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COVID19: Spiritual Distancing - Deep Prophecy Version

Eric Walsh
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We take a deep dive into the prophetic meanings and origins of the current pandemic.  We expose the plan for this pandemic and how the Christian should respond. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • April 3, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Good evening everyone we are filming again in our. Series on the coronavirus. Much has happened but there's a Bible story I want to share with you tonight as well as some prophetic implications of what is going on let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word ask in a very special way Lord it you empty me of self Lord we do not want to hear my words we want to hear your words speak through me Lord film of the Holy Ghost and Lord allow your word to come alive Lord and breathe the Holy Spirit on this experience and Lauren allow the Holy Spirit to bring prophetic insight this is our prayer in Jesus's name Amen we're going to start a new book of 2nd Kings Chapter 6 a topic tonight is spiritual distancing spiritual and sing coven 1000 pandemic at the door spiritual distancing and in 2nd Kings Chapter 6 starting a verse 24 is one of the interesting stories of the Old Testament it's a gruesome story almost like it's out of some side Horror Movie verse $24.00 and it came to pass after this that Ben had odd king of Syria gathered all his holes and went up and besieged Samarium verse 25 says and there was a great famine in some area and behold they besieged it until and asses head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver and a 4th part of a cab of doves dung for 5 pieces of silver to give you some background of the few chapters earlier naman. Was diagnosed with leprosy in the Prophet was able to heal him the next chapter over the Alicia has to deal with the fact that he is surrounded by the a Syrian Army and. He shows a servant all of the fiery armies of God surrounding the Syrian army it's a cool story because I said Lauzon to be blinded and in walks them back home basically or walks them back away from his home and has the king feed his own enemies the Bible says that they never the bands of those Assyrians never bother them any more after that though the king of Assyria really organizes his armies and comes and he attacks and besiege is some area he attacks and misses for so long the famine sets in and it gets to the point where a donkey is head is selling for a fortune a donkey's head for food now you would realize that a donkey is unclean and they're paying here what would probably be today hundreds of dollars for something on clean in fact it's so bad that they are paying high prices 5 pieces of silver to eat doves dung I'm not going to break that down any further into modern English except to say you're really don't want to pay for that petty and so here they are in the middle of a terrible terrible famine and people are eating what they would otherwise never eat. And it's like what we're doing going through now what is what is coronavirus all of a sudden it's like we're besieged except there's an invisible enemy we're all stuck at home just like they're all stuck in the city and all of a sudden the price of simple things seemed to be going up and I don't mean the price in the store but the price of what it would be what we would pay to sit together again in church service or or to gather in a restaurant and gone through the roof it's almost an impossibility but spiritually whatever the Bible speaks of famine one of the things the Bible speaks about if you want to correlate this to today one of the things that's happening is that there is a famine in the land for the Word of God in fact Amos 8 says that name is verse 11 behold the days come the days come say of the Lord God that I will send a famine in the land not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but of hearing the words of the Lord and they shall wander from sea to sea and from the north even to the east they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord and shall not find it we are living in a time when we have so extracted God's word from our society that want to tragedy and a challenge like the coronavirus pandemic hits people don't know where to go for solace you have people sing and lean on me out their apartment windows trying to encourage each other celebrities trying to sing choir songs on the Internet together crazy things are happening but you know what they can't find the real source of peace this is a case of spiritual supply and demand there's a heavy spiritual demand right now people are trying to make sense of the world coming to an end there are men right now that don't know what to do because there's no sports on television. Literally there are people going crazy because no basketball no football no soccer nothing to watch they're watching 10 year old games right now but I say this in my sermons a lot when I was working at a veterans hospital Melinda and I would deal with drug addiction or something and they were recovering addicts in the addiction unit there one of them they would chant and one of the chants. They said God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it let me challenge you that part of the reason the world seems so empty right now is simply social distancing or the fact that everybody in a locked inside it is because now that man has a chance to hear his own thoughts he is realizing how empty he is spiritually in fact it's interesting that even the world even the planet is resonating like this the u.s. Geological Survey and other scientists are saying that right now the earth is so quiet because the cars aren't moving in the planes aren't lending and is so much a less trains and so forth going on so much less building going on that right now in the world they can hear earthquakes that they otherwise would have to rely on probes deep in the earth to pick up the earth itself is silent it's like it's empty and like that you human heart when you get a chance to sit alone I challenge some of you right now the emptiness you're feeling is it because you're not around people because now you have to face the fact that there's a famine in your heart a famine for the Word of God and one of the things that happens when there's a famine for the Word of God unclean things become expensive when you are not studying the Word of God you will pay a high price for foolishness and sin you will pay for donkey's head and doves dung and think you are having a feast were you not centered in the Word of God. Verse 26 of 2nd Kings to have to 6 says and as the king of Israel was passing by upon the wall there cried a woman on to him saying help my lord Ok And he said if the Lord do not help the when shall I help the out of the barn floor out of the wine press the king of Israel is walking on the wall surveying the destruction of his kingdom and as he's walking by in his kingly roads with sadness on his face a woman cries out to say all right my King help me the King's response is literally. A small piece of the evidence that shows you why Israel is in the mess it's in in the 1st place the King's answer is if God can help you how do you expect me to help you and literally the world is daughter that way now folk are not looking to God for help people are looking for the government to fix this and I'm not saying the government ought not be involved I'm not saying the government on ups are figured some stuff out but I am saying that the people of God need to remember the promise that David said David said I was all and now I am young David said I have never seen the writers for a 2nd nor he see begging bread are you among the righteous because if you're among the writers you don't have to worry about what the government's going to do God will take care of you kids that lesson of God can help you he's made me the way I was as get some help for you on a barn floor the wine press everything's empty there's a famine going on the king is walking and you can imagine as you watch it you know it's funny because that our current administration was riding high before all of this happened and then bam this thing happened one of the greatest economies stock market and all of it gone. And it's changed our country I believe I believe in America people are kind of coming together because they realize right now politics is less important right now than surviving and making sure we have an economy afterwards it's funny now crisis will bring people together and just like Trump I'm sure looking at what how how much he lost in terms of our economy and our stock markets this king was walking around looking at how much this famine this besiegement by the Assyrians was called the Syrians was causing him to lose but it's almost like after he says that a woman he realizes he's the player some attention was 28 The king said on to her what a let the what's wrong woman she said this woman said on to me give advice on that we may eat him today and we'll eat my son tomorrow the solution to the famine and tell use of gory story this is a gory Bible story here the solution for these 2 women was to eat once on one day and once the next day it makes no sense to me like it at least wait a few days but they're horrible story their debut She said We ate one Sunday when it was our 1st 29 she gets into more detail she says so we boiled my son and eat him and I said on to her on the next day give Dyson that we may eat him and she have hid her son now again if you take this into prophecy and apply this to life what happens when there's a famine for the Word of God What happens when God's word is not law parents destroy their children when God's word is what we raise our children on when they're starving for the Word of God It is like we have cannibalized our children by allowing the world to flood into our homes for our children to be more acquainted with Disney and Marvel than they are with us they have the Lord 2nd woman hit her child and this woman is and is probably losing her mind. Because he cheated her on a deal but there's one other thing that this pandemic is showing and that is if you look at this slide that is that the poor is going to pour suffer more in his crisis and this is an opportunity for the church is one. Article here to the economic impact of Colvin on developing countries and how poor countries this could actually set developing countries back decades I mean if you look at countries in the Caribbean that rely on tourism no more tourism you can a survive a half a year with no tourists or all of the money that was being sent back there's one article a list on here that says that this this pandemic threatens to plunge millions an Arab region into poverty there's no food security in some of the countries of the Middle East as one shows a picture of a man trying to clean. A poor neighborhood a poor area in India spraying things on the sides and and we know that India is at high risk where people are in tight quarters or in those parts of India where there's less sanitation and it's not just any of us all over the world this thing is not is going to impact us in America and we are some of us are upset because we're we're stuck watching Netflix but there are parts of the world where this means that there will be no food where there were no housing will be for sure where people are going to die and not even have access to health care this thing is a serious and the poor are going to suffer more let me say it again one of the reasons that's relevant is because it means there's an opportunity for the church and United States the same thing this article coronavirus will have long lasting impacts on the u.s. health care system and the poorest will suffer most. We're seeing that in inner city America one of the reasons why we look at New York and Los Angeles that this thing is terrible terrible in some areas is the high concentration of the poor in neighborhoods that have substandard housing shared ventilation higher levels of smoking and access to a lack of access to healthy foods all of these things make you a better host for the virus your muses that isn't a strong and a poor living in overcrowded situations with with a bad environment the virus will eat them up and infect and destroy faster because they don't have the immunological resilience they would have had if they had open space and fresh air and access to fruits and vegetables if the smoking rates were lower all of these things and the air quality was better all of these things are going to impact and all of these things we knew about before the corona virus in some ways this Corona virus is going to expose inequality in the world and here in America some parts of the country you're going to see where the devastation of the great is when it's all over people will be amazed at how socio economics played a role in this virus and in this disease. Chapter 6 and verse 37 it came to pass when the king heard the words of the woman sort of king is walking on his wall this woman gives him this mortgage story devouring her own child with another woman and how upset she is when a king Here's the story the Bible says that he ran to his clothes and he passed by upon a was a sailor he rips as coals and when the people looked up they realized that underneath his clothes yet sackcloth upon his flesh as if the king knew how bad it was he wanted to protest but he is still trying to put on airs by having on a kingly rope over a sack cloth he was trying to cry out to God but he didn't want the world to know he was worried. And there are some of us as this pandemic rolls on and as life gives us our challenges it's almost like we're trying to wear our kingly robes and keep the sack cloth on the inside of it is something but a sack cloth on the outside cry out to God and let him know what you need then a king does something interesting. Chapter 31. Chapter 6 in verse 31 it says then he said go do so and more also to me if the head of a life. The son of a fart will stand on him this day the king does something crazy he blames Aleister and he says he wants to get a license for what's happened a license seems to have nothing to do with what's going on except that a license would point out the sins of the king and of the kingdom and so what happens is Don't miss this church when there is crisis there is often a scapegoat and when the crisis is of a moral nature when a crisis is of grand nature when is something that man can't fix he will find someone to blame and often it will be those who are keeping the commandments and the laws of God Those who by their lifestyle less than by their words are pointing out sin so he said listen I got to get a life where 32 but a life has sat in his house like a lesson I should not panic these at home corn teen with his friends for the Bible says it is Elder sat with them lies and I don't just chilling the kings of demand from before him the king send someone but is a messenger came to him before the messenger gets the light of a lie should remember the light of the one who knew all the things that the king the king of Assyria was doing so he could always tell them where to go the king of Syria got so mad he sent someone to go find him and don't remember and he found him adult and it sent the army that you case sneak up on the Prophet out of the lot to keep your name. He knows you're coming back it's why he's the prophet. And so you see sends his message before he gets there liason turns to the elders and he says see how this son of a murderer has sent to take away my head and he said I want to for the elders like the king is sending someone to kill me. Calm and collected no panic in a life then he says look when the messenger cometh shut the door and hold him fast at the door is not the sound of his master's feet behind he said when a messenger gets here hold on to the messenger verse 33 and while yet talked with him Behold the messenger came down to him and he said Behold this evil is of the Lord What should I wait for the Lord any longer the message for the king is what's happening in our nation is because of God and not a king I say it's a lie sure is listen you've been trying to get us to follow God I'm not following God God is the reason we're in this mess why should I wait on the Lord any longer that's what the king of Israel is saying to the prophet of Israel and some let me take them church that was good about to start happening now as these calamities begin to pile up the spirit of prophecy warns us that we as I read in a 2nd spirit prophecy was that we will those who have stood on the side of God will begin to take the blame of the world and 2nd king 7 in verse one and then license it hearing the word of the Lord the say the Lord tomorrow about this time shall the measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel 2 measures of barley for a shekel in the gate of some area that our Lord on whose hand a king lean answered the man of God and said Behold if the Lord would make the windows in heaven might this thing be. And he said we hold our seat with 9 Eyes. Not eat there of a light show one that one a messenger comes hold him and says to him Don't worry I know you want to King's strong advisers I know the king leans on you I want to let you know that this time tomorrow they will be selling ahead of a donkey for 5 or $600.00 this time tomorrow there will be selling real food they're going to sell and sell and barley and fine flour for just the shekel. There will be food is going to be cheap enough and man that the King sends So listen that's impossible even if God was to open the windows of heaven that could never happen with a something do never let the devil allow you to determine your future based on your current circumstances you have got to learn to see beyond the veil just like a life had to do with his servant when he was surrounded by the Syrian army and he said Lord take away the scales from his eyes that he can see in the saw to the fiery Chariots of the Lord and the angels all around him it's the same principle here Aleister could see what was about to take place so a license is prophesied that listen as tough as it is today tomorrow it's going to be a whole lot better now let me set it to the Church of God It might be tough for you tonight wherever you are today wherever you are if you hold on to God tomorrow you'll be buying a shekel for a shekel you'll be able to buy a measure of fine flour and without terrible life is today weeping main door for the night with joy comes in the morning a Christian ought not fear and why it says it like this and patriarchs and prophets page 21 she says Chapter 21 she says from a human point of view the outlook for the spiritual regeneration of the nation was as hopeless as is the outlook today's today before God's servants who are laboring in the dark places of the earth. She says that it was just as it seemed just as impossible when you looked at what Israel was going through then it looks like how we feel today when we look at parts of the world he said North Korea they'll never become Christians you look at parts of the Middle East the gospel will never be preached there and I says it will look just as impossible for the servant then to see it as it is for some of us to see it now but then she says but the Church of Christ is God's agency for the proclamation of truth she is empowered by him she is empowered by him to do a special work and if she is loyal to God obedient to His commandments they will do well within her the excellent c. of divine power if she will be true to her allegiance there is no power that can stand against her the forces of the me will be no more able to overwhelm her that is the chaff to resist the world when there is before the church the dawn of a bright glorious day if she will put on the role of Christ's righteousness withdrawing from the allegiance of the world she goes on to say God calls upon his faithful ones who believe in him to talk to those who are unbelieving and hopeless as we go through this pandemic when you talk to your neighbors the spirit of Providence we ought to be speaking Coleridge to those who are unbelieving and hopeless the church folk are running around more afraid of the virus than folks who don't know God What example are we setting seek strength from God she says the living God I like how she says it is a simple sentence but otherwise it's a seek strength from God the living. Show an unwavering humble faith in his power and his willingness to save when in faith we take hold of his strength he will change strength he will change wonderfully check he will change wonderfully change the most hopeless discouraging outlook he will do for the glory of it he will do this for the glory of his name I remember when I was a kid a as a Muslim and sometimes and we were afraid of what was then called the us as are the Soviet Union and I remember being in school and you know we would have discussions on nuclear threats and and and a Cold War And you know the Soviets were going to come and get us but God had other plans for the Soviet Union did me what seemed and impossibilities just as impossible as it might have seemed for them to come to his famine in ancient Israel or just as it seems impossible for us to recover as a church from out of this a pandemic it seemed impossible that the Soviet Union would ever come to know God the official religion of the Soviet empire was atheism and it was a closed shop world Lenin and Stalin powerful leaders it spread to ma in China and that is de China North Korea and even to some extent Cuba all still under the the vice grip of communism but the greatest of all of them was the Soviet Union and yet it was almost like in one day the entire Soviet Union collapsed without one shot being fired let me say something a day will come when the missionaries will walk the streets of North Korea they will come when in China the Gospel we will be proclaimed more freely God is going to open up an opportunity around the world for his Gospel to be preached to all the world as a witness and then shall the end come it will happen because it must. Prophetically. So it doesn't you don't have to be panicked or afraid of so let's make it more personal because you've got a relative that you love that is no longer in the way because you have someone you think is outside of the reach of God's mercy and grace let me tell you it's not impossible for God even though it might be impossible for men you've got to keep lifting them up a life should never gave up on Israel even a king of Israel did just as the King turned on a light ship I warn you that the world is going to turn on us there is a prophetic message in that little story and has a lot more to the story trying to get back to it at the end it is a prophetic message in that story Revelation 12 in verse 5 and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth and the dragon was wroth with the woman who went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ just as the king of Israel who was supposed to be a God fearing King came after the man of God we live in a time when someone who also claims to be God fearing is going to come after the people of God When you read the commentaries on this passage of Scripture we believe and understand that this serpent to cast out as the the mouth of his mouth is water as a flood came that this is not just false doctrine this is also an attack on those who were believing that would be a stretch to the 42 month period of prophecy that during that time that we now call the dark ages those who were believers in God would feel the full brunt of the forces of the church at that time question is will that happen again in the last days as we look at this crisis will it happen again Well this book. Is entitled The action by Naomi Klein I read it a long time ago of a sermon I did on a while ago but it reminded this what's happening now reminded me of it in this book she makes the point that when he's tragedies and calamities of natural origin happen in the world there are those who profit off of it or move their agendas forward she talked about Katrina in New Orleans and how it moves certain things forward she talked about how to the big earthquake and tsunami that happened on Boxing Day December 26th in early 2000 that that cause all that damage all throughout Southeast Asia how it moved fisher men villages away and big hotels came in after the shock doctrine says that when a shock is felt in the world there are those who come in and capitalize on it the question for you right now is if tragedy creates change and opportunity what is the tragedy of this pandemic going to cause the world to try and do to move something forward what power is going to try and change the world well some examples well not a leaven as terrible as that was one of things that happened pretty quickly with the Patriot Act I've heard people say the Patriot Act was such a thorough and long and complete document it is almost no way it could have been written between the time of 911 and its release and had always of been written before as if someone was waiting with a document but a calamity to happen and then drop the Patriot Act and you can you can look at how big it is and look how much time they had and see what you think 2008 the housing market meltdown everyone begins to lose their property what actually happened you think the banks would have gotten weaker instead the banks got stronger they got all kinds of support they got all of the bailout money and I don't think one person went to prison maybe one person went to prison a lot of all of those banks and all of the shenanigans they were doing they were made stronger rather than weaker what will happen because of the coronavirus. Tragedy creates changed that's the shock doctrine it moves someone along a certain. Trajectory and the right says this because one of the big things that is the environment and I heard Professor Walter vice say it as we were talking in a conversation he mentioned this and I'm glad I was able to find this passage out of the jet out of the great controversy page 589 and the like to say the works of the elements also to garner his harvest of unprepared souls he has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature and he uses all his powers to control the elements as far as God allows when he has when he was when he was suffered to afflict job how quickly flocks and herds servants houses children were swept away one trouble succeeding another as in a moment it is God that shields his creatures and hedges them in from the power of the Destroyer and the whites it makes it clear when Job God gave permission to go to the devil to mess with job he use nature to do it we should not be surprised that the natural calamities that are coming and here is the interesting thing these natural calamities are to come and are going to say we've got to save the world now don't get me wrong man has contributed by polluting the world and done a lot of bad stuff it is all a play in fact the light goes on she says this but the Christian world has shown contempt for the law of Jehovah and the Lord will do just what he has the cleared that he would Here's what God is going to do why these calamities are going to get worse listen what a lie says he will withdraw his blessings from the earth and remove his protecting care from those who are betting against his law and teaching and forcing others to do the same Satan has control of all whom God does not especially guard. He will favor and prosper some in order to further his own designs and he will bring trouble upon others and lead men to believe that it is God who is afflicting them controversy $589.00 Spirit of Prophecy makes it clear because the Christian world is show contempt for the law of God because there is not as as as Abraham asked the pre-incarnate Christ if there were just 10 in Saddam would you save it because there's not enough for me earth God Spirit is being withdrawn not enough righteous left on the earth and all of a sudden devil is going to seem to gain more control and what he's going to do the devil plays people against each other some will be elevated and he will profit off of the destruction others he will send to Chrysler's graves and people will blame God for all of the problems she dances while appearing to the Children of Men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies Satan coming as an angel of light impersonating Christ she says he will bring disease and disaster until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation even now say in his at work he is at work in accidents and calamities by sea and by land in great can flag operations in fierce tornadoes and terrific hail storms in Tempest floods cycles tidal waves and earthquakes in every place that in and in a fallen forms same as exercising his power he sweeps away the the ripening harvest and famine and distress follow he imparts Listen to this talking about the coronavirus now he imparts of the air a deadly ate and thousands perished by the pestilence. These visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous the struction will be upon both man and beast the earth morning and faded away the hardy people do languish the earth also is the filed under the end happens there of because they have transgressed the laws changed the ordinance is broken the everlasting covenant Isaiah 2445 quoted their own great controversy page 589 I am telling you that what's happening in the world is also a product of the room of God with drawing his protection because man has turned on him like Israel turned on God and created that Senator that's what's happening in the world now and we as believers need to draw close to God because as the Spirit of God is withdrawn from this planet the devil is only going to get more powerful his ability to create natural disasters and disease will only become more profound is why our health message is so important is why we must know to prophecies is why country living is something we all be need to begin to contemplate if you're not out the country yet you've got to start thinking about how am I going to get there as this pandemic spreads around the world you're going to see that in fact the cities are going to be hardest hit as a warning for the children of God who know that it is a time coming we've got to get out of the cities just like when tide is the general of Rome surrounded Jerusalem 40 years after Christ had predicted it and then withdrew and all of the people of God in the city of Jerusalem knew it was time to get out of the city right now I believe this pandemic is a warning maybe it's time we pack up and get out of the cities and this article. This is from the Friday cover of believe this is of Time magazine the Karada says the coronavirus will change the world permanently Here's how. A crisis on a scale can reorder society in a dramatic ways for better or for worse here are 35 big thinkers predictions of what is to come and one of the things that they say it is a good article and read it well they say that government is only going to get bigger and more powerful now in fact we've watched around the world where dictators have consolidated their power because it is pandemic it is it is shrinking down like Revelation 17 where speaks of the 10 horns the 10 powers shrinking down the world so that only a few us sources of power and not is going to be the cry of the Little Horn focus on the environment and will start talking more and more about the common good science the same society 3 things focus on the environment the common good is that we more and more talk a we've got to do what's good for everybody we've got to do what's good for everybody you should do what is best for the common good and they will remove the rights of the individual for the common good science to save society but churches are in the hot seat South Korea is to act against churches for dividing to the coven 1000 guidelines in fact in South Korea there are churches that are being sued despite a ban on social gatherings the same coven 1000 Protestant churches went ahead with services the government of South Korea is looking to sue some churches they can sue you for going to church to keep people from getting sick they believe that going to church on a Sabbath will cause calamity and disaster what he thinks will happen because in Florida at the mega-church and I don't agree with them going to church when there's a pandemic I just want you to see how it begins to allow the precedent to be set of the how you react when church people don't do what the government says that's what's beings laid out here because the churches should be up because people are going to church and get the virus but here it is for a mega church pastor arrested for breaching Kovan 1000 health order that was in Florida here in the United States. In fact Christianity is seen as anti-thetical to science now on most of you look it up when I when my pencil is was given. The role Joe to oversee the coronavirus response which I would have to agree had to be some better scientist in Washington d.c. than Mike Pence I agree but the attack on Mike Pence is what's interesting basically what they're saying is because he's a Christian he doesn't believe in science and this article here I believe this. This one was it was in one of the more liberal publications as Trump ripped for putting science the NIH or Mike Pence in charge of coronavirus the vice president's no medical experience and that's not the only problem and I go through why his beliefs his Christian beliefs and I don't agree with everything Mike Pence says trust me but I find it a little bit scary when you when his religion is the test of whether or not he believes enough science because all of us who are Christians who believe God created the world we all would be considered science deniers but environment is being impacted yes there's a picture here of the glaciers on the edge of the poor polar bear in the middle of a field where you can see the ice has melted next to it you see a picture of the fires an Australian a kangaroo in the foreground and a background of the whole looks like the whole world is on fire and the environment is being impacted but and so they're going to say listen because of what is the environment it's what we're doing it's what people are doing but I challenge you to ask the other tough questions how are people making more mass shootings happening and you can see the graph there to the left that there are increasing number of mass shootings you can see on the right North Korea has just tested some pretty serious. Nuclear capabilities that they have and they're even in the middle of a pandemic they're saying they have no cases and they're launching rockets I don't think that's the environment. The world is in chaos here is. A picture of one of the recent of a deadly earthquake I don't who got rocked by a 6.5 earthquake this week West Texas last week Royce's capital in the last few weeks Salt Lake City and Puerto Rico still having earthquakes if you look on the u.s. Geological Society after the big one they had just 112.92.7 small tremors happening earthquakes in divers places that is all because God's Spirit is being removed from the earth and the Earth is beginning to rock and real like a woman in labor and so what is the solution a new Sabbath a Sabbath for the earth and for the poor the challenge of Pope Francis is a conference that was done you can see the logo there they want to Sabbath for the earth and for the poor is going to be the 7th day sabbath absolutely not so when you don't partake in that Sabbath to help the poor and the earth could you be the one called The Science of the Nairobi in a locked up because you're not helping the common good Here's an article called The new Sabbath out of one of the Catholic magazines it says celebration of the Sunday Eucharist is the sign of new and everlasting covenant for Christians and in that article it goes down and it makes the strong connection between. The observance of a Sunday Sabbath and the protection of the environment and why that is important just like the king of Israel turned on the prophet so he will pivot and turn on us as wild and wide says as I quoted our legions can't be with the world. If your legions is what the world when the world turns on the church as I'm we're going to be shot of a Jesus says. And your and your enemies shall be they have your own household that our own brother and that we've gone to church with some of them will be the very ones who turn us over to the powers that be because when their livelihood is on the line not forget the lives their livelihood their way of living their standard of living and on the line they will begin to point out people if you read when Christianity has been shut out in Europe in the past in other parts of the world what happens is people become spies against the believers and that's what's going to happen now you know 7 verse 25 and he shall speak speaking of the little little horn and he'll speak great words against the Most High and to wear out the saints of the most high and think the change times and laws and he said be given unto his hand at the time of times and a dividing of time is what I was talking about this. 42 month period of prophecy the 1290 day prophecy there in that period all of these things that happen the question is will it happen again Jesus answers that question in Matthew 24 in verse 21 he says What then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time nor ever shall be and except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved for the Aleck sake those days shall be shortened is the time of trouble coming worse than any that has ever come when you see what's happening in the global scale right now you can imagine that if people thought that by persecuting one group of people everybody else would be able to go back to Starbucks and to the movies they would persecute that group. Revelation $134.00 and $5.00 says and they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like unto the beast who was able to make war with him and it was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies same power the little horn power is the same power as the serpent and Revelation Chapter 13 that out of his mouth comes a flood saying same power and it was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power given unto him to continue 42 months the same 1290 to 90 year period and verse 6 and he opened his mouth and blasphemy against God to blaspheme His name and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven and it was given unto him to make war with the Saints and overcome them and power was given him over all conditions and tongues and nations how does that happen again if that's the Dark Ages this describing of the the role the the power Rome had over the entire world how does that ever happen again the Bible explains how it happened again in Revelation 13 in verse 11 and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon a new power will come and will be that power that will usher in the next round the tribulation that was like never before and this is our great nation the United States whose whose constitution was divinely inspired and allowed God God's people from all over the world to find protection as described in Revelation 2 after 12 as the woman took the wings like an Eagles and even the imagery of the eagle as the symbol of the United States hints to the fact that this desert land over here that was so empty of people on light of that the lands of Europe where people were able to escape to to retain their religious freedom that one day it will no longer have the 2 horns like a lamb will begin to speak of the dragon. Verse 12 the excise all the power the 1st before him and cause the Earth and then which dwell there into worship the 1st we whose Deadly Wound was healed How does this beast get back its power to speak as a dragon the dragon speech is persecution it is the laws that allow persecution revelation 15 just to end without as thing ends and Revelation 151 is as and I saw the sign in heaven great and marvelous 7 angels having the 7 last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God one day probation is going to close and right now we are dealing with plagues and pestilence but these are not the 7 last plagues and I saw as it were verse 2 of Revelation 15 I saw that as it were a sea of glass mingled of fire and then that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God and they sing the song of Moses and the servant of God and the song of the Lamb saying great and marvelous are the works Lord God Almighty just and true are are the ways the king of saints verse 4 who shall not fear the Lord and glorify the name of the how only our holy for all nations shall come and worship before the well the judgments are made manifest one day church every Me Will Bob and every tongue confessed confess that Jesus Christ is Lord as somebody reach out to me this week because they lost someone to the coronavirus the madness to last a very dear and then is friend grieving very terribly because of this and this is the imagery I had to remind them of that one day we will have a reunion on a sea of glass Christian does not die like the world dies we don't mourn like the world mourns. Because we have been promised that we will overcome that we will gain victory over the beast over his image or his mark and over the number of his name that one day will stand on on a sea of glass and we will have harps in our hands not just regular hearts they say what we will have the harps of God and I know if you like me you have not one iota of musical skill or talent but guess what I'm a plate at heart I will play that heart like David played it because that harp is God's harmony out I want to believe that the heart itself is alive but the heart plays along with you and we will then begin to sing the song of Moses' the servant of God and a song of the Lamb we will begin to sing the song of those who have been resurrected Moses was resurrected the lamb was resurrected and we were no longer have to deal with death like we do now I know how scary this virus is and this pandemic is but if you are a Christian remember death is not the end for you will protect you from this thing but I don't want you to be afraid of death because this is just the beginning of sorrows I want when you think about how terrible this pestilences this pandemic is I want you to begin to imagine yourself on a sea of glass holding your heart singing the song of Moses and the lamb that's it I want you to see church because it seems pretty bleak like a scene out of a size 5 movie when you drive around one day you know the stand on a sea Ringle the fire a sea of glass and some of us who have never hit a note pylon I. Am Going To sane and shame the best singers that ever walked the earth play harps like they've never been played I want you to be encouraged while the world practices social distance distancing the sermon is a title spiritual distancing. Don't you spiritually distance yourself Jesus Christ from your brothers and sisters draw close to your Lord and encourage those that are near you because Jesus is going to return and we are going let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for your word for your prophecy for your prophecy and your word our shore Lord a world is in distress right now a lot of prophecies are about to become full fail we can see the moves. Happening rapidly Lord God I want to remind the church tonight of what you said as you walk to your disciples on that ship be of good cheer it is-I Be not afraid all that we see are the storms that remind us that you are about to return. For an everyone. Is operating in Jesus precious. 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