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How to Stand in a Crisis - Part 2

Dee Casper


in the midst of this current crisis it really gets one thinking. We'll address some lessons we can learn from Daniel 3 & 6.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • March 30, 2020
    1:30 PM
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God heavily thank you for the sober reminder But the encouraging reminder that we've just had our 1st session of the you place a higher value on our day to day decisions than we do because you know how much of a bit if it they have of the long term when it matters most and so I just pray you bless us now as we reflect upon some more practical application of this is. A game that's receiving that knowing how to best live in the midst of crisis and have a pair for crisis so we ask these things now in Jesus' name amen All right so I was going to summarize or certainly talked about Hillary camp if you have occasional into the 2 stories from my own experience that have given me courage and consolation the midst of crises and knowing what it is that God is trying to do to prepare us when we need help the most just bit actual life story my own experience it confirms to me that God truly is going to help us that we're not a rule has been such a blessing so the way that you what I can stand at the end of time and the way we can stand then is by giving God our decision today right that's the point shared the shack Abednego did all they did become somebody different in their trial they were who they were the day before when they determine their homework right when they had to do their taxes regulate choice the way they got to have time with God or anything else in the responsibilities and the decisions that I made today made me into the person that I will be the other so what I do today prepares me for my faith will this been right I'm investing in my faithfulness this by being faithful today. 1st should humble us and encourages 1st because God seems to place a higher value of my idea that is it was that I do right we don't who cares just one class or just one thing just one day devotional just one this one that but 2nd because God seems to have that humbles encourages me that there's a solution here and that God offers strength to succeed in my day to day decisions because he sees that those prepares for who we will be there but seconds the reason why this is hardly occurred to me is because it seems to me that God has more food the my ability to stand being the time that I do do catch that God seems to have more food than my ability to see anything in the time that I do else I wouldn't be living in that time. You would not be living at this time a nurse history if God did not believe that you could say it and just take a moment to appreciate that God did not say you were to fail all if you were alive by God's providence at this stage nurse mystery when all was going to Hell of a hand basket of falling apart of the seams it guy has you alive at that stage it must be because he believes if you can stand because he believes it you're going to make it because he believes that you can succeed you within that does not slack concerning his promise he's not willing to initiate Parish right that's not the experience he wants for you and so these same lessons apply to our here to develop right to Jesus day by day as making us into someone that we could not become a part of Jesus there is never a day in your life where you're not going to meet Jesus there's never it there's never an experience in your life that you're actually prepared to handle without Jesus. And you can give you may be able to stumble through whatever but if you want to be a person of excellence if you want to be a person who makes morally right decisions and succeeds when it matters most you need jesus you cannot succeed without them and many people are freaked out about this idea of perfection already cover this art class unless you're a theology and in other areas that God has promised to do that we're going to transformation in the us our responsibility is to stay in the soil to remember that illustration for Christ's object lessons right that you can be perfect at every stage of development are a Jarvis's stay in the soil to states or regard to God and ask him to mold and shape us and we need to be day by day God I surrender my choices for this day to you and I ask that you would empower me to live a garden honoring life as I work as I do my chores as I would be the civil right as I do my schooling whatever and if we are day to day decisions to God we don't have to be afraid anymore so reason to be afraid because he is in control right he's the one who's in Paris to succeed and you can scan for Jesus in the plane of durable to everyone else balance because you've given him your heart consecrated yourself to him for that day and you give Yesterday's decisions and the day before that label for that you've been developing a lifestyle a habit a train of thought that continually seeks power and wisdom from God That's the point when so you'll be able to tell the popes of the pretty weights that God is going to fight for me in this situation but even if he doesn't I'm still not going anywhere because God has been good to me God has been fearful to me and I I would rather die Sam I would rather die than dishonor him because he's been that good to me yes let's. It's funny that. You mention Axis fund that God doesn't mazing things our lives and guys do it's in our lives our time every minute every 2nd letter just living is a blessing because you're right and it's critical that you're seeing as well like you know because they're saying you know God you don't touch my life and service is that so even if you you know you and I are in or I don't I know a friend lives you know I'll do this because I don't start our lives. Then else this just got into my head at least for me to even forget that like I'm like oh yes I'm tired for like really how is this hard to ration how we do this and I forget what like what like recipe brother I forget like a great thing and my family and friends who love me and nature all around you know my favorite things are not my favorite foods like Don has blessed me with that and he was with me all the time and to encourage through those little things as well because it really helps as I can get a better picture bigger picture of this like this whole mess of what God gives us and to make us even more empowered to stand out for him and to give her all for him I think is more peace is what if you start saying Hey I'm with you every single aspect of your life itself I like that point as well yes but you don't all wait until a crisis to really know is that going to sit here and write God forbid if we're the only time we G.'s this is seen next to me is when I begin a little furnace right. It's not the Jesus wasn't with it except for when he was in the furnace he was always with Bill but he made it clear to the people who are trying to persecute that that Haiti is always been with them right now so yes. And so I think that that's something we can't lose sight of and I appreciate that you said that legacy that God literally wants to be involved in your day to day decision making because he knows what you need better than you do and he want Perry to succeed and then right deal even talk about this if you're white it becomes more efficient when you're abiding in Christ right you make better decisions you're more efficient you get more done because you're leaving everything in his hands and that's what this really is about right check me check a bed to go to the annual work to have a bite of Jesus that's basically what they did and this is why I think it's so important for us and not ignore the fact that our daily consecration their time with him is so essential in this shipping into buying process right it's so essential that those. And I are just going to say that it is as I was walking this morning I was asking God and Nessie you know why does he love me so much you know after you know so many dreams we can do to not push him away sometimes we may do the role playing unconsciously and we were consciously Penn and I believe that got us to equip those sure that unique gift they know they could use those wish. And wish that same DNS Hiram's in this is why we're here because God created those who need before it gets pressed archivists we are not perfect in this like you said. You were standing before a body that God wanted us and you were as long as we don't like him and we just go all him and it's hard for me too and it's partially me sometimes because I don't go so mother said it out and that why I said acts now why or why would you want to do so I mean I went after I maybe I don't deserve this and so amazing how his love is in the country side and I just want to share the human lessee. I'm stuck wherever wherever it thinks it's Keep dancing for us to do because you keep on sending Alex again there and I mean yes I'm a connector I was saying as well I'm in high school I I really kind of started to understand more of the cutting impulse and literally everything like you were saying like and it so close to see that like finding a baseball our planet your spare like just really super random things got to me about everything. Like just talking about everything else well that makes sense like Ike i story stars you ever imagine that people like Arnold so restoration are like you know I created out of my type not because they weren't breaking while I am right longer to let lower go to work and then when you saw the whole thing about Dylan and saying that yet you're buying Christ that's what Jarrah's friends were doing I shudder to check the Bendigo were doing and I like it kind of clicked in my head and probably got everything is abiding Christ's Yes that's that's like that's the connection after definition so I looked at him I had to really preach it every just I really found that and I have school here just very crucial so I'm not passing out to next to back that is really cool for one because it's encouraging to see that I was home every step back and now obviously just you know kind of click so I predict that the God is closer to him. And I said that he needed unserviceable redeploys were going to be $29893.00 joke over service he talked about the fact that we should be pleading for the very presence of Jesus the presence of Jesus is available to us and can empower us in such amazing ways you've lose so this is the type of experience that God wants for you to take not just things but all me and I'm sure who God stands for me well the reason why you would believe that God is going to unify you this is when you realize how God standing for you right now. He's already going to wrap your mind around that that God is present and handed in everything you are doing now and then we wrap our minds around that the more we're going to want to make decisions that would honor him because he's here right but to the more we're going to call on him for strain in the power and help in those days the decisions and we will believe that God will stand for it then because we have all white History of God standing force before them so in a sense you're building a testimony to convince yourself in that moment that God will be there for me when it matters the most so God has a want you to say only enough didn't you up to fail Yeah. That's really really important for us. Ok now I want to share 2 stories with you that has really helped me in kind of just understanding how much God is for us in this process of a crisis to come so I want to hear you had me for 2 and a half years the last year I was there I was doing Bible work at a local church kind of an unofficial serving of like an elder while I was officially elder of a kind of unofficial histories associate pastor elder by worker at this church now teaching junior Bible 1st period Monday through Friday of the academy I live right down the street from that and then I would go to live work there as the day so I knew that there was a storm coming where we lived in Tennessee was kind of like Northeastern Tennessee halfway between national Knoxville of Interstate 40 and we were right on that wall line there were you could be snow in Kentucky above others or it could be. Like rain below us further south in Tennessee or Alabama but will it get like that I you know it sometimes snows sometimes rain like you're right on that line because we're on the the Cumberland Plateau which is higher elevation. And so we're here Cademy and it's a Sunday and I knew that the weather is able to be bad that way there's a new potential ice storm and the Spirit of God spoke to me and this is why this is so important that when you develop a relationship with God where your community would do regularly in his work in your community with him regularly in prayer you learn to actually recognize and hear his voice throughout the course of the day and got to speak to you about things he helps give you insight and wisdom and in a bible study that you're giving things you didn't plan on saying God put something in your heart and you say that it was perfectly relevant but you had never thought of the before until that moment where you're preaching a sermon it happens where you're just you're driving to someone's house even miles a bit someone else put on your heart and you stop any text that 1st they hate when you are praying for you and the response is you have no idea what I'm going through at the time here that was just perfect and his ministers today blesses him in a way that only God can explain right the Spirit of God judging gauge with human interactive you throughout the course of day and the words are recognizing here is voices so so so important and prioritising getting to know him now is what's going to see through everything go down so I have I committed in my little heart I don't know 20092008 nothing right obviously to 9 the time when God was not an option that was at 11 years ago nearly and. It was the most intelligent animal Why of course all precision I ever made apart from giving my lack of Jesus the time with God would not be enough Him I don't care what time I fly it is I don't care how late I sit up in the morning in the evening time with God is not optional and no one is telling me I have to do this no one yelled at me and said do your devotions or did you do the movie and I never had that experience and I've met 1000000 people who have unfortunately that it was just an internal abiding view an understanding of reality that I did not think of the whole either or right just or good it's because I desperately need Jesus I knew that I could not function without Jesus and there had been one time in 11 years right I didn't start my day with God What And this isn't boasting and bragging not apply I saw my need and it has driven the way of Paradise my time better than anybody but the one day it is because I moved to a new area and I it was bad like this house was super it efficient electric bills are just through the roof the fireplace only let each build up the chimney that lays in the hole was in the house in the electric heaters is it really has been is a well known American or a job that he paid all that knowledge and so when I 1st moved to this joint there is no gas yet in the house so there was no the shower curtain and there was no hot water I don't have a way to cook food properly in a microwave or toast really like that like I have a grill or something and it kind of really bad scenario 1st mooted there and I think I was preparing the water to get ready for basically the cold water in the bath to and then boil water on soft hair right multiple times until the water was tolerable to take a bath before I went to work and in doing that I forgot to read. And I get to work that day and late nothing's going right I can't see straight bumping into stuff like this nothing seemed to be working I was dragging for an appointment for something I really think of myself what is going on that we didn't I didn't have time with God And so I pulled over the hotel parking lot and I read when they got better from then on but I notice in that day that the only taste of the I have is the one day in 11 years the day was a disaster like nothing seemed right nothing filled right is because I was blowing through my day without guile and he didn't exist and just forgot to prioritize time with him and that doesn't mean I got to leave this for a day I was sitting in a car accident or diarrhea thing else but my point is that I I see a hard basket that must come with me and I'm so thankful that God is super natural power has enabled me to stand on that because me as a as a weak broken sinful Leslie human being I don't prioritize my life like that naturally and I heard people say you know that like they put me on the bottle over the last time with a prayer prayer of surrender to God or to put down the drugs the last time I walked away from this or walked away from that I can always attest that this was a supernatural phenomena that took place in my life that reset my priorities in such a way that no matter how I felt in any point in time in the morning or the evening for the last 11 years God put that was a burning desire in my heart to be with them to commune with Him and to give him something and it has changed my life in when you learn to recognize the voice of God You recognize the voice of God created when he speaks so on this Sunday I knew a storm was coming and the Spirit of God spoke to me so clearly move your firewood. Go buy groceries buy bottled water and get gas for the generator guy just conveyed to me so strongly a spoke to me so clearly and so that Sunday there was firewood stacked in this big open and liberal roof so that was like the garage and the back to the garage was a big Tim roof it was covered a whole bunch of firewood and it was seasoned it had been in use for a couple years and so. I thought I would as much as I can under the cover porous outside of where the wood stove is in the wood still didn't require electricity and it heated the whole cathedral is like this I really dislike having house the lower level living room and near the kitchen in the loft area which is where my bed was and that was another bedroom in the bathroom and like a little like mini livingroom type area up there too all that was perfectly he did the master bedroom wasn't that was on the other side of the stairs but I get my stuff together by gas for the generator and I get all the food and what isn't happening is like a quarter inch if not more of ice falls on Monday and they basically are telling people they need to be careful and don't really get on the road right now it's just not good to be in Tennessee that have tons of salt like they did Chicago like they have in the us all to get a few batches that sit they just you know hold up the top 5 in the mean time so I don't think I was able to go to bible studies Monday or Tuesday because the roads were good because it stayed that cold and that happens again that Friday nothing I did do some studies on Monday and Tuesday maybe even during that week but Friday night it's going to get worse because that ice that really go away and all other places and is going to have a bit more later that week there's another like half inch of ice that followed Friday night my car literally looks like it was welded to the ground by ice because it's like freezing rain diskette falling and falling it would help icicles and more would just drip down and just get taller taller and taller and so I knew it was. In the Bad Spirit convicting being in that plan saying that he had even though I literally to walk to the plate those days like 2 miles in a subdivision very cross from the academy but I bring a change of clothes or bring what I need for the whole day or preach Friday night and then the power goes out. And it was the crazy thing the power was gone for 6 days in winter 6 full days there's no power and that means that some places there's no water because it takes water to pump it takes power to pump water up into the towers to the ground if you get to people's houses so for 6 days there is no power and Sarah the morning when I wake up it's this eerie sound of. Trees are just snapping in falling all over the place because all this freezing rain would just add more more more weight to the branches and it is snap and fall to the ground that will lead to power outages because trees are falling all over the place the academy. Has Cademy cut their way into moderated town the 3rd that they lived in down the countries outside of it it's a moderate small community anyway but they live out the country for their side of that heritage academy by themselves cleared 8 miles of highway to get into the city the disaster preparedness stuff that's what my background was and they did it before I go there that's why I got hired if that was to do that were and then teach Bible so they could of the highway by themselves to get in so that people could get an alum they helped purchase sponsors and set up distribution points and so forth but Saturday night someone tried to drive me to the house where I was staying and it was like a war zone trees are down power lines are down on me I've never seen a like this in my life and so we try one way we drive through a dish we still play 2 blocks away and I just walk the rest away but I had it everything I needed for the whole 6 days I had plenty of water I had plenty of food I had a generator that ran the pump for the well to bring water into the house it powered like a couple light bulbs in refrigerators that was able to keep going that was it and they have attained was water here that was gas powered so it powered that to use. They will have hot water like I was very much better than most people in the room and that is a family that lives in the neighborhood they lost everything like they had this propane heated fireplace to heat the whole house and the use of all the propane pretty quickly so I brought them over to see a house where I was a state of the upper loft area and then I stayed in the master bedroom and froze. And I tried the whole like clay high with little t.l.a. candles heating thing it didn't work it was a disaster but I had you know good outdoor camping your sleeping bag stepped in to survive but they were all the save for like the 5 or 6 days to be able to have their needs provided for because of the provision that I had made that God told me what to do with plenty of propane in the big pickup die and I was able to just focus on ministering to people bless him and help him I was doing I think the morning and as in the chapel talks that next morning in the next week in the mornings I just walked to the Academy right Dr I think to the edge of the cabin if you can get down enough to the road they had there so I was part of the top walked over walked back to my Bible class and I just called people and is unable to go even though the roads got cleared there was no power still with us for 6 days so then we will visit people did in home visitations bring people food and God has made it so clear to me during that season that this is how it's going to work. God God will speak to his people he will make it clear to the what we need to do and notice when I bought all this stuff it wasn't for self-preservation it was to ensure that I had to worry about me so I could focus on helping other people right but ill adopt a family of husband a wife 2 kids and a baby so there's like 5 people and they had no worries whatsoever in their roles as a stays warm place to be and I could focus on investing in other people ministering to my Church members of people as given by I was to bring them soup and it was such a blessing to see that during this time and I did the math it was like put about $200.00 that I spent on a gas can on the food of water and gas for the gas can and I kid you not the day that the power came back on I've recently overtures that separate and after I preach this guy comes up to me one of the elders any chaise my hand is a deacon actually he shakes my hand and there is something in his hand he says someone told me to give this to you and I put it in my pocket and when I get home later that day you know it was literally 2100 dollar bill. Every down and money that I sent to prepare for that crisis I got all that money back and I was free to be able to minister to others and make a difference and it was just suited me this is what God is going to do but that never would have happened had I didn't know how to hear the voice of God for myself right I was spending time in I'm not perfect by any means but my point is that I was learning in prioritizing being in communion with God and abiding in Christ and when I did that Christ told me what to do where to go and that led to me being of the greatest service and then to worry about me. I was doing better than most people I hot water food refrigerator a way to cook food as a propane stove and if we're communing with God and giving our day to day decisions to him we will know what to do where to go this experience taught me that and it will be ready and will be able to help others and needed as we will as well and that's it you can't overlook that and this crisis has been one that the most recent one of the coronavirus has kind of challenge me in different ways because in my mind I had moments during the past why I thought I of all people should know better if you've had some of those moments where things are going on the I mean we're really country but we're 5 minutes from Walmart to get whatever I want there's still power there still water but this is dramatically change the way that people do life and there have been moments where I felt myself being so self-absorbed and so frustrated be ashamed of myself and. It's really have sent me this I thought that would be some of the difference in the midst of a crisis like this it will be more prepared more how we're facing but had I seen sides of me where I realized that I'm selfish and I've actually heard a lot of people saying this recently that God speaking to them of the topic of selfishness during this crisis. But what if they happen to me we've covered this one of our classes that's a couple times on my journey into depression probably and I was listening about this morning I think it started around January ish 2015 and recovered 3 years as well as below that I would write before a jury being involved in public ministry traveling preaching a bunch of places doing today and I and I encountered a crushing bitter disappointment where I told that God was promising a leading a certain area and that in the midst of what eventually become radical poverty of discouragement while the ministry all compiled together it is really crushing out for a long season but before that season happened when I was living here and you kept me I was militant and having time with God on my walks in the morning I have my time to read but that walk and pray for other people it matter what was going on rain shine sleet snow ice didn't change any of that and again it was just something that God placed within my heart is not a natural thing that I had but I was a militant in that pray for the houses of the people who lived you know where I was walking on the campus praying for students of prayer friends of the people and guy I was seeing God do amazing and powerful and wonderful things for people for people's marriages for people's children and other things that I could none. Given the only thing he can explain it is the fact that God heard that God is good and that prayer truly does move ahead of God The powerful in these ways and I began a lifestyle of being a man of prayer in faith and it changed my life that experience we are 20132014 blessed 2015 came and I moved to Illinois I was still having time with God I was still walking there for a season but this is just life happened and I would still really but my time of life quality real raw time with God the most walks started to get messed with and that that trajectory continued for a good chunk of my public ministry and God was still working even my depression of discouragement loneliness and frustration of radical poverty God was blessing people he was helping people he was ministering to them and I praise him for that but it was like a part of me died inside and it was a little perplexing to me that God was using me so powerfully in a public ministry of these messages were genius only people's lives while I felt like part of me was dead how is it that God is using me in a season in which I feel any use of all right I'm hurting a deal or challenge is a mess of the things you think God How was it that you would be submersed in the point is it's never been about you how awesome you are or whatever is not the issue the point is that a spirit of God the ministry to people is not your charisma really had were not that doing ministry is in successive ministry is soley because of the Spirit of God and God's love for people and he will use anything he can to bless people even the broken hurting ministers. In fact he delights to do so because that undeserved goodness of God that doesn't the for the broke administer to and so the messages I was sharing with people the tears I was crying without proof they were real I wasn't faking it but there was there was just the sense that something was wrong something had died inside but I didn't know this much don't stop communing with them don't stop serving him don't stop any of that so I kept praying and kept reading and kept giving Bible studies I can't preach I can't teach even though something just didn't feel right I couldn't understand where the cloud would leave and I knew God well enough to Bill that God is good that God loves me personally and individually I knew that and so I never doubted his goodness but I did wonder why the darkness will leave and begin in the spring of 2800 that started to change my functionality begin to increase things started to thaw out get better and over time and there's those of us that are years about this is called when you lose your 1st love that explains more of that story of how I got out of that and I'm sure it were there with you guys my classes but one of the things that came to mind to I talked about this when he was teaching is I'm preaching with white males of us here on helmet Hubble's book called steps to personal revival and that then the gun to my eyes to reading that book was the power of prayer and God we're back to him and that has been a massive. Healing experience for me to created this document that a bunch of Bible promises hands Spira prophecy because they just read them verbatim and it's like cognitive behavioral therapy God is rewriting my mind rewiring my mind to believe the truth of the area by believing lies to heal me and here it is right that prove it to speak a wife and hear it right die and so that time that I use has been walking and praying for other people without spending that hour or so going to this promised list with a list of people at the end and I have been very good about that and be consistent in that even though we are early schedule here but those walks have died when I 1st came here Pennsylvania I would go on these runs and just activities like these counseling sessions when I was going through some difficult seasons and God saw you there was a wonder the under the stars here and I it was wonderful but I was even doing that anymore once the core program started all this I was a 30 book usually last year recruited preparing for the program was and 30 location to you before that like all this travels messed up my sleep schedules messed up my mind my time and my point is this good that the business of the system tubes of life still something for me. And the Depression and the discouragement stole something from me and that quality time I used to have in those walks at that time lifting up other people's beings and their sister career began to fade away. God was still working in my life God was still working through me got a store blessed me this promise list has changed my life and I'm a vastly different man than I was before the Depression came in so many ways but this last aspect of those walks that time agonizing prayer with God I miss it. And if you are had those moments when there's someone or something in your life that you're heard just longs for and Mrs desperately maybe even away from a family member that you lost tragically or something else there is just a way to resist vacuum in your heart in your mind you just have a hard longing I have that for nearly 3 years and less to buy. Teen Idol it's been 2 to 3 years where that regular time of those walks has been taken from me and I allowed it to be taken from me is that frustrating. I was reminded of last week I don't remember where it was. Or God as I think it was a. Head of the table your time was trying to find it here but the. Teachers here. Anyway there is allusions were basically 3 days are going to be revived and last week on Wednesday when I read a list it was a rough day for me. Sabbath morning comes and I have been going for a longer walk to study like in the afternoon rather times try to have more of that my puppy but. What happened on the Sabbath morning was. Like the cloud has finally lifted my home Jonathan way better into so much that was before we still like something was missing in life experience and Sabbath morning that changed apartness been the type that have reading this book by Jim similate the pastor the bourbon tabernacle that have this guy this stuff appears amazing his story of a daughter is what inspired me we've been talking about the importance of prayer and why I was talking about it feeling even was talking about it and I used to be a man of prayer it fate and I've not been a man who's. Not believe that in recent years of the challenges but part of that that that part of my identity. Some of it has died it's not been the same just hurricane and I miss that and God did something so precious for me this week in this crisis there's been a lot of self reflection of all where I'm going in life the decisions I want to make the person I want to be and through that God is probably a place of being open and ready to to really engage in that and to prioritize that and guys it's been a life changing for me 7 morning over this long walk Sunday with his love of the island and I feel like I used to feel in that communion with God and all of those walks that I've missed desperately in when when you know God like you can never really run from him. And I'm not there's a pretty difficult stuff in recent weeks and. Life comes back to man the stuff happens the devil real and I got to the point literally last Wednesday I was just thinking like Lord I don't think I can do this like this is it too much we're not leaving God until that and that the just there are certain aspects reasonable A.D.'s quit to believe certain things to hope for certain things to fight certain battles you just get to a point where you're human straight when you're been there. And I hit one of those wall those lives day and I just wondered like would wait do and I just wanted to run I think God like to be alive to like you can run into leaving the food and water to help you run but I think she's down in that to that question what are you doing here if you prefer that a 1000000000 times I know that they have to struggle in the real and in the Shame on top of that there's a world crisis global crisis going on and they get you know who you need to be right now in this that crisis that brings shame and frustration on top of that and I. I get back to my room I get back to the house and in my devotion to God to speak so clearly to me. Return to Me. I'll even help you return to me in 3 days I spoke so clearly and I was reminded of a line to the life left in a rant at the very moment when God is about to bring the biggest breakthrough. And always tells us that. How I just do this ground jet in the water than just a hand would have been converted to the nation with the right to live instead you run. And that's the problem whatever you can lead a life of ministry the truth is you know too much and when you know that and know that you know. You can. Do it. And so and then a friend of mine called that morning I don't want to answer the phone but I did and I explained in the things that were going on and how God was leading leading into that what happened there with Ells I just reply to the fact that this is what's true I can't do anything else or do home I'm going to go Lord you know I don't understand all this happening right now you're all I have and he was so good to me and just let me lead me back to him self a session with my therapist the next day he was amazing and then Saturday morning he did exactly what he said and I felt like the full version of me but better for the 1st time that I held on. Because this process to govern from the on through the darkness talking a lot of the way self I had to follow up on the rug to be broken while in ministry to truly understand my weaknesses to truly understand who I really was think that was believing that was of my past to deal with that stuff to put me on the vantage ground for what's to come and it may get for us it may hit one of those soul crushing disappointments and challenges to bring it to that point to finally realize that I don't have what it takes that I'm not who I think I am and I desperately need Jesus no matter how much success you've got in ministry I have to please test you need Jesus and that will never change and I feel better now than I did before the Depression came and I said that before I even said it in that moment when you lose your 1st love but there were still certain aspects of me 2nd or whole that God healing the from that was in my past and stuff but now that like fiery faith an expectation and a expectancy that's being revived in my experience and Jim's book has been amazing skull friendly with a fresh fire he told the story and I heard from Poway talk about it how I heard about it where this guy daughter with a wayward. Pastor matures the church's adult right in his father last to consider pastor in this church and it was a disaster in downtown Brooklyn and peace a did you know drug addicts would come then there are only people there people would steal in the offering plate like and he was crying and crying that God We need you here late this place is just falling apart like why did you call me or how do you get a pair of bills because I have this church for every pastor's pay to say no matter what I say this is the church page you and they don't even have any money and so I thought Oh sure isn't scenes from this book that really helped for me to realize this. Where I had kind of lost my bearings on and it's been so helpful for me as want to close with this idea because that is the coming crisis is going to necessitate having a true consecration to God knowing him for yourself communing with the minutes going to require knowing you had a parade and not just verbalized your Jesus thank you for sunshine I mean learning how to cry out together with your whole heart God wants us to have a vibrant real prayer of life and this is something to bring back to my experience he says that God is attracted to witness he can't resist those who humbly in honestly admit how desperately things need him our weakness in fact makes room for his power and l. I actually allude to this she says our greatest are given a very is our need but we don't understand how weak we are and how much we need God we don't pray in desperation and we don't find true power of prayer to get to that point and that's what this mental health challenges been for me it's been a late investment and I was you know I thought I was I love the issues a lot of brokenness and selfishness I'm going to do this of loneliness and I got to try to set me free from that but it took being broken before I could understand myself and then rebuild it on a better platform and this restoring that community had again in the prayer closet now is reviving them and. He just despaired during this church growth it is to see to it 1st up there is I dispirited at the thought that my life might slip by without seeing God shows up lively are we half and maybe been there we just feel like no matter what I do I just don't think God is going to get to do it how could isn't possible I'm too broken the situation is too impossible God Harry going to do this and he says that God spoke so strongly to him this is that he said that if you and your wife will leave my people to pray and cope on my being you will never lack herself in 1st to preach I will supply all the money that is needed both for the church and for your family and you will never have a building or a tough to contain the Kremlin's I will see the response so the Spirit of God just spoke to him of that darkness and boy that proved true Jim decided that this church was going to be successful it wasn't to be based upon his sermons it's going to be about the fact that we as a church prayed and he would regularly tell this church members the most important meeting is to the entire period not Sundays not the sermon of the music and they have all things choir that verbal Tabernacle Choir when multiple Grammys he says that's not why we need to be coming here that most important time in the week is our prayer meeting and add that to Sinner permeated have that burst so we need miracles in the healing and growth of that church that scene did and his life was about to close when he 1st got there with a handful of people drug addicts and so forth they prayed and God worked and they didn't just do your Jesus it would sure be nice if you they prayed with their guts. They cried to kill and that's what happened he says I knew my version God even though I did not experience some strange visions nothing's incisional peculiar God The simplicity simply focusing on the only answer to our situation or anyone else's for that matter his word to me was grounded in countless promises repeated in the scriptures it was a very good thing that it produced every one of the Holy Spirit driving this through you it was a true that in a Charles G.'s the need when the loonies sense in another man and woman my only use of god it was when I already knew but God is now drawing me out pulling me toward the actual experience of themselves and His power and he was telling me that my hunger for him and the transforming power will be satisfied if I lead my tiny congregation to call out to him in prayer when you learn to truly pray with your whole heart and it changes everything God promised to provide and respond to work right for divine help and we were not alone attempting the impossible in the heart of this world God was present and he would act in our we happened boy the over the years things began to grow that grow and grow there are a good Radio City Music Hall it's just a totally different scenario and they were doing some of the they and the church group strategy they just prayed but fervently cried out to go if we call upon the Lord his promises were the answer to bring the uns they need to themselves to Coretta spirit among us and if we don't call the Lord and he's promised us nothing nothing at all it's a symbol of that no matter what I preach or what we claim to believe in our head the future will have in the hard times of prayer as. A may read a few more things here and I want to close something else with his with his story his daughter. This. Here we go it was a this prayer cannot be truly topped by principals and some of ours and suppose ims it has to be born out of a whole environment of guilt eed if I say I am to Craig I will soon run out of the motivation and quit the flesh is too strong I have to be driven to pray and I think this is why so many people devote all lives never get off the ground and never get off of life support because they think they are up to they don't see there would be the only thing that gets me up in the morning to have that time of government even when I was been a long day is the fact that I understand my need now because a holy or pious one asked whether I ought to those thoughts never run through my mind it is as essential to me as always itself and breath itself I can't not do it I need this and that itself can give you a lasting motivation that makes sense is that that brings outlasting in real motivation and he says the more we pray the more we sense our need to pray and the more reason to need to pray the more we want to pray it begins that cycle that begins itself and. He says. Here. Charles Birch once remarked that the best time of prayer is that which cannot be called anything else but a cry and it talks about Moses from outside I call it God for the people success and tell them do unto me what are the nations so great as to have their gods near the way the order of your lives near us never we pray to him directly for 7 the other nations may have had better chariots better weaponry but that wouldn't matter in the end they didn't have with Israel bad a god who would respond when they called upon him and though there was no promise hope from God this will cease calling out to him only defeat humiliation would follow and he makes the point that the truth of the matter is the devil's not terribly frightened of our human efforts in credentials but he knows his kingdom will be the damage we lift up our hearts to God this warfare is real guys till we learn how to truly Since are in need cry out to God we're not going to see we're looking for something to immerse the team it's a skull of me the day of trouble that I will deliver you with you will honor baby God desires praise from our lives but the only way the fresh praise God will come is as we keep coming to him in times of need and difficulty then he will intervene to show himself to our behalf that we will know that he has done it and in this coming crisis that's what it's going to look like a prayer begetter viable which he gets more prayer then he tells a story about his old daughter. And. We'll go back to that when we were more thing here he says the future of the supposed to distinguish Christian churches Christian people Christian gatherings is your robe of prayer it doesn't matter what your tradition or my tradition is the house is not ours anyway it's the father's whenever Jesus when he scored it in my heart my father's house should be a health and prayer to all nations but you've made it a den of thieves was the house of Sir was a was a house of worship services and solemn services and while it was a house of prayer that's what God wanted for it to be and that's to be our biggest biggest emphasis what it say about our churches today that God the birth of the church and a career of eating and preemies today are almost extinct right we're coming to worship ourselves and many times I want to sermon that I want to hear I want worship songs that I want to hear I want the children's story to be shorter I wish they would turn the air up I wish to turn that you're down you're in my view many people are worshipping themselves on sadness instead of realizing that this is a chance in a time to come to God's house of prayer to hear the Word of God spoken to his people to bring light and healing and freedom and of God's people are praying to hear word from God because they have a felt need the preacher will preach better sermons and if they're purring for this pastor in that area you know preventive services and he says I'm already only one who gives a bear with religious leaders of America talk about having prayer in public schools we don't even have that much clearer to me churches and humility you would think we would keep quiet of that particular subject until we practice what we preach in our own congregations right you've got you've got a super politicized pastors saying we need prayer in our schools of us and we don't you prayer schools you don't even have people join for your prayer meeting why would I listen to you Do you have. Hey stuff am convicted stuff what are we doing about this and we're going to designate one day a year the National Day of Prayer do we have any right to ask mayors and senators to show for a special event with the television cameras rolling if we don't have a regular permit in their churches in prayer that important then why don't we do it every week and. So they're well aware that we don't get everything we ask for we pray we have to ask according to God's will but let's not use theological dieties to avoid the fact that we often go without that is God wants us to have right now or today because we feel that asked to sell them when do we get models enough to admit Lord I can't handle this alone I just hit the wall the 32nd time and I need the old words of the him that has a the word of the old in ring true oh what peace we often forfeit over the needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer God's children prayer is channeling blessing he spread table reading with every kind of wisdom grace and strength because he knows exactly what we need but the only way we can get it is to pull up to the table and caves and see that the Lord is good we're not seeing the answers and I've seen the freedom when I've seen the revival we don't have a change in desire because we're not desperately coming to him in ascii because one. Pulling up to the table is cold the prayer of faith and other words God doesn't tell us to prove because he wants to impose some sort of regimen on us this is not a system of legalism in the battle intro prayer oncet into the spiritual habits but it ceases to be prayer when it's carried on by habit only desire gives birth to prayer the soul cannot be a lisp list with some great desire when some really desire fixes the flames it strong desires make strong prayers the neglect of prayer the fearful Tobit did spiritual desires the soul is turned away from God When desire after him no longer presses into the closet and there can be no true praying without desire God says to us pray because all I had because I have all kinds of things for you and when you ask you will receive I have all this grace and you live with scarcity come unto me all you labor why are you so rushed Why are you running out of everything you need I have if the times are indeed as bad as we say they are if the darkness of our world is growing heavier by the moment if we're facing spiritual battle with right in our own homes and churches the we are foolish not to turn to the one who supplies a limited grace and power he is our only source we are crazy to for him and then he tells a story about his daughter she she wondered got obsessed with this guy into dating it will tell her parents of her today half years ago that this night there were their daughters just lying to them and it belated them children getting pregnant by this guy without being married and she is a disaster has the kid try to use the kid to bait her parents to he to take her back in but that she just lies again and eventually God told Jen said Jim The worst you can do her no more talking to her do not see her he said just talk to be about. You tried yelling and crying manipulation is money you told other people he says just talk to me about it and you'll see what I'm going to do and when I do it if you were around the world and told people what I did for your daughter show that God hears into prayer and he was is with us in this wife had a hysterectomy at that time and kind of lost her mind her daughter was lost and his state was just beating her down with discouragement telling her look seemed very taken wanting to take your kids to and she just doesn't want to live anymore she wants to take her own life and you just think you would why do you try to start over church pastor church and why this of the want to marry my daughter to a word he said it brought about it he had nothing else to offer and they said one night and one of the morning in the living room God told them bring Chrissy back I'm bringing her back I will do good and so he keeps praying and he chose to believe when he walked away to talk to heard saying to her that talking about her he chose to believe the government do it and he said one Tuesday night he knew that she was living in the city again staying with close church members and they had the prayer of him and so it suited up to him and said Jim Pastor I think this is I which was to pray for your daughter. And. He said he knew the wall and was was a spiritual as a woman since of the Spirit of God and so he said This day just to die for dry you Christ of Blessed are just nothing left to describe nonstop for 2 and a half years he said would be he would leave on a Sunday morning he would be his wife to church he would leave his test terrible he would be he would get to church before his wife did of them and so he would leave early before she left the house and he prayed for even cried for 25 minutes driving into church they wait for services there he preaches guts out and then go cry in his office composers sell them previous guts out and go cry in his office and this went on for a long time and the permits that he had no more tears left to cry he would cry for just go to come out and he hands the know is this people your situation he had told the church because he's missing that Alan is a mystery to thousands and thousands of people in the inner city I'm there for them they're not there for me and so he disappeared never rounded up this it was a situation Chris you lost she thinks of this down in Dallas up she's lost she's far from God and we need to pray for her and he said the church turned into a labor room not some crazy Pentecostal sense but just people were crying out to God pleading with them for his daughter after the whole one of them went on 45 minutes now or whatever the use of the time came in that meeting where they dissents that God heard the Spirit of God brought peace into that room after describing up to them and you got her that close the meeting he would tell his wife wasn't there to get home as Weiss's had go is that it's over here all she said was over he says over Christmas coming back would have been you know if you were there you heard them pray that there's a God in heaven Christie is coming back. And he said Legs 78 hours later he's shooting up stairs in the bathroom his wife plows into the back of Mrs Cristie downstairs he goes downstairs she's crying in the kitchen floor is this is he looked in her eyes he saw his daughter was back he knew and she said she was the area of a city gives us and against guys who think it's mommy's and against myself I'm sorry I repent and they did it he didn't believe that she had out of wedlock they didn't hear that maybe the next Sunday and she was back but he said she was she asked him she said Who who was praying for me last night Tuesday night who was praying for me today so it would be christian just tell me who was praying for me she knew and what happened was she was in the room of this church there with the church there was a weather Perry and was in the room and she had this Suki vision she's laying down in bed the baby's in the crib and this dark presence comes into the room as it was hideous to look at and it's rolled over her bed post and then there is the presence of the wife comes into the room at the door of the speech to the lying and says I have her pointed to Chrissie and says I'm going to take her to the point of the baby and this started over towards a career that she says she had this dream of this vision where she was going to get this huge of this that just had no intent and she says the guy just after he stopped her from going off the abyss and instead of yelling at her Danny. He told me that he loved me and still had a plan for my life and that a comeback. And it changed everything in that moment that that spells you under being obsessed with this guy everything else was gone the chains were broken and she was fully free now she's a minister's wife has 3 kids a pastor's wife in Chicago working for the Lord but. She tells her version the testimony that her husband told her he just never know what prayer to put somebody over the edge you just never know because imagine when you pray for 2 and a half years and nothing seems to change you could be tempted to give up that Tuesday night what God's people cried out to him not just Jesus please being Christiane all they said is that need there was an urgency that was passed last they prayed with their hearts she came home and she stayed home and is doing work for the or even that all and. Reading this book has just been callate it's reminding me of the reality that I used to live before the darkness came and got a history of mercy is healing in reviving me and bring me back to a richer experience I had than before the darkness came and he can do that for all of us guys I'm assured of that and the crisis that's the card we're going to need an experience that is real that is a binding that isn't just tepid Dear Jesus thank you percent shy Christianity I'm think for your brain it all it's going to take more than that guys and you can have that now and you can cultivate that relationship now all by committing time to a substantive real daily time as your core team don't waste it on video games and nonsense like take a substantive time this is pretty all they do every want to just commit during this season to develop a new pattern of how you want to live with who you want to be by God's grace and God's strength now is the perfect time right whenever you're realizing that you can access the use to be able to access as easily in the world is changing God's trying to get our attention that things are changing and I want you to be ready this is not the crisis but it's to prepare you for the crisis let's get to know each other better why do you like go for a walk let's talk about what time your heart why don't you search my word for promises and story in your heart now is the time guys there was a time God want you to be ready and every resource that you will need is available to you so that you can be ready. But we take advantage of it that's the question God has for the willing and He in His mercy would not have you living in this dangerous history if he didn't intend for you to be ready but we take advantage of it so that's the question you have because of prayer it will get over the discourse and discussion but God I just want to thank you that you love us so much that you see something in us that we don't see in ourselves and particularly in a moment of crisis where many of us have not been who we wish we would be when the big crisis comes the word I pray that we would take this tie to Ernest's lead to address that by c.e.o. true power in prayer is found in seeing or need or be recognized for death and without issue we don't have what it takes we did you so we asked you to cover a sense of the blood of Jesus we have idols there are other things in this world other people in this world that have our affections more than you and we recognize that that is wrong and it's not helpful and we want that to change but we also recognize that we're back capable of changing ourselves so God would you do it. But you do in through with for us what we are capable of doing for ourselves save us oh God we pray revive this we pray and sinned years. To bring life. We ask it in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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