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COVID19: Not Afraid - Part 4

Eric Walsh
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Psalm 91 promises protection how do we prophetically and personally apply this to our lives in the midst of a "panic-demic"


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • April 4, 2020
    10:15 AM
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Or scripture reading for today is take you to Chapter 9 you one verse to. Save you money he's in a rush is in reflections on him whew. Me Gone and impressing today reading this way Father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together again Lord as we study a word and reflect on current events ask once again Lord that you just make me a nail upon the wall rusty sorry nail lowered it upon a nail and I asked you have a portrait of Jesus Christ the dark and difficult times father and we need to hear a word from you this is a prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. There's a lot that's been going on so we're going to do kind of an update right now of pandemic at the door this would technically be the 5th installment even know we probably have to call it part 4. And just talk a bit about what's going on and reflect from the scripture as to what God promises us and so let's start with the promises Psalms 91 David writes and this is one of the most popular verses the chapters of the bible go around on the internet for Christians who are going through this pandemic He says He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high cell abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord He is my refuge in my fortress my God in him will I trust Surely he shall deliver the from the snare of the fall or from the noisome pestilence. I think that's why people like this because David here unlike many other Psalms is not simply speaking about enemies he's not simply speaking about being under attack or chaste he's not like in Psalm 51 reflecting on his own failures here David is speaking to the fact that the world is unpredictable and life is unpredictable David is speaking to the fact that at all times we are under attack and in the next segment we're going to go deeper into why that is so and a perfect in a prophetic ramifications of that but David says God will deliver him from the snare of the fall or and he also says a God will deliver him from the noise and pestilence and right now that is what many of us are looking for deliverance from pestilence verse for he shall cover the with his feathers and under his wing shalt thou trust his truth shall be thy shield and buckler the Scripture says like a bird puts its wings over its chicks as a pretext its young God will put his wings over us we will be protected under his feather and then the Bible says his truth shall be thy shield and buckler it is the truth the Word of God that actually will protect us knowing what is coming upon the earth the prophecies and what is about to unfold is protection because if you are not protected if you don't understand what's coming on earth fear is the natural ramification it is what will happen and so in verse 5 David says thou shall not be afraid for the terror by night nor for the arrow that followed by day then he says in verse 6 nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday then he says something I love he says a 1000 shall fall it dies side it and $10000.00 at the right hand but it shall not come not the. This is the prayer we all have. This week has been a tough week for the corona virus pandemic I think one of the things that's interesting is that there are many who are still saying that this is a made up disease that it doesn't really exist I would agree it would be argument that maybe there's been some media hype but the truth is this is a real disease people are really dying in Connecticut where I live and practice medicine this week coronavirus took its youngest victim I believe no one on earth a 6 week old baby 6 week old baby died from what we believe are complications of this virus the youngest to date as we have now a rapid increase in the number of cases we also are having a more rapid increase in fear of the disease you go to a grocery store now you got to wait outside in the line there people have to stay 6 feet apart people are afraid to come near other people so it's chains were 1st you're having trouble with social distancing it seems now folk are running from each other almost in the medical community we are also facing the shortages of personal protective equipment you keep hearing about p p I still find it amazing that America a country like America is running through its strategic a cause Shea of personal protective equipment in America is running out of things it needs to protect those working on the front lines this pandemic is not going away and I believe that psychologically people are going to be affected by this for a very long time in 3 months or 4 months or 5 months will people still poor into churches to sit close to people will they go into movie theaters and sit next to people they don't know out worried about the next pandemic I believe that psychologically the world is going to be scarred by what has happened. But I want to submit that one of the biggest things I will talk more about is the next message as well is that we're now finding that the effects on the poor are very serious in cities like Detroit Los Angeles the homeless in a poor disproportionately being destroyed high risk groups African-Americans who are already had significant health disparities when hit by the coronavirus many of these co-morbidities actually increasing the chance that this virus will be serious in those individuals in India we're watching immigrants who come into those countries like India and other parts of the world as the place shuts down and there's no more money they are starting to walk back home in large numbers we're seeing even probably just as crazy as anything else we're beginning to see that money from overseas to countries like the Philippines and and Haiti and Jamaica and and other parts of the world dry up where ex-pats usually send money back home to help to drive those economies the impacts of this is deep really what article already impacts of the coronavirus on India and they are speaking to the fact that in some of the poorer parts the virus which is ripped through and it would be almost nothing anyone could do to stop it or slow it down all of this while America has set up a 2 trillion dollar bailout and some of those trying to give me as a sense of what a trillion is an heiress and a 1000000 seconds will take you back like 8 days or something like that a 1000000000 seconds will take you back like 30 something years but a trillion 2nd would take you back like 30 something 1000 years and here we are about to release 2 trillion dollars to try and save our economy if said it before and I'll say it again if you can't go to the store because you want to point to and you get a check not sure what is going to for the economy because you can spend the check but that's where we are we're United States the government has become bigger and everyone is looking to the government for salvation things are changing drastically. Even law enforcement and the medical community is not safe the studies show that if you're in the health care field in some of the countries that have already been hit that the risk of getting a serious infection and dying from it is higher and that's probably because of what something we call viral load meaning that your ex constantly exposed to this virus all that work and sort of amount of virus in your blood goes up and more quickly overwhelms the immune system but it's not just 1st responders in ambulances or physicians and nurses and hospitals It also unfortunately as law enforcement in one Detroit Police Department there's been multiple deaths of high ranking officials from the coronavirus and other n.y.p.d. I think that came out today 1400 officers who have been infected in some cities basically people are saying unless someone commits murder to police are coming because there are enough police are really willing to work and even those that are working are afraid to engage the public because they're afraid to contract this virus. Is there any hope for us as this thing continues to go on Well fortunately we do have a vaccine being tried out it will take a time it can't come to market I don't think before 12 months I think the other thing that is interesting and you look at it is there are some treatments in Colorado there's a company that might be able to do an antibody based treatment I would actually effectively be a cure that the has been turned over to the army scientists in the military to test here in the United States. And we are still testing things like Plaquenil and Zithromax and the Japanese even have a flu medicine that might be able to help. And so we're fighting it or spacing we're staying home we're doing all of these things but this pestilence this noisome pestilence as David describes pestilence in Psalm 91 this noise and pestilence is ubiquitous it has circled the globe and is now in places where you would think it would have had a hard time reaching mankind doesn't even know how to respond to this governments are afraid a commies are collapsing and I believe the powers we'll talk about the next section powers are being mobilized together in order to use this for to promote and to forward their agenda and interestingly enough when 911 happened in 2001 and Americans flooded churches to try and find solace that weekend the churches of America were full in this catastrophe you can go to church in fact pastors have been arrested in the United States and South Korea has is beginning lawsuits against some pastors for having church service when meetings of over a certain size have been banned spiritually This doesn't seem to be pulling America together to try and find God I think instead it seems to be driving us in America and many around the world to try and find a solution in man. But the Bible warns that you cannot trust the arm of flesh and we have been shocked to see how quickly our civil and religious freedoms have evaporated you can't you can't you know. There be little that will be able to do this is quintessentially what the kind of event that has to happen in order to move things forward for prophecy to be fulfilled the Spirit of Prophecy otherwise is that the last events will be rapid ones and you can see that in a matter of weeks how drastically the world has changed and it tells you that it won't take much when the time comes to for the world to be propelled into chaos or into complete control under certain powers forfeited Samani want to saddest thing in the news this week is that now they're finding video as people in what Amazon deliver was dropping off a package in front of someone's house he spat on the package and rubbed his spit all over it for the family to touch it you're not finding what people are spitting on door knobs in public and wiping there is just disgusting in fact in some medical clinics that are doing the testing if you say you know you don't qualify for the test I talked to one of my colleagues today and he said that people will spit in your face threaten a cough on you because you refused to do the test for them the world is in chaos and let me tell you like I said in the 1st time we did one of these the truth of the matter is this disease as bad as it is is not as bad as it was it's going to get the case they touted for this one will I believe ultimately settle under a No one and the flu is around point one so it'll still be worse than the flu but it will settle under one somewhere a magical a disease comes at a case fatality rate is 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 and is able to circle the globe imagine how all that we understand would collapse in a night and yet this is what is described in the 7 last plagues by then probational of closed. So I pray that everyone is getting ready because the devil is like the man spitting on his hands and spitting on the packages and spitting on the door knobs The devil wants to spread the virus of sin and destruction and he doesn't care who gets it we've got to be protected so as David says and some 91 verse 8 only with one I shall Dobby hold and see the reward of the wicked because the has made the Lord which is my refuge even the most high die in habitation there is no evil befall the neither shall any plague come neither I do Welling if we are in Christ the plague will stay from us and I don't mean somebody will get sick because there are some that God allowed to get sick and will put them asleep before the trials that are coming before his world at the end of his world what I mean is the plague of sin the plague of eternal damnation will not reach a door for he shall give his angels charge over the David says to keep the in all the ways they shall bear the up in their hands lest I dast I foot against the stone tread upon the the lion in the outer the young lion in the Dragon shall the trampled underfoot because he hath sent his love upon me therefore while I deliver him I will set him on high because he has no my name he shall call upon me and I will answer him I'll be with him in trouble I will deliver him and honor him with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation at the end of the psalm God begins to speak back to David David says that God is going to give us angels charge over his people he says that they shall bear the up in their hands let's not dast I foot against a stone he says but then God says tread upon the lion and the outer he says that we will step on the dragon. Trample him under foot so it is that I believe there's some some allegory there it is not just that you step on our lives that are a snake I believe that the dragon means that the day will come when those of us who are in God in Christ when the earth is made new and the wicked are like ashes under our feet Satan himself would have been burned among those ashes and we will trample upon the dragon I don't how terrible it seems right now but David is promising us in verse 14 dogs speaks to us today that he says because he have said his love upon me therefore will I deliver him because you love the Lord which is the 1st and great commandment to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy soul he says because you have said his love upon me therefore I will deliver him and I will set him on high while I will God that you on high when the whole world has gone low and as pandemic because you have known my name let me tell you something for those of us stuck at home social distancing working from home out of work as bleak as it gets the children to run around the house probably running up your nerves tough as it seems there was out of school is a lot of of what is coming next there is security in the fact that you love the Lord and that you know his name and I want to challenge the believers who hear this not to panic not to fret remember that you love him and that you know his name let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together again to record these messages and I just ask Lord that some 91 would become the prayer and the guy and the strength of all who need strength and hope right now Lord every time I've been in trouble I've turned to the Book of Psalms and this is no different. Because in this book Lord you say that you protect us from the noise some pestilence that the plague would not come near our door that you would elevate us Lord and that we would one day trample on the Dragon more we claim the promises of Psalms $91.00 and as the world the Sens into chaos and fear lot of us rise into a greater knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Alone on his rise to a better relationship with. Is a prayer in Jesus is precious and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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