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Fight Coronavirus with Positive Thinking - Part 11

Don Mackintosh Eddie Ramirez
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Ever hear of psychoneuroimmunology? It’s a new field of research developed over the last decade on the mind-body connection or how our emotions and ways of thinking affect our immunology. In this NEWSTART video, Dr. Eddie Ramirez, researcher and medical doctor, shares psychoneuroimmunology research shown to decrease anxiety and increase your immune system.



  • April 3, 2020
    10:22 AM
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[DON MACKINTOSH] Hi, my name’s Don Mackintosh. Welcome to our series on how to boost your immunity. I’m talking with Dr. Eddie Ramirez who’s a researcher and a medical doctor that works here with Weimar Institute. Dr. Ramirez, we’re going to talk about trust in God or “psychoimmunity” or “psychoneuroimmunity”?


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] There is some new science that has come out that is called the psychoneuroimmunology.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Immunology, so this is the immune system and how you’re thinking, it actually impacts it.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Absolutely. You know very well that, if things are not going well in your life, you are sad and so forth, you’re more likely to be sick. So, scientists have documented that our emotions have an impact in our immunity. So, diet is important, exercise is important, rest is important, but also we need to take responsibility of controlling our emotions.


[DON MACKINTOSH] So, at this time, a lot of people are anxious. A lot of people are almost, you might say, panicked. They hear about maybe a virus coming that’s going to invade their home, and it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s just a matter of “when.” Some of the people that I talked to last week in the community even here, they’ve been in their homes for five or six days; they’re afraid to come out. So, what would you say to them? How could they find the benefit of what you’re talking about here?


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Actually here in Weimar, together with students, we presented a very interesting study in which we were comparing different ways of dealing with those emotions. And we compared five things: 1) People that don’t do absolutely anything to control themselves, 2) People doing yoga, 3) People doing Eastern meditation, 4) People doing prayer, and 5) People doing Bible study. What do you think are the results?


[DON MACKINTOSH] Wow, man! I’m going to say, of course, being a person that teaches a course here called “Religion and Health,” I’m going to go with the Bible.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Absolutely. You know, the sample was big, 5,600 people in that study. And we found the pattern very clear. The best way of relaxing, of controlling your emotions is actually Bible study.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Any particular part of the Bible? I know some parts of the Bible are quite scary.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Well, what happened with the Bible is that it shows us the humanity of the writer, so we can identify with him, he sometimes felt anxious. He sometimes felt sad, and so forth, but it gives us a solution. It helps us change our focus. When we’re just thinking about ourselves, we get more depressed and more sad. But when we change our focus to the creative works of God, to the wonderful things God does, that actually has a relaxing effect.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Interesting.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] What do you think was the second most effective one?


[DON MACKINTOSH] Most effective, boy. You know, probably meditation.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Prayer actually was the second most effective one.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Oh, isn’t prayer like a form of meditation?


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Yes. We actually divided the two of them, so we have Eastern meditation and we have prayer.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Okay, so that’s like Western meditation.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] What we determined is that actually Eastern meditation was similar to a placebo, to not doing anything. So, you’re actually literally more wasting your time than actually getting any benefit. Rather, get yourself on your knees and pray for God to help you control your emotions.


[DON MACKINTOSH] So, in that type of prayer, you maybe would be focusing on Scripture and the promises of Scripture. So, it’s a type of meditation on what God has said and done.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] Absolutely. You claim His promises, “Lord, you said You’re going to protect me. I claim that promise that You protect my home, my family.” Believe me, God is going to answer you.


[DON MACKINTOSH] This is something very practical. Thank you very much, Dr. Ramirez, for that. And focusing on prayer and also focusing on God’s promises will decrease that anxiety and will also increase your immunity. That’s the message we’re getting today. So, we’re praying for you, and as you’re praying, sometimes I think even better to pray out loud, just talk to God as a friend, this can really decrease your stress and increase your immune system. Thanks for joining us.



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