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How to Stand in a Crisis - Part 1

Dee Casper


In the midst of this current crisis it really gets one thinking. We'll address some lessons we can learn from Daniel 3 & 6.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • March 30, 2020
    1:30 PM
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God in heaven thank you for being so good to us thank you that we can still be together through this means and we're asking that you would speak to us. As we're in the time that. Is different than anything the any of us have ever dealt with in our lifetime horrendous pray that you would stir hearts that your Holy Spirit would be present on each of us and were so faithful to the fact that the Spirit of God is not limited to this particular classroom that you can minister to each person where ever the or right now so we just pray that you would speak to us he would minister us. That he would prepare us for what's to come and we ask this in Jesus name in there so I was talking today with a guy anyway well or do you ever heard him big tall feller. So he talks funny he's an accent like he's from the south or something to do with I'm from from the north of the words from some some places not here but on so he's talking to him today and. Here are both of them I never heard this from many people there are talking about this morning too that this is not the crisis this is not the saying that closes the word but what I am convinced though is this is the sane to get people's attention to prepare them for the real thing this is serious I'm not downplaying that at all this is difficult it is serious you guys are going on like it is for real but what worried during right now kind of reminds me of if you read the great controversy How did Jesus in this morning say v.z. Jerusalem surrounded by armies to get out. And. In every 100 year we're told not a single Christian who perished in the destruction of Jerusalem and $8070.00 because there was a strange pause from the advance that was being taken out on Jerusalem by the Romans they stopped for a season for seemingly understood reason and the Christians left during that season and in turn the next week Cain and I think this is one of those I live in the moment and in a way that calls for us as a people that does that we've been telling people who are of age it was serious in their Bibles that he's not a fairy tales or Aldergrove like this is real and that this is a real crisis coming upon this earth or really is going on and I wanted to focus on personal preparation today so what to do the closing crisis and how to prepare for the closing crisis and I think there's a good lesson I did like a really quick version of this in a worship with you was Steve Rattner is here. I would be foolish to assume you remember all that anyway because every worship and so anyway I'm going to walk through some of that with you to me and then shares of the stories in the personal convictions I have on this matter because you're family and I want to feel like I need to do that so I've prayed so let's start I'm going to do have no idea what to do. Bayle Ok so in danger chapter 3 is we're going to kind of spend our time focusing but the preface to David chapter 3 we've talked with this before but I want to kind of rehash this why is it do you believe in danger chapter 3. Well this is good this is good a way as to what happens in Gale chapter one what is an important lesson for being a chapter one of disability summaries and they'll go into what happens in a new 3 what happens and in a one well it's all. His friends were smarter. Consultants and the other one's wife. Because of their army our state because what we're studying or it's because of their direct oday were correct so I'm actually did still done did you once you can juggle a half way through the idea one so what happens next it will briefly give us kind of the context. Well how can this. Ok. So Danielle and his 2 friends to take it kind of integrated I'm trying to see you know what's the smartest that's There are put through school Ok and that now. That their test. Got worked. Matched through. Every math and so they the chapter ends right you know every cancer scene matched pairs so they were they chose to be fee for something that I mean let's be honest how many people have a seed who's going to know we talked about this illusion of class last week like who cares just eat like you so you go to Wal-Mart like your prisoners in a foreign land like just take what's given to you and I'm sure God will understand but they seem to feel was very important to be faithful in every duty yeah that you fear kind of simulation of what transpired there they felt that they need to be faithful in every duty to do it so God All of them God God favor them right and then. Indeed each other to use their were pure just 10 times wiser right than their contemporaries and all the people around them their companions in data Chapter 2 was kind of a distillation of what happens there. To. Cancer dream that's very interesting. If you survive that you ask for it is cheap virus strains is cheap counsellors to your interpreter they can't do it because they're fake and and it gets angry because you're asked tell the truth make steps agree and there are here's the steps to create this he's part of those wise men where your color and yet pretty dark tells him that card God is a term. He tells area are in the same talking picture of a dream and he doesn't explain that you are God there are that he can't do it directly against terrorists Oh yeah and he tells the trainer I'll answer Spencer corroded and then it ends there Ok so we type of this before but just for recap say the there's a leaking is upset about all these hills the whys of it right he says you guys are trying to do something what were they trying to do you remember buying time right you're trying to buy time he says you continue to lie to me and do other thing to me just trying to get me to give you more time and then we get to dinner chapter 2 and Daniel finds out about what has transpired and tells the king like Hey just give me some time and I think I mean the answer this and what is the can do with dinner last for time. He gives it to him What do you think would be reason one reason at least I'm sure there's multiple reasons but what do you think would be a good reason all or why did it will be given time but others words what precedes Dana chapter 2. Well he's sweet for us for the. What you believe. So. That's where it was quite ill yeah so lots of data in chapter one his people this season previously in a chapter one that gave the key enough confidence to do that right how could even reason with the area I just left this mention like I wasn't sitting here to reason with you I was sitting here to kill you but why would the area even spare their example and didn't chapter one preparing them to be given time and in a Chapter 2 to prove that God is God Yeah we've seen that that's kind of a fair assessment of what's going on there. So then we get to Dana chapter 3 right there's a decreed in chapter 3 never read it and him interest actually Dana chapter 2 and of that statue you never can ever actually played a role in that statue what role was that Daniel says you're walking or the. Head of gold right and so never get his or he's convicted by the falseness face before humiliated servant castrated servant and says that your god is the God of gods he's the guy and then we need to do chapter 3 and never get As or makes an image out of what type of metal. Go the whole thing is golden So his start is I don't like this idea because it one of the things that Dana mentioned this explanation is then a kingdom is inferior to you as can you imagine you're being told the King that will follow you will be one that is inferior to your current one that makes no sense like if they're inferior to me certainly I will with a battle but that's not how it goes down so they're inferior to you since as I have a better idea have I would make an entire statue out of gold and not only that I want the whole of the world to know just how awesome I am and I will command them to worship now dead or chapters 3 is a type of the crisis this to come you know they're right that what happens detected through the something in the world to worship an image or Hades this is forecasting the crisis that is to Cups is very relevant information here for us but in general chapter 3 he says of the verse to never get us or civil war together the Saxon absent ministry or the governor the Council of the Treasurer's the judges the magistrates and all the of those of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which never get this or that set up so all those guys they come and these discover the image the never get those are going to set up the Herald cried aloud to you with this command of the people's nation the languages that the tie that you hear the scent of the whore flute harp wire and sultry and symphony with all kinds of music you shall fall down to worship before the golden age that never has or has set up so notice even back in the day they knew that the best way to get people to respond to an appeal is with music a for Hades it could move people that city. Yeah I was sure that I checked our that's out there because you're famous very relevant as well as another thing that seems really purchasing is it so easy to artists to you know to kind of become like an effort by Atlanta I've seen the actual written already exists for actors and so it certainly is just like this that. Really you know you need a certain I got his music and you're trying to. Every 6 weeks you know it's Ok so I really like that because it's a spare already gets. Very much so very much so and so it isn't a bag of music I love I mean I was it was in music for years like that was that was my life the whole life was wrapped up in that and that was part of the problem. Because have come to see you later in life but the it was a loser important to me. And God kind of helped me to see that I need to be more intentional the choices that I made right and he were careful more intentional with those choices silt to with the decrease give the right in shared her needs Jackson and then to go those Arthur Hebrew names but that's the name of the referred to in this book Worsley. Is in this chapter largely this they're like these 3 are we on the plane of Dura right just imagine everyone bows down and you got these right if you're allowed to do it you're here but you got these like you know here is it just don't want to obey that is going to do their own thing in it but everything else is kind of maintaining it behaving itself gets like that right. And so that it will back up they refused to bow it worth gives to the king rights that everyone else is stirred by this is a very I'm sure very own motional and every singe Will moment only the sexual sins but your sins are overwhelmed visually audibly so forthright and so that it says in verse 8 therefore that time certain audience came forward in the pews the Jews these 3 deuce did you know is is strangely absent in this narrative. He's nowhere to be found and I mean the assumption is that here for many people is that Daniel was probably given orders from the king to be somewhere else at that stage right because it's all these because they surely didn't know this of the person who Ballard did with everybody else that only these 3 guys to date as wasn't even there there's just no reason to believe that he was but even though all these leaders were asked to be there is a says in the beginning of the chapter so basically a. King never can answer if you're looking a bit of the crew that everyone hears the sound of the flute her laboratory and simply of all kinds of music. That they should all feel their fall down and worship the gold image and whoever does not fall down or worship shall be cast in the midst of a hurting fire furnace but there are certain Jews who you have said over the of various of the problems about right let's you mention this to the 2nd Bendigo got a promotion at digitals bidding after being able to write and they're saying these dupes these foreigners that you brought in here or there that Ballenger your image like we are Ok and. These little king are not paid due regard to you they do not serve gods or words of the gold image which you have set or that never can has or it is in a rage and fury give the command to shout directly shout at the bit to go it's interesting to me when when the word gets to day deal on what's going on at the end of chapter 20 member how he responds area gets to the door and it says it did in your response with something and something Dana chapter 2. Now council of wisdom and verse 14 additional 2 but the king responds to news in a different way right you have a different spirit he responds with rage and fury it says and he gave the command to brood so they brother verse 14 now again of 3 Is it true if you have got me showing a bit ago that you did not serve my gods or words of the gold of interest I have set up now if you're ready at the time. If you're ready the time that you hear the sound of the horn flute hardwired sultry and simply have all kinds of music if you fall down the worst of the image Oh it may be good but if you do not worship you should be cast immediately in the midst of a burning fiery furnace Now notice the music is still tied to the 2nd chance. There is no requirement here wait what they did about the 1st time just Bell now but a little We're going to play the music video right he seems to feel and believe that the music itself can kind of aid them in making this decision you notice their. Hands So the way he does the deal don't respond right so we listen to this as the 3 who stood before the king he was convinced that they possess something we otherwise would have his kingdom did not have they didn't think full in the performance of every duty and he would give them another trial so I'm going to do a split screen thing here. And all share my screen with you but you can see like my background and stuff which is still fine let me do. That says as the 3 humorist and before the king he was convinced that they possessed something otherwise wouldn't he did not have then what to say about them and their characters. Seem the fun. Question. Yeah I did I said what did what does it say it x. other word so that. It's actually there were $54.00 that every duty right that's a big deal and so it says you would give them another trial now there is no reason to give another trial these guys have been troublemakers and another just killer might just get rid of them and anyone from your Who cares but he actually gives them a 2nd chance and I believe that has warbly to do with the fact that they. Were before the end of chapter one that they're being forgiven there we do need an chapter one and their leadership responsibilities outside of the text that we have access to lead them to really not want to lose them but to get their allegiance right and so he's a duty can to get them to budge right. So there were just about all of the king's initial response is to give them that 2nd chance they don't take the bait and so that's there's here verbs at the end of verse 15 it says and who is the God who will deliver you from my hands Isn't that something all right I was feeling salty I would probably say the same God that put you in your face in danger Chapter 2 credits you've met him before but they don't do that which is pretty smart and that's that's where we are still there they say oh they're going there we have no would need to answer you in this matter if that's the case our God who we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fire a furnace and he will deliver us from here him the king but if not let it be known to you that we do not serve your gods nor will we worship the gold images you said we are fully convinced of the fact that God is going to bless us and protect us but even if he doesn't we're still about not going to do it bro I'm not going to budge and that's a big one yeah. Really really big thing that but if now it is a game that does that's it's relatively credits like just I mean we're not budging even a god doesn't provide for us so they're going to the furthest right he's full of fear of the expressionless face changed towards them he spoke in command of the heat of the furnace 7 times more you know the story of the guys that there were the men get burned a bit these guys are only the bird in fact they don't even smell like smoke when they come out of the fire the only thing this bird is the ropes right there were live at the home of the with still real wood furniture fireplace right you smell way up smoke just by doing things you're not going to in the fire you're just near the fire yet these guys are fully immersed and. Can't tell. So here's the amazing thing though because in verse 24 it says this The never get there is or was astonished and he rose and he's the spokes into his counselors or as high officials did we not cast 3 men bound in the midst of the fire they said the true looking lookee enter I see how many of them I see form in a loose walk in the midst of the fire they are not her and there was a 4th one look like. Our. World looks like a son of God So do you think then that may be never can there is or watch The Passion of the Christ insult Mel Gibson's depiction of Jesus and what it looked like either that's what happened or maybe maybe you read the spirit prophecy where there's a picture she saw of it someone had made that looked very much like what she saw of Jesus in that's what it was that maybe never guess or got access to white writings and some of the picture there always argues that how does he know what it looks like the Son of God. You can't encounter Jesus in the. Right he just he just know. Whether you've seen the picture which we know it looks like we have it was a white guy we don't know. But you cannot encounter the living Christ and not know and that's the point right it's that white changing that you just know that he's the guy this is truly a psycho. And see here's the thing that's very important for us I think in this coming crisis that when we choose his Daniel in this story for his shows to do to be faithful in every duty and we get put on the hot seat for being faithful in every duty you are not standing alone. You're not right we need to determine and commit in our hearts before the crisis that we are going to do to Jesus come what may that Jesus is our forever friends William Miller whatever we read about this conversion experience says that in Jesus I found a friend rightly think of a prophecy the 23 days in the same jury all the stuff that way Miller but we lose sight of the fact that this guy truly still had a real love of Jesus in Jesus he found a friend I want to be afraid of so to be a friend of and that is was God wants us to have that type of experience that I'm with I would rather die than say right I would rather die than did on her lord and we have to determine and commit in our natural to want to live a life that looks like that because you're not going to muster that on the plane of Dura right that imposed doesn't always get itself on the plate of Dura that's an impulse that is being cultivated in grown through the years are you with me. Right this guy didn't love you something special and knew that was a moment this is a lifestyle that they had adopted before a crisis came right they were committed to that before being a one and it is listed as day one and Daniel 2 and so again 3 came that's that we did is avoid the big brother to God to get all these people that never get as are called in the known world to worship this image they watch this whole of it. God take something that was bad and use it for His glory right. And this is why I would say that I don't believe that events like this are God's will but I do believe that God can capitalize on events like this instead the difference what Jesus knows is not what Jesus chose and so I don't believe that God appeared aims for for certain things they have on Earth but I do believe is that we've been told very clearly it is not the last week something tells me challenges will come before when has it been restrained are going to be loosed but God's people are being sealed and transformed in that process right as those winds are being held and in that process that's going to happen right. Ok Listen to this by the deliverance of the city service the Lord declare that he takes his stand with the oppressed and he reduced all of the powers that rebelled against the authority of heaven the 3 years to clear to the whole need of Babylon their faith in whom they worship and that they relied on God and they paid off didn't write the massive testimony in the hour of their trial they remember the promise now if they remember the prophet what does that imply. A hand in the problem write these stories in their hearts and so this is from the book of Isaiah this is when the passes through the waters I will be with the in through the River Station on not overflow the when they will walk us through the fire that we shall not be burnt neither shall the flame candle Aponte there literally was a promise in Scripture that you can put in the fire it's not going to hurt you. Let's quite convenient in this situation Katie that in that time we're doing the Scripture verses together diary servant diaries but what about the fire it probably isn't good right now isn't accurate let's say that from right and that's exactly what happened they claim the promise of the Word of God in the Word of God has created the power right to sustain and to fulfill it and I said this he says that through the promises themselves the promises are fulfilled right through the claiming of the promise the promises receipt to bring to life in the marvelous manner there is a little more given under the sight of all the tidings of the wonderful deliverance were carried to many countries by the representatives of the different nations that have been fighting by the evidence or to the dedication through the fable of others children God has glorified it all the earth. Unfortunately in our in our conversations about dealing with your sins dealing with your sin dealing with your sin we forget the fact that God's intention for us were coming isn't just about you yeah for many of us the way this big communicated I'm already hearing is you need to you need to use need to devise you getting to that your life and sin does need to be purged from our life we've talked about it already right God promises to will him to do according to His good pleasure in our lives. But we've got to stop thinking about ourselves and focusing on ourselves that one of the reasons why we're to be story those promises of God in our heart is not just for our own survival sing not just to get in the Argus Lexy image right but to be in the UK right the point was to have is available to be a testimony a blessing to other people yeah Ok. Important It wasn't to be learned from experience of the youth of the play Dora and this our day many of God's servants will give us in the wrong doing will be given over to suffer humiliation and abuse at the hands of those who are inspired by see are filled with envy and religious bigotry is especially with the wrath of the band be aroused against those who howl the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment and that last 8 Universal decree will denounce them as deserving of death she's very clearly connecting the situation of danger of the really to the image of the bees are to be directed to Revelation Chapter 13 and so forth right and the Sabbath is a big part of this this is a this is though this season of distress before God's people will call for a faith that will not falter his children must make it manifest that he is the only object of their worship and then no consideration not even that of the wind itself kid induce them to make the least concession to false worship to the Loyal Heart of the commands of sin for find I was sick in the insignificance aside the word that the term of God Truth will be your believe that the result will be imprisonment or exile or death right that that fixed determination your heart and mind that guided I want to live a life that honors your word no matter what comes again to the and I'm asking you to make me that type of person today so that when that day comes that I'm not expecting I can be that person for you there to make sense Ok. As of the day the Schechter Michigan Abednego saw the closing periods of Earth's history the Lord will work mightily to be half of those who stand steadfastly for the right he'll walk to the Hebrew or use the fiery furnace will be with this followers of where ever they are his abiding presence will come for insisting in the midst of the time of trouble trouble such as has not been since there was a nation his chosen ones will stand moved here's the good news guys when we make a decision a commitment in our hearts a covenant with God that I want to be faithful to your word no matter what comes against me you are not making that decision along your me then you are not making that decision alone guys God will be with you in that moment right I know that we talk about that quote We did our life version of the old you class about standing without a mediator that does not mean you're standing without help rather just go to trans person and into the sanctuary best if you will need it because you've been sealed right but in this days this is this is real writing God's chosen people will stand because God is standing with them in the power of them Tuesday right but you don't start that conversation on the plate during Yeah you don't start their preparation you don't cram the night before for this test should be there before anyway doesn't work. Sites prevent them anyway seeing it with all of those of evil cannot destroy the weakest of God's saints Amen. That those hands in the air and say asylum in is your microphone to be the right signal of all those of evil cannot destroy the weakest of God's saints here of the weak it doesn't matter angels that is still in strength will protect them and in their behalf Joe hope will reveal himself as a god of gods able to save to the uttermost those who put their trust in Him we see a similar thing with Daniel 6 this is warbly about the 3 br worthies at the end of chapter 3 but we do need to display this down because the point is very similar Daniel is in a very high position in the government and just like that they go with even a higher position of this stage the other people universe at this stage because the governments have changed hands from Babel to be the perfect there is yells at him and so they say the only way we're going to give this guy a troubles we've been worshipping his gun illegal we talked about that in our leadership class last week they do it Daniel stands he prayed with his window open not in this closet as Jesus said because that's what he always did he didn't change his behavior just because the world is falling apart right. We talked about this in light of the ology class that there's a whole reliable She says that. The we should not be using the imminence of Jesus coming to the terrors of the day of God to bow to the people she says it's saviors of selfishness and that Jesus is attractive that we should be the person in that crisis that we were the day before the crisis right and that's a very very important point with this again of the doing differently just because the government's making decrees that are harmful to. Write why because you purposed in his heart that I'm going to follow the Word of God and make God my priority Yeah and what you purpose in your heart and covenant with God and ask for his grades and his strength to walk in that commitment he will give you baldness. This is a place really talks of the fact that many did I have a martyr state that is not yet required of them but that God will give them that measure of boldness is needed in those moments because even in that day before that. So the g.l.c. the weekend there's another get the Creed given listener this. The king regret always go back here you know. This is from property Kings as well. Well where the ready to do that so the key regrets the fact that you've made this decree trying to change him but a court of law the need of hers you can't do any of that such a good witness in need to prove that with any perjured that he's not to budge but yet another go then God Try outs right the Lions are like house cats the whole time he's in there but the bad guys get there and they're destroyed before they're born even at the base of the pit right there completely destroyed All right so go read all of this from the story of Daniel deliverance we may learn that in season the trials in blue God's children should be just what they were when their prospects were bright with hope and the surrounding the all that they could desire but here's the question what do I look like when the prospects are bright with hope and my surroundings are all that the desire and I actually prioritizing the things of God now or in my being one of those lazy you know Bible students that knows I know there's a quid in the corner abis not going to worry about it in the say the day before I do that see the Sunday lot happening then all walk away from all the stuff that Iran's you right now all the evil that sell stuff playing video games all stuff do is it isn't doing that and being half in and happy then I'll go all in for Jesus will we have no guarantee for the life of what we can see we have no hearing Tina believe and have a desire to change that stage. A lot of fighting to stay inside of the angels are coming to save his life yeah you have no guarantee that you're going to be ready for their duties magically have a desire because they get away euro that actions are centered on the things that you're so left to right now those idle the markets for us right now that's where our affections are and that's what we will be loyal to when crisis comes that makes sense so it's very important for us to ensure right now especially to see things happen in the world to recognize you know just do it in the 2 I would say freak out right in and change everything out of fear because you're going to have my guess is things are going to normalize once this thing blows over they will normalize and people will disrobe back over and go back to sleep that should not be us and then this is an opportunity for us to do inventory what has my affections What are my priorities focus on right now and what is competing for my time with God because personal time with God and personal consecration to God is was made in the people they were in moments of trial difficulty I assure you that they were thinking of me I could spend time with God I had a step to do right they they were committed to communing with God and consecrated themselves to God daily they were faithful in every duty doesn't come from nowhere right they were communing with God it's that important other thing you know reason why we're going to love my point is why would you read your Bible right if your life wasn't literally can create a universe out of nothing you can change your life maybe the reason why we're struggling things or not overcoming is because the Word of God has no power no light within it has no window with availability in our life. You can't expect the world going to change your life if you're not open to the Word of God allowing to change your life. We're hearing today in John Chapter 17 that Saint defy the by your truth your word is truth Jesus already prayed for them guys it's a done deal the variable is am I actually praying God's word back to him am I reading the word for myself in my story those problems as my are there all that's what shall be shouted Abednego did that's what Daniel did and that's what enabled them to be who they needed to be when the crisis came right because they already knew God they already had a habit of communing with them and knowing Him intimately I mean since you don't find a consecration experience at the 11th hour you don't have a huge bill right this is the difference with the wise and foolish virgins like they had kind of an experience but when they realized it was really serious they realized they had again been deficiency and there was nothing they could do about it with me. And so it's important for us in the midst of this crisis you get time guys right this is the ideal time if you have not had it and a regular devotional life if you have not had a regular consistent and vibrant prayer life now's the time to try it out right really do your life deconstruct and reconstruct it and build a lifestyle build a thought process build a habitual pattern over who you want to be when the real crisis comes you can actually start there right now yeah. And it has massive dividends when it matters most right because I got news for you they didn't become someone different on the player during dinner that you can summon different all the any better but I will buy one of those and show Jesus I really mean it because you know it's getting serious Out here it's getting hot why not Daniel did the same thing he did yesterday your decrees don't change anything I'm going to be who God called me to be do you know go to college to be do you know the experience that God has called you to have right do you know what's available to you and what you're entitle to in being able to commune with God in the daily basis as as a man speaks with a friend you can have them face to face experience at most and that's available to you can do that and the question is is that actually a priority for you Do you want that it's available to everyone who wants it so now is the time now is the ideal time to start building that Ok so you know it she says for the story digs deliverance willing to learn that as citizens of trial and glue God's children should be just what they were when their prospects were bright with the hope of their surroundings all that they could desire for some of us we may not want to be with their prospects agree Daniel Lion's Den was the same Daniel who stood before the king is chief among the ministers of state and is a prophet of the most high a man who's harvested upon God will be the same in the hour of his greatest trial as he is in prosperity when the light in favor of God and man be upon these reaches to the unseen and grasps eternally in all of these guys this is a game changer this is there's no better time to read that quote than today that right now well when the world is wrestling in the midst of a crisis but then certainty something that rocked your all day to day life I am. God asking me to be the consecrated person that he wants me to be in a time right now right God God is inviting me to the privilege of that level of comedian in the spirit of him right now right we can have that we can start tomorrow by the journey even then you can start investing in your retirement if you will right you can be spending extra time with Jesus really consecrating yourself to God searching your own heart we can be doing that right now during this time where the schedule is changed right when there's other stuff going on we can do that right now and what better time to do it right now and it's going to pass massive dividends when they win the resurgence of even greater muster comes right will be there we need to be there we can start them right now so it's easy to find oneself in the why is it a fear when thinking about having a few serves as like that is that. Dang that's a pretty heavy step there's no way I could scam like those guys right and we can be tempted to believe that these guys it's simply other will muster the guts to be super humans in that moment but that's not the way it happened right they were just who they should have been before most of us this is from price of because that's all in by faith all this in the little things can the soul be trained to act with the deal of the under a larger responsibilities so we don't really place a lot of importance on David impacts it's one of their devotion to their whatever one day turns into a weed but it is fine and who care it's rather just did their responsibilities what really matters is the big game at the end of time that's not actually how it works the day by day decisions you're making the whole make you into the very person you will be with in batters post right it will either set you up to succeed you look to fail during that time. And so in favor of this in the small things in making our beds and in honoring our families and taking care of the house and doing going the extra mile to bless your neighbor in time of trial in need right in those daylight a decision was this seems small insignificant to us is literally shaping you into a type of person who responded under duress later right there's a reason why athletes when they practice they don't just mess around right they practice in 10 environments why so I'll give an example I was lazy when it came to basketball super lazy all I want to do is shoot 3 pointers that's all I cared about well the problem is I have to a point where I can shoot pretty well but I was just walking right in gym pumping up shots but I wasn't in intense environments and you know what happen when I get the games those jobs I can make of the floor calm and relaxed and start yelling and running and jumping those if you know square of the shoot the judge didn't follow the game situation you know why because your heart rate is up right there's some guy in your face trying to guard is different right but if you practice in an environment if you're investing in an environment that isn't the big game that will prepare you to succeed when you do get into the big game settings and. And so terrible and events and I'm terrible a ball handling but I can pass and shoot I'm pretty much worthless I've got a point guard Kirk mates I'm just a guy the way for me the rock n roll pop and shoot that's all I could do because I was lazy I didn't develop myself in those other areas and in turn it is not help to be right in more pressing situations so only by faithfulness the little things can the soul be trained to act with fidelity and or larger responsibilities God bribed enormous bells in a connection with the great men of Babylon but these heathen man might become acquainted with the principles of true religion and this of the nation of idolaters Daniel was to represent the character God so the amazing thing is God literally used the nation of Israel to reach the people that they refused to reach by living to go into exile right they were supposed to reach the world as Ego 36 says but instead the surrounding nations were blaspheming the name of God So what is God Do While the regs I'll he has these people are righteousness you know Nehemiah or as Israel right Daniel or Jeremiah he has these guys when it being massive Joseph right in Egypt he has these guys in them being witnesses to world leaders right he got to use the nation visual of a Trojan horse while in captivity to show people that there is a God in heaven who is real and worthy of worship if you will win souls he will. Then amazing. And so that's that's right a correction is that using the Israelites to reach other people through the example of the few writers that he had the answer and he says Art So how did you become fitted for a position of still really trust an author speaking of did you know it was this beautiful this in the little things she says again they gave complection to his whole life he honored God in the smallest duties in the Lord cooperated with him to Daniel and his companions God gave knowledge and skill and all learned he wisdom and Dino had understanding in all visions and dreams as God told Gail that was for him a balance so in causing us to be his witnesses in the world today in the smallest as well as the largest of various of ways he desires us to reveal to men the principles of this kingdom so this is that good time to do an image already when I have been asked to perform responsibilities hat I reveal to people the principles of God's Kingdom or of I've done the bare minimum have my stuff to be a person of excellence in my chosen fields or do I just do enough to get by because that's not really important you know like you haven't asked people church but I got stuff to do I just forgot all this was you know what's up in the ghetto Well could there be fighting I don't suppose you give worship but I just I forgot this was your homework but I kind of forgot hold right on the really fast break those decisions you're making now all are actually revealing something about your character now does it make sense. Are are all laziness are being slack in our responsibilities are cutting corners is revealing something about us not that we're damned to Hell right that they were unsafe of all that were losers but it is revealing We this is what you guys but I had to witness as a high character revealed in this in this crisis if you have that 2 things that God is shown me that I need to deal with and it's that he's not doing that to shame me and surely there is no hope for being he's doing it because he loves me and wants to be ready to have a sense so take advantage of the things that God is showing you all in those things that need to be dealt with that need to be surrendered right this is the perfect time to do that you don't have the data the responsibilities you used to have now is an opportunity to invest in your future you to invest in your eternal destiny and to invest in your usefulness to others in the coming crisis. The perfect time to do that so the mazing and beautiful thing is the very thing that God is asking us to do he's actually willing to empower us to do Gustus and give that just get your wife changes change that stuff this start there on your all so maybe you have 0 motivation intrinsically to do with the speed done many times that can be birthed to self hatred we fail our efforts at Sylvan prove it because we hate ourselves right so January comes around the other Lose weight of a good fit to go v.d.m. to get the ice cream out of The Verge rater of the lift weights we made these commitments in January of who we think we're going to be for the next year with good intentions I think for the most part. And then we crash and burn why because we were doing them for us and we hate us many times a seat to still be treated the negative core beliefs without having to actually sabotage our attempts to make a better us and why is that because the power sources us and the motivation is us hey what if what if I want to be sure that was to ensure that I could be who God wanted me to be to bless somebody else not just to look better pictures right now just to feel better about myself a pot luck and feel whatever way it was what is the reason why God was giving us these convictions about personal approval him was enough for you it was for other people's been good it was for His glory what if doing this for God's sake and for other people's sake became our board of behavior do you think we both are prone to succeed. I think you would right because selfishness would no longer be the driving force and we've already talked about this but selfishness is not God's Kingdom principle is it it seems came to principle So anyway that there's some some good thoughts here that we don't have to do all this on her own we just have to be willing and then we can go to the power source in acid to same to fire motives right to say defy these areas of our life where we are not succeeding but we wish that we would God I don't value I don't want naturally to spend time with you in your word and I need you to change that because I recognize that if you're working to change lives and my life doesn't seem to be growing as I wish it would that I need more of you would my wife but I don't even know how to start I don't have the motivation would you help being given garbage that prayer when you think you have 1st other vices that this is the confidence that we didn't have in him here 9 years that maybe here's that confidence that we can have him that if we ask anything according to His will question is it God's will for you to grow. Is it God's will for you to overcome is it God's will for you to be able to have a vibrant communion with Him for yourself now that I'll gauge him a because you love him and want to spend time with him yes yes yes yes well if you ask God to help you in these areas we have confidence that if we have anything according to His will He hears us he heard that prayer and if we know that he hears us whatever we ask then we know not hope we know that we have additionally that you know so if you're doing it in the Tory right now who you are and who you need to be in a crisis recognizing in this crisis right now who I need to be now's a great time to run to Jesus and beg of him is Jason job to Jim to say that I'm not going to let you go if you bless me I'm not going to stop bothering you and to get changed my desire in give me a long to actually spend time with you I don't know I don't want that I really feel like I should want that something's wrong with me and I don't know why would you change that would you rearrange my priorities would you give me a willingness and an earnest desire to wake up and give me the 1st fruits of my day I want you to speak love into my life I want you to speak hope into my life all the forgiveness and healing in the lakes perience God would you do that for me you think you would you better believe absolutely listen to this as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes I'm on defense all powerful and whatever is to be done if God commands may be accomplished in his strength all his buildings are enabling. Yes we need to change yes we need to grow but that weight is all on you it's not there is help available to you all you have to do is ask if you don't find yourself having a desire to do what you need to do he can cause you both to will and to do of His good pleasure he can give you the desired there is nothing in your life right now that is hindering your experience that is bigger than Jesus nothing in your eyes not your laziness Niger your your biology your brain chemistry next year or your in cold your cultivated and heard him in seas it does not matter Jesus can change your why if he wants to change alive he just need your permission so you've not been fitted for consistent in anything you promised God so what God would you make me willing to do today and tomorrow God Would you be willing to do it today give me the ability to be faithful in the small things to day Lord you know that prayer is this will believe these said it go for it it's already true that's what God wants guys that's where it starts. That's it worse this is how Jesus lived his life he continually abide in God and you that apart from God he could do nothing right and he did this to be able empower you and I to overcome the do the same act so everything else a strength that you need to stand is already available to you in Christ he that asking you to become someone who can stand he is someone who can stand it he will stand through you right he can do that he can empower you to be that very person exactly to muster that up in your own strength he can provide that straight so the decisions you're making from gay to right now are making you into the person that you will be when it matters the most the day that many people are afraid of. But the decisions you make now hold are preparing you to feel or succeed in the crisis Yeah so our hope of being able to stand I'm going to pause here in the will pick up on after the Brady Bill the only question so far on this just makes sense 1st of all yes you know yeah Ok other big questions so far were policy even just things a bit hopeful for you were feedback Yes I I really like that I've been thinking these past couple days what character really is you know the only characters Not only thing that we haven't I think I'm just thinking about this topic a right sir it's kind of interesting to me that we're talking about this again today. But just I think that it's been working on me and convicted me of this specific thing that I want to do today it matters and you know you know there's not there's not a day that still scarred it and that doesn't count towards the end so I am really appreciated how you went through Daniel and I love it when you. Reach a monk at story and then apply it directly lives it's like a living breathing word so I really like the rhythms from the lives that's because God wills me thoughts comments I have problems playing in the Bible locking up I'm. Not the person. But it never just for that look for anybody else that needed if you're going to walk the fire I'm going to be there with you. In that precious and in your eyes and this is another reason why scripture is so precious like it is it's so wonderful that there were promises handcrafting for every situation of your life that you can find the word of God everything. Even if you happen to be in a situation where some of the 3 would fire here we've got you covered you pass through water that you cover there too right he is that personal which shows me that God doesn't want you to fall God is not setting you up to fall he literally is providing everything we need to stay and we just haven't understood that right we've just seen what we are and what we can't be but he actually has provided the infrastructure he prepares to succeed and I hope that that's that that's clear this is sober this is real guys we need to be earnest and searching our hearts and dealing with these things that the rest of that's 100 percent true but we're not doing that alone God forbid we'd all be lost if we were doing that alone yeah. He's that personal he'll give you what he need to succeed he would else Ok let's let's pray because us 1st session and it will pick up in finish of this up process I'm sure some things and you hear all my heart that I've been reading and have dozens of people to me too but let's let's close this parts where there's still some more again you're saying but we're kind of going towards a solution now or down the narrative God heaven just thank you that you've used this moment right now in earth's history through this coronavirus to open our eyes to the fact that. Our priorities have largely been out of whack that we have not understood the value of our day to day decisions and the. You seem to place a higher priority on those that we do and so we're just praying that through the example you gave of Daniel Shechtman check that you go that you would help us to recognize that those things that seem small are actually revealing who we are into who we will be. In the crises to come and so God we want to be faithful who want to be people who take our responsibilities seriously and they call us to be husbands and wives parents those day to day responsibilities don't just affect us the effect they're on let alone the bigger picture of what's going on the great controversies a lot of this pray that you would open our eyes to the fact that you were available in every scenario that we can or drive the day we can commune with you we can talk with you we can seek your advice and counsel what to do how to do it even give us strength to carry forward the noble principles you'd love for us to live maybe recognize just how practical personal and you know who you are that we take to mean. We have Susteren Jesus in. 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