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Confidence in Crisis - Part 4: The End or the Beginning?

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • April 11, 2020
    12:15 PM
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The Lord as we come into your presence we are seeking your spirit to be our teacher to touch our hearts repairs to receive what it is that we need on the Sabbath day to strengthen to encourage to challenge to war and I pray now for your spirit to be upon all those that are listening I pray for your spirit to be upon me. As we realize we are the actors on the stage so bless us now I pray in Jesus' name amen. This morning and I'm coming to you with a message entitled covert 19 the end of the beginning and I want to explain to you why this is my subject matter this morning. I have. Had at least 2 engagements now in the last week or 2 in regards to conspiracy theories and documents. That either have predicted or have been planned for an implementation to take away our freedoms. And to make something of a crisis such as what we're in for the demise of all that we hold near and dear and special while I would not be surprised if elements of these different points of reference one of them scientific one of them political I cannot for a moment leave God's people all in a position or a posture where fear and focusing on the wrong thing and this is probably the main thing this morning it is focusing on the wrong thing that could actually look like it's the right action to make sure we're unready for what is coming up. So this morning having encountered these 2 different conspiracy theories I want to take a moment and study the Word of God to make sure we understand where we are in Bible prophecy we sing a song Look for the way marks. The question that I think is in many people's minds Christian non-Christian 7th Day Adventist non 7th Day Adventists by the way I'm a 7th Day Adventist past year and today I will be referencing from the writings of a woman by the name of Ellen White in a disproportionate measure I make no embarrassing apologies for this indeed we believe as a people that as the darkness deepens on the earth that we will be in need of a living presence prophetically and that that prophecy that ability to discern where we are the ability to predict where things are going is not a gift that God has left his church without the benefit of having So praise God for the $66.00 books of the Bible we're thankful for that the smarting I will also be referencing to what we believe is a lesser light but nonetheless in light for these dark moments are we right on the cusp of the implosion of freedom and liberty the destruction of religious freedom and the coming of our Lord conspiracy theories let's just take a moment think about a few of those that come to us from the Bible probably one of the 1st conspiracy theories the recording of scripture is that of Joseph and his brothers they had come to really disdain this young man favorite of his father wearing his coat of many colors and on that fateful day when he has gone in search of his older brothers to find out where they're at they decide that they will kill him. Fortunately cooler heads prevail Ruben discourages from this Judah goes along with that they throw him down in a pit what they enact after that is a secret information plot against their father that will never tell them the truth tell him the truth at least they don't intend for that to happen it was a plan worked out without the understanding of their dad which caused him untold suffering years of grief and sadness when I think about the experience of God's people in Israel or an Egypt take your Bibles and turn if you would to the Book of Genesis it could be considered quite a conspiracy I would suggest if it was playing out in modern times Genesis Chapter 47 this is the experience of Joseph who is now 2nd in power only superseded by Pharaoh Genesis Chapter 47 verse 20 Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh for every Egyptian sold his field because the famine was severe upon them thus the land became parents and as for the people he removed them to the cities from one end of Egypt's border to another if this was playing out today Joseph would be quite the antagonists to the experience of freedom. It's a matter of fact in the Cambridge Bible for schools and colleges this comet is made this transaction by which at a single stroke of business Joseph the Hebrew was said to have purchased for fair the whole land of Egypt and all the people to be feral slaves as the price of seed core probably sounded in the ears of an ancient oriental people as a masterpiece of cleverness. But in our day it would rank as an outrageous piece of tyranny that the king's Grand Vizier taking advantage of his own monopoly and corn in the people's destitution should deprive them of the last shreds of their independence I want to think about the lenses we're looking through and the objects we're focusing on it's not too much farther down the road Exodus Chapter one that we find that Pharaoh himself is in a position of attempting to make certain that the Hebrews cannot become conquerors in this land of Egypt when I think about Daniel and I shall not leave there without making this comet God understood the great scope and movement of salvation history he could foresee and he for allowed for the in slave mut of this people there would be no watchman on the wall sufficient to undo the general movement of history and time in the subjugation of God's people it was the natural trending of the laws of Satan carried out in a political and geo political place that would also represent in the deliverance in the Exodus the power of God not only for the delivery of physical freedom but the delivery of the soul indeed there were signs and omens that were indicators if you were following the political movements of the day there would be things you could focus on. That could potentially create the same kind of fear foreboding and powerlessness that if we're focusing on even today we'll do the exact same thing I think about Daniel Daniel Chapter 6 in the Lion's Den Do we really think that Daniel was not aware that this law was being written of course he's aware the Bible makes it very clear that after the law forbidding prayer to anyone except the king is written that Daniel goes and opens his window and he prays to the same God he's been praying to 3 times a day Daniel is not wrought up in finding support to deliver him self by the hand of man or political maneuvering Daniel is in a position where he realizes that his liberty is being taken away and there is very little he can do about it and yet he turns back to his God Not in not in fear and foreboding although any human being would have to face that knowing that the outcome was a den of hungry lions and yet in this ever growing sense of confidence and trust that deliverance in the past will be sufficient for the present and the future and if there is no deliverance the peace that passes all understanding will be enough. When I think about conspiracies in the Bible I think about Paul who has been taken into the garrison there in Jerusalem and there is a conspiracy not to eat bread or water and tell he's been assassinated the interesting thing about this conspiracy is that Paul is not worried about its experience or fearful and uncertain about his provision being held in the hands of God when it comes to his knowledge he directs the one in this case a nephew to go talk to the commander. But it's not Paul searching out the underhanded secret happenings of the dark side that delivers him God brings to him the knowledge of something that needs to be done he allows information to pass on to those who can do it interestingly enough in that moment it are the it is the secular Romans who are is Paul's deliver Yes by God's hand but I want us to understand is that the Bible explains every secret action what is a conspiracy a secret plan by a guy by which a group is to do something unlawful or harmful the Bible does explain that we're in the midst of this colossal conspiracy where the devil is constantly trying to take away our liberty our life our freedom to worship God does not call us to focus on those things he has revealed that they're happening he's revealed that they will happen he's calling us to a constant sense that our protection and our provision is in him so why does it matter in the 21st century and that is because in the last 50 or 60 years where American culture especially has had the privilege of indulgence relative ease comfort convenience it appears that the church itself has fallen to a different kind of conspiracy that nobody's really talking about and that is without persecution and without challenge in opposition the church itself has been immobilized by the blessings of God under utilized wrongly employed wrongly engage and wrongly focused nobody's talking about that conspiracy. It's not that absolutely nobody is but far too few in 7 day Aves churches today it be far better for us to understand that the stealth of Lucifer himself now Satan has been on hand to redirect the blessings of God into the curse scenes for God's people yes this is a conspiracy nobody's talking about this morning however I want to especially address the idea as to whether or not this biological difficulty that we're in the midst of this very light moment in regards to sickness is it the beginning of the little time of trouble as I've heard some ask or is it something else take your Bibles if you would and open them up to the book of Luke Luke Chapter 21 are we on the cusp of greater things well perhaps we are but I think it's important that we understand where we are in regards to Jesus actually let's go to Matthew chapter 24 I think it's much more important we understand where we are in regards to the spiritual 9 Amex that are going on in our country Matthew chapter 24 I'll start with verse one Jesus came out from the temple and was going away when his disciples came up to him and they pointed out the Temple buildings and he said to them Do you see all these things truly I say not one stone here will be left upon another which will not be torn down and as he was sitting on Mount Olive So some time has elapsed the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us when these things will happen and what will be the sign of the economy and the end of your age or age so friends it's very normal for the human mind to want to know the future Jesus basically said to them on the way out of temple this is all going to be destroyed. This is all that's on their mind until they can get across the Kidron Valley and perhaps it's even tied we're not sure but they sit down and Jesus is requested to reveal to them when these things will be and what are the signs what they didn't know is that in the very asking of their question they were looking at something that was typical of the signs of the final destruction when they were asking about signs about the destruction of Jerusalem so what happens in the experience with Jerusalem becomes a type or an illustration a little precursor as it were to the trauma that will come on the people of God in their ultimate time of trouble and their ultimate deliverance verse 4 Jesus answered and sent him see to it that no one mislead you for many will come in my name seen I am the Christ and will miss lead many you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you're not frightened for those things must take place but that is not yet the end nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom in various places there will be famines and earthquakes Luke adds pestilence in his account verse 8 is probably the most salient or important verse for our launching off this morning it says but all of these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs birth pangs. This morning I want to confidently assert to you that God always intends to make certain his people have a chance to attend to the coming danger. God does not sneak up on the world he does not sneak up on his people the whole point of everything Jesus was saying in the book of Matthew chapter 24 the signs of the end is a wake up call it is an alertness moment it is a reminder that life on this earth is temporary and that even if we're living with peace in our times and prosperity in the moment there will be difficult moments that are coming upon us God never intends to destroy he intends to save so the things that come upon his people are wake up calls now I want to focus for a moment on having babies not that I know a whole lot about it but I would say this the father of 4 I've been there for the experience of every single one through almost the entire thing except number 4 number 4 was one of those that got a little more medical assistance and they want to be in the room to observe but I do know something about how it works this baby inside of Mama starts moving it's amazing when you can feel that there's life inside another life eventually this baby gets so large that every movement creates discomfort we don't know how much for the baby but we certainly know for the mother every once in a while the mother will begin to feel the body getting ready for deliverance these labor pains these contractions every mother that's never done it before also understands that there's a false labor and a false type of contractions that can go on are they without merit are they without meaning no but are they the real deliverance moment sometimes not. But eventually there comes a time when most mothers are mothers to be have a sense that something serious is going on here and this is only going to get worse the contraction comes the contraction releases a Benchley those contractions cob and such repetitive and forceful dynamics that there can be no doubt that we're headed towards the final deliverance here but along the way there are a wake up moments that say you need to focus on what's coming what we're looking at right now in the moment of this 21st century pandemic in which the whole world much of the world at least is in a pause moment shut down you might say at least economically in so many ways attentive you might say in so many ways wondering what's going on what we're looking at right now is in the very beginning of Jesus' presentation on what we should expect the problem is for a world loving church or a world loving Christian this kind of trauma creates all kinds of fear God never intended that the anticipation of Deliverance should create fear never focusing on conspiracies creates a tremendous amount of fear this entire series and I'm preaching confidence in crisis as about allowing us to understand that everything that's coming God understood was coming and there are certain things we should be focusing on and certain things we should when this message is done I hope you have a very clear understanding that covert 19 need not be the beginning of the end but it ought to be the end of a wrong way of living and the beginning of the right way of living in regards to the great privilege of representing Christ in the final days. Kovan 1000 is a biological crisis it's a public health issue at this moment in time covered 1000 has attached to it very few I would almost say in the modern media mainstream media space especially almost 0 dynamics of spiritual crisis that's coming and what we all need to understand is that it is the spiritual crisis at the end of the age that is the deepest crisis and the rest of the crisis that come a law are to bring people to an attentiveness that a greater crisis is potentially upon them and that is the loss of their own soul so I want to take a moment and I want to remind ourselves of the dynamics that are around the Final Crisis I'd like to take a moment and talk for about some of the crises that are brewing under the surface let's talk about global warming for a moment if I were to ask a group of Americans global warming is it happening is it not for the last 20 years has been a huge spectrum of Americans that would deny that it's happening. However beginning with George Bush we begin to see that even the politicians of the more conservative sort begin to recognize something was going on for some the whole issue is a political red herring around which our rights can be taken away is that a possibility absolutely but it is also possible that God is allowing something of the sort to happen whether it's caused by man or not is there not a phenomena that is growing on the psyche of the general public that somehow we are ruining this little home with this as one person described the atmosphere around the Earth it's like a little shellacking not terribly thick and perhaps more fragile than we understood writing unselected messages. Book 2 page 52 the author states Satan is working in the atmosphere he is poisoning the atmosphere and here we are dependent upon God for our lives our present and eternal lives and being in the position that we are we need to be wide awake and wholly devoted wholly converted wholly consecrated to God but we seem to see it as though we were paralyzed God of heaven wake us up most of us have heard about a meeting that was initially planned for May 14 it's now been bumped out to October is that a conspiracy to rob the world of its liberty and freedom yes probably is God caught off guard and it's happening should it be more a wake up moment to us that we are moving towards the dissolution of liberty and the freedom to work while it's day and the nights coming in which no man can work or should we be involved in political debates and be behind the scenes dividing and destroying our credibility by trying to determine whether or not it's a real issue or not Satan is working in the atmosphere and the white robe he's poisoning the atmosphere and here we are dependent on the God for our lives and our present and eternal well being. Friends it doesn't matter the truth of the matter is is that god like in the age of the Israelites is not going to step in any intervene he's going to allow the birth pangs of Earth's demise and deliverance of his people to move forward in the process of moving forward sure our focus be on a virgin or dialoguing or debating over whether or not it's a political conspiracy or should we be moving forward with the observation that no matter where its origin is there is a prompt in it for us to be about our father's business writing in the 5th testimony we need to stay our faith upon gone for there is just before us a time that will try men's souls. Christ upon the mount of Olives rehearse the fearful judgments that would proceed a 2nd coming you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars nation shall rise against nation Kina makes kingdom there should be famines and pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places all these are the Beginning of Sorrows now you need to know while I'm reading from the 5th testimony she just did 2 things she combined Matthew and Luke together Matthew does not mention pestilences but Luke does but she's combine them together in this quote and listen how she finishes it out while these prophecies received a partial fulfillment at the destruction of Jerusalem they have a more direct application to the last days there are many even of those engaged in this movement for Sunday enforcement who are blinded to the results which will follow this action they do not see that they are striking directly against religious liberty 2 points I want to make from this reference in the 5th testimony. Number one is I want to understand what she says that what happened in Jerusalem is a partial fulfillment they have a more direct application to the last days so here's the question I have for you when God was going to destroy Jerusalem was it his intent simply to destroy everybody was a just and final end of judgement was God looking to the blood run in the streets as the Romans full of revenge was a horrendous attempt to take Jerusalem Josephus tells us how in the final moments the Jews had held themselves up in the temple and they got up and some of the higher parts and they poured boiling oil down on the Romans you can imagine how angry they were when they finally got inside you can be sure that there was no mercy left in the Hard for the Romans was it God's desire to destroy the people or did Jesus give them a warning when you see Jerusalem surrounded by the armies pay attention and get ready to go. The truth of the matter is nobody really expected the Roman armies to withdraw but when they did Jesus had told them to get out now we've had at least 3 very significant birth pangs in the last 20 years we've seen people fly airplanes into the Twin Towers I want to assure you as a pastor for over 30 years on the Sabbath following 911 the church had an awful lot more people in it than it had before yes we've seen trauma come upon the face of this nation and it's been a wakeup call a pang as it were to the pains of evil as it wraps itself around life and liberty the question is in that moment is it simply a response in fear or is there an honest searching of soul and a moment to reflect on who I should be where I should be going what the future holds and am i actually a creation of God potentially able to be redeemed by God praises name. Or is this simply mean eating God on a stick me the puppet here God the one moving according to my making and when my equilibrium gets upset I run to the church for a measure of reassure me servants preaching this sermon this morning is just a little bit dangerous because at the end of the day my message is that God is giving us another birth pang but it's not the moment of destruction which is a dangerous thing for some people to hear because some are going to go out in companies not worry about what's coming in the future and they're going to say the preacher said this isn't the end Well let me make certain of one thing I don't possess a prophetic gift strong enough to say that I know how quickly the nest birth pangs are going to come but I'm here to tell you today and an environment in which there is virtually no spiritual discussion about this trauma I can assure you it is not the end it is a birth pangs. And 2008 when the financial institutions just about fell down in this country nother serious birth pangs we could have been in a moment of a true great depression instead by governmental intervention and the hand of God the 4 angels holding back the winds of strife we were given a chance to go into a new phase of economic prosperity for what purpose simply so that we become more sold in sin more capitalistic more materialistic No it was a wake up call so that we might come to a moment and say What would God have me do with the stewardship of my time my talent my treasure and now here we are in a new birth paying stronger than the rest because this birth paying is now global in a way that the previous 2 have mentioned were not global This is a bird paying that is not only affecting individual liberty and freedom it's affecting education it's affecting economies it's obviously affecting people's wellbeing their ability to live and breathe and be healthy this bird paying has a greater intensity about it than any we've had before but is this the moment in which the birth pangs come one right after another or will this be an opportunity for the whole world war and as it were for the 1st time in 3 generations to wake up for your invention draws nigh I think it's important for us to understand that in this secular culture there are certain things missing from the prophetic playlist that gives us confidence that we might be given another chance to go out and be serious about the angels the 3 angels and the 4 The Angel writing of desire of ages this is what the Spirit of Prophecy says after Jesus had given the signs of His coming Christ said when you see these things come to pass know that the Kingdom of God is night hand take heed watch and pray God this is a beautiful sentence God has always given men warnings of coming judgements. Those who had faith in his message for their time who acted out their faith in obedience to His commandments escape the judgments of fell upon the disobedient and the unbelieving So if this was the beginning of the end what would be the fate of all those people who have pursued wickedness with abandon but had in their past heard the voice of the Spirit say Come unto me if we move through this moment without a wake up call what kind of god would be be serving this global paying of sorrow in to suppression of deliverance is nothing less than God giving men a warning so that they can escape the judgments that will fall upon the disobedient the unbelieving what we ought to be praying for as a people as Christians especially a 7th Day Adventist is that our own heart would be prepared that we might be the instrument of invitation to know a God of mercy. Writing in another place he says before that day God warns men of what is coming he has always given men warning of judgment some believe the warning and obeyed gone these escape the judgments that fell upon the disobedient and the unbelieving What are the birth pangs purpose they are to allow people to find their way into a relationship with Christ that becomes a shelter in the time of storm I want to remind you of several things that yet to need to be involved in regards to the birth pangs that come just before deliverance number one it's important for us to remember Matthew chapter 24 of you have your Bibles open there look at verse 11 many false prophets will arise and will mislead many you say that's already happened of course it's already had because in every generation Satan has his faults workers in the form of ministers and priests but I'm here to tell you before Christ comes again the intensification of the signs the intensification of these birth pangs will be great friends we are living in an extremely secular age when the Twin Towers came down we had a few preachers who were willing to say these were judgments of God but they were hushed they were shamed they were scorned into silence in this moment you'll notice this is a largely absent narrative from the media dialogue. But there will come a day when something like over 19 in conjunction with all of the other birth pangs that are happening which are bringing trauma on the face of the earth warnings to wake people up when you'll hear this narrative develop again in other words as Ellen White says in early writings page 261 there is going to be a revival of religion in America there will be a false tree a viable and a true revival this is not going on right now it needs to go on when it does go on will be many swept away by a spiritual manifestation that's not built on the Word of God and there'll be many whose lives are full of the Holy Spirit who are used to save another brand plucked out of the fire before the final visitation of God's judgment upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness has not been witness it's episodic times the spirit power of God will be poured out on his children at that time many will separate themselves from the churches in which the love of this world is supplanted love for God This is an amazing moment but she also writes that God has on his children among the nominal among the nominal Adventists and the fallen churches will take heart and pay attention folks here in a 52 groups of people in which they are still true people of God nominal Adventists and the fallen churches. Satan knows this she writes and before the loud cry of the 3rd angels give any raises an excitement in these religious bodies so there is a true and a false revival that goes on at the end of time we also know that in Ellen White's day there was a moment in which in the state of California they came to a place where some of these these understands of the end of the time were enacted she wrote in 1902 The time is coming we can't when we cannot sell at any price the decree will soon go forth prohibiting men to buy or sell of any man save him the hat the mark of the beast then she writes in 882 we came near having this realized in California a short time since but this was only the threatening of the blowing of the 4 winds as of yet they are held by the 4 angels and then she makes this interesting statement 5 words which I'm afraid are all too true important for the day in which we're living we are not just ready I want you to think for an honest moment about our families in our churches could the same thing be said today is that God's desire to sweep it is away in an unready moment now I think we could confidently say on April 11th 2020 that we are not just ready either there is a work yet to be done she writes and then the angel we've been let go that the 4 winds may blow upon the earth friends the message I want you to understand as I progress through further things is this is that while this is a serious and sober wake up call there will be some who only see it as another minor blip when it's over and they'll press on with their intentionality of becoming more citizens of this earth their admin is nominally administers welfare which the same will be true but there are also people looking earnestly under heaven who are wanting to run into a real Christian who knows a living Christ is filled with a living Holy Spirit and is ready to give a living word of hope. It's not difficult she writes in evangelism page 6 o 4 for the evil angels to represent those saints and sinners who have died. And make these representations more visible to human eyes than before I read the rest of this quote I had a young man send me a movie trailer for a Disney movie called Soul I don't any of you have seen it but spitter prophecy is very clear that before the end the manifestation the spiritualistic dynamic of supposedly the dead coming back to life will be in the ascendancy I'll tell you friends it is in the ascendancy we know that even from the days when I was a boy sitting around watching way too much television we moved from a relatively benign innocence in the seventy's in the sixty's up into a very prefer some perverse and you could say conspiratorial bent to twist people's minds around the dark side of the metaphysical of the spiritual world. But there is still a benign as to this this Disney movie saw about a music teacher a musician that dies and lives on as some kind of disinvited Spirit who wants to come back to earth I thought about how much I know it because I watched the trailer that sent to me by one person yes there is still a benign around this dynamic of the dead not really dying and coming back to life you see friends it's going to intensify and become much more of an issue with the deceptive power that will sweep away the masses these manifestations she writes will be more frequent and the developments of the more startling character will appear as we near the close of time I tell you friends there are more startling dynamics to be revealed in the future surely coven 1000 birds sang It's a wake up moment the question is will we is it the end or is it potentially a beginning maybe a beginning for each of us interestingly writing in testimony to the church she says that these final movements will not come until Babylon is fallen and she states that Babylon fall is not yet complete testimonies for the church written compiled at least in 1904 she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication How is this done by foreseen men to accept a spurious Sabbath writing in great color verse and not until this condition shall be reached in the union of the church with the world shall be fully accomplished throughout Christendom will the fall of Babylon be complete the change is a progressive one and the perfect fulfillment Revelation 148 is yet the future friends it is still in the future. That's good news for us because it gives us opportunity and time to go about our father's business to search our own heart and invite Jesus come in to be that powerful purifying presence that brings peace and hope. She also goes on to state that is the end approaches the testimonies of God's servants will become more decided and more powerful if ever there was a day in which this needs to be happen let Kovac 19 and the birth pangs wake us up so that we move into this phase of God's servants his ministers his elders and his deacons his Deacon ss his mothers and his fathers these mothers and fathers in Israel allow their testimonies to become more and more powerful there are a number of dynamics there's not been a shaking yet the outpouring the Holy Spirit is not come yet with the time the little time of trouble this little time of trouble is either a result of or coincide specifically with the Latter Rain be poured out and this creates a spin new spiritual warfare that has not been on the face of the earth for the last 500 years or at least for the last few 100 years begun again in the days of reformation there are a variety of elements of the spiritual dynamic that really are the issues that shape the time of the end they haven't even made it onto the stage of serious discussion yet that's how with confidence I can say to you this morning cove at 19 in the very beginning part of Jesus' warning is a birth pangs. And when this birth paying is over we don't know what to expect I think there is a great potential that we might see the fulfillment of some of the things she said about labor unions we don't know what this is going to do to the world economic system but she talked about labor unions everybody's wondered how that's going to work in this day of Right to Work legislation but I'm here to assure you today there is still plenty of potential for exactly what she said to fall into place but the end is not yet praise the Lord What should we be doing that's how I want to focus in the last little bit of this message. We should be strengthening our faith she writes in testimony to the church if the believers in this truth are not sustained by their faith in these comparatively peaceful days what will uphold them when the grand test comes and the decree goes for thing against all those who will not worship the beast in the image this solemn period is not far off instead of the weak and irresolute the people of God should be gathering strength and courage for the time of trouble well how do you do that I want to explain Ted to you God never intended that we come up quaking in quivering to our modern Kadish Barnea when we get to the place where we can see the promised land we're supposed to be like Caleb and Joshua where we can save God be with us who can be against us we're not to be afraid to go out and minister and behalf of the lost and declare with the beauty of Christ that there are better things coming but the trouble comes before it's important for us to realize that it's time for us to wake up. We should be training our youth during this period of time we shall have to stand before magistrates to answer for our allegiance to the law of God to make known the reasons of our faith and she says and the youth should understand these things I think inside the Evans church No I know I've heard it said you have to remember I came into this church as a teenager my parents did not lead me in at least not directly indirectly by placing me in a church school against my will but I've actually heard people say the talking about the time of trouble with our youth is they didn't use these words but they meant it really a form of spiritual abuse while I'm here to tell you friends if you talk about it the wrong way that's exactly the truth but if you teach them in the power of a god is delivered throughout the ages it will deliver in this moment as well the great honor and privilege of representing him whether it's walking into the to the Lion's Den or to the fiery furnace or to the dungeon or whatever it might be our young people should be understanding these things because they will play a pivotal role hopefully what a glorious thing I think of that song Faith of Our Fathers and it talks and one of its versus about how glorious would be the use experience if they could have an experience like that of their faithful fathers that have gone before them in sacrifice and in duty if you want to be ready for what's coming if you want this to be the beginning of something better in your spiritual life than Then don't do this she writes Many will look away from present duties present comfort and blessings and will be borrowing trouble in regard to the future crisis will be making a time of trouble before hand and we will receive no grace for any such in to support of troubles. The Lord never designed that we should worry about the future. What a beast of a dad I would be if I told my children something terrible was coming. And left them with the idea that I wouldn't be there to go through them with it what a terrible father I would be if I gave them a boatload of fear and concern and let it ruin every day of their lives and yet there are 7 day evidence of done the same thing part of it is because they have anchored their hopes and their lives living as a world lean and they have no spiritual covenants no spiritual faith no love for God no desire to see and walk through that heavenly threshold it's absolutely important we need to wake up the time of trouble such is not since since it was a nation is right upon us and we're like the sleeping virgins we need to awaken as the Lord placed underneath us I love this the everlasting arms and carry is true the time of trouble before us friends do you need to be afraid if you're in your father's arms and he's carrying you through the time of trouble before you the nations are in unrest times and perplexity are upon us men's hearts are failing them for fear of the things that are coming on the earth but those to believe in God will hear his voice amidst the storm say it is I do not be afraid that's a story that perplexes me Jesus is up on the mountain praying for his disciples they're down in a boat complaining about the fact that they didn't let him make him king so he's prayed for them and they're complaining about him and he comes walking on the water that night immediately because they've been digging a deep spiritual hole for themselves like many Christians still do today talking faithlessness talking pride and self-importance they are disposed to see him there deliver a demon and Jesus instead of allowing them to wallow in a self-made moment of spiritual darkness as soon as he hear them shrieking out it's a ghost he calls out above the roar of the sea Don't be afraid it's me. I'm afraid that as a human be my natural propensity you know I know all would be to allow those men to experience a few wiggle moments for all that negativity they created in that spiritual cloud that was hovering above them and keeping them in a spiritual fog but that's not Jesus Jesus cries out and says It's me don't be afraid if you want to be ready you want to new beginning and in this moment of covert 19 when the birth pangs passes you need to realize there is a preparation we are to put God's word in our hearts keep a pocket Bible with you she writes in the review and herald 1905 and as you work improve every opportunity to commit to memory its precious promises several times a day precious golden moment should be consecrated to prayer and the study the Bible if it's only to commit a text to memory that spiritual life can exist in the soul. Servants of God prepare no set speech present when brought before their faith their preparations to be made day by day treasured up in their heart the precious truths of God's word feeding upon the teaching of Christ and through prayer strengthening their fate when brought in to try the Holy Spirit will bring to the remembers a very truce that will reach their hearts Listen friends the older you get the less you remember the busier you get the less you remember but I'm here to tell you today it's not your job to keep an absolute human memory bank in place you need to know you're to stick it in and at the right moment God's going to bring it out you may not be able to remember what you once knew you can't call back like you once did Don't be afraid friends it's not going to be your brilliant brain that delivers you in the end it's going to be the presence of Jesus were to control the moral powers now this is a big one a sin to handing our kids i Pads and more time on the computer we need to be realizing that there's a conspiracy going on to steal our children it's a creating appetites for the interest of this age the tantalizing simulating digital virtual experience the ability to give a reason for our faith is good. It's a good accomplishment but a truth does not go deeper than this the soul will never be saved she goes on the right the right the heart must be purified from all moral defiled. If you realize that it's a duty to exercise control over their thoughts and imaginations it's Dougal to keep the un discipline mind fixed upon profitable subjects but this thoughts are not proper if the thoughts are not properly employed religion can't flourish in the soul I want you to think about that if you're a parent listening to me right now if your grandparents your aunt or uncle or brother or sister if the thoughts are not properly employed religion cannot flourish in the soul what does that say for the heart and mind of a young person who is constantly being fed from the polluted streams of this world the mind she writes must be preoccupied with Sacred an eternal interest this is hardly what's happening for most. If you want to be prepared you need to realize there are people in the past that represent our example Enoch is one Enoch is a representative she writes in sermons and talks 886 who will be upon the earth when Christ shall come to be translated to heaven there's something about Enoch in his exposure to the world which is worthy of us reflecting on I don't have time to do it right now if we want to be preparing for the future we need to be remembering the past she writes We have nothing to fear for the future except we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history in reviewing our past history having traveled over every step of the advance to our present standing I can say praise God as I see what the Lord is right I'm filled with astonishment and with confidence and crisis I leader but what does this do for a life or a church or a school where there's never been any spiritual stretching where there's never been any spiritual risk taking where the prompt of God is not followed but the conservative dynamic of the board is in place and the collective lack of faith is what's out for Tim God is actually calling us to take some risk to put ourselves on the line that's what creates faith and when you look back and see how he filled in the gap then you're filled with astonishment and confidence in Christ as a leader serious reflection another element that we should have involved especially with this time if ever there was a time she writes in manuscript 87 if ever there was a time when serious reflection becomes is becomes everyone who fears God it's now when personal piety is essential the inquiry should be made what am I and what is my work and mission in this time and which side of my work in crisis I did the enemy side Carl Sandburg in writing of Lincoln talks about the fact that he had solitude quietness he was lonely. It was in these moments when some of the stretching of the the personal fabric of his being the broadening of his sense of destiny the ambition of something to make the world a better place to transform and transcend just the here in the now just existing but to be faithful in our ties and offering there to be calls for fasting and prayer I don't want to pass by tithing offering you need to know I'm praying that 2020 will be the best financial year of the church yet and I'm inviting any of the thousands of people that will watch this service to do the same thing if ever there was a time for us to start drawing our money out of the places where we can watch it lose 30 percent of its value in a moment and start investing in the Cause of God It's today maybe we don't need all of those elements that are bringing the media into our lives into our homes. We're to be setting aside times to fast in Pray now and onward till the close of time she writes in councils on diets and food the people of God sits more earnest more wide awake not trusting their own wisdom but in the wisdom of their leader they should set aside a certain fasting and prayer entire absence from food may not be required but they should eat sparingly of the most simple food what else it would be doing if we want to be ready we should be working for the cities she writes There's a work yet to be done and then the angels will be been to let go that the 4 winds may blow upon the earth that will be a decisive time for God's children a time of trouble such as never was since the was a nation now she writes in 5th testimony $152.00 now is opportunity to work why is coven $1000.00 of birth pangs and not the end because there's so much work yet to be done God's people are to be out warning a world that there is a refuge and one other thing at least that we need to be done we need to oppose Sunday loss all who would in that evil day fiercely serve God according to the dictates of conscience will need courage firmness and a knowledge of God and His Word for those who are true to God will be persecuted their motives will be impugned their best efforts misrepresented and their names cast out is evil she says we are not to worry about the latter rain all we have to do don't you love this this lady is a mother in Israel all we have to do is keep the vessel clean and right side up prepared for the reception of the heavenly rain and keep rain let the red lettering come into my vessel let the light of the Glorious Angel which unites the 3rd angel shine upon me give me a part in the work let me sound the proclamation let me be a collaborator with Jesus the seeking God let me tell you he's fitting you up all the time giving you Grace friends you need to understand there's at least one conspiracy I didn't mention it's the conspiracy to destroy Jesus he knew all about it. And he wasn't warning his apostles of how they could get away as a matter of fact he knew that Judas would be trade him for silver and on the night when he did while he did make it aware that he knew all about Judas all along he didn't go into all the details and that night when he could have been running away back to Galilee he was in the garden of guess 70 train. Yes there was a conspiracy to destroy Christ yes it was understood through the eternal ages yes it was prophesied in myriad prophecies Jesus did not focus on it nor did he direct is disciples to focus on it instead he focused on the great work of salvation that was before him and he called his people to pray yes friends when the Sunday laws are enacted that's God's sign get out of the cities eventually there's going to be a moment when we have to get out of the little villages but in preparing for Christ's coming we're never told to save money or save food what we're called upon to do is to focus intently on the spiritual preparation of the world our families and yeah our own lives remembering what God has done in the best I have no doubt with all of the serious secularism that's in place and the absence of spiritual debate that's even going on in our society coven 19 is not the beginning of the little time of trouble it is a birth paying it is a wake up moment it is not the end it is a sign that the end is coming and how rapidly the rest of the birth pangs will come afterwards I know not but I do know this when this Burbank passes it will either have been just a little blip as we've been desensitized to the dynamic divine wake up moments of Christ or it will have been a new beginning for God's people we should not be shown in the assembling together as we have the power to do especially when we're robbed from the privilege of doing it God is calling us today to enter into a different kind of experience and experience and focus on his power as a deliverer not the devious dark acts of the unlawful ones in our society God is calling us to remember what he's done in the past to hide his word in our heart to care about those who don't know that they can be under his banner and his banner over them is love. There are all kinds of people who don't know Christ is going to carry them in their own arms to the time of trouble some of us have forgot. If ever there was a moment to withdraw from the world to not be assembling with them virtually or in presence in the places they assemble it's Today he's calling us to know that he has planned for and provided for his people as Chulbul comes and they are not to have their hearts failing them for fear yes indeed there is more trouble around the corner but may we take advantage of the opportunities given to us when this birth pangs passes and may we be more resolute to focus on the things of heaven and those who have not yet met the author of their salvation may God help us as we move towards this end and then we take more confidence that there's a new beginning for his church and a bright and glorious destiny for all those who align themselves with the giving of these 3 angels messages may God bless us may we serve in all of our hearts Let's pray. Lord bless us now as we go forward in our worship service they will be faithful to you unafraid because our lives are totally turned over to you guide us now and bless us in the rest of this day may we certainly take the time for serious reflection if our hearts are troubled Lord because they're not right with you I pray may we find a private place and give them over to you completely and then they our vessel be kept upright main the rainfall in it and the light shining in it and may we know that you'll make us ready when we need to be ready as we daily choose to be ready by praying this now in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version would like to listen to more sermon leave w.w.w. audio or.


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