the Lord has sent us to destroy it. He said you need to flee it's interesting the god said the lot come out and God said to Noah come in there is a difference between the way the law was saved and the way they know it was saved know what was saved with his family law lost most of his family because instead of preparing for the judgment as no idea had he got comfortable surrounded by sin you can read where Peter says that rights as men vexes right to soul every day by beholding the deeds of the wicked when he should have fled from that life and fled from that behavior but the storm came to both and God said the Noah come into the art it's interesting that. Some storms are good you can read Zachariah meditate we have to pray for storm pray for the right kind of storm Zachariah 10 verse one ask the Lord for rain in the time of the Latter Rain and the Lord will make flashing clouds and he will give them a showers of rain grass in the field for everyone so what is the storm we ought to be praying for. A lot of rain the baptism of the Holy Spirit God has promised and maybe what's happening in the world today will revive the church I don't believe the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain is going to happen it's not going to fall on a church that is not a praying church but that storm is going to come in the response to prayer we need to be print Luke $1113.00 Jesus said If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those that ask of all the different things Jesus could put there he could have said new card new job or money he said the most important thing that we should be asking for our father wants to give us is the Holy Spirit if you've got the Holy Spirit what did Solomon pray for all the things he could have asked for vengeance on his enemies long live lots of money is the Lord I want the Holy Spirit I want wisdom which is one of the gifts of the Spirit he'll give it to us you know there is an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal and they were wondering could there be a coronavirus great awakening that says often in history cataclysmic events cause spiritual renewal by the way this is March 2006 this came out the Wall Street Journal they said historically there's often a revival of spiritual things that follow some calamity or a cataclysm or catastrophe I'm hoping you know that every cloud has a silver lining that one of the silver linings connected with what is happening in the world right now is. They'll be a revival among God's people we have a great opportunity for evangelism but you know before we go out and do evangelism we've got to get on our knees and make sure that we've done what we need to do to make sure we are sheltered from the storm that is coming. Fire and Rain Bible tells us about Alija prayed you can read in the book of James Alijah was a man subject to like passions as we are but he prayed that it would not rain everyone remembers Alija prayed that it would rain but before he prayed that it would rain he prayed it would not rain why did Alija pray that it would not rain that cause the famine people died during that famine Why did he do that because the people were worshipping false gods of people were dying last in their sins and in desperation he prayed that there would be a revival and he said. Not only did Alija pray that it wasn't rain then after there was a revival he prayed and it brought rain you can read in 1st kings 841 Alija gets on his knees he you know he prays a fire comes down fire comes down and then realizes that the people repented once the people repented then the rain came down told they have go up and eat and drink for there is the sound of an abundance of rain. Lige it goes up to Mt Carmel and he prays Alija goes to eat drink alleges he have goes the drink a light is going to pray and he went up on Mount Carmel he prayed 7 times he got on his knees he continued to pray for the rain so how often should we be praying for the storm of the Holy Spirit for those showers until it comes every day we should be praying the greatest need of the church is the Holy Spirit and it says after he had prayed the 7 time now what happened in the meantime the sky became black with clouds and wind and there was a heavy rain so we have rolled away and he went to Jess really went to the palace and they had the Lord came upon a lion God Spirit came upon Alija After he prayed in this storm king you know what happened if you pray for rain you might get caught out in a storm so here alive who was caught in this storm because he prayed for rain. If we are prayed for revival and if we're praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit do you know what you're really praying for you're praying for a storm because when God's people are filled with a Holy Spirit and we are living godly lives what is it see all that live godly Well what suffer persecution it is going to be a storm that will come in response of that but we need to be baptized not only in water we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit you know in the Bible we often hear not only were they baptized in water Jesus said unless you are born of the water in the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven when the children of Israel came out of Egypt they not only were baptized in the Red Sea you can read this in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 it says that God appeared to them in a pillar of fire that glowed at night they were baptized in the water the sea and they were baptized in the fire and then they began the journey to the Promised Land we need both baptisms if we're going to get out of Egypt friends we need to be praying Alija prayed in one day the fire came down and water came down we need both to come down on God's people folks are looking for shelter these days or we're wanting to be sheltered from the disease and of course is sanitary things that we can do a lot of people are not only worried about the virus but the virus is bringing on some economic consequences that are probably going to be significant. Some are worried about recession that's probably likely even the presidents of that others are worried about depression and now people are they're worried not just about their souls are worried about their money well you know the Bible tells us how we can make sure that our money is secure. How it is sheltered you know people say can you offer us a tax shelter for our money or we want to know that our money is safe in the bank I honestly know people have taken their money out of the bank because they're afraid and they like buried in their batter in their mattress or something like that and they're digging holes out in the woods and they're burying their money because they wanted to be sheltered so how do we shelter our investments you know that man that wanted to store all of his earthly money for earthly use Jesus said He was a fool Luke 1218 this I'll do all pull down my barns I'll build greater barns and there are going to bestow all my fruits and my goods and God said You fool this night your soul is required of you that what good is that kind of investment if we only think about our earthly kingdom if we're not thinking about God's Kingdom James warns against this kind of thinking he says in James 5 Verse one go to now you rich men weep and how for your miseries it will come upon you your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth eaten your golden your silver is cankered in the rest of them usually gold doesn't kink or but you say it is not going to do you any good thinking them and the rest of them will be a witness against you and she'll eat your flesh as it were fire you've heaped up treasure for the last days everywhere I hear people saying the only safe investment today is buy gold Jesus said buy gold of me tried in the fire what is that goal it's love that's the only safe investment revelation 18 talks about all the rich man in the merchants that one of the earthly treasure says the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her for no one buys their merchandise anymore for in one hour such great riches has come to nothing 0. Someone said that Noah invested everything he had in the ark and it proved to be a good investment because his stock floated and if you want your stock to float then you need to store your treasure in heaven but to store it on earth Isaiah 2 Verse 20 another warning from God's word in that day a man will cast away his idols of silver and gold some people have made idols of their gold and silver which they have made each one for himself to worship some people worship money Jesus said You cannot have $2.00 masters so many people so many people that call themselves Christians are hoarding money. In security or power I'm not sure exactly why people are dying for want of the gospel and they going to wait until it's too late then they're going to think oh wait I'd like to give it now but it's too late you know now might be a good time to think about investing in God's kingdom it says they're going to throw their gold in their silver to into the cliffs of the rocks and to the crags of the rugged rocks from the terror of the Lord in the glory of His Majesty when he arises to shake mightily the earth how do you have your investments sheltered safely sell what you have give alms provide for yourselves bags that do not wax old a treasure in the heavens that will not fail were no thief approaches neither moth corrupts Yes I know a place where you can have your resources sheltered in the judgment will give an account to God for what we do with our time and what we do with our means but there is no shelter from God You cannot run from God in that day you better make peace with him now because you cannot outrun him Jonah tried it it did not work well the Bible says In Psalm 139 where can I have the 1st 7 where can I go from your spirit where can I flee from your presence there's nowhere you can go to run from God Where do you go to flee from his wrath. Amos 5 verse 18 woe to you the desire the day of the Lord what is a day for you the day of darkness not light as if a man did flee from a lion and a bear met him or he went into a house and leaned on the wall and the serpent bit him and even on some people to just unlucky if you're running from God I don't want God to bless you I want God to trouble you until you run to God you know there's that him that these the saying oh sinner man the Spiritual Where you going to run to there is a day of wrath that is coming and the only shelter is going to be making sure that we are in Christ crisis going to come Revelation $614.00 then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up in every mountain and island was moved out of its place and the kings of the earth and the great men and the rich men in the commanders in the mighty men and every slave in every free man they hid themselves in the caves in the rocks of the mountains and they said to the mountains on the rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb I've never seen a wrathful lamb Jesus is always portrayed as a love but there's a day where if we don't take advantage of his love then we're going to find out that just as strong and mighty is his love is going to be his wrath so how do we escape that now I'm not suggesting that we run from the cities and go hide in the mountains I do believe in country living as you all know. The idea though is not to save ourselves a lot of people they sell when everything happened in the world we need to run out there to save ourselves that should not be the attitude of the Christian it's not all about me someone said the Nehemiah they're trying to kill you go into the inner chambers shelter yourself in the Temple he said I'm doing a great work should such a man as I hide I'm not going to hide and so if the idea of getting out of the cities is to hide yourselves or you're not involved in God's work that's a wrong spirit if you're doing it to protect your children and and be removed somewhat from what's going to happen in the cities that's a good idea but what is going to be the only safe shelter in the last days. What was a safe shelter from the plague that came on Egypt they had to be in a house with the blood on the door do you have the blood over your heart of the Lamb That's the only thing that kept that angel of death from going through what's the only safe shelter when they got through the you know it's interesting that before they went out of the land of Egypt it tells us that only those who had the blood on their door 40 years later when they came into the Promised Land only those that were in the House of rehab with the red rope a symbol for the blood of Christ they were the only ones that were sheltered from when Joshua came blowing those 7 trumpets friends were living in the last days Revelation talks about the 7 trumpets of history but it also says that when they blew the 7 trumpets judgment came only those are going to be spared in Noah's day in the storm only those who are in the ark were spared the Bible says and every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground both man and cattle in the creeping thing and the fowls of Heaven they were all destroyed from the ark and no one only remained alive and those that were with him in the ark What does it mean to be in the shelter that's going to save us in the last days. You know I remember hearing a story in history that. The people in Rotterdam Holland. They rebelled against King Philip of Spain and Philip then sent the Duke of Oliver who was a pretty vengeful angry general and they the people in Rotterdam held out for a while and eventually they conquered the city and in the House of Rotterdam for years there was a house that was called the house of a 1000 terrors and the reason that it got that name is because when the Duke of olive and his soldiers finally conquered Rotterdam in the soldiers went poring through the walls of the city they went from house to house and they basically exterminated everybody in the city kind of like Joshua and Jericho and they heard the soldiers going up the streets and this one house full of people men women and children they could hear the screams up the street they knew the soldiers were making their way through their house they were not only plundering the houses they were killing everybody in the houses they couldn't get out of the city because the walls they didn't know what to do and it seemed like it took forever and they were just in agony of fear finally one young man got an idea right next to the house they had a little shed for their milk he ran out came back in both of the door behind them they slew the goat and they took the blood of the goat and when the sill soldiers came up the street and they were banging on the door they took a broom and they pushed the blood of the goat under the door and when the soldiers saw the blood they said it looks like someone's been here already they figured the other groups of soldiers had already been to the house and slaughtered when they saw the blood they turned away and those were some of the only people in that city of it survived it was because of the blood they were spared so what is going to save us from the wrath to come the only thing is to be sheltered in climate crisis that is the only safe shelter. Isaiah 26 says Come my people into into my chambers and shut tight doors about the hide myself as it were for a little moment in till the indignation is over past what is the shelter Psalm 275 for he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble some 61 verse 4 for the How has been a shelter for me in a strong tower from the enemy I will abide in my tabernacle forever I will trust in the coverage of the I willing. Romans 8 verse one there is therefore knowledge no condemnation to those who are in Christ as no one is family God in the Ark We must be in Christ when Jesus comes who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit and as in our memory verse we heard he the dwells in the secret place of the most high will abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord He is my refuge he is my fortress Isaiah 321 behold the king will reign in righteousness and the rulers and judgment and a man shall be a hiding place from the wind and a shelter from the storm a man that man is Christ are you in Christ are you fleeing to him he will welcome you under his wings he will protect you as his own you don't have to be afraid of anything it will give you a peace that passes understanding but we have to understand it's dangerous to step outside that shelter we want to live in Christ and that's our appeal for each of you if you've not made that decision before friends before we sing our closing song I just want to pray with you it's not that difficult the Bible says whoever comes to him he will accept. And I'd like to invite you to say Lord I know I've been a sinner I know what the penalty for sin is the Bible says if we Hebrews Chapter 10 if we continue to sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth there is no more sacrifice for sins but only a certain fearful looking forward to of judgment and fiery indignation that will devour the at the series so we need to come to Christ. Fear might be a starting point but once you come to him the goodness of God leads you to repentance you'll see how much he loves you and then you can know that he'll give you his spirit to wash away your sins you can be born again live a new life I want to pray with you now that you can do that Father in Heaven be with all that might be watching or listening now I pray that they will come to Jesus fleeing from the wrath coming to your son that they'll enter in to the ark of safety we thank you Lord that Jesus has spilled his blood for us and we know that Angel of Death will pass by because we are in Christ and under your wings we thank you and ask in Jesus name Amen.


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