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The Pandemic of Perversion

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • April 4, 2020
    12:45 PM
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Our message for this week is untitled the pandemic of perversion the pandemic of perverse and let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word I thank you Father God you are keeping a safe Father God you are giving us time with you Lord we are going to broach some heavy subjects and topics tonight so I did ask in a special way Lord did you just pour out your Holy Spirit if you remove the mental roadblocks in the spiritual hazards from off of our minds Lord let us hear your word of your truth Father God I pray once again that I be not seen nor heard but instead father let us hear a word from the throne of grace is a prayer in Jesus precious and holy name Amen so little back to the Book of Numbers Chapter 21 and again every message in the series has to do it different pandemics and pestilences that struck the people of God at different times throughout the book all history and Numbers Chapter 21 and starting at verse 32 we find that the children of Israel just recently fled Egypt in a mighty manner 10 Plagues fell and of course the last one was a deadly blow to cause Pharaoh to finally let God's people go the move for mayor was swift and went in just a few weeks they would have been that where we find them in this story and numbers 21 verse 32 it says in Moses' what was sent to spy out Jays are and they took the villages thereof and drove out the Amorites that were there and they turned and went up by the way of Bush on and off the king of was shot out against them he had all his people to the battle of a jury and the Lord said unto Moses fear him not. Have delivered him into your hand and all these people as Len and I'll shout do to him as I did the shut side on King of and of the Amorites which dealt at his spawn so they smote a medicine that all his people until there was none left him alive and they possessed is the way they come out of Egypt out of the great victory of defeating a world superpower at the time they now begin to embark in taking the lands that God has promised them one by one the tribes begin to fall in and a great miss and the name of Jehovah is beginning to be proclaimed among the pagans in number 722 and verse one is as of the children of Israel set forward and pitched in the plains of more of on this side Jordan by Jericho and bêlit the sons of 4 saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites and Moab was sore afraid of the people because they were men Moab was the stress because of the children of Israel when bailout went up to the top of the mountain side perched where his palace was and looked down at the children of Israel he saw this vast multitude of organized former slaves marching he had heard the stories of how to God had brought Pharaoh down to nothing and a liberated them from Egypt in slavery then he heard the stories of how they were beating each of the tribes as they moved towards the Jordan as they were on this side the Bible says of Jordan he began to fret and his whole nation began to panic so what is the veil of do you know the story of Belak and bail him he calls for a false prophet to curse Israel. And so he brings about you know his Remember story about bail of an adult he is a belle of his a sporting prophet in fact I would argue he is the type of prophet that is very prevalent in the world today on the what and he talks as if he serves God but he's the person they call when they want to curse somebody and so here is bailable you remember the story when he was after he disobeyed God was going to go to do a billet said in a donkey was sent on a donkey and and a donkey would go in and out of bed in a donkey bad and adult he starts to talk let me days and that would have been a crazy day. And his eyes are open and bêlit is even able to see the angel of God Yet with all of that he still rises up against the people of God So Bill it gets him to kind of agree to of to curse God's people in numbers 23 in verse 20 after he tries to curse God's people the Bible says Behold I have received commandments of blessed and you have blessed that I cannot reverse it you have not beheld iniquity in Jacob neither have you seen perverseness it is rile the Lord his God is with him and the shout of a king is among them and is a whole lot that is there's 3 different times when Bella tries to curse the people of God there's a lot of lessons in this I don't have time to get into all of them but I'll pull out just numbers 23 verse 20 and 21 and as this is rich with meaning bail bail them says listen Bellick I know you want me to curse them but when I talk to God he says in fact they cannot be cursed the commandment from God on his people is they must be blessed and a false prophet belum says I can't reverse it. If you're going to do something right now you're wondering if God is with you I want you to hear the words of the false prophet as he speaks the truth of the protection that God has on his people he says I can't curse them I can only bless them even if I try to curse them only blessings will go their way why can I only bless them I want to the get verse 21 this is an important passage of Scripture specially relevant in the time we're living in now verse $21.00 says God He God has not be held that iniquity in Jacob In other words they are living uprightly it's come out of paganism and Egyptian slavery and when he saw the hand of God moved there was a purging and a purifying come to they've been worshipping God in the wilderness in the desert they have been keeping the Sabbath again now and now sin was falling off they had begun to gain loyalty to God bail them says listen bêlit I'm sorry but God does not see any quickie in Jake up but look at the next part of that sentence he says neither have he seen perverseness it is right. He says in fact there is no perversion no perverts No who are none who have been twisted and destroyed Bale I'm says the bailiff he can't curse him he can only bless them because there is no prevarication in Israel. Then he makes doesn't even more profound then he says the Lord is God is with him with the people of Israel the sons of Jacob he says the Lord is God is with them and as shouts of the king is among them even prophesies way back in numbers 23 in verse 21 that I must side Jesus the Christ will be born out of I kick cursed them because it is through the blood of the people who are trying to curse that the God of the universe will set them aside let me do something for those of us who are advocates in these last days is a blessing on us if like Israel of old the shout of the king can still be heard in us we have a message for the world we are to be like Israel conquering going forth to conquer and conquering in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ conquering how with the possible by the blood of the Lamb and the world should look at us and say they can't be cursed They can only be blessed as wide because they are the shout of the king which king King that is about to come riding back on a horse come and get us on the shout of the king ought to be among us as well their shot was for the 1st coming hours before the 2nd coming of Jesus. Then something changes between numbers 23 and numbers 25 the story shifts this latest number 45 in verse one says and Israel abode in Shem and the people began to commit Who are them with the daughters of Moab. 1st to when they call people of the sacrifices of their gods and the people that eat and bog down to their cars and Israel joined himself and have been helping your and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel the Bible says that after bail them said this is a lesson we can't curse and there's no iniquity there's no perversion The Shot of the king is among them just $12.00 chapters later you land in numbers 25 and all of a sudden those righteous people it's almost like a chapter is missing what happened to them how now are they committing the whoredom with the daughters of Moab fact the Bible says they call the people of the sacrifices of their gods people that eat bow down to their God Now they are committing idolatry fact by verse 3 they have joy themselves of Belfiore and I don't go into it I do it some of the sermon but Bale Peor into worship of being up your will some of the most licentious and yet this custody forms of worship ever known they went from no perversion no iniquity to complete perversion but now into this. God around whom many sexual practices were used to worship Him verse 3 says and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel. When God gets angry he talks of Moses and the Lord said unto Moses take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the Lord against the sun and the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel the leaders for the problems tell us of those who are spearheading this and the leaders were brought in and that they were put to death and hung up not many times in the Bible story like this happens and both the set of the judges of Israel slavery every one his men that were joined up to be able to yours and what may found the people who are joined to bail your and they began to put them put them down in order to show that how sinful the sit of sexual immorality and I Dollar Tree is they began to try purified to try again in verse 6 and behold here's where the story gets really crazy and behold one of the children of Israel came and brought on to his brother a media Nitish woman in the side of Moses and the side of all the congregation of the children of Israel who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation Wow So here's the thing a plague hits as you'll see the 2nd the people are worried that they're going to be wiped out the leaders of this spiritual rebellion are put to death by the judges at his command the people begin to flood around that famine Akhil of the congregation weeping before the door asking God to forgive this and a sadist head against the pestilence against the pandemic that is beginning to strike them while they are doing as one of the children of Israel went and got him one. Smoker in a box of the 1st 7 that sniffs a sneaker and puts it in his tent and right in front of everybody else are 7 says I want finance the son of Billy is not the son of Aaron the priest saw it he rose up from among the congregation he took the job let is hand verse 8 says and went after the man of Israel into the tent and thrust both of them through. The man of business and a woman to her belly and look at the last part or so the play was stayed from the children of this rough play broke out amongst them and it wasn't until this sin here's the thing this sin that was supposedly a secret he snuck this woman it while everyone else was was was repenting but he did it at moments and the leadership saw him he was trying to hide it said let me say something you can't hide said there's no such thing as the no tell will tell because God sees all he tried to see did hide this person inside and while he was there in the very act that is comes in and runs them through the Bible says because he does top story the place they from off his room 1st night and those that died in the play the 24024000 people died Robert talked about Drusilla David numbers of people 70000 died in like 2 days 2 and a half days in this world in a day 24000 people die. A plane hit the questions that you have to ask yourself as a Christian are simple 2 questions. How did they remember if they're on this side of the Jordan by Jericho they were ready to cross into the promised land this was not the 40 years later when they would get back to this point they could have gotten it to the promised land within probably why I'm here of leaving Egypt they needed to be no 40 years in the wilderness they are on the brink of the Promised Land they did not mean a sentence to 40 years of wondering if they got a monster in the righteousness and claim the heritage that God promised Abraham but because of sexual Sid they are stuck on the wrong side of the Jordan ha how did sit and get so many to fall before reaching the promised land question number one question number 2 is Satan using the same tactics today on the last day remnant church is sexual sin the real plague this is why the title of this message is the pandemic of perversion because we are all so worried about coronavirus there's a deeper darker pandemic on the world is a pen that like a sexual sin and more Aleksey in rebellion against the knowledge of the universe so let's look at sums of well let's start with love this house lies about love I want to bring this researcher Lucy Brown is a professor of neurology at Albert are psychology and medicine she uses m.r.i. studies machines to look at the brain and. Shows people pictures of people who are in love it and she found it when people who are madly in love think of their sweethearts many parts of the brain are activated but one thing always study subjects and in common was that activation Listen to this and I'm playing with this part of the brain just above the brain stem. People is the says is similar to the part of the brain that with a light up if you got a shot of cocaine out here. It is a primitive unit spread across the other white talks about the lower parts of the brain or what takes over when the flesh and a carnal nature is given wait and hear the science proves that in fact here at the lower part of the brain I can show you on a side here when you look at it right here this lower part of the brain is rear these things happen it is the ventral tegmental area and the lower part of the brain is also a some component of the reward pathway of the brain so when people think they're in love and one of the things that happen is it is like being hot. And what happens when you think you're high What are the things that are there parts of the prefrontal cortex the reason a part of the brain that are turned on but what happens when you let lust and even romantic love I don't want to miss this is 2 separate things happening sex is one way to stimulate that lower part of brain where romantic love is the other one and when these things happen you turn off some of the reasoning centers in the prefrontal cortex of the mind Isaiah $1800.00 Come let us reason together says the Lord for the devil always is looking for always to turn off your reason and what a devil knows that love will cause you to do some. Stuff I want to think about Adam and Eve Eve over talking to us make stuff he's not supposed to eat. In his perfection could restraint sensitive strongest man ever live couldn't reason straight lost his sight and his dignity suddenly no wisest man who ever lived. Was perverted by the influence of sex and romance and love to the point where the the strong and the legacy and divide the kingdom became divided just one generation later and even David a man after God's own heart is because of sensuality and sex and romance he slips into sin with Bassie buff and brings curses up on the House of the kid we think we can control it when we're in love but I want to argue with you that what the devil wants to do is make him blind with love that he didn't lead you astray and this deep when you combine physical intimacy with the feeling of being and romantic love is over powering the science suggests hence the reason God says listen wait until you have made a commitment wait until you're ready to be married for Spirit promises to pray 12 times as often before you get married but if you go in with a clear mind because the dealt with the you are married the wrong person you can make you miserable rebellious you can take a risk for the rest of your life all by having you fall in love with the wrong person. In fact there's another Professor Helen fish out of Rikers University who says she argues that romantic love the drive is even stronger than the sex drive and what a lot of people are doing when they think they're actually going into us into it to romantic relationships. What they really don't want is the try to use sex the bait and of and the ends and to figure out a way into the stronger drive if the stronger drives really romantic love because what people want to feel is a boat that he belongs they want to be a part of someone and something bigger to himself romantic love offers that but here is the problem it is fickle at best this is why as you hear me say my service God made the human heart so big only he can fill it I don't care Mary the hottest hunk in Hollywood or pretty as Hollywood star without God He can become. It doesn't mean it's all work as one of the voice rings of so hot everybody beautiful it's still like a get along in on I challenge you that you have to understand that there are other things at play and I talk about this in some my sermons on intimacy and marriage but I want to remind you that oxytocin plays a role in that oxytocin is a chemical that when man and woman come together it binds them together it's the same hormone release one of mother is nursing her child it Pons people together it is released our intimacy in a greater level in some ways and men and women bonding the 2 people together that's why the studies show those couples who have never had sex with anyone else when they get married they are the ones who have those the strongest happiest longest marriages known because in the mind that they are born into Scripture tells us the to become one flesh that's not just physically it is a most easily and spiritually you're bonded. That's why you're not just sleep around with anyone like the children of Israel began to do with Bill p. or when you start to do that you little bit really bits and pieces of yourself on all these people and you allow them to leave bits and pieces of themselves all of you so when you go to get married now instead of the 2 of you going to get married like white sheets do you go to get married look more like tapestries collages Like been all over the place what a reason to get miserable and upset so fast this is a statement and it's not just that to go to the text that we're about to go to you also have to understand that there's a chemical also released during sex or prolactin it's normally used to help a woman nurse but in sex it also buys but it also well when its embassy happens it actually puts you to sleep especially men are put to sleep is why Sampson fell asleep on the libelous lap prolactin levels are high in bed after intimacy and there's a spiritual warning to stay awake because of you having sex outside of God's plan the dam will use it to put you in not just the physical sleep but the spirituals you begin to and in fact when one when prolactin oxytocin and another chemical babies are present all are involved in intimacy and the release that a man has their intimacy what happens that may trigger melatonin in the body clock tells you to go to sleep all of these things work together is how God designed it so that you can sleep but in Maverick's a sleep as a sleep of security 8 innocent outside of marriage that sleep is a sleep of scarcity because you never know if the next night you're going to have that security. And then what happens is people spend the rest of their lives chasing trying to find that level of security like the 1st bit of Caroline you spend the rest of life trying to find satisfaction and sex can never give satisfaction because your body is designed to reload and want more and you never are fully satisfied or peoples It is no such thing as sex Additionally or porn addiction but the truth of the matter is pretty obvious that folks clearly become addicted to these things so what does the Bible say Romans 713 Rossa love again read this through it and read another version say with me and that knowing the time was 1311 that now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe it was the way God asleep what is putting you to sleep that Paul is out of the role is a very good book of Romans starts with Paul unravelling their sexual sins What are you with him he tells you. Is what come out of sleep for now was our salvation Mary then we believe all 10 of the verge of the Jesus' parable Worsley but you got to wake up out of it the night is far spent Paul says the day is at hand what day the day of Godric judgment the day of the Christ will turn left there for cast off the works of darkness and are put on the armor of light that are put on the arm of life and he says Let us walk honestly as in the day not in rioting of drunkenness not in chamber in wantonness not in strife and envying but put Sheogue the Lord Jesus Christ and make no for a visit leaving no room he says for the flesh to fulfil the lusts there of nameless and verse and says I like this and I don't know you love a person but this one is pretty pretty good is let us walk properly as in the daytime. Not if orgies and drunkenness not in sexual immorality and sensuality not in pouring in jealousy but put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to gratify its desires so what happened in Israel could wrap and it is will happen to us in the last days while here we go Revelation $13.14 speaks to it and once you jump around in the Bible you get to put together the information that tells you what actually happened revelation to a verse 13 says I know that works and where thou dwell us even where Satan c. is and I and I hold as fast my name and as big as that is not denied my faith but then he says that his church but I have a few things against you because you you have their them that whole the doctrine of the him who taught belong to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel to eat those things offered to idols and commit fornication So what happened bail them a corner Revelation Chapter 2 couldn't curse Israel so he told bailiff to bring in a stumbling block what stumbling block the stumbling block that was brought is that fornication about Numbers 3116 says I like this look these women cause the children of Israel through the counsel of bells who gave the counsel male a bit now you get the story to trust fast against the Lord and the incident of Peor and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord what happened he gave counsel his counsel was to send in women spirit promises to love him to feasts and eventually seduce them into sin. Well there 910 I found these are like grapes in the wilderness I saw of your fathers as the 1st fruits on the fig tree in its 1st season but they went to bale p.r. he was ready to script just on unity as I was and I did he was ready just let them into the Promised Land they were the 1st fruits God was ready to bless them but they went to bail be your of them $910.00 and they separated themselves to that she they became an abomination like the thing. That's what happened 1st Corinthians 10 and verse 8 gives you more information it says not to let us commit fornication as some of them committed and fell in one day 320000 numbers it says 20 $4.00 or $33000.00 but you get the point if a connection of what bail them did in order to do so and convince them he couldn't curse them when they were without iniquity and when there was no perverseness among them the pen version have to sweep in 1st and when not perverse it sucked over the not all they could be curse that the anger of Dobbs upon them and the Spirit began withdraw from them so the question is who's bailing today who is trying to convince those on the border of the promised land because look at this I'm sure we are on the border of the promised land once again except this time is not an earthly Canaan it's the Heavenly King it is the New Jerusalem we are on the border of great things happening we are right there and so the devil is going to try to bring us down like he did the children of Israel of all through sexual sin and while the world is worried about the coronavirus I want to submit to you that there is a worst pandemic in the world so what have they done men like Kinsey a researcher out of Indiana who. The experiments with children and and of course people like Hugh Heffner there were more Victorian approached and men were viewed to need to be sexually pure and stable at one time in American history families were together and they began to see the seduced a man away it was it wasn't women 1st it simply made men begin to lust as they so Playboy and Penthouse books and and all the way through today were to strip clubs out of all arrayed if you can destroy the moral fiber of the man you destroy the standing of the priests the families are without morals stabat are back home the charges begin to fill up with women and all of a sudden the house of God that the purse basically rejects God and protection is removed how do they do it today well entertainment Here's a quote. This is preliminary analysis from data from 26 Indiana University there are some research I was done at research of longest Abas the teens who watch movies or listen to music that glamorizes drinking drug use or violence tend to engage in those behaviors themselves this is not connected to the 2016 a mix that up here here's the study a 22 hour study shows that movies influenced teen sexual attitudes and behaviors as well the study published in Psychological Science found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in movies the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual unprotected sex in other words the bailiff of the day is Hollywood we introduce young people to sexual contact at an early age they are far more likely this is not a Christian study from a Christian journal but this study says they are more likely to go into sexual sin and not just going to sexual said but it's a risky sexual sin not even using protection. How to do it well technology's assistance their website tender and asked in Madison now people can have random. Anonymous sex. And this is driving some of the things that we're going to talk about in a 2nd the idea that you should be able to just do whatever you want sexually is not a biblical thing of course one of the major ways now is that they have thrown pornography at our children. There are men who are upset they have been raised on Pernod free and now can't find happiness in their marriage but look at this this is from a from us the from a point of the exit in its annual review of how people around the world watched upon obviously poor play but nearly 92000000000 videos were watched over the course of 23000000000 visits to the site billions are watching this while we're worried about this virus I want to submit to you that the virus of pornography and perversion is far more. Prevalent in our society and yet we shut down the movie theaters we shut down the casinos we shut down even to even to even a nightclubs in a strip club over this thing but we don't understand and we've shut all this down over a virus but we allow all of it to exist when it spreads the contagion of perversion a lot of pornography really affect a young man well it affects the hypothalamus a part of the brain and activates the testicles to secrete testosterone and sexually explicit material s.c.m. crafts a brain that is constantly generating to stop her own and heighten sexual desire that was published by Struthers in 2009 instead of allowing boys to focus on school sports and music sexually explicit material causes a ramped up sex drive where their minds are inundated with sexual thoughts like bail to yours. Why do so many young women don't because it's their look at and I wish I could say this is just young men but we do purity conferences it's not as young men come down front and say that they have not a few addictions or or problems with masturbation it's young women who come down as well the minds of being bays also look at is this is. This is one of the famous. Football players this is Terry Crews who you see on t.v. all the time now and this is what he says about this he says pornography changes the way you think about people people become objects people become body parts they become things to be use rather than people to be loved provide for not graffiti is an intimacy killer it kills all intimacy every time I watched it he says I was walled off it's like another brick that came between me and my wife I didn't want to be this way I don't want to continue to do the things that hurt my wife that hurt my family he wrote a book and I believe he's a Christian he wrote a book man how to be a better man or just live with one he shares a battle with. Not a fee addiction and how it damages and hurt his marriage but not just him this is Russell Russell Crowe as lessening Russell Crowe and he is a. Famous Hollywood guy as well and this is what he says and I don't think he's a Christian Robinson what he says he says I know that pornography is wrong I should be looking at it there's a general feeling isn't there in your home or if you look at pornography that this isn't what's the best thing for me to do I feel like I had total dominion over myself I feel like if if I had total dominion over myself I would never look at pornography again as addiction one day at a time I would kick it out of my life this whole cloud of pornographic information and even soft culture cultural small is making it impossible for us to relate to our own sexuality our own psychology. That's what a Hollywood movie star says about pornography he's been married to Katy Perry and you know when he was in movies and this man says the microphone was one of the things that really was damaging to his life and what happens is just like the children of Israel and all of this perversion breeds different types of epidemics and diseases according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there were nearly 2400000 cases of committee and gonorrhea and syphilis in 2018 is the highest cumulative number ever reported you want to know if things are changing and we're getting worse these are diseases that are one eat brother to easily prevented the fact that they're climbing like this says it's not that's just that people and especially young people are engaging in sex outside of golf when they're not even following society's mandate to wear protection when they do so this is these are running and spreading like crazy look at this this big blue my mother worried about the coronavirus look at this one genital herpes infection is common in the United States the c.d.c. estimates that every year 776000 people and that is not a title in the United States get new genital herpes infections almost a 1000000 people in the world that's not all by itself a super dangerous thing there's some correlation to it b.b. and cervical cancer which can be deadly look at this pestilence and Clegg It says here one in 2 sexually active persons will conduct will can or contracted s.t.i. or sexually transmitted infection by age 251 out of to 50 percent the c.d.c. estimates that nearly $20000000.00 new s.t. as occur every year in the United States in this country $20000000.00 half of those are among those 15 to 24 years old. The c.d.c. estimates that undiagnosed undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections causes 24000 women every year to become infertile 24000 the reason the devil goes after sex and intimacy the way doesn't because every act of sex in the marital bed is a recognition of God's original plan and in that sense is an act of worship to God angels need not hide their face when sex is done in a manner prescribed by the Creator but if you're doing it outside of God's plan the angels have to full coverage or face and the demons can come into your bedroom and of doing it is a form of like recognizing God and worse of being him if you do it the right way what happens when you do it the wrong way who are you worshiping who you recognize the Bible says that any other sin you do you do outside of your body the sin of adultery the sin of fornication you do in your body. What Service says the white set on its paychecks and profits page $458.00 saying well no the material which he has to deal which he has to deal in the human heart he knows for a nose for his study with fiendish intensity for thousands of years the points most easily assailed every character and through successive generations he has wrought to overthrow the strongest men princes in Israel by the same temptations that were so successful at Bill to your all along through the ages there are are strewn wrecks of character that have been stranded upon the rocks of sensual indulgence as we approach the close of time as the people of God stand upon the borders of the heavenly Cain and Satan will as a whole redouble his efforts to prevent them from entering the godly lent the goodly Lent he lays his snares for every soul it is not the ignorant and uncultured merely that need to be guarded he will prepare his temptations for those in the highest positions in the most holy office if he could lead them to pollute their soul you can through them destroy a minute and he employs the same agents now as the employed 3000 years ago by worldly friendships by the charms of beauty by pleasure seeking mirth feasting or the wine cup temps for the violation of the 7th commandment patriarchs and prophets before $58.00 you know goes on to says until indulgence weakens the mind and the bases the soul the moral and intellectual powers are numbered paralyzed by the gratification of the animal propensities and it is impossible for the slave of passion to realize the sacred obligation of the law of God It is impossible she says to realize the sacred obligation of the Law God sexual sin will lead you far away from God to appreciate the atonement or to place a right value upon the soul. Goodness purity and truth reverence for God and love for sacred things all those holy affections and Noble desires that link men with the heavenly world are consumed in the fires of lust the soul becomes a blackened and desolate waste the habitation of the evil spirits the caves of every unclean and hateful bird beings form the image of God our dragged down to a level with them it's better as a prophet prays for 50 in 1st Corinthians 6 as it like this no you are not that the righteous that the unrighteous nor you not of the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God pauses be not received neither fornicators nor doll idolaters nor adulterers nor a feminine nor abusers of themselves of mankind North Eves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revellers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God let me say something if you listen and when you listen that is a watch this your readers like I read as you my sick you had so you know there is no hope for me I follow sinned of made great mistakes in my life you can look at this and say average male to your eye there's no way I'll ever get into the Promised Land let me do something for the plague was the children of Israel oh long as it took they did get into the Promised Land Paul says that if you do any of these things you shall not merit the kingdom of God I'm glad the Bible verse but the next Bible verses in the scripture 1st with me and 611 says it like this and such were some of you that means you don't have to say the way you are. But you are washed but you are sanctified but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God I want to end this message by encouraging you as terrible as things are and as crazy as things have begun become that in fact you need not worry. Just man fall 7 times and rises every time you cannot sin God's ability to save you I don't care what you did in your path if you're willing to come to him to cross the Jordan the same Jordan when Jesus was baptized cross the Jordan into the Promised Land is blood will wash you he will sanctify justified by the name of the Lord Jesus by the spirit of our God who be not be worried about your past if you're willing to give God your future you'll have a devil lead you into shame regret and remorse I know you may have messed up like we many of us have messed up but I want to challenge you to leave all of that a foot across we washed in the blood of the Lamb and understand that his blood still washes it's still cleanses and God will not be as washing clean like he did for David after the city did with Bathsheba and her husband gobble for the Get your city and he will remember it no more you will cast it into the sea of forgetfulness and I want you to realize that no matter how terrible the things you've done are it is the devil who wants to constantly remind you he's the accuser of the brother that's a saint means he was accused you and remind you of all that you've done he was a bring it back up to what a devil will remind you of your past I want to empower you to remind him of his future is God's not a future for you in the heavenly case we are again at the border of the promised land and I want to challenge you. To be serious as everybody is tucked inside fighting coronavirus all of the devil with a pandemic of perversion the blood of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to set you free let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word once again and I pray a lot of there may be some what is struggling with all kinds of sexual sin all kinds of perversion all kinds of difficulty Lord I pray a lot today would learn to not look down at a sin but look at Jesus Christ to look up to you who paid it all for us as we go into this weekend Lord Easter week in the world thinks about you it is time again but Lord we know it was powerful about as we can see that you died on the cross it reminds us that you died on the cross for our sin not on the 3rd day you got up and walked out of that very gain victory over the death of the Lord lest playing the promises that comes to the victory you got for us. Sealed victory again walked out. Of us that is. Jesus is precious and. 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