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Three Important Steps

John Bradshaw


There’s no denying the world is in a state of crisis. Challenges like the coronavirus pandemic are a sign that we’re moving towards earth’s final days. Join John Bradshaw as he shares how we can have hope in these trying times and allow them to strengthen our relationship with God.


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • March 21, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Thanks so much for joining me we are going to be blessed as we open up the Bible together I am going to share with you 3 steps to get you through a time of challenge yes this time of challenge but any time of challenge 3 steps let's pray Father in heaven we're grateful that we can gather around the bible together we are grateful that while church doors shut your hot is always open the door to heaven is always open so speak to us through you would have mercy on your faulty human servant by speaking through a spirit we pray and we thank you in Jesus' name amen It's just like any Thursday would start men went to work in this situation in most cases the moms were the kids went off to school they went to work at a interesting place of employment not unusual if it's what you do but if you're a bus driver or a doctor or if you fly a plane this might be quite unusual they went to work in a mine it was August the 50 it was 2010 the main work about 9 hours drive north of the capital of Chile the city of Santiago that worked in the it could be a poor mine it was a couple mine Cupper and gold was mined in that area actually as they went to work they descended into the heart of the earth 2300 feet that were 5 kilometers or 3 miles from the entrance to the mine so they were away on down there 700 meters below the surface of the earth it's a hazardous place to work things can go wrong and when things go wrong they tend to go really wrong. Well on this day oldest 52000 and. $33.00 main things went wrong there was a collapse in the mine and when you 2300 feet below the earth and there was a collapse you would tend to think that things are not going to work out too well known for those up. Above the. Up on the ground what terrible news to discover that your family members your husband your son your brother or your dad is stuck beneath the earth and anybody who would in the mining industry is familiar with the hazards of mines collapses happen sometimes explosions sometimes the earth moves and very often those who are trapped under the ground don't come back out so $33.00 men trapped and maybe they would never. Come back out. We all have lived through experiences in our time that have it lended us very little hope and right now the earth finds itself in a very difficult situation now we will say to each other we will get through for a couple of reasons one because that's what you say and to because deep within us there is a belief that we will get through but when the stores are closing in the restaurants are closing businesses Everett closing people can't get to work there are a skeleton crews in many places hospitals being swamped there's a tendency to want to just how in the willed we're going to get through. We had together today because we couldn't get to church because church is on the up and that's why we're gathered here thanks to the marvels of technology what an interesting time it's one thing to be sick and not be able to go to church it's another thing to be well and to be told that you must not go to church because people have been discouraged or even forbidden from congregating and gathering together we are sailing in uncharted waters these truly difficult times and when I say difficult you know what I mean people are now unable to and in many cases some people have had their hours reduced people have watched the nest eggs. In size as an investment several rapidly become would less than they would and we're talking just days ago families are now cut off from each other because of travel restrictions this doesn't feel good at all doesn't and I would say and I will come to back to this point that what we are seeing playing out before us is us saw mine to help us understand what the days are going to be like don't let me forget to come back to that because it's very important I want to give you 3 important steps that you must take during this crisis and I want to talk with you about how what we're seeing today is a sign of things to come now let's establish something oh god is the God of the water he is the God of the impossible God does what we cannot do God does for us what we could never do for us selves God surprises us even though when he does we shouldn't be surprised we shouldn't I was reading about George the great man of faith who opened. In the city of Bristol in England mula said that he bowed his head to pray and ask God to provide for a certain need that the orphanages had. He prayed forth 6 days straight about this certain need and then God had the need and he was not surprised because God had been on searing needs along the way God works we shouldn't be surprised and we should be expecting will God see us through yes he will tune with me and your bible to the Book of Exodus and we'll discover that God has seen his people through before Exodus Chapter 13 is where we will begin and all kind of skip through this because the story of the Exodus is a long story and maybe we'd be better off not reading every last word of it but let's hit the high points Exodus 13 verse 17 Exodus 13 and verse 17 Does God get us people through yes God gets his people through it came to pass when Pharaoh had let the people go that God led them not through the way of the land of the Philistines although that was near full God said lest peradventure the people repent when they see war and they return to Egypt 2 things God understood the frailty of the human heart that when trouble comes we tend to have this idea that oh it would be better off if we went back to a bad situation then struggle on l. way to a good situation and the experience of the children of Israel demonstrated that God certainly knew what he was talking about now something else sometimes God will lead you by Hadaway cause it's better for you and we don't always understand that but God always understands that noticed what we were it he didn't leave them one way even though that was a. Short distance instead he led them another because God understood what the people couldn't understand. My friend let me assure you that what God is calling to us to demonstrate is faith let God worry about the details he'll get you through you don't understand why you have to go the long way in the short life but God understands you don't understand why this had to happen your experience but God understands you don't understand why God would lead this certain thing to take place in your life but God understands and as long as God understands that enough for all of us let God do the understanding and we'll do the believing Let's go on but God led the people about through the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea and the verse goes on to say that on went the children of Israel Moses took the bones of Joseph with them for he had straightly sworn the children of Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry up my bones away hence with you and that was a great demonstration of faith right now here in Egypt but God is going to get you out Joseph said these were bones that spoke they spoke words of Faith Joseph as he was dying said Don't bury me here bury me back there but we are trapped here we have Stucky a god will get us out Don't bury me and as long as you have my bones with me they are preaching to you like a sermon Joseph fully God would get out and certainly not Joseph Joseph belief was being validated and vindicated because now they were on their way because of what God was doing and you know if it was you and me we would be saying we're stuck here in Egypt God you can get us out now you can get us out now we don't see any need to wait any longer. God will do it in his timing his timing is always right no Christianity isn't easy street no faith in God does not mean that you avoid the troubles that come to people but faith in God means that God will get you through and we look to God and we trust in God There is a big picture God sees that we do not they took their journey from Succoth and kept an 8th them in the edge of the wilderness verse 21 and the Lord went before them my friend is God going before you if you can answer that question in the a 3rd of that and that's just about all you need to know the Lord went before them if God goes before you find and the Lord went before them in a pillar of cloud to lead them the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night he took not away the pillar of the cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night from before the people so notice something God gave them evidence that he was with them evidence look at that during the day there was something to see in the night there was something to see and the children said what they the parents would have said the adults would have answered and said that's the evidence that God is with us evidence right there. No I wonder if you look around your life right now do you find evidence that God is with you do you do you see absolute evidence now if someone is stuck at home self isolating or if someone a sick in a nursing home in an assisted living facility if someone is in a hospital if you're in dire straits you might say I don't see evidence is that God is with me Ok Now someone once said We have nothing to fear for the future except that we forget the way the Lord has led us so how has God led you if he was with you then he's with you know a friend of mine was doing prison ministry at a certain prison and he signed up alongside one guy and got talking to Manson I'm not interested Oh tell me what I'm not interested in anything to do with God God is not with me Ok my friend didn't argue with him about the existence of God He didn't point to the Scriptures he didn't appeal to science God through my friend spoke to the man's heart and my friend said Ok let me ask you a question Was there ever a time in your life that you believe God was with you ever even once the man thought about it he said there was one time tell me about it he said I was driving a stolen car and I was fleeing from the police they were pursuing me I was driving very fast now remember this is an evidence of a time when God was with him so this could be interesting right they were pursuing me I was driving fast I hit a bank or something lost control of the car the car launched into the air you see and it flipped multiple times even as it was flying through the air landed on its roof. Right on the road or concrete or someplace I was concerned I was going to die as the car was launching into the I cried out dog save me. God save me 3 woods he was not a man of faith he was not an active Christian no one would really call and I believe. But he cried out and he said God save me because I landed on the roof everybody was sort happened he's a dead man anyone who saw that car afterward said there's no way anybody could out of could have got out of that alive he said but I got out of that car and walked away I didn't even have a scratch on me no ofter affects He said I think that was a time that God was with me my friend said so if God was with you then do you think he could be with you now you think he saved you for a purpose you think he's active in your life and cares about you you know that man thought about it and gave his heart to Jesus and became an active and powerful Christian not because he could see God was with him now but because he knew and could not deny that God had been with him then if you're in a difficult situation right now and most people are to some extent if you can't see God present now if there is no pillar of fire a pillar of cloud although I think there might be but if there is not that you can discern remember how God would feel before even if you were driving a stolen car and fleeing the police God may have worked for you then did God ever work for you yes God worked for you. So in your extremity or in your situation now please don't be wondering don't be don't be concerned that God has abandoned you he has not might it be that you have to wander in the wilderness for a while if so it's because God sees the big picture and we remember Romans 8 and those $28.00 which says that all things how many things all things work together for good will they who love God and those who are cold according to his purpose all things work together for good the Bible doesn't say that all things ah good some things are just plain terrible sicknesses are terrible death is terrible your extremity is often terrible those extreme situations you find yourself in but as somebody once said our extremity is God's opportunity and God has allowed this whole sorry saga to unfold so that he ultimately will be glorified that's why he is not hanging you out to dry he is not saying Ok church I want the church to be troubled beyond measure instead God is saying you watch I will be glorified in this and you will see me wook in one to full ways that's what God does and so in Exodus Chapter 14 God tells Moses to lead the people and in verse 3 he says Paul Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel they are in tangled in the land the wilderness has shut them in God speaks and he says but I will harden Pharoah's hot that he shall follow after them ah you will be all needed upon Pharaoh and upon all its host that the Egyptians may know that I am the Lord and they did so. Can I share something with you. A couple of things as a matter of fact. God says that he would be with his people and he would be on and he said I want the Egyptians to know that I'm God that's really important I don't want to miss those 2 points. I will be on it and up and on and upon all this so support number one this is going to work out for my glory And point number 2 I want the Egyptians to know that I'm the lord also I was reading the life story of cd Brooks It's a wonderful book cd Brooks was a great preacher of the would have gotten bassinette in thing he said when he went to Oakwood what's now Oakwood University in Huntsville Alabama when he went there 947 the school had such a good reputation such a good reputation he said he raced to the bank one Friday afternoon to try to cash a check but he saw along the line and he realized I could never get this cash before sunset a man standing in the line noticed the Oakwood on his jacket he said You come on over here. And he said to the young man to Charles Brooks he said if you get in line here you can get business done before the sun sets this was in a passage in the book that talked about how oak woods influence in the community was so great that it spoke to the people in the community the people knew the students and knew what they were about and and knew that they stood for something fantastic So here's a man way into his business banking and looking at the sun falling in the sky and realizing he was a young fella from that school where they keep the Sabbath he would want to get in the line I know you I know something about you I know what you're about Come on take my place in line. The witness of those students spoke to the people in the community you don't think do you that in this time of challenge God is not looking to as church and saying to his church I want you to be a witness in a community you don't think God is not doing that to you this is an opportunity for the church to shine full faith to be seen for you all witness to suspend volumes to the people around you because you're not fearing because you are trusting because your faith is intact even though things might be starting to pin shape your neighbors and your friends in your work associates looking at you and saying this woman is not wavering this man still has faith God said this is taking place in pot because I want the Egyptians to know I want to give them an opportunity and when you a cold into a place of extremity God is with King in the midst of that so that others who look all that you all life are going to say wow there's something going on and that person's life this faith business means something this should that these people go to must be what something because look at how their faith is being played out in their lives it's time to shine this is an opportunity to let everybody know that Israel is God is the true God can you say a man all right we are reading on Exodus 145 it was told the king of Egypt that the people fled and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people and they said Why have we done this that we have laid Israel go from serving us what a mistake we made and he made ready his chariot and took his people with it he took 600 chosen chariots all the chariots of Egypt and kept in so that every one of them and the Lord hod in the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt that he pursued after the children of Israel and the children of Israel went out with a high hand now. It's a great story you've told it to your children or your grandchildren and you've read it yourself and you heard sermons about it and it truly is a great story but did you ever stop to think about how to feel carrying your possessions you have a few animals with you you've got the little children and the elderly and you being pursued by the Ami's of the greatest monarch on the planet and they are out to kill you how would that feel oh what fun to walk across the Red sea on dry land Sure but imagine feeling that sand squeezing up between your toes seeing a wall of water on one side a wall of water on the other side this huge crowd in front of you moving slowly and knowing that Pharaoh and as. Riding as fast as they can to catch you and do you in this was dramatic this was hot and mouth stuff this was pulse right quick this was I'm sweating beads of perspiration out of anxiety here this was did the coats imagine being in that situation and asking yourself how much hope do we have the answer would have been somewhere between little and none because this was a truly difficult situation when Pharaoh of. The children of Israel lifted up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched off to them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel cried out to the Lord that's what we're told to do in a time of difficulty cry out to the Lord laud have on us Lord make a way of a skate for us Lord get us through this thing No he said to Moses because there were no graves in Egypt have you taken us away to die in the wilderness with dealt thus with us to carry us forth out of Egypt. Did you bring us out of the course they weren't graves sufficient for us back there. To die anyway these people have no faith difficult Well as you read on because we already know how the story in you discover that God did truly amazing things those 23 the Egyptians pursued and went in after them into the midst of the sea even all pharaohs horses his chariots and his horsemen it came to pass in the morning watch the Lord looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud and troubled the host of the Egyptians and took off the chariot wheels they drove them heavily so the Egyptians say let's free from the face of Israel because the Lord is fighting for them against the Egyptians in the Lord told Moses stretch out your hand he did and those great walls of water came crashing down on the. Pharaoh and God's people were delivered God has never asked you all may to know the way out just to know that he is the way and you can get to the store to buy food or there's nothing left on the shelves you might not know the way out but if you know God then you do know the way out you may not be certain what's going to happen in your physical situation with your health you might not know what's going to take place with your work situation. You know how long the restrictions are going to hang around but if you know God then you know enough then you know enough God is calling us to at least 3 things we are in a really difficult situation right now God is calling us. To hope not hopelessness but to hope isn't it wonderful to know that there is a God in heaven who is on your side isn't it wonderful to know that there is a God in heaven who knows what you're going through and has pledged I'm going to get you through this that's what God does once you lose hope and you've lost just about everything is God able yes he's able do we see the end from the beginning no we don't but we have hope anyway because we know that God is able if we're going to get through this thing at all there are 3 steps there are 3 things we need 1st one hope don't give up don't finally come to the place or don't at all come to the place where you've said there's no point hoping anymore I don't see how this is going to work out as long as God is on his throne in heaven you can believe that God's going to get us from heah to imagine being somebody who was displaced up to Hurricane Katrina up to some terrible earthquake you know lost your home in a fire there's going to be a moment where you say. Lost everything and I'm hopeless but you know a day a week a month a year a decade later you look back on that and you say God was able to bring me through it's like the hopelessness of grief is crushing it's brutal you know you give it time and you say even though I suffered a great loss God brought me through so don't give up don't lose hope God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt even then there was 40 years of wandering but he brought them to the promised land my friend you know why you can hope Jesus is coming back. The book of Titus in Chapter 2 refers to the return of Jesus as the. Hope and I hope you look around the world and say I'm sensing that there's not a lot of time left you look at the prophetic Maka points that God has given us in the Bible as relates to the 2nd coming of Jesus they indicate to us that we very very very near the end of all things you can have hope Jesus is coming back you can have hope in the blessing hope you can have hope because the best is yet to come. Well there's something else that we really must have I want to tune with you in the Bible to Matthew Chapter 8 if we're going to get through this in one piece we need to have. A. Let's take a moment to look at what the Bible says about real faith if you believe that there's a God that's not necessary fight that might simply be common sense it might just be logic. If you believe that what happened in the Bible happened in the Bible that might not necessarily be faith that might just be I believe what does real practical vibrant living faith look like in a life it's important we understand that and so we'll go now to Matthew Chapter 8 we'll just jump right over the opening story of Matthew where Aleppo was healed Isn't that amazing there's so many incredible things in the Bible that to start in verse 4 means we have to leave this story of the lepers if you wish you can make me clean and Jesus that I want to be really touched him in the man was healed just like that what a great God what a great savior Matthew chapter writing verse verse 5 let's start in verse 5 when Jesus was entered into Capernaum became a sin cheery and beseeching him so no he's not down in Jerusalem but he's up here in Galilee. At the top end of the Sea of Galilee the little town of Capernaum it's there today in fact today you can even visit some of these very locations where these miraculous occurrences took place an unbeliever came to Jesus why was that unbelieving able to come to Jesus he was a century he was not a Jew He was a Gentile because he'd seen Jesus and he'd heard of Jesus again this is why it's so important in times of real trouble that we stand up and say God is looking to use me to be a witness God is looking to use me to be a light so that someone can say I've heard of Jesus I've seen Jesus at work in this person's life the same cheery and came to Jesus big ing Jesus and saying The Lord my servant lies at home sick of the polls paralyzed grievously tormented the best doctors in the land couldn't cure this person but he comes to Jesus who we know to be the great physician he says I'm going to serve it is in bad shape would you come and heal him was a matter of fact I guess I've jumped ahead to what Jesus said He didn't say Would you come and heal him according to the text but he says he's at home paralyzed and terribly told man to Jesus said to him verse 7 I will come and heal him what would you have said Oh great you're the healer I've met people that you've healed I may even have all witnessed you healing people as I stood by watching in my official capacity my servant as. Paralyzed terribly ill Jesus is but the send Kurian saves Matthew 88 Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof is faith but speak though would only. My servant shall be healed. Now remember what are we doing 3 things we need to get us through this time of crisis 1st one was hope this one we're looking at is faith and before we done together we're going to look at how what we're going through now speaks directly to what's going to happen in Earth's last days the coronavirus is just kind of like a dry run it speaks to us of what's going to happen in the last days this insurance a lot I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof but speak though would only and my servant shall be healed that faith he goes on to say I am a man under oath already I have soldiers under me I say to this man go and he goes I say to another company comes I say to my servant do this and he does it and when Jesus heard it he modeled and he said to them that followed verily I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel and then he looked the faithless Jews he said many shall come from the east and west and will sit down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven but the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into out of this they'll be weeping and gnashing of teeth let me ask you a question Has your faith has your faith today no not asking Do you believe that there is a God Even the devils believe the Bible says and they tremble they really believe but that's not real faith has your faith do you believe that what the would of God says is true do you believe that there would have God will do what it says it will do but the simple fact that it says it. This man did I don't need you to come to my house I just need you to say something I have all authority in certain areas and when I give orders those orders a carried out so I believe that if you give the order that old it will be carried out don't even need you to darken my doorstep as much as that would be an on a. Just need for you to say the would only you just speak it and my servant will be healed you know if we just believe the would have got that would settle some much in our lives if God says it it's true if God promised it it will take place if God play just something then absolutely you can believe in that now you know one of the problems we face is that we tend to apply the promises of God to our life in a selfish way. What you will and will be done to you great are going to have that shiny red sports car. Pray and what have you pray for in the affirmative Ok I'm praying for my grandma she's sick and dying of cancer and if she dies well where was God Of course that's part of a bigger discussion but what about these other assurances in the Bible that we can absolutely believe and trust God says he's with you he's with you God says he'll forgive you he'll forgive you God says He will never leave you no forsake you he will never leave you nor forsake you Jesus says are you will come again to receive you to myself then he will Jesus is going to come back how's your faith though I feel like God has abandoned be where do you find that in the Bible not any place oh I don't feel like God will forgive me when you find that in the Bible God says if you confess he will forgive it's that simple as we go through this real crisis at this time in its history we've got to have hope. And when must have faith faith that God is and that he is the reward or of those who diligently seek Him Faith that God's Word is true faith that when God says get up out of Egypt and walk across the Red Sea that you're going to make it to the other side there's a story in the Bible where Jesus says to his disciples Let's go to the other side of the lake they get in the boat Jesus falls asleep a storm comes up and they cry out and they say Mazda save us we are going to perish and Jesus says why is it that you have no faith did you have a look at that and say That seems a bit harsh the reason Jesus said that is because he had already said we are going to the other side of the lake so because Jesus said that's where we going that's where they were going it was just that simple there would be no ifs ands or buts would be no wiser way of force if Jesus says we're going to the other side of the lake then I want to tell you something we are going to the other side of the lake when Jesus says I'm coming back he's coming back when he says he won't leave you he won't leave you when he says that you can trust is would you trust his word know the bowl doesn't always balance well for us sometimes money disappears investments tank crimes committed against you people slander you but God isn't Oskin you to judge his faithfulness based on what's going on in your life judge God's faithfulness based on what he places you in the wood he said he'd be with you and he is he sitting save you and he has and he is continuing to extend salvation to you he says that Jesus is coming back and one day soon the east in eastern sky will split wide open and Jesus will certainly come back this is a time for hope God is going to get us through this and full faith. How great God is going to get us through this his would is certain genes is is truly our Redeemer and Savior we have every reason to be encouraged and not one good reason to be discouraged today but if you want to go with me to the next chapter Matthew Chapter 9 you're going to see there's another very remarkable story it's really a phenomenal story and it's a story within a story to get your this or any crisis in its history we need hope and faith and there's something else so the story begins in the us 18 of Matthew 9 soon rule came to Jesus and said my daughters did but if you place your hand upon her she shall live and Jesus was on his way to the location of the did. When his journey was interrupted let me read Matthew 9 those 20 and behold a woman which was diseased with an issue of blood 12 years came behind him and touched the him of his garment for she said within herself if I may but touch his garment I shall be whole is what she believed you know when you read this there's another rendering of this with. The disciples say to Jesus. What are you saying who touched me for because there are people jostling against you and pressing you this way and that way what do you mean who touched me how can you possibly say that the Bible speaks about the crowd. As a matter of fact let me read this this is in Luke 8 Jesus said who touched me when Ole. Here and they that were with him said must at the multitude throng you and press you and you're saying who touched me Jesus said somebody has touched me because I perceive that power has gone out of me so let's get back to Matthew Chapter 9 it's the shorter account and in Matthew 9 Jesus turned about and when he saw her he said daughter be of good comfort your faith has made you whole and the woman was made whole from that. Now this is a wonderful demonstration of faith as well it's a wonderful example of a hope as well but there's something else I believe is demonstrated in this story and it's something that we want to remember. And not forget here was a woman who had absolutely no hope for so long as she'd been battling a very difficult medical condition and in that moment she stayed all I got to do is touch the hem of his garment that's all that's all what she did in that moment was she surrendered to her life to God I'm not my own I'm yours I can't get through this thing but you can I am placing everything in your hands Jesus said daughter be of good comfort your faith has made you whole Go in peace Luke 848 if we're going to get through this thing and we are. What God wants us to manifest is hope and faith and surrender. Surrender it's very difficult to have a real faith without strew surrender in fact I'd say it's impossible. Surrender that says like Jesus said that fateful night not my will but your will be done surrender that says I can do this my way I want to do this your way because it's the only way you see my friend one thing I want to encourage you is to think about where you are with God where are you in your standing with God I'm not asking you if you're strong or weak we're awake not asking you if you're a sinner or a saint all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That you're trying to get through coronavirus What are you doing to deal with the virus of sin it's far more deadly than the coronavirus its consequences are far more brutal in fact they are eternal some people are going to get sick some people are going to get going to die but the end was what about eternity you know there's a virus and so people flocking to supermarkets and cleaning out shelves and stripping the big box stores and there's nothing nothing left to buy That's because their current situation is in jeopardy I understand understand that but isn't it something that sin means your eternal life is in jeopardy wouldn't be something if people with law can to the church if the parking lot was full even before the door of the church was open when the deacon opens up the church door would be something of people came flooding in and they just ran down the front to answer an altar call that hadn't even yet been made oh I ask you how it is with you hot you're going to get through this coronavirus thing one way or another. But are you going to get through this wound hold upright and ready to meet Jesus when He comes back. What we need to face crisis is hope and faith and surrender and what we need to be right with God is hope Jesus is coming back there is a God Faith God's would is true and certain and sure and it's the basis of my life and surrender Lord take my house. And make it yours and Crane's me of the do it that's in my life give me yet it's not the. Stuff. And let's do something different now live your life in me live your life in me is read another very good book or it from start to finish just like that very engaging book about a young man who is a pasta today and he writes in that book about his battle with addiction and it's it's a little harrowing You know because you see him get to rock bottom and then you realize that's not rock bottom old this is rock bottom and then you realize oh no that would be anywhere near bottom. And then he talks about what bottom was like oh he writes that in his experience in the experience of many addicts it's not until you come to the place where you realize that you can do this and that you need help outside yourself it's not until you come to that place that you can start to get well how is it with your hot because all of us are evidently addicted to sin it's like we can't get by with out of the now lives we must and it's important to allow God to take that away out of our lives and make us new completely new Many people looking towards the 2nd coming of Jesus without assurance if you're a believer in God on any level you should be the most assured person in the world now the devil would like to rob you of your assurance it's not presumptuous to say I have received the gift of salvation and therefore I am assured of if a lasting life. Now some people believe in an erroneous thing called once saved always saved that says well I got saved and now there's nothing I can do I have to go to heaven no matter what no I don't believe that's true you can change your mind but if you change your mind in God's direction you can know that you have accepted the gift of a lasting life and the gift of salvation is truly yours it is. How's that working out in your life and I ask you that how's that working out in your life you have assurance right now if you don't then that's why God has you listening to this right now because he wants you to have assurance God does not need you to say well I'm just such a bad sinner that God can't possibly save me there's nothing true about that at all we are all terrible sin. But by God's grace he can and he will save us and change change us through His righteousness the righteousness of Jesus we can have the assurance of everlasting life God doesn't ask you to improve yourself so that you're good enough to save. For your hot so that he can make you hot what you can't make it and frankly that's just too difficult for some people you'd rather fight against a virus and figure out based on your wits how you're going to navigate these challenging times Ok but what God is looking to us to do is to say Lord take my hot and take it again and take it again and take it again and make me into somebody who's ready for heaven because I have faith and trust in you that's where salvation is it's in having faith and trust in Jesus and surrendering to him completely what do we need to get through this coronavirus hope faith and surrender to God's leading. What do we need to get out of this world and into the world to come hope there is a God and Jesus is coming back faith the Bible is the Word of God and I'm going to live by its teachings as Jesus lives his life in me and then surrender Lord live your life and me. By in me as I abide in you do in me but I cannot do for myself and then you see God start to change even those difficult things about your life someone said you ought to Todd then you say Ok it's going to take some working out but I can do it that's the easy part it's easy what God is saying is I'll take away you Doc temple I'll take away your self centeredness I'll take away those inappropriate thoughts that you love so very much this is a God saying if you surrender to me clean youth orally I'll give you a new hot that's what that would look like in your life put my spirit within you cause you to walk in my steps because it's it's me who will be living my life in you now let's look forward to the last great crisis we go to the Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 13 and I'm telling you today that we can see a lot of parallels between what's going on in the world now with the coronavirus evil and what's going to take place in the world to come they may read in Revelation Chapter 13 starting in verse one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a Big East rise up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns upon his horns 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard his feet were as the feet of a bear his mouth as the mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power and a seat and great off already and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and here it is. And all the old one did the beast read those 4 as well and they would ship the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like unto the beast who is able to make war with him there must have been a time once when you looked at that and said How in the world is that ever going to be fulfilled how would the whole rally around an issue and know which people were not falling into line and which people were all we know now don't we we know now I was interested to read a few days ago about the man in Kentucky who wouldn't self isolate and so they they God him they had to Gods outside his house keeping him in the house so that he wouldn't get on a fake anybody and that's something isn't it again I'm not saying that's a bad thing I'm simply saying that this is somebody who doesn't want to go along with society's program that identified him very quickly and they shut him down isn't that something can we see now how the whole world can coalesce around an issue how the focus of the world can be on an issue by the way and I hope you understand the way I say this I fear that some might not but the issue that we're dealing with right now is simply people getting sick Ok people getting sick and dying people getting an illness which for the most part will be successfully treated but of course tragically they'll be a good number of people who will not be successfully treated but imagine in the last days of the earth when There's pandemonium we cannot know by reading in the Bible exactly what it's going to look like but imagine if there's natural disaster often natural disaster up he will after a people imagine that the entire world economically militarily socially physically was just an absolute chaos and people. What a time that's going to be like the Bible says that people will not be able to buy and sell in that time surely you don't need any convincing to help you to understand that that can take place when I believe in my heart is that God is giving his people the opportunity to say you know what if I could have done something about it out of being fit and healthy during this time of trouble the coronavirus time so now we look to the future and we say a need to look after myself not that your finances are going to deliver you then but today people who are in debt and overextended they are struggling what if somebody loses a job what are you going to do this and now you might like to say what should my situation be like down there in the end of time do I need to be in debt maybe I don't need to own the latest stuff and the biggest stuff all maybe I don't need to overextend myself no you don't we should be taken care of our health or to be taking care of our health in preparation for what's going to come days and if you look at yourself now and you say my shake my faith is shaky if you look at yourself now and you say my faith is shaky where you know what God is inviting you to do to have a strong faith solid faith so that in its final days during a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation you'll be able to say even though I might not be able to see my way through this I trust in God My friend there is coming a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation we are getting very close to the return of Jesus undoubtedly there will be another one you know you just go back to sodomy bowl and swine flu and avian flu and all of these things which over the last few years have stepped up on top of each other once the rotavirus is gone we would be naive to think that there won't be another challenge like this naïve what are you doing to prepare yourself for that time. I hope God can get me through. God's will is God's word and therefore it's my god full life and surrender I'm reaching out to him believing he can make me whole believing he can bring spiritual healing into my life and I want to live his way and not my way we don't have much time left on this earth and I don't say that as a matter of panic I say that as a matter of hope Thank God we don't have much time left here on planet earth we are rushing towards Earth's final days and God is trying to get our attention but your faith being may live a sensible life that the most important things truly be the most important things value what should be valued don't waste your time on that which is of no consequence imagine being 2300 feet below the surface of the earth 700 meters imagine that that's like a couple of Empire State Building stacked on top of each other that's how deep in the earth they were. And those men down there never lost hope my friend Robert Costa from it is written traveled there in the cold of the television program then spoke to some of the people involved he's met some of the people involved in fact has one of the bibles that was seen down to encourage the 33 miners down there in the heart of the you. Know as they were down there they prayed and they one did in they doubted. And then realized they just had to believe that somebody was going to get them out of the in the mining company would send down a probe that they constructed these exploratory bore holes it sand down a bit and then pull it back up all the way down there. And one day 17 days in that bit's came back up from deep in the earth and there was a note attached to it and it said. Most being in their food he or. 20 today says we are well in the shelter the 33 of us they didn't lose hope if faith was intact all they could do was surrender to what was going on up above save us we cannot save ourselves those 33 men came through. You'll come through we'll come through because God gets us through Let's remember hope faith and surrender and know that Gawd truly will deliver us let's pray. We thank you for the certainty of the return of Jesus we thank you for the blessedness of the bliss of hope we thank you that you with us now don't let our hope or our faith or our surrender away the. Give us assurance of salvation friend in this moment if you are not certain of the way you are with Jesus would you pray a little prayer with me that says Lord take my hot naked ules would you pray that pray with me Lord take my hot make it your was I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus' name we pray a main a man thank you God bless you appreciate you joining me today.


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