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Clinical Discussion on Coronavirus and Lifestyle Factors

Eric Walsh Tom Dombrowski


Fron the podcast: From Sickness to Health this episode is "Corona to Coronary and deals with the lifestyle impacts that this pandemic will have on individuals especially as heart disease remains the number 1 killer in America and much of the world.



  • April 3, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Hello and welcome to from sickness to health my name is Tom your host for today and our topic for today is Corona and coronary What's the connection we have a very special guest with us today Dr Eric Walsh Dr Eric was to introduce yourself to our audience Well I was actually born here in Hartford in Connecticut I'm a practicing physician here. I did my medical school training in Florida at the University of Miami but my probably my most profitable and beneficial health education really came in my masses undoctored of Public Health at a low Melinda University in Southern California and I've worked in public health for the government on the federal level always to the local level and really I'm fascinated by what's happening with this pandemic right now and understanding how a healthy lifestyle will help to mitigate the impact of this pandemic on us as individuals and on society as a whole Ok So obviously you're aware of the corona problem it is current It's what's going on right now but the number one killer in the United States is heart disease and it's the number one killer worldwide So is there a connection you know it's interesting when you look at it there's a fascinating little You Tube video of a little Puerto Rican girl who makes the connection back to the Latin of the corona and coronary and that the reason we call this the coronavirus is because it looks like the one of the layers of the Sun But the crowning layer of the Sun the same reason we named the coronary arteries coronary arteries because that where the artery set on top of the heart almost looks like a crown on the heart so it connects in the sense that it's kind of a similar etymology but here's where it really gets fascinating probably the most devastating aspect of this virus is going to not even be its physical impact is terrible and that's going to be probably the most devastating impact that it's virus and this pandemic is going to be on the emotional health of the world. Of the entire world why do you think that is because the media has really done a good job of warning us but in that process what we have is not simply a pandemic it's a panic that Mick and so we are having watching people who really in some ways got a really over react to the risk by doing things like hoarding toilet paper hoarding hand sanitizer. Even fights of broken out in stores over supply so once you see that you are literally pushing people to where you would think the next step is martial law were clearly not there yet. We're not even ever going to get there people are beginning to behave like there's an apocalypse at hand from a public health standpoint when there is not Ok and that's very stressful so for you as a public health official not just a medical doctor but the understanding the science of public health through your education what can you share with the public on this point which regards to this overall with the drama that we're going through on this point well the 1st of these are the bunking any idea is that this is not a real threat it is a real threat you know to I think when it's finally all over with the case they tally more rate which means how many people per. Per exposure died of the disease is actually going to be smaller than we thought I think that numbers of keep coming down when you look at how many people in America tested positive you could argue that 10 times for every person test positive 10 people haven't been tested and have the virus so the the death rate is going to come down but it doesn't mean somebody they're going to get sick and die people absolutely will that are the 1st thing the 2nd thing is what you understand the science you do understand how to protect yourself this is a a droplet infection so that means that the virus has actually exist in little tiny bubbles of mucus alive or whatever it is that coming out of the body and when it comes out it has to hit you and get you in your mucus bed. Breeze on your hand and you've got to put your hands to your mucus membranes that is a lot under once you understand is a bit of protection long before you get into the into of medicine the vaccines herbs or any other treatment there is there is a physical barrier that can exist hence the demand for. Masks. And it's not so much the person wearing the mask protect themselves from everybody else but the person with the symptoms wearing the mask protect everyone else so someone with symptoms who put on a mask can actually protect anyone else in the room that is not a case of the droplets on anyone but that said a lot to do with surfaces and you could read papers like 45 days metal surfaces that last longer you can actually circulate in the air for up to 34 hours I think the last thing I've read so clean wiping down surfaces door to door knobs. Kitchen counters bathrooms anywhere where people you know would go and touch is important that's a big part of it so and in the social distance is one of the people they succeed apart Ok so and just help clarify why would it lives differently on one surface material as opposed to another because how long a droplet can last on the surface so if it's like paper paper then absorbed most of the buyers on Dr Drew out metal it's not the Drop it was not absorbed in that drop it can last much longer on a metal surface because it will absorb and dry out and so forth so. You know different surfaces matter close matter so if you happen to go you know we worked in the medical field because these patients it's really important to get home to take off the clothes that I've been in around patients and make sure they get washed right away take a shower right away you know and try and kind of stay clean it's interesting there in the bubonic plague there in the Dark Ages it was the Jews who survive the best and part of that was because of the ceremonial hand-washing we read about Jesus kind of argue in the 1st that he's about that ceremonial hand washing actually protect them against that so there are things that you can do to protect you even in the middle of a pandemic to make your risk come down Ok now. This is a flu virus it's a variant of a flu virus is a corona virus sort of flu is influenza corona virus is actually akin to the common cold the common cold or the corona virus SARS of the corona virus Mers Mediterranean the Mediterranean version of it that was out in the 2000 also a coronavirus who's a little different but it works similarly and they're usually seasonal and it spreads similar Ok so how come we're not reacting the same way with just the regular flu I mean when people are coming to get a patient somebody who has been identified and I see them in the pictures in the press they're all decked out in Guards and bubbles and putting people in bottles we don't do that with the flu we don't do that with a regular cold so what is and what's interesting is we think we may be where they're covering this we should because the c.d.c. has put out a statement this year for how many people die from the and they're estimating somewhere between somewhere around 30250000 Americans might die from the flu this year I believe Americans are not the world Americans. So when you look at that we you know we probably won't get anywhere near that with this Corona virus of so you make a good point and I don't know why we are reacting so strongly to this and not the rest of it and I think it's part of why it has a lot of people scratching their head around this there's one German epidemiologist there all of this who said he normally we would we would dovetail this in with the rest of all of the flu the corona virus and for the season and because of that you would see the the variation wouldn't be quite as big one of the things that's scary from a public health and one is it's new it's novel that's what I use the word novel it's new We've never seen this before so we have the vaccine we're not sure how it behaves and so if you've watched the symptomology have how we define the symptomology has evolved but 1st it was cough dry cough fever short of. Now it's dry cough fever shortness of breath Nazia vomiting diarrhea loss of smell or taste. And headache a minute fever is going to keep evolving as we learn more about it we now know up to 10 percent of people present with stomach symptoms but not involving diarrhea we don't have a smaller percentage that would last as well or loss of taste because we don't know about the virus that's what's so scary and that's partly why you get this massive reaction to it because what if it mutates and it switches and instead of what I believe it'll end up like a point $8.00 The case it have the way it jumps on the spot right and then we're in trouble because our system would be able to handle it so that's partly why it's of we're afraid of it just cause it's new and I think some of it I'm fortunately you know a little bit of a leap of a bit of the media really liking the story. And of. Who's most at risk for coronavirus Well anybody can get it but ironically in most of the world in China which is interesting it was really elderly and one country I think Italy the average age of those who died are like 85 or 86. In America it's different for some reason in the United States 20 to 54 year olds are absorbing a larger proportion of those are getting seriously ill or dying that in the rest of the world that's fascinating nobody probably one has an idea and I have the theories and that has to do with the standard American diet. You know probably the fact that more of us are smoking not as tobacco but marijuana raping you know other things that can affect the long maybe one day we'll be able to parse this out epidemiologically and figure out what risk factors might connect back to getting this disease more severely but any one of that risk and in the United States really can't count anybody else the ones who seem to be most protected so far are the younger ones the children but anybody can get it and anyone people of all ages have gotten very sick and many people say they had no health risk. That's anecdotal overall it's still people over 75 years of age that would get the most sick or people with heart disease lung disease cancer immunosuppression those types of things Ok so we've talked about some of the symptoms what can you do then to prevent it's is there any cost effective measures obviously we've been instructed from day one wash your hands. Coughing into your sleeve rather than just out into thin air but what else is there for preventive or natural health so like you said The 1st is distance and and kind of like physical barrier type protection why pronouncer was put on low. From that then you say how do you what do we know now I caution people because one thing that happens in a crisis like this people begin to sell products and as of right now if you wanted to start a line of supplements that boost the immune system if you put nothing in it would sell right now so people have to be careful buying a whole bunch of supplements and products because people can try to make money right now so that the 1st rule what we know works are Whole Foods and so if you want to use that as if you thought about elderberry garlic there's a perfectly perfectly good solution onions mussels but mushrooms specifically but eat them whole you don't need to have people try and pull out 11 in a mineral or one extracts from it or you know one fiber nutrient the whole food because in every food there are compound that man has still yet to discover that work synergistically with for example vitamin c. to make an whole Orange more protective for your immune system than just vitamin c. by itself the hokey we the whole orange to get you vitamin c. That's the 1st thing in all food what do we know from there we know that the darker the less oxidative the food you cut an apple an apple put it down it turns Brum you've got a blueberry that happens and I'm down nothing happens what with blueberries are far more concentrated antioxidants specifically the chemical in dark berries like dark blue berries Black Berries dark grapes chorus very strong you have been studies that have been done to show that they shorten the length of viral illnesses so one of the victims of all of our patients is make sure if you do this if you know if you like smoothies this is the time to make Blackberry blueberry smoothies dark grapes don't drink the wine don't drink the gridlock wine alcohol is not protective invited might be damaging is that you asian the Rivera child in food dark leafy greens also the same principle don't brown very easily and are full of fido nutrients that you need. That the stop the violence and I don't know what probiotics to fight against this virus the best probiotic dad gave at the time when he said man out of the garden he gave them the food that the animals were in which is the herb of the fields or vegetables and root food that's moved leafy green vegetables like collard greens spinach. Kahlo in Jamaica all of these dark dark meat a green kale about choice these things are rich and will literally boost your immune system and here's the thing people think that in a more of an immune system you don't want more of an immune system you want more you want an affective a means and efficient means I'm more of an immune system and I get auto immune disorder and efficient means is that it's going to be able to tell what is your body separate from what is an antigen from outside of your body like this virus so you want to be eating those kind of food you want of void it's really cheap to do the sugar Snickers bars honey buns Twinkies white bread on a big mac French fries white rice all of that stuff is a sugar bowl of soda pop ice niceties and here's why that's dangerous every time your blood sugar level rises your white blood cells go to sleep for the 6 to 8 hours this is one of the reasons why diabetics have so much more infection than everyone else so in a time of what an infection is widespread and the last thing you want to do is turn down your immune system by putting your white blood cells to sleep so I highly advise against that the 2nd thing is if this is the is pro-inflammatory this virus if you listen carefully to what they're saying it causes fibrosis of the long honeycomb of the lung and a very strange part of a cough is dry and it's infection deep respiratory lower respiratory So you do not want to eating that will make you make more mucus or be pro-inflammatory What foods do that they're in problems milk she butter those who want to come from pow goats or other animals you get them from those who's a pro. Torrie they look like antigens to us so we make more mucous you do not want to be eating those who that really should needles whoever cheese all those who do bad food in general so you want to eliminate all animal products and then from there you want to make sure even like the meat products which kind of acidifies the blood of it's not good for immune system either you want to be more alkaline you don't need to buy special alkaline water and all that the water it you get from natural whole raw fruits and vegetables is the purest water on the planet and every time you buy lettuce you bought an apple it's full of water now Apple is like 80 percent water by weight so it's the best water you can consume so in this time to stay hydrated and keep yourself healthy eat plenty of fruits and vegetables do away with the processed foods but the process was all hits your immune system on some level some of even have come confounding factors in that these foods have chemicals and preservatives that actually are damaging to the system is Ok so very exciting what you're sharing here about food and how it supplements looser immunity or strengthens the media makes it more effective really. And yet at the same time it doesn't mean that participating in this type of a lifestyle diet plan is going to. We're going to be totally ignored by it it's just that it makes our body more efficient if we were to touch that surface salute and touch our mucous membranes that if we were to get at our why. Blood cells are ready standing at attention rather than sleeping in the guard house had absolutely the button mushrooms I mentioned earlier the studies show that there are other foods that do this what they do they actually him increase the amount of a mutant globulin a which is one of the antibodies actually in the mucous membrane that you get exposed to the virus grabs it and there are other foods that do that if you're in the fruit vegetable world the food this is relevant because what you what you're finding what this disease is one person gets and gets in credibly sick in their forty's another person gets it and barely has a symptom and what you I think you get a final we what we really parse this out there maybe in general have a component for sure but I think you're also going to find that there are certain things that if you do more of your protective and certain things you do more of and are not and if you just look at the whole rest of the health world we know that the less animal product you consume the less processed food you consume the more whole food you consume the health you're going to be the better you know fend off infection to the point of a fish and immune system we have met many people would reverse disease like Lupus simply by going to a whole food plant based diet and that's an over active immune system so I really strongly encourage those who are listening to really eat hope good Whole Foods forever but definitely there in this panda sure sure now just jumping back to our theme Corona coronary. How does diets a person who's trying to make lifestyle changes to improve their coronary health that should strengthen them naturally for coronavirus. So let me say it is definitely that of that would be the case one of the one of those I would throw an arrow is that there is also a time to mitigate manage stress and that is probably the biggest connection between these 2 things there are studies that show people who are under stress if they eat the same diet the one that is under stress will actually have more atherosclerotic progression or plaque formation than the one who is unstressed so actual stress and this is why you see some people so they try to be so healthy but if they carry and have if you carry guilt and shame and regret and remorse in your life it is a burden of stress that you carry is one of the reasons I'm a Christian of a Christian because I can let go of those things and trusting God actually allows you to be able to liberate yourself from those things that will weigh you down physically and cause disease America is a stressful place and imagine adding to this now this pandemic and the lockdown that we're all under people stress levels are going up when the stress levels go up your your Cata cola means go up like adrenalin and all of that you know it raises your heart you're in a we're all of a constant state of fight or flight man was not designed by God to stay in a constant thing to fight or flight that would wear you out and cause you to have more heart attacks more strokes and the like and the whole bunch we could talk on just that topic so we have to mitigate stress how do you get a good stress repaired Cleena surfaces you do social distancing eat the right diet but in the final analysis you're going to turn is all over to God Ok I'm going to trust your higher power a 1000000 or I would say because if you don't do that the stress and worry about this virus may actually kill you and you never even get the virus Ok Well thank you Dr Walsh for being our guest today we're going to maintain our social justice and this wraps it up for this afternoon's presentation of some sickness to health again our topic today Corona and coronary What's the connection we're going to have you back again thank you.


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