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Fight Coronavirus Q&A - Part 13

Don Mackintosh Allen Lloyd Roger Seheult Nerida Titchiner
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  • April 6, 2020
    10:48 AM
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Hi welcome to Facebook live with Dr medley in some special guests hopefully as they are as they're working in busy I say use a different things taking care of people that have serious diseases like the virus Cobra 19 over the last few weeks this is really heated up around the nation and. We are going to be talking about it today Dr Dudley right so. First of all you know let me just say we'd like to take your questions if you give a question we'll come right to me here on the i Pad and we'll be wanting to take your questions as they come in but maybe you could give us just an overview of what code 19 is the coronavirus how it impacts the body give us a lesson about what's happening know we've heard a lot in the news but to summarize the thing so we can get started and stimulate some questions here well yes Snicko with viruses a protein particle surrounded by a little membrane bat and I guess that lead membrane actually from from our own selves the edge of our cell or the membrane of the cell when it comes out it gets circled by that membrane and so this is it's kind of a human. Cellular membrane with a protein particle and that gives that access to our own cell if it comes in contact with our mucosa and so it immediately takes that protein particle after it goes in and actually starts to get to an enzyme called replicates and then it starts getting a lot of copies of this virus and that's how it actually multiplies and of course it's a foreign substance and so as a result their immune system if it's in good shape can detect at an earlier stage but it does a good job at being elusive It's very sneaky and so if you don't have the best immune system it may be days before your immune system figures out that there's something going wrong and by then it can be so exponentially out of control that the immune system that overreact and. What's called the cytokines storm which is not only going to kill the virus eventually it's going to kill you by you know basically putting all of the the military force of the body to work against this virus so the symptoms that causes. Some people can be asymptomatic but most people will have some symptoms and one of the most common actually that's not really been talked about is you can lose your sense of smell and. And might even be the 1st symptom could be the 1st symptom and then food doesn't taste very good and you can get a little bit of anorexia the gastrointestinal symptoms actually can be as prominent as the respiratory symptoms a lot of people this think about the respiratory side of things you get some diarrhea from this thing and so what do you do you get the sore throat you get maybe a cold you get a dry concubinage some of these are the symptoms maybe you can't taste maybe you can't smell so what did you do right then. You should actually go see a doctor and get tested now it's hard to see a doctor today. Because a lot of doctors aren't allowing you into their building if you have the symptoms because they're fearful that you know you might cough on something and there might be you know you cough on a chair or on the arm of a chair and then someone else is going to come touch that chair and then put their mouth their hand up to their face and boom they've got it in that's how it spreads and so what you do need to do is call your doctor and find out where you can be tested there are testing centers around my own clinic actually has the testing equipment and clinics you know the other Wiemar clinics have it and so now most clinics that are seeing patients are stocked to be able to have it tested but of course their their staff have to also be schooled in regards to how to get the test and get accurate results and to not infect themselves in the process of getting the test but now test results can be gotten you know within a day or 2 at the most the turnaround time. It's getting a lot better I know in our hospital in Auburn it's a now 6 hour turnaround time from the time we order the test or it can get the actual test through the maze all swab or throat swab until we get the results. Yep bed is a backed up right now probably of it's not that backed up because we're just restricting it to those that have you know that need to be in the hospital or in the emergency room or something like that Ok so let's say you can't get into the doctor can't get a test but you're at home and you start to get that that sore throat or that come for those other things anything you can just do yourself natural remedy wise yeah Zenk would be a good 1st line remedy when Zank gets into our cell and actually. Stops replicate which I talked about earlier and that stops the virus and that event is also toxic to the virus on contact and so having zinc lozenges around is a good idea and then also making sure your immune system is in good shape and good anti-oxidant foods anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables being on a regular exercise program getting sunlight as much as you can a lot of people are hunkered indoors and are avoiding the sun This is not good sunlight is actually going to increase our vitamin d. levels which is going to increase our immune system and it's also going to greatly help us to be able to fight this virus if we get a chance good I'm getting a couple text here maybe our technical people can work on this they're saying they're trying to get on Facebook but they're having a hard time connecting so I don't know what that means for us. But I am getting a couple tech saying they're having a hard time getting on right now so you might want to work on that So Ok zinc What about some contrasts showers with that help this to begin with absolutely in fact this is something that a lot of people even if they test positive if they're not all that 2nd they're not really put in the hospital Any told to go home and South Korean team and say you know we just hope you're not one of the the 20 percent that need are hospitalized ation But if you get short of breath and I'll be sure and be sure and come to the hospital or if you can't breathe but they're really not told what they can do it home right and staying well hydrated as well as getting hydrotherapy treatments This is where we get the heat to the face and to the neck and to the throat into the lung area and even contrast ing that with cold. After we get nice and warm. After 15 or 20 minutes and then cycling back and forth actually helps our natural killer cells that helps the monocytes the macrophages and this can increase our odds that we are not one of that 20 percent fact if everybody would do this diet I think the evidence is very clear that it would be less than 20 percent that would need to hospitalisation and even if we got that down to 15 percent or 10 percent it would say significant resources and just say there's a need for the ventilators and all of those things that were don't have enough yet Ok so hot and cold showers 3 minutes and 30 seconds a cold do that a number of times and then or maybe a hot bath and then cold on top of that whatever you can do to tighten cold. And then in a minute in the water a minute of called is even better than 30 seconds of cold the evidence is and so. We recommend doing Amanat and then cycling back to the hot again and this is despond as hot as you can stand it hot as you can stand Yeah well if you can stand it yeah that's right but just don't burn yourself be intelligent and if you have diabetic diabetes and neuropathy you can't trust yourself on knowing how hot is too hot so those would be people that should either have somebody else help them with the treatment or not do it themselves and you probably should rest after these treatments so you don't want to you know go out and go about afterwards you want to lay down you want to rest yes that rest after the hydrotherapy treatment can give it a chance to really work and not just stress yourself out afterwards and go into something else you want to have more of a stress free environment where immune system can really start macrophage ing those viruses Yeah and probably you know. If someone in your house is getting sick with this you probably want to put them in their own room and you want to really practice hand washing well and all those different kind of things and isolate them maybe near a window maybe where they can get a lot of fresh air into the room ventilated a lot of sunlight. Is a good record Absolutely and and explain why that is why do we want ventilation why we want sunlight when we want to in their own room while proper ventilation and negative ions can actually help in counteracting this virus helps the me incest Emenike can also the negative ions and cells can actually be lethal to the virus that's why they don't do very well necessarily outside and in fresh air Yeah I guess during the Spanish flu when they started treating people outside the patients got better quicker the hospital staff didn't really get infected as regularly or as often and they also said the sunlight. Seemed to kill things too with the heat even hardened bacteria like tuberculosis as you know you the treatment for tuberculosis did very well here at Wiemar Institute right where we're at by getting people outside in the sun the vitamin d. helped and the the sunlight itself helped the patient to recover from tuberculosis before we had those anabolic Ok So Ok so those early line treatments 1st of all I mean we didn't talk about ways to do to not even get it but we have a series of videos on things you can do to be able to resist right to begin with you know we talk about. Nutrition you know all the things of new start maybe we could summarize those and. I'm still getting some text here that people are not able to get in I'm not sure. What's happening is anyone know for sure we were on good so we are life maybe they just have the wrong place but Ok so here let's summarize some of the things that they can do to just avoid it because there might be people sitting at home kind of terrified not going out there isolating their that now I just heard today they got to the c.d.c. is recommending to everybody wear a mask. The president say maybe you don't need to but everybody else is saying yeah. Wear a mask so they're home what could they be doing I mean Gabby cell sido is asking Can we take elderberry tea would that help us. Well there are various something that does help against Corona virus the evidence is pointing that direction. And actually the virus doesn't doesn't really like all the rary doesn't stick well to it and elderberry can have some protective aspects to our mucosa so and you know you can get this at a health food store you can actually buy all their berries and make your own little elderberry paste. Or or a little gel and this is something that there's certainly no harm in doing so and may have some significant benefit and some people say you don't want to do that a long time it's you know you don't take elderberry forever for your life as a prophylactic but then they will say that usually And when they when they give you the elderberry right Ok yeah well we did some more questions then John is asking John Paul's Group thanks for calling in John I've heard the using a hair dryer on low heat applied to my face would kill a virus should I do that well it actually may kill all the virus outside the cell but it's not going to kill the virus inside the cell. And it's also going to really dry out your mucosa you know in order to kill the virus inside the cell it's going to take a lot more heat than the hairdryer and you're going to end up having some the chronic mucosa as a result and so they the advantage the reason why we recommend the spa treatment. Is not just what it's doing to the local virus but what it's doing to our own immune system and it's not a hair dryer that's going to help our entire immune system this is where we need the actual entire body put in a sauna in that alternating with the cold or the the affected areas of the body at least in the hot fomentations if not in a hot shower or hot tub and then all. Her name with the called I think that's going to be superior and the hair dryer can actually be dangerous Yeah you can actually burn yourself with a hair dryer and you can actually dry out your mucosa so that you end up with nose bleeds and all sorts of problems there so we're not recommending that approach Ok. Is it true Karen sages has asked the question Is it true that the stomach acid kills the virus if you eat something that has a virus on it so it goes down your esophagus into your stomach does it get killed in the stomach the acid in your stomach is there actually to help sterilize your bile from viruses and bacteria now if you get an overwhelming amount of virus in it may not destroy all of them. And so it really depends on the viral load that we take in but yes theoretically your acid should break down that limpid barrier and actually starts even break down the protein itself. And that of course will deactivate this virus particle and what I've heard is it's just dangerous to the goes down your trachea that gets into you know into those things when it gets into that rusted cheerier that's where it's really dangerous that's where it's really dangerous because that's course what's causing the deaths is when it's down into the respiratory tree itself but of course the danger can start even before it gets down there if it's in the oral mucosa because it it will actually get into those cells in your mouth itself in your pharynx in your throat and start multiplying like crazy and then it can of course travel down into the the bronc you'll treat this so this is why gargling with that zinc doing all those things you're talking about if you start having that combine you're really aggressively doing your hot and cold even to your neck maybe a foot bath as well all those things trying to get rid of that we also had a guest here that was talking about using a neti pot to live was the things out of the nasal mucosa and that area to try and get rid of those things so you have less virus actually there you're kind of doing battle right where it is right at 1st said oh wait til you get short of breath don't wait this start really aggressive exactly exactly Ok we got some more questions coming in here thank you by the way and let your friends know that we're on with taking your questions. Oh by the way another thing before we go on past Karen's question which is about stomach acid I'm hearing also that this virus even if you get it and get well it can be in your fecal material can be in the as you're passing stool and different things so it actually is still dangerous even if you're feeling better it's not just passed through aerosol right which is why they're now recommending masks it's much more likely to be a pastor droplet or also through what we call the fecal oral route and this is where of course you know as you have a bowel movement and you clean up after that mildly when if you don't thoroughly clean your hands after that time period this virus can actually be there on the hands and then be spread to somebody else in Southie coral transmission does occur with this virus so doing your laundry doing all that kind of stuff it's got to be careful with all those things correct Ok another question here. Is a regular oil of any use to fight off the virus it could be of use the regen all does has some anti-viral properties. And it has been shown in some studies to be very effective we don't know how effective it is against this particular Corona strain but it's probably not gonna hurt anything and certainly can be helpful even potentially more evidence as that all of life extract in an active ingredient in olive leaf extract can be helpful and that has been shown to be helpful with the flu virus has been shown to be helpful with Cox Sakhi virus and and some other viruses as well Ok so let's say you had that what would you do you just take it orally is that what you do yeah Ok that Arlen Ok thank you for that question Kimberly terrine as well. Hunted see it dearie how many showers should we take a day now Ok well if we're in the prevention mode. One shower with that one contrast can do the trick if you really want to rev up and you know you're going out in public and that you might be at risk I would probably do the 3 hot and cold and one shower in that morning and that will invigorated you further but if you actually have Kogut or you might have COPD and we're going to ramp that up to twice a day at least with this with the contrast and sitting on top of that probably fomentations Right right and fomentations will even be better they water the more iced hot packs actually are far more penetrating so why you know a heating pad itself that isn't moist doesn't really penetrate into the lungs but the water heat itself is far more penetrating and that's the advantage of the actual hydrotherapy in these hot fomentations and keeping them. Getting it into the chest and home in areas yeah and we do have you know we do have an instruction series on that and we also could be coming up as well that shows you exactly what to do but you really need to get prepared now out there you know get the supplies you probably already have all the supplies you need it's basically a towel and you know towels and hot water on microwave or a stove to heat it up and we have that all spelled out for you as well go out and stay tan because we treated some of our students here yesterday Yeah and those videos are coming out and you'll have a lot of fun watching it will be very easy to learn yeah it's not that they were sick but they were learning so they're they're quite well because we're taking care of the work closely with with hot and cold treatments every day to boost their munity And and we're giving them good nutrition low fat no sugar very well kind of our campuses very healthy you know here anyway coughing there's no snuffles going on there's light is in good health and got a sniffle here the probably be taken directly deduct or another's off of. Ok So thank you for that What about Kimberly Gold's Steen is asking what about garlic will that help. Garlic I can be helpful as well yeah garlic has some anti-viral properties. And it also has some of the enhancing properties so the issue with garlic of course it works best with raw garlic that even cook garlic will work but raw garlic it's probably a good way to keep up with a social distancing. Nobody will want to get within 6 feet of you after you have a bit of raw garlic and going out but it is. Something that can be repulsive of course others but no we do recommend garlic and it's the one number one anti-oxidant vegetable on top of that which has some additional benefits Ok well there's a couple of questions coming in here about neck is neck say some reports say it promotes cancer per the National Cancer Institute in another one here. And that was from another one here from Jane should one start taking Nick right away as a precaution or keep in the event of the 1st symptoms. My o.b. gyn told me to discontinue it because I'm pregnant. So what what should we do with Mack Ok and asked if he'll cysteine there's been a lot of confusion out there about Anakin you know I've been using this as a clinician for 30 years that's a natural substance and it's been tried and true and tested and large segments of humanity and even randomised controlled trials even though there's no drug companies behind it some drug companies however have utilized it in addition to their drug to try to get a better effect on some of the studies we have found out the only positive effect was from the knack but since it was a randomized controlled trial and we were looking at hundreds and thousands of individuals taking it we could look for side effects there was no increased risk of King. Answer There has been no study showing an increased risk of cancer in any human being this was a mouse model that was used and a large dose and it actually showed benefit to the mouse lungs but and couple of studies that showed maybe an increased risk added no carcinoma which is a glandular type of cancer but this mouse model does not translate over at least in any of the clinical trials in fact nack is something that is used by a lot of people with Palminteri disease in humans and they have shown no increased risk of cancer in humans and of course like I say it's a natural substance and it's one of the most tried and true and tested natural substances out there because we have trials going back for 30 plus years. And we have shown benefits thousands of lives are saved every year from now AK It's very clear because of how it protects the liver against toxins if someone comes in with a liver toxicity from even taking Tylenol nack will protect you even at that stage when they will after all the tylenol has been ingest it knack protects the kidneys from toxic damage even from getting i.v. contrast and it dramatically improves glue the thigh on levels which helps our immune system be a lot more detective fact I was I found it a little bit comical but one person said if nack helps the immune system we don't want to use it well eventually for coronavirus because it's the overactive immune system on the side of kind storm that ends up doing the patient then and so I help the immune system well wait a minute this is a complete lack of knowledge of immunity because if we have a good immune system and the good Cylon levels are up which as been shown in influenza will be a. Well the fight off that virus with minimal or no symptoms before we ever get overwhelmed by it and need a cytokine storm the cytokine storm happens because the virus is completely overwhelming the individual and so our body is now having to try to go into all of its reserves and there is a huge military output which can of course kill the patient but it's not because knacked it it's actually because there wasn't mac and other things on board that would help with the patient's immune system. So yes it can be taken as a preventive 1200 milligrams a day has been shown to be very preventive you won't get side effects from that it also can be used it's been shown in infants urban trials and infants there's been trials in pregnancy so the o.b. g.y.n. doctor and I understand in regards to o.b. g.y.n. if they're not sure they always say don't take it but it turns out mac actually has been studied in infancy it's actually been studied in pregnancy there's been no Toronto Janica facts any more than there would be from eating beings that have 16 in it or those type of things that's a natural substance and that's another confusing aspect of knack some people think this is a medicine this is not a medication this is a natural substance like elderberry Ok now and so this is not something that you know we synthesize it can be sent to size and like any molecule it can but you can't patent AK because it isn't been in nature and as a result if you try to patent it they will say prior art this has been in nature a long time this is a natural substance it's not something that is a foreign substance to the body that's going to cause these other facts like they're treating it and this is the 1st time in 30 plus years that I've ever recommended not that it's been controversial but they basically it's from someone who doesn't understand biochemistry and doesn't understand how to look at clinical trials and be able to interpret them that is scaring off a whole host of people because the other website has people going onto it so you know but I guess the other side of it is what you're saying is there's plants sources that the body does synthesizes anyway like if you eat lentils or some other foods it has all the adult leads chia seeds are good sources what peas are one of the best sources. So so yeah I mean I'm not saying and this is why I don't necessarily want to bring too much attention to nac I think the other individual is attacking it is bringing a lot more attention to it by the attacks but you know we can boost our immune system without using the AK sure there are plenty of good ways of doing it so I'm not saying that everyone in the world needs to go out there and take now AK but if you have an immune system that's compromise for whatever reason you need all the help you can get and if you've got some other underlying disease like c o p d if you've got emphysema which is 2 of the most prominent diseases that can send you into that 20 percent. Or if you've got other diseases on board the air or if you've got a very aged immune system why not boost it Ok that's a that's an answer then. What about thank you for that question Jane. Now Margaret Mary Margaret Snowden is asking so what can you take to build up your immunity fast you heard about nak already one of the things can do the really build it up fast. So build up your immunity fast Well I can tell you what we just mentioned hydrotherapy Oh build it up exercise will build it up it can do you know even a vegan or us bout of exercise is going to stimulate your immune system that day of course it's going to be additive and synergistic as we continue to do that even eating anti-oxidant today can help out making sure you have enough zinc in your system so then can get in to those cells and help stop the replication of the viruses when you ever goes on zinc you know that's another very good question and we've been asked that zinc unlike the other heavy metal is very hard to overdose on and so if you read the old leather chair you're going to be hearing about more than 40 milligrams a day might be dangerous not true in the g.i. world we treat people with Wilson's disease with large doses of zinc and they can live very normal lives and those individuals can take you know a 1000 milligrams a day and they're not toxic many of them 400 milligrams a day not toxic now we don't recommend you take that high a dose but we recommend that you you know if you're really wanting to boost your means immunity getting 50 milligrams a day is great and you can build up from there if you need to that one issue there's 2 issues that will cause. Because it's a metal some people get nauseated from it in the metallic taste and it can be a little bit nauseating at 1st if you're not so used to it and secondly if you have to elevate it a copper level then brings down copper and if it comes down too quickly you'll have a little tremor anxiety so that's one of the reasons why we recommend just the lower doses just per chance if you happen to have a copper issue that you were not aware of and bring it down too quickly now those people can still take more then but they'll this have to gradually build up so if you want to be in the safest 20 milligrams a day for a week 40 milligrams a day for a week and then maybe 50 milligrams a day from there on out can be a very immune Hansing substance and can help you against a lot more viruses than just your own Well Abigail is asking is vitamin c. in sync in a single supplement good. It's Ok to use them separately or together vitamin c. is another potent anti-oxidant and can help us in several ways and I don't mind them together or separately and I've heard that some people actually are taking even i.v. vitamin c. what would you say about that well I would do that at home of course and yeah i.v. vitamin c. is actually being used as a medication at that because they're using thousands of grams a day and vitamin c. actually becomes toxic. And that's why it's being used as a toxin because high does vitamin c. turns into peroxide and peroxide is actually a lethal substance to tissues and cells in particular more vulnerable ones and so that's why it's being used in cancer treatments it's being researched even right now at the Mayo Clinic for certain tumors and particularly the blood related malignancies like the lymphomas and those sorts of things it seems to have a benefit on at least in the early trials and it could be toxic also the viruses peroxide is something that can kill viruses and so this is might have a therapeutic effect but you wouldn't want to use that as an anti-oxidant effect because that's way beyond anti-oxidant someone is saying should I gargle with hydrogen peroxide or you can gargle with it or is there and I would recommend you spit it out don't swallow it just gargle with it that might kill stuff as well exactly Ok. Reuss. Carrie. Carrie Yuki sorry if I missed was pronounced at Ruth but Ruth says how should we clean our fruits and vegetables I went to the store I'm worried about maybe they're whatever what should I do to clean the fruits and vegetables you know water is a good cleaning agent and maybe a little bit of you know a vegetable fruit. Soap type agent and as you know the viruses are really totally decimated that look at a layer from so. And so and just washing it with simple soap and water and then using a lot of water so that soap is gone if you're not eating self when you eat your fruits and vegetables that would be a great way it doesn't take long at all and you can just put that on a surface you know like a rag or something like that and it can quickly deactivate those viruses All right good questions good questions let your friends know we're on the hopefully this doctor of this pulmonologist from Loma Linda what's his name again he's going to be joining us potentially Yeah I doctors the whole lot yeah doctor so Roger said Walt is going to be joining us and yet again who are looking forward to that so. Christopher is asking Sid we remind each other always to close the lid before we flush to prevent droplets spread. That's a practical question should be so I think he's worried about the war with the oil oral fecal thing you were talking about he's probably concerned about the toilet bowl Yeah now you know most toilet balls aren't aren't so vigorous is producing a spray every time you know they they flush but you know there might be some that have a pressurized toilet. That's actually doing that yes if there's a spray put the lid down services you don't spray that but for the typical toilet flush I think you'd be alright I mean in some parts of the world there are toilets that are kind of different than here and they would create droplets going all over but the American toilet is what we're talking about here Gaby it is asking what about eucalyptus oil is that something that would be good well you collect this oil can also be toxic to the virus particle because it's an oil and it can get into that limpid membrane to be helpful so sometimes it can be used as a cleaning agent or something along that line eucalyptus might have some immune and Hansing properties as well so some people are actually swallowing eucalyptus oil doesn't have quite the evidence of some of the other agents that we've talked about like. You know olive leaf extract and some of the others but I think it probably would be quite beneficial someone is asking the shame is asking from what I've seen he says what causes the most damage is when you get to the cytokines storm that comes directly from the immune response of the virus hijacking those you mean cells then afterwards in the infection comes along and causes a 2nd during thanks and like pneumonia. How does making the immune system stronger circumvent this. So these really want to know how is it that you get to that cytokine storm that you talked about and how can we avoid that and what's happening there well here is and that's a good question and I think we kind of alluded to it earlier a lot of people. You know are are thinking a little paradoxically here they're thinking these guys are talking about boosting the immune system by the cytokine storm is an immune system that is overactive and so we want to suppress the immune system at that point well actually the reason why the cytokine kind storm comes about is because of a suppressed immune system initially and so the best time to have the best immune system is our 1st flight of this defense those monocytes those neutrophil even the macrophages the natural killer selves This is our 1st line of defense and if that 1st line of defense is working well we won't ever have to worry about a cytokine storm now there have been studies utilizing steroids in people with cytokine storm because steroids suppress the immune system but actually the studies are very conflicted on that the steroids on seem to help that much they are suppressing our immune system and they might help slow down that cytokine storm but we're really not showing benefit as far as life expectancy is concerned when we get to that cytokine storm so we can try to throw everything at the immune system try to slow it down at that point but in reality it's too late because the immune system was too weak to begin with so if if a healthy immune system was the reason why cytokine storms were happening we would see a large amount of deaths in infants in an 8 year olds and 12 year olds and those with the healthiest immune systems but were staring very few deaths on land in those really with compromised immune systems. Already said the problem is not healthy immune system probably can't stress that enough the problem is an unhealthy immune system and that's why we're talking about getting it healthy so we don't ever have to have our body feel like it has to go into a cytokine storm so yeah boosting your immunity or supplementing what your system does it's a system it's not just one thing exactly is excellent and if you do that you're not going to have to worry about a Senate comes to harm so let's look here. Martha Forbes Thomas is asking how the Ereka mendacious in terms of the Alcoa nature of my body. Well the body is alkaline the ph in the blood is 7.4. And as far as acidic versus alkaline. There really isn't a whole lot of evidence that we're going to be helping the immune system by making it more alkaline there is some evidence that we might help prevent cancer those sorts of things by making it more alkaline but in reality a way in order particularly if you get this virus you want it to actually be a little more acidic in the reason why as when we become more acid our oxygen dissociation curve actually releases oxygen at the site it's one of the reasons why hydrotherapy works out you know we talked about what hydrotherapy does the monocytes leukocytes but one of the most powerful facts of hydrotherapy is shifting the oxygen dissociation curve to the right this is where we look at p o 2 and we look at oxygen saturation and how it relates to hemoglobin and that release that occurs and so the more basic it is the more the oxygen binds on to the hemoglobin but we don't want to bind on there forever. Have to travel to get to the tissues we want to release into the tissues and the more acidic the tissues are the more readily it releases Ok And that's one of the advantages of hydrotherapy and it's one of the reasons why we don't want to drive the ph up very high in treating infections and why nobody gives i.v. bicarb So why have treating viral infections Yeah Ok Good Hope that answers your question Michael Lloyd. If you had a corona virus would you take hydro hydroxy Cork when and or. Zip through myosin if you had it and one of the when you would do would you take those those medications Well let's talk about those medicines and what they do. In fact how this was 1st discovered it appears as that in China we were finding people with auto immune diseases and with preexisting illnesses much more likely to die except for one group and that was the group with lupus they were getting the virus but they weren't dying and they weren't really having any problems and then finally an astute researcher said why is our lupus patients being spared and then the other one said could it be it's not their lupus that sparing them but is it their Plaquenil or the hydroxy Clark when because that's a drug that's commonly used even in China for lupus it's also used here in the United States and then when we started looking into the mechanism one of the things that hydroxy chloroquine does is it opens up the limpid membrane of the cell to allow zinc in through and ionosphere and so and it does that over tenfold what it would otherwise so if we have zinc around and we have hydroxy Cork when that zinc can get in much more readily and stop the replication of the virus and studies now surfacing from around the world are showing that if we use this early enough it's highly effective. And the as if through my scent has some anti-inflammatory properties and prevents or can help treat a secondary infection that's there so these are pretty benign drugs you know this isn't something that's a high risk drug at all and it's it's safer than even Clark when people take hydroxy Clark went for years without issues for the most part and if I knew I had coded 100 you taken to heart Yeah absolutely and you would and I would I would recommend this in fact I should mention our local pharmacist. Here in town that we work with either actually in Colfax I called him the very beginning of this outbreak because I understood the role of hydroxy chloroquine and zinc and I said I'd like you to order a whole bunch of hydroxy Clark went in because I'm going to be treating patients here and if they're coping one team positive I'm going to be using this and he said I never heard of this he started looking at Apia looked at it he ordered a bunch in and he sparing it now that it's become you know really very sought after he's only allowing covert positive patients to get it but that's why we want to diagnose them early in the process because the studies are also shelling that once they're in i.c.u. and they get the cytokine storm it's gotten to late at that point yeah and Ok we have the doctor with us Dr c. Holt welcome we're glad you're with us and Dr c. hold is joining us I think from Loma Linda where he's working in the i.c.u. today or maybe redline or maybe Redlands So are you there can you hear us Hello doctor said Holt All right we're not getting it around yet we're trying to get you up there all right so well we'll have to work on your sound here a little bit I don't. Get on Ken Ken you're right yeah you know we can do it on a. All right yes Ok now we're still not getting them all right we're trying to get your audio so we can hear it we see you we're glad you're with us thank you for joining us yeah hang in there until we get our technology work done all right try again Dr said Holt. He can hear us but we can't hear him all right we've got some audio engineers back there and we'll get them working on this right away. The question we just answered I don't know if you had heard us talking Roger but the question was about. We have live questions coming in because this is a live program but we had people asking about if we ourselves had coded one teen and we were positive would we take as the throw mice and hydroxy chloroquine so I was describing how that worked and housing comes into the cell and stops the replicates but I was giving my opinion on this but be nice to hear your opinion and as well for our listeners can you hear me now yes we've got Yeah Ok it's so nice to be with you all so. There are several proposed mechanisms by which to draw. Is to prevent the entrance of the cell of the virus into the cell. One of those ways of course Guyana for the show that pretty well and. The other way is to alter the ph of the lies to zones the reason why I felt the visit was interesting was because a clear sense in which of course it's a supplement has also been touted by a couple of scientists one from Canada one from China and they're actually doing a randomized control trial and plan on that is also a zinc eye on it for and this has been shown that intracellular zinc inhibits the replicates enzyme of the virus so even though we don't know for sure if it's true for method it seems to be a tantalizing option the real problem and I'm and I'm dealing with this actually as we speak I'm taking care of patients here at hospital. One of the issues that I have seen with the combination of wind and for mice and dispose medications are known to cause what we call cutesy prolongation this is a problem with the electrical conduction in the hearts and it's something that we have to monitor very carefully with patients in the intensive care unit even though both of them or oral medications and and you could take them at home it's possible that you could have fatal arrhythmias from both of these medications especially when given together so if you've got to be pretty careful about it. Is something that's been well documented we even test that now. That are taking it. Isn't going to put them at risk for a fatal a rhythmic. Yes we really have enjoyed we're referring people to your corona virus pandemic videos update 4647 talking about hydrotherapy or you know how you call them something different hyper thermal treatments. What are you hearing about that are you trying to utilize any of that where you are you looking at using that in the i.c.u. Yeah I started to use it already in the intensive care unit it was a very difficult I worked at in on it dentists ospital and they are it's definitely all of the above is what we're looking at even though I believe the use of what we traditionally all sides are therapy is something that probably is going to be more benefit once it's used earlier on just like any other treatment it doesn't mean that we can't use it in the intensive care unit especially if you have a sense that it's a floor who mites progress in it's a period as a way of trying to prevent that so we are using it we really haven't gotten a protocol down what I'm using is so mentation is basically with the towel and we're ending that with a cold ice was friction that we've. Learned about that's sort of educated the nurses were I'm really trying to work with and I've discussed this was one of our nurses that they were in the early stages trying to get i.r.b. approval is. We have attends outside our hospital and we're sending patients home who clearly have symptoms of co that night so you know that we haven't got the test and what we'd love to do is that it's sort of very simple protocol and house down institute this all of us phone calls and see if they can reduce the incidence of these people coming back so many of these patients that I've seen here in the last few days are patients that were here earlier in the week I come in with symptoms were sent home so the self isolate and then just come in with a lots of symptoms of shortness of breath. And I just can't help but think if there's something that we can do so I've talked to Archie it's of the emergency department I've talked to one of our nurse practitioners we are trying to get a protocol together and try and get your be approval I don't see it costing much other than the follow up I just you could really want to make sure that patients have it aired there be calling in making sure they're doing it every day what we're thinking of as the contract show or as an approach to see if that's helpful it may be not enough we need to do something more than that I don't know great if you have a follow up on that Dr Natalie well yeah Roger I know there's a lot of focus on trying to ever get the infection to begin with and then there's a lot of focus on having enough ventilators and enough treatment in the i.c.u. but those in the end between stages you don't see much advice going out to them other than to just hunker down South Korean team and hope for the best that they don't get bad enough to have to come into the hospital and this gives them some real things that they could do to actually greatly improve their odds. Exactly and it's even if the even if the intervention has a very small effect which I'm not saying it would it could have a large effect but even if it has a small effect and you take the current rate of 80 percent of people who become insects it will be just fine without any kind of medical intervention if you increase that 85 percent well you've just dropped the number of people needing hospitalization from 20 percent down to 15 percent that's a 25 percent reduction I could have a major impact at the hospital level and I really would call upon people who are in capitated environments that if you know we're talking the Kaiser's nature most they really have a lot of games here we're not going to see a randomized super consults ultimate right company but what we're going to see is potentially you know single payer health programs it's almost cries or like type of organizations who really want to reduce hospitalization this is the kind of thing that really doesn't cost a lot of money to do it's not going to run out you're not going to go to Costco and see the shelf I just there but you can do it I don't yeah yeah yeah exactly and we're trying to train people with that here so we have a course and we also just filmed Dr Natalie and a team here filmed basically a step by step protocol for at home so that may be useful to some of the people who are watching your videos as well and we've been in touch with I think his name is Bruce I can't remember his last name who you're working with and we're trying to get those protocols together but even people at home or you know we get calls from Samoa from some of these nations that during the Spanish flu and these other things they really had a high mortality rate and they don't really have anything like all they're not going to have all the i.c.u. stuff that we have here so anything we can do to train in these areas we're trying to put together things. You're right and you know just the day after it was announced. I dropped 6 or it was going to be fast tracked approval to the f.d.a. you couldn't get it in pharmacy so even if there was a medication that works beautifully. Was the answer you know we're having trouble getting it in the 1st world what about those countries that don't have as many resources as we do what's going to be the answer for now in 6 months to a year you know code that nights you need be a thing of the past in the United States but it's going to go around the world it gets to other countries and the question is what's the answer going to be there and I think this is this has a lot of potential great so doctors so Holt I know you started your med cram site kind of as a help to medical students and residents to understand difficult material you know I just got introduced to you at the beginning of the Coven crisis actually it had to do with the Zen thing because I was talking about zinc and someone said someone else is talking about that and I got on your your site and sod you know how you were talking about even curse and potentially helping zinc get into the cell and it was a very good educational tool I or thousands of people are tuned into your videos because now it's not just for helping medical students you're helping really scientists and medical people around the world understand the pathophysiology of covert 19 and and so that the med cramp are probably cost money is that right to do students have to pay for this in order to get better and more in scores or how does that work well what we do obviously we started on You Tube as that You Tube channel and so course all of that is is free Knisley what it was is students will come to my rotation from the ph school level and university they would come to our rotation and we'd go through the same lectures like one day I had a few students and I met and I think I'll read. And he's the one who's the other half has met Graham he's the one that sounded it he and I together and he said there's a better way of doing this you know students don't go to the library and check out journal articles they they they look at the shortest You Tube video that they can find and so. What this was is basically it was a way of being efficient I could refer the students to the You Tube video and then we would see the next 6 class and this is kind of known as flipping the classroom where we're able to help students learn something in a monologue way on the Internet and use that time wisely in the dialogue talks about it anyway. So we've been doing video since 2012 and then we finally opened up the the website and presented some more c.m.e. stuff so it's any medical education review courses things of that nature and that it's a money and so we have some of those things premium but a lot of things on the site are actually free just sign up for instance we've put a free ventilator course on the site for anybody who you know maybe had some knowledge about using ventilators but wanted to brush up especially with the current so it might seem and make it might be called upon to take care of patients on the dental and it might want to brush up on that so we've made that formally a paper or snouts Street well we've been using that as a way of getting the word out. And now you have all these 19 updates how many of you and you've done so far now. You know we just recorded believe number 48 last nights and. Really I wanted. To the purpose of b.s. was to bring something that's this you have to understand this is medicine this is what we go to work and we go as you know in the hospital nobody looks at everyone looking at sports and basketball and football and really really nobody looks at us 1st time that I can remember the entire world is looking at the medical seal and they're being told about things like viruses and. Herbs and all these things that there's so much this information out there that I thought or channel would be a sort of a way of bridging the language of medicine which is usually a format which to many people it's sort of inaccurate every day Lights Well you've done a great job and certainly like to encourage our viewers to get on your site to learn more about how to interpret all that and even physicians and an internal medicine people you know to learn how to run a ventilator again and maybe since residency you know for a lot of these outpatient doctors I haven't seen a ventilator for years and you know you you break it down and make it easy and we appreciate that and I have to say that I have learned a lot from from some of the comments that have come in for instance Bruce the one that's going to be helping us with some of the Protocols was was introduced to me by one of our viewers on that gram Dr samples from Australia and I have to say Dr Embry that I would like for you I know about and that's not learned in your interview with actually so I think what's happened here is that the medium of the Internet has allowed the education work for everywhere to speed up very quickly in your front line you know where you are now what kind of things could be helpful to you from say lifestyle centers or places like this doctor now this kind of unusual in that he works in an i.c.u. and also is working with the sanitarium but what kind of things can be helpful to you and then another question I have and how are you integrating your faith into what you're doing. Yeah still. It's something that I think we. It's making me think outside the box because initially as I read through what our state has told us about things maybe you need to read between the lines too much and we thought that we were going to. Clinics on every corner and be a look though to people's homes and that still may be the case but I'm just wondering whether or not the way that this is going to work is why explaining things over the Internet and using the Internet as a way to get that word out it's becomes clearer and clearer to me that. It be the major way that we do that. And so in terms of the medium and how we do it I think that what we're doing right now as we speak putting out classes on the Internet we have no choice at this point because of isolation this may be teaching us some new tool snob maybe teaching us some new tools in terms of my faith you know I've always been a devout 7th day out at this and I believe in all of those of those things but my channel is uniquely designed for people who are not of this a people who maybe even atheists and I have to make sure that I am presenting something that isn't based on my faith even though I think I might know what the right answer is I have to base it on the science and one of the big things that I think that we have now between when we were talking about this a 100 years ago and now is that the science the way the science has been. Designed. We have cell biology. Experiments we can show that the monocytes are involved in 8 units we can we can show that by changing the temperature and the that we can increase monocytes So yes there are a bunch of subsea circumstantial evidence and one thing leads to another you know one precept on another precept so close somebody but what's interesting to me as some people are for more open service now in terms of the hydrotherapy of things because there is such a need for it it's basically the good cannot be to the enemy of the persons and I think that's tells me that our time has come. And that one of the things we're planning to do here is we have you know a stable of New Start physicians we have nurses and different things we have a new star program but we're we're having to think exactly like you're saying I'm a maybe delivering that even online and teaching all these kind of things and trying to have high volume I mean can't get the word out to as many people as possible and maybe doing telematics and type stuff with them for yeah we're talking about putting on our 1st online residential depression anxiety recovery program when people are hunkered down at home for 10 days. Why not make this all count for them and optimize their brain and this whole process now we've become we've become very good in this church media censors. All of our churches that's been very good at getting things online last 20 years and I can't help but think that it's moving in that way. As this. Now do you I know you're very busy and I'm hoping you have a few minutes because we have questions that have been coming in from the Facebook site and if you'd like to join us for some of these questions it would be great to answer them live. I don't know if I'll be able to do that I just I see you here in the parking lot so I get a good signal Ok I say well whatever you have time for and yeah I want to well I think we're really thankful you could join us and I probably got a I probably got a couple of minutes now if you just read them to me Ok. Ok couple questions. In these are there's a bunch of questions about. Zinc. Silver isn't helpful against the virus when I've seen a lot of comments about that I just haven't had time to look into it. I do know that they're. Obviously Silver is a n.c. microbial they put. Why a logical devices people put lines in if people they coat it with silver because it prevents infections but I also know on the other side of things that people can certainly overdose on these things if you've ever read about the blue van. People that are blue they take a lot of oil silver and it can be a problem I have to do more reading on that's sourness I've heard a sonnet is beneficial How can you get that benefit if you don't have a son. That's an excellent question so that may have come from our video that we did where I employed the idea of saunas which can get you don't have to have a sauna one of the interesting things that I find about saunas is that there's there's one culture in the world's use dishonest probably more than any other culture and that's. There's about 5500000 people in Finland there's about 2000000 saunas in Finland and of course it can hold up to about 2 or 3 people so you could actually get the entire population of all of the same time into all of their collective saunas and it would collect it would hold all of them it's. Just that 99 percent of people in simple and. Finishing with a cold at least once a week if you look at the data one of the websites that I like to use is called World ometer world O.-Meter and they break down all of their statistics day by day by country and if you look at the Nordic countries Norway Sweden Finland Denmark. Got the best numbers out of all you know if you look at into Asia the Japanese are very famous or they're very. They're not doing too badly either when you compare them to other Asian countries but you certainly don't need a sauna to get the benefits of. There are some very nice videos that you can find on Russian bastard Russian or you put your feet in a very pots. And you wrap up so you get the heats and then you can cool off there's many ways of doing the same thing and so you don't have to do it so we're looking for a solution that is available to everybody without having to go out and buy if this was the if this was the solution we'd be out of saunas in about 24 hours. Ok so the only information that I House so far and I'm waiting for Bruce our physical therapist in Australia to come up with what he thinks is the best as he's set up actually a lot of it is actually from the Emaar equation Dr Natalie it's 5 minutes shower with one minute cold slowly by 3 minutes one minute cold 3 minutes one minute cold that's what I'm doing I did it last night I've been doing it now it's. Trying to boost my immune system Yeah doesn't it make you feel better afterwards if it does vitamin d. 3 should we take in how much should we take Jane Gini blue so this is a good question there's a British medical journal. Analysis So this is where they actually looked at many studies looked at it brought the individuals and groups of all together so it was a very big powerful study and the conclusions that they came up with is that there's no question now that vitamin d. definitely improves units against viruses and things of that nature what they found very interesting though is that it seemed to help people the most that were decision make sense. Well what was also what they felt was that it benefits people who takes a regular dose on either a daily basis or a weekly basis not on a basis really take a whole bunch of wants if you get a cold that's not the way to do it it's how much should you take in the study in the Med analysis actually the best benefit was in the lower doses for instance around $25.00 micrograms which would be about a 1000 international units a day or up to even about 50 micrograms my wife gives me a 2000 international units capsule every morning so that's what I do. It's in terms of how much really the best advice that I could probably give you is get tested find out if you're deficient and then take a certain dose and then get tested again to make sure it's the appropriate dose Ok this person just joined in and didn't hear our previous discussion about Naxal ask you what about next how do you use it well I learned it from Dr Natalie and I looked up the study and it's right 600 milligrams twice a day and reducing agents and it helps your liver take care of oxidants and Dr Netflix take from those more about it than I did. Above 5 g. networks some people have said 5 g. network leads to immuno compromised situations any truth to this well you know we just don't know how it's the evidence for that it's certainly possible that that could happen I don't sleep next to my phone and I put it on the other side of the house you could also turn off your wife I machine you know your wife I have a timer so that it's awesome surely not using it might. You know are electromagnetic waves dangerous to the human body it's certainly possible I just don't know if there's been enough i.p.g. evidence that we know that I have zinc Piccola mate is that the same thing. Yes losing the colon a zinc oxide is for all the and at the same disappeared with and there are some believes that if you parent with one and Andras another you better by Will ability there's 2 ways you can you say you can just take enough 6 year makes you know this issue and usually any kind of zinc oxide or zinc that's all and it will do that other way to exist with loss and so you kind of bridge the back of your throat you can't let it marinate there in. My diffusion and it gets into areas where the virus likes to get this virus this is like saying. I tried to get some zinc lozenge but I couldn't get any They were all sold out I was too late but if you get them that's Craig's. Ok marring. Is it helpful when I don't know about I have studied on Ok Lebeau you know anything about. Vitamin c.. See that as a potentially a way of getting it into your body became more bioavailable let me tell you vitamin c. I completely believe that vitamin c. has effects there's a number of studies that it's looked at by the sea and things other than the night scene there's a gentleman by the name of Dr Paul Merrick out of East region your medical school who about 3 years ago a look at the potential possibility of item and see what I mean and hydrocodone cortisone in septic shock he did 47 patients without it and then did 47 patients afterwards with it and he noticed that those patients who we gave it to were able to get off days oppressor's These are medications a concrete your blood pressure was able to get out of septic shock faster they're doing a randomized placebo controlled trial on that and there was another state it was just published about 4 or 5 months ago called citrus Alys c.i.t. r us. If you want to look it up. They made mortality in that study a secondary endpoint and because of that it weren't really able to announce that there was a finding of reduced mortality in that study because it was a secondary endpoint but they looked at septic shock and importantly A.R.G.s which is one of the mechanisms of death it's over it might seem that showed that there was a mortality Bennett in super high doses we're talking 4 grams every 6 hours so that's a lot of vitamin c. and they did notice immortality benefit in that study so I think there is something the vitamin c. all of the studies that I've seen are intravenous id's I know that there are community clinics which offer institution of i.v. vitamin c. I don't know if there's much utility in that list to actually get the disease so we'll have to keep our eyes open. Yeah so if you are familiar with Dr Ben Lao mention in Laos he has a really good book out that he published a few years ago and I forgot exactly the title of it but it has to do with. Using therapy in viral illnesses or something like that Benjamin Louella you this last name and it's out there I think is Chinese friends published it on a Chinese website so you can find it he recommended the specifically the Battle Creek version. Of the thermos for and I'll tell you what I have personally experience I went out and bought one and that thing goes to pretty hot I think I think the best way to use that you know when you do in the moment ation is every 5 minutes you gotta put a new hot towel on because it cools off to Berkeley this had this thermos for allows you to put the foam insulation on cover it up with the heating and you've got it for 2030 minutes and I think that's a great advantage and serves of making it very easy to use but remember now this is and this is a key point any time we add to our protocol so in that you have to buy we're limiting its universality So we have to be careful that we want to make things convenient but we may be excluding people who are not able to get it so I think we ought to have as many options as possible that's what I've liked about some of the videos that seem is they've shown how to put in a microwave how to use a heating how to use an oven how to use a pot so all of these things are available and I think what we have to focus on is is what people have in their homes they may not have a thermos for Ok Good good you know with like we're we're doing a bunch of free videos as well as send you know the link if you want to put up with your folks. New Star dot com We have a bunch of videos that are frame that talk about some of these differences and then also we have one for. Are communicable t c I we mar dot com which is total community immunity so t c I we Mark dot com so you might let your folks know about that as well and we're going to be letting people know about but your videos as well. Well we have Dr Roger salute and so it's so great to have you with us today and so great that you took time out yes all their practice in doing this and I know you're busy and you had a few minutes but thanks for answering those questions for us and we are going to do this again some time absolutely yes I'll be off next week so I think we'll have more up to date Ok we'll look forward to it and mind if we say a little prayer for you thank you Father heaven Lord we're just thankful for the doctor who took his time bless him protect him give him wisdom as he's working with the people right in front of him and thank you for the water wider audience you've given him to bring the principles of science and faith where that's appropriate as well and displace this family in the rest of his shift in Christ's name Amen Amen thank you all right thank you Aaron. Well that was great really enjoyed that dialogue from someone on the front lines yeah and nice to see what he's doing in educating the world really in regards to cope with 19 I think he made a good point there in regards to. You know everyone looks at the sports world and that sort of thing but part of the reason why they don't look at medicine is because they don't understand it and so you know when you when you start understanding the rules of sports use You're good more interested in following it and when you understand the language of medicine and how the physiology and all of this works it's really a great opportunity for the public to be schooled in anatomy and physiology and and also pathophysiology these are things that can make a tremendous impact in our personal lives as well as the lives of others and it's far more practical and useful than you know learning the stats of the you know the quarterback who is the brick biggest phenomenal quarterback for this year which will do you no good really at all as far as overall enhanced man is concerned so I appreciate what Dr Roger salute is doing then all those videos are great we recommend them to you as well I'm Ed tram and just look up the coronavirus videos they're actually free at this point you can get the oh we have doctor there to with us all the way from New Zealand thank you for joining us How are you this morning is it morning there is an evening well it's all the afternoon early that's good so yeah we're talking about all things coronavirus we're talking about Kobe 19 what's happening down there in in New Zealand. Well we are in total lockdown right now so I'm one of the few people who get to drive past he'd stay and get away and everyone else is lockdown. We are able to go to the zip lock and that's about it so the traffic is really great right now traffic is great and actually we felt every elate we if I may had one co that day. We've just got a handful and intensive care units around the country but we have got $800.00 cases out there climbing well is actually we're steady winds with that cobra right now. But it's interesting to say that we're not we don't have the deaths we don't have the severe illness and I'm wondering if that's because we are coming out of Sama and so how much mundane levels a very good right now. Good point the point one of the reasons I called you was because I was talking to a friend of yours. Joanna or Joanne and she was telling me how you were very effective I put up a post on my Facebook asking about people who had actually treated pneumonia with hydrotherapy or viral infections and she she actually sent me a message I will miss and her full name I don't know if she wants me to do that but tell me Tell me have you had experience with hydrotherapy in treating the Monia And have you had Have you had effective outcomes with that. Yes I I have. So. I think the Joanne It was at that time her husband he was having chemotherapy and pace and he subsequently passed away from his cancer but during his chemotherapy his immune system was very loud and he developed a pneumonia viral not a lot today when it's a viral one yet and so he was kept at home so I would go over each day my husband and I when we would do a what's called a general revulsive but really it's it's one hop by mentation to the spine he would lie down on that over his back and and then the spiral got a lot of by marrow it's also your core and so you hazing the whole core of the body by doing that and then because the pneumonia was in his chest we would do hot and call 5 min Tyson's alternating across his chest and then at the same time to try and keep the body temperature up we put his fate in a hot foot and we I have sort of a as a general rule I use the rule of force as what I call it so about the whole minutes of hot and cold and cold and so we also say 4 times and do that cycle and so generally if you've got something very serious light that is there the treatment would need to be in repainted every day for 3 or 4 days now I understand Dr Hal back in his day with do treatments up to 3 times a day on his sickest patients and so that would be the ideal and so we took Joe and House to it when we were not there we was going to do that treatment and and David recovers now. I have also used it on someone with a serious of her spirit to try to fiction their brawl they were hallucinating and by the end of one treatment. When fever broke and they were well now and they were well into the surface and so they may have been sick for 34 days but it just hastened their recovery it was amazing to watch right my eyes great and so are you being sought after now to do a lot of training down there in New Zealand are you involved in training people how to do these treatments Well the lockdown came very rapidly for us and we would just about to staff have teaching training series and so locks out and put an end to that and we were not able to communicate without group with it's a monthly grief I didn't have their email and so and that's it's kind of difficult. To do the training with just the same like this but it's probably something that we speaking about we've actually done a series that we just take one last week and we're going to is going to be coming out and then we have a series of videos as well you might want to let your people know about New Start dot com And then there's a playlist looking at coronavirus and then we have a Web site that we use for the community called the c.i. total community immunity we mar dot com So t.c. I Wiemar dot com And you're welcome to use all of those free resources. As well that let's all some Thank you so much because the more we have the best and I think I think about my Pacific Island nations nearby to me Zealand who have very limited resources and we really fear for them and that is starting to creep in there and so that was one reason why we went into lockdown here in New Zealand is because we have almost a gateway to the Pacific Can't we want to protect them. Actually give you a question that just came in if you have a minute Jeff Reed is asking I heard that the smell of pine is good for the respiratory system is this true. The x. that this was a treatment that was used to treat patients back before we hadn't 6 they would be sent up into the mountains into the pine forests because creates a stand that is effective for. The airways and for tracing and I don't know if you know that pine needles are actually very high in vitamin c. you can eat them and there Roberts I say some of them. Say this is also. Helpful to the law and so it was it was getting out into sunshine the fresh air and getting amongst the hine that was helpful to trace and he base I think is a good good simple therapy if you've got kinds of around. We have plenty of pine trees here and way Maher and we treated tuberculosis here for many years outdoors sunlight vitamin d. and it was very successful and that was before the antibiotics came around for tuberculosis and I watched a video by Dr civil to was just on with us and he said interestingly speaking of TB they giving a revaccinated in the TB seems to stimulate the immune system as well have either of you heard about that yeah it has been. You know the vaccine has been called b c g and it can even help as far as immunotherapy and certain types of cancers like bladder cancer it may be helpful in in preventing or treating certain infections. But of course would be unknown as far as Carone is concerned b.c.g. also can cause some side effects that can cause a significant. Adverse. Antibody storm almost as far as the joints are concerned and so there's a few people who get worse but that vaccine and so you have to be careful Ok Anything that you're encountering down there doctor narrative that that we should know about any things that you would tell us give us advice for what was going on here or any things down there we should know about. Not really I think that we have just entering the. Situation we can actually is hoping to eliminate or to be alien erase that I don't have a lot to share but I do know that from personal experience that hybrid there it's very effective and. Just being just south care is a 2 to boost our immune system so that we resist this fiction should be a couple of those quick things what were you telling people to boost their mood system what are you sharing with them. As your tips to help boost the immune system I think one of the most common reasons that people get sick is from stress and lack of sleep and so I'm encouraging people not to see themselves as likely to go to bed early and to to make sure that they get. Yes 7 to 9 s. late every night and. In terms of stress I'm just encouraging people to trust in God you know if we this thing is so who much bigger than ourselves the sky the 90 but God is so much big of that again and so I think you know that the saying there's no atheists in a foxhole. It's like where in foxholes right now we've dug in where a lot of death and I think it's a time that that we can turn to the Lord and say Lord you've got us have it and there's so many wonderful promises in the Bible and so you know we're talking a month in a secular environment and that's people who don't necessarily have a life in shit with God but who know that he's out there and just encouraging people. To build their relationship with him and to. Focus on his promises and not to the. Men question comes in from Gina Ginger porter who I understand you can cut up an onion and put it next to you as well as you can grind an onion and put it between 2 paper towels saran wrap around your chapped cat chest. In a warm town the top and just sleep all night with that does that work. Well I'm a believer in poultices and I think that if you. Trace a thing. An issue that is visible a pulse because it will definitely help. I'm not I've I know that people recommend. Casts up left and if you're trying to talk sense that you've got a new job well ballads there will be some of those few times because the self the double soap the bones and some of these in the alliums. But I don't know that I lose it all and hold chess I'm not saying it wouldn't play but I haven't heard of Usenet as lessons to prevent it and. That's a new one for me to us now. So maybe a light on the onions we don't know. Ok another question should I take it would help to keep people away from me that I wouldn't probably. That. Ok what about mac should it be taken only at the onset of cold or flu symptoms or should you take it even when you're sick. Well I've used Nec in a lot of different settings and now AK is a great preventive agent if the flu is going around your town you want to get on it before you get it but I've also used that when the end section after it's already started and I've had a lot of patients talk about the significant improvement that occur one was just in the last month you just couldn't get over it was cold after cold and she heard what I said. Done bachelor video and she went and got now ack and she said the next day her cold symptoms were gone it was that quick with the glue that's ion increase and she hasn't been sick since and so she's been a believer because she says she feels better than she has in about a year so it's not too late to take back. If you wait until then but I would recommend it even ahead of. Ahead of the symptoms. It's such a power plant accident is that there is another product I take when I do get sick and that's a product called dalam in and there are products like it with different names that sprays dried probiotics out very long time but what that basically does is it stimulates air in night immune system that receptive and side that along with vitamin d. will actually help to suppress a viral infection as attack so if you can take a big dose of this with them the 1st few hours of getting say you can actually prevent the sickness I have several times taken as I'm starting to feel it. Jane that a virus will do as you say if you get sick you boy come out with a press a sore throat. And that to run a nice and suddenly way through the day you just suddenly feel the virus just got may take a big dose of that and it's gone with that success so all of that cold again. Tao in the in d. e. l.. In the in the well I mean you heard of this now what product do with what's in it there's gotta be that that's a trade name I'm sure yes this is try same so it's free stride probiotic cell walls so that the part about it has. The just the cell walls are that they contain receptiveness or. That they will try guess sorry the immune system to base so when we 1st get a big become sick with a virus our immune system stuck to respond and so it goes up and up and up and our response and what. What these sound who the triggers on the cell walls do is actually based that response so it's an exponential rise in our immune response and so it's just taking us out of our immune system into action much quicker than it would otherwise to I will while the virus great interesting good so this is a touchy one from Fernandez she lives in New Jersey New York City and she said a few people I know here have a cough and they are very scared what is good for a cough so they want to know this is one of the front line of course symptoms that we get for Kobe What would you say to help journalists out. Well go ahead Mary around for. Ok so. I think for coughs if that's if it's code at 19 and it's going to regret it it's just a cost that you could. Let's say you right now it's very frightening to call because everybody's going to treat you like in that it might be that you've got a favor my Who but you've got some ass. Perhaps. Some other environmental thing that's triggering your cough then. To you what you would want to drink plenty and make sure you get well hydrated as maybe a hot foot would be a good option to reduce congestion in the lungs to see if that would help but if it's kind of 19 you'd want to do full height and there wanted to be a contrast shower and. Taking your nap and you don't maybe because I really had with what you have there. You want to add anything now I just I think she did a good job but I would recommend if you've been exposed to those that might have covered one team to be tested. Because you might want to have some other agents as well but you certainly whether you're tested or not this is the time to boost your immune system and everything that narrative mentioned will help with that boosting of the immunity and I like the idea of adding the curse it into the sink because what if we just learn from. Dr Who all is that you're going to increase that zinc uptake at the cellular level of course it's in shut down that replicates and that of course will deactivate the production of this virus good Ok here's a here's one that maybe you can help us with. I have family members who are pregnant can they still use the sun a mac and other hot cold treatments. We did not recommend the one that in pregnancy rule portfolios and women have this thing and wash away with how. Your body can do your baby we don't want to be so I'm not all that starry when you're pregnant. You know I'm thanking Merritt I've since you're an obstetrician and gynaecologist that you might be very busy 9 months from now because everybody is holed up in a house and not a lot to do. If we're quite worried about them. I would think that might be worldwide we might see one of the biggest baby bombs and in the history of this world they're saying not only that but they're saying they're going to see record number of divorces as well. Because people are together and they get on each other's nerves we just had a program yesterday was looking at the statistics in China where they had acceleration of divorces in that area and many many many many people getting divorced so either they're going to come together or they're going to come apart. Either way we need you know coming together would be prefer a ball and if you're if you're under house arrest the right way I watched a video about house arrest that we did about a week ago. And that will help you to not split apart but to come together by going through the principles of what we all can be doing right now instead of going outside and working that can actually be healthy for us and healthy for our relationships as well Ok gender rights in nature's penicillin someone told me Take 2 lemons a grapefruit one orange and 3 garlic some sip on it all day and that will get rid of a cough would you guys agree with that well I think what we mentioned earlier would work pretty well but citrus can be helpful because as vitamin c. and we talked about the benefits of vitamin c. earlier get good so you can go back and listen to that answer as well but I don't think that'll hurt you if there's nothing on that exactly right it's not very tasty at I've done that a few times I'm not convinced that what well but I know that they by eating the rind as well as the less you get more of the Bible right it's actually improved by availability of license not a bad thing. Yes going to taste bad and you're going to want to get better just because of the taste. James is right I mean you mentioned videos on how to do some immune boosting and is one about how to do a sun at home what do they cover Yes there's one Asama and they cover nutrition exercise water sunlight temperance air restaurants and many other subjects on how to increase that they're at t.c. I we mar dot com or new Star dot com New Star dot com would be the easiest to remember you can find the playlist for Corona virus and there's many immune boosting ideas there and they're free can download them and please share them with as many people as possible Ok so this is from Elizabeth doctrinaire what can a pregnant woman do and stead of Asuna something that is good for immunity boosting but safe for pregnant women I would probably recommend. What I described earlier in the show doing a. Hot towels to the spine and Hall but. That way you will increase your body temperature. Without causing harm to your baby keep your head cool it's really important because here you're running in overdrive a little bit you don't have as good temperature control during pregnancy so you want to be keeping your head cool with a cold cough have a bicycle horse and they can be dipping at a cost and putting that on you or hit a ranch and that is well to keep your head cool and if you're getting too hot you can even see that Obed's your tummy if you like and the baby a little cooler but still be basting your immune system. And. Ok good advice good advice someone is circling back Dr said Hold was not familiar with colloidal silver What do you say Dr Nestle Ok well collide all selve are is a as a toxin to bacteria it's also been shown to potentially be toxic to viruses. But it also has some adverse effects and so. You know they take it once and once in a while or during an infection I don't think it's going to be as much of a problem or at the beginning of infection but we have better agents out there I feel that don't have the risk of the metals and so I would go for those agents 1st and not reach for colloidal silver as one of my top 10 Ok Ok so light on that. The next part of the queue when for pregnant people I'm not sure what that means. Because they asked about and I don't know if it's narrative as we have talked about earlier before America came on but since narrative is an o.b.-g.y.n. physician I think they're wanting to know what about math when you're pregnant. So there is some evidence it. Sorry I'm tripping about peer there is some evidence that that neck with breast feeding right at the beginning of. When when baby's brand new is not say. Because it is concentrated in breast milk and baby can get too much of the neck so and I'm not sure about this is actually very little data out there about neck and pregnancy it is not sufficient and so what if you look it up it will just say don't take a pregnancy because we don't. In terms of breastfeeding later think that once a baby is and since I've been suggesting to people that they might take 600 a day rather than 600 twice a day until a child is a little bit older before they go out the sex twice. That sort of a compromise because the data is not there I can't give reassurance. Well thank you so much for calling to. Greet your your husband Forrest the pastor and I hope he's doing well and greet everybody down there you know some who know us and some who don't believe we've been there a number of times but it's good to see you and thank you so much for taking time with us you're most welcome and you'll stay safe and keep doing the work that you're doing it's fantastic and we all really appreciate it Ok thank you very much there the doctor narrative will. All right that was wonderful to have someone there from. From Down Under with us as well Dr Nelly Yeah we have some of our Wiemar students in New Zealand taking on line courses here at the college and I know they're. They're likely tuned in here as well with everything that's going on related to cope and has so much rain in Donnie on one of your t.c. I videos you mention the importance of exercise what if you can't go outside in your area well can I do for 8 minutes minimum up to one hour of exercise when I'm stuck inside Is there a program you recommend Do you have a p.d.f. of an exercise routine that I can do indoors Well 8 minutes you want to be aerobic you want to be repetitive so you get the you're breathing deeply in the heart rate is going up one of the simple things you can do and it actually helps your bones as well as those little old fashioned many trampoline. You know if you're in and if you do have a balance problem just hanging on to something like a pole there and jumping on that that jumping action actually helps the osteoblasts. Air and it actually helps the osteoclasts not to chew up on the bone. And it's aerobic and it's something that can get your heart rate up and help you breathing deeply said just sun jumping 8 minutes on one of those many trampolines could be simple enough to produce some benefit right you know I know. Another thing I saw my grandfather do was he would just lay on the floor and kick his legs and he would do that for 20 minutes and that seemed to work well with him because he had you know some compromise vertebrae as well that he didn't want to have a compression on those so I've seen that work I've seen someone else also have a treadmill at the house and the treadmill is also something you could do. All right another question here is there any reason you couldn't take this is from Karen so. Is there any reason you couldn't take both Del immune and neck or other things could I overdo it. Knack and Bellamy and based on their physiology are not going to enter rock or be problematic taken to get taking them together and it makes sense in regards to the probiotic aspect of what Merritt was talking about and if you have them on hand do both Ok although the Delany and you wouldn't want to do regular. Ok good we had a little special music there just for a minute. Yeah you know someone is saying here those of us in Southeast Asia moring is a superfood Could you please give some study of this and share about it later as it relates to code 19 a look at it up right now and we're certainly will look into it. And. Thank you for letting us know about it we may not know about it because it's probably not very available over here right. From You're not going to fly it over here you there's a picture of it this is what it looks like from the way so well look into it looks like a green vegetable him yeah it. Is known as drum strict drug stick tray or horseradish tree or been oiled 3 and. Anyway so we'll look into it. Jeffrey the I've heard the smell of pine is good oh wait a minute we already heard that yes we heard that it was good and you go out and smell that it actually has vitamin c. they said in the pine needles can actually ingest some of it carefully I suppose we're not recommending that best what we heard just recently anything else about pine needles you want to say no no I mean that. Pine oil might potentially have some benefit as well but not as much studied as some of the other things that we've been talking about and more highly recommending Yes Great well we could take a few more questions here but is there anything we need to cover just as we're closing up today any message we need to get out Well one of the things I might mention that we haven't just because we haven't mentioned this aspect of things is fasting in the immune system you know a 24 hour fast can actually boost the immune system incredibly so and even up to 72 hours one of the reasons why we get an erection with viruses and this is a virus that causes anorexia most viruses that do that. It's actually better not to eat don't force yourself to you. If you fast you'll actually get a more stimulating immune system response to that virus and so that's something that could also help your immune system on a regular basis if you're fasting once a week it's been well known to fast for 24 hours once a week can be very immune Hansing there's evidence that it helps even the longevity ketosis element to have some positive effects even regards to the acid status that we talked about earlier. In that auctions in this o.c.a. Sion curve you know and so there are some significant advantages of periodic fasting it also helps with self-control and it helps with a number of different things so I know we've been talking about what to ingest. Not to him but this is something that can't be on harmful and we used to view this differently in the medical side of things we used to think boy that person is not eating they need to eat but now we realize with all of the studies on time restricted feeding and fasting that it's actually better not to eat when we're not hungry or are not of the aid being sec let's don't panic recognize this can be healthy for the body just by giving it your g.i. track a good long period of rest and it can stimulate those immune cells in the g.i. tract itself so we're doing that here we are. 2 days a week we're recommending it fast and people some people are done they don't have to do it but they want to and then we have a time of prayer during that time so we're doing that here we're also decreasing the fat in our food taking all the sugar out putting all those antioxidants in that that we talked about we want our people really healthy someone's asking what about tea tree oil or thieves oil Arthur wants to know is this helpful I could have some positive effects not as well study that some of the other things that we talked about earlier. Ok and I heard that hydrotherapy has this is Diane I heard the hydrotherapy is contra indicated if you are if you have hyperthyroid Yes Now hyperthyroidism normally you're going to know if you have hyperthyroidism. The cause of the attack a cardiac and the anxiety and the memory affects of that as well the typical hyperthyroid memory is when you go into a room to get something and you forgot why you are there you go back to the room you are and you remember and you go back to the room again and you forget again so when that happens every thyroid checked could be hyperthyroid in the course if your attack a cardiac an anxiety and those type of things. Yes you're going to be hyper metabolic at that point and so if you're in a hot tub for instance and you're hyper metabolic that could be too much for the system and I would agree that hyperthyroidism are Graves disease we wouldn't want to do the fall one you know hot baths or the hot sauna but they could still do the fomentation part of things in the more local effects Ok Rick is asking I want to try a fast What should I do a juice fast the water fast how do I do that water fast is what we're talking about as far as the greatest stimulation immune system but in juice fast can also stimulated some if we get all of the amino acids or most of the amino acids out of the diet and so like a fruit juice fast or you know some sort of. You know maybe just cucumber juice fast or something can actually be immune stimulating as well you'll get a few calories in that way but where the greatest evidence is is actually on the water fast itself so try that. Couple more neck questions what's next made up of are there any cases that show that neck causes cancer you know human cases we talked about how there was a study in mice using large amounts that actually helped the mice as far as their lung disease was concerned these were aged mice who had advanced lung disease and they were already prone to having lung cancer because of how they aged it in the emphysema and the chronic bronchitis and it actually seemed to increase that risk of lung cancer in large doses but there's been a lot of human studies randomized controlled trials. Not an issue. As far as increased risk of cancer. Or any other disease state for that matter. And it is a natural substance it's something that is found in nature as we talked about earlier and it can be found the substrate of an acid heal system which is cysteine the amino acid is found in a number of foods. And lentils is one of the good ones oats is actually the grain and come loot those are the 2 grains that are highest in it. And then split peas Black-Eyed Peas are good source garbanzo those are another good source of me making me hungry sesame seeds are good sources well. And so even how mess itself would be a great a great food to boost your glucose ion levels which is what an acid heal system does and that's where it's having most of its positive effects isn't boosting the immune system. I don't take any supplements currently says Alaina what would be reasonably for me to start taking if I well you know that's an individual question that I'd have to have a lot more answers for. In general the new start principles work well just with foods themselves and. But there are certain individual cases where we utilize supplements depending upon the situation and what the individual might be struggling from whether what how old they are or what phase in life they are and how active they are so that's something that we more personalize and I don't have a one size fits all for all of these supplements but one exception to that might be hydroxy Cobol men which is a vitamin b 12 because my meat b 12 is hard to get these days it's made by healthy bacteria and if you don't know your b 12 level 20 percent of Americans are short in it and it's something that can help our brain chemistry as well as our immune system our methylation and so b 12 is one of those safe supplements and the smallest amount you can get just once a week can do the job but other than that not really a one size fits all for everybody how can we put the corona virus outbreak in the context of other high profile breeds outbreaks in the last decade like Zico or h one n one. Put it in context as far as you know at this point. Well that's a good question because these other outbreaks have been serious as well and have caused a number of diseases h one n one is caused deaths in the thousands even our own flu. This year has caused well over 20000 deaths in this country we fear we think that corona virus is going to actually cause more deaths in this country than the flu did this year. And it's certainly more contagious than the flu. And probably more deadly although we don't now since we haven't done widespread testing to know if it's definitely more deadly but certainly probably more deadly and probably more deadly than the h one n one. And probably more deadly than the Zico but not as deadly as a boa. And Ebola actually. That's mortality rate superseded. That of SARS 2 or coded one team so that's how you put it in perspective I guess what is different about this is our response to it this is the 1st time in the history that I know of in the world. Pastor Don that we have Corentin healthy people. Before we always Corentin the unhealthy to prevent the healthy can really think that it can really tell them Yeah and you know it's even true in regards to the flu virus because the flu virus you can spread it before you get symptoms as well. But we still may Corentin people once we know they have the flu of course that's when they're the most infectious. And coronavirus patient that's most infectious is going to be early on in that course of the time that they're diagnosed they'll still be spreading that virus rather readily but because of the Arnaldo. That this can be spread ahead of time. This is what I think driven the world to Corentin everybody and it's an experiment that seems to have worked as far as flattening the curve. But it would have worked just as well to quarantine only the sick which was what hand was really intent on in fact we're not quarantining the sick as much as what we would under other situations you know we're telling them the South Korean team where and other epidemics we make sure they're in a medical facility and we make sure that they're not going to go out and that sort of thing but they could be still spreading it to their family members and that sort of thing so there's more trust involved in our corn team aspect of things from what we've done before but those are the few of the differences and the public health authorities are doing what they feel is best to protect. You know the greatest amount of people can we just have a couple minutes one more what's your advice for wearing a mask on keep in mind the c.d.c. just said today that it's recommend the everyone in America where a mask but what's your advice should they be warn of traveling or on a plane Well here's the best advantage of wearing a mask. It's not from preventing the aerosol spread from somebody else necessarily although it can do that but it actually prevents you from touching your own mouth and nose when you're out in public because you've got a mask you can't get to it and this is the primary spread is actually from surfaces to our nose and mouth and just try to not touch your face for an hour it's been found up next to impossible even though that might be the 1st thought on your mind you're going to get distracted and diverted and you're going to do that and so having that mask on can help you when you're out in public if you happen to come in touch with the corona virus to prevent it from actually touching your nose in your mouth before you wash your hands so when you get home you can take that mask off before you take the mask off wash your hands take the mask off and then wash your hands again and in that if you're washed in all of those areas you should be fine but that's going to be your number one preventive agent now could prevent it if you're in a choir or singing or those sorts of things because we do know that when you are singing vigorously like the group I'm in the Seattle Washington area a choir got together a few weeks ago 60 choir members and nobody was visibly sick and $45.00 of them got the coronavirus they were all they weren't going to 6 foot distance saying they were all close to each other this is before the distancing rules came about and $45.00 of them got it just for Maris all so it is possible to get it from the aerosol but it's not the most common spread and of course having masks on in those situations probably would have been life saving is already 2 people out of those 45 who have died from cope and 19 very sad and one of the reasons also I feel they were limiting mask and telling people not to do it is there was a shortage of math. Yeah they wanted was out there in the you know you would cause more panic attacks when you're telling everyone to use mass and nobody can find them but now that the mass are being mass produced we now see this change taking place in the recommendations of Ok last one and will all of this make a comment and then we'll close many more questions coming in now which means that you must be liking this interactive here with Facebook regret you join this Tema saying I'm going to be connected with family and friends virtually during this time but I saw something one year videos about my brain eating non virtual activities for good mental health what kind of activities could you recommend during these times that would benefit mental health well you know one thing we have all these videos that you're watching. We have some new coming out on how to get treatments how to help your other family members and help others in the maybe in your community only if appropriate of course with social isolation and different things right now but there's a lot there and we're actually planning to do a series of. Things with our new start program Meanwhile want to join that program will give you enough stuff to do all day if you join then because you not only have lectures and you know here's a listen to but then you have to implement that and I think there's a lot of people out there if you're one of those people either this is me and I would love that I would love for it to listen for a couple hours and then go and do those thing through and increase my immune system by my immune health and maybe not get this virus or be able to fight it off of those things hey email us send us your e-mail and we'll we'll put you on the list because we're really ramping up to do something I just a very few weeks from now or even a few days so let us know if you're interested in that any final word Dr Natalie well as far as answering that question reorganizing your house you know doing things with your hands and 3 d. where you're not just tied to a screen all the time would be a good thing I know my son and daughter in law they're deep cleaning their house during this time and doing a lot of scrubbing and and those sorts of things that can be helpful as well and in multiple ways but I really like the idea of doing the online depression or anxiety recovery program or the New Start program and that would be a great approach while you're hunkered down during this month of April to make these moments count the most as far as enhancing your life after the coven 1000 crisis is over. Thank you so much we'll just have a predator the fall of Heaven bless those who've been watching now in their particular situations the questions we've not gotten to we ask that they be able to find answers or be able to connect with them thank you for those who have interacted and as we get the word out from what we've heard today may many people through the information they have have a decrease in their stress an increase in their ability to prevent or to treat or their own situation of those in their family or others where appropriate so bless each one we pray Christ's name man Amen.


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