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02- The Origin and Nature of the Bible

Vicki Griffin Mark Howard Wes Peppers Kameron DeVasher
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  • April 10, 2020
    8:30 AM
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Welcome to Sabbath school for April 11th 2020 we have another exciting lesson study for you about how to interpret the scripture a lot of good information to get into there but as our usual custom before we get into the deep bible study element of prayer and study of God's word we want to 1st begin with that laser like focus on mission and today we have a special guest with us elder West peppers is here from the Michigan conference evangelism department and you've got a lot of things going on right now and in fact why don't we talk 1st about global mission this is an interesting time to talk about global work we're all kind of locked down but recently you had a pretty awesome experience did you not yes we did you know we took a group of about 36 people from Michigan down to Cuba and we actually got to witness the entire cycle of evangelism taking place in just a short time about 10 days and so it was very exciting to see the people get excited about doing personal work about sharing the gospel and we're going to talk a little bit about that Ok now tell me about this whole cycle of engine you got to see in a short order what elements contributed to that what happened sure we have medical clinics of course the 5 components being preparing the soil planting the seed cultivating harvesting and preserving Ok and we did medical clinics there at several different churches in the area one in each each day of the week and we served over 2200 people with i care and medical services that totaled almost a half a 1000000 dollars It was pretty exciting and so people could get eyeglasses they could get their blood pressure checked their glucose checked a number of other things and it was just very exciting to see the people having their needs met you know our people were doing good we were working side by side with the church members and others there locally so it wasn't just us coming in to do a thing we were really assisting the local church in their work interests. So you brought specialists with you in these fields but you didn't just come in and do it in front of the local people you actually brought in their participation as well yes they were laboring right there beside us and they were making the connections with the people and so it was very exciting we gave out over 2000 pieces of literature that week and also people every person that came to the clinic left with a book or a Bible or some kind of a spiritual component we were having prayer with them and we had on the form offering them Bible studies and then now some people may not even believe this but out of the 2200 plus people that we serve 989 people actually requested Bible study all my life that's fantastic it was very awesome and the local people there are following up on those already and the pastor and the members were just so excited one thing I love is that I would the 1st day I handed the pastor the stack of requests and he said Hannum to the elders so I handed it to the elders in the elders began distributing them to the members of the members are the ones that follow up on those leads so it's very exciting phantasy you are meeting people's physical needs with health and those kind of ministries Yes you are offering Bible studies people were taking those Bible studies and following up with them laypeople doing that so what about the other fit with their public evangelism involved was at a later time each night we would have a public eventual 6 eries So we were inviting the people from the clinics to come to those and also the members before hand had gone out inviting people and so we had you know depending on the site you know upwards of $1120.00 visitors per site and in some of the children's programs we would have $150.00 upwards of $200.00 kids and maybe 10 or 15 of those would be advantage the rest of them were non Avenue same in from the village and so very exciting and you know people were making decisions all week and at the end of the week we had 39 baptisms right and we had $113.00 more decisions for baptism. So people were deciding all week and then that work will continue on to me there may be hundreds of baptisms from those Bible study requests and I'm just excited about how enthusiastic the members are engaging in the work so we saw that entire cycle take place and of course those members are now you know the baptisms they'll be working on discipleship and in fact I saw the see some of the results that you will be there for Yes that's right and to new That's right they're continuing to train them and have those people then share with their friends and in the cycle just continue to reproduce absolutely Well let's transition back here to Michigan a little because you had this opportunity to take a few It's only 90 miles off of Key West it's 4 in Technically it is a different language and whatnot but it's close to home really rightly but Finn if I understand the timeline correctly as things were coming to a close your work there this whole pandemic scare was kind of washing over the world hitting United States and it kind of led to some interesting and interesting exit from Cuba for you yes we actually had to leave just a few days early and so but the window of time was perfect you know we left from the u.s. to go there everything was normal and we came back to a totally different kind of New Orleans and it was funny because our national president our u.s. president was calling people to come home and the Cuban government was saying everybody needs to get out so we were kind of in limbo there one telling us to come one telling us to go but nonetheless you know the Lord just had perfect timing there and we just saw hundreds of lives changed and transformed then when we get back this crisis is taking place in America and you know as a conference we don't want to just sit on our hands our churches they don't want to sit on their hands we want to be active and involved no matter what the situation in the world is yes and so we started praying about that and you know that at the General Conference there was a post to be evangelistic meetings with it was written taking place all across Indianapolis because there was the general conference session coming up this summer that's right Apple is and they wanted to have this big evangelist. Push ahead of it correct but but you know with the crisis of the Coven 1000 and all that goes into getting canceled and we were deciding what we would do that is written went forward in faith and said we're going to host an online evangelist experience and so they are brought going to broadcast this all across the United States and they're inviting local churches to be involved now somebody might say well this sounds like a you know one of the old Met series where they just flip on a switch and turn on 3 of the and whatever and everybody just kind of sits and watches but this one's a little bit different in the sense that the local church is involved from the start to the finish the local churches that are involved have the opportunity to recruit Bible workers from their members and the reality is that every member should be above work already Amen and so we're going to put those to use in the virtual field on the Internet and whenever a person signs up online to watch the series wherever there's a code is from that name will get sent to that local church and those local Bible workers will then be able to actually connect with that person even before the meetings begin send them a welcome e-mail reminder emails they'll be there with them and then when the meetings begin the be able to chat with them and answer questions and then once all of the the spacial distancing is lifted they'll be able to connect with them personally Ok so they'll be carrying them through that series virtually just like they would if they walked into the local church to a public a banjo stick series now yeah that's really innovative way to look at things because I appreciate that evangelist Dick idea that it is written these ministries didn't just say well I guess the g.c. has been cancelled we'll just write it off to later write and it would further deepen the idea that public evangelism has to be 100 people coming into an auditorium and only in that context can you preach the gospel the reality is people are glued to their phones right now and the internet is huge and to for us to miss this opportunity would be and it would be negligee. It would be criminal wrong we have the attention of the entire nation yet people aren't going to soccer games or sporting event right or off you know they're not even they're not shopping much they're not doing much of it in there I've been working many of them and so people you know I've heard several people I've interacted with them and they said you know I've been just been sitting here watching t.v. and I'm really just tired of it I want something different so we have one of the most unique and tremendous opportunities that we've ever had before in the history of our church I believe an entire nation even entire world sitting there waiting for us to share a message with them and that's what I'm very excited about with this series well with a minute or so left we have what would you tell local church members or leaders or pastors or local church congregations who would like to be involved with this is there still time when does it launch what are some of the details where they need it or you can go to the Web site hope awakens dot com and the churches can sign up there you send out a link to all the pastors Currently we have about 80 churches that are participating and but we don't want you to just say wow that's great that my local church is participating we want you to be involved right from your living room or your basement where ever you can be sitting in your pajamas and you can be inviting people to these meetings you can use social media you can text them you can call them e-mail them call your neighbors you know whatever you need to do to to actively invite people to the series we're doing a large scale advertising campaign across the conference but we're still just like when we do mailers for regular meetings we're still dependent on that personal work and really there is no public work without personal work and there is no global work without a local work came in and so that local work still needs to take place right from your own home so be involved you know volunteer talk to your pastor say I'd be willing to be one of those virtual by workers to interact with the guests online don't let the local work stop so once again hopeful wakens dot com You can also call. Me here at the conference office will be glad to talk to you about signing up your church for that event and we look forward to seeing an incredible harvest and believe the Lord is it doesn't matter what the situation of the condition is of the world this work can still go on God has a people on the earth and he's given the work to do and he's going to empower us to do it so be on your knees but be involved and see God do something great fantastic thank you so much for sharing what happened overseas recently that's great testimonies but also have the opportunity to be involved in our local conference and congregations even now in this difficult time fantastic Thank you Brother West Well it's so good to hear about the global work that's been taking place recently with that mission trip to Cuba the elder peppers talked about and also the exciting conference wide in local congregation involvement that's possible through the it is written online campaign hope awake and so lot of good things going on globally and locally but mission would be incomplete if it also doesn't go to personally what can I be doing for the Lord right now and to help us with that we have another guest with us we have sister Vicki Griffin from the health and temperance Department lifestyle matters here in the Michigan conference and I wanted to talk about this because it dawns on me Vicki that we are in the midst of a health crisis our country in fact our world is embroiled in this ongoing saga of the covert 19 pandemic and this is surely raised a lot of questions or issues or concerns in people's minds about health full living and health care and what are some of the things that people are probably thinking about right now that they might not have been thinking about even say 3 or 4 weeks ago well the the problem is is that in a panic and in a pandemic we're not thinking Ok people are frightened they have the fear of the known and the fear of the unknown social relations or broken up social distancing it's a new world and so we are seeing a lot of collateral damage. Beyond the actual virus beyond the economics there is a personal implosion of resources and so people are suffering I see it when I go out I have experienced those sensations myself when you're dieting it is just a seismic shift in your world and and yet we are called to to give forth the Gospel we are called to care for ourselves in this thing and yet we see an exponential rise in domestic abuse drug abuse alcohol gaming all of it is just it's like people are defaulting to to what is going to be the most pain killing thing and and so that produces collateral damage and it increases the risk for these diseases so it disrupts health districts emotional spiritual health sleep and so yes I you know here's the thing I love about habit formation because there are some things to love about it. Let's hear this now go ahead. This change up in our environment is actually one of the things in habit change is that you want to create new cues and with everything changing it actually creates a platform for positive change the hey let's do some new things let me learn something new Let me read a new book let me create a new habit and so when we think about habit change we think about outcomes I'm going to read a book a month of it kills me I hate you know and that doesn't work but there's identity based change so I'm going to take this time to become if a fit person I'm going to become a reader I'm We can either do dumpster dive into the grocery store and down into those bad habits or we can create a new identity through the power of Jesus Christ and that's what our ministry is all about and now all of those things that that were actually preexisting conditions now they're worse merci and now we need some solutions because it's starting to hurt so the probably the people that are watching this out of school program this morning you're are personally experiencing some of those like shifts in the stresses in their lives the new you know recalibrating to this new world rationally and they probably know people who are also going through that also and so this is what I hear you saying is this it should be an opportunity to kind of reevaluated and set a new course for our life and say Ok what are some habits that probably are helpful and I was thinking about this as well you know we've seen. Like say our health care or our health delivery systems hospitals and what I like be swamped I'm very focused on this covert 19 so much that in order to go to a you know regular hospital visits doctor visits even emergency rooms you have to be really really ill to even get in the door of a hospital and probably people are thinking like how can I boost my immune system how can I head off the need to go to the hospital how can I live so I'm guessing physical health is. Higher on people's priority in the last few weeks than it has been in the years preceding that yeah one thing that I've learned working with some addiction programs is that the presenting problem is usually rarely the presenting problem it may be the most pressing problem at the moment but usually it's strongly emotionally driven and so for me I can't see any separation between the emotional spiritual and physical but these physical. The physical breakdown of systems things that we our brains are prediction machines and we have to be able to predict things and we can't predict things now and so people are just really in a time of uncertainty but what I've noticed is that people are reaching out more they're talking more they're getting outside more. So on the on the one end of the of the tandem we see this collapse of of what we used to do that worked and now we're seeing those things turn against us but on the other hand there that creates an urge urge and I your earning an openness Yes yes to learn new things and to learn it with someone else I see I have been connecting more with my neighbors strangers at the grocery store more connections family people need each other more now than ever before and we have found ways to connect you think about this is in bombing or whatever you know the room and text message I mean. The Where are you and whatever all those apps are and so our need to connect is actually going to be our opportunity from the Help ministries department from lifestyle matters if I may make a shameless plug here for your department if there are great resources online in fact I was for instance the topic of alcohol came up recently in some online conversations and and I was leaving where some good resources demonstrate that maybe alcohol is not the best thing to be turning to right now in the light of a global health wise I was right and I went to lifestyle Matters dot com And sure enough there under the tab that says Free thank you for labeling. So clearly free free I found free prowar points free audio and video there were some free articles that talk about the very topics I was talking about in fact you have with us on the mistake again of those typical topics those lifestyle. Topics that people often are interested in and you sometimes see them in literature but now they're online so yeah yeah just a few topics Ok just 2 topics we have 26 these are are the beautiful here it is alcohol Why not yes doctors still make house calls creating connections lessons on loss life out of loss Who can I trust the veritable the people I urge wrestling with Riddle's the up in smoke and we have been so laser focused on getting this literature out in terms of of having meetings and all my seminar jackets are part and so and so are the so is the literature in this form but God knew what we were going to be facing and every one of these beautiful 26 topics and here's the one on immune health there you go this hot topic right so they're all beautifully laid out on line free lifestyle Matters dot com including $26.00 matching videos that are just 5 to 7 minutes each so this is a time to share those things with your friends and neighbors I have friends I can see the worry etched on their face they're open more than ever before and so we have not only the videos but we have these tracks free we have books that you can have sent once on stress and depression and immune function another one on addictions called Living free food for thought nutrition is linked with mental physical spiritual health you can have them sent to your friends this is the time when I had some people strangers I was cleaning my car and the house across the street is for sale and this car was going back and forth back and forth back and forth and so I hailed the. And I said what you know what are you doing they said well we were interested in that house but they don't really want to show it I said well my house is the same it's a condominium go inside have a look and. They were just so grateful and they looked around and I was able to give them an entire set of balance magazines and so send them to our website so there's so much that we can do it's all around us ministry is personal if it's not personal it's nothing Amen thank you so much for being with us we're pressed for time but friends go to lifestyle Matters dot com click on those free resources or look around all the things that are provided there so that they you can be benefited at a fight and blessed but then you can be a blessing in turn to others as you share these wonderful trues with others at this time thank you so much for being with us Mr Vickie Thank you Pastor camera and God bless you so it's so good to hear about all the global work that's going on even from right here in the Michigan conference of course the local work of the conference within our own territory or even local congregations and of course the personal work the sister Vicki talked about and you can go to lifestyle Matters dot com and check out all those resources for your own edification and for sharing but the foundation of sadness cool always remains a Bible study and prayer and this quarter our topic is how to interpret scripture and we're in the 2nd lesson of this 2nd quarter of the year and we're still studying the nature of the Bible and the origin of the Bible and how to look at the Scriptures and there's some really interesting thoughts this week absolutely Well it's interesting even as we look at this it almost seems so elementary Yes and even in discussions you and I have recently had. I'm surprised sometimes at the current trend that there is in Christianity and even in some pockets of Adventism. Where people look at the Bible very skeptically and no longer is an authoritative book as it was speak used to be regarded and that's one of the reasons for this lesson and of course we're in the midst of this covert crisis people are at home we wanted to provide a Sabbath school opportunity but another reason that we talked about doing this class was because we had been in the in the quarterly on The Book of Daniel and rich lessons in the Book of Daniel and then moving into this quarterly on the importance of scripture interpretation of scripture I hate to say it but in many of the classes and as we work in the Sabbath school department we get around to a number of different churches. In many of our churches. They never get through the lesson some churches don't even get to the lesson and with the subject matter in this lesson I just thought it was important number one to get into the subject matter Number 2 as a Sabbath school department to model covering the lesson right you know and there are a lot of reasons that people don't go into it sure well I mean as you and I have traveled around we've seen different dynamics within the Sabbath school group and sometimes you have a teacher who you know really makes a lot of preparation has a lot of notes other times they'll just open the floor to discussion and that can lead to one comment leads to another comment all then you're off the rails you don't get to so these are important themes because honestly what we're looking at here you're right it might seem elementary and basic to study how do you read and interpret scripture but that sets the framework for how you understand everything else in the Christian walk and so it is an essential vital core of arks religion and not just how you understand it but whether or not it provides a foundation you know I think in the midst of this crisis I can't help but think there's an account that shared in the book Eric great controversy about where John Wesley was traveling with a group of German Christians Moravian Christians. On a ship and they came into the midst of a storm and Wesley shares how the English people on the ship were panicked but the Germans were just call me and singing hymns and afterwards he said he was dialoguing with one of these Germans and he said weren't you scared and he said Oh no not at all and he said what were your women and children scared and the man's response is still sticks in my mind is no our women and children are afraid to die. Just this they were so grounded in their faith that they were impervious even death itself was not the end for them and it gave them a peace in a calmness. But I wish I could say that that peace and calmness existed at least among all Christians but when we lose that confidence in Scripture Yes We we lose the peace that God wants to give us mercy so this is a vital topic is how this is an interesting study but this is personally applicable for every Christian that's a grounding in the world and one of the thing I want to add is you know we get to the lesson and I want to add for for our viewers I think you mentioned this already but we don't intend to continue this though doing a class every week once people are able to meet in their churches because we don't want to become an excuse for people going to Sabbath school but what we do want to do is provide training for Sabbath school people teachers tips on how to go through the class but one of the things I want to highlight is in the lesson quarterly it's broken down into Saturday afternoon and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and the reason for that is it's broken down for people's personal daily study of the lesson not for the way the teacher should teach the lesson and I can't tell you how many times I'm in a class in the teacher's like Ok let's go Sunday let's go to Monday let's go to that's really not how you teach and in one of the reasons it's not like it's the end of the world it's not like it's a terrible thing to do but what often happens more times than not is that teacher that class ends 45 minutes later 55 minutes later whatever says well we got partway through Tuesday too bad and so that their end we don't get through the lesson So the lesson is put together that way to help in personal study and maybe one of the reasons that the teachers do that is because people don't study the lessons very selves and so we're all going to do a sad as well we're not going to do that for you we're going to highlight things from the lesson and we may bring up things that aren't in the lesson but but the content the subject matter a matter of the last more hope and you've looked at it and if not one encourage you to get into the quarterly and you can get these only. And we're going to have a link below if if you don't have a quarter to get one from your local church as well and during code crisis and hotels are having a free online taps right but but get into and review the lesson for yourself it's a great study and anyway well fantastic So what we're going to be looking at here is the study of this week's lesson but as you mentioned it's not just mechanical walking through Ok Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday it didn't doesn't necessarily go like that the idea is broken up into daily segments for the ease of the reader to help them have a daily experience that's right but they the themes go more than just one day at a time there's an overarching thematic approach to these lessons that we want to draw out of the most important points and really dive into those for our study so some days we'll have several good points other days might have something just a little something here and a move on but we're not going be a slave to the 7 day broken down cycle as this are mentioned here we want to see what the message is that's trying to be conveyed as yes in fact we've outlined the lesson for our own. Class here and we're going to make these available so you can get just a little front and back and outline of the lesson especially for those who are teachers maybe to give you some some tips or some ideas and again this isn't a straight jacket but it may give you some ideas on how you might look at it and approach the lesson to teach the lesson well so you have a lesson we need to dive into it at some point so we've got a lot of good introductory comments here but are we ready to get into our lesson study Yes So we should begin with prayer of course where best how or can you lead us in prayer absolutely Father in Heaven Father we are thankful for your holy Sabbath day father were thankful for your revelation in the Word of Truth and in your Son Jesus Christ the Living Word and father in the spirit of truth that he's promised to lead us into truth now we ask that the Holy Spirit would guide us in our study today not just with head knowledge of the Lord but with practical true. It will help us in our daily Christian walk for we ask in print in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen amen Oh yeah Ok I was to say this week's is titled The origin and nature of the Bible that kind of lines the scope of what we're headed we're not just looking at the language of the buy we're looking at where it came from and how is it constituted what even is the Bible really and I thought the one thing I wanted to touch on with the just the quarterly in general which is interpreted in this scripture This is the idea of interpretation I just want to this should seem this should be obvious but the purpose of interpretation is to come to an understanding of what the author intended to get across when the author wrote what he wrote Ok And since simple it seems simple but the reality is for some people interpretation is to see if I can get out of it what I wish the author in to interpret it by putting a spin on it and so it should be simple the course this whole court is going to go into how the bet's the goal that we're trying to get to is what did Paul mean when he wrote that not what I wish he meant but what was he trying to get across even in that question it presupposes that Paul had a meaning to convey well that they were not just like mind and we're going to get into this but they were just mindlessly rattling off you know esoteric spiritual whatever thoughts that we can grasp something out that these were real people that had gone I mean ideas and tried to convey them into actual words the idea that we're having this conversation I think there is no other area of life where you wouldn't assume an author even a very abstract thinker where you wouldn't assume that they had a point to get across Yes And their job in writing it now is to communicate it right but in modern theology it's like well I don't know what we read last week and deserve ages even in Christ day that you did scripture could take be taken to mean one thing or exactly the opposite I'm just not quite sure like it's not for you it is as though there's not a single truth that was originally trying to be conveyed so we would learn it instead of us putting our sweat there's no. There form of communication even written communication outside of the ology are people like I don't know if people are thinking I don't know what do you know I don't think there was a real intention no there was an intention yes there was that's why you write things anyway right well I'm certainly was an intention in Scripture and scripture. We're not going to we can't take our word for it but what does Scripture claim and yes we're going to be looking what are the claims of the Bible itself we're looking here at again this seems stood out of my mind it was on the Sabbath and into lesson there but it says the 2nd sins how we interpret the Bible is significantly shaped in influenced by our understanding of the process of revelation and inspiration yes like so for instance how we are assumptions about how this book came to be will color what we take from the book like is this truly. Divinely Inspired correction reproof edification from my life or is it just historical narrative is it philosophical ramblings as it and nothing with this philosophy you know my assumptions about what this book is and how it came to be will cloud or shape what I do with it what you think about you know the. The theological word for interpretation is hermeneutics and actually just comes from a Greek word that means to interpret So we're likely just to say a term for it but it makes us feel smart I guess if we use the Greek word and are having just heard you say yes but the point is when you're dealing with interpretation the very idea of having rules of interpretation for a book and if you look up hermeneutics in the dictionary it will tell you that it's it has to do with interpretation especially of scripture Well of course why would you work so hard to understand uninspired writing so the very discussion of rules of interpretation tell us the book is different Ok that's fair but why would I work so hard to try to really get down to the meaning of what Paul is saying unless it didn't have eternal ramifications Ok so you're talking about those claims of the scripture so it is a book of a different nature Absolutely it is not just interesting literature or historical documents this is a living book it claims it makes bigger claims that other books it has a different scope and themes to it its just a different beast altogether and so let's study into that a little bit more what is the Bible what is the nature of the Bible well right there on. The Sabbath have to new lesson and the opening text the memory text for the lesson tells us that the Word of God Paul's claim is for this reason we thank you without ceasing because when you receive the Word of God which you heard from us so 1st he calls it the Word of God bit but now notice how he treats his audience when you received it. You welcomed it not as the word of men but as it is in truth the Word of God which also effectively works in you who believe so right away Paul has encountered people who don't accept is the Word of God But very clearly the script the claim of Scripture itself is some people consider this the word of men but you guys received it as it truly is the Word of God interesting by the way that we always talk about the post-modern mind of the 21st century paradigm that this is the very earliest centuries because it all is still alive and speaking to people in his time and already they were skepticisms it out about what is this bible is it just you know he would later talk about cunningly devised fables or just tradition he's saying no it's not just the word of a man it is in truth the Word of God That's a huge distinction that's right Ok So having seen that then let's let's dive in a little bit deeper with how can we see the divine hand in the formation of the scripture what does this mean that it's inspired of God Well one of the one of the passages that we looked at last week in the lesson brings out this week we do well to look at it in 2nd Peter St Peter chapter one verse is 921. And this is interesting from the perspective you know you can read the verse and the verse speaks volumes but understanding that Peter. Who is writing this obviously one of the writers of Scripture is sharing with us how the process worked from the perspective of a writer Ok And the 2nd Peter chapter one verse 19 says and so we have the prophetic word confirmed which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns in the morning star rises in your hearts knowing this 1st that no prophecy of scripture is any private interpretation for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit and if you take verse 21 to heart I mean here's Peter he wrote and these probably heard that argument himself oh it's just written by Peter you're one of the writers scripture let me tell you something even though it's written by men he says holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit and it's interesting that that same word moved is used elsewhere in the book of Acts Paul uses it in Luke uses it rather to talk about a a when they were in a storm on the sea and he talks about the ship and how it was driven by the wind and that we're driven. Is the same word that Peter used to talk about moved in other words a powerful moving of the Spirit of God so that the end result is not human so it's. Again when we talk and listen I have a little bit into this how did God move min to write the scriptures that we have today because I mean were they taken off into a trance like thing with they were literally possessed of God God picked up their arms and just use them and you know some people have that picture that they were in it of that they were almost disconnected from the process that God has used them as a mindless vehicle for transmitting or transcribing his words some mindless drone that right but Francis Peter wrote these words about how the Bible came to be it's not a pretty private interpretation how holy men were moved to write but Peter himself well had an experience of being moved right in the text says holy men of God spoke as they were moved Ok it's interesting it doesn't say God spoke it does say the Holy Spirit is said the men spoke as they were moved so as much as you have the moving of the Spirit he doesn't so control the man that the man no longer has any control right there's an active human agent in that in cooperation with Again I'm taken to x. Chapter 10 we don't have to have a study on this but the apostle Peter himself is obviously an author of Scripture and he knows what it's like to be to experience that moving of the Holy Spirit leading him to write and in Acts chapter 10 just very briefly the story is that the Apostle Peter this is the by the way the converted peeper Peter and the after Pentecost Peter but he still has some issues in his spiritual life to continue to grow in character in The Lord is working that out of him and the Lord intended the gospel to go from the Jews to the Gentiles and naturally Peter was not inclined to go to converse with and interact with and to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles so the Lord gives him this awesome experience of the dream of the sheet right with the animals that he told to go rise kill and eat and Peter actually speaks against it he said not so Lord and he and he kind of wrestles with this right but at the end of the. Day as you see the prophecy continue to unfold in the prophetic experience that Peter documents he has to accept that the Lord has spoken and his job is to communicate the truth that God has shown him and that he obediently takes witness that he wasn't superhumans Exactly so it's not like Oh I'll bet this would make a good scripture all right and that I know he did I get it to be I wrote people to think it's true that I like you I believe he did not like where this was going but he recognized that this is the moving the Holy Spirit and as you see the unfolding of the book of Acts it was obviously the Super The superintending power of the Holy Spirit guiding the church through the prophetic insights given to Peter and it was all to the glory of God But Peter My point was that Peter was very conscious through this process he was in fact personally resistant to it but he was at the same time not my will but your Will he was willing to go with the Lord lead and through that process of revelation and then inspiration to convey it we have the scripture that we have today so there is definitely a human in there but it was God through the power of the Holy Spirit moving that man to convey the truth that he wanted told to the world that's right it's interesting that just a few verses before the one we read verse 16 of 1st gear 2nd Peter chapter one Peter says for we did not follow cunningly devised fables mercy and 1st of all devised means something you concocted a key Muslim and made it up yes so again the idea here is Peter one of the authors is like look I'm not making this type of well this is this is any in the in the context he also talks about being eyewitnesses of the majesty of Jesus these are real things the Spirit of God moved upon us and we communicated that and that's the claim of Scripture a person can disbelieve that claim but that's what by the bible claims about a cell phone we've already talked about how beyond claims like that we have prophecy right right we have a history that's been for. Filled in things foretold So there's plenty of evidence in scripture that would buttress those claims of the by absolute and what I find fascinating is the very things that the Apostles were wrestling against like the not cunningly devised fables Yes these are the very things that we see in our world today people will discredit the scripture and say well it's so old or is just written from this time or from those people or it's not reliable Well this is exactly the same type of stuff and what I find fascinating here is that Peter doesn't. Try to mollify or come up with a compromise he doesn't say well I know that it's mostly he says it is entirely the Word of God or it is cunningly devised fables Now that's why he says it is not currently devised and therefore it is the Word of God but he speaks of it as a binary either you accept the scripture as what it claims to be the very Word of God that's right or it's entirely cunningly devised fables It's not like there's some good in here mixed with some bad and there's degrees of inspiration you know I keep thinking of degrees of inspiration when people say how inspired is the Bible Well that's an illogical question right inspiration by its very nature is binary it either is or it isn't giving another exactly example when it whenever you know we in our household have brought 3 children into the world and you know and you never come to the question of Are you a little bit pregnant like how pregnant are you it's a binary either you are with child or you are not how far along right there's no such thing as being somewhat pregnant Exactly and the same thing that's not like it's a somewhat inspired so I'm going to take some of the good that the Bible makes the claim that it is entirely trustworthy and God's word that's right you know one of the passages that the lesson bring you know leads us to 2nd to me 316 and 17 the apostle Paul says in 2nd Timothy 316 all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that is what's right need take all those things there this talking about. The Bible how can a book correct somebody. When it isn't solidly truth right that it did the very function that Paul's describing here necessitates that the Bible be trustworthy and reliable and where how can it correct anything how can it instruct anyone in what's right. If it itself is only partially right right and if it were even partially right Vin I become the arbiter to sort out what things are you know inspired or really inspired or particularly relevant or practical today which other things are the Bible doesn't have this compromise middle ground kind of grayish mix it simply says it all scripture is given by inspiration of God and it is useful it's prophets write all these things and then he caps it off by saying that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work and it's interesting that Paul tells him of the earlier he talks to him about being a man of God a workman that doesn't need to be ashamed and I think of that just having you know one time in my life I worked as an electrician I was a workman and I would go to a job and I needed tools to get that job done I needed to be thoroughly quick to get the job done and there is nothing worse than not having the tools you needed Paul when he's talking about Scripture says that scripture provides the man of God so that he is thoroughly equipped for every good work in other words there is nothing else he needs if he has the scripture Now how do you say that about an imperfect book or a partial inspired book I mean the language of the Apostle very much conveys his firm belief that all of this is God's word to you and me even today let's move now into the process of inspiration what are the nuts and bolts how does it work right well the Book of Revelation Chapter one yet is probably one of the clearest places that give us the chain of communication. From God to man. Revelation Chapter one Verse one. The Bible says the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John who bore witness to the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw So you have a yeah that's a interesting what I call the divine game of telephone you like the one person but you would think like oh God move the man so that means that God directly spoke to this part but you notice there is a chain there this is a once involved you have God you have Jesus in fact the 1st sentence doesn't get you know you've got God from God The Revelation of Jesus Christ was God gave Him So God gives him that's captivating his servants which is us right but then it steps back so God to Christ to the end reader but then it says he sent in signified by his age will to his servant John and John was a prophet right and John was the one the prophets were the writers of Scripture so you have God Now to the to Jesus to the angel to the prophet to the reader right and now through history we have it still so you have you see the direct connection between God the Father on the throne to his created beings here on Earth and how he goes about communicating I think that's fascinating right so this process of inspiration in yet another example in the Bible a claim of the Bible itself that even though it came through the channel of John this is the message of God to His people which by the way John admits he calls that I was on the Isle of Patmos for what for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ he didn't say this was the word These are some ideas I got from he said this is still God's word even though it's coming through and I think that's a really important distinction there that this is not John's words. Only nor is it the dictation word for word from God that this is a harmony of a cooperative role that God has for his people in communicating to the rest of mankind Well we'll get into this a little bit more but this is one of the things that trips people up when it comes to the Bible is because they'll read something in the say well you know I don't know that does doesn't strike me the way God would say it God would say it like that or whatever it or or when you recognize we've already talked about this that the Bible the different passages bear the stamp of the author Yes they do and so because of that people want to find fault with Scripture but I think we need to keep in mind that nothing human is perfect and you know they're not we're not going to speak in English in heaven and I hate to disappoint my brothers are you going to hear those they are going to speak in Spanish even though mercy human the languages are all this side of the Falls point and they're all imperfect I don't know how they communicate in Heaven is a thought only thing is their language but it's not. Right it's not human language and so God has been tasked with communicating perfection of thought yes in an imperfect v. had right of thought infinite wisdom into a finite channel through finite means you know this is that's right how does he do that you know he can understand it right and so there are limitations to that and yet God chose to do it that way because he had to meet us where we are and that also tells us that the purpose for the scripture was to meet us where we are and give us practical instruction in this life to get to the next one and I know I'm sure our viewers may have heard that you know the. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth right but the concept is that that's the purpose of scripture is that God's got there are things that Scripture can't possibly convey shuras this side of heaven and the Bible even refers to that there are deep things of God It refers to there's things we can't even imagine and we trust that the course there's things bigger than with her god is bigger than us he's smarter than us his mind is infinite ours is limited I would I take comfort in the fact that there's plenty I don't understand people read things in the Bible they say well some of this is so complex and complicated and whatever else that's one of the strongest presidents is word of the think about this if I could grasp if my little pea brain could grasp everything in the Bible don't comment. Grasp everything in the Bible that wouldn't testify to its divine though if I could grasp it now it be like well it can't be too complex the fact that I can testifies to the wisdom of the author right now this is what see all that about being Peter or Paul but being God that Mrs White of course herself experiences this inspiration process she was inspired of God and she wrote down some fascinating insights about the mechanism of ration and I'm going to read one of these here that we have listed here but and will have it on the screen too but it said. It is not to this is from 1st volume for selected messages page $21.00 yes there's a whole collection there on inspiration actually there exactly in that she talks to these just exercise would encourage people to read that whole area there but it says it is not the words of the Bible that are inspired Now that sounds almost flame thrower dangerous language right but keeps keep reading it is not the words of the Bible that are inspired but the men that were inspired inspiration acts not in the man's words or his expressions but on the man himself who under the influence of the Holy Ghost is imbued with thoughts so you get the picture of like the Lord soaks into his mind his character these divine ideas these grand themes and so he still has his own volition he has his own vocabulary but he's transmitting divine insight that he's received from God Well you know you may think of our readers may have recalled some of the there's one particular statement where Ellen White was trying to describe something that she saw that God revealed and she says I lay down my pen you know like I can't how do I find words to express this and I can see that being the experience of the writers of Scripture that there's these grand themes and how do I express this that was a challenge but the Holy Spirit did guide in it as you're reading here right and I'm thinking as we're commenting on this still like when Daniel we just study Daniel last quarter he was in danger Chapter 7 he talks about I received this vision and he said and I wrote down the main points right ideas like I can't possibly describe all the stuff but here's the key ideas that you need to know that were conveyed to me like clearly there is more that has been written right well and doesn't John say that of the life of Christ is like if there was room across is not room enough in the whole world to contain all the books of things that could have been written about the life of Christ Nevertheless though there is more that could be said all that we need is included at 6 and it's incredible Let's continue the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped Yes let's continue with the statement. He says but the words and thoughts receive the impress of the individual mud so you see we've commented on this last week Paul writes in a different style than does Luke or does Moses were Ok no problem to be expected the divine mind is defeat. The divine mind and will is combined with the human mind will thus the utterances of the man are the Word of God fascinating stays fascinating and it does you know this is not to say that oh the inspiration acts on the man not the words so the words aren't inspired that's not what it's saying what it's saying is the words are virtually dictated God a good man was an addict a phone for God God gave the man thoughts and then guided them in writing what he wrote in Scripture right so he could have used so that particular words but conveying the message is unchanged and that in what was written is the Word of God powerful you know there's another statement to that we gathered in this also from selected messages in fact it's a paragraph just before the one we read where it says something similar says the Bible is written by inspired men but it is not God's mode of thought and expression and we've already talked about this God's mode of thought is infinite you can't express infinite all in a finite language right it says it's not God's mode of thought and expression it is that of humanity God as a writer is not represented in Memel often say that such an expression is not like God but God has not put himself in words in logic in rhetoric on trial in the Bible the writers of the Bible were God's pen men not his pen and very powerful powerful stuff in any way one can only imagine what God's ideas and thoughts and language must be like if you were to speak in his native tongue to we couldn't absorb of course he needed to convey it but it doesn't take away from the credibility and voracity of the guests and let's not pass up this point that. When you read scripture and anybody who has spent time studying scripture with the believers you point to talk about that in a minute has experienced that Spirit of God bringing thoughts to your mind that aren't necessarily in the text and right verbiage about connecting the dots of the meaning it's like as you read it the Spirit of God unlocks things in the author of Scripture you know the spirit moved upon these men can unlock meanings that you couldn't see otherwise or so so there's it's just it's different it's a living book we tolerate as I usually things are spiritual and certain it's a spiritual transaction we're talking about when we gauge with this so if you want to say but we've got to move on we do have to move all of our way out now mark the lesson talked about the word and made the parallel between the Word of God written and the living Word of God which of course is Jesus Christ well it draws from the Gospel of John Ok And you know one of the most well known passages in Scripture where the Bible talks about the incarnation of Jesus right there John 11 through 3 The Bible says In the beginning was the word in the Word was with God and the Word was God speaking of Christ Himself which we're going to see in a moment he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made in Him was life in the life was the light of man and then you jump down to verse 14 any John clarifies he says in the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we be held to his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth speaking of Jesus Christ in humanity well in it when I 1st looked at this you could get the idea that maybe that was a bit of a stretch to the mean a book can't be compared to the person of Jesus Christ right but in a lot of ways there are very strong similarities between the Bible and the Jesus Himself in fact both are referred to as the word the word of God Christ was the living if I. Clarify Christ is the Living Word and the the scriptures also is alive we're told it's living an active right and the purpose of a word now here's let's pull back to. Basic elements here the purpose of language the purpose of words is to communicate thought That's right God has thoughts he wants us to know and I don't know if you've ever stepped back and consider the idea that God has thoughts and he decided to share them with us. He doesn't have to tell us things that's right we could just be bumping around in a universe we can or but he destroyed and he could share them in a way that are totally beyond your he would stop you remember. You know he decided to share them with us in a context and right hey vehicle of communication that we could actually grab right in so he spends rolling I love the could grab he's drawing us to him by communicating thought and in the revelation of his will his mind his thoughts he is drawing to and so this is the purpose of scripture and by the way that was the exact purpose of Christ was to be if you've seen me you've what you've seen the Father one of my favorite statements from the pit of inspiration and I know it's a little dangerous a favorite because I've got a 67000 favorites right but this is from bat I may know him Page 38 what speech is to thought so is Christ to the invisible father now that's going to take a minute and we're going to settle it on that and yeah but that's a power the same way that speech can base thought Christ conveyed for the father to humanity goes on he that is Christ isn't that interesting and I think I mean I hate to want to just go on and on about I know because the. If I'm thinking thoughts you have no idea what I'm thinking no until I speak Express and so we have never seen the Father but when we saw Jesus it's like me speaking of oh that's what he's thinking right when Jesus came that's what God is like it's just incredible you can imagine how discouraging it was for Jesus when he was getting coming to the end of his ministry like we love everything done could we get a glimpse of the Father is like that's my whole thing it's all right well that's exactly the statement I would go back to this one speech just a thought so as Christ of the invisible father he is the manifestation of the Father and is called the Word of God on God sent His Son of the world his divinity clothed with humanity that man might bear the image of the invisible God that we could to meet the marriage means we could stand it we could appreciate it he Jesus made known his that is the father's words the father his character his power and majesty the nature and attributes of God The purpose of Christ coming to this world and the purpose of Scripture being written is that we are finite fall'n selves could connect with grasp and to some degree appreciate and understand the mind of God It's incredible the Word became flesh and. It really when you think about that and then you look at scripture where the Word became flesh and we read last week and John 60 said the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life and you know I don't know if you've encountered some you know some people have taken upon themselves a study of scripture I've known people who say I'm just going to go through the Bible and I'm going to read all the red letters because I want the words of Jesus Newsflash they're all the words of a man and he's the one who spoke and when you think about that it really settles in. It it really magnifies the the sacredness the holiness of the scriptures they are the holy scriptures Oh yes they are and you know something else a lesson brings out on Wednesday speaking of the word becoming flesh Jesus Christ it says Jesus Christ became a man in time and space. Yet he lived because oftentimes a discussion is even thought especially in theological circles that you know God is not bound by the limits of time and then this is spawn into a kind of relativism that you know the Bible just spam you know there's really no it doesn't give us practical information this is what we call that spiritualizing away so this is what they bring out the less Jesus Became a Man in time and space he lived during a specific time and at a specific place yet this fact did not know a fire his divinity nor did it make Jesus historically relative another was Jesus came at a time in place of that's the only time only to write it was good for his village but doesn't speak to us now and I like the fact that Jesus' own one of his own titles in Scripture is the I am and when you think about that I am is an ever present expression yes it's not the I was or the I will be right but the I am and I think that's one of the reasons that he claims that title is because God is always relevant right his word is always relevant we have evidence of that we have people who have studied this scripture for 6000 years and it has been relevant in every 18 men you know you hear a lot about today like are we going to make it relevant friends it is relevant as you know you don't to make it you just have to believe in apply it to your leg Zakk league if God was I am of it and as I am now it's just as relevant today as it was then in credit so let's continue on we're the clock is well we're basically leads us to is that this scripture that at the foundation of it all it's a matter of faith Ok you've got to believe in the word and you know the lesson brings out Hebrews 3 Hebrews I'm sorry he was 11 Ok and verse 3 and the Apostle. It says in verse 3 by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible nice speaking of creation there and it's interesting we could talk on about scientific evidence is of a creator I wish we had a lesson about it and Hall is aware of that but the point he's making is at the foundation of it all we believe it because it's in Scripture it just corded here there is a testimony we believe that the words are framed by the Word of God because it says so in the Word of God Yes And you know the mindset whether we're talking about creation or other things there's a mindset today that belief in the Bible requires faith but there are some worldviews that are just scientific raw data around a logic there is no world view that doesn't require some level of thing right yes. Yeah and you know it was I mention how I'd love to get into a study of creation in the documentation evidence for this but there there are competing ideas of how do you look at the historical and geological records of the world and some completely presuppose that there could be no divine so any evidence must be melted through a naturalistic framework you know and that is also an act of faith to say I don't see how it works but it has to work this way because I'm committed to this idea there's a quote that I have that I that I want to share by a Harvard biologist named Richard Lewontin it was in a book review he did I want to Carl Sagan's books and it was in the New York Review of Books the reference on the screen but this is the 1st time I read this I thought I'm getting something wrong this is a joke here this guy's not being serious he was being dead serious and this is what he said our willingness speaking of the scientific community our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural so this is you want to stand why we believe stuff as scientists it does make sense you've got to understand this war this battle between. What as you say between science and the supernatural in his you point he says we take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just so stories mercy because we have a prior commitment a commitment to materialism. We are forced by our op priori adherents to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations no matter how counterintuitive no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated moreover that materialism is absolute for we cannot allow a divine foot in the door now he talks in big big verbiage there but his point is this. We don't want to allow for God yes and he cited before you look at the evidence this is the kitchen Ha So table for God to exist in so anything that would even suggest that we've got to come up with a method of weighing out the scientific data so it will automatically kick out anything that would even suggest God which is what science wrote in science is the study of the data is we won't even look at that stuff why because we have a commitment a prior commitment to materialism so firm that if anything smacks of God We just won't even look at it exactly and that's what and so that I you know that it is the scientific community it's always like you christians are so narrow minded we're open minded it's exactly the opposite we are if we're not open minded we're not going to allow for anything that might. Challenge our a system of belief so don't tell me there's not faith involved yet in evolution and yet all of these other it may not be a religious faith but it is a faith in something that filters all evidence to help someone and right it's incredible and what the Bible talks about that you think about write something people think about in Acts Chapter 17 they'll talk about the Parisians as being. Models of good Christian skeptics because they challenge everything they were let's take a look at that can we seen what were they what a new brands are known for for studying right and so you have it very commonly in Christianity you have Brienne bookstores and stuff because the Bible talks about the brilliance being faithful to study the word but you're right there's this tie into skepticism x. 17 and verse 10. Is where we're going to look here x. 17 and verse 10 the Bible says then the Brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea when they arrived they went into the synagogue of the Jews these were more fair minded than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with already miss and serve. The Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so and the mindset is you know Paul preached but they tested what he preached right but it's almost put in a context like you know they were just really scary believe it we haven't seen it but that's not what it says it says that the brilliance received the word with a readiness of mind and there's a very different it's very different to approach the Bible with a willingness to accept it with readiness of minds and to approach the Bible with a very skeptical don't know about this mindset right and there's nothing wrong and we've talked about this before how there's the there's basically the 2 questions right there's the question of the skeptic as it approaches anything in the Bible then there's the question of the faithful as it appears that's not saying that you understand everything that's really a skeptical question will say is that even true right where the believer trust that it's true even though he doesn't understand all the aspects of it or the applications of it so to say like is it true is a beautiful question yes well it's how does it work or what does it mean that's fine ask those we need to ask those questions let's back up just a little bit less are really the 2 approaches the only 2 real approaches to the scripture and we're talking about interpreting Scripture and if you're really if the goal is to find out what God intended when those authors wrote When Paul wrote what Peter wrote really get to the there are 2 avenues you can take if you approach the Bible from what we call the doubters question Is it true. There are there are many people even in the Christian faith today that question the inspiration of the Bible they may believe that parts of the Bible are are true a popular expression is the Bible contains the Word of God right right sounds very noble but that's a counter to the Bible is the Word of God contains the Word of God There's some people say I believe there are parts that are inspired but there are parts that are by the way if you have that approach you become the arbiter of what is or what isn't that so you can be Roman God dividing out parsing out well being that you know things the doubters approach to the Bible if you if you open that door and you say Well is it really is it really true you have just left yourself an open door to anything that challenges you and then you're like Well is it really true at all and it loses it takes it robs the Scriptures ability to transform you because any time you run up against something you don't know or you don't like or whatever else I don't think that part was inspired you know you look at the Apostle Paul when he said to Timothy right all scripture is given by inspiration of God for what purpose for reproof for correction for instruction is right and if we come at it from the doubter perspective the perspective we become the one to correct scripture that's examine the purpose of Scripture is to correct us and then that's I don't know if you've ever run into this when whether it's for the Bible or the writings of l. white anything is dismissed as uninspired or antiquities or irrelevant and always just so happens to be stuff that doesn't apply to very well what I've done a lot of it tends to be the un and her messages about that are what the tryst received about this doesn't work because well it happens to run against the grain of what your inclination well on the flip side of that the faith question is What does it mean the faith question approaches the Bible as the brims they receive the Word as the Word of God Yes with already miss that begets a study of the word why even study it if it's not inspired some. It isn't some Isn't it really degrades the book right and so when I accept the whole Bible as the inspired word of God It forces me into a position that when I come across something that cuts the wrong way rubs me the wrong way or that I don't understand I have closed that door to is it inspired or not right I've already accepted it inspired that forces me into what does it mean and I have to wrestle with God and I say God I believe it's true how does it apply because I deal with it what does it mean that gives the scripture that ability to transform the life because I've exacted it so this is where we said in the beginning of the lesson your view of the inspiration of scripture will totally impact the way Scripture can impact your life exactly and so the Bereans back to accepting team were not just saying Is it true at all but they were trying to understand how is it true how does it how is it corroborated with the rest of Scripture how does it apply they received it as true and then they want to see understand that truth in the broader context of Scripture so we want to make sure to be Bereans in the biblical sense that's right I thought it would be well there's a couple statements we want to finish with one is our fundamental belief that it was I believe in Friday's lesson that highlighted this it's the 1st fundamental belief of 7th Avenue says the foundational fundamental belief is found in the book 7 the evidence believe Page 11 it says the Holy Scriptures Old and New Testaments are the written Word of God given by divine inspiration we believe this because of what we've just talked about from this is what we see Scripture teaching us and that's why it could be excepted as this statement going to go on to say the inspired authors spoke and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit in this word God has communicated to humanity the knowledge necessary for salvation the Holy Scriptures are the Supremes authoritative. And the infallible revelation of His will they are the standard of character the test of experience the definitive reveal or of doctrines and the trustworthy record of God's acts in history that's incredible and you know I think back on the fact that it's the 1st fundamental belief because every other belief that we have comes out of our approach to scripture so if we make the scripture the guide to everything else than all the other 27 beliefs that come out of it you know and it's teachings of the Bible are accepted because it's from the Bible it's for in the Bible itself is that authoritative source you know I'm thinking also from the great controversy the introduction to that fantastic book we're told. They quote in his word God has committed to men the knowledge necessary for salvation you know that's a concept lifted from the Apostle Paul that the scriptures are able make you wiser to sell it now it's not going to reveal everything about the universe that we could want to but will have an eternity of exactly what we need to know to get us there is in Scripture in his word God is committed to man the knowledge necessary for salvation the Holy Scriptures are to be accepted as an authoritative infallible revelation of His will they are the standard of character the revealer of doctrines and the test of experience everything that we know about God comes from the Living Word Jesus Christ in the Whitten word of the Bible and it would do well for us to not have that doubt or approach to say Lord to my mate another word with already isn't a exactly friends what we want to appeal to you today as you continue to study the Word of God and these lessons about the Word of God we want to make sure that the that you're having a direct connection with God through His Word so we would encourage you that have that daily devotional life when you study the Word of God that you meditate on these themes that you understand that this is not just good information or interesting facts but this is the very mind of God given to us in language we can understand May God bless you this week as you continue to study His word and by God's grace be grounded so that you are not only saved but then you can be an agent of salvation as we spread this good message until Jesus comes before we leave our heads for what a prayer. To have a Father thank you again for a rich study of your word Lord help us to have the right approach to Scripture the right concept of what it even is help us not to have that limited or skeptical perception that it is merely a human devising or philosophical counsel but this is the very Word of God to our souls relevant today Lord help us to have that rich experience help each day to begin with a foundation of the Bible and help us to be like those brilliance who receive it with already in this and still get grasp for even greater understanding as your Holy Spirit leads for prayed in Jesus' name amen.


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