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Confidence in Crisis - Part 3: Political Intrigue and Power

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • April 4, 2020
    12:45 PM
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This morning I've been titled My message political intrigue and power this is a series called confidence in crisis in the 1st of the messages we looked at the story of Elijah and the widow observed that and what we saw was that God has faithful people sometimes in the most surprising places the widow observed that was in the habit of offering hospitality she had been directed by God to put the needs of his work 1st in the form of his prophet if she had not done that she would have missed out on the sustaining power of God and the amazing faith building journey of God sustaining her needs Eliza Elijah had to actually cross the line and put himself 1st in this situation because it was an actual test in regards to the experience of. This woman we also saw the Nia life his ministry there are more miraculous miracles with food than any other prophet in the Bible and so for those hundreds of days where the woman was provided food miraculously which sustained Ilija and also with the Raven and also with the angelic preparation of food and also at the fact that he lives around 40 days down the Mount Sinai in the strength of those 2 and Jalap meals important for us to understand God has no problem providing food for his people in the time of trouble there will be hunger at different times along the way no doubt this will be a test to see if we trust that God can provide for us as he provided for those in the past so let us not think as we March into the future that we will never be hungry that is not the case we will have bread and water provided for sure but we will also be tested to see if we can be Ok while we're waiting for God to meet our needs Last week we looked at confidence in crisis while we were surviving in a surveillance state and we saw that your life was God's instrumentality for knowing the words of the era me and King when he was in his most private palatial estate that Aramaic King didn't like this insight that was coming providentially to the prophet and he surrounded the city of Dolphin and we saw that God is well able to take care of his children when they are limited in their freedom by way of regimes or laws that limit mobility or the exchange of idea and thought this morning we're going to be looking at an amazing story and this time we're going to be looking at political intrigue and power now have a purpose in this series of sermons and it's to show you that in the time of the end the only provision that will be any good in the sustaining and protecting of God's people will be the presence of God In other words it will be the spirit. Actual confidence in this unseen God who is absolutely real and alive to us that will be our shelter in the time of storm there will be no provision of money or food or wilderness survival skills or any of these other things that will make the difference now there will be a moment in time in which country living and being out from under the watchful eye of the masses and the dynamics of of networking inside these highly intensely populated areas there will be some measure of validity to a bit of preparation that precedes the time of trouble. But when it comes to the moments in which the battle is on and the intense desire of Satan is to destroy God's people one thing and one thing alone will keep us alive which is why learning to practice the presence of Christ in our ordinary day lives today is so important maybe God prompts you to put a little more money in the offering plate maybe he's actually prompting you to a consistent systematic giving that puts you out of your comfort zone maybe it's less money in the savings account maybe it's not as nice a house or maybe it's getting by with an older car maybe it's learning to get by with secondhand this or secondhand that there was a phrase that was in my mother's or my wife's mother's family use it up wear it out make it do do without we would do a lot better to be practicing that right now so that we can put more time energy and money into the cause of God It's not our for a one k. that's going to be our salvation although Jesus lingers we all need it so I'm not suggesting we don't make provision for it but friends learning to hear the voice of God moving us in the now getting us out of our comfort zones into a discomfort zone that's divinely architected creates face because learning to hear the voice of God is the preeminent relational skill that we're going to need in the time of the end that voice behind us sane as Isaiah 30 says this is the way walk in it is not waiting for the time of the end it's seeking to speak today and like our Sabbath school lesson is taking us on a journey with the Living Word of God the living where Jesus we are to be walking with him in that now. Now I had somebody e-mail me this week asking how I was sure that cove in 1000 know is not the beginning of the end Well I'm not a prophet so I can't say absolutely that it's not the time of the end although we're living in that general time of the end but next week I'm going to spend I think most of the sermon if not the entirety of the sermon focusing on why the spirit of prophecy and the scriptures are not describing this as the final movement it's a wake up call The question is are we waking up I want you to think about how God wants people to know what's coming this is what God always does he's not out to surprise people and then pull the rug out from under them 10 plagues Why were there 10 plagues there were 10 plagues because God wanted to wake up every Egyptian who would be willing to be woken out of their stupor he actually wanted to get Pharaoh when we think about the experience of 20 years of Babel own Babylonian oppression upon the Jews in the 6th or 7th century b.c. he never can answer came he took Daniel back he left most of the Jews there he came back about 9 years later this time he took his eagle and 10000 artisans and craftsman he left the rest of the city there finally he comes back and destroys the city after 11 years of rebellion by the Jewish kings but God was trying to get their attention and show them what was coming God is not in the habit of keeping people in disadvantaged positions for making good decisions covert 19 is the beginning or it is a continuation I should say of a wake up call but think about this 911 about 20 years ago what was going on God was showing us that there was a general dynamic of hatred. And instability that was growing into the relation of different nations we saw a restriction of some measures of liberty when I talked last week about survival in a surveillance state we talked about permanent record Edward Snowden's book about all the information that the United States government is gathering on it now I'm not a conspirator this although I know the Bible describes conspiracies but the Bible reveals what those conspiracies are so that we can have confidence in the God who sits in throne above the circle of the earth and isn't caught off guard by those who hate his faithful remnant and the advancement of this church I want you to think about 12 years ago 2008 we had a wake up call economically the whole thing we could have seen all kinds of systems collapsing we could have seen financial chaos of an order that has never been known that would have superseded the 1929 destruction of the stock market and I want you to think about the fact that right now God is showing us how quickly the final movements can be rapid once but in each of these we see a recurring theme and that is that our liberties can be restricted very easily and God is giving us a sense of the convulsions the the the divine as it were deliverance pangs of God's soon coming. So this morning I want to make a journey into the life of Esther her experience what it means to us God is calling us to recognize that larger than any political power and the muscle that can be flexed by the networks of of civic structures he's there for us in the midst of these moments the series in general is designed to show you the power of God to deliver Don't be afraid God's people are to have confidence in times of crisis he is the God provides food he's the God who takes care of over extensions of political oppression as he did with the Alicia he's the God who can deliver and he delivers in the midst of political intrigue and power if you have your bible turn to the Book of Esther just before the Book of Job just before the book of Psalms and let's see how God related to the Jews who were not so much in exile but were still largely outside of his plan you say Pastor Why do you say that God did call these people to go back where the destruction had been wrought and to rebuild the temple and rebuild the components of Israel I society he still had plans for the nation of Israel the promises made to Jeremiah were promises that were to be kept Unfortunately there were a number of Jews who decided that the luxury of the new Babylonian Empire was more to be desired than the fav journey in the discomforts of glorifying God's name the beginning of this story is the story of the Has your heiress or eggs or Xerxes depending on which version of the Bible you are reading the same person a temperamental key one not given to the steadiness of good decision making as the Bible narrative describes. And in this introduction of this story we find a huge party going on as a matter of fact it's a part of it lasts for upwards of half a year verse 8 of Chapter one The drinking was done according to the law there was no compulsion for so long as the king of given orders each official of his household that he should do according to the desires of each person we come down to verse 10 and we find that vast tie is having her own party it seems to be in a much more temperate fashion it's the 7th day of a party but there's an interesting commentary in this verse that says the heart of the king was Mary with wine so I want to assert to you in the beginning of this confrontation of political intrigue in power as we consider where the path of prophecy has us I want to assure you that sobriety matters this is not an age for any Bri a sion. In the Bre a sion another name for intoxication I want you to think about that we heard Peter will tell us be sober and be vigilant for your adversary the devil goes about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour look at the word intoxication What is it that the devil would like to place into our lives it's actually poisonous to our spiritual progress you say I don't drink beer I don't drink wine I don't drink those coolers I'm not into the hard stuff either I don't do drugs but the point of the Scriptures and the warning of Paul in the New Testament is not be conformed to the issues of this of this agent of this world when Jesus is telling the story of the sower and he's talking about the weeds the grow up in the plot of ground where the seed grew the real issue is what is it that has the potential in your life to choke out or to destroy what's in your life that is potentially poisonous to the future spiritual life of you've been indeed in the Bre a sion is a problem in the beginning of the story if ever there was a day and age which we should be sober and be vigilant is today does that sobriety mean not being happy I've seen people drunk. When you're foolish and happy when you're drunk it doesn't last and it's built on false good when you're sober if you want to be happy it can be built on purity and innocence natural humor friendship and togetherness happiness is not an issue in the phraseology here used by the author of Esther about the king being mary with why is describing the kind of merriment that the king actually has which is the kind that's going to bring sorrow when the chapter is finished. A sober person has the best ability to be happy in Christ and that's what he's calling us to Don't think for a moment that the admonition of the New Testament preachers is the one of dour living God's people actually the happiest people because they're safe in the hands of Jesus they're safe under his wings they know they have a place in his family and they're looking forward to a place in his hall and God's calling us to be the happiest sober people on the face of the planet but the devil is stalking us looking to find out what points and places in our lives he can intoxicate us put the toxin in that has a pleasure on the front side and pain on the backside that keeps us from being ready to meet the issues that are coming upon the world while I don't think that coven one teen is the final stroke leading to the final movements it is a divine wake up call how sad it would be if those who find themselves in the in the lock of fear at this moment should breathe a sigh of relief and simply go on showing that their life is nothing but self focused anyway and they'll wait till the next serious crisis to get the next sense of false assurance because if I was right and I believe I am I think I can show you that this is not the beginning of the end it's just showing us the end is near. And if you don't have any interest beyond changing unless the end is really really close you have a variety of wrong understanding about God the nature of salvation how to be ready and what ready is means to life in the ordinary and the Lordship of Christ in the glorious ordinary intoxication it could be the pursuit of an occupation it could be the love of money it could be the wrong kind of relating to the wrong kind of people it could actually be substance there's all kinds of things that could be the cheap frilly websites the You Tube videos that you're watching it could be living vicariously off the halls of other people's lives but whatever it is in this moment of covert 19 when we get a chance to pause by the way friends make sure you're changing a chance to pause don't just fill this moment with more screen time at least not any more than you have to I know some of you listening to me are teachers and your life is more busy now than it's been because everything takes 2 or 3 more steps than it used to take but make sure that you're not allowing your children to fill their life up with more screen time if there was ever a good time to be bored go out play in the backyard or be creative and learn to draw or read a good book it's now. The devil is trying to sow the seeds of intoxication intoxicating tendencies so that there will be a poisonous pill to destroy the pursuits of spiritual growth may God save us from each of these things under the influence of alcohol Xerxes says to his 7 Unix who oversee the harem get Vashti and bring her in here we're going to show her off the only problem is is that Vashti is not drunk and she says no verse 12 Queen Vashti refused to come at the king's command delivered by the eunuchs the king became very angry and His wrath burned within him of course there's fewer emotional controls on an intoxicated person and by the way friends of your intoxication has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs but you're intoxicated let's say in making money and someone stands in your way you can get just as mad as he got when you're on the wrong path and somebody gets in your way your emotions can fly off the handle because somebody stopping you from getting what you want it might be as simple as picking up the mail out of the mailbox it might be as simple as not being able to go where you want to go but get in somebodies way who's going the wrong direction and their emotions can fly off the handle as well there's a steadiness in God's people because the path of peace is one that doesn't tend towards the exaggerations of emotion vast Thai refuses we should see in this story immediately there are people in integrity everywhere even if they don't know God yet this woman for the value system she holds is going to be true to it she believes I'm confident no doubt that when Xerxes is no longer under the influence of alcohol he'll realize what a foolish thing he has done I believe the Spirit of Prophecy bears this out for those that put confidence in. Those writings search it out and see but it's important for us to understand there are people following the truths they know in all kinds of places of life and if you're tuned in today and you're one of those people I encourage you to take full advantage of this moment in which we are to shelter in place go deeper into the Word of God discover who he really is the 3rd thing I need you to know about the stories of people of integrity will create crises No I can't do that it goes against who I am as a person no I can't lie for you know I can't steal for you know I can't look the other way while you're ruining yourself in a wrong relationship perhaps even immoral these are things that a person of integrity cannot do failing to do right will destroy right in the heart of the possessor doing the right establishes right by doing we become She was not willing to be displayed as a piece in The King's large trophy case and her saying No creates a crisis inside potentially at least according to the counselors of the king every woman in the kingdom. Now the truth of the matter is to have noble women in the kingdom who know how to respectfully stand up to their husbands would be a good thing but don't be surprised friends when following your convictions lead you into a position of crisis that's what happened in the story of Esther and by the way Vashti is the 1st and often unsung heroine of the book this is a book about women leadership women character women standing up in crisis and if ever there was an appeal coming to the women of the faith community today to be who they're called to be it's echoing loudly and reverberating throughout society and certainly in this book in this message that we are to be the godly women of integrity that Vashti and Esther were the 3rd thing for us to notice the 4th thing for us to notice along the way is that these people of integrity pay a high price Vashti is actually removed from her position in the kingdom she's no longer queen when the story is all over she fades off into history but her faithfulness is recorded in heaven and I'd like to believe that the prominence of Esther who was willing to break a Persian principle of Persian rule and come in before the king I'd like to think that somehow along the way Esther's God became the bulwark a vast ties life after She smarted under paying the price of being a woman of integrity for I believe Vashti was a woman that was pursuing and living out the truths you knew would this not potentially create a bond between these $2.00 women both of them potentially in dangerous situations with their former and current husband. When we come down to the story we see it escalating when Mordecai will not bow down to Haman Haman has become one of his or C's right hand man his main man and the story line as we would have it is that as Heyman would come and go from the palace Mordecai would not bow down now there is nothing wrong in showing a measure of honor to someone but the scripture records that Mordecai would not do this because he was a Jew Esther Chapter 3 looking at verse 4 now it was when they had spoken daily to him and he would not listen to them in other words bow down before Haman you're going to get yourself in trouble that they told him and to see whether more decay as reason would stand for had told them that he was a Jew Now it's not uncommon for a person to bow down in the presence of Monarch The problem was that in some monarchies not only was the king himself but there was a confer it's of divinity upon other people and different commentators believe this must have been the case with him and that somehow his exaggerated sense of self had gotten that way probably with the assistance of the King and Mordecai was unwilling to bow down to this he recognized honor where honor was due but he refused to give Obie since or worse jump to one who was not worthy of it and this created quite a problem for indeed Haman discovering he was a Jew was bent on destroying all of his types he proffered a large amount of money to the king to Xerxes to has rarest the deal was signed the signet ring was used and there was a decree that on a certain day all of those that were of the ancestry of Abraham should be extinguished. Mordecai becomes aware of the order and he decides that there's something to be done the doing is now going to be in the hands of Esther now you need to realize that Esther is not immune from falling into the casual comfort of being in a good place in life this was not only true of the broad culture of the Jews who had become of certain comfortable and wealthy inside the provinces of Persia but it was also certainly could be easily said of the queen herself who had been catapulted to the highest spot of femininity in the culture and yet her day is disturbed when she learns that Mordecai is going to bow in sackcloth and ashes he won't go in before the king or the king's gate because this is illegal no one has to appear like this in front of the king but he will appear in such a way to get the attention of Esther verse for Esther chapter for the Nestors maidens in her eunuchs came and told her and the queen writhed in great anguish and she sent garments a cloak more to care that he might move remove his sack cloth from him but he did not accept them then Esther summoned a thick from the King's eunuchs whom the king appointed to attend her and ordered him to go to Marta cad a learned what this was and why it was the course the message comes back he also verse 8 gave him a copy of the text of the edict which had been issued in Susa for their destruction that he might show Esther and inform her and to order her to go into the King to implore his favor and to plead with him for her people. Hatha came back and related more to Kerry's words Esther than Esther spoke to had thick and ordered him to reply to Marta k.-i all the king's servants and the people of the king's provinces know that for any man or woman who comes to the king to the inner court who is not summoned he has but one law that he be put to death unless the King holds out to him the golden scepter so that he may live and I've not been summoned to come before the game for 30 days but think about this for a moment obviously more decay is aware of this law if everybody in the province knows that certainly a court is and in the courtyard would know it I want to also recognize for a moment the fear this must have struck into the heart of Vashti for indeed Esther for Avast it could be put off certainly while there was no law that had been written down and broken in regard Well there may have been but for Vashti at least it was not in immediate summons to death for Esther it has the potential to be such and she is reminding more to k.-i of the unreasonable gnashed of his prompt it's important for us all to recognize that true friends and true family will call us to our commitments and and to a fulfilling of our divine destiny and our convictions when sometimes we are hesitant or reticent to do it. The Bible says 2 are better than one what's the prompt sometimes come from the 2nd in the partnership of life be it a friend or a spouse it's sometimes a reminder that we need to stiffen our spine and do what duty calls us to in spite of the dire consequences for indeed more to care I understood this would be an abrogation of Persian law it would be a a crossing of culture all permissions but it still needed to be done and well Esther pushes back more decay is not done pushing himself Esther's words were related to more decay of verse 12 the morning I told them to replied Aster do not imagine that you in the king's palace can escape any more than all the rest of the Jews for if you remain silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you in your father's house will perish and who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time of this you talk about a fierce conversation it's not in the personal presence but more to care i does a couple things Number one he's very honest with her and says Don't you think for a moment that the venom in the vengeance of this man will stop anywhere this is a Persian law it's carried out in spite of the king's desire to change it when he finds out its full ramifications we see this in regard to the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den So 1st of all more to King I says Don't think for a moment you're going to get a pass so it's a sober wake up call to say you know what you've got skin in the game so get in the game. The 2nd thing the more k. I does is a reminder of God's destiny for her him placing her in this position there can be no doubt that she went from orphan girl trauma of being orphaned tragedy of a life not wrecked but certainly twisted by the absence of parents of whom Mordecai was a stand in but now it's a journey on to triumph because even in more decay eyes words there is an assurance that deliverance will come but if it was for you to do it won't be for you if you don't do it a serious sober wake up call indeed be true friends deep bonds are sometimes strained in stress in the name of truth you may have somebody in your house who's destroying themselves they're intoxicated they're addicted and they're deepening the addiction I'm talking especially to women right now this book is an amazing vindication of the power of feminine character to know her to be nerved on behalf of good of right of the cause of Christ. But there is oftentimes a real temptation for a woman to advocate her call by God to face a difficult situation to say the things that need to be said to take the stand that need to be taken God is calling women today within earshot of this message or those who listen to it in its Internet Archive state to understand that always ever a woman is never to have her identity subjugated in the relationship she has to a man be a father or husband in place of the 1st allegiance to God Himself and it is that allegiance that will sometimes cause a woman to move beyond anything that she discerns to be potentially come pretty or with any potential except for frustration and and hurt and ruin relationally to come out of it but there is no doubt in this moment that the 1st woman of the Book of Esther has laid the groundwork for the 2nd and I believe both of these women are laying the groundwork for the for the 3rd for the generations that will follow afterwards for all those that will listen to this message here today be the woman you're called to be stand in humility and in righteousness know how to pay respects where respect is do understand the right relating between the genders but never for a moment subjugate yourself to what you can perceive to be the best outcome as you follow compromised principles no God is calling Esther into a relationship that is going to potentially stress her immensely and put her life on the line but Esther understands where to go verse 15 Esther told them replied Morduch a like this go assemble all the Jews who are found and Susa and fast for me don't eat or drink for 3 days or are nights. And I and my maidens will also fast in the same way and thus I will go into the King which is not according to the law and if I perish I perish it's easy for us to read this story Goodley all we know she didn't perish Can you imagine the sensation as she's walking down the long hallway into the presence of the King can you imagine the adrenaline rush can you sense the the little bit of perspiration growing on her forehead can you feel her heart beating inside of or indeed there is this journey of prayer that prepares her so certainly some of those dynamics are mitigated but the Bible doesn't say that I'll never be afraid what it says is what time I am afraid I'll trust in you prayer and fasting every Jew in the capital city was called to an experience of spiritual focus based on a spiritual crisis and all by Esther's willingness to comply and go forward with the prompt of her cousin Mordecai are going to be taken to higher ground and a clearer focus at the ever fasted and prayed we're living in an age of indulgence you can eat whenever you want I'm going to talk about food for men there are all kinds of other things that people are bingeing in but I want to talk me about food because it's the most basic appetite 2 or 3 times a day your body says I'm hungry feed me have you ever gone on a journey where you say to yourself I'm going to prepare mentally and spiritually to not eat and for a period of time if your health can withstand it I'm not suggesting anybody in a compromised situation should do this and if they may has a doubt talk to your doctor but for most of us that have a baseline of good Hell the idea of going without food for a period of time has an amazing way to recalibrate the appetite. And has an ability to free up time to see God and has the ability to give rest to the physical apparatus to the human body the Bible says to a hungry man every bitter thing is Sweetie but to a man who is full he loathes even honey the latter half of the verse represents most of American and western society we have what we want we have it in abundance we don't know the joy the clarity of thought. We don't know the confidence that grows out of simply say no to ourself for a period of time but it's not just enough to go without eating in this case there's a spiritual purpose there's a spiritual victory that has to be achieved and it's only coming through prayer this echoes with the sentiments of 2nd Chronicle 714 that if my people who are called by my name while humble myself and pray God will heal their land heal who listen from heaven and heal their land as long as we have what we need it appears to be all right with most Western 7 them as Christians that the church and church schools that the mission schools and the missionary endeavors can keep receding we seem to be quite well with making sure that everybody in our families feel very assured in our love and nobody feels very challenged that there deviating spiritually Esther was tempted to reside in the comfort of her cocoon in the palace and Mordecai says don't think that the layers of that conclusion are going to be ripped off the real issue friends is whether or not we face the crisis while they're small and grow in spiritual strength or we come up to a crisis we're not prepared to and we're run over by the world God is calling all of us to hit the pause button not being able to go into work not being able to socialize the way we have before shouldn't be an experience where we just fill our time up with everything else. I'm calling upon God's people in this moment when we realize that there will be political intrigue and power moves to destroy us I'm calling us now to start exercising the experience of the of the great Methodist Church that fasted 2 days a week they did it in the similar fashion of the of the Jews of Christ age fasting and prayer is a journey to spiritual insight and a deepening encounter with Christ which leads to spiritual confidence and power and when we never stop when the body aside from the fact that the body heals itself in special ways and by the way friends you look at some of these people that have practiced these habits we know scientifically that people who eat too much live shorter lives what we also can take assurance of is that actually telling no to the tastebuds is part of a journey of lengthening one's physical life and promoting one's physical health and who's not interested in this there's all kinds of information on this that can be verified and now it's almost a fad to do this intermittent fasting but I'm appealing to take a day and set it aside to fast and pray and I am talking about food if your body is up to it the 1st fall surrounded food the 1st victory of Christ surrounded food god does not want to destroy by the inability to say no to ourselves and there's nothing upon which we have more opportunity to say no to ourselves the perverted or overindulged happy time. The victory for the Jewish race in the days of Esther was the victory that will be ours as we anticipate greater days of trauma in the future it is a group assembling to pray of course we can assemble right now but we're assembling online within our largest prayer meeting since this is happened. 500 some Wednesday night to go 800 some last Sabbath afternoon I'm inviting everybody that's watching right now to come to the prayer meeting this afternoon at 4 o'clock and by the way the Sabbath is not a day of fasting that's how they broke the love in the relish for the Sabbath and the early Christian centuries fast on another day the Sabbath is a day for seeking God and enjoying the beautiful gifts that he's given but when it comes to this determined ability to break into a relationship with God to come into a closer sense of assurance God allows us at times to choose to say no to everything else so that we can say yes to hearing what he's saying real intimacy with with each other and a knowledge of oneself comes in this relationship to God There's something about entering into communion with God which is a revelation of our own selves as well as a revelation of God's presence his will and His power to save for the moment of crisis whether it be in the present or whether it be in the future there is power in prayer it is not genius it is not strategy it is not education that shows Esther what to do it is the aid of the angels it is the presence of the spirit it is the promises of God brought back to the mind as one searches the Scriptures and prays back the promises to God and Esther comes out of that 3 day saying yes I will do this let's not take it for granted that somehow she just summoned all that natural familial confidence that was in her lineage we don't know if it was or it wasn't we do know in the initiated steps she says that is going to happen. But when it's all said and done she's on her way down the hallway to encounter the king having prayed her way into God's will has the assurance that whether this is the end of her life or the beginning of Deliverance she's Ok with it but either way her soul was delivered from fear by going farther into the spiritual disciplines of prayer than she had ever gone before it's an amazing plan that she has a a to encounter engagement with thirty's and Haman. And she on the 1st night is requested to reveal her desires and she says tomorrow night police in that very night the king can't sleep do you think this is just happenstance or coincidence Peter's deliverance from the jail in Jerusalem after the death of Christ is of no less an ordering of God's divine imposition and placing himself or deliverance in the situation than Xerxes inability to sleep that night while he cannot sleep he has the court recorder going over the books and he discovers that this man Mordecai around which this whole crisis began was never rewarded for his making the establishment aware of a coup of a plot to assassinate the king I don't have the time to go through the whole story but we begin to see the situation are God's people beginning to turn as the king says to Haman when he comes in one morning what should I do for the one that the king wants to honor and Haman is so full of himself he says well put him on a horse the king's horse and put him in the King clothes and put the king's crown on him and send somebody in front of him saying this is how the king honors honorable people it turns out is more to k. I there are gallows actually built to destroy more decay I. And between the time of the 1st encounter Esther has with the king and the 2nd one even Heyman has a sense his wife as one pointed out to me of the 3rd woman in this book even Heyman has a sense that things might be going the wrong direction on the 2nd night with her courage running strong Esther reveals the terrible twisted mind of Amun to destroy all of her people Xerxes leaves the room he's so upset when he comes back he finds Haman in a compromised physical posture relative to the queen bee and the gallows that Mordecai was to die on will be used for him in Him self this story line shows once again the extremity of God's people the problem is friends if we don't prepare through the spiritual preparation in the moments of God's wakeup call we should find ourselves without the confidence to lean on the everlasting arms in the time of real distress and disaster. I want to look at Peter's Aben ition to women 1st Peter chapter 3 it's so very very important that we understand the powerful role that a woman can play in the beginning when Adam and Eve lost their divine inheritance their divine gift of the Garden of Eden it was a result of 2 bad decisions but those decisions were not of equally grevious important Eve was deceived into accepting a lie she was lied to God was lied about she took the fruit in ate it but when she brought the fruit to Adam. Adam was not lied to Adam was not deceived Adam chose in the full state of reason to take Eve Perhaps you could say a measure of intoxication overcame him but to choose eve over God we see today in many churches more women sitting in the pews than men let not your heart be troubled preachers Let not your heart be troubled ladies let not your heart be troubled administrators. If men won't work for God let the women work for God let the women rise up to the full stature of Esther's calling let them rise up to the full stature of Sara's lead for Indeed when Peter is dealing with the dynamic of this very same thing 2 millennia ago back in a day which spiritual power was exercised in many places there still seem to be a tendency for women to be engaged with the people of God the Abba style of church appears to have a different kind of relationship even then between the sexes 1st Peter chapter 3 in the same way you wives be submissive to your own husband so that if any of them are disobedient to the word they may be one without a word by the behavior of their wives there's something about God in a person it doesn't matter what their gender is there's something about God in a person that commands respect and creates influence 1st too as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior the world calls women to all kinds of other behaviors all kinds of other self focused actions but to be modest and respectful. Is an amazing thing your doormat must not be merely external the braiding of the hair and the wearing of gold jewelry the putting on of dresses but fine linen expensive clothes some version say but let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of God I cannot for a moment doubt that when Esther was chosen to be queen it wasn't just because the package was so much more beautiful it's because what radiated from the package was even more beautiful still this is the story line of God's people it's not just that what is visible has a marked difference in how one is adorned and how one carries itself is that there is this beautiful glow this shining light that flows from the heart and lives in the experience and creates an environment around God's people in this case women of beauty but I'm not done versified for in this way in former times the holy women also who hope in God used to adorn themselves being submissive to their own husbands Now I'm not going to let this go by there's no doubt that Vashti was in All in all aspects a person who understood her place in her position but she did understand that even the king would be remiss in asking her to come and display or self and front of a group of drunken men. It would be a terrible thing to have a noble beautiful dignified woman standing before drunken men who were hooting and whistling and making vulgar remarks and she refused to be a part of it when it comes to the storyline of Esther she also understood not just where the lines of political power were drawn but she understood also the social dynamics but beyond this Peter is writing Paula from our very nature describes that there's this element of different nests in regards to the genders and especially in the home there is an element of respect is be shown for the responsibilities born in a somewhat disproportionate way by the man there is a dynamic of respect Paul referred to it if he's in Chapter 5 when he's describing how men and women should relate in the state of marriage and he's making it very clear that respect is an essential factor to harmonize relationship between the genders and when he gets down to the very end he capstone that again by saying But remember this show respect to your husband and indeed submission is something that many women are not willing to participate in today and no doubt many of them can proclaim with legitimacy this some of the men that they're attached to we call them husbands are not terribly worthy of a lot of respect but it doesn't change the fact that if you'd like to influence them move them in the name of God and in for the sake of your marriage carry yourself as Esther carried herself carry yourself as these godly women carry themselves and the chances are that the influence of heaven will move in your very presence and affect the people you're in county and then it goes on after did it and then it goes on in verse 6 to say just as Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him Loring and you have become her children and then you have this very interesting phrase tecton. If you do what is right without being frightened by any theory I want every woman listening to me right now or will be listening later in a recorded encounter with this message what is God calling you to do what is she putting on your heart that is actually meant to know her voice and reshape the culture of your home how is God leading you to be your own person to stand with your shoulders erect without any kind of spiritual incrimination as you come before the maker Willie to let him be truly Lord of all that you are Lord of your relationships with of course you don't want to strain and stretch and stress the truth of the matter is when a woman who probably because her initial encounter with Lucifer was different did not wound her natural devotion to the divine as much when a woman will follow the call of God and be the person she is called to be look at Astor and see what can change how many homes the husband is running the spiritual life of the family out into the swamp the intoxicating swamp if the woman would only find a respectful way if the woman's walk with Christ was only such to command the respect if she should not impress her approach her husband with the same parable intentionality that Esther approached her what might change how many children have the spell of Lucifer on them and the food for the intoxication is being provided by mom and dad if ever we were living in a dangerous age it is this one. Writing Ellen White said in 1906 my brother you should see and understand that God is in earnest with you May the Lord God of Israel break the spell that's been upon you in the name of the Lord I tell you it will be your eternal loss if you can it is stand where you are in other words it's time to move Satan is playing the game of life for your soul you think you're not playing it for your spouse you think he's not praying it's playing it for your kids break the spell and take your position holy on the side of truth and righteousness friends you need to understand from the story God has something in mind he's showing you that he is the cornerstone of our happiness and confidence and faith and that he can drive fear out of your life perfect love the Scripture says cast out fear and it is that perfect love for Jesus that allows us to control confront our fears and yet carry ourselves in such a way as to command the greatest amount of respect yes France I don't believe that coven 1000 is the beginning of the end I believe it's another wake up call on a scale that's epic that's gone beyond what the last 2 or 3 generations have seen but I do know this God is calling us in this moment whether it is faithfulness and generosity with food or something else like the woman of their affair or whether it is just confidence that in the midst of the surveillance society you know in some places they're stopping you in New Rochelle and they're stopping you have your license plate says New York some people are questioning the constitutionality of that kind of stop. But whether our liberty is restricted or not the one thing God is doing it is ease calling us to cast our anchor on the side of faith to link ourselves to something that won't move to determine that his presence in our lives is enough to overcome the fear that presents itself in these moments of discomfort or indeed friends all of these things including this coven 1000 moment or a call for us to seek God with a different intentionality to be dependent upon him with an absolute confidence that's growing in little steps they may start out as baby steps but there can be no doubt that the moment will come some day in which the strain in the stress placed upon our confidence in Christ will be so great that if possible the devil will seek to sever our ties to Christ Listen friends Jesus is in the sanctuary representing us our anchor is cast beyond the veil let us not lose hope and faith may we find in the ordinary a call to stretching a bit to moving beyond what would be comfortable for us and may we find in that moment deliverance for somebody else if the culture in your home is wrong if there is a spiritually poisonous pill operative inside the family dynamics of your home certainly during this time which is a recalibration in a refocusing moment we should take some extra time to pray and in the now we should find an extra confidence to be the person God has called us to be whether it creates a crisis in relationship or not let's be wise as these women that Peter referred to were but in let us follow like Sarah followed men I invite you as well but especially ladies today God's calling you to be the 3rd woman he's calling you to be the one who follows his convictions who hears that voice saying this is the way this is the word speak it. This is the thing to do do it for indeed friends the future is is full of more trauma there can be no doubt but we need not fear for our anchor is cast within the veil and we have an anchor that keeps the soul may God be keeping us today so that in the future we're not afraid of evil forebodings God be with you it doesn't matter if there's political intrigues and political powerful moments going on there will be we know it but there will be godly men and godly women who stand up for the cause of truth and today he's calling you and me and our sphere to do the same God be with you in this new week Amen this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons they visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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