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The Appointed Time

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio



  • April 6, 2020
    11:07 AM
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It is the commandments of God written upon our mind written upon our heart that will bring true joy and satisfaction you know dear friends as I speak to you here the small orning all of you are well aware the course of the last several weeks we have experienced unprecedented events throughout the world which have caused thousands of deaths related to the cove it 19 virus it is left many people asking the question what in the world is going on and governments around the world have been left moving frantically trying to mediate the effects of this virus and through a variety of plans the principles have come out that are quite simple wash your hands often keep distance stay home if you're sick and clean and disinfect overwhelmingly most people have followed this council by understanding the danger and heeded the warning and prepared for the time however there have been some who have decided a very different path they've decided not to heed the warning some who have said well we'll just go to the beaches in droves others who have ignored it and some just to be seemingly carelessly oblivious to the realities that we are now dealing and I must wonder today I must wonder aloud could it be that this Corona virus pandemic may teach us something may teach us something of a critical message about our own spiritual journey and the times in which we live. Today we will see that the crew the Scriptures clearly teach God has an appointed time and appointed time for the return of His Son Jesus when Jesus will break for through the clouds in glory and at that time the appointed time he will bring an end to all sin suffering and pain and disease and the reality is he is appointed you to be an instrument to share that story that Jesus desires when he comes at the appointed time to take us to our appointed home but the question that we will wrestle with the small orning in the question remains will we accept what Jesus has done all that he is doing and all that he will do or will we reject the warnings will we ignore the warnings or will we just seemingly be carelessly obey Livia's to the warnings that he has given will we go on just living life as usual as we study God's word today I think it's important that we pray again and ask God to reveal to us the importance of what he is trying to say let's pray Heavenly Father as we spend the next few moments in your word we want to understand what you are doing we want to understand what you're trying to teach us and I pray Lord that as I speak I don't speak my own opinions of my own philosophical ideologies but rather Lord I would speak in accordance with what you have spoken to me and Lord help us as we study to take heed to the counsel that you give we pray this in Jesus' name amen So what is this appointed time that. I've referred to and is the title of my message over 35 times in the New King James Version of the Bible the Word Phrase the appointed time appears it is a key phrase in the Old Testament it is based on the Hebrew word mo ed in The New Testament it's based on the Greek word Kairos literally it could be translated a set time a determined time a fixed time and appointed sign or a decisive moment but most importantly the key meaning behind this phrase the appointed time is this an appointed time in the purpose of God a time that God uses to accomplish his purpose and throughout the Bible we read about God's appointed times his decisive moments where he was determined to bring about his purpose you can read about them on your own but when you read the Bible stories the Bible refers to the appointed times when the angels would return and Sarah would be with child it refers to the appointed time in which the children of Israel would leave Egypt and it also refers to the appointed time in which God called upon the children of Israel to wait upon the Lord there was an appointed time for the exile out of Babylon there was an appointed time for the baptism of Jesus Christ and appointed time for the death of Jesus Christ and what we will look at today there is an appointed time in which Jesus is coming and he's coming soon and his call today is for each of us to be in tune and aware of that coming that we might not be caught unprepared throughout the Scriptures God has appointed times to bring about his purpose and I don't want you to miss this point. The more imminent the more close that appointed time is coming the more important it is to understand that appointed time and respond to it you see too often mankind finds himself or herself in a position where we put off God's appointed times the Bible speaks of this in its most classically seen in the book of Acts Chapter 24 and verse 25 Felix as he was having the Gospel preached and explained to him by the Apostle Paul said these words to Paul go away from me now when I have a convenient time I will call upon you you see I want you to notice the difference you see God had an appointed time Felix one and in time God's appointed times do not always come or work at our time of convenience but they work at his appointed time in the master plan of saving the universe and more importantly they work at times in which God is trying to save you as an individual I want you to think back over the course of your own life think back over the course of your own story story what have been those moments what has been God's appointed times in your own life for me it is frankly overwhelming as I consider my own story appointed times where had I not been open to those appointed times and God's leading I fear for what my life would have been in fact I am quite certain that had I not been open to God's appointed times in my life as a young man I would really have much to consider. There wouldn't be much to consider about my life because I am convinced had I not responded to those appointed times I would have a life you see we must understand in the z. point appointed times the Bible never uses the phrase the appointed comfortable times sometimes maybe often the appointed con time comes at an inconvenient or an unknown comfortable time in our lives we might ask the children of Israel about this you see Jeremiah predicted there was trouble coming from the north and at an appointed time the Babylonians would come I wonder if you would have asked the children of Israel how comfortable and convenient it was to be taken captive by Babylon yet it was God's appointed time and he utilize the captivity in Babylon to draw his people back to him but what we must understand my dear friends a don't miss out on this even in the most uncomfortable moments of appointed times Don't miss this God is for you you see friends it may not seem so there may be a point to times where you don't feel like God is for you because that appointed time has brought up a great deal of discomfort in your life it's brought about a great deal of inconvenience in your life and even you might feel that in this appointed time that God is against you God has come against you God is cursing you. But what we need to know is the promise of the Bible you see the promise of the Bible is clear it is clear in both the Old and New Testament the Apostle Paul writing to the Roman Church and Romans chapter 8 in verse 31 said If God is for us who can be against us and then the psalm missed in Psalm 118 and Psalm 118 and verse 6 the so missed wrote these words the Lord is on my side and I will not fear what can man do to me and to make this relevant in the 21st century in 2020 in the midst of coronavirus the Bible says The Lord is on my side I will not fear what can Covidien 19 do to me Now don't misunderstand don't take that to a logical and rather an illogical conclusion that's not to say that we disregard the science and we aren't careful that is to say that even if you could track that covert 19 even if you followed all the practices in you contract it covert 19 even if you became so sick that God forbid this would happen that you might die or a loved one died what is it that this virus has done to you it's only taken your temporal life the Bible is quite clear that God is in heaven preparing a place and appointed place where he will send His Son at the appointed time to come and take you to that appointed place in time my dear friends don't misunderstand you see God is for us even in an appointed time when things are happening in our life and things aren't going our way and things aren't going like we wanted to go it's inconvenient it's brought a disruption. God has appointed times in which he is attempting to bring about his purpose in your life and he is calling upon you in these appointed time he wants you to respond he has a message of hope to give to you and in turn that message of hope that he gives to you that you can share with your friends and family and neighbors that at this time where the whole world is trembling in fear you are not fearful which you are trusting in a most holy God who is leading you you see this message of hope is so vital especially in this time of isolation and quarantine God is doing everything he can God is doing everything he can to take you to your appointed home which is heaven and I will tell you that is a message that is drastically different than other Christians are proclaiming there are some that are proclaiming this idea that God is doing all he can to keep people out of heaven we have a message that God What God has done what he is doing and what he will do to take and lead as many people as possible to heaven and to help illustrate that point and to help bring home the point of the appointed time I want to turn to a very familiar book The Book of Daniel there in the Book of Daniel I want to share with you something I had never noticed in over 20 years of studying the passages of the Book of Daniel I had never noticed there in Daniel Chapter 8 a familiar story to you I'm sure Daniel the Hebrew captive in Babylon receives a message from God And beginning in verse one and again friends if you don't have a Bible I would encourage you to. Go online and look at a bible Bible Gateway dot com Go on your phone download the you version of the Bible so you have a Bible and if you would like a bible in print and you don't have one you leave a message right now whether you're watching it Facebook or You Tube We want to make sure that we put a Bible in your hands Daniel Chapter 8 and verse one in the 3rd year of the reign of King bells d'azur a vision appeared to me to me Daniel after the one that appeared to me the 1st time I saw in a vision and it so happened while I was looking that I was at Shushan and the citadel which is in the province of Elam and I saw in a vision that I was by the river lie that I lifted my eyes and saw and there was standing before the river was a ram which had to warns and the 2 horns were high but one was higher than another and the higher one came up last I saw the ram pushing westward and northward and southward so that no animal could withstand him nor was there any that could deliver from his hand but he did according to His will and became great and as I was considering suddenly a male goat came from the west across the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes then he came to the ram that had 2 horns which I had seen standing by the river and ran at him with furious power and I saw him come close to the ram and he was moved with rage against him attacked the ram and broke his 2 horns there was no excuse me there was no power in the ram to withstand him but he cast him to the ground and trampled on him and there was no one that could deliver the ram from his hand therefore the male goat grew very great but when he became strong the large horn was broken. And in place of it for notable ones came up toward the 4 winds of heaven and out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south and toward the east and toward the glorious land and it grew up to the host of heaven it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the ground and trampled them he even exulted himself as high as the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away and the place of his sanctuary was cast down because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices and he cast true to the ground he did all of this and it prospered for and I want you to imagine for a moment that you were Daniel I want you to imagine I want you to imagine for a moment that you were seeing this amazing vision a vision of a Ramanna go to I want you to put yourself in the place of Daniel a Hebrew captive in Babylon and so while Daniel was seeing these things I want you to understand the context Daniel would not have been kicked taken by surprise by all of this Daniel had been given the dream of Daniel to 1st give it a bit can as are but then given to Daniel Daniel had been given the vision of Daniel Chapter 7 and in each of those Daniel had been given an overview and oversight of. The nations of the Earth you'll remember and we don't have time to study through the entirety of the Book of Daniel I would encourage you to go to Hope Lives Bible Study dot com And there you can sign up for a class on sealing Daniel's mysteries with Pastor Mark Finley which gets into the details of Daniel 27 and 8 but for the purposes of our study this morning you'll remember in Daniel Chapter 2 Daniel saw an image an image with the highest value of metal at the top and lowest value of metal at the bottom but with the greatest strength excuse me with the lowest strength of metal at the top and the greatest strength of metal at the bottom the head of gold represented Babylon the chest of arms of silver Mito Persia the mid-section of brass or bronze as greased the legs of iron Rome and the feet of iron and claim Clay a divided Rome in Daniel Chapter 2 is established a pattern of Bible Prophecy that is a pattern that goes throughout the entirety of the Scriptures especially important to the interpretation of Daniel and Revelation and it is simply this nation's judgment 2nd coming in Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel receives another dream this dream though is a dream of beasts but these beasts outlined the same principle Nations judgment 2nd coming. God is using a very familiar principle with Daniel Daniel was a Hebrew he was a thinker of the east and they would have been familiar with a a principle called recapitulation or repeat and in large it's very common it throughout the Bible the Psalms are the probably the greatest example of this recapitulation but a very familiar song Think about how that is and by the way what is recapitulation is simply something that is repeated and enlarged it's something that is said a 2nd time with more details so for example Psalm 51 a very familiar song What's the 1st thing that says that it says created in me a clean heart oh God And then that's repeated How is it repeated and renew a right spirit within me what is it doing it's making a statement then making a 2nd statement that is identical but telling you how that clean heart is created through the renewable of a right spirit and so in the Book of Daniel we have this recapitulation that occurs in Daniel 2 Daniel 7 Daniel 8 and 9 and then Daniel's 10 and Daniel's there's only one Daniel Daniel 10 through 124 times in the Book of Daniel where the same sequence is outlined with greater detail in the Bible goes on in Daniel Chapter 8 beginning in verse 13 then I heard a holy one speaking in another Holy One said to that certain one who is speaking how long will this vision be concerning the daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation and the giving up the giving of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled under foot and he said to me $2300.00 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed now I want you to think of the simple outline here Daniel seized beasts a large horn for horns a little horn. And then the 2300 a prophecy. What's going on here well in the earlier prophecies Daniel was shown the pattern nation's judgment 2nd coming so what should we expect of Daniel Chapter 8 what we would expect the same thing and in fact we don't need to wonder because in Daniel Chapter 8 verse 15 the angel continues then it happened when I Daniel had seen the vision and was seeking the meaning that suddenly there stood before me one having the appearance of a man and I heard a man's voice between the banks of the lie who called and said Gabriel make this man understand the vision so he came near where I stood in when I came I was afraid and fell on my face but he said to me understand Son of Man the vision refers to the time of the end now as he was speaking with me I was in a deep sleep in my face to the ground with my face to the ground but he touched me in such and i sed he touched me and stood me up right and he said look I am making known to you what shall happen in the latter time of ignorant indignation for at the appointed time the end shall be now I'm going to come back to this verse in just a moment because it's something I had never noticed before in 20 years of studying the book of Daniel but I want to continue on in the book in these verses to kind of finish off so I don't leave you hanging on what's going on here the angel continues the continued the ram which you saw having 2 horns they are the kings of media in Persia and the male go to is the kingdom of Greece the large horn that is between his eyes is the 1st king as for the broken horn and the 4 that stood up in its place for Kingdom shell arise out of that nation but not with its power you see in understanding Daniel Chapter 8 we have the same pattern of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7. Nation's judgment 2nd coming Now someone may say well Babylon's not there you are absolutely correct and the reason for that is under the reign of Belshazzar Babylon was coming to an end and no longer significant or relevant in the prophetic timeline now what became much more relevant to Daniel and his people was middle Persia or the kingdom of Persia and the kingdom of Greece and then the kingdom of Rome and so we see the ram is Middle Persian The goat is Greece we don't need to guess we don't need to prognosticate because the Bible is quite clear in identifying those 2 the notable horn was the 1st King of Greece in what notable person would we find as the 1st king of the kingdom of Greece that would be none other than Alexander the Great a young boy by the way a young boy who grew up in Macedonia who was there when the Persians would invade Macedonia and decimate the people a young boy who would remember the brutality of the Persians and so when the Bible describes the action of the rule of this goat as it comes across to defeat the ram that is in fact how did Alexander the Great conquered Persia with a mighty army an army often much smaller than the Persian armies but with a goal and more than a goal Alexander the Great was God's appointed vessel of conquering the known world with absolute precision the property c. predicted that Greece would not rule forever but would be divided into 4 and historically Greece was divided into 4 Ptolemy Cassandra life Simak us and Salusa this why did this happen because as Alexander lay on his deathbed and his generals because Sandor Ptolemy lay cynicus and solutions came to him they said Alexander who will inherit the kingdom who will rule over Greece. And in those famous words Alexander said Alexander simply answered he who is strongest Greece would be divided never to come together again and then out of one of the 4 winds of heaven in the West in the Western Empire of Greece there begin the coalescing against all odds of a people of a republic and there in the western edges of Greece the rub Republic of Rome was a stablished and one of the most unlikely moments in history this little republic which had been greatly influenced by the Hellenistic thinking of Greece developed into the strongest empire ever in the history of Earth Pagan Rome rose out of the western edges of Greece and then moved and conquered and transform society transform society so much that it still has an influence today in fact if you visit modern day Turkey almost all of the major highways in Turkey today's i ways are built on top of the old ancient Roman roads but over time Pagan Rome would take on a decidedly different element it would take on not just a political element but a religious element and this religio political power would give way to become Papal Rome and the ending of people Rome and excuse me and then Papal Rome would be the last of the empires and after people Rome comes the $2300.00 days which is the judgment and immediately following the judgment the 2nd coming but I want to draw our attention to verse 19 there in verse 19 the Bible says look I am making known to you what shall happen in the latter time. This is absolutely critical for understanding and I believe very critical in our time of covert 19 we're going to look at something that is absolutely essential that gives us the absolute hope and the reason that I'm making such a big deal about this is because in modern Christianity there are many who want to take verse 19 and put it off some time in the distant past but the angel says I'm in a make known to you what it will happen in the latter time but not just any latter time what does the Bible say there the latter time of indignation for at the appointed time the end it shall be what is the latter time of indignation What is the end the latter time of indignation appears several times in the Scriptures but one that I want to point out that helps us understand is Jeremiah chapter $29.00 and verse 11 it will help us understand this phrase the latter time in the Bible says you know Jeremiah 2911 well I'm sure for I know the thoughts that I think toward you thoughts of peace and not evil Sometimes we stop there to give you a future and a hope now here's where I don't want you to miss the word Their future is the identical Hebrew word to the word used in Daniel latter times identical word what is the future or the latter times that Jeremiah was speaking of what is the latter time of the hope that Jeremiah spoke to that latter time of hope is the only true hope that exists in the world the latter time of hope that gives us hope is when Jesus will break for through the clouds and when he does he will bring an end to all the pain in the suffering in this world don't miss this my dear friends God doesn't need another pandemic. The pandemic is just a sign of what is happening around us and what is to come and that is that Jesus is come coming you know Jesus my dear friends is waiting for his people to come to a realization that there is nothing that we can do there is no government in the world and what they can do there is nothing that society can develop that will bring us true lasting genuine hope games will come to an end my dear friends drinks will come to an end food will come to an end they may bring you temporary satisfaction but Jesus wants to bring us the satisfaction that will be everlasting that will last throughout time you see even the best moments that we have in our life are nothing in comparison to the latter times of hope that Jesus has for each of us you see God wants us to understand the only real hope is the future that he is developing at the appointed time of Jesus' return you see Isaiah Chapter 46 also helps us understand this latter time of indignation verses 9 and 10 remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient things that are not yet done the word here and in Isaiah Chapter 46 verses 9 and 10 is the exact word that Daniel used for the latter times why am I am for sizing this there are some who want to place Daniel 819 in the past and apply it to a not very well known general in Rome Antioch as a pick phonies However Daniel was not pointing to some irrelevant Antioch as a pit phonies but to the most relevant cataclysmic glorious joyous day ever to happen in this earth and that is when Jesus will come again in glory. You see it's not just in the latter time by the way it's as the latter time of indignation the word indignation What is that word indignation can be simply summarized as God's outrage against sin there is a difference between indignation and wrath you see indignation is how God feels about sin how does God how does how and how the question is is how does God feel about sin God hates sin he's outraged by sin and Jeremiah Chapter 10 of verse 10 tells us what God will do with unforgiven sin but the Lord is the true God He is the living God the everlasting King at his wrath the earth will tremble and the nations will not be able to endure his indignation my dear friends God is outraged by sin and that is indignation he was outraged by the fall of Lucifer he loved Lucifer but outraged by his fall he loved Lucifer but his heart was broken his heart was broken that Lucifer chose a rebellious path God is outraged by what sin has done to this earth God is outraged by coven 19. Sometimes I wonder aloud My dear friends that if it might be one of the reasons that we are still on this earth is that many of us don't really until you understand the magnitude of what sin really is the magnitude of rebellion and what it's done in the universe you see too often we treat sin like loops I made a mistake but my dear friends are sin killed the Son of God our sin on this Earth transformed the course of history in the entire universe. And God is outraged by what sin has cost some are wondering where God is in the midst of Covidien 19 the coronavirus we know where he is God is outraged by Covidien 19 and the damage and the pain in the suffering that Lucifer is causing by bringing it about on this earth where is the god in the midst of suffering where is God in the midst of covert 19 Where is God in the midst of cancer where is God in the midst of an accident God is outraged by Satan's attack on your life on your loved one's life gawd is going to do something about it because people often ask me so if God is so outraged by sin if he's so upset by what's happened why doesn't he just come then the 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 9 tells us why he's not yet come the Lord is not slacken serving his promises some counts lack MOUs but his long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance see God's heart is a heart that wants to save everyone now do we know from the Bible that there will be people who are not in the Kingdom certainly there will be those that make a decision to trust in themselves rather than trusting in God but God's heart as outraged by sin is is he's outraged even more by the reality that his son is preparing a place he's preparing a place in heaven for each and every one of us and God would be outraged by the reality that some people would not be there he wants us there and most important today for you to consider as he wants you there he wants your son there he wants your daughter there he want your brother your sister your mom and dad he wants them all there in the midst of God's outrage in the midst of his indignation is his justice and mercy. Because at the appointed time the end shall be at the appointed time God has indignation there is a ladder time of indignation where his indignation will be worked out through his wrath at the end it in indignation is how God feels about sin his wrath is how he deals with sin and His wrath is what brings an end to sin it is what the prophet Isaiah calls God's strange act when a God of love must bring an end to sin however in bringing an end to sin he must bring an end to angels whom he created he must bring an end to humanity human beings who he has created it is God strange acts because the nature of God is love he wants to save you he is for you yet when we cling so much to us and that we're not willing to let go and cling to Him God has to deal with sin in Genesis 613 God dealt with sin the Bible says the end of all flesh is come before me Matthew 3039 speaking of the devil it says the enemy who is sewed them excuse me the enemy who sowed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the age it is the same word used in Daniel Chapter 8 and just so the stars and come out as Bad News this is good news friends you see in the latter day of indignation where God works out his feelings against sin by his wrath against sin here is one of the great ironies of the Bible that that ending then prompts a new beginning and that new beginning is a joyous new beginning because the Bible describes it as a kingdom that begins that will have no wind. It Daniel Chapter 12 describes that in verses $1.00 to $3.00 at that time what time is that at that time and according to Daniel $1140.00 that time is the appointed time at that time Michael shall stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and there should be a time of trouble such as never was seen since there was a nation even to that time and at that time your people shall be delivered every one who is found written in the book and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some to everlasting life some to shame and everlasting contempt those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever friends God has an appointed time where he will bring everything to an end. And in bringing everything to an end then he can begin with a new beginning a new beginning where there is no end and here is the question that I want to stay deal with in the closing moments of my sermon today will you be ready for that day will I be ready for that day it won't be because we've worked hard enough it won't be because we've done enough. It will simply be because of this that we are willing to let go and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us that he might work through us because there is an incoming the appointed time when the latter days of God's indignation where his outrage will be worked it will be worked out through his wrath. And where is outrage will be on display and eliminates and forever but in the elimination of sin we can take joy because in the elimination of sin is the elimination of death is the elimination of suffering is the elimination of pain is the elimination of disease it's almost too difficult for our human minds to comprehend a place with no suffering and no pain in one of my favorite books that traces course of God's working in history the great controversy on page 678 it says these words the great controversy is ended speaking of the appointed time sin and sinners are no more the entire universe is clean one pulse of harmony and gladness beats through the vast creation from Him who created all flow life and light and gladness throughout the realms of illimitable space from the minute of Saturn to the greatest world all things animate and animate in their unshadowed beauty and perfect joy declare that God is Love You see God has an appointed time for the end of all things but his appointed time to end all things marks a beginning God has an appointed time for the end of sin in your life you see Romans Chapter 6 outlines when we yield fully to Christ we die to sin and we are raised to a new with Jesus Christ that we can walk in the newness of life a life that he offers God wants to bring an end to those things in our life that keep us from our inheritance in his heavenly home many ask the question What shall I do what's God's will in my life in the midst of covert 19 What shall I do the answer is over the simpler simplistic. But clear 1st us alone eons for 3 says this for this is the will of God your sanctification the word sank cation in its simplest terms is God's preparation for you to go to the heavenly kingdom and so what does this mean any relationship any job any activity any career any thought any action that would deter us from the path to heaven is outside of the will of God in the book Pilgrim's Progress it calls it the path to the Celeste Steel City my dear friends God's will is that any relationship any conduct any association anything and everything that takes us off the path to the Celestial City is outside of his will in your life so what do we do Mark Chapter 133-2234 tells us clearly what we should do but of that day or hour no one knows not the angels in heaven nor the Son but only the Father Why is that by the way because God is the one who has an appointed time to bring an end of all things and then Jesus says these simple things to heed watch and pray for you do not know when that time is the word their time by the way is the Greek word Cairo us translated elsewhere as the appointed time friend if there is any teacher preacher friend relative that is telling you that they have identified with precision the time in which Jesus is coming now is the time for you to run and not listen to them the Bible is clear only God in heaven knows when the appointed time is his counsel to you is to take heed watch and pray because you don't know when the appointed time is the word there take he literally means to watch to observe. To be alert my dear friends now is the time that we need to be alert to watch what's happening and to be ready for Jesus come Jesus coming now is the time for us to shine the love of Jesus in our life just because we are isolated does not mean that we are exempted from letting the light of Jesus shine God is calling for us to take heed to be on alert the word their watch literally means to lie awake we need to be alert and awake I have a fear my dear friends that when coronavirus comes to an end when the stay at home orders are released I have a great fear my fear is that many of us will simply return to life as normal Jesus described that time as the days of Noah people marrying eating drinking I would hope and pray that coronaviruses start of something very important now is the time to get serious and now is the time to prepare we are to spiritually and figuratively lie awake we are to be aware of the times to study God's word to study God's inspired counsel and then as we watch and we take heed allow the power of God to move in our lives through prayer why do we pray because John 15 is clear with Jesus we can do all things but without him without him we can do nothing so what do we do want to conclude with the words. Of a little pamphlet written over 100 years ago called the Youth instructor on page 32 I will not read the entire passage the author Ellen White gave these councils over 100 years ago Jesus is coming. He will visit this world again but not as his 1st advent to be despised scoffed at and hated to have his head pierced with a crown of thorns and have nails driven through his precious hands and feet Jesus is coming but not to be the meek suffering teacher he once was Jesus is coming but not to listen to the woes of mankind and hear the guilty sinner confess a sin and to speak pardon for him for everyone's case will then be decided for life or death Jesus is coming as he ascended into heaven only with additional splendor he is coming with the glory of his father and all the holy angels with him to a score him on his way instead of the cruel crown of thorns to pierce his holy temples a crown of dazzling glory will deck his sacred brow he will not then appear the man of sorrows and pointed with grief but his countenance will shine brighter than the noon day sun he will not wear a plain seamless code but a garment whiter than snow of dazzling brightness Jesus is coming but not to rain as a temporal prince he will raise the righteous dead change the living saints to a glorious immortality and with the Saints take the kingdom under the whole haven't the kingdom will never end then those who have patiently waited for Jesus will be made like him and then she closes with these words dear young reader now maybe you're watching today and you're not that young but that's Ok because you are young in heart and Jesus is going to make you young listen to these words dear young reader seek a thorough preparation to meet Jesus that when he appears you may exclaim with Jo joy lo this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us. Eternal life will then be urse you will be a partaker with Christ of his glory and ever to hear is glorious approving voice and behold his lovely person so the question that I have to you today no matter where you are no matter what part of the world you are in what will you do I'm pleading with you today friend Jesus is coming soon coronavirus is truly a sign of the time that Jesus is coming soon how soon is he coming I don't know but the only thing I know is that we have today we have today and now is the time to submit fully to him because as we submit fully to him he who began a good work in us will finish that work we live in unprecedented times now is the time there is a little creature that I believe we can learn a valuable lesson from it is a little bird in which we can find a valuable lesson it is a bird that takes residence in the eastern portion of North America its called the did to us this bird has adapted because it has learned this bird has learned because it has taken heed and watched and why is that of this little bird normally eats things from the ground creatures little insects out of the tree but this little bird has come to understand that some terrorist somewhere around September or October there are many people in the eastern part of North America that put out a little thing called a bird feeder and there in the bird feeder they fill it with all kinds of sea and this little bird has adapted so that when those bird feeders come out it gathers the seed and amazingly. It gathers each seed one at a time most of these birds make their home within a 100 feet 30 or so metres from that bird feeder and one seed at a time they take it to their home to build up a store house that they might have something to eat don't misunderstand the illustration I'm not counseling you to become a proper and fill your cupboards but let us learn from this little bird who took heed and watched now is the time for us to take heed and watch and prepare for Jesus wherever you are today friend whether you're sitting in North America whether you're in interim Eric or South America whether you're in Europe and Asia and Australia possibly even Antarctica whatever continent on which you are residing maybe you're in Africa Jesus is calling upon you today to take heed to watch and to be ready the Apostle Paul wrote these words which I will conclude with behold now is the accepted time behold now is the day of salvation Jesus has an appointed time whatever happens with covert 19 I don't know this is what I do know this book says that Jesus is preparing a place for you and God wants you to be there he wants you to make a decision today so right now in your home maybe in your living room in your bedroom you might be laying on a bed right now you might be laying on a couch right now I want you to take this moment seriously we're not broadcasting from our church to be a form of entertainment we're broadcasting from our church to be a source of hope. So now I'm going to invite you if you've heard the message today it's touched your heart and you want to take heed watch and be ready and pray and invite you right now wherever you are no matter how you're dressed whether you're dressed alike you're going to church whether you're still in your pajamas when I invite you right now slip to your knees and I want you to pray with me friends now is the time now is time the time to be ready for God's appointed time to watch to be on alert to pray give our life fully to him and be ready. He will get us through. He will see us through covert 19. And he is coming soon. Where it will bring an end to all sin suffering pain where there will never be a disease ever again. And the beauty of the Scriptures is that he's doing everything he can to make sure you're there so right now slip to your knees. And that's pretty ever. Or do you have a father. I don't know what's happening in the lives of the thousands and thousands of viewers that are viewing this now or will view it in the future. I don't know what circumstances are being faced what difficulties are being faced Maybe there's someone infected with Cove in 1000 that's watching right now. Maybe there's someone going through other difficulties other challenges. I just want to pray Dear God today. That we would come to you. That we would yield our life fully to you. That we would let go. Of all that keeps us attached to this earth. And we would cling to you. With all of our might and strength which is only fueled by your Holy Spirit. May our eyes be fixed and turned. From the pandemic of this world and from the pain of this age. To look. Into the eyes of Jesus to look full into his wonderful face. And to look with anxious anticipation. For the appointed time of his return. Oh God help us to be ready for that day. We pray this in Jesus' name. Amen. 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