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The Virus of Sin

Ted N.C. Wilson Allen Lloyd
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  • April 11, 2020
    1:15 PM
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Hello Ted. Good to see you this morning thank you we have a church this fall while keeping to social distancing here this morning. So we weren't able to bring in all all comers who would like to be here but there are many that are watching on line here today and I know this crisis has rocked the world I think I was supposed to be in Indianapolis this weekend and we were supposed to be serving the under-served in Indianapolis with free medical care and that had to be canceled and I know a lot of other things including our own general conferences had to be postponed. Can you give us a little picture about what is happening throughout the world I'm sure you're hearing some things because this is a worldwide crisis not just a national crisis. Well 1st of all it's the wish. Of it and it's 3 hours later here in Maryland were house down and as as most of the planet is right now but. The Lord is doing amazing things through a lot of creative church members and we have all kinds of things happening on social media all kinds of videos people are making to bring hope and encouragement to people all kinds of special services that are taking place. We also have people who are currently thinking because we are trying to urge people to think about what's going to happen post coronavirus because I would say I mean I have no way of predicting your position you may know a little more than I do it within the medical profession as to when things will subside but I'm saying within you know 6 to 8 weeks. We may have and on President an opportunity worldwide a period which I'm just suggesting could be 6 to 9 months when when people are when people are able to start circulating when they're start able to start talking with others in a more personal way we're going to have literally 1000000 people who are going to be asking so many questions why did this happen how did I get through and not someone else did and where was God in all of this or who is God whatever what is the what is that I can say about these kinds of things in fact. Sent me an interesting. Piece of information the other day that apparently during this covert 19 Bibles are just selling like amazing and people are just wanting to know answers so just of Friday I think it was I think yesterday we had. Well let me just tell you that like your event in Indianapolis with the special Health Expo that was going to take place the general conference session of course is now postponed until May 23rd 252021 in Indianapolis we have shortened the actual general conference session where we've done away with most peripheral activities are really going to focus on the business and the mission of the church which is to proclaim the 3 angels messages and Christ soon coming but. Many many things have have changed and have been altered but in the next few weeks we're going to have this opportunity of sharing the mentally with people who have questions and people like in this in South America because we're still in we're still carrying on spring meeting of the executive committee and that will take place over zoom. We have all these pre meetings board meetings all taking place over zoom like we're doing right today and we're getting kind of zoomed out but. You know business is continuing but we had interviews with a number of the divisions and we will on Sunday will have about another I don't know 7 or 8. Interviews 678 interviews but in South America I learned that one of the unions is planning to give 20000 food baskets to people who are poor and in need because the economic fallout from this is going to be horrendous so the Lord is doing all kinds of things through his people worldwide last night I was on for about an hour and a half with. Group from the Atlantic Union the president of the Union the president of northeastern conference Greater New York conference Bermuda conference and we found out the sad news last night that in the New York area basically it's metropolitan New York we've had about 42 7th Day Adventists who of. New York has been hit so badly so and then there was one person in Bermuda but this can we explain all across the world we that people as I understand it die in Spain Adventists and of course all the general public and so many people have been hit with this thing and you know you just realize we have a wonderful opportunity to share God's word and hope and that's why we're encouraging 7th Day Adventists everywhere to be anchors of stability and pillars of hope because the Lord is going to use his people in this time is this the Final Crisis No we know from biblical prophecy that things still have to develop a little more but I believe this is a real precursor to what's coming coming up is this one of the 7 last plagues No we know that certain events have to take place this is certainly a pestilence this is certainly a horrible thing that is come but it's a wake up call anyway and i'm getting started here in Beijing almost and I have a few other things to say but I'm going to be guided by you. An hour or a very glad to hear that you know I know your faith a back when your a young man was actually about New York City and about reaching it through medical missionary work and health. Knowing that faces and background and what's happening now are there any words or or things stories of encouragement urge Oya that you're seeing surfacing. Through different sectors of the world from the disappointment of covert 19. Well in general 7th Day Adventist because of their very basic dependence upon God and the Word of God and the instruction in the spirit of prophecy and through. The amazing connection with heaven through prayer and I don't know how people get through without prayer it's just an amazing way to to reinforce your spiritual connection with the throne room of heaven where you truly get the power and the understanding of how to get through these things so Adventists are truly trying to be in appropriate social distancing ways. You know these anchors of stability and pillars of hope when the world around them is in a chaotic situation people are distraught they're they're in Anique I saw a picture yes I saw a picture yesterday and it came up also when I was looking at something even today which I don't normally look at news on Sabbath but I saw this grief stricken picture of health professionals in Spain who are who are just mourning the loss of a fellow health professional and you could just see the grief on their faces and this is where as and this need to step in not just sequester themselves in such a way that they're not interacting in appropriate ways but bringing the encouragement to be people just this morning I was online on Zoom again with hope channel Gonna and try to bring encouragement to our people in West Africa so people all over the place are realizing something unusual is happening and by God's grace I want to be part of sharing real hope because the Lord has His plan of of 2nd Coming which is and. Azing Welcome to all of this miserable and difficult disease and sin filled world so yes Adventists are doing their part but the big challenge and the big test is going to come when people are released from their bondage in their homes and are able to mix and mingle with people I mean you can do stuff even now I mean. Just the other day I was walking and I you know we live a bit in the country so I was walking on my road and I was able to meet 3 neighbors and you know appropriate distancing in a way and all that but one of the neighbors we had talked to Nancy and I talked to just a few days ago she and her husband were outside and we were talking and encouraging them we've prayed with them these or encourage them and this lady and I saw her again I said it was really I'm nice to be able to chat with you the other day and encouraged about your husband's a in this kind of thing and she later this is just about 3 days ago she stopped Nancy I guess she was driving somewhere and Nancy was out walking and she stopped said Could you give me something that can tell me what your church believes you know just simple association with people is going to bring people to our knowledge that 7th Day Adventists because of the Holy Spirit working through them. They have something that the world needs to know about. All Thank you for that story and we're open for whatever else you have for us so go ahead. Well I just maybe I could share a little bit from the Word of God. Marvelous trust the Book of Psalms brings a lot of encouragement to us during times of crisis and crises the 1st verse in some 57 I mean there are so many that can relate but this one I thought was really particularly applicable to this situation and the Psalmist of saying here be merciful to me Oh God be merciful to me he was emphasizing it twice I mean pleading with the Lord for my soul trust in you I think one of the biggest things that Adventists can encourage others with is a trust in God an understanding that there is a higher power that you can actually place yourself in that higher powers care in God's hand and it says here and in the shadow of your wings I will make my revenues are all kinds of allusions you can come up with I mean God in His protective power with this giant wings and all of us as baby chicks are underneath these Wings of Protection I mean it's a beautiful a beautiful plot that I think in encourage people and then it goes on to say you know we need calamities have passed by what an amazing verse for this particular situation I look at just a few years later in. 62 and it says my soul waits silently for. God alone earth's 5 and some 62 for my expectation is from him when you place yourself under the wings of God When you understand he is your refuge and strength and protection you can expect something extraordinary from God. Then it says. On Lee is my rock and my salvation he is my defense I shall not be moved in God is Mind salvation and my glory the rock of my strength and my refuge is in God trust in him at all times you people who are out your heart before Him God is a refuge or ox that's the message we need to be bringing And not only for now but a refuge for the future because this is not overcome I mean we're going to be heading into the very final days of Earth's history I believe and I'm not date setting and I don't think anyone should ever do that but I believe we are living in the very very end of time and that's why institutions like Wiemar Institute are so important you're trying to follow look closely at the schools of the prophets in the in the Scripture you're trying to in every way possible follow the Spirit of Prophecy counsel and I just admire that and I appreciate it so much I just praise God for what we mar is doing and your witness is just I'm a marvelous opportunity I want to just draw your attention to something in the New Testament and 2nd Corinthians chapter or and verse 161718 so therefore we do not lose heart you know there's just a lot of people who are. Are losing heart they don't know what's happening work where we're going is this the end of what's going to happen that the nation has been shut down the globe has been shut down I tell you this is an unprecedented time Personally I've been through situations you know where you you're in a country where there is you know an attempted coup or there's a problem and insurrection then and all kinds of things when I was a young boy I was living in Egypt and went through the Suez Canal crisis my mother my sister and I were shipped out of of Egypt with us next week came to pick this up and portside leads and took us to Italy. You know and all the missionaries left except my father he stayed in in in Egypt to reassure our church members he didn't want them to think we're all all abandoning them and he had a particular gift which I think is an important one that that many of us should have and that is he made friends with government officials and explained who had this were tried to help the government to know that were there that help and as a result he was a very good friend of the governor of Cairo and so the governor during that period of time I was so touched that my father would be ranked remaining there I guess and so he sent 2 emplacements of machine gun that were placed in the front yard of the Nile Union mission to protect my father during the Suez Canal crisis and but my dad came and visited us in Beirut we were there for about 5 months but you know you go through all these things then. You know life was challenging but I have never seen a situation like this yes pandemics in 180919 influence. It killed millions of people around that was terrible but I have never seen something like this where the whole world because of social media because of instant communication electronic transmission of information immediately the whole world seems to have come to a halt in order to try to stop this violence which means a lot of personal flexibility and maneuverability has come to a halt I've never seen that in my lifetime and you know that the quotation about the final movements will be rapid ones I mean that's a big explanation right there we also know that the Lord's work is going to be very rapid at the end of time but it says here therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being renewed day by day and that's where revival and reformation where our personal connection with the Lord must be so strong and our our understanding of who we are as a people and our prophetic role in the end of the time scenario and the nights where your students stayed in where the faculty of we mark the health professionals everyone is part of those who are our light affliction which is but for a moment I mean in the span of time our politicians not that long is working for us a far more exceeding an eternal weight of glory our characters are being perfected that sanctification is at work we're justified by Christ it's Grace wrists bank that side through the power of God while we do not look at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the same which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal and that's what we have to focus on personally and all. So to help others to see that eternal values and God's intervention in our lives is fading power and everything that he has put into place the sanctuary service the understanding that he is doing everything possible to save humankind so that he can come very soon and take us home these are eternal proof that have to be shared in a marvelous way with people and I just want to. And with the reading a few things from Christian service which is a tremendous book a wonderful compilation which essentially it could be titled total member involvement he didn't come up with this idea this was from from the beginning of time the Lord wants this people to all be part of reaching out and of course. We Mar you've taken this to another level and I congratulate you for it total community involvement the total campus involvement and your your community has responded beautifully I think to that outreach but in this book on page 52 it actually comes from the testimonies for the church Volume 9 and I hope and I know your students there that we are they are a great believer in the spirit of rock the but really the great controversies specially the last chapters and ones about the one about the impending conflict and things like that it's time to dust off those books and really get into it but then in this Christian service page $52.00 it comes from testimonies Volume 9 if you really want to have an interesting read look at ages 11 to 17 and that's the Mounties Volume 9 and it talks about the Final Crisis. But this is a citation from that and we learned the other day. Ellen why did state. Gave us some information that that particular section and testimonies Volume 9 was actually pulled together by Ellen White in 1909 Now that's 111 years ago what we read is almost like she wrote it yesterday and parts of that section even came from some earlier parts and then she'd pull this together. To me for the for the testimonies for the church Volume 9 lessons of the days in which we live our solemn and important the Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth now that was 111 years ago. Legs and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God I mean now more appropriate Could it yep what is being lent the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state of society the alarms that war or dentures I mean that telling us something they forecast approaching. Vents of the greatest magnitude and focus. Code 19 the coronavirus code 19 it is a huge thing that is unbelievable great changes on our money let me just read the agencies of evil are come binding their forces and consolidate we know that the devil is rejoicing over this because the in the stabilizing everyone but we can consolidate under the mighty banner of of God and he can help to negate all of those they the agencies of the evil are strengthening for the last great crisis now is 111 years ago how much more is this applicable today great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid lines and just one final quote here on page 99. We need to look constantly to Jesus realizing that it is his power which does the work while we are to labor earnestly for the salvation of the lost and in a few weeks whenever that happens and were liberated from our own we're going to be able to do even more but we must also take time for meditation for prayer and for the Study of the Word of God and that's the foundation of how God is going to work through his last day people of this last generation that will proclaim the message because I think we're just so close to the end only the work accomplished with much prayer and sanctified by the merit of Christ will in the end prove to have been fission for good and as we are in the 100 days of prayer and people all over the world are participating in the 100 days of prayer I know that students and faculty staff that we mark are going to continue to be my influence for good as you participate in the last proclamation of the 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 with Christ at the very center of his righteousness turning people back to the worship of God The 4th Angel of Revelation 18 calling people out of misunderstanding and confusion into the true church and God is going to use you and your students and your faculty in a continued marvelous way I praise God for how he's doing that now and just remember Jesus is coming soon. Well thank you so much for the news encouraging words. I wish you could save a looks on the faces of the students and some of the faculty here as you are giving an important message. For us but God bless you and we hope after this opens up that maybe we can see you at Waymark in person thing well we had planned on that we were going to in a few days we're supposed to leave for couple in New Guinea to help old evangelistic meetings there one of the about 2000 evangelistic meeting that we're going to be across that island nation but that has been postponed it will be doing that probably in January February of next year Lord willing. And we were going to swing by at the end of that we were also going to go to Timor Leste and dedicated open a new school there a beautiful new school in that little tiny island nation then we're going to swing by and we March for the graduation of the secondary school I think it was the ad has encouraged not you know the Lord has had things in control and one of these days we'll get out there again we believe and you let's you thank you very much and all the people said. The crisis that has rocked this world has a lot of spiritual application and we're just going to discuss a few of those here today and when you hear about a virus hopefully you'll be able to see it from a broader perspective. In the future viruses have a lot to do or a lot of parallels I should say with. A subject that is hardly discussed in the Christian world today you don't hear sermons on this very much at all. And it's the subject that the Bible speaks a lot of. And it's a subject of sin and there's a lot of parallels. 1st of all viruses can be very deadly as we know about covert 19 h i v e n hepatitis viruses the c. in the list could go on leukemia viruses and characteristics of deadly viruses is they have a buy lip it out or membrane that is a nearly identical to our own cells membrane in fact our cells have a very hard time distinguishing the difference this virus can come up just as a result of you being out in public and happening happening to touch your mouth after you touch a surface that has a virus in the virus particle can attach to your cell and gain entrance into your cell once it does that it hijacks yourself and it takes the cells own good resources and focuses that cell and there replicating the virus particle to the harm of the cell and the harm of the system and so it's using your own God given cells and resources to actually replicate sin we might say and this well ultimately result in a war that will either kill the individual or it will require a significant team of resources on behalf of the body's own resources to attack the virus which if done correctly will eventually be wiped out till all timidly never gain access again. The virus will be completely gone and it won't be able to if attempted to be able to get back into the cell because next time it's going to be recognised immediately. The Bible says sand it gives us the definition is the only definition of sin given by John the Beloved. The one who was closest to Jesus here on earth and he said san is the transgression of the law. In the one who wrote most of the New Testament tells us the result of sin what are the wages of sin. The wages of sin is death. And so let's take a look at viral path ology the 1st part of viral path ology is what we call the pre infection face this is when the cells are healthy. And this is when they can come in contact with the virus and the world is currently obsessed with trying to stay in phase one we want to stay in that pre infectious phase for good reason because we know this virus can kill it won't kill everybody it won't even kill the majority of people but we know it will kill a significant minority of people and so the world is on lockdown. So people don't get the virus What are some of the. Methods that are being used to keep us in the pre infections phase anyone. Social distancing what else. What's that masks Yes they're wearing a mask 1st the c.d.c. said you don't need to wear masks but now they're saying wear masks I don't think you can go out in public in America today without seeing a lot of people wearing masks. In the hospital itself all the hospital employees all the hospital physicians wearing masks trying to stay in that pre infectious phase what else. Hand-washing the cleansing of the skin Fortunately this virus doesn't gain access through the skin itself if our skin has good integrity and so keeping that skin clean can help us a great deal that's a very important aspect and of course it's washing through just soap and water fortunately does a great job after 20 seconds this virus is completely eradicated Lippitt layer is totally the activated can't gain entrance into the cell any more or a high amount of alcohol 6070 percent alcohol. And of course the experts tell us this is also not to just not get the virus to but to flatten the curve so we don't get the curve so steep that it overwhelms our i.c. use in our ventilators are there any additional practices that will help you not get it now. If we if we missed any. Ok yes that has to do with the immune system part of things but that's if the virus is already in contact so we'll get to that later. We might ask ourselves the question how do we not get the virus of sin you know in reality which is more dangerous covert 19 or sin. Some of you are saying sin why it's in more dangerous. And Ok somebody talk said it was going to affect it can go out of eternal debt and cope with one team can cause the death of our life here on this earth. But send can cause eternal death but then someone else talked about percentages who heard the 100 percent over here percent and Ok tell us what about percent what did you say. Ok then has. A far greater likelihood of causing eternal death than what coke at 19 has in causing physical that it is a much higher percentage now if we don't go through the cure you're exactly right 100 percent but fortunately we're going to talk about it there is a cure for this virus as well so. If we're going to talk about not getting the virus of sin we have to talk about not getting exposed to it what can we do to decrease our risk of exposure. Of this pre infectious face. Someone says not much. With that Ok guard the avenues of the soul. You know there are things that we can do. We might say not much I know some were saying I'm coping one teen it's going to go around just develop herd immunity why are we going through all these measures there's not much we can do with a vengeance like in a go 40 to 70 percent that wasn't the prevailing opinion the 40 to 70 percent is still prevailing opinion but it's not a prevailing opinion that we can prevent ourselves from getting in contact with it otherwise this whole global shutdown would be kind of the biggest foolish thing that the world has ever done globally. And so. While there are things that we can do actually guarding the avenues of the soul specifically what can we do to guard the avenues of the soul you know I find it interesting the world is willing to shut down nightclubs sporting events wedding. Conferences even churches so we don't get the virus but you know a large part of movies in entertainment is actually watching people sin on the set you're actually coming in contact with it you're watching people carrying out sin you're seeing uncontrolled anger you're seeing lust you're seeing adultery you're seeing the violation of the. Good kind and loving speech movies are filled with these sorts of things and when you're watching a movie you can't really do anything about it when that Senate is there you've got to sit there and watch it and take it in can't really intervene at that point in this is something that Enoch themself was very concerned about not just scenic. But virtually everyone that's going to make it he eternally was concerned about being so much in contact with the world and what the world does that sin would become not so sinful in Fanwood not seem to be that bad a thing and that's a dangerous place to be. And of course when we see these things on Hollywood the consequences don't seem to be that bad very often they don't show you all of those consequences they might show you a few here and there but overall largely the good actors get by with it but we really need to be more vigilant in avoiding ourselves coming in contact with sin then we actually are vigilant in coming in contact with covert 19 and we also need to realize avoiding Cove it is not just about you it's also about protecting others. And How careful are we in protecting others from the virus of sin. A covert person who's infected kids or even if they don't know they're infected yet they just got a cold and they're coughing they might say there's no way I'm going to cough in my elbow if you want to be protected he should find and wear an n 95 mask I'm not going to cough in my elbow. That's kind of silly anyone know what n 95 means how to get it's name. And $95.00 means that it prevents 95 percent of the viruses gaining access to those nasal in oral passages. Is that 100 percent the best you can get is an n 99 mask you can imagine those are very important to find in the in 95 but even that doesn't get rid of all of them and doesn't protect you completely in so this idea that you just need to protect yourself I'm not going to do anything to help you of course we would ridicule that today we might say Did I touch my mouth oh well I'm going to touch this grocery item anyway just to look at I'm not sure if I wanted or not but if I don't buy it it's not my problem of someone picks up the virus for me I do have that cold right now but I do need to grocery shop. What do we think about people like this even our secular media would say these are people that need to be contained there was one woman that was going around doing that she had covert 19 in Texas and she was going around places in touching lots of things and of course they look for and I found out about this a few days ago I didn't see if they found her yet but if they do she's going to be in deep trouble. In Danger ing the public's help. In a similar fashion last of the flash which Christ tells us is a sin is not just about you and x. 15 in the Jerusalem Council the part of the Mosaic Law that still applies to Christians of all ages are the laws regarding sexual impurity if you go through those laws in the Book of Moses they apply to Christians today that's what the Jerusalem Council decided. And it'll vicus 18 it was read out loud to every man woman and child every year after the Day of Atonement service even the youngest were to read Leviticus 18 which had all of those rules that were to help us not to confront lust of the flesh even in the family setting even. In a whole number of settings if you read Leviticus 18 Leviticus 18 still applies to Christians today. And the Song of Solomon not just once but 3 times says Dern a do not stir up or awaken love before it please it there is lots of education and how to prevent contracting the virus going around today but when I was a man or man is showing their nakedness or the form of their nakedness What are they doing what I see them doing is coughing into the face of an innocent person while they have a bad infection or cold is no different they are exposing you to a virus that can take hold in the heart now doesn't mean that they're 100 percent responsible yes the person could have worn a mask yes there might have been other things that they could have done to protect it but often we just blame one when in reality there are is more than one party involved in the spreading of the virus of Senate. They're stirring up lust is what they're doing and I having after having lived as long as I have come in contact with a lot of these people and I can tell you when they dress provocatively and they know they're dressing provocatively by the way not everyone necessarily knows that particularly if they're very young. But eventually they find out that it is provocative dress but when they dress provocatively they're thinking in their mind I don't want to have everybody lust after me I'm just after this person to try to get him to loss after me or trying to get her but they dress that way in public and they're affecting everybody and often the one that they're actually trying to manipulate doesn't get manipulated by them but it's the ones they're not trying to manipulate they do end up getting manipulated by them stirring up lust and it's just as ludicrous as a known covert positive sick person coughing in your face so next time you're tempted to lust after someone who isn't following Leviticus 18 just get the global picture of them coughing in your face with a terrible virus. You know will be a lot easier to turn your head and go another direction we're told in Testimony Volume 9 the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals have been given us to proclaim to the world the proclamation of these truths is to be our work the world is to be what war and in God's people are to be true to the trust committed to them as much as the world is warning you on how to not get covert 1000 or spread it we ought to be more vigilant in warning the world against the virus of sin and how not to take that upon ourselves and not spread it to others as well phase 2 of the viral infection. This is the incubation phase most of the exposed during this phase will get infected if they're exposed on their mucous membranes and when you are infected it 1st you have no idea you don't know if you're in that asymptomatic fak phase Now it's interesting you actually can be exposed will talk about this but never get the infection and never replicate the virus that's a minority of people that will be able to do that. But in phase 2 the incubates in phase is different for a virus as I'm sure a lot of you have learned about covalent 1001 more so than even more common viruses how long is the incubation phase of covered 19. What And whether it's somebody say to the. If actually in the it's measured in days you're forgiven because your theology student I see some nursing students here today once the incubation phase of of. The Coven 19 virus. Ok 2 to 14 days actually some as little as 24 hours one to 14 days but that's very good that's a bachelor's of nursing student one right so. During this phase the incubation phase this is what the wise man was speaking about in Ecclesiastes he says because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil what is he saying here he's speaking here of the virus of sin but what he's saying is because there is no immediate consequences to harmful behavior the harmful behavior is thought to be what harm less or even desirable and this is what happens in most cases when the virus of sin starts to infect us. Doesn't seem like anything bad is happening at all Ellen White describes it this way she says temptations from without find an answering chord within the heart and the feet turn imperceptibly toward evil this is the virus of sin the temptation from without that viruses outside of us finds an answering chord within and the feet turn obviously or him perceptively toward evil the asymptomatic phase partaking of the scent of lust for instance often there is no harmful effects detected and in fact some people think it kind of helps them it seems actually part me up gives me something to be motivated about in fact as I'm studying this boring biochemistry I can take a break by going to Google and getting pictures of people that have viruses that are coughing in my face and that seems to actually help me so I can go back to studying might even be a motivating break from a boring job. And people that partake in these sins and they don't seem to be noticing any adverse effects they start to believe that the Bible instruction against lust is old an antiquated and only low i.q. simpletons would actually believe that but eventually the immune response phase occurs which is Phase 3 symptoms begin to develop. And your body is at war free radicals start to abound as a result of this war and the yourselves start to get injured they start to contract they start to have lose per me ability. And the whole host is being threatened and that's when you get sick and when you're sick you become aware that something is wrong in regards to cope with one team often what's not talked about is your sense of smell goes down it's often one of the 1st symptoms food doesn't taste quite as good as it did before and particularly healthy food yuck and I know I'm supposed to eat and I know I should be hungry but I'm not hungry and then symptoms of a sore throat can occur fever can occur cough begins to occur and even diarrhea and gastrointestinal symptoms develop and of course this is when they get tested in fact most people that develop these symptoms today they're only thinking one thing. I need to get tested for Coban 18 in reality it's probably another virus. There are more viruses that are more prevalent out there by the way I spoke about the incubation period covered $1000.00 Anyone know what the incubation of the fluids influenza that's that's quicker $1.00 to $2.00 days. Incubation period can be months and so depending on the Senate takes a little bit longer for some sense to start manifesting symptoms a little bit shorter for others. But you know there are symptoms that something is wrong spiritually This is a sign that there is a spiritual virus in the system if you're no longer hungering and thirsting for righteousness. If you don't have a spiritual virus you actually enjoy your devotion you're looking forward to them you're hungering and thirsting for ages. You don't have a desire to go where spiritual food is being served. It's being served any little excuse seems to be a good one to stay away and also you're no longer concerned really about helping Jesus save others who are experiencing the virus of sin in their lives. Your life starts to be more self focused and you're not so much interested in empathy and compassion for those who are suffering from the virus themselves you become more interested in self gratification but then the symptoms can progress the virus that was undetected and thought to be no big deal is now multiplying exponentially it's taken over most of your cells in your lungs your g.i. tract and now even your heart a lot of the covered 1000 deaths are due to what we call my old card itis where the heart gets weak in can't pump the fluid from the lungs and swelling occurs and then the symptoms develop shortness of breath vomiting fluid build up in the lungs and body and this is when the individual is no longer able to be taking care of them this is when they have to be admitted to the i.c.u. high octane high flow oxygen. Ventilators I know tropes to help that heart beat stronger and pressers are being used to try to keep the blood pressure up that the heart can't seem to keep up on its own and all of these interventions are occurring to try to keep this person alive long enough for their immune system to eventually get rid of this virus in the settle down but there are symptoms that could indicate that you need i.c.u. spiritual care failing school when you know your brain was previously capable that can be a big one. What's happened that should be a big wake up call I wanted to be this. I had every desire in the world to be I know my brain was previously capable what's happening possible pending job loss or pending dismissal from school you recognize your boss is not happy with you that your performance is down in the school is wondering about you as well and maybe you're starting to cause problems in the school a possible pending divorce where the spouse says I can't live with you any more unless you get help I'm outta here. Talk with a gentleman yesterday. He's gone through 3 divorces and his wife has left him for an entire year but she hasn't divorced him yet and he finally made the 1st visit to us and said I realize if I don't get help I'm going to lose this woman as well should have happened a lot earlier but better late than never trouble with home relationships can be a symptom of your parents. And you aren't seeing eye to eye and your parents are Godly parents that can be a major sign that you're needing i.c.u. care if you're addicted to something you know is not good for you and you think while it's not good for most people that for me I need it and I can't seem to be able to get rid of this that's a clear sign you're needing i.c.u. care because your Soul is at tremendous risk Proverbs says his own iniquities entrapped the wicked man and he is caught in the cords of his sin yes those iniquity seem pretty harmless at 1st but eventually the symptoms develop and by the time they develop your habit pattern is so firmly established that you can't get out of it on your own and you seem to be helpless. This is basically what our depression anxiety recovery program is it's an i.c.u. to a large degree of spiritual critical symptoms. And when you don't fight it off earlier in the course of infection you'll be in a trap you can't get out of yourself but fortunately there are i.c.u. in the physical sense in America that still have ventilators and fortunately there are still places you can go for i.c.u. care today. Let's say I may have. Put this out of order here me see if I can get it here because I want to talk about get to the immunity fighting aspect of things and the cure. By the way is this making sense. So the cure for coded one team and in boosting our immunity is actually through a new start for those of you have been saying the videos we've been talking about new start proper nutrition can help us in this war if we happen to come in contact with the virus. And regards to spiritual nutrition we're now going to look at new start from a spiritual perspective. What would be a good spiritual and anybody the bread of life who is the bread of life it's Jesus and he said those who don't eat my flash will have no part with me. Those who don't eat his flesh what does the Bible tell us was made flesh what is this best flesh specifically the word was made flesh in so feasting on the Word of God spiritually it's part of our protection against the deadly spiritual viruses. We're told those who hunger and thirst for that word will be what will be still if we have hunger and thirst and we turn to this word God will fill us with good spiritual nutrition what would be the Estampes for what exercise what's the spiritual exercise. You know exercise is something we use to strengthen what our muscle in did you know there's something in our spiritual life that can be strengthened by you. It's actually the symbol of the skeletal muscle we could go into this the symbolism of skeletal muscles which are strengthened by by use and face are actually the same and we're told to every man is given a what a measure of faith that's what God has implanted in each one of us it's not our faith that says Fay. But if your faith this week what does it mean what does that mean. It means you need to exercise it because it can get stronger and how do you exercise it allowing the fruit of the Spirit to be exercise in you and as far as the spirit of the spirit we talk about total community immunity but that involves total community involvement notice that from one testimonies by personal labor reach those around you become acquainted with them preaching will not do the work that needs to be done angels of God at 10 you to the dwellings of those you visit money lent or given will not accomplish it sermons will not do it by visiting the people talking praying sympathizing with them you will what you will win hearts this is the highest missionary work that you can do to do it you will need resolute what. Her varying phase that means you need to continue to do this work and a deep love for souls will keep you going back I hope in your t.c. I involvement in your community even though you haven't been able to go to their houses because of the county laws that are pretty to protect. You can actually still call them up you can actually check in on them in see how they're doing during this time I know it would do much to encourage their faith. The w. is what. Water What would be the spiritual water. The water of life what did what did you say oh the Holy Spirit yes they go together. How does water counteract the virus. Actually through hydrotherapy not only staying hydrated by hydrotherapy And by the way one of our faculty texted me and said it's not available immediately where you can log on to that instruction tomorrow and hydrotherapy that's between 5 and 630 on the c.m. event but Dora Hunter sent out a message last night and I think that has all the contact information so. Feel free to forward that to whoever you would like. Medical ministry says water treatments wisely and skillfully given may be the means of what saving many lives that's why we think it could help here as well plus there's evidence for that they'll be presented tomorrow Leadville was in study be united with careful treatments let prayers of faith be offered by the bedside of the 2nd you do that and let the sick be encouraged to claim the promises of God for themselves so spiritual hydrotherapy is actually baptism. Baptism by water and of the Spirit. The theology student correctly mention John 35 quoting Christ unless you are what Born of what water and of the Spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. And this is being born again that's what spiritual hydrotherapy is it's that daily exercise in being a born again and washed in new and asked through that him baptize us anew. Which would be great to saying even now we're told sent as a hateful thing it marred the moral beauty of a large number of the angels that entered our world and well nigh obliterated the moral image of God and man but in his great love of God provided a way whereby man might regain the position from which he fell and yielding to the tempter Christ came to stand at the head of humanity to work out in our behalf a perfect character those who receive him are what are born again and this is what I would request you do for your spiritual community every day at the start of the day is to be baptized anew the ass stand for sunlight. And we're told the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings interesting way the Bible says ask you. Not as Oh and in regards to that and of course sunlight in the physical sense brings vitamin d. which helps our immune system Sara tone in which helps her mood help her sleep and sunlight always brings more clarity to the physical situation and the spiritual sunlight is actually the light of truth. I would encourage you to learn a new spiritual truth every day we under emphasize the importance of truth and boosting our immune system we're told far more than we do we need to understand the issues at stake in the conflict in which we are engaged we need to understand more fully the value of the truths that God has given for this time and the danger of allowing our minds to be what diverted from those truths by the great deceiver. You know that's been one of the blessings of this covert 1000 crisis. You know those. Things in society that are filled with spiritual viral says of sin have also been clipped you know if you want to go out and go to a nightclub you can't do it. Today that means that there's more time you know the message last night was about taking time for devotion it's taking time for learning truths in a way don't do it when there is more time available of not having to go out and do all these other things when are we the 1st he is temperance moderation in healthy things abstinence from the unhealthy and it involves self-control but we know from the science standpoint physical and emotional self-control always is preceded when it's comprehensive by self sacrificing a GAAP a love in that is a love that must come from outside of us so open our hearts to God's love in our life and we will be temperate the a is for air what would be your spiritual parallel here what do we do to get air. We breathe. And you know you can't go without breathing for very long without dying. And we were told that there was something we should do from the spiritual sense also without ceasing what was that. Pray without ceasing breathing exercises are important this is something we teach in our spiritual i.c.u. of depression anxiety recovery breathing exercises you know even once in fact I was interviewing with. One of our attendees here today Matthew Matthews become quite the host over there in the new start and I know you guys will be looking forward to seeing those but he was interviewing me yesterday on this very topic of air and I was telling him about once an hour it's good only brief 3 times a minute you can only do that by breathing deeply and not being short of breath you won't be short of breath if you breathe 3 times a minute if you're breathing deeply and those exercises will help your oxygen saturation through that entire hour after you quit breathing deeply and in the morning is the time for this fervent prayer fervent morning prayer getting those deep breaths and then throughout the day staying in an attitude of prayer and constant communication with God That's what Paul is talking about when he's saying pray without ceasing even in regards to our daily studies and work having that communication with God The are the rest what would that be spiritually somebody set it up here in the front Sabbath Rest is this arrest that only that some people need in order to have the best immune system we all need that Sabbath Rest In fact since doctors have to take care of covert 1000 patients in the i.c.u. there are some doctors who have scheduled themselves to work on Sabbath repeatedly that are Sabbath keepers What do you think happens to their spiritual life when that happens it's not. The after effects are not good that's why she said we should never provide free care on the Sabbath as well because she said the you would be taken advantage of in the Sabbath if you provide care you collect the money and you give it not to your you don't take it to yourself but you give it to those who are disadvantaged for their health care needs it was the the rule but Sabbath rest is something that's important for everyone an entire day to reflect on our creator and I read Deemer such as today. And the final Teenie is trust and in the physical sense when we talk about new start we talk about all these physical items and then we get to t.v. And obviously that has a more spiritual component with trust in God but I see this t. in the spiritual sense being the flip the 1st new star part of things are all spiritual immune system boosters but one of the great spiritual immune system booster is to trust. In God the council for health of body and mind. In other words practice a healthy lifestyle physically if we can actually help fight off the coven one team virus more readily we're going to be able to help ourselves spiritually as well by trusting in his counsel to follow his instructions as our frontal lobe becomes more healthy it causes a healthier by body a healthier mind and a healthier soul We're told the infinite value of the sacrifice required for our redemption. Who was at the provided that sacrifice. It was Christ the infinite value of what he did for us when he came here and live the life that we should have led to die the death that we deserved to die. The infinite value of that sacrifice required for our redemption reveals the fact that what sin is a tremendous evil it's even worse than what we've painted here today sin is bad it's worse than coded 19 it's worse than h.i.v. it's worse than Hepatitis c. it's worse than Hepatitis b. the world is afraid of all of these viruses but there's something there overlooking that is far worse. But the good news is. Well here's more of the bad news 3 send the whole human organism is the range the mind is what perverted the imagination corrupted sin has degraded the very faculties of the soul that has the sacrifice on our behalf was complete so our restoration from the defilement of sin is also complete we have in our disposal the cure for a virus worse than covert 19 and it's the virus of sin and Christ is the great physician is willing to administer that cure to each one of us today the end of all things is coming that's what Ted Wilson spoke of this is a sign a wakeup call to the world and soon the virus of center will of made such a thorough infestation in humanity that despite cytokine storms they won't desire the full and complete cure this is a mystery but those with a side of kind storm today they want to be saying they're looking for i.c.u. care to be saved but soon the virus of Santa is going to be so the ranging to the soul that the saw will not even desire the spiritual cure despite the fact that there's all these bad symptoms occurring. But we're told there will be a small group who will have been exposed. But are completely free of the virus of sin. These are those that have the faith of Jesus in keep the commandments of God They have built up their antibodies their spiritual immune system. And that spiritual mean system can protect them from any sin virus the devil tries to come up new to get it to infect you. And we're told when that happens that's when probation close those that are filthy we're told will be wet filthy still those that are right it will be righteous still and they will be sealed from getting the virus of sin but for now the door of salvation is open do you want to be cured of the deadly virus of sin. Do you want to die in your personal protective equipment it's important when we go out in the world just as faithful as Enoch was in it couldn't be in the world to live he noticed until sensed seem to be not so sinful for him and so he would go back into the country and get close to the Lord and then go back into the city only for the purposes of saving souls but while we're in the city we need to don our personal protective equipment and finally do you want to boost your spiritual mean system by partaking in spiritual new start for anyone who wants to say yes to all 3 of those questions I invite you to stand as we sing our closing song. We had time today I was going to give you some examples. Out of David life in regards to his contact with Sam and how the virus was finally exterminated to the point where he was sealed at the end. But hopefully you can study that yourself it's very much parallels coded 1001 we've talked about here today but. Whiter than snow that's what God desires us to be. As he watches us with His blood to make us whiter than snow. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w dot audio or.


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